Garcia & Bailey: NBA writer Matt Moore joins Damione and Kyle.

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Monday, January 22nd
Matt Moore from the Action Network joins us and talks NBA and the situation that the Hornets find themselves in.

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But Garcia. Welcome back to our number four child clearly. Damione Lewis retain the printer sitting in for frank Garcia this afternoon Osbourne where this as wealth 7045709. Charlotte hornets festival. Don't don't own so. Don't trust it's still it was a Saturday that was brutal man really really brutal on the team was up ten was about four minutes left to dole got outscored fifteen to four down the stretch gave up five points and seven seconds. The James Johnson to tie the game 105 with thirty to play Kim had a couple of shots the wind dependent on Dwight called for a foul on Kelly political point to lefty it's a free throw and they want that crowd left stunned and angry and is on an all sorts of stuff in this make this clear it wounds a you were talking about that earlier I wasn't sure I saw the real time they're in the arena you sought to. Every two paths are. Her you know our Kimberly you I can believe UK plus they got their head. We just can't the only guy originally I can't help but gag it's a right hand up give credit to block a shot you notice governor's argument to you don't file is usually over but then until. Absolutely excruciating way to lose a basketball game and special things that came out that some things that we have to talk about so we welcome and Matt Moore the action network national NBA writer joins us on the tiger come just slide that was somebody our youth. Why are doing well very good way I'll know all things considered good news Charlotte hornets fans there are reeling a bit right now because. But they're team came into that Damien and I and having won 7-Eleven and it looks like they were about to win eight out of twelve and nukes are deliberately creep back toward the 500 marks they they moved up to the eleven seed and not look has nothing to super excited about Matt but as far as brutal losses go. Of that that that was one of the worst I've seen that and along top. Yeah added another in the along a lot of it I can elect me I the inside out I'm watching it every angle they are they'll cannot when he. Out into the bad. Think what type situation they're old and fourteen inning game cited. By three games or what the last few years between now and Yale lab either. You'll have to try to be that bad and clutch situation but don't act or work in the and that's really that different with the game being a solid playoff team and be an outside looking and that that there is still eat close you know. Magnate numbered step one more time to sit for people who might not acog. Tell me yet. They're oh dear oh and fourteen in games decided by three pointer lab. There is no laughing and. How do you fix that. Is that coach in his that effort what is how do you fix that. The problem it ought to point out where it got just that I would pick up to North Korea that would be a thirteen out of I'll pay it a couple of is that there ain't wound up going to wait and write it interpret that some of it there I think a lot of it is. The personnel and the kind of direct from the state that they have they've got what baker but not real threat outside can not. And look at that apple on fire not and now all of a all of it's not usually a pretty tough shot. The debate and they know it's common need to let go of all and I think defensively they'll lose kind of the local level that they cannot lose there rotation and they just have. Silly mistakes that wind up costing them or you know particular drug that turn over their very well wide open cut that. Really a big game Ole miss them that happens spoke little things add up but really they're just nick there right now. OK so we we we saw what happened on Friday Adrienne bush aroused your reporting that it was splashed all over the the national media outlets that. The bill corners or actively. At trading your Herschel Russians are shopping Kemba Walker they're they're opening him up for trade talks and it that's it wasn't stunning to hear that you're obviously because it's something that we've been kind of stewing on for a couple weeks now but. Does the idea of trading Jim Walker just doesn't sit with a lot of people around here and I get it you know if you're NBA GM you're not doing your job Alicia always open to any possible trade talk to you think we'll make this team better. And I understand that he would use the most valuable asset that this team has right now and got a couple of bad contracts are gonna have a hard time getting out from under bush trading Kemba Walker really the solution to this precious. Now a thrilling nine you know no language that you'd really actually I was ordered yeah ESPN reported that. The court at tech quote made him available trait which is a whole lot different from actively healing and what that means there is. A team call several team called rat into and gauging your Marvin Williams or bell or whoever and a bit of that conversation back at quarter. Bat but all about Tampa and then pay it now court not go away they well it what he talked about an epic or report is the art if we decide to make the move. Where will we beat because they've just been that in such a rot these are apt you know question vote. OK if we did move him voted before but you're a long way. Practically saying we are going to deal Kemba Walker the problem is that metric that happen. Thirteen then went to their sources and now it out and out there copper I think is he or what what are the trading a at the elaborate compromise tablet that's bad elbow down they'll they're about pollution is really to keep him exactly go the route of you the kind of guy. Not just because of his talent but it about his comment on Friday ready but I would I would be here. I look at what are the where I wanna be that bad or as special embark Charlotte. But I want. The leader who want it be wary or. Their best option of the trying to rearrange things around and get a fresh start with the new. Nuclear and how would that aren't like keep Kemba Walker because you're not gonna get the kind of return back that there are aren't about what are the. Our good route to more bush just play devil's advocate here say they do put themselves in the seats were sort you have to move Campbell. In more than likely is gonna be through for the thousands going to be all his roster with that same move. What is this worth to any other team in NBA. Part of that you know the probability taken all the money that you. Is that there aren't there already been out there that anybody don't want our number up there and I have to pick up a terrible idea that they contract that they out. That's not really it's not but they can't put my act between literally hold it but the money so high right now because of the contract that they handed out. But last spring he's been plucked the cap going out this summer actually were you've been a little bit its way below what was expected that teen though out the cap room. To absorb those type EO but they it is ready who am I mean they're gonna get offers or I don't brought back. They're probably one to wrap it may be another Canada that while they're going to overcome at all our outlook or whether it or not. You act that well and guys know that they'll be able yet to return or is taking on the money that Chara and wanna clear that the sticking point. No doubt about it and you you mentioned the name of the guy who. Well she is better punching bag around here for a while now and and and I think most of it's been fair some of the maybe not but. It really does matter lets you know we we do we do for living we talk about the sorts of things NIC Batum what what is the market out there. For nick but soon with the kind of money that it's like how many teams out there would reasonably wants or take or be able to afford that contract. Not our goal afford it that's that's a problem gonna be you know that kind of money that they had to ask my tied up to a got a though. Or eight batting it around is that diet are very well on the tail I thought but what are Al guy. You like he'd just vanishes he really about and if you don't really have gotten dye that or think that you want it. Its ilk but going completely pocket and I got like I love living hell out of battery to put him on a really great English to all of this got to make everybody better. And he intimidate they'll knock down shot he is that the Olympic yet another year. Spoke to really what did you find our team. There's going to be an interest there because the year account require that it but it ill order it get pat. How often he is completely vanishes as a concern I think a lot of. So basically you say he's going man so what is the true value. Well nick was towing European. You know I think in the right situation to be really good you know I think ally and blatant right now personnel. Yeah and a cat media major outbreak of Cleveland they just yet they don't like bought. But he would help gravel lot and sort of perspective trait. You know team they're really need that secondary play maker which that's become really Ian Ian any apple bought one that can't. All the time I have somebody else. It can create for others in not the shot that's helpful to prevent party or eat out so we element that. It does depend on the right fit that they don't like you know there's so values there with what he brings that it will not only up by it would still. Some guys why is it not working well with Kim walker here. In with delight our. It's only been a planet where he you know he had he ought to be there and it all were and now all eyes now have another accurate badness. But security album back he'd been all over the bad. And that's really been out how I want to Portland while they're looking at article ready for Villa Park. You're a big part of what they did it. And no wonder you may not in the mind any yet so you know there's still a lot of value there but he does the opposite but every earlier bill. Since then it's up on top and I mean injuries really thank him back. Well that the average player really put in behind and that they don't have been without pain that limited his career. Matt Moore national NBA writer joining us on the tech a come just slide. Steve Clifford he he often gets you know omitted from some of these conversations and admittedly you know Steve was dealing with some health issues and mr. a big chunk of the season but. He's been here for a while now you know this is this is his group of guys it's it's his philosophy it's his offense it's his defense. How much of the blame falls on the shoulders of Steve Clifford and do you expect him to be here next year. And I think that if you that people around a week nobody thinks that Adam. Because he had such a great reputation with players and coaches and I'll eat it carried a great reputation but the problem is. You know what it at the end of the day your job as a result the best of how it goes is that. You know if you continue when the acquired are or how Barack there that pop up salary and talent level. He said he should make it you're going to wind up. Being on the line for an epic the reality is that coaches want it buyer whether or not be what it and it is prevail on that there. Ever want law everyone wants it. Marcus hall was at eight under for orbit. The rock to help in that regard but a lot of that depends on where they get it this year how much statement by. Where do they wind up and you know if they are are just what what they're headed nowhere it would shot me be gone next year because I don't know what's been happening Musharraf overall. And that is it partly. There's a lot of questions about bad about what the problem now look like. What the go to that gonna look like where this franchise going to begin enrolling in Canada domain there's got to be change is made up of the fact that they're just not going. OK so but the the front office right SI guess that's the next logical step in this conversation rich showed a picked up his fifth year option last year and if if I'm I'm I'm betting man I'd put money on restore not then your next year but there's also the element Michael Jordan and and how much influence he has been in draft picks and things like it look easy on army he just makes final calls on pretty much everything but you know there there have been. Stories and reports that there are different opinions in the draft on holy month first is Donovan Mitchell and you know Michael Jordan famously you know wanna try Kamensky and instead of some of the other guys in the draft and you look at their history of top five draft picks and it's kind of ugly image just in terms of you know guys that haven't panned out Raymond Felton no bond lemon is in the list goes on the in terms of the fraud office maybe should there be an overall how much of the blame do you put on rich Cho and his or GM out there. The action can really coexist with my agent and take control this franchise and away were they say in a much of a step back I'm gonna run thanks to Dallas missed cut checked in a what are you expecting a not fraught. I can't say that I think that they should be over all and very I can't say that I don't every opinion that he. I dial out and seen below the archer the only port the top talent they that the coach in the that the formula. They got everything in place gradation because in the may simply underperform. Now that the mean that they should just ignore all the factors and keep Eleanor going to be changes but now the appointed day. They clearly made mistakes here you're here. There haven't been kind of stay commuter flight hours. You know what what development what are you don't why you are like our collecting Garrett and the number of that it would light that are all pertinent patient boycott. Problem. That you can't point to what they've done and really say that they made critical mistake at the young core of developing behind. A better in the starter unit that not to hold. They've managed Walker's spot well. But he sure I think is really interesting and then when I get from that internally is that a lot in Asia about. Exactly. Who's going to be kind of in charge by the trade deadline by. First where that's going to be a lot of certainly from people are readily you know there's a lot of comment about you know how Smart they think that what order that done it. But again about that PayPal or station which is that doesn't matter how Smart you are the results are there. Matsu quick things will turn it loose is there a deal this team can manage that make it tangible impact try to when I don't mean necessarily. A specific player but. A oppositional leader something that you think can actually change things for this team for the better in the short term. Yeah I definitely think they're they are and make them serve redistribution of that is out there that there are rotation role players. There's a good chance it would collect. I didn't feel it is a lot of things that are good at Charlotte but it took. Network and what they are next. It would need to Friday and it went on Iran after making them sort of traded Il what do you order get the best guys in the air because that's got an apartment where that you know. Just all part without them but I'm wouldn't shock me at all that the could make a move that would get them into where they're going and that they get up and up well for the future yet it is the reputation around Charlotte they're all been well. Our last thing I you know I'm I'm sitting in the arena Saturday night watching it and I gotta be honest with you a couple of years ago I would have argued to enter the and a time that they're Spoelstra was nothing more than a background prop picked up my LeBron James but it turns out this guy's what the best coaches in the league somebody try to convince me you know I've maybe yesterday or today that they think he's the second best coach in the league no I think that might do a little stretch I mean obviously with Popovich and current Brad Stevens but no I've got to eat crow on Erik Spoelstra in his diet can really coach some basketball but it do you really starts at the top with Pat Riley and I cultured and. It does. It's got all our market near credit when he was granted that the Big Three in Miami. Yet no bench yet no real rotation acquired by it all got three guys you're eager to leave the ball. Anemia that you work or championship Leo already on the current. Keep it that team together would stop it getting the most bat well everybody. You know him down play early let out of the culture there like you graduate Riley is just so strong beyond it organization that is the bottom. That there about everything right on the pair up and on climate pattern yet. I would put him in a conversation for top five no question published copy it by. Well one I think current clearly to what he's done a great but it it would be takes altered even in the neck and back. It's been pretty impressive Matt Moore national NBA writer of the action network joining us on the ticket job just like awesome stuff meant to autism. Much aren't Dujail Obama talk a little bit more about some of that when we come back Damione Lewis Willis for the 45 minutes sitting in for frank Garcia here on Monday it's horses and they look. Early earlier in the show yeah. We're talking about SaaS and Tom Brady. And we wouldn't that. You and I agree dame by about a way Damione Lewis still so whenever frank Garcia here on this Monday you and I agree frank agrees Osborne agreed a lot of folks do it. The stats alone can't tell complete story can't paint a complete picture that. And in this case that's still true. I think he's kind of stats supplement constraints and an argument and this is the epitome of that met more of the action network covers the NBA previously with CBS sports destructive and he dropped a another donors that. It's just hard to fathom since the beginning of last season. The chorus are old and fourteen in games decided by three points or fewer it's it's bass like. An army IQ you were. I'm derailment in NBA all fourteen days it's sad about reports of marriages should be viewed so easily. Out of something Lisa bullet. Don't go always fourteen men who else is every been done that it's unreal and I don't bedside was not aware and most of us were kids into doing Saturday. Unnecessary foul did it again. A lot of unnecessary stuff and after the alleged. In particular worry what do you do you don't do then only you and Adam you know 18 you'll you'll you'll fine now right there. Well. Yeah the guy essentially told more than a foot wingspan image you can throw anybody shot you know across the stadium and what in the world all you Charlie especially push it got. Don't and one point two seconds left in the game right tool which which by the way not a matter a lot of folks and the should have been between the second half and two seconds left on the clock and the clock operator about. I sort of it's it's in the guy out there I should've I don't care about that either do you. Five points and seven seconds. That that's the that's a difficult thing about Saturday night isn't sitting there watching it because. I'm ready to say Nick Punto. That's what we're talking about hell the game Torre 666. Assists that is fourteen and for the third quarter scored eleven straight. Two did to bring them back from I think you know nine down to give them the lead their first lead since since early in the game was playing his tail off. And then you get to a final sequence. You know the bad errant pass late throws that ball way is seconds later. You know they they give up the dog to James Johnson by the way it was due to the got dumped Don if memory serves this gives up to dunk that we. Bright and good. And if and did on the ensuing inbounds you know they they flip it and assume who terrorism has ripped away from him from Josh Richardson's that's. Don't you don't know your rhetoric your journal under another romance just pulls the ball out of your hands. And then they find James Johnson to the game tied 327 feet. It it's mind boggling sore and I were you really wanna just be able to celebrate nick puts him finally doing what folks have been clamoring for him to do. He makes it impossible to be happy foreign. Because of the way we operated like no look. Kim did not have a great secrets down the stretch keg timber outside the first test had a little bit of a rough night but he gets a pass from me initiative from everybody because the way as to Gerry Byrne Tuesday night in a night out he can be great every single. No I do but even when he wasn't great he was still really good yeah you know so that's given ransom deal. Just think about the two rosters that we saw no I go back to the thing and asked him about Erik Spoelstra minute ago. I thought their guy was nothing more than background dropped to make LeBron James happy several years ago I was wrong element coast know again it started Pat Riley the top they've created agriculture there and they've got a roster. Full of B minus players for the most part not only for the most like us on why size or debris player a Josh Richards has ever nicer James Johnson who tell me what course they wouldn't exchange Johnson on the roster right dugout stuff yourself UCLA and then they have Dion Waiters you and I remember. A drug are ignore dryness and what does it. Because that's the difference in the game. It wants it more chills up when this three points or you do there are all about reports with a minute left in the game. It's all wars there and he lords it more it for you to be opened fourteen didn't obviously. Everybody your plane is a opposing their Wii you'll all you can take in victories from new. Cause they want it more. Why is it that the hornets are not detainee and fight and scrap an indoor together to win these ball games everybody else is doing to get stale I don't think it's unreal. Idea thought please please yourself. They are too reliant upon Kemba Walker in those types of seed to lose are you kidding. Yeah. Is there is no of course they are yeah of course they are in for a team which it'll look again they locked down defensively in the third quarter of the united. But too many times this team has as has produced some port offensive efforts. This season. And that's unacceptable for team that was supposed to be a defensive first. It defensive mindset type team that's the way Steve Clifford coaches as the way you want but that's his philosophy and it and when that's your identity. Which they haven't had one too often but when that's supposed to be your identity. I'm sorry but to some degree that does fall back on the coaching on the welcome Jim I'm gonna be the first one to tell you it's mostly about players executing most of the time residue to what Steve Clifford and turn the ball over so there's Steve clever didn't get blown bile about snow and those sorts of thanks. But at some point it does reflect back on an incidence and and we have to be honest about that we I like Steve Clifford. Eyes bigger to us and he's very well respected across the league. But. It's these are his guys and and his philosophy and I I know he was out for stretch. But it's not work. And I don't know if it's just a book is look this team has more talent than the Miami Heat are most on paper and in real life this they have more talent. But they're they're not a good bad and there they're not a better basketball team and that's obvious. Yes in the reflection of their coach is not shown opener played very we know Steve cliff was tough may. Is this team not playing with this strange sort of a task force to cause or not you know they're just not a basketball team that you look at and say good night in and night out. If there's one thing you know about horns as they got to leave. You know in the fourth quarter were sort of fourth quarter nonfarm we hold on to win there we are heat. You two of 33 points and four quarterly gain in this winnable for you for a two way of making it you do what you needed to do the third quarter in the U come up fourth quarter in in you clearly right you scored well actually scored 33 a are you serious. You don't you you just not. Imposing your will put your policy and that's why you have a situation where you fools you or you go or fourteenth in three portal is it because you're not in Zoolander toughness that it takes. To win a game didn't do we can say is culture and we say as players we can see Israel we can say what every bit candidate has got to take somewhere. We we we we knew we watched it and you what it was you you can tell. That this team wilted down the stretch more often than they didn't but when your step like the one Matt Moore dropped on us. Oh and fourteen since the beginning of last season order to old fourteen since the beginning of last season in games decided by three points or fewer. There's a concrete proof that they darted every test. They wilted every day. So so what is the answer right because again I'm a big believer in. Coaches can only do so much players have to exit Q but when it becomes a trend when it becomes a pattern what he does get fired all the time I don't you know it happens good coaches have been fired. What are your top story artist earlier in the conversation as well as you go or watcher or fair and of the hornets are hoping dancers running can walk out the tale yeah that's you want to imagine next year. When the NBA all star game comes to Charlotte and they will have delta way the only guy out there and it's been worth watching. And an imagined as the hornets hitting that reset button and a inviting the entire books. The basketball world to the queen city to say look at our great city in our arena and our fans go by the way our team is terrible and it was on purpose. These I mean if you make that move disturbed moves that just go to French ours like if you don't mention resolutely to FEMA move tomorrow's history and his city can't go through. Another gut wrenching you know store being stripped down oh yeah. You know served on the CD UK a whole gym while always considered it he means to more sustained diesel you have to be rolled around here. I need to tell you. Or any other charlatan and it's been around us this program this disorganization for a long time this city loves the hornets the city wants good basketball the attendants on Saturday night was good really good it was a great energy and a place now I don't know how much of that had to do with the threat of losing Kemba Walker a really care because it was a great great turnout there at the place was on fire I loved it was a great atmosphere there. You deal would Kemba Walker that is awaits him. I know and I'm sitting out this event we read our Saturday in I'm Sydney you know and barter you know rated go stairs. In our farm to a conversation to a got to listen to show and he is going to need it. How rushed over for a cup nordic is it as they pulled him walk out. But little love what about. Did you see I've listened you know I got bigger loss liveable alright listen to what did not listen to what do you say then I'll show putting is good is. Those are the all else. Look at they went on Friday when that we win that the news hit sport Senator McCain has been national conversation is the national narrative you know we were talking about it we probably got. Two dozen texts from people signed a season ticket holder on the over the backs legislative they do this still lost a fan of 25 years of fifteen year whatever the case may be part of that they they will have lost me for good as they deal oh wait. Eluded him the best horse subsite some believe the best sort of history now that's obviously debatable don't but that's how some people feel about this guy there and I'm just definitely this is terrorism. This draft pick Bob fork. Is naive well no it's not and no I understand the mathematics side and I understand that don't contracts and and and matching value those things matter in the NBA. But I. Richie Rich show. Nice guys don't know him all that well talked to the few times you're endorsing the good dude what he doesn't see much to write just at his job right now that my turn around I doubt it. You're not gonna trust him with a rebuilt or reset I don't think and so then what's right well her show was also the god. Who found waited to bring Dwight Howard here and get out from under the miles plumbers and all the contract are. If you can pull that off you have another remedy earlier you've got to figure out a way to do something else I don't. Note dramatized by. Muriel Smart Erica it is a breeze this shouldn't be there and try to spot. No work there notice you when ex Kim walked over indices and you know suddenly move forward with the zone inflation numbers it has to be right there with John Allen and I would and I understand why you would need to do it because he's the most valuable lesson learned from. If Europe if you're another team that's where you say I'm. Which in this economic. If we thank you walk on the table and talked me. Zoom you also ordered him misery you guys they all got their money yes doesn't he doesn't. Disease took no notice don't always the paper on an I think that don't have similar body I was there and. Org to find out a lot of what this team's made us tonight I think just in terms of how -- they bounce back because this is a team they beat a couple of weeks ago on the road in Sacramento they should beat him again tonight a loss like the one on Saturday night and can be absolutely crushing backbreaking but you know we'll we'll see what kind of fight they got him tonight with with Sacramento went south really quickly speaking of the -- researchers the lower court trotted and the hornets coach your show every Thursday at 6 PM with Chris Kroger or brought to you by corona light came on line an official part of the Charlotte hornets in 102560 WS incident and shout out to about skews your brain is through today's sliders also Turkey's liars horseradish Mayo mustard wings great wings so just second out of their guys thanks so much to the basket but it's professional radio meant our. We're a comeback we're gonna talk a little more football we're gonna half hour left would be Lumix callous Dorsey and they look. I would definitely suitors excellence asteroids and Bruno and dogs are just less mobile's case delicious. So when it. The little hood clearly all these libraries and. Only get rougher here right now you have your coddling is over on the sounds are good lol what the US is Diebler ringgit Damien Lewis and Ivan try to be good all morning. Did you give you can't put chicken wings in front of us and expect to. It's just not about an hour wings are using your. Want anyone any others in you know about 36 split they're both tomorrow. They'll take a little and are at a flat she got a Jack I channeled the big drums bloom a drum sticks. Ali don't like him you know which I did the floods there don't hold blocks of flats are not a fled there are getting them a wisely how do you push down the meat like it's in the disk clean with your teams on the man. And the command saying that's exactly right I ask you. Met this not a great show normally it's the other world record to strike if this Dave are at this time but so we'll do it in the marlins' front comes back to work group quick make sure tonight WBZ our sister station eleven and 99 point three North Carolina the Tar Heels opened Blacksburg visiting Virginia Tech and a Buzz Williams and company a little stay and they didn't all some folks there before the season and things are not going well for them but it's not a place of impact and rocket tonight and don't would be a good win for North Carolina so listen to those guys over on WB two elevenths and 99 point three pre game beginning at just 630. I believe we'll catch up really quickly on some news you might have missed today in its of the Carolina Panthers variety Steve Wilkes defensive coordinator no longer he will become the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. That breaks and about an hour ago hour and a half and report said that that he will take assistant offensive line coach ray brown and within that's what we know at this point and also. It's been reported by Nigel person Jordan robberies and Peter Schrager among others that. Eric Washington defensive line coach got an extension a couple of weeks ago and will become the next defensive corner to the printer that is not official that is a report but it's seems pretty well sourced at this point. Yes it does and makes sense you know on. Rumors headed that is just happen death that was going to be the answers at the Arthur just came back with. As are brick making our way or larceny on defense accordion. And I think it's a great calling bush familiar with the football hall where he's been helpful while he's done a good job that defense of Y guy like him does Specter in. You know and just keep trying girl and you know your bringing our result to your old coaching trees here and or with the parents and promote. Don't finish line at the door hit coaching jobs you know so you definitely go to our command. Ron Rivera for a great job he's doing and developing as coaches. No doubt about that so we know we'll we'll see what happens on that front obviously if it is Derrick Washington you know alioto dominoes fall but no I think it's something that would don't be dismissed in terms of continuity you got some folks who don't like any time any time. A GM were to college level and they. Doesn't sit well some people because it they wanna see an external search you know we're really namely Jack Del Rio today but if you've got companies or Washington you've got more. I don't trust your opinion on that and so you know we'll see really don't hit man is in the house hello Lawrence. On the fight of the voice back it's at about. What have to day almost. The voice is heard this weekend boy's house once your football yesterday it was a screen houses you know he joined the games. With my boys some light days since yep you does allied nations and man but there is no more debate Omri dumbo looking at right now or Louis Riddick. I don't know I'll reaction Brady is. The best ever pans down. I don't care if he winds lesser roles then Montana are allowed whereas the other matter nor those good that we did this year. If you lose the Philadelphia he's still the best ever to play the position. Period that ended a year ago I thought I mean I that's all it was okay. I think you're right that's on cited it for summaries and it keeps coming up a bit in the five years ago absolutely seriously that there was around and are there any debate do you over the last year and even before that he. You know he was always the greatest quarterback of his generation I mean he owned Peyton Manning and every meaningful category head to head wins all that you're so he was already the best quarterback of his generation to five years ago. And and now with five rings and an eight starts in the Super Bowl mean. Is its official balls bigger than just say look effortless yes and there are tough throw almost doubled on the silent on the flea flicker was very hard to roam our. And he laid back frozen like a frisbee. Effort led the third and Italy have different ways of. As the man who lives on murder and man right now does this guy. I has put in so what's worked in Toulouse throwing your stigma needs his body he's done every everything he's every single day he lives and bring in now. Mentally he's emerged when most beautiful. Given the strength and I. Yeah twice is my 03 times as much as he doesn't have to work with whom he called. He has great quarterback in football ever if he got to work he's got the governor's you know they got the what do. I know right it's it's not student. Eyes like you and others have played unifil cover the NFL but that were holed out for such a long time they they just gave it up but just I was you know what it and also not disguise the best ever do it and what. It was crazy about him and this is a thing that I always point to we had these discussions is not just the work ethic it's not just through the talent Olympic eyes legitimately. Terrified of the data did you bushel boy absolutely scares the hell restoration is rated best NFL player of all time not just QB. This is really debatable as a yes. It's unbelievable at any debt is dot com. None of those were bald lie back enough but do you know that occurred. And they don't but the level of football Mayo formerly a member film suggests that we add the complication of the game. The sophistication of the game he is the best double totally beautiful. It's also it is they go out of but he is the best who ever put a uniform all he'd ever. An NN YouTube than watching the Philly Minnesota game I really thought when Minnesota scored first. Then it was gonna be a call I still thought I always saw photos has won a game when they scored but now the gay Rudolph gets a touchdown they get the lead and was immediately go on. I Minnesota and look at it is ran out of gas I guess is the right word of the case Tina magic. Just got up fizzled away. It's obviously very good defense to a big number two or one in the NFL. That defense affiliate is nasty yes and they will give radio all Lincoln and he can handle in the game and back to Brady he makes every guy on their team better man every year you got. Hogan out there is a good play lacrosse. Player and and birdies freedom or Chris Hogan knows he runs. Ellison now isn't saying boo yeah they do it and that's what I security mrs. When it comes to the way they're coached on offense yeah I'm a Daniels and every and the wide receivers coach isn't even. Tom Brady is gonna be on the right route a precise route you may get the ball we are you double your Treo does it again and again well tab titled did you need the players of the game gross of all sorts of Oracle's main. Out of the biz decent work in football. For a couple years I Jacksonville's going to be around your arm. They're gonna be around for awhile boys that and then and deadly corals had a really really good year yes he got to use despite SA re had to beat the goat. You know any played a damn good football game I played really good football game and a regular defense. Until the last you know what ten minutes of the game there when it kind of all fell apart are they any different coaching staff. A real we Bill Belichick is gonna take all the long white table what is look at Tom Coughlin game plan the first three quarters did not mean that want to get on and watching the giants. It is suitable it was just sitting appear in the box it. Senator says yeah yeah. I don't want to Melinda. I don't know. Just don't want joy George well just do we yeah and that's that's the way it was edited for us it's our probably didn't know what the media they did it for refers to the fourth quarter policy for Aston Villa penalty thing earlier. And I just find it fascinating. That any team is only one penalty old game. There's a penalty and every place you wanna call and as a yes you know this deep look at their voice and I do you're not gonna call wanted to play. But one. And how many snaps eighties what are long and. One penalty where you're remarkable abilities that he was only the defense aware off the altered the reverse these kids. But they flat out played better in the defense of burden they fled out each pays it they start first cynical are discouraged and they just flip it. They beat them and so you're not did today. Isn't normal short these murmurs you're not gonna get a call a lot has been made of the raft kind of congratulating Tom at the end of the game I mean. It's just good sports well. It that I don't you don't. Get as timely university and cozy deal I don't know that I. I didn't like a daughter could awaited a lost a field after the game and you don't really care a bit but here's the thing that people are really point to was there really celebrating with the patriots that's about trust and if you go back and watch it. The official is going up to came flooding the patriots right tackle looks like he's trying to breaks up enough still under calm down when he realizes that he's actually celebrating with a yacht did you James what are Dion Lewis Kearney last is an OK okay. It wasn't a celebration he was going and they don't break insult enough as well. Because there's a little scope for doing what Jackson the almost why don't load your face to face and he's just our. Under imminent broke up in an arrest in what it would not the only questionable call there was an isn't powerful ball game in my opinion is the fumble. Dexter looked at all this in not a blow the whistle period Bloomberg I think that was the only call they would consider search menace or right or wrong. And before we go to break atrocity Kroger for the handoff at the arena man. I saw how the way the basketball games that loss and I took it taken and you looked around 1 else I am 130. What 35 of the don't let what I was thirty sevens and as you think he has scored five points and seven seconds and I mean I literally about mine and my jaw drops and let's look at around the arena and everybody's got the same look Arthur or just hell just happened. So we'll we'll talk about it with drugs on the other side he's licensed spectrum center of the hornets hosting at the Sacramento Kings tonight you can hear right here 12560 and WS Lindsay or more time will come back Damione Lewis sitting in for frank Garcia Garcia Billiton. I'd guess over the WS Lindsay dye job for another way to end to win tickets to USC fight night in Mondello prospects this Saturday January 27 at 7 PM at the spectrum senate thanks to Mondello stress the only official beer partner. Of the USC Giles really Damione Lewis once filed some Osbourne as well Chris Kroger is live from the spectrum center this afternoon in advance of hornets in Kingston ninety Georges for the garage door garage door guru Randolph. Gross dollar bonus. I'm all right I'm still bit talk counters and here are considered triggered seltzer water boys have still trying to get. That's six feel it out of my stomach after what happened on Saturday night they sick. I think I haven't honestly I haven't delicately than any game. It is in a long time and that when I discernment and go to these guys you looked around when James Johnson with a three to tie it and just everybody's jaws hit the floor. Yeah I mean you've sought what 181000 people got to surrender cobra hands on their heads as you know like what on earth does happen then. The only so funny guys to your city or talk but the hornets right what's his team need to do in how they kind of get off the beat the treadmill mediocrity or whatever. I marvel at Miami and I was saying it ought during the broadcast on Saturday night I don't think they get it and they do the NBA make a mistake in NBA circles they do put. Average fans don't understand what they've built down there and you know they got made fun though I guess for the victory Garrett all the bandwagon fans that's fine but. Men they've done this in every way shape and form all the way they acted to day one and 88 when they came around to Seoul. The matter who's on the fourth date they compete I mean they got a real culture they gave them they joke Maggie Coulter to paying like thirteen to talk about having a culture in all sports and very few actually do and they've got eight in May I've never seen this before they don't take possessions off like it they always compete. And I hate to say this which you can tell they don't respect the hornets like they step on the floor no other better than them and yeah I mean you saw that attitude went out on Saturday night. Croat side and I bureau to talk a lot of Lawrence and they obviously don't wanna get your thoughts quickly on Steve will stay Arizona looks like a done deal Marie brown will accompany Yemeni Democrats that's the that was the sentiment here it's a good friend. Yeah it Ray Brown toe with a two all that that's a record Jason locked in for ya. Okay and then I saw what Al Holcomb is expected to be as defensive coordinator Tim was what I saw to his senior linebackers coach your soul. Good for him I mean. Look I think when you hear players talk about him in the way he's a leader of men and how much energy has just how it affects you see is. You know I think runner rare quiet at least put together a nice little coaching tree you're right I mean you look what Sean McDermott did ended the streak up the buffalo this year. You're gonna see what's he books can do and I think a pretty good roster in Arizona they got to find their quarterback now boy. I'm happy for him and he's a Charlotte did. Played his college ball mild or moderate that stayed amid up on the UXT books out IDs gonna do. Really well out there and I don't mean to you guys were you a kind of worried all the wrong brought such a defense a coach Eric Washington I think is the name every saints need to step up with the next defensive coordinator. I think it'll be business as usual I think it's great for C woke up I don't know how much could impact it will have for the Panthers honestly I think I think the ship's dedicate sale. It was got to trust him run and you'll continue to bureau disclosure to get into the swirling up the output look at you know these feel like. How many coaches continue to say you know just keep elevating guys other staff I think that's the one thing wrongs don't really well over the years is there. You know he's he's empowered guys to do their job she's not a micro manager and I think because that it's like guys do their job well now they're going elsewhere and are to be the next man up I think it's going to be interesting to watch. Eventually that's what you wanna do you wanna bring you wanna go handguns move all. Of the training your coach just every go out and do great things in different places that's exactly are you reveal his tortured coach yourself. Don't know about and drugs was coming about a we're we're gonna talk a lot about conference championships Sunday that was fun. I tell you what though is less fun when you watch the team. Kick somebody else in the face could that was just two years ago I was like oh this is a lot of fun that what you're watching it you got a dog to fight elect. Possibly stop the fight please if you don't mind giving it an NFC championship run. I don't would have thrown it out please so we're gonna get it that would talk a little hornet's Omar's Quetta joy to be a three we're gonna have the full mix it up on Monday kill way. I've rudderless and that's why guys are true stronger primetime coming your way next. Bush it's exodus saying dealer and he's come around more often among worked on did you on a permanent payroll what we've still got a that you and your -- get -- -- -- the door I think if I get to offensive line or on your blog authors wanted to the end of the year fifth and make me look small side effects but it's a great job today every six guys Damione Lewis Ciba -- I was standing ovation police are we're back tomorrow frank Garcia back in studio primetime is next for it man Osbourne dealer love child this has been Garcia and really WS Lindsay.