Garcia & Bailey: Mike DeCourcy Talks College Hoops

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Thursday, January 18th

We talk Hornets, and to Mike Decorcy about who he thinks can win the National Championship.


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But Garcia. Our number of story child Braly frank Garcia Osbourne and trying to attract tell Mike to courses of the sporting news. It's probably Tuesday a six year plan to two embarrassment. On mile radio show since he's been days and you're blocked on tour this long I can only assume that's what diocese with the city I would bet a million dollars a dozen or you're probably not. That has no idea that you seem blocks me probably now I've got doubt it. He's never hear you say are all time we see it all the time Keyes their own terms never heard of him Al Bailey yeah mirror of Yahoo! straw goods at the approaches aren't that block you. Not a 100% sure and get a culminate hole. A mourn the dead within there was like more interactions after that I think so not really sure what what actually caused it I don't know I'm not really sure I'm off a source familiar half. A ten day hiatus. Did you may contenders I'll mention million books. Achievement of a million dollars. There's no it made no you don't camera phone I can have your followed up this hill we have forgiveness. I knew him now because I won't have social media attendance. Nine nine days. Ten days kind of important you know the front page. You don't in his DNA is it now you don't just don't really the next you know voice over cartoons are undecided. We all your gosh our dual or remorse over cartoons or at what you have sports wise that's that's now in an hour voice courts in sports movies. Good eerily like gates 45 year old cartoon character. Most cartoon characters are obligated to play adult characters on car suits. What do you mean when Robert De Niro does concerts nobody has a voice that uses for kids now know and use his voice yes he does. There are playing a dual voice is like a Lion King yeah people pay for Robert McNair. At 56 I pay for those that the name Robert de Janeiro. Usually they're gonna officially named mercy and Bailey who's as true yeah there. It's okay bio scissors in the mood to be jerked eventual 70457. Or 96 and is sure to Charlotte checkers at last night. Now okay to Charlotte checkers last night plated a game all intro nobody for nobody write him at the front page CBS sports is more toward it really rooted in time I've heard the flash guy. Was our last guy in Tokyo is Nokia Nokia heard him. You know gonna make fun of it they scored goals and nobody in this is what is it like death in on it and it actually pretty funny. You know but I didn't know there was actually nobody there yeah no not only was nobody there they had like John. They had to enlist the help of all sorts of different people to do jobs have been normally do like to seal the Charlotte checkers is doing the PA announcer last night. There's over there there's no one of their front lighting at the house of nobody's there I I don't know but that would be awkward it really would be as a player. You know one of the most are. We're things and fillings and then. Shane Matthews used to play for the Florida Gators you know played for the printers here for a while Indian redskins' starting quarterback for a year to a couple starts whatever. When he was with a Minnesota he also put in Minnesota obviously when he was with the Minnesota they came down to. Phoenix and play in Tempe. End. The weirdest thing that he said he's ever had to deal with was that. Because of what you're talking about what's relevant is because it was at the checkers can always go to the Phoenix game the yet cardinals games when they're in Tempe because we weren't very good. We would have more friends of opposing teams and we would of you know the teams that there. And you know you know having played here play a lot of golf with him here and obviously as a quarterback so. Yeah a little bit more personal level of relationship you know so. We we sat there and talk before the game was. Telecast and nobody here because of the biggest home filled in at all and wanna do right now is you know. I think it was honest right now and he loves didn't you know partaking in the finer arts of gambling and things of that nature but that that he was doing at that game by any stretch the measures there's no I'm inferring. Nobody was they're telling me since he does have the best home field. And it's so we've talked about a year does that says you know when you go on the road. And he needs right would you go on the road you expect what do you boot yeah hostile environment blue in noisy and loud. We did here in this crickets. We're slowly postal sleep we don't know if it's game time you know it sits ready for writing because we're still warmer not where's everybody. It was kind of thought that they have imagined playing in front of the crowd. You know as a professional we're nobody was there. Nobody but me in like it was weather related of course you're living. George how to close the doors to people but if it beyond the the part time folks in common dug into this and exactly couldn't get their secure the CEO who's doing the PA announcer guy I think someone who's in charge of customer services is stress of the mascot suit. How Cynthia you know they're the mascot so awesome would that I know I don't really got to the play the Bridgeport sea dogs and that was the name of the team they played and I more than Bridgeport C dogs players he got and he got put the total box and he goes that Tony hawks and he's a sick and it is doing a bad sentiment because there's. Anything you could do one job like that one odd jobs that you normally are used to doing what would you do if you're at a hockey game or your football order. Out of order the arrest Zamboni or drugs and you wanna try and that's a good president really good or drugs that's a really good I'll studies and Zamboni guy then I want to dig June. Allenby and yet the state S right in his case. Nobody can do escape probably not I can't they get and stay well enough I figured out the good does it die Yardley who little I know about hi I read article what's on the to do ending a die hard not to like big beat of the great hockey news from back in the day they don't exist anymore there's not a lot of thought nobody wants to do. Well that and yeah exactly let you in trouble fighting to ride the selected to do in hockey's apparently Marty McSorley Marty McSorley who. Who the guys from slap shot the Brothers the mix within McSorley Brothers now. I sat silently if I could be anybody in hockey just. After just wrote just hand over the two Mighty Ducks like Fulton and answer his question before we go or two and it does somebody else we don't know what I don't know that you watched more people seeing the Mighty Ducks since last hundred so no way I'm pretty closet and no way Twitter told time when we're very candies on social media come I didn't write letters -- some improvements were flawless -- slap shot or or how many Hussein -- -- coming how many people put this on our FaceBook right now. What have you seen. Or how many more people are scenes slap shot vs MIT dot guarantee Mighty Ducks went guarantee it she'll let. Mighty Ducks is one of those movies like as a key just thought it was great I it's like certain changes blow. Oh yeah it'll pass and Brothers your brother Simon you're really try to put search engines in the same category is mark Dell. Say it is no hold a lot web saint used or movies that you love is a child and it's best that you don't go back and watch them because they suck. I think he's sock Mighty Ducks Sox know they are good kids movie. But it sucks and I guarantee you if I can order Barbara why similarly we would dissect and pick it apart for. How no question about tennis or is the reason I can't watch a lot of the same kids show are the same shows I used Toomer totally cannot go into what say about a dollar more because it's terrible but there's no way the usual and he did. Really just put the same category surf and just what do you cannot. Is it that's one of the worst produced movies in history of movies surf there and does and you just put Mighty Ducks in the same category as shameful I can watch the whole thing of Mighty Ducks really beaten. It's crazy enemy now I want slap shot. Are held to just put it to listeners out there are 70457 or 96 and which would you say a Mighty Ducks are slap shot here or your Twitter account minds down yeah I don't look at Jesus do better than all of us -- -- better than anybody above the fray you know I just seemed to it's called cleansing your Clemson in a sold cleanse it and also social media related and Wednesdays at a first for at least one week. I don't why don't buy it amid a sews I'm doing it Clinton's. Mind body and soul clintons like frank Kaminsky. All the strikes tonight drew download it at the center you don't know there you see there's just pecking away at home and become an MR until silent. Don't annoyances I don't go home you don't go home no no luck. Or you go. To the gym. My buddy's house to bar. You know to people's places. I don't know what don't go home. Well go home minding ducks Mighty Ducks all day long there. Urge that shot dude slow and got shot sits just slap shot a snapshot slap shot. Says let's just face it. Yes you don't even though no no no I do wrong moment Paul Newman. Pulled limit instead I'll hold on 12 while we dissect these two because we're gonna do it satcher swayze screw it we're gonna do just. Actually enter the attack. Factory in Mighty Ducks has could go home base as an actor as Paul Newman Paul Newman was a man's man one of the greatest actors of all know what. On Sunday it Mighty Ducks about a bunch a Whitney did you decide to do a flying beyond nice. And stairs slap shot was aggressive ad fights. They were and Gordon Bombay was molding the U similarly Fuzzy and Gordon Bombay were. He's the odd thing yes that doesn't drink or do started in the. I'll hold on blitz is Amelio Estevez that's who that was and I still don't use scare to name I'm using Paul Newman you're gonna really stacked up Paul Newman against Amelio Estevez I. And a Mighty Ducks sucks and he's he's got stock. This is not considered to defeat we look at goes. Those other stuff people I've never seen slap shot some wheels never heard a snapshot neutralizing ideals are Mighty Ducks look elsewhere on the movie it's legitimately funny what is so I don't Lux and 00 it's a lot of stuff. It adds I'll say this mighty the Mighty Ducks trilogy a lot like the Major League series right to be neutral person was great sector was good there most terrible. As far as I'm concerned coach Riley hi team Casey Joshua Jackson. There are no I mean we heard these people Charlie John bush. Ponds and banks to take theater. Jess asked lend her job tackling. Yeah I was just ask land yes that's about half an offensive attacks or if I think that's that's that's so so far. So far which like 95 to five because reminded us because all these dumb ass Khalilzad you don't know is it gives. See slap shot you are saying hello Larry you know I'm not you are Detroit eight years how did they judge something they've never seen I've seen both I can tell you. Yeah listen to me on this is such a better know nobody's listening to you on this all noticed an answer to better segment and you'll see him much to Dorsey not to fly at all 301230 programming note yeah I Texan with. Steve is seven says Amelio Estevez is a good actor so I see is knowing Charlie Sheen got talent NASA am no intent and so literally no shots. Absolutely clear cut as served as they Martin shouldn't know marshland there's AMR Sheen yeah. If we're gonna go by gross revenue at. Slap shot came out like 197846. And half million who lose twice as good twice is dead Troy ounces good never Marty don't. We just what movies is just more expensive and that's exactly the role crab Mighty Ducks a slap shot to even colors Garcia and Blaylock. The this it was a loser loses Switzerland and beat her I don't even know what's Iceland does he doesn't lose it forever. Is it said zoo what zoo wall Stinson. I don't care. You do care and I don't so our listeners because they voted overwhelmingly for Mighty Ducks has evolved and I know the black but there comes a Mighty Ducks there's no such thing as a mighty duck. It doesn't release threatening birds and bird kingdom OK everybody did you believe a mighty mouse no no hold. Helps out. No mighty mouse is a big deal mighty mouse is cool or he's taken on ducks because you look you want to now redeemable quality like one shot well the cure disease or five holes. The black plague I duck. What Dell does adopt do. Did you need it yeah animated it's easy it's easy bird seat then nothing interesting about a duck. You're donating a quarter ducks this what do they do. As a good question. They see tools. I'm never seen a little heated dialed freedom I'm sure there will I don't know what you didn't notice other news the news in a bad episode of Animal Planet every rumor. And planet earth. Every animals here to serve another animal right. In Syria's interior yes you should mascot it's not low on the food chain you pick up at gas mask like a year. The mighty payers and are done. Yeah I mean did you druthers you'd rather have it too bad ass tiger something right and and that's kind of what should pick. Or bear you know like Oz suggested you can be more alliance can just throwing out different examples like maybe not everybody likes bearers. Do you sharks they're the dragons. Right at sea is shark really a bad ass and no years but he's got to be water. Slap shot slap shot not even close is definitely glad it's not just our better. Movie its name is Gerri they're cinematic experiences director removes a slap shot yes good to steer it can't. I don't know why should today. Now I've got a cellular in this movie done good we got a lot of folks to the village people and what are your muddy ducks all the way I this facility arbitrary my dog to her I'm a doctor and Mighty Ducks is better than slap shot we'll go a doctor says it Vivian the conversation is here also there was some confusion because Jones said the please please tell Osbourne that the Sundance festival was found about Robert Redford Paul Newman. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Robert Redford and Paul Newman were both in it that's aroused tightened their asses and they are mad as soon as they take on like an entire fleet of the is it Mexicans is quite sure yet. A group of Mexicans died they do the last you know does allow the bank also. We owe it also. A couple of people also took issue by saying that I can't watch saved by the bell anymore. Com under I still decide to do showed it didn't age well let's all look at you know we were kids that spot and it appears headed Cilic of Palestine who was toddler netted an early age all that well. And I are about the only one who feels that are too much say about others are so mean losses over a million that it was a great digit. I'm there was one girl on there that was attractive to Chile to browse to yup yup so that was it I don't like to reject that that the Lehigh. Fondue here flew somewhere where he calls the I think yeah with the bank's well guys yes British gas yep yep that sounds right that sounds right. Effects 704570. And I'd be sixty and how do we begin to a conversation about the Mighty Ducks got to remember that all of the Charlotte checkers playing in an empty arena that's right that's what lost you know there isn't realized that was a bit it was on the front page CBS sports this morning the the checkers playing in front of an empty arena less than because of the snow. Here's a great what and I promise not to take us down this rabbit hole to some religious or what about beer league have you ever seen the movie dearly. A month in the barely saw fully. Those are not announcing that. He Clinton about that I'll sleep flee the Mexicans that. You mean there are days ago a it's a group. Large contingent I. I don't know that it's just about her daughter but I don't remember him being on a boat bskyb now and honestly it was a Mexican that really gives it a whole group up on a litany oval owe a litany a little wide spectrum gaggle visual. Pride that you would call that is family. It's that that the death of a fellow human sensitivity of mr. Rendell is. It's the truth I saw I saw pride of Mexican people who live with a plus he's unfairly people what are you may withdraw the troops if we could get into that. Anyway were all fired. 70450. 68 billion toll sorry I'm not arms on the one safe if you had to put your hard earned cash this weekend you double your cash and other knicks bulls. Or tasting you know you have your hard earned money where where you put your hard earned money ever to kindergarten don't talk to push. Authorities keep a are they I think the vikings. You are better football team you know without Carson once I think they're very similarly built. Mom I think one thing that's constant and has been constant throughout the season you know it is isn't it fold or excuse me his case Kim. Other lucky to be there on there's no doubt about it they still lost that game to the saints I thought the saints are the best team in the NFC. And you know sometimes the best team doesn't win. And but I thought that the vikings were one of those three. If you ask me to go into the playoffs and you know kind of evaluate where the Eagles word might feel we still haven't changed. If a great match ups they don't you team that. And the falcons in a very close game where that crew went either way. And the Eagles found a way to get it done. On the defense is a longer rated. But it's. Are going to be the reason why that they find a way to win this game. I think that you know they they play great defense in on both sides but I think there's secondary is going to be the biggest difference. I think they're great tacklers I think they're healthy and I think the player with a lot of momentum and even house money right now with an opportunity to go back to Minnesota it just feels like. You know with all those things said in a it's a three point game. But. You could flip a coin the vikings are favored against the Eagles and I think that's the reason why is because you have nick foale's. There verses. You know and and not Carson once of course someone says they're the Eagles probably be in the number one team in a for a lot of people but he isn't and eventually they're not going to be allude you don't sustain that you know we eat in a field goals and we football games for the most part. From now let me and said this this week or you know the Sunday I's gonna be. You know assists you know who's out tough and who who wins a little battles and doesn't make mistakes. And you know play at home sometimes can give that advantage but I do feel like there's more pressure on the home team in this situation. Yeah I I think to the vikings nose for the better part of this year do we we all kind of a knowledge they were it's good football team but I think in terms of weapons on the offensive side I think sometimes they were course or short changed. Dawn how much talent to actually have on the offensive side that was about selling cook after he got hurt so a mile I want to come back to this we got some great stuff coming in on the sex life we're gonna try might accorsi one more time when we come back conduct gotta love this text alerts that are sex like slap shot so much better than the ducks no surprise what service guy loves a million. I jerk or Syrian village. Got to sort of red list on the show much of course is going to be the first name on it. Epitomized what did you feel like a clear shot similar when us a bit of giving guys it was a joke. Food and I think that that. And I'm I. That's that's creepy dude that was it was a little bit too far art. Do you like in the games this weekend I'll pass budgets but that's kind of wishful thinking commitments that gets investors and those are great breakdown. Now clearly a semester scenario from it so if you ask me who like and so it's. A normal heart mama I think art and head on assembly is the two teams are your favorite as that's just a little bit more than that they would do the football guy what are your estimate for what I mean you have an opinion don't just I don't. But it I mean again it's the pats an omen there in January Foxboro knowledgeable what was about to disappoint either Jackson and restore calm. But didn't dornin there in what he's tough suspension and then they're in the playoffs and I just don't think they're they're good they're ready to go there and get that done I think that they're they're they're missing a piece. Our guest did Merrill. Morrow yes 99 and a half a believer nine is now in points is the spread of that game. Large so big spread on some big spread for team that. As a lot of momentum right now I'm playing with house money and the jaguars. And I know that you know pats have always been the favorite in a sense Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in 2001. And one that Super Bowl they've given huge favorites on these super bulls but. There and there's a reason for that. And you've got 42 points in a playoff game to the Pittsburgh Steelers. You know nobody's talking about that and we're talking about this great defense and how you beat. And how you beat to it are you beat the pats. But it's not a given 42. You know and that's with the jags did to the Steelers the Steelers don't have the pats don't have the same type of explosive athletes. The distillers do but they can X out execute cheated death. We'll be interest and see other referees called this game. If these defensive backs were allowed to be physical against the patriots. Of its all gonna be coming to me down to you know stopping grow if you can slowdown brought. Stop them how you do the teams have handled him the best have been the teams that beat the patriots and don't you just don't have room key at least floating around everywhere. And look each weekly to match up with the size and speed necklaces and the growth provides but you know the Joseph where's you at five different match up. As a Jalen Ramsey expect growth to be physical legal jam into Yemen. You come off and the balls you'll be right there and you know whether he comes down to or not we'll be Ecstasy but that's give me the matchup from a lot. How do you handle Brock told me this is theoretically how do you slow and a in I mean you don't put a big body on him to many. You know and don't talk about your drawing of the game went right in your your talk ended you know not one guy right social. Iceland bombing that's the problems you know that's the issue that in the past and give everybody is because. Don't form nationally speaking they're going to be able to move him there diplomat lied. That that in slot the Plymouth tight end position the putting in the back field. Means you did that the page it's a good dictate match so unless you're marrying him you know with one guy and everywhere he goes that guy's going to be on him. On this can be tough to stop him but you can slow him down you can bracket and you can double team me Kevin game plan the only ones applied to eat you know we put on him. Entwistle the flow that linebacker to lift to the flat underneath Easter weekend you can double cover him bracket him. I mean those are the types of things that the jaguars are gonna have to do dumb tough it was to going to be able to do it but Coughlin beat the patriots. Systematically. With better guys in on that's what it comes down to it's not about scheme it's about you know the guys up front you know get into the quarterback didn't you know knocking Tom Brady off the spot yet. Are below 70457. Or 96 tenths what did my due course his thoughts on the second is primarily college basketball guy but a dozen missiles wealth of the sporting news we'll see what he thinks about the matchup this weekend and should I haven't seen the over under on the Minnesota Philadelphia dim view Seymour got a chance. Over and under no I haven't tried I'm guessing it's going to be probably. In the mid mid mid to upper thirties in a somewhere around there and you know I think the spread right now is Minnesota minus three at at Philly but. I think them they over longer probably be around 3940. If I'm not enough I'm guessing. I mean look at the numbers but. You know I mean it's going to be you know very similar game to me that what we saw last week with Atlanta I think Atlanta has more often some weapons then. Then. You know the Minnesota and Minnesota is just you know the two due to great defense be slugging it out and out who makes less filled moment we knew it was a game. Let's get so much of course is Dawes a sporting news follow him on Twitter at CS and Mike he joins us over Texaco gas line my towers today. Oh we're doing well doing well talk about these other of these championship games this weekend and obviously your college basketball damaged dismissal suit outlook has taken me out. Look chalk is is new England and Minnesota the Super Bowls I was sure expecting. Well I certainly expect New England. Impact that would afterward Jacksonville is the Steelers over the weekend I'm not an end. And it has been seeded. But I think it's. I think it's gonna be a very interesting weekend of football or may not appear to be at the Mikki Moore and it. But I do think that. That that all fourteen Scott have got to believe at this point that they have an opportunity yet Perry it's one of the things about the year. About the NFL that makes it different if you get this are are you if you've come a long way and and you know what you have a legitimate opportunity to very rare that you see. He's been in it in its NFL. I've seen come into the final four and cap the workshop with parents. Michael it's a giggle college basketball in the before we get into some of the teams may be let's talk about you're the direction of college basketball and or get your take on this he talked about yesterday but you're in the affiliate in some of those sports we see would talk about ratings all the time and the demise of the NFL and now nobody's watching anymore you know it would just don't see that it comes to college basketball but I can tell you may first hand I love sports are watched mall I root for college basketball more so in. February march and I do in November December and January book. When you look at the ratings nobody ever talks about the ratings of college basketball wise. I think actually on occasion they do it usually not super popular here but I think that. One of the things that get overlooked when you cock our college back the only thing is that that that all you. A college perhaps it's. Just about air pre. Sport Alec every televised sport in America say perhaps from Major League Baseball. Great you're you're acting up out there has been incredible. Volume of of division one basketball on television I look at that number. What is the better fox sports or what we call big ox. Gains EPS games. That's one bad game yet in those games on their their main network on the news sun news or not. You. And see and that is CBS sports network that game meant so you're you're no no particular scene yeah. Is going to do Opel while ratings when you have the audience it knowing you're not ready direction. Pay you know I don't out Big Ten network at VC network and and pac twelve networks at all which are are available nationally outcome platforms or other. So it it and it's been a lot of all and it's so I act upon a people are watching basketball now art should there be it's rare that you can and go watch anyone gave before you get to march. Well and Mike I know you watch attended college basketball I'm still coming off of the NFL and use some of the playoffs and college football and you know kind of I just don't have enough time of the day don't watch it all there's certain people that's why you're on is to the other cover the sport whose. Who's the best team in America right now because Lotta people say it's Villanova. You know some people might say it's Virginia I don't have to think that's the case news there are good team there's solid team. And some people even argue it's Purdue but who have they play. It all Purdue at. We took dates they'd be there are quality people all. You know Ed maybe Marquette Citic debt ebitda outside the league as well as well that are inside they also beat Butler from the. I hope they say and that meant it by the league bit but yet it's languish in eighth but it what is the most talented team in it in the big tent and I and I well. Michigan State has. Probably it many components. Toward winning it. Gordon winning the national championship debate party. But there debate the other had a couple weeks a week ago and and technique they're just sort of work their way out of that. But we are ever bit the most important thing is you know is not so much is the best team today I mean it that you don't get a trophy for that. You get a ranking of the week it Bettany bumping you went to Villanova is a terrific basketball team. Pope but they have some limitations not ignited many of some of their prior scene. It got more talent on this team. Then and they have packed it in awhile. Mikhail Bridget is probably going to be a first round pick I don't know Jalen brown and will be but he certainly follow. They got side. At spelman insider is given them an. A at. An element to their offense that they captain pat on any of their prior he's the ability to throw the ball in their. Amber and and get real good things out and whether it you know what opposed you know opposed bucket or a tap out to an open three. Are something like that he's even really get that low post player and they and they never really had that before it in even very you know they're. The truck picking it won a championship two years ago. Thought Mike accorsi the sporting news follow him on Twitter at TS in my joining us on the technique on just like. Don I don't dog how much it matters in the grand scheme of things whatever year samarra there fans out there want to a claim the title of the best conference in the country right of course ACC fans are. As guilty if not more so of that than anybody else but this year receives a big twelve to make a pretty strong claim as the best conference in the country and that's due you know small part of the job Jamie Dixon's dun dun and TCU and obviously with Kansas and West Virginia and a like I'd love your take on how good exactly is the big twelve this year. I I think the difference between the big twelve and the eight CEO. And and to a lesser extent yet he's beat. Is the fact that it's there let's weakness in their league and any leak. I is that big the ACC I go to has hit. Which hasn't won a conference game and really has barely threatened what went up into. And and a couple others may be yet keeping company others he has Vanderbilt which is a very good. If you you have that in the big twelve. Of the worst team in the league Iowa State has really. That's a really good win our conference and haven't been able to be successful inside the lead. Because the rep believe it is so strong. But even campus which is leading the big twelve. A week ago act I was beta Coleman was pushed into the final minute so. It is the deepest league. In terms of percentage. I think big belt app which they have now. But it the most he used percentage wise than any league has ever gotten in the was the big east in 1991 when they accept not a parent. And I think that there at the big twelve gonna go out of the final weekend it looked like they have shot which have. With a bit I don't know that's gonna happen or not. Mean I remember that year I was covering the big east that year in 91. And there on the on on the day before elections Sunday on that Saturday. They had eight out of nine actually with seven out of nine he's not seven they had eight out in nineteen or ally. In late in the hunt. With a chance to make it. And so. You know I think that it's the fifteenth this week this year. Could be an update circumstantial would have maybe eight at a and alive going into the final day. Give me a team that you lost this year the city got them all the talent you know when they learn how to play together. They're gonna be able to figure out and you know maybe take it to is deeper under the final four. And his team fell like might be a little overrated because the man have all the tell the world what you'll see the toughness. You know. I'm not get it in terms of the little local rated it not about what there is nothing about what set. Com a Virginia I think at number two in the country is not a realistic reflection of who they are what you. I think they're out and they are you know they what they do what they do incredibly well. But if you look at what they've accomplished at this point and I think they're they benefited from the fact that they like or their first. Whether or I will be game at all. Time now when he went on the road they destroyed they're being attacked and that the heck of a weird I'm not taking anything away from. And I am not taking anything away from beating routine at all. I I think that there are more accomplished team out there are more or more talent it teams and I aipac outlook but the the service to Virginia. Because according typically do for you. And it probably will dropped down back to around eight or niner weapon away that probably it's what they're what they are. It will people viewed them as having failed or all in short. I I I always worry about that I don't think it back right it can not be old guy yeah. I just don't see any justification for having them match I didn't you know right either you're really looking. You know a term Petit bit. You know what you said before but if they can get it together I think. Eric always it's sort of working and it capped tack got its ever and it won back in their lap. Eight or ten or so. They lot at Colorado. And they even back in there were competitive. Tom I think it's. A team that I still believe could win a national championship there we are probably not it's strongly believe in that debate as well weaker the number one in the pre season. But I still think they can't. And I bet they're electing around fourteen or fifteen again I don't think that's an accurate accurate reflection of who they are a basketball team. I'd like of course the Al at Twitter are on Twitter rather at TS in my joining us on the sudden become just like Mike we appreciate you we'll talk to you sir thank you very much. Are you I wasn't in my course are joining us on the technique on guy Islam will come back door it's a reaction that below wrap of the hour at 1 o'clock. Do not forget we will talk to a mr. drag Leo WE. In Boston his thoughts on the pastries the AFC championship game this week in Alaska must. You know what is this really all overblown it's such workers entries on ESPN is there really some massive division between the craft embellish second grade year was that a store much ado about nothing will get his thoughts about fifteen minutes Garcia and they look. Couple things first of all. News on the Amazon HQ two front Charlotte is out but Raleigh is alive. Charlotte has been eliminated from the Amazon is I know while living in the world what does that. What does this is there a bathroom bill no. Without a speech you know. Excuses today it's due to a higher orders to yet they they ya ever is on merits listed twenty potential cities and does Charlotte did not make the cut all day and that means not mind paying disease and yet. Darn just days those. If Texas to solve it Amazon's over. No it's not it's pretty also adapt it's a pretty docile and asked as people so there's that also we knew pretty fierce argument earlier this hour about which was the better movie Mighty Ducks vs slap shot admittedly I've only seen one of them have never seen slide shuts you up note. Opinion is ballot on this topic. I was route. And into so I know it is Mighty Ducks that's a better movie but they don't and are voting has as the obviously Dell does not own votes well we got some slap shot voters there's no doubt about that and hear yourself think it does actually strengthen Frank's argument Al betterment would not bring light to this because frank was not tagged in this tweet so overall he knows not on Twitter anymore well it's the Franklin never cedes but the can be be on a standup person that I am I'm going to read this to exit actually shrink to Jordan at four slap shot. I'd our our guide Derek who listens he says. After further review the box office vote is slap shot after adjusting for inflation. In 1990 through dollars it beats Mighty Ducks 64 million to 61 million so. Derek actually sit industries shut up cause more specific screen shot of the of the revenue free truly and then the inflation jumped to their values deploy event. So there radio yes. It is this guy serious are now front and giving you right now Korda in this taxer or text as jam force all you cannot jab wires. Sad to hear an educated man who stupidity. Ayers it's pronunciation. You jitters ahead fifty pitches did this probably coming from a demand that says you all you can hit a key. Okay now Laura now hold. Don't judge I don't judge and there's nothing not properly and all but now. It's you all know it's not to hold its extra sister just. Really ends its young museums and diligent intelligent and yeah are you and do it the fifth the fifth so I mean this of the loyalty is talking to me you just don't do. Our last guest this is telecommute. W. Dorsey jaguars yeah but who cares I don't care I don't either I asked Immelt to. A lot of people say that down milk yeah a lot of people's I had all my friends from L all of our friends at dodger from new York and also milk. You know cities we're looking at it but anyway goals this contraction like dolls not these guys not not proper and I don't know what the Amazon it is a jungle. Painful as it is original generation source of the jungle island and somebody else sex digital living at a Roseanne is coming back we know. We don't care. There we don't care at all that grows and is coming back. I'd like to the first time I'm not gonna like the second top artist I give a heads up also biggest river and nobody laid a rose and they'll. Confidence and there's a lot of sense that it's not particularly big about. The river is now one of all right. Okay we'll so anyway. We got some great stuff on the build recent attacks on your five minutes Mike which regular duck like a sure. Like a track -- WEEI I'm in Boston Allred thought patriots were demoted his thoughts on the Boston perspective on the AFC title game. And you know whether or not he believes that should have been talking about this a lot still I know they have as a matter of fact whether or not to ESPN reports the set wicker shanties that you know the incident at the patriots is an organization just in shambles and Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and Robert crashed a light each other and they're all envious and wanna take credit for the dynasty or how overblown the cells actually muscle taught him about the coming up next as well so they should be your bag good conversation tomorrow the way if man enough is even hear that anymore it might stop by -- and today I haven't seen no. Disaster assist our thoughts are that he's ultra violent and there you're gonna Fred followed thousands starters wash the bush oriented at their current Garcia failed.