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Thursday, December 7th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Kyle and Frank talk with Pete Fiutak & Chuck Howard. 


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But Garcia. Kyle Braly frank Garcia and Osborne really quickly joined WS Lindsay for holiday on ice 2017. Charlotte's only outdoor ice skating great. On the NASCAR hall of fame plaza opened this week from Wednesday to Sunday with a special date night adventure this Saturday night did more details at WS Lindsay. Dot com are still want to get into with god chuck our fox 46 joining us later in the hour John how open roto wire at 1230 we'll such a fantasy football a lot of for the weekend Jason locked in for CBS sports NFL insider will join the show coming up at 1 o'clock right now that were talked to college football Pete few tech college football news. And we have plenty to get into with Pete let's welcome him back to the technique John does slide. -- aren't good good I'm I'm. You know I gadget name names but I was talking isn't eligible coaches last night and this morning and talking about the germ recruit hire and if there's a mixed bag of opinions about this when my expectation was that Tennessee fans would often don't really not be thrilled about this hire either because you got a guy has never been a head coach before as a defensive minded guides this -- in this database offensive guys are all the rage. But I get a good coordinator is he wondered memo under Nick Saban won at Florida State Jim both Fisher I get the attraction what do you make a higher. I loved it I think it's a great chip if you're. All these coaching hires you never ever ever quite know until you get a guy in the air. He's Hewitt can do. And need to do of the day all these coaches are gonna fail and you know it's fired they all of massive peanuts and extensions in the you know two to private plane in its 75 million dollar is just. There it's it's a weird racquet this whole thing is so in terms of what are you expecting and what are you hoping for out of a program. And that what I like about this movie for Jeremy Pruitt more than say reality again. In the draft go. You're encrypted in eagle little time to figure this stuff he's gonna need you know you were cute to kind of find its footing in the world. And the place to do it and Tennessee's lead the rebuilt and we saw talent these so all the debate you could turn this into wait you know you win program right away. The ticket to globally want to get too it's gonna take a couple of years to get there. And this is one of those coaches where you're taking a shot at greatness. Can achieve it did something that OK maybe it's. We're diddley got or ignorant attacks stuck early almost like. You know depressed almost with stunt Scott frost because they think tank you're totally ready the first time around when we had a job opening. And then Hewitt DE TF and bill that and then if Tennessee it's really decide to pony up there would have. So it's this kind of ironic because they were to get to bed chants. If this can really at least superstar. Keep I probably would have been the next Alabama head coach and we would have had a shot at. Why are we talking about to approve it today is that a Mike Leach. Who won it so former food handling this now instead of John Curry. Did the probably Mike Leach is that how you know you're jedi I mean. If he failed to keep quite the right fit he's certainly one of those guys you could make Tennessee very interesting right away. And if he never really had the keys to a a program where you can get that top shelf talent. But the same time. You know easy does a lot of fun stuff being offered as a great and then they sort of died you know be active the act where it's increased staff that'll big key that would really work there. And you can you be just good enough there attendance eat where they can make some noise and put up a lot of yards. And then lose to Alabama every year you know I think you want the guy who could probably do that next Kirby Smart the next one who did. You know if they're leaving the next guy who really could be fill that void once the nick Sabin les and Alabama's done and crew it is a brief shot of greatness that that. Well let me ask you this too about so another higher Florida State brought only tiger we talked a bit about it yesterday not as much as we probably could have but. I don't know this is going to be a group a good hire a great hire a bust I don't know what I do know is yesterday I saw. And I think a couple of Morgan recruits one in particular his post went viral site that Willie Taggart came into his living room the night her a couple of nights before industry applied to his dad's face and so on and so forth and you know we're we're. We're all kind of immune to that right we're desensitized that this business is what coaches do. Armed you know guys like Todd Graham before him spent a year Pitt and left for Arizona State and I I do think these guys who stay in the job for Europe fair or unfair and and no matter how you feel about they are Gallic Willie going after his G dream job at Florida State I do think that one year out kind of sticks with these guys how should we feel about Willie Taggart what he did. Yeah you know that that's par for the course do you have to do that it stinks. On the one hand when it comes to go liked it when. Any of these coaches it's bit there's a reason why it's like for temple pat guard duty at Pitt who don't get up so far discuss seven year extension. The reason why the key states like to give to Minnesota who went to a bowl western nine wins and Toby and even got an extension. So there it did the whole recruiting world is all about stability. You've just pure coach in this is how the game is played. You can never ever ever hit it you're even thinking about another job until it's done I mean can you just republic we checked Mike Leach could almost done. The tendency to steal all these reports are like this is gonna happen should be done elephant it didn't steal Mike Gundy was almost to test the and it wasn't. So we are coached until you get debt. Contract in two you know for sure. That you're gonna do that did. There in the you've got to do everything it is to go all out. Scientists now on the first sudden theoretical world. It stinks it there's no easy way to do this broke what you the coach of another team what you decide you're taking that job. You're at that job which Scott prostitutes and they say yet to coach UCF beat Nebraska coach now go coach abruptly journey through Europe the Tennessee coach now. You know go coach says the right. You do you're done you're go and then. The problem is the ten people are gonna complain when delegates so boldly when the first couple games but welder there leaving their team well. That's kind of what the coaches are doing it puts a nut like tiger per forest state. I don't get it. Like I get that he's been good. He never won anything into what conference championships doing what I have to division title what you used the FUSF. His team pedestal get up when Justin her recover this year. It's I let's see exactly be good MIT couldn't be like you know growing boot beliefs head coach. But if you're forest states. I don't know why you're not going after bigger guys who are. The truth you know stars out there and get them released through establishing you know spectator quite fit. Why. I get I get that he did of course they dream they. You don't he tell you mentioned something in the kind of cut my hair a little bit you know about players that now knows wasn't too longer last year talk about -- yours when you fill in the blank and guys that you know decided not to play you know with their teams in the bowl games is ever going to be a point in time we see in one of these final four in one of these players sitting now because they're more concerned about. You know their careers are winning a championship. I don't know if they're gonna do that in the future if once you get to that point you're gonna play because then there is that factor tonight to get it. Where it's like did tiger go for a championship. And it is much is these guys don't want the money proper protect the investment. Don't want detonate you know back to your mind at all manic I I would wait their first shot at simply daily. A little project and its people try and change. And then every year what happened there on March you keep yourself that you did some interviewer sort of like off of it to the world duke played here to eternity just to be a part of any. I did that aspect of it. Well I think though is what connects this one I think there were gonna start in like just like in the early entry to the NFL start happening. And federal law I don't like gosh you're skipping their senior years and now here we have seven guys a year or relieving. I think last year I was screaming yelling all this is gonna kill their draft stock Elise who did people who want to think who did want the brand protecting your you know what they're. You know world's known to get upside out what happened worked for a good look with the fourth pick in Medicare through what seven and it didn't affect him at all. So I think now that can become commonplace you're gonna need 20/20 5 guys gloriously why am I playing in this ball game. The coach just laughed died and I've gotten doing the dollar turn the table. And why am I doing this so I think that's serious they're happening I think you're starts seeing sophomores. Who were top shelf and it's all draft prospects they forget this. I might play in whole extra year when I know I'm a multi millionaire if five tips to help these. Like Ed Oliver Houston there's no reason for that god played college football next strategic goal. It is the healthiest possible. Keep his body is intact as possible work out. And then dip top five overall draft pick in the final part about this is operation dear I mean you know if everybody watch what happened on Monday night. Everywhere you go for all the idea that all of you don't have insurance which doesn't always got to pick up what people think they do. And you know finally have been a Philippines where you saw what happened in the NFL level one of the best players in all of football. 12 and it's all over. Well and because she's so that peace you know that's kind of where I was leaning towards is it only takes one it only takes one. Are you hit two maker mayfield where he. You know gets hurt injures his arm and is dying and affects his draft stock politics well and you know hit too you know maybe the defense of and for Clemson or the running back for Georgia and all the sudden in the one of those games the only. They're done and to me that's where you're gonna start seeing maybe you know that you know issues that we're talking about now you're going to. Different so that the different than that if you're gonna get to that level that you shouldn't be playing dollar take really two way. I I think to me because I kidnapper. They were completely stop all the that my kids. And he is decorated yet in I know he's giving it top fifteen your first round draft pick. He's got playing about why you'd be crazy for him to play game again the difference being of course is the reason why they're putting up a bowl game. It's because it is true exhibition at that point it's just that that you're playing you you're it's just. But the fun game you're going out there but there's nothing not malign other than just playing one more game. We are going out there for talk to look left you're playing for a championship. So there are tied to the difference between two. Our last thing treats him does justice break him down formally judged in Oklahoma beat Georgia and then what do you expect between Clemson alum don't oratory. I hate that I go to the blind sort of slipping a little bit but originally I hated the idea that uptick in the underdog simple there. Within the key to the college football playoff is just the time off we have a month off between. Mean these teams are different. They get healthier the better. George in my no one yet BC chipped chipped it goes it did start get over people look like derby now a little bit I think George is still far better. Always keep the defense over the off between you allot time to prepare I like the bulldogs beat the mother wrote all the way and yeah I is Alabama Alabama I know what may have. Only closer look at the end of the year. That he's got a YI I I did don't think this is the same. Alabama team the last few years it certainly didn't pass the eyes tested certain that the resonate. Blake got in into Alabama it could be the debate but I think Clinton just to be all that much better the only issue is they don't have the dude anymore. You know it shuttle Watson that. That was the discouraging factor the last two years but I don't think clumsily. Nobody joins I think clubs and once it and obviously I I think there's the potential for clemson's defense to do Alabama's offense within the Miami and I I think this is like a thirteen ten ballgame when it's also though we'll find out though if you sex college football news joins us every Thursday on its second job just like at eleven that what you never have to mr. Pete we appreciate about it. Daytime got a barely kept. Salute Logitech a great job by Peta obviously and guys don't forget toe go a lot of things going on tonight and now one of my good friends my best friend Joseph moss is having a great event. Where you come out and visit tonight meet your favorite or as player and bring in Oprah's choice for a child the need in our community each other hope to raise 5000 toys to the community tonight only that care for Jeep dodge and ram right there off of independence boulevard 537. Make sure you come by. I'm going to be there commits he's going to be there pummeling mark was going to be either Cody Zeller. Are doing bacon and a lot of other celebrities you know to you go out there and you bring your toe toy make sure it's an open you can join donated 109 you know go out there and give us some of these guys are gas medium say hello I think he's going to be out there as well hit man myself 537 right over there off of independence boulevard come by say hello. There you go all right so we got some team colors wanna talk cornered sort of a circle back around the Charlotte hornets when we come back and done another cultural wars fans out there how frustrated are you after last night's loss as it already turning to apathy in the what are you wanna see this organization do right now 70457. Or 96 to and Michael or to the rest of you hang tight calls and we come back it's Garcia and they would. Jordan Syria Israelis stop by the kept for Genesis birthers Sunday to WS Lindsay Coca-Cola dog tells register for your chance to win a brand new 2070. Genesis G eighty plus. After every home game kept for Genesis will pick a lucky winner to receive a pair of tickets to the next Panthers all day. Yeah and we I think JJ is a Red Sox who were in here today dog of the week Griswold sauerkraut Brussels sprouts break in grand male JU read us has to show location doors and down time with a certain additional brain very soon in uptown at corner of church and MLK now how. In all positions visit to apply want something different for your birthday holiday this year called JJ's bring out frank the tank to grill on site or we can cater inside your home or office call 888 JJ bread are hot. Hot or 8885574687. They're speaking to JJ is right odds find us on the JJ is run us Twitter and box at child really WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 you can find us there on Twitter saying Lawrence Graham a child really W us since the F frank Garcia 65. That's great to have some kids come in and year out they're looking to maybe take that next step and couple a bug juniors a senior from us out Troy and so. Business and here and I got talked into it may be potentially do on something in the industry knowledge. Jeff well disciplined about it but Friday in some hot dog steers as far as field for those guys are in the best possible field trip over the titles still to come here and doing he. Yeah I served for it immediately that's the goal for sure now. Anyway we're talking a lot of boards in the first hour more to direct a couple were left off because we got some disgruntled hornets fans this morning don't wanna talk about the loss last night and I can I'll throw this out there because I do think it warrants mentioning try to don't let you on that when I set a but I do think it's notable the four home losses this year have come to the defending champions last night to LeBron the Cleveland Cavaliers to Gregg Popovich in the San Antonio Spurs and two lumps but Houston Rockets this playoff team. Right now Helm. I've slowly got married at this moment in time how could you say yes and I you just go to our Los go to Michael is an old and for a while Michael we appreciate you look faithfully holding short sellers more. Abdul well you get to do. But you know it didn't so much about last night it is more sand in you know keep it upon since the forever. You know I mean I think we've been out the first from one Tom we have a very passionate loyal fans that want a secret product. But unfortunately will be at it it's it's we did have a bought two players that are good not to give to be can't. What the front office in the you know the GM which so personnel like rated at deck chairs on the type that we're doing everything we can't stay afloat to try to keep pressing cup competition. But in this same time in the NBA you've yet to be either really bad all really good you're stuck in the middle like we did in the last few years. What can consistently draft eight to eleven. And we're gonna you don't get it comes down scouting correctly you know right players of which a or so called bad boy you really don't know what you have about war but here we got a lucky with the you know we had to go with it in KG the second tape but that it quite there at the market outlook how we connect you talk about the ordered what one thing they do really really well. A true the ball. A connect David had cook cook coming last night it to creep up a lead we taken KT they can't toward the ocean that we don't drop Bradley deal. And we drafted Alex recommit to see you simply dead in the western majority it is the only. That the ninth pick when a guy like when go with that nine even though he's been injured but yet a lot more. To the picks that we we don't have an identity. And so I think the frustrating about in the order a standard one you know we don't have a choice indeed as well look dispute the theme take the steps necessary to become banker bill. They're really know in been cyclical which is Bill Murray and ground day every gay bedecked. That's a religious focal Michael thank you for that that was so really well stated now I'm sure there are some things that people can pick a corner or he was glad I thought that was well stated argument and I would also say at the same time. Are you willing to sit through five years track are you willing to sit through five you re going every five. Why can't be three of the Mason what makes us think start to there was no reason that I say that is because the only concrete example that we have of the process. Actually working even though we're not sure worked yet but it's pretty damn close as Philadelphia and that's how long it took. No they had some bad bumps along the way they had some injuries I get that but that's the only real concrete example we have this point of where an actual tank job that quote unquote worked Jonah. The sixers fans have been suffering for a long time so. Get this straight we're wanting to tank. And do something that we haven't been very good that and give them more control to do it. So we wanna get higher draft choices where we have zero confidence in the guy making those picks the picked the right guy so what's the purpose of tanking if that's going to be the case. So rights and it's always it's sort of a catch sort of damned if you do damned if you don't kind of situation because right now you don't know if you trust the dynamic direct traffic coverage chose option was picked up its a year no guarantees beyond this one will see what happens afterward. You know but that's that's the dilemma right you know you've figured if you wanna take the trust people and in in charge to make the right drastic so to do right thanks. We've had opportunities. I mean Rick chose had opportunities with this team and he gets a ton of credit for what happened with grant and I think open. You know Portland or are you open nom. Where was it was it was Seattle has gotten you know and morneau Casey and building that team. And I mean just our credit for that but to. No I mean is that locked there is that it's you know skill as you know I mean there's a lot of luck involved in the draft choices. You know but unfortunately when we start CN. In the draft choices that we've picked me Cody Zeller bleary you know when they drafted him out of Indiana Italian till I told this and and you were shocked. You know he was one of the other you know simple white guys that we decided to take you under a true. That was going to be able to be a difference maker from the outside they were arguing. You know in that draft with Cody Zeller. And the reason why the he was attractive to a lot of people that I believe the seventh pick to the disadvantage because he could step out of his three point shot in Indiana to step out. Hit a jumper he was Derek pulled the bigs away from the basket and he was going to be that new type of player he's a hard nosed guy but. You know I think bulbs consume because he was a big you know simple white guy that was from Indiana these will be able not now. Now threes. Unfortunately he can't do in the ocean going. He pled might be a little unfair no it's not be seen shoot dog does not mean I just don't send us your step undocked on 1819 towards as your fish and I bought a second with great with regularity. Okay here if you're gonna are you if you argue that and knowing we can have discussion and others as she. Did you I'm not saying he's a great shooter all saying is he's not a total bust in that department because he can he can knock down jump shot but you're right to point out he was never going to be a guy still imagine I got a jump shot he's not an MBA player OK that's the original point. Well I mean I think I think to Frank's point. The good your overall point is Houston do fourth overall it was a four. I said that I I thought it was in my in my behind and I don't I guess I don't remember it looks they don't I'm I don't think yeah a lot of excited that I just wondered exactly right let's take brain. Is a lottery pick it up and KG is a lottery pick up. We draw that we do this and that's why that's why are all I want is some hope for the franchise. That's that's what is so frustrating for me is that we've had opportunities to find players who could play and we've passed on. Or devaluation hasn't been good you know the scouting hasn't been good. And so then what you do because. Year yours you're stuck in purgatory and you're stuck in purgatory both ways because you're not going to be able to field a team thinking Gloucester and compete in Eastern Conference and and when you do have draft picks in the lottery you're not capable of drafting the correct players to teach you out of being that right for eight seat. Well I didn't hear you used the word purgatory is interest in which really is fascinating because that was the word that we were using it. Pre Dwight Howard with a clump was deal that was that was the war we're using them and so when that deal got made a lot of us thought well. Another odd burger toward I was an okay Greg doesn't mean they fixed it but it means just like to Muster doesn't work out you know his contract and pretty soon just let him walk if you have to look for example little bit Kelly you know whatever the case may be and. That's for the NIC Batum thing starts to loom large as a Campbell that's an unbelievable Contra because of because what you do with kemba now that you've got NIC Batum who bony told me this morning to ease under contract elect 121 he's going to be making at least 25 million dollars a year contract -- no to more now is back loaded he's going to be scheduled regulatory seven million dollars a night here which is utterly ridiculous let's take a phone calls to north the next order would sell product. I don't know well. Our tomorrow I don't know. I don't blame the guys that are on the court. But don't wanna I don't blame them they are what they are if anybody had to eyeball and took their villains out of that you should know that this exact school we were gonna get what the team we got. The problem is upstairs at the drafting and everybody keeps talking about taking what drives me crazy because. It's a lottery we've been the worst team in Italy at. The likes that a parade or that they're taking do four at the map back. We've had lottery picks over and over and over again it's not. The players spot there I think they're playing hard I think they're giving them what they got they just don't have enough and it's the people upstairs in the scouting. Bush choosing these players and a lot of time deployed their children players none of them based not that clearly skill but sometimes. The nice guy the marketable guy that the Charlotte type guy and I still like that for the trauma the Panthers as well and I appreciate jump start. No we pursue its focal or to thank you very much for the thoughts and you know we're gonna keep ticket orders phone call so long as we haven't you wanna hit us up if you wanna sound lost bile me despite of screaming and your pillow and they don't I don't know if it's anger or should I. If it's a I myself to sleep last novel there's I did I don't obviously of Fellini that clearly your pill or yet you put your bad place for doing that. But likely prison but once a yellow. When my. You don't hit man's right about here you just there's no there's nothing you look more on the street or your job. I'm pushing that envelope as far as you possibly can and I and I respect that about you because you're damn good that aren't gonna come back and I was switch gears Logan talks in Carolina Panthers. Because I woke up this morning thought to myself. Where or Carolina Panthers fans right now though it's a similar type question all you have two teams are different spot you know in terms of the hornets who Panthers. But I just feel like painters fans right now are our retired general but checked out right now that's that's that's the sense that I get there's this thing so I do I get to sit and not not entirely that the they've quit that they're a little bit checked out right now because there's so disappointed at all. The saints and you know. I have doubts out there about whether or not this team to a Super Bowl or you checked out right now or you really still dialed in to receive I hear from what are your thoughts on this Carolina Panthers team where a lot right now because I don't flick we've got enough energy for on this weeks at a sub 7045709. To sixty and we want some feedback it's Garcia and clearly. One of the most Carolina Panthers things up for this after a loss to the saints and just kind of deflating in the north to me it feels like people are a little bit checked out right now I'm not all the way than to say just a little bit. To come back and beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday wouldn't be and a very Carolina Panthers thing to do much in the same way you lose that game two to new Orleans back in which creates a worst defense in the ligament or at a government doing little when I get. Did anybody yet did anybody expect the cure cancer that's the point right right to go up to new England and you know when you were more news to your calendars down in your predicting schedules and record that to begin the season. To be the New England Patriots ought to be totally honest I picked detractors to win a New England you remove that but it's not because I'm some profit. It's because I just had a gut feel. And that's said no if I was looking at the pre season schedule I was along with the rest of the chorus so I Dallas shot that went up to an elf so yeah you're absolutely right. We every greater sample size now who's this team miss and I think they're very capable of being in the Minnesota Vikings. But they didn't they have to play more mistake free football. You know the the issue or lead the reason why I feel like the printers of Los a lot of these games as one thing's carelessness. It's a little things you maternal hacked other penalties though those are the things that went that did you know when teams don't commit win football games. Most of the things that bad football teams do to lose football games and no call on the can't there's a bad football team opens or bad football team. But I don't know sir great football team. And I don't throw around greatness and I know some guys use that word a little bit more liberal than I do. And it's just I don't know if there is a great football team I think there's a lot of good football teams because I think there's too many deficiencies in a lot of these teams games in order to call them great. The Panthers are kind of somewhere in the middle between. OK to good. Army none our probably lean more towards good. I do feel like they're playoff team do you think they're gonna make the playoffs and I think that there they'll probably the fifth sixth best team in the NFC south of the NFC. There it is bentonite look if you're dentistry and tonight rooted for the falcons who in nineteen suited judge knocked the sinks back to step in you try to make up ground this weekend and noble see what happens but I just wonder and Carolina Panthers fans where are you right now are you still is dialed this team after the loss on Sunday hosting a couple of phone calls to shock hour's gonna join us in about three minutes. And let's go to a rob all about here rob somebody. I guess I got out there and a good day we are thanks all. Very real quick. Every football game has ever been employed or ever will they play good and one of the a lot of scrimmage. And if you look at the Carolina out there that's where other major problem is all mop benches there off it's a lot. And I do believe there is there's been injuries but I believe that they come around. I agree whipped the gentleman there with you bet they are certainly have the ability to do it they only thing that I would hope from the Carolina Panthers. It is simply we have a very good quarterback. We're great talent it's a chain he stuck in a ten year old body. And acts like one. And to the point where you. But when he does he's Superman addicts and these other things it doesn't do anything that might spark some linebacker on the other tape. You don't see Drew Brees doing it you don't seem to England doing it you don't see Graham they do and it. And I wish somebody could get a good crop they amity just needs to play well ball. As all or order go. Those doubts have been and try mole ever since I came back Charlotte. And and and got the hornets nine and back again to the point where the front office. And the people that own organization until they get serious enough to bring MMA. To deal a great team they won't never have won here. And the last thing I wanted to say that there are NFL goes to. Like you've got a little spoke ball hard grew up where that in the spelled backed era. I've been great topic and it has been diminished to the point where. Based out mail and almost sound like I'm sure they have a well like the protest they have a right to speak but not on the side of the bam football field. Our rob we appreciate your focal died it's not been giving you services two minutes and we would typically lower got a turned us loose and don't. That's not really with our rob the facade and you don't have to like what rob said but rob sounded like he was bringing a strong. And he believes everything that he said so it's fun that's why don't want contemplated ten him a simple as this guy go he's working as strong well. Well I guess that you don't have to agree with that the you know black there's a lot of people that do idol finals I don't think Camden celebrations there's theatrics and there's a lot of people that didn't feel like I'm. A great idea and just expressing my credit I don't think that has anything to do with wins or losses but that's that's rob tried to think that what let's go to Carlos next Carlos was umbrella. I got. Out a request in. Got a little bit but about the scene mountain but I've been active I do but to which you get that earlier. When the team is okay good good. To meet our form the court back. And under same is that we here at you know that that I mean right now I don't speak camp. Winning game anymore sephardic will be better be eighty or eighty yard drive to them and then. Do you really you've got he got button at the yacht but can't make the right way he didn't speak on the beach and do great things this week. It does a great question and I think that's where the hesitation for a lot of fans. You know go trichet the phone call you know where it comes to you know do you trust him you know to make the right play. Right and you know that's where some people don't agree some people who disagree but when he's put oil and he has you know here's a game going. And he has momentum. Yeah I do trust him. And I just to make more plays you know it's kind of like you know we have Brett Favre back there you have a gunslinger. You know he's got to make some really good place where is it makes him dumb bonehead plays so how do you ever trust that you also take the good with the bad I guess is my point to this and I think that's what we've got the best rob got the camps there's going to be some. Some bad. That's going to be more good than outweighs the bad and that's why I'm OK with saying you know cam is gonna make more good plays leaks that he does and what we don't. We have to be OK with losing because the quarterback and making some of those bad decisions at times is gonna hurt affect the outcome of the. We talked about who you trust in you don't you don't trust in god that I trust this guy with. Great here. And and a million dollar smile on fox 46. Are your sports director chuck cowards bargaining tools I don't know. Are you might not trust him as much or you know what he's just has that on their personnel you trust that what he's yelling usually call it's called swagger you know I always lied to me after Tom subject. I just got back from my hair director. That's a mature sexual it's. You really are there any year that let's go to Deaver realignment. And anti metro sexual. Why. Did you at least he shot I have I've Italy Arabic and the police metric I Wear blue gain work choose our hearts. No hole did you hand. In. You know. Oh wow that's this man's man mentioned our class I published I don't know. I just Lewis's move on drizzling it's not gonna rabbit hole for a day it's shock let's talk about the orders for signatory to most of my. Hi this is lie and you know what game are very prepared to create a buying especially. Early on word that gave you get the Arctic. We get get that feeling sometimes it seemed like the warriors. I mean you don't want to watch it a war than what the order onion or give them credit. But you know it would mitigate boys and I've listened to guy up in on this morning and it's. It's you know I I don't I I don't think this team is. I don't know kid I don't think this team is any good gonna get any better that they are right now that makes cents I think we've seen what this team did. If I don't know if it's that we mentioned it last week and it kind of becoming a repeating record if you will. That I've not sure does apply opting. I mean did what do you guys think. I don't know how you could say they are right now when deciding what twelfth in the Eastern Conference or five games below 500 they can't get water from a mode shooting the basketball from the perimeter and got the guy they could turn around there's no doubt about that that puts him talked about it I think Williams had a conversation with someone and so I a couple of years ago we had our best record you know that we at a similar record and then bam and Blake and I we want like ten straight we were in third place so is it possible Jess is a doable sure. But I don't know why you be confident that right now. Now they're just you know just not making any stops you know at a gut feel like I think it would and in the U late third or whatever last night and then you kind of felt maybe the momentum and then on the warrior but we're working around him. No west hit the shot it well they just. It was just like gang you know Europe did it just. This is how far do we saw how far the hornets beat you go to be a chicken and should basketball team and they're nervous and three are but you know it is that nets you know putting it mildly so you know like you know a good. Entertaining team to watch for the most part we just. They just don't they can take it to that bit here. It know what we've that this year you know obviously someone else took its quarterly Cambodians bing because of disgust your listeners have discussed that. I just don't feel that they've got that that or not rich and they're off or broken goat out of bang it seemed like this black. That one little piece of somebody can go down in in multiple muscles around in you know. So really got it got. Did you just got to do they got to mention of the ground the other night. That there are that there you know it is no doubt I mean they don't have a Maurice pay. But I like that who you know they're I use some verdict that are not saying that into the hall of Famer Ernie being back. You know I it would likely Cody and frank jammed out of a couple times but then you know. It's you know it just Deepak that the federal but the lack the top of the third you know. I don't feel they're talking and we although they can't score and outplayed in that principle Kook this that barely got a playoff. On that not likely but you know maybe in the team we talk about Islam the more optimistic because there's still there's certainly an 84 and you know big. Big game this weekend you know they'd probably lost the division last week against the saints but to have an opportunity. To still you know maybe get a hand up there and not everybody else to hold serve when it comes to their playoff soaps and that's Carolina Panthers is this a playoff team shot. Well we're gonna find out because. You know if they don't win Sunday. Then lets this run this little scenario then net drops that day five. Green Bay Packers go and play the Cleveland Browns this week they improved to eight and five they come to Charlotte. And with Aaron Rodgers who's going to be all jacked up and ready to roll and and you know we've seen it of the backside of that statement beat that is what we discuss. There that scares us the most about this football team right now so just for argument sake. Packets coming here a lot of wind in the air writers cramp their return. They're tied with the papers today six sit on the tiebreaker. And then we're staring down the barrel of this all seem. You know really in jeopardy of not making the play out but while it all I get bigger probably will be Tampa Bay then it got a little I. If I get the feeling that game could possibly be. Could decide that final wildcard gave it a Payer there aren't being not a bit. By that point if that scenario you know you're considering you know can now but I I anticipate. Much to prepare their defense this week you know I look good comic David is bound to be earlier in the week they played well though. Worst of fundamental football game defensively. And I've seen in a long time so I'm hoping and there a lot of film study and embarrassment. That they come out in everybody stayed in in their position and not you know Minnesota true. Or pick in not that there I conquered their duty Dick Clark so maybe this is the Sunday they know it but then again. You know it's just set up and down inconsistency of the Panthers. It makes you really wanna sit back and say. You yeah I think their playoff team guy but then they've got this is the time if he's in where they've got to Europe they've got to show some consistent tear could be one and done. It could be that make the playoffs but. I'm not gonna be the least bit surprised. If they if they knock off the vikings this weekend because you know how long in this case schemed dream. Continue maybe it does continue. But you know definitely the vikings are good but. You know I just gotta feeling that the papers after being embarrassed last week generally you know bounce back after an embarrassment that's what usually happens in the NFL team to beat smoke. Or not the beta district that's smoke last week they got merit. You know so I like the Pampers this we just you know I did think it kind of an about backed fashion knowing. That scenario without their that I quite laid out there that if they lose. You know. It's going to be tough road. I'm chuck is Judy rose agreed to review yet. Tell you what we did have some conversation. Just the short while ago. Heard from the organization if you will and we cleared up. There were the myth this perception on my part I was told. That Judy. Is not mad at me for comment I made about the popular it's firing ten years ago that it's just been a matter of scheduling. And things like that and so once we get to the holidays. The athletic department is told me that Judy. Does not hold any animate to get to meet for any comment in that. She's willing to do it appeared that sports sector what we get through the new. Us we sent over there. Judge do you believe that. I've got got to take their word for it to because. I think it would be I don't want to say you'd be foolish but I don't I wouldn't I would think. That is the program in the stated then that would want to do it open and honest interview with. The bettering sports guy and not. Or one of these veterans and down ended do not gonna do an ambush interview was only. A guy who wants to see all their athletic programs do well so they'll be invitation was put out there. I hate tweeted that I felt that there was some animates. It Judy may be. Holding a grudge he gets in that was cleared up the boarding and it would I was told that that there is no grudge you're not bad for train to pass strange directions just. There bits and scheduling issues in the past and so I at this point in time I don't take their word for it because. I have given to how they see. Hopefully they sit down with you and don't produce something you put on forty niners dot com or whatever is that the state run media around against them that stuff but ducks. One LA India you know again I wanna be their program do well I think I as I said last week I think. I've one hand it's been very very good. Pretty Charlie athletic program went so many saying I want I think coming out of the woodwork apparent end time. We're not the Michael you know more of the forty niner fans you know one you know caught it at saint Peter whatever and granted you wanna have sunk into you know cheer about rude about. But I think that this shown. The judicial Judy rose into the chancellor and others up there all right we've got compassionate they're here. It is we have done some things wrong in the past. Now let's rectified because we do we'll look at these folks and their bare so you know hats off to the to gain green for you know being picked off. But I I think you know it a big if that cathartic being pretty entire program that there was some complacency. They can't be complacent any locker. I'd chuck Howard fox 46 joins us on Thursday's 1145. To break down all things Charlotte sports we appreciate you buddy everywhere attempt. Good deal and don't forget tell you conceived freight car is sexy Bada fox forty. Good morning on our papers pregame show at the Panthers gets their take on the. Alitalia is also about being told metro sexual and don't do that TV and you tomorrow. But that's because I'm totally secure in my man. It's thanks Jack weirdo are gonna come back and double takes more phone calls what are you just we got a great show still gets a John Halperin wrote a wire service exported 1230 we'll such a lot of 1 o'clock Jason locked in for a CBS sports NFL insider we'll talk about does the rest in college football to get into Roger Goodell with a contract extension and delegate strikes thoughts on the Heisman race as well although it's not really much of a raise because it appears that 151000 to one odds. But it committee still has the Heisman Trophy winner so we'll talk about its Garcia unveiling.