Garcia & Bailey: Panther Monday. Good, Bad, and The Ugly!

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Monday, October 9th

Kyle and Frank talk the Panthers win over Detroit and give their good, bad, and ugly from the weekend.


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But Garcia. And Garcia and Israeli envoy visits on Monday's workout. Pay their victory Monday's. Fiscal Lewis trumpet and doctors I'm seriously brother do until it got to. I can't do anymore so I don't know how you doing this. The bread idea is the worst thing invented command it is I don't know anyone who can release sleeper arm their play. Oh I mothers some people can't I can't I candidate. Just I was watching some movie on the way back in my opinion about McDonald's. In the regular size mr. does now and I know it was about the making of McDonald's. And how a guy founded but I remember the name of the show but there was another free Netflix there that they have on the airplane yeah. And I was watching that about 4 in the morning. Look at the fact you could tell my voice. For two trillion to. Or the crack of dawn this morning and has been near the entire time I don't do that but I'm glad you're back mentally demands Earley specializes to you by the way thank you very much news over the week I appreciate that I I don't know if it came across here on Friday about this Friday I was just. I was a mess all day long this is Thomas creek and by all want to think about was. If the surprise it was coming up later on the day in and try to make sure everything went right in her Paris for flying tennis and as a surprise in my terrace drive and as a surprise and I think try to show wheel wells says seem like well well that's all I did they don't the old days so yeah we did out there and I'd. I tried to make you memorable. You know I I'm not really do most romantic guy in the world did not what you can tell that are not there so I'm I'm not the most romantic man in the world I thought maybe I had put something together it was kind of decent. And I got a nice horse and carriage ride through us through uptown Charlotte on Friday night at sunset and we arrived around horse carriage and I had the ring and I was I know what to do my hands I was sweating a half and and I thought I had a fold pretty good in it though wasn't as smooth sail ever delivered go to the. It was good enough do you remember any thing that with this with what she said. Yes OK see you. Here's a Altria a year ago while we're gonna help get our needs for infidelity at all and I didn't do on the let's kick it down and you know horse he carried a carriage. The damn thing was moments right. You fall off you better get in the I'm not gonna allow this these numbers are known to not to me so like my mother strikes. Everybody else is happy about the way I didn't. Know you've got to give Jeremy Q school I was I can't do it on a horse and carriage that is a must not don't know about the UN be married my daughter's. So here's what I did write that turns around and Orson pierce. Brooke sound incredible by the way. Things you can see three miles an hour or cures and down and melt into smell the things you can see our chairs and uptown but you cannot see what users driving through its incredible. Right so weak it's an hour long private horse and carriage ride it here here is what I did a season why are we going on horse and carriage ride and I said oh well you know we had some trade with a horse and carriage company and it was is expiring this week and so were allowed users denies is the argument ago. So close and so smoother that's not a bush did she bought it. Hook line and sinker I so so we get on and were riding in a much how how far in addition I'd do it in again I don't know what to do with my hands at one point I realize Abdullah got I got my sport coat next to me and I'm Sean holding onto the ring underneath it that also looks awkward so I don't. I don't really know what's so freaking out so that I picked up which is not looking to put Obama back to lean up against him that was terrible because it was hurting my back and it was uncomfortable as a finally enough is enough I'm half hour and this thing. And she's which are talking about the buildings and I'll tell that I spent at a much hey there's a church right there you know what happens in church is people get married churches and you know you reefs are talking about having babies and such a jumper dropping him all you have Osama trying to figure out I would like segue into the proper conversation here is every piece of paper that you write the stuff down new. All from the top you have to swing and distort also costs and she's always are talking about having a Kevin kids and have a family and stuff from us in wealth and I whipped out there bring in essence there's something we got to get through first. And I pop that bad boy opened she looked at it before I could even get the words out Jesus or cried and you know sob again as she looks and she says. Are my parents coming. Up and there's a story behind Datsyuk. Because I've had this planned for two and a half months now ever since I was the liquid ocean about how this plays reform plan for two and a half months this weekend was planned since that we did at the lake. Or her mother who is the sweetest kindest most honest person in the world had managed to keep the secret. For. Nearly two and a half months in and on Thursday the day before they are scheduled to fly in and surprise her daughter. She texts might now fiance and says hey sweetie what's the weather like in Charlotte unpacking and I wanna make sure that I packed right now. It's and I'm freaking out because she's is one of the month techs this yeah. And I'm in my head the I don't know isn't just sex magic that's a and so I sort sexting her mom why you don't estimate by you in all caps Lauren why is trying to blow to supplement right now. As she's all my job I'm so sorry I don't know how to break trim a golf six and I'll fix it I think you know but it worked out thought they were just good season count me among the you know. Calcium and be engaged in sooners' no longer the top eligible that man then Charlotte no no I'm. You know it is what it is and I've just got to justify. I gotta give a man so you. You got a lot to do we decide we don't expect they'll like him times and about time we make an honest woman over yeah you're right about that you're absolutely right about that that was my story that was my weekend it was a great win desolation thank you I appreciate that also a great weekend. And I would like I would like to point out that a strike was out of town this week and I was so I was asked to fill in for him on the fox 46 pregame show yesterday I did I was the only person on the on the on the stage who picked detectors to win yesterday. Really yes and there's a teleconference with this team right now no chuck and Josh picked the other Detroit lives away yesterday I picked the pitchers went thirty to twenty but I was he'll go to the drifters who went. Think oil when I came on the pregame shows US Doug did win by a field goal is what I said but that'd be a close game did you I dug a close game I thought that the decent scoring. And therefore in order for the Panthers to win cameras had to play great and you know he did he played phenomenal 26 of 33. 355 yards. Well what a great performance Muir what if he plays. Like that which we don't expect him to play like that every single game don't turn the ball over. Efficient but Ed Dickson was phenomenal. You know his passes and the timing of getting rid of the ball it was the it was really I think I think personally it was the best game I've ever seen him play. You know because I ever ever wow since he's been here airmen have been the biggest yards. But it was the best game from a quarterback's standpoint that he has played has been a Carolina cancer. He made precise reads he threw the ball with timing he had great accuracy he was able to throw touch he got rid of the ball. To be receivers in space. In the proper position so that and to continue to move forward. It was as good a game is as he'd but I've ever seen him play at that position. And I'm. If he's gonna continue to have and back to validate those games up back to back end you know maybe. That was gonna gets a meal you'll get some confidence and you know maybe we work to quicken arm I was to rush to judgment with the injury but. I know people gonna want apologies and they're gonna want it to say that I was wrong I have no problems and that com. But I wasn't wrong at the time and what she was client and that's all I'm Joseph I'm giving you another objective view on what I see from him at that position. And it's yeah I'm not here to have compounds I'm not here to teary eyed the the Kansas banner flag and pounding drama haven't done that yet. Com in if they ask me I would I would love to but hum. I'm not it's I'm not that guy that's gonna sugarcoat things and would tell you that is and you know yesterday play great and you know than the last game he played great. And before that he's sucked out loud. Nearly perfect quarterback rating in the first half. Once 41 point eight for the game if you've seen it or heard the stat line is he's box score line up. Already in all likelihood but if you haven't 46 of 33 point 355 yards and three touchdowns no picks. And again 141 point eight quarterback rating. He was again for the second week in a row all used the same phrase I use last week devastatingly efficient yesterday and when he plays like that he's as good as anybody in the league. And no knock on a you know Greg Olsen because they Greg Olsen is as consistent as the tyrant and as you're gonna find. You know but it's. There's some guys that are capable of doing what he's doing not as they pass catcher in this league. You know that's been Kim's go to guy and maybe gain some confidence within Dixon. You know yesterday I mean had a phenomenal day five catches 175 yards averaging 35 yards a carry what he was able to do after the catch. Is something that it's the only turn into a running back and commune was targeted five times could fire reception in a 64 yard pass the only thing you can do is capped off with a touchdown but. Are phenomenal day you know by a Dixon and he was a big reason why the dancers Wear a blue dog there. And do what they did it took the outside the way they exposed the middle they kept the safety and wide to take away Benjamin influences and you know I Dixon had a field day on the middle that defense still play action the running of the football. Yet those why Americans do it to buy it up and you know Chris McCaffrey does have an effect on that as well. Until with a little dump passes and swings in the curls and Celeste so you know now you have a net Dixon stretch in the middle of the field and going vertical. And you know now this offense when cam as efficient like that is hitting on all cylinders and when they're hitting on all cylinders they're not gonna turn the ball over and they're gonna have big number. Yeah a look at energy and here we go three and oh on the road. For one now and the fact that there's three and go on the road was in good through the next three. Being away from Bank of America Stadium bodes really well look I told you yesterday you'll agree that dug this particular stretch and he's going to be critical to how the season goes because a story yesterday three or four were on the road and including this week on short rest at home so the it is going to be a tough stretch of games because the one you do get a home is on four days' rest so while we're gonna talk a lot about that and where's your head space right now about this Carolina Panthers team because you heard Max this morning with Detroit fifteenth Super Bowl so why do and I understand words coming from where are you right now with this team did that win yesterday can Detroit's. Validate some things for you about this team 70457. Or 96 Tenet or take some phone calls when we come back it's Garcia Blaylock WS since it. Just like some Blackberry smoke. Hi yes. My heart is swelling was trying to smell bug hits you gratitude our playlist. Rivera yeah their lives that is all about I do like it does it's okay good. This is like standard rig Garnett and how to dress and look like them to the and they'll put his acrobatic Greensboro coliseum a couple of years ago us Salma concert or do you watch these guys you think your back in 1976. There's a bell bottoms jeans aired on their asses of minutes it's pretty watched the game. These aren't hit Greece. That's what you just described as described scattered. It's just look like Skinner and these kind of hippie I guess a little bit you know sort of a lot of toys did you give a record birds. Steve French of that nonsense I don't know and on the same way that class because I made a mistake of warn them hunting season. Actually it's a New Orleans. Insulin and help get under the start the fire. That's that's how can you imagine that extra extra small through the drug. No I guess how I did as far as opposed to sixty in the eighth grade let cords out of home. And I was probably spoken to hold them heard lawyers from everybody love. Well I know our recorder that was amazing that was amazing hillbillies and protects the most sexy don't quit smoking ML electors vote absolutely. Our let's I ask a question. How did that when yesterday's and anyway it all validate or change your thoughts on the Carolina Panthers because that was a big road win three road wins for another three you know on the road. And I think that bodes well this upcoming stretch. Here are people still hasn't had I known. You know some pause. I heard him on the Mac intact this morning that was giving up a crack at bass you know trying to you don't get over here estimated bad decision then went to. Get a gas station burrito did you. Most of the sign that did you have. But Craig Ramsay yeah. And put a minister butt crack of John or me you know expressed. OK Sean display in Slidell and you've got you never heard that saying you gotta do to correct grass I've always heard butt crack of dawn knows cracked a bass. I guarantee it. Again to Heidi regional think maybe or or might be just an older version demand just golfer ran on its. But not lost by much and no but as far as like me in giving to the Kansas validation. This this still wanna see more arm and maybe it's because of the way the game finished and they are not confident and the defense stepping up and big moments but. Mom you'll fourteen points in the fourth quarter compared to zero we don't have the kind of hold on to win the game the Philadelphia Eagles are coming in Formula One. The Philadelphia Eagles are haven't travel on or shortly in short we can now would I would wonder I would I would venture to guess the teams that haven't played on doors and guys have to travel. Are probably not very successful on the road. Bombed on top of them back to draw the road. But you could factor into law and as well as that they have got a short week of preparation coming into. You know Bank of America both teams are gonna kind of you know be on the short week but them heavily traveled kind of screws it up even a little bit more puts another little bit about. In banana and detailed life signal phone calls and know you listen pairs of their reaction to missiles go to John also talked to John Howard about it. Hey guys how are you Dylan's. I. I've always brought suit obviously the door and walk us through different loop we're all baffled after that one. But I can't. But the one thing that frustrated me about yesterday's game which I know a lot of people already called and and and express system. So once again lead we just like okay didn't run the ball we become very predictable. Am deeply defense until too long and purely limp between them want to leave. They have when you do is much different if memory serves our our little girl or I'm taking more chances are fortunate game where we bet. The guy ending one in particular where we've totally you and it came back to bite and fortunately Kim. You know one that can enforce in the in the final few seconds status in the Google ranged. I'm. Actually saying I think I've actually Gutierrez. A believer I think this team. Played great if they can play like they played the first half for the rest of the season. We can go to the super mobile but I think the coaching staff Hasselbeck can't be KM. And stop becoming predictable and one dimensional once we get a good lead step in my real. Thanks John pursue the phone call yeah you know I and that's you know legitimate concern. You know you you you get a lead to the fact that we have that lead chose use that. You know when you're playing well things are going to while you're gonna continue to keep that would I've seen several teams. You know in this league and the Dallas Cowboys are the ones that stand out to me having 21 point lead in the second half they continue to throw the ball would Tony Romo. Feel like they're behind and there's so many more things are gonna happen. You know when you have to throw the ball tipped passes are gonna take place sometimes you can overthrow you know there's a lot more bad things that can happen than good you know when you throw the football you you you have an incomplete pass on the clock stops so you know Ron Rivera playing the the numbers with a seventeen point lead. Wasn't a mistake you'd expect the defense to step up and stand out a little bit more instead play these soft zones in your way from what they've got that leaders and being aggressive and I guess conversely is it if you look at the difference aside and ask why they're doing that discuss it ought to give the big play they're gonna try to limit judicial those affected Detroit to scored touchdowns. That's the concern import more than you know kicking those filled. Yeah not only that there's there's two things and also you need to remember here's a Detroit's defense came into this game a tops in the league in takeaways and tops in the league in points off turnovers and they were seventh in the league against the run. They do really good against the run and let's be honest Carolina I think came in thirteenth in the league rushing the football which is not terrible but they're not exactly imposing their will a -- scrimmage run the football at all times so you wanna run a focal you want to preserve the lead you wanna take care of the clock as promotional football coaches want to do that when you're up by seventeen points I shouldn't be surprised anymore and they just got to get a little bit better doing I think what do what is what it all boils down to those go back to formalize your rejected MC index will bring him on and I MC good morning how are you. All. Are well reviewed or lose the global war well. Yeah no grip and Carter Bloomberg who vote rob knows they're very bad that you knew you'd sort of reward all over orders show they're frustrated about archived a look at a new so the courtroom today accused treaty. You know warping it they're not given him very I don't know where. In order to ballroom Belle can do good you won a gold star tribute to a free. Strike years and there's a chairmanship popped resemble ball a lot of people think we're all all good. I'm I'm glad that they would play in a way good player that you like they did Gerald. Shrew. Called Corey you can still quite a bit of radio show lately historic vote will also bar would be more war on the I don't you know. Things are very good good to go wherever you. You don't know what including memorial court threw look at your series. The order book about 041. There is ridiculous plot district at all. I extensive tree yeah. You know here's the funny thing you know for me is that you know when Kim's playing well this offense is doing great you know there's nobody complaining I'm worried about Shula now and a lot of times you know when you get new choice. You know and I don't care what almost that was high school college or pro you're coordinator. And you try and understand what you have and what his strengths are what are weaknesses are and how do you lies and you're trying to develop a time meaning continuity and then you'll figure. Now this game is going to be put in place those things take time to develop. You know that's why there's a grossly within a season and you know I guess when you start Internet or the Panthers are at the way they utilized even McCaffrey is a start and understand. How our defense is going to attack and how are born to defend. You know Kristen McCaffrey how the kind of fan this offense and Cam Newton you know and then you more than you make adjustments. Within the concept of the scheme that you run you figure out game plan and you you put in packages and you go out there and you execute those things you work on those things and then you go out there on Sundays and you know perform those things and the other play design and on the reverse. You know option shell hole to McCaffery where you know as it's a nice design it's great play. It's something that they've gotten from the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas chiefs drum that played to perfection. You know two or three times in the red zone and before them it was reached the Kansas City Chiefs got from the Pittsburgh. Answers the Pitt Panthers at the college level so that kind of stuff is mature do they do not in Shula understanding the types of players. In what teams are going to slow those guys down. That's where the play design is gonna get and pick up presidential don't pretty good job evolves dream with this office like we'd expect that camp too and now that we're understanding how do you some of our bigger receivers and you know our our our weapons. By 70457. Or 9610 your thoughts what you getting feedback on this team wears a head right now because there's sort of gets so we're getting to some of that I don't know Super Bowl tight whispers this morning pauses and all Mormon judges should the some people are I don't wanna hear from the 7045709. 610 also we come back. Cam Newton. 70% completion percentage just to break ranks as the best he's ever seen employ a wanna talk more about him where he's come from games one through threes now games four and five and that was it. You are right cracker ass urban dictionary Daria study it cracked a vast number of us are able people say instead of the crack of dawn trusted tried to add to be funny it's cracked a best thanks. A trustee to welcome back it's Garcia and failing. Always good is coconut. I guess where you are controlled so when everything got the so are your mumble and any in the hole you know is alone and I'll just at all on the front while millions audiences. The bad the ugly broads you buy preferred sleep solutions and the Carolinas. Fred you as always. Ladies first. The good the bad and the ugly my good this week ended Heidi idea how to go wrong with that I mean damn near perfect. And if he plays at that level this team is going to be tough to beat because I still think they have a decent defense. I'd like to see them do that book more opportunistic maybe take the ball over but that was good game was really good this week combat. Oklahoma. What is wrong with how do you lose to the backup quarterback at Iowa State. The backup quarterback peachy I don't think it would have been better and put the cherry on top. If the backup quarterback could've taken the flag and stuck it on the fifty yard line like god Oklahoma's quarterback didn't Ohio State that would have been bad that would have been good. It actually that did that but that wasn't my bad Oklahoma is often. The ugly. All the penalties both doubles all the penalties in this game are early on. But we had seven penalties this is the least penalized team one of the least penalized teams in the NFL and they had seven. Basically handle him being the Detroit Lions their first touchdown that was that was that was really ugly. Lewis penalties. There's glass. But my good the bad deal that was ugly my battles Oakland and none of those focus on wherever that is just. My good bad nicely because they did I just. My good. A Dixie yeah what a day for mr. read this morning five judges a 175 yards. Averaged 35 yards a reception just as wholesale poll say moreover in the hall of fame worthy event a longer 61 target is five times all five times better catch. It's not too bad grammar and mark the statue of yet he's he was good yesterday in my bag. This duke blue just. What's wrong with bella. Entire NBA no jokes but now. She put too little. So horrible loss to Virginia. It's a middle of Virginia the McCain credit for nobody saw that killed a Virginia Beach Boys did at Boise edited the dream may be not good but they may be a little bit better there are people so absolutely they are and I think you can sleep easier to sleep on Virginia I'm not making any excuses for did you write that was bad law bad bad loss I had today there's going to be a team that's gonna be too that's right that's exactly right and then loudly. Big Ben Roethlisberger who. How bad was he yesterday about. Oh about five interceptions and a thirty to nine loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. That was Terry you saw us comments after the game hundreds and maybe I am washed up. There's not a whole lot of leadership on that team right now or at least it's not stepping up you have now Rodney Harrison pointed out last night and agree it's more you know you got to. You know big men in saying he's not very good to get laid down bell holding out genome kind of just image distractions all over the place. You know whiz that you got to Antonio Brown took over water coolers. Who's gonna take the bull by the more absolute chiefly due yesterday with the defense after all those penalties I think the that the defense had 73 and outs after that. After that first drive where they went down their score the touchdown but yeah getting better go play better. It'd be better. Absolutely got to be better aren't they don't. That's the good the bad the ugly brought to buy it for some prefer sleep solutions. Of the Carolina ID to get my brother one of these mouth guards he snores like a damn good. An awful. Both days of the early quickly when you snore or have sleep apnea you don't get restful our Rem sleep and everybody needs so you feel tired and rundown during the day. And that can cause serious health problems absolutely so if you're dealing with Decker check about preferred sleep solutions of the Carolinas 70457. Or 96 stills and got a phone call or two let's go to show time is up next he's been what does a showdown showtime good ornament. One guy is an incredible Arco up they're. Very ecstatic about what okay. Would have to be gentle note that I have agreed that the cowboys and any yardage guy and ugly. It has deep get injury very bleak right now that's why. Especially if sort of kept I've kept the doctor about this case what did you do one game with a child I wish injury on about players. But we see eye injury kept impact the game and I don't wanna look to try to hit a lovely guy education maturity all of that changed. We did joy and ultimately the one day and the challenge don't they got so right now. They're all playing Ed Ed Ed and Ed it is Mike Stuart and Robert good to hold us back from the common everyday I'm gonna have. And lobster and edit that sometimes. Me. I'm here which generally try to go about you know the kid strawberry guy. No I think in terms of what they expect happening but I do have I know as a as a coach I think it's important to. You have the common object what one are sometimes you gotta shake my head shot 80 did stage. The back has god did. Including a truckload to make right the kid Katrina totaled three yard out. They restored them could get McCaffrey to continue to keep it decrypt you know maybe opened up to one game but I think you've got out of college I can't. Continue to dictate could be kicked keeps that mode India especially when you're not a scratch or better yet the other team that the outcome at Columbia but that's out. Thank showtime yeah you know as far as you know keep your foot down on the gas. I mean all gas no brakes it's great saying you know you wanna play. No fast. You know anyone be in control and those are the type of things that no you'd love to be is you know dictating tempo. You were sometimes you don't know when to pull back not I don't know how much soccer you watch he brought to watch a whole lot not just here is and make as Americans. You know we always want oppressed for who knows what it takes a long ball we woes what do score goals sometimes you need to be able to possess the ball. Right and sometimes you really need to be able to pass it around could ordering more in order to hold the one nothing one nil lead excuse me my. Expensive seats up videogame that's my career. Sometimes you just gotta we went. Got a little slightly inebriated Jeffs told me you can't always go for the gold because you know what happens and go for the goal ever a time get along aspect down the field and the other team scores on your. Yeah this race it brought us some good teams have them do the ability to possess the ball in those situations whether or soccer or football and you know sometimes is gonna build more nerve wracking sometimes teams are gonna come back but I never felt like. You know the Panthers are out of control that game you know the pitchers are good football team and you know yet Tom Brady enough force so we had the ball the last time because. I knew he'd play the fourth quarter -- reason yeah I'd like to see us continue to you know she keeper foot dress down but it's and sometimes play a percentage is the right thing to do as well. Absolutely 704570960. And so god calls flooding and we wanna hear from a big way and therefore no they're back home what is on short rest against the Eagles on Thursday Bank of America I know is going to be on fire for this one but then I hate to short rest James I hate Thursday night James this is a tough stretch for the printers and I honestly believe if they can come out of this next three week stretch here and and and and keep this momentum this is going to be you're really toss out and I realize there's some people on the buildings and protects life right now saying thank. Pump the brakes on the Super Bowl talk easy now we're not there yet that's fine I guess that as frank call your by some wins and I get that that's fine. But who out there in the NFL looks dominant right now who are there any doesn't quite veteran and Carolina Panthers right now because aside from maybe Kansas City Chiefs. I can't think of a single who led the looks better than the Carolina printers right now. Dallas Cowboys look to being controlled that game until Aaron Rodgers got the ball and last just like we saw last year in the playoff game. You know he's religion yeah I mean and you know that's legitimate teams are capable of but. You know maybe them other Kansas City Chiefs are the AFC yeah I guess version. You know the Eagles we're gonna see them Thursday night. And I have to correct myself because I don't know if I made the statement I'd might you must excellent argument Lyles Nixon was single day but. I thought that. You know before you know this was pointed out to me that. You know the home team whatever huge advantage on this Thursday night game that was wrong. Every team played on Thursday night this year except for. Can see the Chicago Bears. Have lost. All right so that's the visiting team has gone on the road to win on these short notice games and yeah I don't know if that means anything for this game but you know it's just interest in facts that sack that that would be the other way around. About 70457. Or 96 and snap judgment on the other side it's Garcia and they look yeah. Lost the flight. Sorry boys and girls. Many moons ago I was asked to by the name my top five coaches in college football. And all the cost. I said Nick Saban demo swear me in Urban Meyer is the top three I thought that was certainly the case. Thought Chris Peterson deserves this as a spot that conversation at the time I was going off the cuff here and on a whim but again many moons ago I throw in the name Jim Harbaugh. And then more and more the more I thought about that I thought to myself well that's wrong Jim Harbaugh does not deserve to be in a conversation. But it really didn't. Don't think I knew to the extent and I was really right about that a correction imagine you'll stat here. Through 31 games at Michigan Jim Harbaugh owns a 24 and seven record I'll bet. One and one bowl record a terrible and he's one and four vs rivals Ohio State and Michigan State. Now his predecessor Brady Hoke. Through his thirst for first 31 games was also it's 44 and seven. Was also one and one in bowl games and was two and two against his rivals. Puts it into perspective a little bit bullets go further than that shall we. Four ball. Is now five and four in his last nine games with Michigan's. Big savings lost four games in four years. Earlier Mars lost four games in three years. Jim Harbaugh doesn't deserve to be in the same conversation as these guys yet that may change. This year and next year at some point I don't know. But he does not deserve to be in the same conversation. As those coach is Nick Saban went 26 and one. In years two or three Alabama but the national championship. Urban Meyer won national championships both at Ohio State and it's Florida. James Franklin. As well the Big Ten and his third season at Penn State. Jim Harbaugh is the most overrated coach in college football. And I don't even though it's debatable at this point frank. There's different tears from me until I get the top three as you pointed out I don't think there's any arguing I did not throw. Jim both Fisher and there was the only other active coach to be known and college football has national championship. In his be on the top five as well for me I don't disagree if you tar ball. You know but he's going when you look at what he's putting out in the NFL. And the excitement around the program. That was a little different than radio even early on. Harbaugh has the cash Shea had a name that's what he has to recruits he has the pro players in he has Michigan mapped back on the map. I don't think though that stat in and of itself. Tells the story and I think you're right to pointed out that particular stat in and of itself doesn't know stored but it lays an ice foundation for the rest of it but I do think paints a much clearer picture that Jim Harbaugh while I believe he's a great builder programs and agree builder of football teams. His record and his accomplishments to date do not justify including him in the same conversation as the elite of the elite coaches in college football right now who puts him in there. Lots of folks who actually that I've I think and again I know many months ago you know me unintelligible jumped. And you know and an all the tough fight through his name and there's a mid in middle of the conversation and I thought better of it later but lots of people still do. And you also see the kid from Oklahoma who hasn't really done much what you're looking at Texas excuse me Texas. You look at in my top five he was my top ten at the time yeah tomorrow so you're you're mess sadly mistaken. Now as well hum. We're Harbaugh right I don't know because you get four right I think would all come up with four. And then that's just want is going to be a tough one coming up in what he wanna give credit to you wanna give credit to a coach who does more with less that really hasn't won any saying you're Patterson while Jerry Patterson could be a really good name on that I Jimoh Fisher. And aren't eligible juxtaposition to support he's he's my top 40 yeah is a national national championships are going to be on that war and I think that. You know and in the correct order for this Nick Saban. It's Urban Meyer in the right now today it's dabbled Sweeney I think dabble pass urban and eventually. He knows what he's doing a Clemson and then it goes Jim both Fisher I think that's the number one juice war. In the way that I would rank him just because turbines done and everywhere he's been around for a hundred years and he's won national championships at several places are couple places. You know as well as Nick Saban dabble is doing it at Clemson good for him in the gym most don't that Florida State but. You know once you get past that for now we is it is it cut class is it cheaters sand. Is it it is it Patterson. You know lose a guy you know Chris Peterson exposed a guy that it and you know that fits into that number five slot. They do that's what the debate begins for me. All right out of answers coming up next more travelers talk on the way I want to talk a lot about Cam Newton and Greg Olsen. A lot of production with him out and double talk about how he might be re incorporated into this also isn't what it means that they're starting to hum now without him and all sorts of stuff to get to an hour number two plus is the Super Bowl talk. Premature what are you come down enough to get some great sex arena as well as Garcia and there's.