Garcia & Bailey: Panthers-Saints

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Thursday, January 4th
In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Kyle and Frank discuss Panthers-Saints.

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But Garcia. Welcome back to our number two words Garcia and Bailey here on Thursday wild Thursday. And we got too much to get in so we got a great show ahead the hall of Famer Anthony Munoz longtime Cincinnati Bengal will join us at 1215 coming up at 1 o'clock Dennis zealously by every and in. Dennis Dodd CBS sports dot com join us at till 1 o'clock we'll talk about the national championship game 130 Panthers head coach Ron Rivera is slated to stop by the step all the practice field at 130 you know I think they're gonna end in a cell phone and put a moment to us that's the plan so I'll win we got a great show for you and right now we called a little bit of an audible what is the best kind Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer of the legends are out I hit every every time we have a hot round it's pretty must I'm sore that's exactly right and we go to him now it's certainly comes. Our outlets so it's our. I'm intimidated at the thought that the I gotta be there yeah. You always autorads. We have you Tommy end we also have me because. I remember going to a lot of those Charlotte games back in the day and seeing you sit courtside right next to you know some of the old guy. You know go through this and then Judy rose was with their. Other with you fuel the entire time but does she no longer there stepping down tell us a little bit and what she meant to this university because people are gonna look at the last. You'll for five years and what she's done and forget about the first 38 of those 45 years 43 years. Do what you did bad I was fortunate relationships which shots business community. She grew up there and and male cricket is chemical on there and stick to our campus and on and on top of the building and looked. And just the athletic facilities that really impressive whether atop arena whether a church and feel. Whether it's gonna soccer or tennis or attracting cheated two really good job kitten now the Charlotte business community by hand. And you know they were four I mean the well are a good coaches could technician he did not when they would create can't it just. What can copy it boots when he recruited which you when they're playing in the same cops were some steady at the local. And keep in mapped as he would go to a good player and CNET and today who lament the Integra and they don't watch due to try to beat them. And you couldn't do that BA and because basically it was don't know yet senate can now it. Any just yet but it incrementally. A lot cheaper swing that you got a lot to the school but incrementally. They just slipped and slid and and now it's about football and development staff couple. And she liked to take chance to not be chief hired Alan major. A switch gunfire asking could not scout is best quote anybody and he told me he's sort of element to what this home. I know we hit. And he is a guy who was a recruiter out state they're gonna approach and look I know we will help this is that he was an utter disaster. He was in overs and it was evident in pretty early. And it's just you've got to win and ask about that and dot I thought that which you really not that such fire our price these are never had a two recruiting class comment. Mark price would want and a happy he's just a not got lucky and knowing him to stay cool cool guy and you wouldn't want but can't utilities. Say. It's you know season rude to go for another few weeks that drought. And I thought that utter panic and I thought it was just a testament to how far that program this fall. You know Tom. You can't have ultimate success if you don't have support from the administration as head football coach. I think the same thing applies if you're a F athletic director if the administration. Is an on board. With sports and ultimately football how successful are you gonna beat into me. What has changed you know with this mean she's gonna step down they're gonna put another phase that would Orman. On the car but still the same person driving the the car is no don't walk. And he has he looked EE it's a big enough deal about it. Nobody out there and get football that they really and they were told they were told by everybody. Do not do that can be too expensive you're not gonna win do not do that and to their credit I think it's thoughtful. And Judy for people Conchita in but she did it and it was a grassroots movement in they wanted to give people a reason to come back to. And get a loan that reason the comeback give give charity and their reason to cry about you know. Tryon street outside of prop 49 and come to camp that simple vote going to be yet. And it was it was called for and ran not a glamour really Detroit's historic program but I thought. Then. They need they think somebody new. And I was surprised that McCain can't lie but I surprise you retain camp because they need somebody to take it forward and I can't thank. I can't tell what the plot commander touch. Do not I don't have a feel for what they're here is true picture back up what he says that at some point you gotta at all the other board. I'd need they're cool and it's tracks soccer ball that's. We get to export it to prepare one in men's basketball the other foot pot and we have to commit and we can't do everything. Put those teams in position went and that's that's there eight he's charts and maps. The cluster. Talking to Tom Sorensen join us on the technique come just like outlook wanna talk it through the second but I when asked about potential replacements or because look covering. Eighty searches can be weird right zealot coaching surges were Renault with a hot names are the hot up and comers are you there myopia a deputy HD out of Texas say a memos is the next guy do did you get a job we would have the first clue Danny is more sense that's another guy. He's not that. It. I have absolutely no idea except I know this is coming today that. During the Judy always done has kind of defy convention and just take a chance desires and frankly most of them a lot of them lately have worked. I don't know how to while while it's not a thing to sports guy topics. Tended to have a large deal of input and they need to do their homework. Important person would be great but that he's gonna back where it would be cool that would. Cool cool are the former can't their formal locker out tactician and he just Peter got no matter where when he did well. Other than that. I don't know coaching searches you're right there easier to take some call. And and whatnot but what you know what I think a real quick when a technical Gregg Marshall. I got to know him when he was when took so wanted to stay out. He wanted to be and shop he wanted to show it he wanted to and stayed there he won a charter in our South Carolina. This way back obviously and then Chara couldn't and wouldn't pay him what which Dutch state doesn't impede stepped down but mandate at one point. They wanted it Gregg Marshall won at the 49ers. And I to see so many happen to those good people out there and acted coaches out there. There are good ADs out there and boarding that they need to get this one right but do you look at the coaches when my trek if you form TT. And I entails so many different bank. Well in and what you're sand you know Tom to me you know I think makes a lot of sense but what I'd look at it may be what the reality of his may be two different things I don't know. And so we have you on to may be clarified but. I don't feel personally like Charlotte's committed to football I just don't. You know I almost that's the blog don't know if it was rose. I because of what he said is it in order to commit you have to bring in. Big names in today's your day and age because that's what's gonna win the recruiting battles. There's not a lot of things unfortunately to do it Charlotte if you've been there there's a lot more than they're used to be but you know the attractions for that school vs the attractions to other big schools is going to be obviously a different challenge. How committed to Charlotte to winning football. And they have to PP can look look at the market. It's just sit now waiting to be taken it and Charlotte is in position to take. You don't have to drive two and a half hours or 222 capital. Well you wouldn't whether you're for football but yeah it's a practical. Or is it right here. And you've got to take Japan to that he'd be you have to look at. This is important we universe important alumni. And it's important distraught community you gotta get that chuck any reason to care and energy coach if you look you in and out there. So chart doesn't care mature as quick comments school and and Charlotte this city Q does that that school has quit on it and they got a they just have to say look it would academic institution we know that but we have a chance to piece some of we have a chance to do something. And we have to give that what we have a we have to hire the right. Well and then I wanna move on but I think you're you're absolutely right about something good did that program to me. Is that sleeping giants probably a little bit stronger if you're 35 year old coach imagine you know you the opportunity to get your hands on something in a city like this one with that kind of potential you're you're exactly right about that we're talking to Tom source in Charlotte Observer a long time covering this force in this city he's a legend and he's got just give us some time here on this morning on I do wanna get your thoughts obviously on the printers in the story that edited -- yesterday NBC Charlotte's segment you know essentially NASCAR CEO Brian France was going to be the face of an emerging ownership group alongside Felix about a set up looked like it might be the next owners of the the Carolina trades as we've been talking about that this morning I'm curious what you know what you've heard and what you think about it and do you want a guy that has run NASCAR and the ground around the Panthers also that. I. I want the body it is that comes through it beckons to Croatian I want church after a struck match. And I want to about it connect how much about it the decision maker you know it. Felix is just as superior businessman Mitt everything he touches as cool Cilic is just cool cool guy the real quick. Emirate Jeff Gordon spiritual race record. And they divorced and I meant Daytona for the race and nobody was there anything we know we talk about it nobody to a dress. I got a deadline coming up but I need it could quote wait to Felix in action church were pretty template he shut it down. A coworker Jeff Gordon book to working hooters and I thank you go to. And then she ran into an airport cup which way this one not sit its group does she warns us. It's just a cool guy in a Smart guy and knows when I guess but when I mean it was business. In terms of being a student she is just a guy and he's he's personality that's just Marshall I mean he can take. He could take five investors sit up and which other and he should do is give order and do his sort of pain is where it's gonna work. By the end of our launch say there's going in. So I start preference so I don't know I mean that you're right that's sport that that run into the ground and he's tried things and it. Nothing worked until Brian not to act but we're still look at that works and boy I would love to see him up plywood keynotes. To the NFL and to Tibet tranche. Thank you Mercedes is in the mail I expect us to Jeff Liu and you and Ron Rivera gonna be doing commercials side by side here shortly so. A working class out. Residents literally had an utter hello. Here's the biggest yup you've ever met your entire life come on Tom when the pitchers played Minnesota what is their trusses for incident. Powell met its stay warm and Meeks and you know these two people do it or out eaten during the C it's it's a cool city in. This spring and summer clothes and I was up zero recruitment and and it was glad there was air watch my granddaughter turns to read today okay. And bring it garbage out. And come back to the backyard open it wouldn't H stand outside. And shocks and pajama. We spot on the upside I hear it to myself I can't vote Charlotte the well are approaching her lunch he took an amputees are a permit. I. You drink you look around. Downtown to skyway system she never have to go outside if you don't want to end stay warm and stay have a good track. So so eat and drink Somalis are told is basically the Carolinas more or less. Are some forwards ago big game on Sunday dollars and ten Panthers tried to us to get back to the saints in law student and assures you obviously know are you optimistic they can get it done. Now now and I got nothing to do with the two games just see that and under the plan that are bigger when he record in the war. Over over the years Brett. I just think. Greece is so good. And got a new weapon and and those short passes it Mara Ingram and eat it it's almost like keep taking point they're gonna have fast break and I just. I think it is to be so much pressure on Cam Newton and the options to keep up. At this didn't even if it was good that and we've we've seen him at terrific games. They just don't have that the players around about helping to keep pops so court thicker and a real surprise that the path. Yeah I know it's Tom enforce their kind of agree with you on that there's no pressure unlike other playoffs and there's no position that feels more. The the quarterback position and I Drew Brees is the only guy on the NSC that as a championship and I loved your analogy on the fast break because his new weapon is a handoff and that's pretty effective. Erratic there certainly in Russia and important to catch Edgar. Line. You know campus I would like that defense stoppage and I got to see him and that they gang the gang unit's. Aside from Greg Bolton in it you know hunch is as good not great and they just don't have the captor he's certainly not great not commit. And paid for the wept and how do you keep up with the saint attacked on Matt Turk in that place and I distinctive. I think at the toughest girl assignment easily that we can do more than Alaska gone LA and I think. I just hope that they can do. Yeah all right Tom sources Charlotte Observer columnist legend joining us on the technicality Islam and yet auto make shown cultural political and election though because you are we. Just isn't. It. Camp like you know are or are okay now. Is a good pretended as. Announcer dad being humble and Nicholas and I bet that based on the anytime love like I absolutely love that guy Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer hospital with a site about an hour from now it's remote dose hall of Famer eleven time pro bowler will join us team know early finger that's those are about legends stuff. Legend also allegedly you'll join us in an hour 1 o'clock Dennis Dodd CBS sports so the Dawson college football 130 Panthers head coach Ron Rivera joins us fresh off the practice field great show ahead we'll come back and we'll talk about what Donald Trump's to a Monday its Garcia merlot. It's Garcia and Israelis. Don source it was awesome. That's efforts of the globe for our guys really just 70457. Or 96 and call us at Texas on the building surtax like one guys' sisters is why you can make a big deal but trust potentially go into the game on Monday if I recall Obama and the bushes went to sporting events as well a few Daytona five hundreds I know Obama went to a few NBA games. Why are you pretending to know little about to say. Charles find the plant if you try to supposed to say it's actually Donald Trump was gonna by the parents. Actually know it's not and Mexicana ties in the mid to what I was gonna say but it's that Donald Trump expected to make an appearance at Monday night's national championship game between Alabama and Georgia. So he was right. More or less access. He's about and nobody they thought I was gonna rag on internal football game I don't care that it was to a football game as a matter of fact it makes total sense he's going to this particular football game because it's in the state of Georgia. Between Alabama and Georgia two extremely deep red states it was basically a free campaign relatives have to pay for we have to eating your playbook guy. So it's still politics. You should have better things. If there's did your playbook guys get a hate this a guy I can promise you like I don't care how many sporting events he goes to how much golf any president players salon is the job good so I don't care about that must that stuff and immortal. But what I was gonna say is that he's going to a game. Referee a world. We're we're two teams represented deep red states in the deep south today died joke been seriously the free campaign rally the disastrous for Edison distributor pomp and circumstance of PA announcer everybody welcomed the joke 45 president guys it's Donald Trump is here. But you know what else is instant about this too. Is that it's kind of a middle finger to the NFL. And you know because Donald Trump casino bitterly and basically waging war on Twitter does the NFL for months now over the air tomorrow and no protests and and that conversation. And he's gonna show up to the college football national championship and who wants to take bets that he's nowhere near Minneapolis. On the first Sunday February that he stuck to show for that. But he will go to college football national championship game so again and taught you it's extra thought I was just gonna jump all over the president for going to a football game no I don't care at all. But it is interstate and I do think this is a very clear middle finger to the NFL and I think that if you know that is adjusting in the wake of what we found out this morning USA today article it says across all the networks CBS NBC fox ESPN. The NFL ratings are once again down in 2017. Another 10% off of last year. Now to be fair to the NFL you'll also point out as this article does. That's so 37 of the fifty most watched television program since September the first. Or NFL games. And that Sunday Night Football audience on NBC was number one in primetime on Sunday night for the seventh consecutive year. So what we make of all that I don't know but it would Carol that much again I don't believe. Wanna get into a deep ratings discussion of the NFL's not die and no it's not dying British agent and you know what is changing two or shifting toward delivering different yet exactly I don't know how to others other ways to make him come within a fell. Other than just the ratings and the revenue. You know that type forever with the rates. Yeah so well is different because again. We have to as we've talked and I think you and I've kept pretty level head about these ratings discussion since the season started because we said look there were massive hurricanes and in Houston and Miami and methods had little mammal detected early in the CEO you know the -- talk about the different ways we consume sports and live a cord cutters in the password Scherer and all those things in the end the illegal streamers and it all the things that factor into how ratings are are measured very differently these days. You know about noise and then I think what you. In comes out makes a statement like he's made it puts a lot of parents to put some brakes are a lot of people that thinks that it's invincible right. Does the 500 pound gorilla. As the big the big man in the art on campus in the and its untouchable. I would Cuban comes out and says what he says it says wait a second here there's cracks. No we've seen the you know like a movie or see the the movie. Northern dragon has little. Expose spot now where you have to look this is now gas smog. They'll lower the rank sees it sees depth the desolation is out you know. I can assure definite in that little audit your return this guy should not gender discussion and a harpoon from like a 5000 feet away to land in this little you know small exposed by accident by the dragon I really accurate and I think that would also mall exposed spot is probably come comparable to the NFL it's a small. This not going to you know there's not a big weakness with the NFL. You know you like it analogies so I don't. Like a delay an analogy I was just thinking like what if candy machine arc and shots. All child and it's like I don't know. Somebody should shoot the wings off a slide into an accident you don't yeah. Yes so I agree Lehman jokes alone they tell themselves booked up so you know I just by the way it's extremely celtics' victory that wasn't what I thought it was going to be catastrophic. Operational data goes on to say but I've been listening to show for years and what it's become so I figured to be pretty safe to say so. Show's been on the straight months bode so. Put it out as well years yeah. Or. Sore point inside and some touches it's hot but not The Lord of the Rings I mean yeah is part of the other guys in The Lord of the Rings this series tea. Miss the first book and then it did doesn't matter who really doesn't matter and all the rings guys. I read a hobby and I read Doug the first to lower the grass is now. We may dementieva cinema owner of a seeing one of them. You know lord of the when you think the bottom. Are your greatest movie of all time are you one of those guys are when you read a book the book is really really good you really hesitant to watch a movie or is that just me -- is a minute. I don't know I'd keep them separate you know. I just don't expect him to be sexy like. When you read a Stephen King book we're reading timing soccer's not if they went maids all the Stephen King book city ever made in movies the vast majority may be dream catchers the exception so locked. They socked in up on the scifi channel even at least at all Stephen King books. Almost all of them with the exception of dream catcher drink your only. Hewlett Jack Nicholson the route to super scary and pretty beckoned all that's that's great when there is there right tackle frank citing the shining grain in these immigrants I tonight aren't living in their book in my entire life. Somewhere in the University of Washington. It's a sweeping right now if I can say that on the record here who never look at you funny get the thinking group reignite a fully healed and aware of the wild things are. Google and that's the professor really good books that are less and that's. Great like lord of the flies ranging. Heard bits and pieces such good when though you'd like them because lord of the I mean I've I've picked on the fact it. The very end of the book it's I was with a book is about. And EDS through the rest of it after you listen to what everybody talks throughout the spark notes or something the Clinton goes closer and closer I don't know whether close overs and a war there hospitalized partners Molitor a couple of reports massage our guys violate dome until plays it Carolina no doubts I had no interest in the I mean there's this small amounts that. There Intel. Because out of curiosity I checked a couple of of pre NFL draft rankings of the quarterback position and now with Sam Dunn darling Josh Rosen both declared for the NFL draft yesterday a what are your thoughts on some of these quarterbacks because there will be teams that league quarterbacks out there and know what your take on a couple of those a lot of criticism is coming your way Anthony Munoz the other hall of Famer 45 minutes and closes book everything to read was some Romeo and Juliette. And I think it's 'cause we writing class you know and I've been thinking about doing this and now I'm absolutely going to restarting your Garcia nearly book club. And it's gonna happen next February wild things are around star I think we should read plays on there. This excerpts from place to use the circuit way to. I got a book club thing was funny I do. Agree an agency M I do not like him Sam I am I if I do not like him with a book. I do not like them when I took. A do not like green eggs and ham I'd now like them Sam I am. Is monologue there riveting race. And stuff. Welcome back we like our members claimed at best and we'll start all over its Dorsey and they look. To me is this hallway. I listened to it and all I can see is like you can die in eastern Kentucky strip club. Not because have been the one facing Kentucky's. Laws barred this all go pretty citizen knows. Strip club and the only like eighties hair rocket reminds me more of a strip clubs pour some sugar on me but when you hear that when that's like distract international associates we. And I know two stories. It is yet so we had two minutes green team that's your story are gonna come every year you know with my family and I used to be back within my kids are young like five and three. We bring a baby sitter. I and knowing we go to Mexico. The league legal age is like eighteen you know two to direct. And this girl is a point 11 good friend of hum ours and produce any kind of taker with a so. My wife and it's time to go out and you have a good time with all of our other friends and choose who sit there with a chance well we get to the beach party later on in the week. And you know there's contests there you know your elector in Mexico and you are doing chugging contest and stuff like that. Well she is first in line. And start singing the song you know when it comes it you know pour some sugar Amin did because they're playing music in this is a nationally as she's chugging Beers. You know after she's done she starts doing his old fans to pour some sir Graham EMI. What do we just didn't. I except Christmas she's been watching our team. That's what is reevaluate what I think it's got to do this all oral and had no idea though you can support a complete little. A guy who knows him and then there's a lot of those thoughts to went in my. What exactly is Joseph and it was two minutes we'll split a good thing and did so anyway a. Welcome back end though. Inspired by franks Dr. Seuss monologue there in the first segment one of our listeners sent us something on the buildings and attacks like it is fairly negative but because it it is fairly traded as well took a while I will read it should you British veteran well that you know you should reaction when you read text or rights than. I do not like our quarterback cam I do not like Kim semi am I do not like him on the road I do not like him in the dome. I do not like our quarterback cam I do not like him frank I am. As an additional. I had no I have no problem with Kim I think he's a dangerous weapon. Said that a and they give you my definition of dangerous early. Are you still like from the time that I got here to its in now you know I'm always obviously kept him out of there it is intended that the from the time I got your denial. There was it it's like there was this opinion my daughter also ranked francs a campaigner he hates Cam Newton. Where we we frank has nothing good to say about candor and I don't think I've heard you come into work one time. Since I've been here and trashed him and not one top. But easy TO you know in some Ellison and there's some talk about him. I've learned my lesson. Right and I initially early on when he first got here are published a blog improbable I stepped across a line and I got a little personal called him phony. There because I want him to be real I want him to be. Young guy that just being himself stop trying to cater to what you think we want to this year. Right and I learned about him a little bit more and learn that you know maybe he just doesn't communicate very well. Right you know with what his feelings are what he thinks it's okay you'll such certain guys just don't. You know what I've accepted that and moved on when I talk about him now I talked about him as a football player solely as a football player. I'm if I'm critical constructively critical if I'm it at this issue it's great he's he's the best. Right because he's our quarterback and I love Cam Newton and I think he's great for the city. I think he's done wonderful things he's kept his known Clinton knows claiming he's represented this team extremely well. Are you are to hear me say much negative things about ten. As far as his character and his person so I don't know him that well and all I know is it what we see is him as a team and giving guy and a city that he. You know that he lives in and those are all great great things are talking about him is his fundamentals on the field. His inability to read defense is there's times you know his lateness on throwing balls or you know guys open. By his inaccuracy is all things and everybody else talks about because it's true what we seek it we talk about young truce. You know be in a it could be in a equality right we want people to if you tell the truth. But do we really because when we do we get criticized for secure and all I'm doing is tell the truth about you know Cam Newton as if both Claire. Well and and and I'm glad I'm glad you said that because. You know. I I've I've not only gravel is that because of what we do we such a weird job ago and we have the weirdest job we're really do. A home but I grapple with that too because a lot of what we do. Shearer is we have to generate content for a week to generate good conversation we have to be entertaining but somebody Jimmy dividend and ask a question on Twitter news the doors think that was kind of poorly worded question for journalists and as a golden mom journalist like imports and Drexel writer Fred that's not what we do thumb but what what I also look at and say well on the one hand we. We blast athletes and guys who are prominent when they don't say anything or won't say anything or won't contribute to the conversation you or won't step up and have anything meaning for substantive to say when there's something big happening or do what ever the case may be but the second they do open up and they say the wrong thing at -- comes across the wrong way guys and our position are all too often too willing to jump all over them too embarrassed than to call them out and and it makes guys recede back here and they don't wanna talk anymore they become you know inclusive basically fill up and NIC I think that's what happened with Tim this is about cancer. I was talking to a couple of former NFL does not too long ago about this. Tom Brady does a weekly radio spot open Boston. Eli Manning does a weekly radio spot of the New York to cities to media bodies that are so much more vicious and on forgiven. There and we are here in Charlotte and I can't even begin to quantify it and I'm not saying that because of that Cam Newton should do a weekly interviewer owes us a weekly interview but he doesn't. And where most of the major markets that is a thing that happens and so I look at it I think pool you know what what is that relationship how is prepared how can it be sixty cities in needs to be fixed. And what is it about Cam Newton that is consistently so unfair and the portrayal or the commentary about him that is sort bridges are called quick amount absolutely clear. Or Syria on the pleased that right because I think that your. Vietnam is geared wrong people that was the city and cam it's not necessarily venom your attitude about it will give loses touch. Peace accord bit of idol is correct the record art fired. New York. In the media and the media director for the for the organization. Have a great relationship with the media there Ramon have come from the media sure. They're not gonna protect players the way that this organization. And Truman and Ryan Anderson you know do you know and it's I don't know if it's their fault I just think that's a directive from the top. We're going to be more secretive you know we're not willing to you know be out their little as much. And now for captain the command is being Aussie can I I remember time were you kinda had to know tote to company line. You know because you felt like you know that you're going to be kicked out the door if you went against the man. Right if you stepped up and you said something that might be the truth. Right and you were honest about it we all consider honesty of virtue right. But nobody wants to hear the truth write them because when you tell the truth right people get their feelings hurt. And when people get their feelings hurt now it comes back and sometimes. Don't just being on this is a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing because you always have to be honest like for example. You look fat men dress right I mean. You know you do. Yeah I won't well I'm honest with you and I don't care if you get your feelings hurt mr. he would threaten those jeans and a certain way and I swept into I don't mind and I have sixty and so but some people get the Phillies are. There are some people you know go out there in the interpret things and they read into things you know and athletes are honest. He knows the that we on this side you know we get their feelings hurt nor or we we read into things so. You know athletes learn how to build and develop these walls I think this organization. Instead of taking those risk. Of develop those walls for these athletes and the organization here whether it's the media to us whether it's the papers you know they have. A standoffish. Attitude towards us and that carries over into camp so I don't think it's necessarily. You know Cam Newton. I'm defending cam here I don't think it's necessarily Cam Newton. The doesn't come out here but did he doesn't you know captain does nothing but I think that because of the criticism that can't receives. They have taken that step for him to protect him. But it and I you're explaining it justify regulatory your explained it. But I. Look at today. The runners I coach is it's different different responsibility different you know aspect of the job or their. Rutgers coming on today technologies at TD comes in studio is matters right now but he becomes a studio in my view is madam well attrition about a million Hindu businessman. Asked well can upload some CD comes at captain comes at Lou cheaply told us here on Thursday you know let there it is everybody but can't so how how does that get six and don't you criticize simply Camden does and I'm not saying that you know Madonna. That's true I'm mr. yeah I think there are. They're not eligible there's a those guys and I just listen to who takes them the second most criticism of Iran probably Ron Ron right. And runs a professional you know so these other guys as well but that's part of the job. An important job a vastly just to go out there and Andy does well but you can you can monitor and dictate and you know measure not the amount of exposure guy's gonna get. And you know that's with the organization steps and that's their job that's that's what goes Anderson and drama and that's their job. You know their job is to you know protect the image. Of their players of this team and they do a good job with the budget look guide. I don't know Stephen Drummond and Ryan Anderson extremely well personally but I do Iraq to those guys pretty frequently audio and professional basis as recently as last night and the like I think they're going to jobs and then they're very kind and cordial and unprofessional with million image and it Saddam had a conversation and I do think. But again and I said this before the break. There's no doubt Kyle that cam is coddled or it's a great word I don't think use and I don't think that's you know insulting and I think that's how people there a way to protect us. And that's the way that protects you know his limits what what I would like to see personally and I what I say this not to my benefit but I think I would like to forbid the benefit of the fans in this city who would you like to the little listened to the station in the content that we put out every single day. I want that relationship prepare like I want Camden and to be able to say hey these guys are going to mr. Sheikh blunt conversation once every couple weeks once every couple months. And yet he can read you talk to fans there was instead granite counters when things funny and he can do sit downs with Sports Illustrated every else. Cancel the most part I see him on the podium more than any other port no doubt about it he's a leader on that team and and that's why that's why I get frustrated we're like what we'll have a caller that calls and so he's not working hard it's obvious he's not work cardinals in the film room or the weight room this you don't know those things where would we don't know that you don't know what kind of mental preparation has got was a good job every single night and console but what we do know. You women that know how much work you know some guys just aren't capable right is getting better cost of processing things differently those types of issues right but what we do know is the results. Having gotten better with the inaccuracies right so how do you get merit something when you bad edit what do you do practice. Worked out over over and over and if you're not didn't matter what what are we gonna assume. While you're shooting worse is what we did was an idea but he did not practice what you got Berkshire usher. Insatiable phone calls really quickly we were fixing things and a clockers were to stay a little longer with you let's go to a Kenny did his thoughts he's been holding and stamp thing and so I just can't it was a dollar and. I did. I'll bet you know. Real weight which happened there. I'm at some on the wrong side of the argument Jenny. The future credited to the true. Dot interpretation look back jedi can go back to Utah and it become chairman. Our tea bag I don't but I bet but aren't at all despite. Two very you don't go tell. But critical to our patented adult and don't. I didn't bet there's the you know they don't agree don't tablet could talk about. But out typically are two podium where he can Charlie. There are wary can you look at Hezbollah. Did. The spectacle aren't you go on that point. So you don't get DOD what template well. Are they went well let's not play well I happen. Let me let everybody go to spend a lot of up. What was the beverage they don't care they these big. He's great these great. But it gets old belly during this. They really are don't Judy active account and despite cut back our well. Thank you can we appreciate the phone call I'll I'll just say business at a before but I do think it's so important to remember because. I don't envision myself for frank or anybody else in Britain the list. If people think that this market this needed bodies truly unfair to discuss this and spend which in New York Philly or Boston. Or or or and is any of those really major market cities where. They're vicious mean vicious the daily call entry police fire calling people know he's a mean and Chris Russo bridled at the end still in those markets Tom Brady Carson once Eli when he lamented. You know pretty. I wouldn't include Green Bay and that because they they do protector is that there's not a whole lot more outside the Green Bay the Packers but you know it's just different here for some reason and and I had like to see that change a little bit. And that's a great point and that's in your protection just writes in town and I think there's a lot of guys this is the point that needs to be mentioned this is something that I talked to somebody with today and it'll be interesting to see you know the feeling that we've now here is even as a player. You know from the media to this organization it's always been protective. Right there's been a push back. It'll be interesting to see because everything's gonna change with new ownership. Right did tell from the equipment guys you know potentially of the way you do business and believe they did the things that you get in the bathrooms verses you know. How this person everybody is on and it interim basis right now because of the ownership you don't bleeding. What happens to the media in the relationship with the new ownership. Your quick question to see moving forward the relationship. You know that it's this. The city develops with whoever that group is going to be. Artistic or more unpalatable lows are just west roosters guys hang titles go to Bob next half hour. I got Andre did they try and stay warm and chilly weather cools the same and her bacteria well I think because stepbrother and I'm not a camper and I'm. Until I'm Margaret in men happier in my entire life is how they have different ownership but no I'm struggling right now within. Sort of but nonetheless there. I think it and we got because that they and they stood. I think that's why there's two types of paper in their dark Carolina and let me read or can't you can't prevent you know and a real real -- He got a top but it will be pop up quarterback you know spell my feet. Starts to show like biker buddy saying here that it shows a change it worked at the shoulder deal because it worked edit. Trained on the field I mean muscle memory almost that we tried coming we've practiced something to become them. And your local to. And don't consistently over bro I'm in let's go back to a bigger. Just out there and Benjamin was here. I think debt. Teoma put support any intimate even leaving at an athlete and I think we played a part in injuring. Internet overthrowing attacked Kirstie an uptick all adult take a couple general. That's golfers should MS be honest with you while I appreciate and certainly value perspective there's there's not a lot we can add their because a lot of it is really is just conjecture a lot of religious and assumption that if this guy doesn't work all. Smart people will also evaluate and you've also seen with her own two eyes and you know for people that. He don't have Houston's funeral using stat is amassing them accusing you but there are people out there that you stats as argument. Right now you stats is argument because they don't have experience and knowledge of seeing doing or. You know or watching her understanding you can watch nobody to want it. Right but if you don't know that in intricacies. This involved with a double team a piece blocked a cog in a poll on a guard. You know the less responsibilities uncovered two vs covers three vs a cloud you know vs a different defense is is to be hard for you to evaluate and understand what you're saying. But if you've been there and he's seen those things and that type of experience is going to tell people that. This guy hasn't gotten better and why hasn't gotten better at those things with his bad footwork could start practicing them. Right and that's what those things lead to where do you practice those things in the offseason there's been reasons why where there's the surgery whether it's this weather is that they'll have excuses. But the bottom line is everybody else around you is working on those things in an up and all of hone in on their craft. And if you're not getting better you're getting worse. Right that's the but that's where you know the next guys come out. And then next guy's trying to be. Right the next guy mr. to play quarterback is trying to be Cam Newton but he's gonna try to do it differently because. He's not. Not he's not the same size that he's hard to replicate those things but he can't replicate the the that the technique. You know those types of things you can't work out. No you're right about that and look we got we got calls we're gonna take we can keep this conversation role because the bullets and attacks like his blowing up right now to some point as an aside I wanna get and how anybody can be a Redskins fans that logs I don't understand what's were it was enjoyable a redeeming about the Redskins fan at this point but that's neither here nor there welcome back top of the hour we got more than ensue Anthony Munoz the hall of Famer 12:51 o'clock Dennis Dodd CBS sports dot com we'll talk national championship game at 130 pastors or George Ron Rivera scheduled to stop by its Garcia and they look.