Garcia & Bailey: Lomas Brown Jr & World According To Frank

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Tuesday, September 12th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, the guys talk with former Pro Bowler Lomas Brown Jr, plus do a segment called the world according to Frank. 


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But Garcia. Best for the 1 o'clock hour is that they hit man returns to the studio act comes in here dancing. He's dancing employers all through the song look at me like deck Garcia I mean come on man. I'm energy and energy toy for seven brother. Energy 24/7. Whose drink more Red Bulls today you were two door oh no you'll you thought that you it is his third monster right now so I set double they had to turn to two monsters is my second we know we don't know he had this morning awareness and nothing. Oh we don't want to or not. An ally but however you never know I don't know I don't know if we don't have time this right now. We've got a Super Bowl champion and a seven time pro bowler waiting on the line. You can also find him on television dumping Detroit he is football analyst covering the Detroit Lions Lomas brown who joins us weekly here on Garcia and Bailey is joining us once ago tech become just slide Loma salary about it. I'll be glad you don't grade I have a bit old school rear bull. Yeah via this series they were they worry me on a daily basis of how much better chance to assume we're. It's bad it's bad but you know what ma'am below we'll have some fun and first of all just your general thoughts on week one of the NFL season you'll only a couple of games were kind of down to the wire the rest were sort lopsided. Yeah they are really world covered this reported that some of the games because they were so are up. But you're also a little bit brother Matt so she thought and don't give more saw mark. The more excitement gang problems social work though its first day abaco club that came bow to the why are. I would go up what was so about the seat belt works also don't think they have played Cleveland they got a more big doing this police JF. Objects could still played real great I got a big dude this we can't. Also heard that you have we were real golf ball before it certainly go to this first we hear about this all the sea isle that continues throughout the city. A tailored Lomas one of the things have played really well as surprise me how well was your the Detroit Lions and now what they're able to do the Arizona Cardinals 35 points. In the defense in particular was able to pick Carson Ross several times and you know don't go get a pick six even to finish off and cap off again. Yes sir great that it really made cost so little old Fella the first group folks just from me was he looked really old golf there. Well who are these just put pressure all the help. Not let him get caught the boy in the pocket about but it double bind over the person with the Detroit being built. For the way they were able to contain this (%expletive) now they are the jobs. Are being made here of the guy that you'd all like you say Airbus wouldn't look so I have a CI everybody hit the ball. What this guy you know focused could. Matchup nightmare for us. Although he's still being looked very good scheme McGill you know about all of out of this they're willing to say they've helped so of course they're help what do you know within blue. Well ball they hit hit it great hold out great job so that's point. The lowest we just don't know how teams are gonna come out I could have preached the pre season is no Barry know what the regular season to look like and if you're the Jacksonville Jaguars right now that's the didn't in the number one case a mean that we have pretty good Texans team at least defensively they scored 49 points and only give us seven that jaguars defense is for real. I bet there's also real let's. It might be one of these Likud saying god those early years you know we can get older guys that they did say that they're there are getting. Well did you would like to sit out look very good. You sued these so they went up Padilla. You know all of you since seen that ahead they would die in the clip we played about all the (%expletive) that you sit ahead Gordon Zoubek gave them. You've always say what they'll both good also there but they mostly go back to build the core it's very hard solve them. It was Lou there of course there. Now what's got you got a situation they use the word about how they got a quarterback cost of course there's obviously doubt fool's gold look so far this week. Yeah I hope that's not a controversy I hope everybody down their nose should be Da'Sean wants him but I guess we'll figure out what happens. Well this little video must start with Al bit. I know I'm with you on that ought to percent. Low so I wanna skip ahead nine got all over the place for second did you see the look could have been AP shot Sean Payton on the sideline last night. All Mark Gardner a world that don't all submit dealt serious. I mean how would buckle was. I like about who want the bold move like give you walk a bit about how would. All of that's what little old bold bright red that we were Italian lifestyle so if you break there about and so did you. That's what little old looks is perceived as very slow play. I don't know how good the saints are gonna be this year Loma Sunday and I realize there was some frustration and it's one game but I I've done it looks to me like oh yeah just say they try to do offensively get you get right back like did you do Selig and the ball four times. And you get a quarterback that's a 150 years old trying to throw the ball to no weapons. I mean I agree a hundred books that would suit and how much else you. Oh my god saw I saw this seventy to about eighteen year than they have out there though. All the years I've been saw was my last year for example there believe me it will bring those only here because you know we won the so bowl. Puts it you'd still like you don't contribute org you'll be construed who lives isn't looking. And I know what sport you're eighteen but go boot up what don't mob well I'll bet there are four. And yes it was gold let's say a big adjustment in the older device socket deal hills. If you take the other part itself the only thing I could do that was my days if you do what I have to do. So simple behavior go to take about them part is. You don't know frustrate Schilling who hold. Also get his brother were you more more worried dead. Would sure like slowed but look look what they have they got a real but also. As I felt like they like they did know so well mobile boarding was solid they'd like to know more than eagle or age as they could do this. Obama started talk about the brand to zero quick you know we get a very good victory its point 33 did everything they're supposed to the change of possession defense was spectacular the defense of wind dominated. But does offensively they weren't so overly impressive this court point three points against some pretty good go niners defense not great. But is that always should expect from this printers. You know defense just or this this Kansas team just don't go there and do you do just a little bit better and what the other team does well as not to be flashy and it's not going to be. You know us are gonna be a bunch of Bob also Wessels. Yeah that they could overlook that would now look at this that's on the various world. I looked how many so while that backswing that McCaffrey and sort coming they told the ball. So I was pleasantly so. Can't help you with that because the kids certainly. You does go as Cam Newton goals they had until it will be good critical rather that person also help. All the while that the ball portal civil like he has to run the ball. Then I'll just say it also is gold to cover them but other then go about just really seal that way. Who would give. You know if you look at the stats were the first we know they're not all blow you away what you got a remote that we want. You got a rookie Rodham. You know you got to move webpart such charms of this thing it all seems don't come out could give them a week more. How will sort of question industry bad luck got sick to me if you see or out of the ball like 2000 all the that we got. They all look the same some new blood that's about the past that you guys can bet. But it's also the dog group did the other taboo will continue to do well. They're a bit about these questions I've got like they're pretty decent serve all the way to their gitmo. They include the guy out what was sure it'll also show up via Google book by Bob. They llamas the NFC south obviously still goes through Atlanta for the time being though and they. But that they got to trust us from Chicago over the weekend and I'm curious your thoughts about that it was up there and windy city. So road game for Atlanta what were you more impressed by by Chicago or were you look more disappointed and an eleventh. Okay good to see an incident obviously group. Everything in the gold rebuilt where it whether you can still do elicit not you go they have slumped more suitable. All I would guess that like out there are noble and I'll put some kind of put me. We're out double this rather poor partner in the first. Mob that this seat because I've did everything go work improbable. This child the blue thing in the doubles Bob would grab it I would say that would move reflects a local Chicago seem bad hole. A good little quote school saw spots well slave fort. Now bop bop yeah those guys ready to play there all the beer compared with just seeing. I've this cycle low level and upload their program hopefully get some very ever did see. All of the day if they didn't they just simply as well look they could allow the without also. I'll let you go up to worry about that also saw a lot about really dull I think they'll start did that so for. So I suspect it will look look look the first game universe. We have all the role probably love other barriers look at the careful have a bad normally would vote yes. You know Loma she started to start the conversation with you the moral victory that she sought the the browns might have had here just a little random staff from one of our techsters since the browns returned to the NFL in 1999 Ben Roethlisberger. Has more wins at brown stadium than any other browns quarterback but in SS secrets of crazy stat but. It's interest in nonetheless but that's the Steelers are one of those teams of people are picking in the AFC specially maybe even now since the patriots go down weeklong. There might be the team that there represents the AFC in the Super Bowl. But does the browns as you mentioned Doug didn't know weren't too far off they they held their own. Great day that they're really bit them. But it definitely do don't we also let people directly. They oppose civil Limbaugh out with bill with the ravens to about but it wasn't that much about the bill pretty good case. Did you know about old all of that by the saying they're going to a world which hey do you believe get. That's there whether it's well being bigger ball. What they did shoot the ball the quarterback. Their biggest bank open where this year is all the BL. That you can't control bad. But that's the biggest way for them have sold they say they'll see I think there will be the things or bad you couldn't see them anymore it. Up to third fails C championship. No I don't bolt that would feel really bad so not what you could see perhaps there. All of feel this Burgos say hell yeah but I doubt they can't control let's go vote you'll both feel full well have stopped the car out there. They have all the world is in the world also saw other ball. I like JJ watt will blow over all the dealt with these social side of the ball obviously being. This bird has all been great to have sworn to see if we did we did what do get there when the Super Bowl. Lawless one more thing we'll turn to looser dimension the patriots there a second ago. Their defense looks soft it looked inept on Thursday night and and they were meet at home by the chiefs and that's not something most people sought comment. We've kind of been predicting the end of this dynasty run for a while and then we thought a couple of years ago when Kansas City handed bitumen arrowhead on Monday night the maybe that was it but he is this thing is this the end is this where we see the page restarted the slaughter a little bit. I had this little clear. Exist so it out me. At all not right now because the higher with is so well sort of about that did the visit as we try. Army might be the only one that show there's a lot of the big. So I think how mobile are both those old news outlet they have a weak division this you know always wore that. Do you look at just the visible very you have to get to a good look at the whole schedule. A bit but it could put themselves they have put Alicia would suspect they can't just also urge you. All the big business scared me that they did you people act there will they be able to get this is a bit. But I couldn't scoop the ball all windows so football goal. Adults that are ahead. I don't want to know outfits out. Site they will probably where sale you do. If we eat what they did did did you. Patrick dare they have probably given them play at all. But what they did in the play all they have my opinion the ball out there is doing good. Very true but think they will say so I don't see though all of all the little boy well Bob what about this whole deal but. You know almost like people make a big deal about charming determined enough to buffalo Brandon being goes up there as well as her you know the GM and you know it's become. Carolina north you know for a lot of people in their concern that they're gonna have our secrets to our success here for the Carolina Panthers. You know I've said that well if they have the secrets to our success don't we know what they're gonna be successful that because we know McDermott as well as anybody does it just come down to who makes the plays in the game and who's gonna make more plays on Sunday. The bills of the Panthers. But I assume for a bigger we ball over I think you're exactly why they're you can drop all is well holding you know. What the coaches come to Belmont deal where they don't open label putting up over its. Said America and he do you draw about these hard you look at. This new. There we bowl gold they look a lot slower than you did they do all their field and that called. The door it's seeing the place. But yeah there you go all the good exit did not execute those plays we. You've got to figure out some of the holes brilliant colts is that. The colts and Oklahoma glad gold saw this they don't have a local reports say yes I'll open local utility developed 45 degree angle just go. It. All plays they could draw the upper big it would distribute the ball. They got the horses brought there and visit our did a little bit. Lomas brown simply hold serve seven times bowler Andy good thought of as a television analyst with the Detroit Lions are there in Detroit Lomas we appreciate a bottle tortillas with. All right here and it's so. Themselves adults are close pro once again joining missile attack become just slime will come back. And guides asked almost always have a full once over there I'm hungry enough. Well the comeback didn't you know let alone hit man in fourth we don't notice there was a lot of dollars to find out obese family is doing down in Tampa by the way. Why ask him what we yup on. I had I don't know why I put him now when I tell you I don't know little the other little just two minutes of talk to a disease is outright lied because I why he would hold no watched him go on announcing that I'm here I want to sail on Monday to be shut out she'll be Stanley Donna jetBlue. Suffered through a little bit of her Tina and I in my little. The workers children that personally right there on the phone because the mother had a guy on it the other kind of guy you want the public grandson. I tell you what the public that the pitcher and other data when I say I wanted to let the public and their these cold and damp got to my bears are planned there on Sunday nor does it and I guess servicer of most concern myself that's an okay that's really go into how how good the auto relative to the other US hockey association leaving the with the US women's ice hockey team stranded in Tampa during hurricane Irma left to their. Let it forget about but it usually get about offense yourself yeah pretty much says looked an in depth look elements must sort through that and tried we'll come back dimmed. Let's do some stuff Garcia Villa. As soon we still Lomas brown blob because of uncle screener says I know I got tired there's alma. How to build fans are getting their flow on an out it's almost game day quote so I guess that's not because the song and best of luck although we'll say it's better than anything military. In general right gutting a dozen yards. No he says he wasn't so we saw a man which he should've said just because yeah just terrible taste in music. But I I just I was hoping you scroll of the city were welcome back Dorsey and Bailey our number four about a five or six minutes after the world according to franks is in the short segment that other Lomas browser incest. Though he was and you know I think he drove home the point that was Macon with the bills. Now as McDermott goes up there there was nothing for the Panthers to be more concerned about the in the bill should be with the Panthers because the Panthers are better players. If we're honest we start looking into your roster you don't play the game on paper but on paper. In the Panthers are are more talented in the bills aimed at doesn't mean more down the little ought to teams they play this year and I think that was the kind of an ongoing thing going into the season is that this is talent does this rosters ever brand. I think the defense stepped up employed that way and joblessness and in these older white now. And you come on back to home you can take a little bit more chances. And knowing that you can count on your defense I mean we talk about that each and every year you know establishing your identity and who you're going to be. I'm not sure if it was in one game the Panthers are gonna feel like you know what you know we can lean on our defense in a time and at crunch time situation or short. In a sudden change time of possession were there they stepped up there almost every time against you know the forty niners so you know offensively. You know once we get to a certain point I can kind of open up the doors little bit. In take the you know is it that the reins off a little Britain say what you weaken we can take some chances don't feel we can open up this offense a little bit because. I trust our defense if we turn the ball over is going to be able to go out there responding to does does the ball back sounds a lot like 2000 fisted it's so let's go to the phone lines and let's bring in John next and I was that CS and thoughts on the panthers' John Kerry this afternoon. God all powerful all burned its yeah. You mom mom good how could live without all the problems real Yankee here. We have good iron dog involved with the little alarmed player we're glad we got me I'm no. Lara we we didn't Corey Hart I'm not electable of all little Andre Gurode. Think it was you're going to be good that they didn't include all of doping it's everywhere. Our court we all work. We think there that in due time and very very well another dominant and Liberia where it. But yet the bill com no prayer and didn't think there at the drills and also we'll are have a moblog people who love. I don't want to get off their bowl remember mobile. It's sirotka. Figured golf hello does is it by if I may just stop miser that is I think they're going to be a lot of the games from cages are this year but I was supposed to on Sunday man and the guy I know I can evaluate the offensive line like frank can. But what I saw and in some of the clips and I I got to see. Other from from this past Sunday. KK was downright dominant as he was a bully a Tucson. Yeah I mean he's able to do up to filled create pressure even knock the guy back to and any time. You capture the line of scrimmage. It's gonna make those holes little bit smaller or those running back to bounce a little bit more because nobody runs north and south. Everybody kind of goes east and west and that's kind of what you gonna see was JD McCoy you know for the bills he likes to go forth and bounce it out to the outside and that's where the speed of our linebackers. Are going to be able to be able to you have a little bit more impact your patience is one of the things that are like America is a struggle with it only played teams like the Steelers where you have a very patient running back with good vision that no kind of gives the appearance were the holes one way and that you don't comes back the other but when you look at the way distillers block vs mother teams. You know they don't block the same they stay on the double teams they make the running back. I think you're right and they make the defense wrong not everybody has the ability to do that with the guys up front I don't know the bills. Don't have that type of offensive line that's going to be able to slow it down from from Kuwait where he's able to pick and choose his holes so. REI I expect more of the same. You know McCourt is gonna bounce in Buffy breaks that first level he Diaz doesn't take it to the house. And he's gonna hit the whole bit faster than what we saw last week was Carlos Hyde. But you know as far as. You know this offense vs that office that they give there's a lot of similarities to mean the difference maker. Or the guy that could be an X-Factor is you know who we've talked about as Tyrod Taylor because he has the ability to make guys miss in the hole. Are his ability to improvise and make plays extend. Which you know sometimes guys can come open on the backside. You know but you know the answers are well aware of snow those type of things and they're gonna practiced that throughout the week. Are a signal more phone call or go to a James from may next James Howard buck. Door gentlemen now we don't do it's well. Oh I almost got its target golf talk about the browns great moral victory also and muscular. I was color monitor body goes way beyond just got back what the first sector in the marked. Mark Davis barrage chicken hawks. What a career and perhaps maybe you're rust from not playing with dignity and a big billet played a handful place may be one preceding 82 little bit bad about expected. Yes congratulations brown did you got a lot of talent that didn't translate into victory and distillers are kids shell of what you'll see on downloads can go quick. Shut up to Hollywood Hills looking good but what I see here our volunteer tent. No no please don't call me as a miss you guys I don't know it's host yeah absolutely and hopefully Robin thank you know about him as well and always fight nuts. A good fight right now no you hope we can win that battle but. It's due to the Blue Devils look good and I'm sure that's at inspiration for rob and then James you know as the season goes along and I know these big still friend. I I trigger figure out a way to blow is that until he started this now audit to give up one of days. Which couldn't do what I can do because there was a phone call goes to focus on laws it was to the point of focus to the point he was informed. And it does with a supplemental stuff in like there was action all around eight plus phone call from instrument I know I was shocked I know people are usually I legitimate James bus from maiden. He may say some things that people don't like what he brings it every single time on there is a phone call he brings it every single time on air and and many calls into sporadically. He's ready to go. That's our call every day he understands how this business work I houses that are normally I would just sees this and come back with a the we have the world according to frank killer of men so I have to do this and really quickly because. Frank I realize is it's tough guy who played along a lot of scrimmage his entire career I realize you don't love kickers and putters but I just thought I don't know image I know which are made. But I just saw what might be the quote of the year. From Virginia tech's Australian partner Oscar bred her first your reply folk all right Sig today I don't know listen this. Either a media session right now and he's never had to tackle anyone in his life because I never played American football well he played rugby there were higher American also was a soccer player I'm pretty sure you guys are so I something Allen was he's he's never put the sport okay cameras at tackle and about a ago. He was asked by the media just now. Were you know they play ECU this weekend was asked by the media. What he's gonna do fiesta tackle some money in as you learn how to tackle what's he gonna do a triple he says and I quote. All decked in stride why make output of his assets advocate. But he's restless gender or two yeah probably so but clearly he's just gonna decks a money straight away and put him on their assets 100 I don't know if you remember but I kind of do the flying kick. You know like a little Friday too yeah that's awesome it would let it became just the jets right in the chest I would love that yeah Phyllis is so just imported as a put him on what do I do apologize tomorrow for saying something like that final comeback and it's time for the world according to -- time now. Food the world according to for an. All right the world according to strike the late start today but for good reason Albion big questions I do I really really do. First question. And it says a lot about a man what he named his dog. So if our hands you a puppet right now frank message frank here's a puppy. As a as a gesture my friendship deal what you'd have this dog to be your your best friend what would you name the door yet they no brainer easy answer duke. Really yet to Greg de La is good don't want to dry dog that's all dog's name and his wife Isabel is because a Duke University or just what now we're just not a deal okay. I don't dig deeper now. That's different color duke DUKB. I'll to. That's a good duchess stronger and could strike zone I'm pretty proud of them has a pretty strong dogmatic but got a buddy in college. Pedigree dog bit rot while got a rescue renamed the dog Steve step up its Danica has put denizens are using dogs Steve is a Dell for his Israel has stayed Jameer. And don't consequences and I just thought there's got to that is a good tips it's now Steve. It's not a cartoon this league is not a good dog mountaineers could strong dog day it is like my dogs limbo. And in my elbow that's a great debt it's simple it's easy it's one syllable he knows document about Luke you know cumulative. Looks at demand and let's go here's here's my it's my senior bullet duke. Sat out a little bit. Did you did you Fuller looked at my my recommendation be boy named dogs if you can a strong one syllable name starts with a hard consummate so they know you talk it would don't name your dog Alexander. That dog doesn't earlier talked into him but as you name in below or duke the dog knows talk into it it's easy to recognize this is little bicycle people up. Yeah no script great advice or advice do you know how to run a horse. Yes there are just I don't know if you're not a fortress what are your which are leery brought rich. So many jokes okay I'll do that again Jen I may know some of these other people may not argue to what a ranch in Arizona as a kid we had horses we had dogs we had chickens we had. Cows we had won't name of the ranch. It was about the name of rage all my house all great rage that has a landslide that's all it is our house. My dad it was a big cowboy it was a ranch house how many acres. Where about three acres OK we had a couple horses. Feel homestead having just so cool maybe here. Support on nobody David street sits at a distance does the pursuit bump up if I. This guy just an exit is an idea an epileptic talkers spread delivered by European asked are you on against the drug from a pats have buildings that are densely or sucked at it I guess laws that thousand he had a neighbor. Leave the ranch no there's no ranch there's no name. There is Garcia ranch. Okay. That's good and it's have you thrown from horse you look at ever. And I got thrown from a bull you know when I was a kid capital. 00. Usually guy yeah I'm look my background growing up look this is still learning easily offer intercede here. In our culture we're aboard the sudden yeah we were we were count we are ranchers. Right we had cows you know we went branded the cast the cows. We brought men we corralled them in the end sometime Jim rocky mountain oysters. Right that's what you did you through modify so that you are classes are absolutely. I had no idea I know I alas so it's a broad group we have horses grown up having a hard time you ministry phase right now. You want about how figure lying vigorously debated tell legal malice and immediate why. I love that it's it's real eyes of wires and anything. They'll manly. You could not you would still stabbed to death of the town I would Diana are. Friday cal won the hole almost the same as last week said he would be a bad ass an old west as the wild west day you'll know which one is I would actually don't know how to handle that. Perfectly your would you. I price a couple of Padilla. Sandstorms. Sandstorms. To shut down. Meanwhile out west man is that the rob the desert is don't you think there's no Arizona looks like when you when you tombstone what use do. It doesn't look like they're using him. There's some places it's still towns that type of topography measuring nineteen. Big word a pitcher night but I don't want nick 75 branch and frank Garcia. That's what that was a rare chance at all so. Aren't we generated visual would you ever read either rocky mountain oyster I've never generally stretched to six. At. Did you ever starfish. My ask us we're gonna move a lot of question this admitted it never had indoors to be. Honest and as you do want to draw. I feel like oh my god you're what. I'm real wonderful attention to those of because not only a short in my in the overall stress is question on Twitter little while doing I'm still a neutral candidates don't want. What's your greatest sports movie of all time greatest sports movie of all time to act as a good question. I think this. I got a lot of different answers. The football one that I like the most. Is RC boasts no no no varsity blues but it's it's it's the one where in other. You know attitude is a reflection of leadership earned as a consumer of the times and that's one of my affairs I watched that if it's coming on and I see that it's always one of those I do I turn to. You can't. My it's my my passed the test when I'm coming up with right now and it pretty good one that's into. That birdies a great one I agree with you 100% one of the best is north Dallas forty and look at how his vision quest. That's. But is that was a wrestler and we never seen vision quest to excel you got to Washington went right now you've got to watchers are quest. Losing cause Susan quest vision quest unsold that's 100 was more. Really you. Argued that young visit cook it doesn't just because its oldest meat is not cry and say that's not when I was suggesting I thought possible and you never if you never seen. Vision quest you've got absolutely have got to wash that okay our best sports brutal time Forrest Gump. Storming up the rest not a sports movies there's this thing about it he played an elemental from their Bryant he Clinton Columbus to the entire body mind and he was a runner this wasn't about sports. That movie was not about sport does to us there are lots of sports in that movie all right we're coming back it's nonstop and had no interest program Palin here. When you look at it is. Who is right or junior is announce our men and you cannot address fundamental nicest Garcia Blaylock for a. Talk and end all stores Kroger Co. in the house and teach for your company. Always grow junior in the house as well subliminal you can give our young Democrat reasonably so. I'm of their. Bluntly let last couple times and I have seen frank. Face to face with the without that this time I guess what you're stuck with daring to answer this I think is an ugly wants to know anyone so I tell you what Luis I'm really proud of you man thank you Saturday what do we lose that way don't listen I'll watch. I know this is honest truth when we first met he looked like me is about 260 pounds. And he's lost a total weight than using great Jaipur and us and congratulations to that thank you sir are free you you you and you're really working well hard destined to lead talk I only wish I had this. Is a work ethic when post when he won the but the wealthy gentlemen doc goes yes the anomaly on that nervous yeah. Probably probably really listened Louise like. Jamie Graham well he's he's diabetic that's his excuse except that the fifth a. So we're talking a lot about the characters bills this this afternoon and and what that matchup looks like why why you guys already turn the page on here are your words are your thoughts on the buffalo or gonna say about the game was ugly adamant is this wasn't. Yeah pretty your Thomas differences just don't think it's interesting oh yeah I keep racking my brain or get into this a little bit today you racking my brain looking at the at the box score and you know Ron said yesterday I think seven targets or seven different we have players were targeted in the passing game and I think that interest thing. Arm but you also I don't think can maintain moving forward only two catches for Greg Olsen writes only to go one catch for kill management. And you know you're leading receiver being crushed McCaffery CS find the balance toward to see what that is moving forward but I think that's the interesting thing I look back on from week one. If you're winning the games of that nature of life that you're gonna see exactly the same game plan that's so important W blueprint for success for this team has run the ball thirty plus times out there. And a pet limit can throw the ball to 25 right there that's especially Korea for the season common coming out of the surgery you saw him in the first half he was Rossi. He finished nine of nine I think we're gonna yellow mourn hundred yards running defense stout defense and then just did not make mistakes. And I gave this sat out Sunday night because I wanted to look okay because we've talked about the slot what's the number of pass attempt you think Kim Newton needs to be around per game and I agree to 25 number issue that's a soft number that's a good area for me. And in his career here cam Newton's sixteen and five in his career to theaters or sixteen of five. A when he throws for 25 pass attempts are lesson to me what that really says frank correctly from wrong that tells you you've got a lead. You're maintaining that lead you're running the football they're leaning on your defense your being balanced in. He got needing can't go throw the ball I would I would also look. At that stat along with that Tony five or under the thirty plus rushing attack ambassador you know and as the original clearly says that Staten it's incredible I think they've got like an 80% when percentage. When they rush the ball third looked at as a might be a little higher right for most teams it's around 80% I think for the Panthers because we've talked about even with limiting Khamis. You know probably a little bit higher you know and that that's without utilizing cam and his legs up so you have the ability to get the ball to McCaffrey a little bit more to throw to to give it to Stewart. We know of course of your plan the patriots and they get out to lead those numbers are gonna change a little bit what's so nice about this offense is you're capable of you're capable of attacking down the field. With the Greg Olsen you know we're what is seen Curtis Samuel we Cornell so I mean now think about what happens when he he gets out there on the field must be that that brings so there's a lot of endless possibilities and but if your beat a team in your handily beat him you're gonna see that formula for success nine times out of ten for the Panthers don't. One thing that I look to this weekend and and I know we're pro it's Tuesday some and we shouldn't be this far and I don't know I don't know more severely out of their slow year old daughter. Yeah he's gay league standings if they tend to drag on sometimes we get to Thursday and Friday CAD and yet he's in the game we go little boy you know me well enough and unemployment time with college for politics as Brussels London Fletcher thought I just look ahead of the bills and I say you know Tyrod he's dangerous shady still very tells a running back digital avatar on the outside the and I think they're gonna face a defense that they're not gonna have stood and I don't know quite what to do it quite honestly what's different between the bills in the niners' quarterback position that's. That's yeah and that's an optional upgraded that I would say even I know and that's no disrespect to Tyrod Tara good but he had to mean he's not god it's gonna win you games and an exercise of Tim McCoy rare event there and Carlos I don't and it's I think that's there's a different type of back to tell him he's gonna try to make you miss in space does the one in five all time against buffalo mean anything in owned two now and unless we're playing back in history I mean from his go fix a knowing opening well and I would say this week yeah I mean this is what's so interesting to me we talked about this yesterday with Wes Horton we all spent a lot of time saying we don't cow Shanahan really familiar with the Panthers. Really knows the Panthers that's an advantage of can the painters are really familiar with how Shanahan they knew what he wanted to do when you saw that thing they did more surprised by anything on Sunday you're hearing a lot of that seems doesn't know Sean McDermott really familiar with the Panthers guess what. He used to work here you know exactly what he's gonna try to do it's exactly what he did against the jets on Sunday let's run the ball forty times because it's the only way we can stand games sell. I think he's always funny would you say other familiar with this team guess what they're there every bit as an earlier you have does not the differences Marca Hoyer is not Matt Ryan in our testing has actually that did indeed Israeli defense is not. The Panthers the can Tyrod Taylor and shady McCoy and Mike told werder or not the same weapons that the Panthers have to work with on offense writes eventually she'll call tonight. Not to say it's a blowout but that's what you feel confident going into week two well Vegas is leaning blowout mean it's the third largest points for the weekend I saw that earlier Solomon a blow out the NFL's what was it that or a relative to what did you know what is it like seven and a half it's seven right now tigers try to be non priceless and on to game time it's a big numbered unifil absolutely list. I don't know if that's considered a blowout you know however to get out of buffalo fans by the way in the state lawyers are now not your typical home game console myself and an exit like the bloggers at 6 AM and an elbow drop tables or tailgate yeah I don't care can make some really good buffalo wings. How does that extra. I'm more votes on that Saddam we're also following a Luis are gonna talk until the Panthers today Joseph person joins is a three. How we had gained even or drop them by 330 you know he was the guy the day after the draft age Benoit breaks down all the film for MM QB Sports Illustrated sand. I just don't like the idea the Panthers changing their offense he said that I just think got a bad year so we're gonna get his thoughts on the record offensive performance would do that a 330. And Michelle Tafoya gonna join us unfortunately to talk to her we try to talk to a few weeks ago and I were gonna do it today so we'll get to that wanna flaunt numbers show our guys are all the way due to sketchy Jim Peterson Sean Payton swisher did there we sure didn't look paradise on New Year's race is take on Sergio dipped as well. But before the show guys are we got to thank captain Motorola Lomas brown Andrew Carter and Brady bill great show. And we're back tomorrow to do all over again because that's our job got to thank John Osborne Billy. That man of frank and Kyle this is doing Garcia unveiling a W lessons it. It's. Was I didn't have blow your mind. That just happened.