Garcia & Bailey: Panthers, NCAA Scandal, and Snap Judgment

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Tuesday, September 26th

We talk Panthers, NCAA Scandal, and Butch Jones.


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But Garcia. Welcome and Garcia and Bailey here on Tuesday morning would love to hear from him. If he's feeling so inclined 7045709. 610 dollars and Texas there. On the buildings that are taxed like the mortar frank Garcia or you're doing great Kyle Bailey how are you left a female what do you got this grin on your face what that's about well I was wondering if you had an iron if you don't an iron I don't actually and I do I should but the and to make matters worse that is frankly circular yanked out of my closet this morning and I spilled coffee down the side and on the way in this important is basically would like a slide knew I would its search stuck denotes that's good and I treasure and we get dress shoes and get your meetings there's something nice here -- implement. The slow but I don't understand I've never understood this why people Wear jeans. In the summertime. In the summertime it's hot summer franks started summer music 150 degrees outside were limited 63 degrees and Alan tell us what your ball stick to your legs you shouldn't be wearing jeans a divot is always seventy degrees insider suicide like battlefield in ninety degrees outside OC nine outside I'm right I'll get where we're entitled I'm a little different price ought not inside here I go home and change what it's hot out there but I'm a little differ I go right from here to coach Wright so I get to go home and then change that tiger that not cents a almonds are you did it just a bit more professional and I bride I'm Robin climate control they saw a good that I don't homers hot and then I checked shipments chickens and act as you said balls and she's cinema halls on the radio -- fifteen seconds into the -- -- and you've already said -- balls sweaty balls now this stick to your legs off to a tremendous start. Off to a tremendous start early Tuesday morning that man wings yeah. But yeah. Brinkley said you bet man that's. Nausea the dope right there might be one of those days general business and our guys this woman one of those moves beyond yeah. Let's go look at its car like the teachers who got. All banks and it looked tell monk yeah. RD ruin my I don't know where I got a front ridiculous Boca Juniors to know you don't understand. He's got its Asia but well no I would allow I had to look at what's gonna put on and raise our juice fast that's always the sleeves are tight and rip the hole moving or do what I did it. It's America at the sleeves off to work honored to work out and wanna work don't sweat through it. And that I threw it over a pull up bar to let him drive just like the loss and it rusted a -- -- is cell lines this right now while I just lifted my arms up like the incredible hall might bolting chest just exploded through this shirt because that's what I I guess that's gonna tell us the impression you try to get what happened I'm Bridget I'm not so so here's what happens I set gotten away and I can't I don't didn't tell us everything guy knows this. Every certain big guy knows this. You take your shirt you stretch it out because you don't want it to be stick into your body lets see you and I are different because you would Wear a size two big diminished to nothing sticks to you are like a form fitting T shirt like delegates are actually just fits that you really should think about the other today you know doing so are kept member of season. Give Phil Mickelson Iran for audio there are my files against three times as much as an all well that's true that's true. A Ljubicic and get a in his life entitlement are definitely clearly has. Who remain to fill right now it was just up a anyway. A but the job was last night. For our you know three quarters. They gave Arizona a lodged of of problems you know Carson Palmer looks like he's a 150 years old. Pat Fitzgerald would like you found found a use that the man can still play easily and 37 years old in us don't get it done I mean. Come on 34 thing you might be 31 Carson Palmer's little. But anyways I'm FitzGerald you know one out there and absolutely. You know tore up the Dallas defense once again and have eleven catches like a 150 yards. He looks like he's you know to play for anybody and help them out then you are just a great guy. And on top of that but yeah I mean Dallas Cowboys did what I feel like. In a lot of people thought they're gonna do this year as he did all it started playing a little bit better I expected that after the performance he had last week which was abysmal. It was pathetic and he was lazy and I think he was embarrassed by Duff and I think a lot of the people around that organization. You know gotten easier and you know it feels like it almost seems they'd be you know something that might have been a positive thing going for him moving forward to hopefully. You know maybe that. A stab looses something and in his personal life off the football field as well as it's not. Yeah. I was in their lust that wondered myself who's beautiful Baltic cowboys the restaurants. Are jobless. Really yes I close not close. Even after the weigh the risk is dismantled Oakland it's not close. Not close is this is is are the only two road I don't get. I'm looking at the board also sits on lets us secure assessed jobless and his bushel ball to the cowboys Redskins cowboys occur well and that's buys desperately but right I don't know. Must not but yeah but I think their ability to run the full wanting Dax ability to create. I think to pass rush is something to Marcus Lawrence it is looks when nominal right. By the way the marks Lawrence member of the story continue to tell when we go to Mexico City about pull your pants up and what Greg Lloyd told him about getting adults then you know him vine into. Okay you're right yes sir. I have a lot of respect for Marcus Morris you know because he understood. Know what the older guys are talking about he's the guy that got all the sacks last night in and not tormented Carson Palmer good for him in a good kid. The letters were long. It's me it's literally silence and I don't know not first not the markets where to Marcus Lawrence Luka the downstairs and DeMarcus Ware Marta to mark my match. To combat the markets where Blake is retired when he has to users are. I think Dick. Really what you see is and we've talked about it but you see team that struggles in the back in defensively. They don't really have guys they're gonna be like. Quote unquote locked down cover corners so what do they needed need to pass rush is affected gets the quarterback and just short easy maritime detect. Carson Palmer whoever can just sit back there and pick them apart. We put high school defense and a little bit of a college defense Le last night in and Norman didn't. The Arizona Cardinals 335 they rushed three guys and got to Carson Paul or seven times they dropped eight coverage you'll sometimes a lot of broader blitz here there. But it tormented them because. You know it was a different look that Europe as a quarterback no matter how long you've been around. You're not used to seeing inning guys don't wanna make mistakes so he held the ball and eventually the power source is gonna get to. Not. And I just I think it there. Like franks what what frank is saying I think it there was a level of maturity that was needed. Maybe a level of compartmentalizing. Things receipt gallon when you're on the field you're on the field here off the filter off the field you know so when you're here. Give us everything you got brother Dolan all the sound all the nonsense all the allegations affect you when you're right here whether they're true or not. That's not what we're debating here where I'm saying is don't let them affect you bring your game dude come to play because that walking off the field in Denver I think they're probably rubbed a lot of his teammates the wrong way up so he had. Had to bring it this week I think this will we saw all. No no no I totally agree with that and it was a marked as a football to move big deal frank nobody cares about your offensive attack. Literally nobody cares about your fantasy and Tony you know it Tony saint in his office but frank. Nobody gives us lion has not backed yeah. I. Oh got a good show meant we got a religious or David sealed a deal and ACC sportswriters and join us a little bit but at 11 o'clock. Thomas Davis Panthers linebacker gonna join us right here in studio. I he'll be in for a half hour from eleven to 1130 sort of has some votes on the status. And double talk about how they'll bounce back this week other Sunday at fox Brazil join us Brian balding your NFL network will also pop in a I kept the model and I think they're still play at this point for becoming a twelve all double check on that at all fun not really sure it's one or the other days as we're together today I'll find out about that confirmed during the break we know TV will be witnessed. At 11 o'clock in studio so we'll be ready for that. Lomas brown also later in the show us or great show ahead Dorsey and really W offensive. Well done event. It's dogs are pretty appropriate. About killed myself and where would you stop being such a baby boom I didn't America commercial romo's trip moved to your computer records it's much. Jumped up. First off these clubs are like in the high who puts plugs in the high as you're walking. A winner and they. There are blaming me first did the construction of the build it won't you to court there and it's a big thick court or cut my foot on it and I'm just on this carvers there's a difference between putting my record there and plugging my computer in the wall they should be different log. But he never again didn't design this building well it didn't design knew the Billy Obama assumed they'd run the electricity in the Mildred did design is building. I swear dot wicked take a tactical nuclear strike at his studio and still be on the court and we go into law a backlog is like twenty incher and it might actually improving and a. And while I'm here bunkered in for sure death like if you came here to attack us because we seselj and you never did and you never did tell us. I think we would laugh at its usual as you read the basically our panic room this is ever comes at a proposal to see your not getting you tell us and as we can say whatever we want to you every single day you can do nothing about it lower your comes doesn't claustrophobic suburban girl. They were like five TVs here. About the deficit a host of the phone lines men are cowboys beat the cardinals last my mother crystal ball a little schedule change for about a white. Thomas Davis will join us in studio at 11 o'clock so we are moving David teel. The dean of ACC sportswriters to about 1230. Prime bald bigger NFL network we'll swing by we think captain Marlins still make come by noon possible find out about that and Lomas brown will join us at 1 o'clock 70457. Or 96 stent. A let's go to Greg Greg with somebody Howard is one of. I want. There were below the level so let's all. Thank you about the character at all I'm really equipment now all of our community. Arbitrator like we want to be a powerful multi book for trying to regroup we do not helpful for OPEC they were beautiful Beckett begin that she's and so. You know give me your take on this so there that some you lose don't know if of the person their way to although descent who. I splurge and you're I did read thank you very much I'll add to that Franken and give it to you did you see you Mike Hsu those comments yesterday to a Jordan Rodrigue where he said. As crazy as it sounds and actually more optimistic about the authors based on what we saw Sunday at sounds pretty crazy pretty crazy sounds pretty Chris. Chrysler debt for example Musab moment right now is that they call themselves to come before your swing and so it puts a. You played the worst. Defense in the NFL statistically the worst the worst defense in the NFL he scored thirteen points you're XEQ shouldn't. Was not very good it was not very consistent. Your quarterback that was not very good is not very consistent you had a running game that it's for some reason you decide to get away from. Yeah I mean I don't know what there was a draw an offensive player to be positive nobody gave up what four sacks. Multiple pressures. You know Chris for Jeff played well. You know tell him Benjamin got hurt. You know hopefully it's not too serious I think he's going to be okay. Nobody stepped up the tide in position darling did you target him one time and got the goal line and you got sacked. You know and I blame that more on that the play calling that I do you know the you know the person on both domestic responsibility mean left tackle needs to get out there and you know not blow the assignment but why in the hell. If you're a power running football team according do we know and that's I agree with very well was our last caller was his name not a discredit okay Greg I agree with great. Yeah there was Greg non positive and a new coverage news and delegates or college I'm sure it was great. But why are we running the football or are we throwing the football from the three yard line. Are we even putting our players that position yet matured into browns quarterback. You have a power running game a 260 town where 4050 pound running back in more. And more passing the ball. And when that's our strong suit. I get automated to lose my focus here but there's there's issues story just broke barriers and other guys that mattered well you're gonna understand why secondary anywhere reset to keep while mr. press conference coming in an hour and a half but there's breaking news. Tom winter of NBC news investigations he's an investigative reporters this tweeted. Breaking news the FBI has arrested several NCAA assistant basketball coaches and corruption scheme presser coming in their and their unborn child bride I and I and CNET outsell it Martin broke today about seven minutes ago he did OK sorry I was late getting awarded in the new RNC now yes it was so with the had herded guards or maybe you you bets on the first time some of you have but. Yup so I could number defined up a ton of considerably basketball coaches have been arrested from Arizona southern cal Oklahoma State Auburn and and elsewhere while. Or distort our way back to the Panthers back to some phone calls are about the bright let's go to ought to Randy next who is a joint rescind whatever Randy coward about it. Did have not been very tempered it I. Thought let's let's go on its. Yeah out probably live today and held for bragging about her lead to the sport fatal the first two yanks this started Seibu. They didn't they didn't get lonely don't brag warning aliens out. It got a 48. Right quarterback and get everybody. That we ate right quarterback that is true. And riverboat ride really don't live vote if you don't get. Is back together. Randi your stance. Capital and I know. Thursday. I liked airport saying. And is now I am sure is as things just don't want to yet he got to where it's just that he says register averages the phone call already just so you center and I'm not I'm not surprised yeah. I I Tennessee now and come in a long way away is it clashed. When my children makes comments like that. Is that so is set like. Coaching death row kind of comment weary just BC coach is make these comments all the time they say these things as I don't like how can he save. How how Kenny looked doable we just saw and think. I'm encouraged well yeah you're right as you know same thing you know with Ron Rivera defending the position I can understand. They want and apart or feeling like the need to part in that situation defending my love the thought you know the the dip the difference in that situation. You know but you can't argue the T it's fourth and five. North End and you don't even try to get aids and I do not have them jump off sides. In your gonna park you know in that situation. Yeah okay your part so. Take a delay game. Try to do something to get the five yards we get a first down don't just concede to the fact that this game. You know we're gonna putt. And that's all we're gonna do I mean just doesn't make any sense though don't try to sell us on a bill of goods it's no good in the same thing applies to you know show that now we saw that offense. You know there's a couple of things you're gonna take a way good from that. You know but mostly it's not and don't try to tell us that there. You know you're you're Lee walked away from that encouraged of all the good things compared to you know really what the things you need to work on. RJJ's restaurants Twitter account salesman tweets out as Randy is hillbilly ass can suck it typical cowboys fans to stick to your team asks while. Also breaking news yeah that is gorgeous half results of that had brought to did you threaten us it's still hot dog today. And seven or more 570 that this extend. What a weird morning at Seward mornings in a row and got an idea I like weird morning's. All right so we elect Ellison won't talk about today's too by the way and we we we mentioned earlier David seals gonna join us we'll talk about the ACC big match of their room talk about about the SEC is well. You've got to hear the audio from Butch Jones. In his weekly press conference yesterday if you have not heard that you blew it believe you were jaw on the floor two minutes. And some change of just pure gibberish. I mean I'm talking about stream of consciousness dusty you'll never be able to piece together understand. And no no no no real surprise what's in his he's probably gonna have a new head coach of you said you heard this audio. Us I have not overplay for her and breaking number of play for the entire queen city. To see if anybody out there can decipher what bush stone in Minnesota I say in his weekly press conference yesterday because I for the life of me. Cannot figure out talk about that next it's Garcia Villa. Garcia and Bailey here on this Tuesday morning and what is typically. Although football all the time in August this time of year we got a lot of football to talk about don't get me wrong but there is an emerging story that size I was. Kind of busy hurrying to try to get down here for the handoff thought that I wasn't aware voice broke the story on the air earlier so I got all kind of distracted the during the last segment and brought this up a bony walked in. And all of college basketball since I've been here I'd I've not met anyone who's more turn in the college basketball recruiting in your bony. As so we want to have you back to talk about the stored because if you haven't heard. Earlier this morning it broke that the FBI is basically rounding up NCAA assistant basketball coaches for a massive corruption scheme. And this thing is imminently tied to loop hole and two USC to Auburn to. Potentially Miami and South Carolina I'm Paula deed is school all do you schools right. And four men arrested that we know so far chuck person that armor. Emanuel Richardson and Arizona and warmup and into Oklahoma State who was at South Carolina recently recruited DJ Dozier in for a while two south Harrison we don't know of will he be in trouble for Oklahoma State or somebody did that. South Carolina the big one though Miami could be involved in this thing the big one though might be Louisville is they got a commitment from this kid named Brian Bowen June 3. Out of nowhere like I was one of those like well what do they do there now coroner Gary Parrish a CBS authorities are claiming that Bowens family. May have received up 200000 dollars. Ought to play out we've sort of do what is their dear a deed is this funding players go to certain schools to ensuring that when those guys leave they then side with the deed. So why is that I mean why is that it from there a crime. And ours are to understand it's a penalty. But why is that a crime. Guys that fraud and corruption I understand you know if you're looking at the NCAA rules why that's not allowed you know because the amateur status the wise any crime. Well we don't know all the details are there now when gathered there is bribery involved in this thing and there's there's a press congress engine with the attorney general that most white Morton I don't know every detail in that regard I just know that. When you're gonna 100000 dollars total players I am way we've been around sports and off bride that's gonna cause a problem. They receive this kind of thing before with this is from there and Ruvell obvious you know I'm up for me in Gaza not the biggest fan of his work but there's no one is that this is what he just tweeted. This is according to the feds did indeed this is head of sports marketing Jim Gado with other street high school players is Boehner just said. To go to a DC schools and then signed with the legislator that was the premise of the of the money and added that the the signing a little I stopped where's the crime in the again that's what it was that the feds and and the US attorney are probably going to explain that coming up at noon but they're they're arresting people in doses of the open there's a. Got to tell you broke out I guess I'm still bribery involved that's our and a bribery is crime or is it mark barriers that it's enticing you know and isn't that what happens all the time we offer you money to come join us as a brand. Well we have in the past is just your amateur status changes from amateur or professional. Well that's the only difference for us the Soviet adjourn agent right and you're caught just sniffing around schools constantly in meddling with amateur athletes you you can be. Are you heated partisan and disbarment is not a crime. You know getting arrested for that again I'm I'm just trying to draw some wins zero losses aren't true we're sort of we're gonna try Jess I'm on a disaster and if anybody can you know give us some information on. Why that's a crime I would love to know they've got an attorney out there who knows the specifics of that. I'm not an attorney. I cannot pass the Dallas law and order do you watch on order at the jury or box and I can't answer that question I'm sure noontime today honey Judge Judy that there will be more answers that nudity it's and it's a ever revolving story worst schools we're coming out one by once up this or just arrests. Candace is also ready to school put out how do you want not not quite be Candace did me wrong but but well we have we have. A caller call in an asked a simple question. Two Franken say which would they're probably not paying taxes. On will lose that right do ya okay that thanks so that's fair illustrate activation of some kind. Okay yeah that's that's that's fair okay that that makes sense to deal with that littler guys and almost almost for the perception is. Is that they're getting arrested for assigning these players or you know giving them and bribing them to come. You know somewhere later down the road rewrite the tax evasion part yeah I can understand that. Yeah they're they're levels of this that was certainly makes sense they're into bonus point a second ago about the the pitino quote he went on radio show our news radio is forty with Terry minors this is what he says in quote. We got lucky on this one I had an eight you're director called me and ask about the address of any player Brian Boland. I saw him against the other great players and Indiana I said gee I'd be really interest of they had to come and unofficially pay for their hotel pay for the meals we spent zero dollars recruiting a five star athlete who I loved when I say am what I Cecil employed in the last forty years of coaching this is the longest time. And in Dallas. Yeah I'd say here's the thing I did Tito may not have no ball was going on but the thing about it is now and another excuse and LA he's already done that before. I could Tito can only go to that I didn't know well somebody died but first these very well may not have known any say what was suicidal. Khrushchev live from the movies sorted through and having yesterday it's like judge he said though it wouldn't when he took over Saddam had two letters the Lisa Wu when you find yourself there intense in trouble opened the first letter. When you find yourself into trouble again opened the second letter and the first time you open and it said blame it all on me. And the second letter when he opened the second time he got himself into a mess and said sit down and write to letters kind of NASA facility services feels like that kind of situation for do you know where there's did you Marty you're you're get a jail free card to has already been taken. The appearances and not an excuse you know rules are applied with him several times it's not gonna fly the third. Yeah I can't imagine social gonna be just catching up the FBI is now involved in swooping and they they're rounding up NCAA coaches as we understand it and the other at a sports marketing for dieters has been accused of doling out this is thousand dollars as a surprise you does this change your percent or not because it doesn't change your mind whatsoever I'm like okay. Yet now you just found that always known for years is that there are all the way I feel about this right now whether it's Johnny B good back and in the old days are we watching grown up you know what they are doing in Texas hours just turn in the basket. It's frustrating because the FBI is getting closer and closer to coach cal Dara during the state. Well and I thought came out the other theory as the doctor I didn't expect this to you again you're as good basketball fan a college basketball fan is a man bony I'd down to zero the book played their hearts out when George stormont. Well he spends a seminary years. Documenting. I do know the illusion of an a you organization on southern California's an organization that produce likes of Tyson Chandler and almost future NBA stars. And it is if there was ever any doubt that college basketball. Is leaps and bounds dirtier than college football. Just read that book and it will informant for the college basketball's a dirty sport on earth there there's no doubt about that and select price of a second ago no one is shocked to find out the shoe companies are handing out money for future you know. Future athletes. The job college basketball makes the SEC west look like AAR. Nice place to be a football out of it in we thought the SEC west with a dirty is stock but dirty is the big. Now with a don't want to college basketball and we stories break like this this has worked you know I I kind of get a chuckle you know but it's like the dirty politics via play you know duke fans there are stars analyst state state fans there's there's there's North Carolina. And while they're gonna try to draw compares sends everybody you try to implement each other and and some way shape performed slow your roll a little bit we're just finding out about this. And you know we're just kind of going along as we tell us and we're finding out information we're just give the team. IJ zero must order a mock ceremony so we got Charles to a yet and I don't think you can speak to this Morse is south Carolina's been under armour for years why would they be caught up with a. Another what I was saying was that the coach came from South Carolina the Oklahoma State coast has been arrested. Used to be a South Carolina and he recruited deodorant oral I don't know if it besides that I don't know this study were what he worry wise is the world's is funny about it. I think that you know when we start making those comparisons are drawing those of comparisons then that like implement South Carolina saddle we're joined whatsoever. It's not shocking that our pitino team would be involved and Bruce Pearl but he was throwback involved in the Seattle exactly really Demi dashed it's it's. It's southern Cal's recruiting has gone through the roof the last ha ha ha. It's no wonder in the you know I mean Arizona's a great program Dave I'm not saying that other teams out Don great players but. These are the look at the trends of where guys are going right Bruce Pearl Robert. You go to these shady southern cal. All of a sudden Canadian steel becomes just. This destination for players and it's just it's a wonder our. Unemployment measure. Patched yet. It's just to what degree it is different in its except to do exactly it's not a lot of woods extra rights and hate boat and a few. Cal has done nothing UK except East Coast and you how to do one and done keep us out and have Arabic god cast doubt since they are six to ten Jonas pointless and you're gonna blow us all right welcome home I didn't say I did say did they brought all I said was. The FBI is due to the state death. And in value I wanted to see you know him they just stood there had I not Gaza Norris to get according to start carrying bags in the backyard as a tourist are doing by way. This is a three year sting operation by the FBI and US attorney has been going on for three years. Quickly Aldridge just leaving the overview section of the investor eyes Auburn but I thought we appreciate you buddy this is the overview section of the investigation quoted charges in this complaint results from a scheme involving bribery corruption and fraud in intercollegiate athletics since 2015 the FBI and USA oh. Have been investigating the criminal influence of money on coaches and student athletes who participate. In intercollegiate basketball governed by the NCAA as relevant here audience the investigation has revealed numerous instances. A bribes paid by athlete advisors including financial advisors in business managers among others to assistant and associate basketball coaches. Employed by NCAA division one universities and sometimes directly to the student athletes at NCAA division you know when universities. As facilitated by the coaches in exchange. For those coaches exerting influence over student athletes under their control to retain the services of the bribe payers once the athletes enter the National Basketball Association and quote. Yeah you know and Kyle this I don't know if this is any you know parallels you know obviously not with. But remember the racketeering. And that the charges with Vick. You know as money was crossing the line signal us. I'm not sure if you knew that has anything to do with why the feds have got involved a assured us you know but I got to believe that once it does cross state lines that no longer is a state offense the federal death. I'm sure you're I think you're absolutely right about that 70457. Or 96 tells your quick phone call remembering John and he wants to share some perspective on this is breaking news what's up John Howard if. Hey let's go on guys I I thought you'd actually got a got a call in about which you say a portrait either. And it should not shocking at all I think that you guys are aware that your your coaches. You know this girl thought about high school level of college global brand get involved. There's a lot of funny money an a lot of paper tickets are getting doled out you know I've been hearing this now and I heard that brands are involved that would be also quite another grander too. You know isn't called out. You know I don't know whether anybody address or not. But if it's amazing what people Randall duke won't go pay. You get their logo on the student athlete there actually are great the great thing about college. Our sports is if you get the whole school to get them head coach you get you know they don't have individual few contracts so they're wearing everything. Didn't end the NCAA is the best brand exposure that. Then and these brands so. Hey John and ask your question how. Early do you feel like that starts you know whistler that branding because they hate you teams in etc. you know a lot of people say that that's where this is starting now. Oh yeah I would agree I mean there re not here as a joke that they are excited kindergarten kid or something. Kind of call upbeat so you know certain together but try to practice it is it's a whenever you can go to one person. And Saint Louis and how to put all your kids' didn't I hear. And here's what I'll do you what I'll bring to the table and couldn't goes we have even eating the young guys into it big importance. The other kid could apply that brand to make that brand called you wouldn't that absolutely that you ought to open there's a quick movie about pre Fontaine Maury Cox eight puke city influence it was gonna happen college Dublin. It's amazing what a visionary luck because. Did you hear all the money that is exactly what happened today. Yep Persia associates a phone call Melissa numbing America. Implement its bomb you know the under armour brand but you know they started an early age you look at what they've done. You know with Maryland and you know some of the branding that they've done in that's one of the reasons why their company was growing and has made millions of dollars they start young they get him into the pros and they can keep on that's what they attacked initially is that they want to the college kids they want to the universities they dump money and dog and they knew that if they were loyal to them they'd be loyal back and that's what's happened with under armour why that brand. Has grown in our and it's I don't know if they do anything illegal that's not what I'm suggesting but yeah that's where you're gonna start is at the younger age over the years. And what's interest in to see if you're with this. If you ever saw that thirty for thirty soul my soul man senator Carl on editorial bomb that's almost like what it is you know this is the real life story of that. And not kind of how that broke down with. You're the bad Manning getting LeBron and you know I do what they did with Toby in the millions and millions of dollars. You know they promised them and signing those change contracts you know with the shoe brands don't. Basketball players make more money with their brands than they do with their game because of the cap that they have you know what comes to amount of money they're they're able to make. Yes absolutely we look LeBron James for instance and he's just the biggest example would lots doesn't make him more money with the issue deals could do with the contracts it that's. That's when of course we're with the new television monitor it's a little bit different conversation but. Are really quickly text erode and to say do you Shuster second place in sales of Jordan brands report out last week one of the swoosh blew the whistle analysis and a second ago this is a three year investigation. This been going on for three years between the FBI and other United States attorney's office. Yeah but that doesn't mean that you know there wasn't a little bit anymore until his own welcome to have much more than three years ago yeah no yeah and I should just want to thank bill that doesn't. You know take place yeah well we didn't whistle blowers or you're just a problem as a Baghdad right drug not. Knowledge what was it wasn't based on what we talked about last week that could happen thirty years or does there's no question about that I will come back I've got a special snap judgment for your. Am a bully Butch Jones is gonna help us out with this and you're not going to believe. The gibberish you're about to hear it's Garcia and they look very. I mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things that I. All right this is going to be a short this segment but it's. Yesterday I went off last week that would Obama have a desire to go Austin I'm just thoroughly confused. But what Butch Jones had to save the local media knocks against that current bush Jones. Who was going to get his ass chewed on Saturday when they lose to Georgia and all the fire which shows a threat of yet again was asked that. The question by the media about an injury and he went off for a rare that literally makes no sense and you have to hear this story that. And again these are kids and I think we all had children. And we're all adults. And it's always focused on Tennessee football. From recruiting standpoint from all the positive things we've done. From all the positive things his football program brings to the community. History fan base are we in the reality world of TV. And I think all of us is human beings have to self check ourselves and you may not like that answer. But I'm a father. I have three boys. And I think sometimes got to put ourselves in the role of the parent as well and I understand your jobs to do. I expect my expectations and head football coach on the caretaker Tennessee football. I'm here to develop and grow football program. Recruit the best possible student athletes who represented university Tennessee. And win football games and graduate your players. That's my responsibility. I take it very seriously. But also I love our kids and I'm gonna protect our players. And I'm gonna protect our program. And sometimes in negativity. Is overwhelming. And it's everyone's these vol fans. How do we let her opponents use this in your recruiting process with fake news. There's some times again we have to check ourselves. What are we here for what's our values and principles that guide our life. Every single day and I appreciate everyone in this room you guys have a Jack do and I'm respectful of that. And I'm friends with somebody you guys in the room and I appreciate it. Also there comes a certain time where he not. Did any of an ambulance. To be an America. I think I wanted to get is that isn't talking about it I'm so I didn't none of that I did so not crazy none of that made any sense right so it seems like he was asked a question his so insecure with his job yes oh yes went on to defend everything about how good of a job he's doing and how much he cares about the program which that was -- anything to do with the question that he was asked none whatsoever reporter asked him a question about one of his players getting her all the helmet. And it turns into we've got a self check ourselves about the positive recruiting things that we do here at Tennessee hospital as a parent football. Is the media and I think friends we are that you don't and its CEO until Woodrow sudden business amid South Carolina passionately years ago yeah it's soul. How do you think your football player comes out in a stars doesn't stars offers a pass and it turns into a run out of drew. Tennessee heart that I got off on purpose. And he somehow walked into people's living rooms and convince kids still impaired children's parents since the letter yeah so here's the flight. 989 all good drag fullback dive. You oh yeah. Yeah. Well good drag your fullback doubt we'll ask what are you talking about yes yes affirmative defense if it's okay so anybody can can decipher or translate any of that mile millions of the Tennessee fan right now and you're listening to that you're like oh my god. No wonder. Not at an all my exams now right it's a totally under. Dooley back and I suppose at a zero thriller death spiral comet's death that's what that is that is a coaching death spiral comic it's unbelievable I none of affinity says like the text or roads or just residents had to remain well we are what I was a bow out. And I had a roommate who was a huge should be. We would do a bunch of message or priority and that's what is so that. Yeah vols fans that's your head coach drills while learning what he loved by governor it is a nice we come back we expect will be joined in studio by Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis it's Dorsey and they look.