Garcia $ Bailey: Panthers and Protests.

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Monday, September 25th

We dive into the Panthers and NFL protests, it makes for a lively hour.


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But Garcia. Royal command Garcia and Bailey here on this Monday morning and don't we are Monday morning. What a strange. Morning what a strange time to realize. You really right I don't know if I considered him an army and left is right up as Darren. Yeah it's there's a lot going on right now and you know sometimes just maybe it's step back and just you know breathing a little bit. Whose body this this was already. Going to be a speed show. Because of the good the loss yesterday. Benefactor and everything else. With president's comments the warriors the Tar Heels LeBron James the news amid all of that. All the college football went nuts on Saturday on a day were on paper there was not supposed to be much going ought. I did this which we have enough content for three weeks coming up this weekend concluded it is the weirdest. Yet most fascinating time. To deal off. As you probably could surmise that this point is our power flickers on and off there we're gonna don't still near as far as I know. A lot of answers right now Tom printer right now. Two and one. And just so many questions. I was in the press box yesterday fried kit for the first test and then left and and watch the rest of it. Here in our newsroom and dug and at the fox 46 studios as sudden post game which are coward and we had a lot of conversations. But every conversation that I had yesterday. Was nothing but a string of questions. About this team. And to know. Which kept people give telling us last week too close to an off the NFL it's you know you eat you take every every win and you can get you don't taken for granted. It's it's the most difficult league. To win games in and that's just that doesn't matter that the offense so look terrible doesn't matter they couldn't get the end zone wins are wins away. And nothing's gonna be fun. Things were fine. Yesterday thanks very much were not five they were not fine from from the beginning to matter fact also outside of the first drive. Drive and a half yesterday for Carolina thanks very much were not fine. The defense was exposed. The offense. With injuries now on top of everything. Looks completely incapable. Of sustaining drives and they still don't have an identity. I Cam Newton looks like to shell of his former self. That's where we are Monday morning to know this is not going to be some Debbie downer depressing show what it's just a string of questions that. You know I think we're organism or try to answer for the next couple days. Yeah absolutely no need you start wondering you know kind of where we're wrong and what's going on in the formulas you know right the ship. On because right now it looks like dolphins is sinking in the defense I mean that. You know blew a little bit exposed. Armed and they didn't dominate the game like you may be an expert Smart ass and had a sex. On Thomas Davis was tool step slow. You know especially in coverage against wide receiver which. You know still. It's not great but if you're gonna put in that position you expect a little bit more because we're used to seeing him succeed out there in space. And then the offense in unfortunately. Know the identity of what we are who we are and I think the same could apply their quarterback. And you know what is he going to be as a player moving forward because. You know right now to me over the weekend that swung the biggest questions is it who we have as a quarterback right now because and we can make the excuse you don't talk about. You know the the shoulder injury in the on that might be factored into you know the inaccuracies of Cam Newton etc. You know boy at the end of the day you know when you're put out there you're gonna expect results and you know I'm not going to be a guy who makes excuses for those guys. Because if they're out there there are expected to be at full speed and they're gonna git. You know they're they're gonna gifts. Critiqued accordingly you know if you're if you go to show. A Broadway play. And the actor that comes out there and you pay hundreds of dollars to go watch. Has a little bit colder. Not feeling great sucks out louder you gonna plod. You make well you know I did pretty good job acting you know for a guy with a cold or you can be pissed off that you just played 300 dollars to go watch a theater remove a show. You know we're the actor sucked. There are you so so that's kind of the same thing applies for me when you start critiquing you know the the players on this team is that he. You know what I'm not gonna make excuses for them you know he's playing with her hurt in this or he's a senate that you know it's you're out there performing. And you're entertaining that so Leonard Davis. That was an entertaining us. How overrated assistant are real as you can respond after a week but I mean it. It is a question. That is on everybody's mind this mournful Ariza thinks is so strong work. I don't know if mr. bored us to use. Its pledge to I don't know in other than play well yesterday. You know I think the biggest question mark to still you know with the offense and how you fix it how you correct how you write it you know there's a lot of moving parts. You know with this team and I'm gonna make excuses for Shula he's got to figure that out that's his job. Immune to figure out why you're putting out Johnson Stewart in the slot or wide and you have a quarterback that's not very accurate right now with his arm or. You know why are you running Christian McCaffrey with between the tackles and 33 when you have a guy like Johnson Stewart whose. More capable of doing those things you're you're you're trying to be fancy. Are in and dress it up and put lipstick on it but at the end of the day of its a pigs and pig you know doesn't matter how much what to get as on and I don't think Jessica is I don't think we have a bunch of pigs out there I think we have. You know we have you know some pretty climb decent guys that. You know as bad analogy but keep going with Vietnam. You know there that have potential you know trying to figure out how to use them and put them in the best position. Is still struggle for this team Curtis Samuel for example yes and it's one care for 31 yards. It on I'm not saying or suggest either run reverses every other place but. In that had some rest Britain rhythm and a method to the madness that was and it was a great play call because because it worked. But let me ask you this of that play gets stuck for five yards a ten yard loss or we send your talk about nationalism or don't sure so the hindsight two that play is so it was great so is it's he's genius. But it's you know the reality of it is it comes down to execution. Right and you know when you start looking at execution when I called place or when when when you call plays or anybody calls place. You're gonna see you're gonna seal that was what was going on. The yellow slickers and the sound comes on the televisions in the studio when you when you call plays it it's up to the players to execute what's called and there're there're there are holes in the defense and we saw those yesterday. You know the two interceptions when cam had a clean pocket. You know that scored just terrible throws Ilia wide open wide receivers on those plays and you know that's where comes down to him making the right decisions or. You know what this offense needs to be to be efficient and you know I think that's the struggle that's a concern right now is it easier pocket passer of the answers you don't know. You know and that's the argument I was making with. In all those stats in those numbers that you were throwing what makes cam a good quarterback and I do think he's he has potential to be good quarterbacks deal. It's not his arm. It's is that what the schism and it's his legs that go along with his arm. Right if you ask me what his strengths are its gonna be in that order it's atlantis' arm it's your money and then then he becomes a passer. But it's you know it's not pass or so and and you know cerebral and breaking down defenses and those type of things that does mean that he's not Smart is just he doesn't read the defense. So you know those are not his strong point so he's got he's trying to improve on those things he's not dornin in practice so it's gonna take a little time. You know but that's at the end of the day. Little struggle that this often does that mean right now as as a as long as he offers a line. They're not having I think Greg Olsen yesterday. Reared its head and the goal line on the first drive that you go down everybody's don't look at that does that play. As they what does that clue William block anybody the defense a veteran or at the filled. Well if you see any understand this offense and host the blocking and the protection. The tired and is supposed to come over with the bat and it's a squeeze play where they do just what the defense of go defense mango. And they squeeze the defense and the tight end income. You the bat you know was there but he's just not gonna have a chance. And you know it's gonna look man on the offensive line so there's so many of those breakdowns down the noise I guess the point to what I'm saying here and those things need to. Be sure to open Vista almost every success yards so you're also it is is this team overrated or was it just a bad day 7045709262. In your thoughts on that phone calls and we come back. Let's on the detail let's Garcia and they look. She. Welcome back. So weird Monday Panthers lost we got a ton of stuff to get into including that's really strange ending to. Lions falcons yesterday which just set frank Garcia awful talk about that a little bit later we got a lot of a lot of NFL stuff including the mess over the weekend was ordered to later on thoughts to all content there's right now blown out at home by the saints the worst defense statistically in most every. Category that mattered. Came in yesterday and stymied the panthers' offense and it's got a lot of folks. Very upsets of ever to take some phone calls and get some thoughts and Panthers fans out there right now go to Michigan Vick off the top and get to stall the morning about an hour to. They're pretty good guys listen. I'll take your post game show one. The TV was probably the highlight of the laser printer at the Alamo that smell but I do have a question and that name before I go to frank you play the game I play you know public works. Talk to us about it. Coaches and adjustment. Go to preparing for the week with an opera during the game good I didn't teach the kind of adjustment that I would've brought. Would help the Panthers. Get off the snide offensively we would eat sensibly. Tell us how that worked that is I'm I'm not feeling I thought they would like go to the it would about a job at this peak. That they should've beaten handily home. That's not that pressured the phone call you know Vick as far as the other adjustments. And I'm and I'm think he's talking up to the game I mean with it comes to the saints mean. When you feel like you know your offense and you're gonna you know clicking you know what the defense is gonna be there's not really you know adjustments about a executioner importing. A game plan together think's gonna know the work for you so. There right now. I think that it's easy if you look at the coaches and blame them and and and in you know they're gonna have to take some responsibility as well but. At the end of the day it comes down to execution the things that I don't like gonna continue to see. You know with this team is a bomb the I don't call lack a sense of urgency but it's there's not the attention to detail may be that you expect from an NFL team that's in particular when it comes to getting the plays and out. I don't know if you remember yesterday again. We'll get a delay game and not sitting here yell in my TV the ref three stand over the ball why are we not in the bars and not let us that that's what cam was asked him do. He was given the clock readjustment and things like that well what we didn't see. Until later on is that it's the substitution. You know with the personnel. You know didn't take place until late after a big player workers Samuel runs is 31 yard you know or an around. So to me you know what that tells me is that there's really not that next step you know we're not playing chess right now because we're thinking two moves ahead. More port in the moment thinking OK on the call this play because this happened and you know unfortunately I think that's what's getting caught up right now is that. You know I think there's a lot more play checkers a lot of people playing chess you know because we're still trying to figure out our personnel and groupings and you know sometimes it's just listen lineup would that guy again and have another player ready because. You know this is what you have to be ready and willing and and prepared for you don't want a big play breaks out so the those little things right now they don't kind of you know are bothering me you know Ron Rivera. They know the just a game management's. You know towards the end. I believe it was the first half way and you know he decides to pot limit knitting like eleven or twelve yards. On the park on May fourth and five. Are more fourth and four on the forty yard line. No it isn't that the with a thirty of the third quarter 35 yard line yeah and then and Robert there's an explanation after the game was I didn't wanna give the moment to OK so scrutinized and all the subject has not shown up. That's the kind of stuff to him furious fans and you know that is rolls eyes and that's important that we outdoors I don't exactly the things that we're talking about it pretty good about eighteen what do you mean moment while they were up by detained they were up by eighteen Kyle and here's the loot the school slot you know from some from coaches you always this is what was going through your mind and is okay. Let's run out there let's not. Let's cut cut cut to save somebody jumps in even if they don't jump it takes the delay of game. You backed him up five yards beat yourself up five yards and a borrowed putt. But at least you're giving that impression is that you have awareness of the situation where if we get the first down if nothing else it puts us in film Goer or or the five yards if we don't get the first down still going to be fourth and one. But it puts us now on field goal range so instead we just you know I endless run often caught. You know and there's there's just no method to that there's no rationale there's no logic there's you know there are a lot of it's just it's too and Vanilla and you know there's that's the strategy part that you know experience brings you know when you've been around this game Ron Rivera has had a lot of experience. In Chinese should be aware of those situations but there's somebody else that needs to be in his ear. This informant may want would try to draw almost sides before we decide to park and at least you know we can get their fill go range. Because archer has been pretty good this this season he's. You know we we're only six field goals away from winning that game at one point yesterday. You know I mean illicit judges a president to Sony has been interested dash this a little bit I was at a phone post of MC next latest thoughts NC was a product. You have got a good program for a car group George certain rare syrup it's called off. They're urgency our national that you see. All of a bit more carefully. All of Lou Lou kitty I eat street and you know would it even matured. Into applause. You show a little bit of I got Russell are a little out of our very. You know our old local real work very well. Well you know also well. Ultimately go to Japan covers that they were going to be your. Boat about what to worry that he didn't look quite. He looked older I get to post was split core of their will look allergic barely a quarter Kim group. I'm fairly shopper stared for day war at more than do whichever note. I took new chairman and shoot lord not you people sure if you could tell us. In an approach where did you get tortured or shorts just states. The most terrible period when the tables pretty much so. We joke compared to the people of the war straight single trooper sport what he could do you really are very very very terrible terrible bit of a mile oval people. Be able to you don't do portrayal. Extol it produced. Trigger Alter. I juicy incursions phone called the yelling and as far as you know it means to MK I had two or three things there but you know TD in pass coverage. You know I do I agree with you agree with what you're saying is that you know he and he did not have his best game. He was in a back stuck in a bad match up when you got to give the saints credit for taking advantage of more personnel out there on the deep on the on the field. No we're not gonna substitute in Morgan who decide to play based personnel. And you know put a linebacker and wide receivers. You know we're going to be exposed in coverage you know as we won't we were yesterday and Drew Brees and enough quarterback to be able to take advantage of you know those types of things regardless of what player when you don't know the guy's name and you never heard of him he's in the NFL and he's gonna be able to run around he's gonna be able to win his one on one match up. If your plane and aging linebacker who didn't have his best game so. You know those are substitution packages were Thomas Davis typically is going to be a running backs not wide receivers and they caught us in bad groupings because of you know their plan so to me. When I look at that that's the reason why the New Orleans Saints are successful passing the ball because they understand those personnel groupings and mismatches. And go out there and motion you know in order to get those matchups. And that's what the NFL's about it's about the of those type strategic moves an offense in a one out there and finding. I got a fast guy against a slow guy get a big guy against a small guy and taken advantage of that. And that's you know what the cancers were able or what the saints were able to do against TD yesterday. In some of those one on one you know coverages as far as. You know his his cinema where it's you know using charisma doesn't disappoint in this. There's a word disappoint him with Chris McCaffery that the fact that you know we're not Emily utilized him and I know that's what his his thought was but. I was waiting to see that burst. Order to see that explosive speed. And I didn't see that it was almost like he was stuck. And forcing year. Right when I'm talking about as well run the route caught the ball and he broke the tackle any god up. Right even though he was down he got up there wanted to see him walk away from somebody. Right that's what you guys are there have explosive power or speed in the NFL do you know one year when you're gonna be that type of player you you don't get caught. He got caught in the guy didn't have an angle on me just got caught in I don't know how fast do the guy was but. You don't see exploded Curtis Samuel doesn't get caught in that situation a little disappointed. In the top end speed you know with McCaffery message was alone the fact but yet the awareness to bounce up off the ground. But he got an open thrilled that Michael. But you know what you say so Carolina yesterday of course a 101 yards receiving tie to paint the record are eight of the running back in the game that was all well and good morning a few silver linings from yesterday's game and then we just felt the need to point Arthel three point dynamite on a professor and I don't mean about it mattress guy and I'm not a pejorative more phone calls we come back also the good the bad the ugly it's a Garcia and Baylor. All right every Monday at this time the good the bad the ugly brawl Tebow I preferred sleep solutions of the Carolinas stopping the snoring and helping the Carolinas sleep better. You know guys I went over there to Doug doctor camcorder the other day and he was awesome. You know he's one of those guys to meet loves sports. Has a passion for what he's doing. And he's gonna help you if you have store and sleep apnea as well so make sure you check him out. Com am excited to be with him moving forward in applicant for him maybe unions a better night's rest but you are good bad the ugly. Com Augusta for me starts the good. NC state over the weekend woe is phenomenal. They're good for them. They're 111 now I mean that's not good but still the fact that they got there wanna finish the game they beat Florida State. And I was wrong you know was forced that I thought that they were going to be a little bit better. You know with their backup quarterback because you used to you'll get five star but you know he didn't give credit where credit is do good job NC state you've got over the hump you beat Florida State. Pretty good football team the bad. Dancers offense and Panthers offense I mean that was awful. I was really atrocious just 32 ranked defense in the NFL and you're facing a team with an MVP. In all sorts of toys and weapons. And an offensive line that has potential to be in a pretty good. And that's the performance thirteen points again after nine points the week before. And you know we can't sit there and say well you know the bill pretty. The six soft on defense they suck on defense than we scored thirteen. Drink employ its bad terrible that's my bad and the ugly. Did you watch that Detroit Atlanta game. And in the ugly. Pole at the end of the game that was atrocious it might been the worst morning. They called touchdown of the filled it up and overturn that then it's lived up. But the lions on a 102 Randolph was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my entire life first of all did you think it was touched. Absolutely no questions asked even if it weren't touchdown. Breakevens or touchdown and and needed to be overruled. Strike that even if we're not a touchdown. And needed to be overruled juice then. Implement its insect that run off when the officials were the one who got their brawn and then to take any final opportunity away I think disagrees I don't care what the rules say blunter when it's a daughter ever I am so glad that I'm not alliance friend oriental because of at a map into the Panthers I might have broken a remote. And I don't I never broken or more remote intentionally. Or hip are hot sometimes intensely but I. I would absolutely throw my remote to the television and I got to buy a new TV TV that was the worst. Process called what every you dongle Steve I've ever seen those ugly. Actually terrible. I'll go quick here my good the bad the ugly from the weekend mark good to say call on Barkley tear up. Penn State running back. I mean Dex did he vaulted to the special player oh yeah vaulted ahead of ever of the field to us to leave the highs in fact right now he looked incredible. If it was it over 300 yards of total offense they still only managed with seventeen points. It was incredible to watch that some are good say Tom Barkley has got to watch that I think that's going to be resin trophy winner Tuesday Celtics. My bad dentist like talk. I don't often criticized play calling this is not really something that I feel comfortable doing most of the time but it. I thought that was as blatant an example yesterday. All this poor play calling and lack of identity that I've seen in a long time and finally ugly. North Carolina Tar Heels injury situation. That looked analysts are great football team anyway but there injury situation is so you feel formal little bit. Starters dropping like flies going down left and right. Other loss that David duke on Saturday which Franken article was gonna happen and at duke would cover and they did the district about a foot faulted by double digits by by double digits so that's my good the bad the ugly from the weekend brought to buy preferred sleep solutions of the Carolina stopping the story and helping to Carol obviously better. Yes absolutely reject those guys out they say marriages the help you out and the did you back in the right state of mind it was some great nicely blow with there was some of the new technology and techniques they're using. I was I was trying to open your ugly was going to be the Chicago Bears it was not. I mean they wanna game. But the did you see the deal blocked field goal mom yes and yes the guy run an open space. They should be mandatory that every player watches the highlights from the cowboys bills Super Bowl. Right away and it was a BB that runs down. You know Leon Lett and strips the ball and right before it. Everybody should have that video and players should be forced to watch it because if you're the bears right now that was almost disasters they are good you know overtime and beaten Steelers. Good win for them. But I was hoping that that can't play because that might of that might have imploded hit man. Now Frankie oh yeah. It's an average guy winds CNET and you're ready to go be a front Ali's job that I don't like solid that would typically be Steelers still entertain the team. The yeah. They're not gonna. Does impressions not a mistake info goes go to Kevin Willis talked interest general it's a broad. What happened I'd be saying this year's about can't take. Did you watch him for the game. Warm you up. Ricky is. Oh I don't think about it nobody around him and he continued that his back foot. ED percent limit not. There is somebody going to keep getting the mechanic that stepping into a do you eat constantly and that played good and that didn't. You've got a bit the delegates don't go out and he came to the amputation tight. It is mechanics that are good in the wind you do and so galactic. Death Kevin Dyson folk nobody appreciated and do the mechanics but he's not necessarily wrong movie mechanics stuff we've gone over well we're out of but what about all the steps that you re not our last right now so don't wait until you can you bring them back does that exist at the accuracy stats and I was you know I mean what what it does underscore your point about consistency yes that's what to do not know the source report about consistency that's all and that's that was my number one point you can say the accuracy all you want but it's about consistency. And you know listen I mean all those throws or at least some of bomb. In the laundries missile why don't receives a so nobody but cam but. Some of the routes that are being run on some of the past patterns on you don't get I think that falls on the player and the coach for putting the player in the position. To and to not be successful argued the first example is that. If you're gonna slant. Or some sort of dig which is like a ten yard stop you know plant go inside or just a slant we are impressed coverage to try to beat against. That cute as a wide receiver you can not allow that defensive player to get inside you because that's where the ball's being thrown. You know and if you don't do anything you have to at least pass interference and offensive player knowing that if you teach me inside that's going to be a pick six the other way. They jump that route on the Carolina Panthers that ball should maybe not been thrown there but it was influences was the wrong one. The war. The one running the route yeah if that's Benjamin and he uses his body and his size to fend off the defender. And fun just doesn't get out of his break so you was accorded to keep putting him in that position. And he's not helping you out or the quarterback out that was it that was a combination of three different things that most have never been thrown there bomb fund discredit bad route and the coach put him a bad position and go out there and be successful all three things replied that's why get the turnover yeah. Absolutely right 7045709. What a lot of your texting us right now about the American flag protest the players firmware to talk about it and your blog at the time slot sort of address it nexus that just can't. It was pretty yeah yeah. I mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things I. Oh man practice jobs changed hasn't it. It's just seems a little bit. Yeah the the window is got a lot bright bigger deaths are there brighter give anger Braddock in it's got a whole lot bigger. I got really frustrated on Saturday I got really front and not even not that frustrated them I was frustrated and I and I asked a bunch of questions on Twitter so how. As Alyssa tell you wanna stay handled this right because you've got the facts in this says bashed into sports psych job. Okay well you to listen to news talk guys who know nothing about the NFL the NBA try to break this down for. But you got the Fuzzy which goes trumps the white supremacists to get those guys that are gonna flip phone lines that you got the other yeah well Obama and Hillary got those guys to. He got the group it's just gonna turn it up revel in the chaos and laugh and everybody fighting top. And you got a group that's gonna turn off. But this job has changed immensely. And that is what is some slob with a I'm not complaining and I would rather be out digging ditches for a living but it's. The goal post move on us a little bit and we're not quite sure how to handle the stuff from time to time I'm fine having open and honest conversations I know you're too. But here's my deal laboratory a couple of things I wanted to say quickly about this the situation and we'll talk more about it if we feel the need to do that. But I used to like politics and it is like politics lost I love watching the coverage and and reading anything and everything that I can get my hands on. I love listening to some political talk radio even though there's really only one kind of political talk radio. I used to love getting into arguments from people over politics like Georgia you like to debate that's why that's why we're gonna lowered their right. But it's not fun anymore. It's not fun anymore. Too many people are completely done again and won't listen to reason they won't even hear much let's consider any opposing information that doesn't affirm what they already believe. We used to pursue knowledge and embrace opposing viewpoints because we knew it made us better people smarter we're adults and more discerning individuals. But now folks just locked into whichever prefer cable news network panders to their beliefs. If you watch Fox News telling Jeffords hates America and there's no value when the message that he's trying to convey if you if you're locked in the CNN you probably trash conservatives. And believe police officers are all out to get you. It's really sad how intellectually lazy that we hold a job. And I've told you a couple of times over. But I get a good shot a lot of people tried to do a Smart politics based on what they hear on the show I've been accused of being a flaming liberal in a neo conservative by so many people over the years. But since short kind of have to give Franken is so much of your time every day outside in my politics I'll be brief about it. The truth is that I live somewhere on the spectrum between a blue dog Democrat a Reagan Republican. I don't from coal miners informers. Who fiercely defend the Second Amendment but believe in labor unions are protected their wages and benefits and I'm no different. I believe a mix of conservative and liberal values make this the greatest country on earth. So when I hear people say that conservatives are ignorant racists or that liberalism is a mental disorder I get pretty damn sick to my stomach that we've fallen this far down the latter. And then there's the issue of the flat. A lot of you out there have served this phenomenal country horse may be served in the military and law enforcement as a firefighter the teacher a social worker a doctor or nurse I'm sure that flag means a ton to you it means a lot Dustin. It always has and always will but David I graduated from basic training many years ago and saluted the American flag was something that I'll never forget either but I never deployed. I never did any tours in Afghanistan or Iraq like a lot of my buddies did I basically did a job for a little while and I went home there's not much else to. I don't talk about it and I'll probably never talk about it to get on the show. I support every service members serving overseas but more than anything. I just wanted to come home safely to be able to do with the famous I think it's what most of us should and do want let's talk about the flag for second. Because there's been a ton of rhetoric about football players disrespecting the flag and your certainly entitled to believe these players are disrespecting the flag. But you know what else has been disrespecting the flag for years. The Department of Defense. The NFL. CBS NBC fox Budweiser Wal-Mart according to the United States flag Jody it's considered officially disrespectful to fly the flag horizontally or any other way than hanging freely from the flag pole. It's disrespectful officially in the flag code to Wear the American flag a swim trunks or bikini to cover a beer can't. In the American flag and renamed that beer America that's his flagrant and it's embarrassing a violation of the flag code and disrespect of America as you'll find in this caricature. A Merck that we all find so funny is actually wildly disrespectful. So let's all stop being hypocrites and have a damned conversation with one another Donald Trump was wrong to call those and tell players what he did LeBron James was wrong to respond like a child. And this is not a both sides ornament this is at some point we've got to fix it because this stuff is getting pretty damn tiresome. That's a permit that's all I'm gonna say welcome back of our number two joy atomic that's cool if not we'll move on Dorsey and Baylor.