Garcia & Bailey: Norv Turner's Offense

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Friday, January 12th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Josh Parcel and Frank Garcia discuss what Norv Turner can bring to the Panthers Offense. 


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Garcia. Welcome to Garcia and made Lee. Marcella Bailey today just ourselves billion plus plus could do this every time. I always get the names backward this it's parcel and Garcia Garcia and parcel number Alley where I was nearly five months ago and I can get it right there. Assumes a little guys exactly yeah. So clearly we have frank best of friends here just par suffering Garcia it on a Friday January 12 and NFL playoffs coming up this week any of the divisional round we'll talk about that straight wing go. From gold can we go ESPN radio will be joining us at eleven. Chris that's all we'll come on ideas Janney analyst also Sirius XM host a talk college basketball twelve and Steve Merrill your body does all the handicapping out in the desert. In Vegas will be here went fifteen to talk NFL playoffs and and all sorts of stuff but up first we'll talk about Norv Turner very quickly Norv Turner is. Not yet. The offensive coordinator for the Panthers and seemed like it was headed that direction all week long. It last night Steve reed from the Associated Press reporting. And bolster should not shock me if the dancers announce Norv Turner adoptions of coordinator today. And in. Just about two hours ago Steve reed says Lotta people jumping the gun on the Norv Turner situation with the printers is not yet signed the contract. With the Panthers to become offensive coordinator he flew back to California so there will be no press conference today. Still possible a deal gets done today but nothing has been signed yet. Yes so I mean I'm sitting over here WB teeing you know the whole morning on Linkedin you know we're talking in fact I was talking to them about. You know the potential Norv Turner being here when he signed his contract because that's within the fellows reporting that's what is Ken's been reporting this and everybody. As you know insane about but apparently there's been a potential setback. You know with the contract signings so not sure what took place at think it was a good question. We ask Mac you know I think we can speculate on a bunch of different things but at the end of the day I still feel like. Are there they they're gonna get it done maybe that one million units are a couple more candidates I'm not sure but. I think that you know he still have a little bit of time from it yeah you don't wanna rush to judgment then are. I think that he brought brought in a tough not to trust. On the on the offensive side and you know a guy that had head coaching experience. I've talked runs in several times on air off here and playing golf and a lot of different times and you know I think just one of the things that I think he's looking forced to have you know guys that have pedigree in this league that have. A bomb gears in this league sent to our to have experience. And be able to draw from that experience when it comes to some of the decisions that are made on the offensive side of the football so. I think Norv Turner wasn't good fit. Art form on in this stash. And ultimately you know it's just you know kind of trickles down from their stars of the head coach goes to the coordinators. You know the position coaches in the end you know everything kind of falls in line from there are so. I'm not sure what took place a mature trees and took place amateurish he just he ran the slick yeah exactly throw it there's no indication that this isn't gonna happen it's just hasn't. And happened yet but that's a really all that boils down to this point in the fact that he gets back on a plane. I think a lot of people interpret that is that no deals due to be done on. Of the deal may be done he just might wanna go back it is ducks in a row no backing California and honest players a lot of times. You know when you get off the plane when you go back home there's no deal done everybody makes the assumption that does not gonna get one done because there's a push back. And when the country I'm not sure of the same thing exist when it comes these coaching contracts typically. You know maybe they get them done and then you go home and everybody can kind of celebrate and we can talk about what's gonna happen from no other times it's just you know maybe. You know this is that situation where you know he needs to take a little time east you know 65 years old he's been looking thirty years. It's a lot of work to be a coordinator. And you know be a football coach. It is and look I said this as the transition between Mac attack in the showed just a few minutes ago I'm. Obviously any decisions being made are on the coaching staff in any decision that's being there on the Panthers. It's about Cam Newton right I mean it at the end of the day this is about what's going to help him do and succeed the most Cesar franchise Blair he's your quarterback he's locked in for several more years I mean whatever you DO. Whether it's out of the corner especially when I see offensive coordinator but you're you are trying to put Cam Newton in the best position to succeed. My Iran special year here Warren says spy on bomb in this is not about Johnson Stewart this is not about me. Rotten to ignore well turner prices about you know your franchise guy Cam Newton and was interest in about that Josh is the fact that. If he does it differently than everybody else and know people you know think that there's this perfect person in mind this gonna be so creative these just gonna draw these. Energy SATA cam all the sudden the next year he's going to be able to it'll be a gunslinger he's been become accurate he's gonna do in a lot of different things and offense is just gonna take off to a different level. You have to understand you know what's in a cam Newton's qualities are what his weaknesses are. It takes little time to do that and now Kim is not gonna become an accurate passer. Overnight he just not. He set in his ways when it comes to his. His mechanics know golfers but you know if you have a bad swing don't even used to Newton new swing coach and become a prone. Right you have to put time into it you have to take steps back. You know there's a lot of ground work from you know taking those steps back to build those habits back up. And the same thing exist with quarterbacks emotions and thrown into. I think Graham Ron Rivera was on the Mac tech yesterday and talked about actually use that analogy with the golfer analogy instead look like we're not trying to revamp Kim -- mechanics who would do if anything we're trying to refine the McCain so that's what is that we're trying to refine the mechanics. My question is wind. Boy that's it that's a tough ask whether it's Norv Turner any office according to come in and trying to refine can you just can't you want to refine his mechanics. I think that it doesn't matter who it is coordinator is just came here and want to refine the mechanics and become that better player. Else you know they came in seems very tough in the play area. There's some guys. You know Josh and I do not use the golf analogy on play a lot of golf and never had a lesson. And the reason why I've never had lesson is because I think that they all want to have everybody looked the same when it right so the swing right it takes a unique coach to be able to say this is your build right this is your body and you'll how skilled the flexibility in your shoulders so we're gonna do a little different try to teach you more flexible and we're gonna try to work around those things to get that swing a little bit more loose and fluid from. But it's your body is built differently then Tiger Woods your body's built differently than I did you and John de Jared you whoever you fill in the blank right it was whatever but Dustin Johnson write your your body's vote different my swing is not to look December's. There's a high. Hundred different golfers on the toward the girl successful open and they'll have a little bit slightly different swing and Jim you're a great example right right if there Jim jerk is a great example of a bad looping swing. But it's repetitive for him in because it's repetitive for him he can and it ought create that motioned me in in a tough situation. The same thing exist with quarterback and throwing motion right. There's a lot of guys have a little bit hitch in those things can be. You know troublesome because of the timing that takes you know the balls and defense is can do this is a quick jumper and if you have a strong long they're going to be able to maybe intercept some of those passes those types of things. But you know Tim doesn't have a hitches along throwing motion right thumb you know end and may be able to tighten those things down to the little things that they're gonna work on with whoever comes and as coordinator but could try to change and reinvent Cam Newton to become a pocket passer in overnight and you know make him become you know Tom Brady. Or make him become paint many because he's not he's an eye on how exactly is that what you're gonna do with Kim is a gonna work on his fundamentals. On the gonna tighten things up and those things happen and exists every single time now how much time is put into those things with the you know former coordinator vs the new coordinator may be different and how they approach those things may be different. And you know. The offseason may look different in those there's going to be little things that I think that you know if you're going to be a pro. And you're gonna be committed to your craft. That most pros would go out there and more with that guy to help create those to those habits. Yeah I mean it's interesting look at make jams that's mean this is as high as interception rate. In his career tied for his rookie season. This was his lowest yards per attempt and his career and had some of that was the difference in the offense a little bit with you involving guys like McCaffrey in some more short yardage players but. Look Cam Newton I think at this point is doing is yeah that's what I said with back like he is doing is you can refine and and and tweak into whatever you want. It's not going to all of a sudden elevates him and what what quarterback. Look quarterback after eight years in the NFL has. Left from a mile. Top ten good quarterback MVP caliber quarterback at times. To induce pain and beyond of altering course if you if you have an by the by your eight we know if your grade or not and Kim does. Is it best he is great at times but he is. Pretty pretty average to below average time until I don't know that Norv Turner anybody else Nobel Jack is gonna change. I know loved Lotta people love basketball right the listen to the show and am KG is a good example among them did you with a shot it's awful. It's all right it's ugly sometimes it goes there and he's not going to be able knock him down from a long distance because of his motion. You know but he's a good slasher he's okay defender does other things in Paul is it has you play to those strengths when you're using them KG. But in order for you to be such successful you better have other players surrounding him because you're not gonna win was just him KG your guys like Jim same thing maybe exist with him. You know which kill. We've got to the point he makes guys around him better because of all of his abilities and what he's able to do but it's not going to be just throwing the football. Right he's not gonna wind just store in the football I think that the league just figure that out. It and I think the team understands that I think Kim understands that there's a reason why he utilized him in the power is the the power running game as a guy in the red zone and you know he's gonna just do definitely and there's OK there's a tomorrow. It's just a different way to win games and be successful. Yet he is going to be I think adding personnel to gather that's that's that's the only jet that's going to be key oh come back on the other side of the brave guy Jerry on the line we'll get to him on the other side he wants to talk about Norv Turner who is not yet. Been named the offensive coordinator for the Panthers sure seems like it's leaning that way but we haven't crossed the t.'s dot the I's just yet 7045709610. Is the number just ourself look billion for Kyle on Garcia and Bailey. Bailey frank Garcia joining me I am just for a self billion for Kyle who's down in. West Palm Beach and we have a little bumpy and here. We overlooking and so we call on the so we colleges Virginia I'll. Sure we are reserved for turner but yet we didn't column to be clinically proven to you I think you to specify for the listeners via our our buddy Blake. Oh who I've known since. Since he was born and my son we're best friends is this a sit in here with us today so he's gonna learn our ways to zero regular hosts a show about a marriage or take a job. I'm gonna tell you right now this young man could absolutely hosts his own show yeah he knows more sports than any kid I've ever met my entire life. Yeah and let us and I got this impression to social muscle the other half I suppose and ginger root for Blake. Like the Panthers. Honestly I'm not usually a span. Logo hornet's just as well. I saw from a lot of suffering as of the anti life. We're gonna continue talking about Norv Turner we got Jerry on the line by. In about ten minutes I'm gonna talk hornets and I've got some big plans for what I think the what is your new coming up next. In 2 incredible guys I am basketball guy I'll do my best. The judge in basketball right but we're we're gonna talk plenty of basketball here today as well but right now let's talk about Jerry he is on the phone he wasn't about Norv Turner Jerry you are on the line what are your thoughts on the Norv Turner situation right now with the Panthers. Take out early do you. Based on what's been going around. There is and you know eaten me knocking him and I applaud its. You know they're they're one situation that. We've all been talking about on or great. Is this practice too many terse on the offensive staff. And you know I don't know that can come down and that. You know do you want your op two coordinator. And your quarterback search begin to understand them now since stamp. This meant to do it didn't Mardy ended grind through it include says no. What you eat you know we're all they have enough that person's opinion found out that this staff we need to make that decision. And you have more with sixty pad here though. There is some sort you know you know coming in in this permanent. And put all our career. If you don't stick to take a step back or dirt in favor there's. Four. And that is just that they don't going to be if we are no more and Scott. But we're gonna let the other two and Derek but we don't have enough diversity. And spent diverts apathy opinions on opposite. Gerri Gerri appreciate the phone call and here's where I think is misleading you know in a Joshua and I we've known each other for awhile now you live almost a year and a half. Or roughly around there and you're gonna have differences of opinions right thumb. You're gonna hold me accountable homer hold you accountable you know if we're in the kitchen room and you're gonna have some thoughts don't have some thoughts there was not a group we're always a good agree. You know my brother would have no problem telling me you know how old. How stupid I am how long I am right. Are those good things about things to each other accountable for what the common goal which is winning football games just because word Brothers or because we're father son doesn't mean I'm gonna fall in line his father son relationship you have you're doing what's best for the interest of the team and it's not always gonna look the same so to me it's a relevant you know how many family members are on the same team as long as everybody hold each other accountable for the common goal. Yet at that is literally exactly I was gonna say about five or six years ago I coached high school basketball for about 34 years. Under my dad and there was a whole lot of things we did everything it was your dad more yeah. Well I mean if you think that we weren't lockstep in line up every day no not at all we have very differing opinions on how we should approach the team and that's our day in day out and now all I was. Seventeen years old saws have been on the hot head at times it may be a good awards a bit better but when you're talking about 3540 year old man in 65 year old Norv Turner hazel Mormon term for adults have been his business for a long time they know how to be professional. And there is nothing saying that those guys are gonna have the same velocity and had to coach football team so I understand like on the outside if you wanna do you see this. Perception of all there's so many Turner's it's kind of funny but that that that's not gonna have a tangible intact as long as they're like you said as long as they're professional they'll each other accountable. They're not going to have to say there's going to be there's going to be diversity of thought in that room. Josh I coach with ten with about 810 guys and we've been together for about. You know 88810 years then. I don't get along with everything that they say all the time you know I'm a guy this is good to get that that's a great thing. The head coach is gonna have final say it. But as long as you can validate to deal with what your point is and it makes cents and you see results. You know that's really the only thing that matters because he's gonna give he's gonna take you can have his ideas into a direction. In this Norv Turner is going to be the top of the pyramid. He aren't a lot of people that are gonna disagree with me on certain things respectfully. As long as they can validate why they're disagreeing with me and as a good head coach you take bits and pieces. And you understand that I have to have trust and confidence process the wrong person. So if those things exist with this organization. You know whether it's the general manager head coach head coach GM or head coach and he coordinator head coach O coordinator. We all have fundamental beliefs are what wins football games and what success looks like. As long as I can trust or have conference or the door and or let that guy go and only give him the ropes. What makes teams successful is when I can have complete and total trust in what they're doing because it in the alliance aligns with what I'm my flaws in the way I think. Need and I think that if if if this happens in north turns out finally being named the guy and his the offensive coordinator and you've got family members on the staff. Ultimately I think this is going to reflect back on the leadership of Ron Rivera and Marty tourney. The guys making this higher because they're the ones especially Rivera bit bit innocent attorney they're the ones who create a culture they're the ones who lead the environment in that front office in that coaching room. And they're the ones are gonna have to establish from the beginning. What the philosophy is what the ground rules are and they if if there were ever to be any concerns about. And a lack of diversity of daughter or one group of guys controlling. The Rome that's all on Ron Rivera he's the head coach and I believe that runner will do that I think I think Rivera's and I'm very very good established coach who's been there for too long long time and understands. A runner organization obviously has a good relationship with Norv Turner. I think debt in the the important thing will be from the beginning is to establish what the velocity is going fortune and that's the question or that we go back to just look what Norv Turner is gonna bring to the table with the Panthers and in. What is. Well when it comes and we know he likes to do he likes to play between the tackles run the ball take shots vertically offense. Is that going to be the same style other going to need to be changes made to account for a team new instability there on the football that there's going to have to end. How do you see how do you be utilized Christian McCaffery yes that'll offense exactly and I think there needs to be a an established philosophy from day one in. That whether resorts are anybody but live is north turn than he's established velocity of what we're going to be what our identity and. Why is that important because it establishes direction correct towards the draft which is don't come and appear in the near future after free agency those types of things when we start looking for those types of players. Who sits our identity and what we wanna beat them let's go out there and drafts of those guys according if you look at the best franchises across any sport it we talk about. The patriots in the NFL the Steelers. They all are going to the Packers that there really mean that they're up there NBA disperse. Pay. The spurs can sit four of their starters one night. And they still win. Most nights they're they have an identity they have a culture that built it over 1015 years or those that those are the gold standard on the 100% and then the 1% of 1% but. That's what you're striving for. No look on the other side the Cleveland Browns needed a franchise like god there are ones that don't have identity or ones that got there they don't have direction. And in this Charlotte hornets don't have a lot of direction well. Sir did it exactly what did the years agree is a perfect example of what we're talking about what's our identity and how does Dwight Howard stood. Right right. I mean that's that's you you whether what no matter the sport. Though the franchise has to have an identity has seven direction though if you run Rivera NEA heats spoke yesterday about this a little bit and without getting into specifics about nor too much. They need to have that that consistent voice they need it and they wanted it ended this is where it's again this is and this is a critical moment. In the the journey of Rivera and in hernia I guess with the Panthers franchise is look you moved on from a guy Mike Shula who did a pretty decent job and and Rivera defended them. Was he the best offensive coordinator in the league. Probably not buy it. Rivera defended and even after letting him go into look we just needed a fresh voice we need a fresh look so you better bring in a fresh voice who understands what your vision is and as. Bought into your philosophy. And wind. We get to August and then September and October and if there's any adversity you are altogether as one moving forward because it's it's a long season it's that it is a journey over multiple seasons you've got to have consistent so you don't wanna turn into a franchise that loses that that's independently to guard against the. Just that such a good point because. You know the head coach is going to define as you point out the direction of the team has defined. Guys in the line a line with that so for all the people that want XY or Z coordinators to come in because it looks pretty. You know when the throw the ball all over the place. It doesn't alignment with the philosophy and so when you're looking for that person whether C offers a quarter defense of coordinator doesn't mean you're not gonna tinker with the philosophy doesn't mean you're not gonna open it up a little bit but you better aligned with the fundamentals that is. It is the that the concepts in the principles. You know running the football. Right and then if I can tinker off of that deal then that's where we have you know a little bit of magic and that's where good coordinators or have the ability to think outside the box and they have the ability to sell you know their ideas because it's working in practice they show some consistency Vick executed. On the install it's there's the prepare for all those little things in key words that we go along with using those things. Is what you see ultimately coming to you know everybody in the same line and winning championships. All set then and we'll talk more about the Panthers in a couple hours were here until 2 o'clock just ourself filling in for Kyle Bailey today on Garcia and Billy coming up after this they got an update on Steve Clifford awarded said coach and we're gonna talk about the one that's what direction should they go going forward I've got some. Fairly bold ideas we'll talk about that after the break this is Garcia and Bailey. Garcia and Bailey just ourself billion fertile Billy today is Roland as always by frank Garcia. And always for the first half hour talking about the Panthers now we're gonna move on to a slightly less functional franchise in the queen city and that is the Charlotte hornets. Who tonight take on the Utah Jazz the Utah Jazz coming in I tip off is just after 7 o'clock. And look. Talk about something that makes perfect sense to talk about tonight. The hornets coming off a late game bad loss on Wednesday night against the Dallas Mavericks now take on a Utah Jazz team who are led by. Donovan Mitchell guy Donovan Mitchell. Was drafted two slots after the hornets had their pick this past summer they will holy month. On next Wednesday. The show they Sean Marshall host the Washington Wizards who are led by John Wall and Bradley Biehl who was drafted one spot after. Michael Kidd Gilchrist so the next five days. Two players are gonna come into the Specter senator who could very easily have been wearing the purple and feel now it's easy to go back in hindsight and say you should attract to discover this guy with at the time everybody loved the bleak month pick I'm not saying that. It's an indictment on the front office that they did they passed over Donovan Mitchell because let's face it suited eleven other teams. Say they were Bradley deal Michael Kidd Gilchrist seemed like a great pick it at times feel as if there was a conversation to be had there but again. It's not it's easy in hindsight to go back and criticize the front office are missing those guys but it doesn't. The irony is not lost on me that there are two teams coming in the next five days they had players who were drafted just after the hornets came up and connect. So I think the question now becomes for the Charlotte hornets as they sit here with a fourteen in 25 earth concert fifteen and 44 record. They are four games in the loss column out of eighth place. And that's what a lot of optimist one point two and they wanna look at the sort of Stephen say look of course only four is up for lost four games in the loss column Al. Making the playoffs. You're also four games and lost called out of being in last place. I mean you're you're just as close friend if you wanna look at it if you a look at one way you got to look at it the other. This sort of team is as close to the playoffs as they are to be in the last place team in the Eastern Conference. Two years ago this team obviously made the playoffs. This team had guys made great great deals for Courtney Lee at the deadline knows when to go Chris was hurt. They had Jeremy Lin off the bench. And they admit they inquired at the two before that season this team looked like it was young it had it had solid core pieces and then all the side and they may they spend big money to bring back the tomb. That is not worked. They let wind and accordingly walked to accommodate the room for Batum Jeremy Lin has been injured for essentially almost all the last two seasons so it's kind of hard said. Really criticize them for letting him go because I wouldn't be available much anyway Courtney Lee was a great fit on this team at the time. Now all of a sudden this is a Charlotte hornets seem that is absolutely. Castrated by the salary cap. There are paying Cody Zeller twelve million dollars. Your for the next four seasons or three seasons at this point. They've got Kemba Walker and a great deal spent less than that less than what Cody Zeller is making around twelve million dollars in pay Nicholas Batum or twenty million dollars a decade ago Chris on an expensive contract. This team is locked in for years. With contracts of guys. Jordan never going to take Charlotte to a level. That matches. Obviously the Cleveland Cavaliers the Boston Celtics the raptors who wasn't their day they are so far from. Becoming one of the top four or 5 teams in the Eastern Conference right now because if you look at what they have what look what they've built. They've got an ally in all star caliber and point guard them they've got a shooting guard who's who at one point his career was a great shooter renowned nickel to two for two seasons has just been. Pretty dreadful from beyond the arc. They've got a three a three man Michael Kidd Gilchrist at another Wayne who refuses to even attempt a three point shot. Seven of 36 in his career. That's a ball in his career total for two this season that he's taken to street corners this year that too. In an era today where you've got to be able to space to force you to basketball might look at programs Mike McCann hookers I mean you with this thing about this. You're talking about and wanna keep getting to another point that you talked about. Earlier Kidd Gilchrist and when you were used in his analogy move him. And how you can't picture shot and into whatever it is what it is in basketball I mean you have seen guys there NBA centers Brook Lopez who plays for the lakers now. I said that I believe like forty threes and his career in the first eight seasons of his career he shot like some like 500 in the last two seasons he has changed his game if a seven foot center. Has the ability to. Adjusted earnings his mechanics what his mechanics were good right right right it was more mechanics and it was about. You know just in your game joy absolutely actually this is the fact that. It should be painful look at a six foot seven athletic wing and I looked this guy in six seasons now has not been able to. Become key and the and I mean any threat to shoot from the outside that's a big problem. Brent Kaminsky is it. It is what he would spread commits he's been at a decent he's going to be year old player is ever going to be a you know your your space it you look at some of the other seven foot bigs who can stressed that the florist Kaminsky is. He's averaged only in May be slightly above average. At his ceiling he has in recent sale yet but I don't think he's ever gonna be also caliber player as a lottery pick Cody Zeller. I I don't understand what could result brings that table he's can't shoot from the outside he isn't he's an average to slightly above average rebounder he's just. There and ended there's nothing about Cody Zeller that really excited series of man based Dwight Howard again was this guy who now they're on the hook for now two more years and of his salary at a very. Extraordinary salary and I can't put up right now but I know is that it's it's it's more than what Ken is making there there can reliably with something around twenty million dollar so basically. The hornets are in salary cap hell yeah I mean that don't have. No. Flexibility whatsoever with the salary caps cell. If you look at this team they don't have very much of a future they don't have any room the only boy they're going to be ought to make significant additions this rosters through the draft. Right I mean as far as like bringing in a town where they're obviously thought they were deciding to sort of free agent over the next two to three seasons I don't know they would bring in anyway the best free agent that they really signed. On restricted in the last five years was Lance Stephenson and that was a disaster after three weeks. They just started a destination for most. Most highly coveted highly sought after free agents. If you're Charlotte. I don't know if you guys have talked about this ensure you have on the show at some point this is my first time so I'm just gonna say right now. Got to move on from Camelot or I'll you can hear an idol I don't mean I'm not trying to say this to be some big bold hot take artist. But look at the state of the franchise right now you've got a point guard has got a year and a half left on his deal at twelve million dollars one of the best contracts in the week. Because the guys and Alter counterpoint are being port paid like he's a rotational player what what's anyway so here meet my question what do you get when you let go. Blake and you had a question as well. So. What I wanna add to this is like when they draft is guys like Kaminsky what's his upside. Like Zeller is John Zeller is solid college player but what's his upside and Michael could give Chris I mean at that time he had outside delight. There and are they drafting guys for the future is drafting guys that weren't good for a year to a college in just right building off of that I. I think it's the Kidd Gilchrist pick I got. I don't wanna I sort of this off by talking about Bradley deal on one after and KG looked. And KG had a wasn't just a super brawl 67 athlete that you think you can eventually become. A green. While Leonard wasn't why Leonard then but. They want him to be quietly and and that insensitive and at the time they didn't know what letter was but yeah yeah. Zero we we got our deal that suits you but but but we just general lottery we lost a lottery. You know we could've had this and you know there's usually we're crying over spilt milk right now because it would have been Anthony Davis. And it ends up being right and ran a bill that's what happens but I think at some point to your point Blake. It's kind of falls on the guy at the top seed Clifford and the and I think. It was a neutralize these but Clifford has been here now for what you're inside that I think you need to go above that he's not one is all. In an okay I'm getting it out or that there's there's not one person in this so I think as it is. You know it is is like blaming Ron Rivera for having Brett in person. Mean and trying to receivers out there right correct as the list is blaming Mike Shula for having bright person you still on the blank whisk you know for the jet Jim you know jags correct. I think it two years ago look two years ago I think Steve Clifford and rich Cho did a masterful job building this team and a billion on the fly. Wish I was one of the best jobs as one of the best off seasons they had with Keating chairman Glenn Courtney Lee yet as you mentioned Al big Al was on this team but everything kind of meshed I don't two years ago I said I believe that rich to show. Deserve to be executive of the thought it was a travesty that he was an executive of the a couple of years ago does that what does seem to become a young basically there were tied for the fourth seed I think they ended up. Bawling like six because the tiebreaker but just that that search unit. Was where they separated. Right right when you look at that guess what I blowing games and wasn't with the starters played their starters you know would probably mostly B minus players. But when you look at their second unit and what they're able to do that's where they extended toward Jane believe it's bright and because of that the those are decisions that are made by the front office and bringing guys in that mesh yet desolate we got a break. We just some callers on the line we'll talk to them after the break we're gonna keep talking points because I do wanna get more to this whole kemba situation I do think it's time to move on callers have some thoughts on that 7045709610. Kick on and this is Garcia and Bailey. And Bailey just ourselves joined by frank Garcia filling in for Kyle Bailey today cows down in Florida coach and baseball I don't know what he's just trying to get at hand here in January I don't blame him. But look we were talking about the hornets before the break we've only about five minutes here in this segment before we're gonna get to train window at the top of the hour ESPN radio host of goal can we go also NFL live and now let's go to the front line 7045709610. Boy you say trade Kemba Walker in the phone lines all the sudden lineup because we've got three calls the people would agree with you at well iron on the sun though are rolled into dozens loss right now gotta rob is on the line rob want to talk about Kemba Walker rob what's up. Hey what's up guys are all so distant cluster and I'm proud to anybody who is adamantly opposed to trading Kemba Walker now. Know what it is motivation in the it's day eight after the Nazis in what could this team to the front office. Possibly tell him to convince him. They were building something around Jew in your prime. You window's closing we're gonna get too deep in the playoffs and they're just not been. So why why why not get something for him now are opposed to watching him. Definitely walk away from not think or guarantee our yards you got car offices fielding calls on him now I'd like to know what you guys stay. It they they can date couldn't that in perspective I think it's nothing thanks. 45 million things that they could say yeah. Look I think that's gonna be the decision that chemist you have to make any year because it it obviously with the hornets having his bird rights are going to be ought to pay him 30% more than any other Duncan payment free agency do you take that money or do you go find somewhere to go where you're going to be playing for a team has a lot of success here's the problem for kemba. Is there are a lot of teams out there that need point guards Malia I mean I would on the list yesterday we'll talk about this morning couple hours a we have some more time. There are teams need point guards emotionally it's a mostly loaded position in the NBA it's the most loaded position in the NBA in the franchise's they need point guards. Different offices are a heck of a lot better than Charlotte right so it's like to do you leave it short list to go to. Orlando where did you leave should I look look at the game. 0% less it's not saying like you're not. There aren't many teams that are a point guard away from being a contender so does kemba take the less money to go play French I don't know that he's gonna go into a look there are much better situations available it's a year and half away but. And honestly Tim was not that type of player. Tim was not a difference maker. He's not a franchise guy he's our franchise guy isn't he is the face of the hornets is no doubt about it but if you more to Orlando is not change the culture there. Correct I mean he would be he would be in either best junior level players are right right but they're gonna be in the same situation Orlando the premiere they agreed that that's the one thing if you wanna look at this from an optimistic side. That would do what I would say but I've got more calls are rich latest Rashad original line for us to talk about the hornets richer online what's up. I would have got a lavish just. I do we're gonna. Look Arab and they don't warfare or ever ever suspect we're not there at work of our company installed alarm we have. Retro history and their return. The problem now and has been the problem for the past. 78 years as the draft. And we've got to get rid of these front office Jack air that don't matter draft people. You look at data more certain charm mandated. I'm really didn't draw easy and you and I he'll ultimately mock. I'm really. Or any change in the front office to get better paid. Yes thank you for the call reds I appreciate. I'm thirty and here's the thing I mean that you're good compute compared to different generation yeah exactly that wasn't Russia has been here for four years here and trash on Matamoros yes our means one thing that's been consistent as the guide top the only not trade him. And if he's seven so much say in these not a great job of evaluating talent and he's bringing these guys in here than maybe that's something that. Yeah some owners need to step back Daniel Snyder was you know a good example that the NFL know maybe Michael Jordan has his hands on too much but how do you tell the greatest basketball terrible time thinks he knows. They know how to do what basketball should look like. You have to take his hands off you'll see he's gonna have to recognize that he's gonna have to recognize I'm gonna let my guys do the job I think we're chose a great number cruncher. Reynolds is great about the talent to evaluate your. That is a very. Ferris. And at this point I think average shows tenure will Selig said two years ago I thought he deserved executive of the year I loved the job that he did last two years. Pretty much every move to the hornets have made has come up empty and that's that's something they're gonna have to reckon with you're going forward and it might happen within the next month before the trade deadline with Kemba Walker but if you have any trade ideas because I've got some added in a little while. Stick around because I've got some trade ideas I think the hornets could make now. That would help set him up pretty much better future the next five seasons so we'll talk about those if you got any text 7045709610. Or tweet at us WF Lindsay and I just ourself frank Garcia 65. Those are Twitter handles the coming up next is trait wing go from the goal going goes on ESPN radio he's gonna talk about Norv Turner the Panthers also preview the divisional playoffs in the NFL stick with us right here this is Garcia mailing.