Garcia & Bailey: Lomas Brown Jr

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Tuesday, September 12th

The guys bring in Super Bowl Champion and 7 time Pro Bowler to discuss everything NFL. 


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We've got a Super Bowl champion and a seven time pro bowler waiting on the line you can also find him on television opened the shortages football loyalists covering the Detroit Lions Lomas brown who joins us weekly here on Garcia and Bailey is joining us once ago tech may come just slide Loma soured about it. All the glory you don't worry it I have a bit older who rewrote school. Sure. You have these this series they were they worried me on a daily basis of how much better and so important we're. It's bad it's bad but you know what Manilow lives of fund and first of all just your general thoughts on week one of the NFL season you'll only a couple of games were. Kind of down the wire the rest were sort lopsided. And really were out covered this supported us Olympic Games because they were so high up. You're also a little bit of a match so you don't you don't give more saw mark. If the morgue site and getting some bombs social work though it's well. They're abaco club that came bow to the why are all the political with the probably seeing the airports were also door if they play Cleveland they've got a more critic doing this we JF. Objects that bill played real great I got a victory this we can't. Also heard that you grab we will real power ball before it certainly go to this first we hear about this all looks at you how that continues throughout the city. That's a good Lomas one of the things have played really well a surprise me how well was your the Detroit Lions and now what they're able to do the Arizona Cardinals 35 points. In the defense in particular was able to pick cars across several times and you know don't go get a pick six even to finish so often capped off again. Yes you heard they're but it really made all settle old so the first group ducks just from me was he looked really old golf there. When you look at these just couldn't hurt all of them. Not let him get caught the boy in the pocket about but it double bind over that person with the restored these sales. For the way they were able to contain this (%expletive) now they are the jobs. I mean when you have a guy that you'd all like you say Airbus won most whatsoever of CI device hit the ball. But this guy and focused group that bit of matchup nightmare for us. I thought with these so it didn't look very good scheme against you know much thought about this there will say they've helped so of course they help what do you know what it can't lose. Well thought they had hit it great thought great job so that's point. The lowest we just don't know how teams are gonna come out doctors have treat the pre season is no bearing know what the regular season to look like and if you're the Jacksonville Jaguars right now that's the didn't in the number one case a mean they've beat a pretty good Texans team. At least defensively they scored 49 points and only give us seven that jaguars defense is for real. But they're also really lets. It might be one of these we were saying god those early years you know we can get it all and I didn't get a bit they're there or get out if you would like geez did no good very good. Seems to be there as they were about what bill. You know all of you since seen that I have they would sign the players who played about all the (%expletive) That you sit to have more than a simple game that. You always say what they'll both go also Bloomberg the muscle layup go back to build the core. It's very hard slob don't it was Lou live person of now what should you got a situation they use the word about how they got a quarterback conscious person that saw the citadel who saw the start this week yeah. I hope that's not a controversy I hope everybody down their nose should be Da'Sean wants him but I guess we'll figure out what happens. Well it sort of limit on the score will receive a bit. I know I'm with you on that ought to percent. Low so I wanna skip ahead now and got all over the place for second did you see the look could have been AP shot Sean Payton on the sideline last night. All Mark Gardner worked out but also bit bill stated. I mean how would like Cold War. Like about who won a gold moved like give you walk in the about how would. Bowen that's one of the old bold bright red that we were the Alley right I'll take you there about and so did you. That's what little old looked so age group did a very slow play. I don't know how good the saints are going to be this year Loma sounded I realize there were some frustration and it's one game but I I've done it looks to middle order to change really trying to do offensively get either running back like did you imperious Selig and the ball four times. And you got a quarterback that's a 150 years old trying to throw the ball to no weapons. I mean I agree a hundred books that would suit and how much failure to. Sort of guy and saw I saw the seventy though much is being you've been they have out there though. So all the years I've been saw was my last year example there believe me it will bring those in Europe because you know we won the so bowl. Puts it you still like you don't contribute Orton did construed his message isn't looking. And I know what what do they do not go boom that was so mob what I'll bet four. I guess is gold let's say go big adjustment in the old device socket deal hilts. If you take about their practice that's the only thing I could do that would Bob hey did do what I have to do. So simple behavior go to take about them part this. You don't go for us very soon you hole. Also good but in other words you more more incorporated. Which you're like well no look look what they have they got that we have also. Like they like those big you know so what bubble forty want solid they'd like to know more than eagle or agers they could do this. Obama's talk and talk about the brand to zero quick you know we get a very good victory point 33 did everything disposed to the change of possession defense was spectacular the defense of wind dominated. But I offensively they weren't so overly impressive this court point three points against some pretty good go niners defense not great. But is that always should expect from this printers. You know defense just or this this Kansas team just in a blood there and do you do just a little bit better and what the other team does well as not to be flashy and it's not going to be. You know us are gonna be a bunch of bubbles a Wessels. Yeah that they could get overlooked that would now look at this that's on the day's lows. I looked how many times do want them back and bring them McCaffrey and Stewart coming they told that the ball. So I was pleasantly so. And help you with that because the kids to me. You guys as cool as Cam Newton go there until they have good critical rather that person also held. All the while that the ball or else civil like he has to run the ball. Just say also is gold get there other them but other InBev I just really CEO that was. You looked at about. It if you look at the stats of the first week although not all blow you away put together remote that's what we want. You got a rookie Robin. You know you got some who live callers such as child of this day it all seems so calm out could give them a week one. I'll look sort of put question industry bad luck got sick of me is he or rather the ball like Q does all the you've got. They bullet that seeing some new blood that's about the pass with you guys in there. Doubt they also saw a big bill would tab do we continue to build. It's been that these questions got got like they're basically did serve all the way there didn't. It would no doubt what was sure it'll also show up vehicle group. It. They Obama's the NFC south obviously still goes through Atlanta for the time being though and they that that they got a tough test should Chicago over the weekend and I'm curious your thoughts about that it was up there in the windy city. So road game for Atlanta what were you more impressed by by Chicago or where you look more disappointed and an eleventh. Maybe they couldn't see if it is obviously good. Everything you miracle we differ is whether you can hope you'll know the list so not you'll they have slumped more suitable. All I would look at it like out there are no book at all this Travis bulletin. We're out doubled this matter further Barton in the first. Moscow this seat because oh dear everybody who worked improbable. So you Java who play the doubles Bob wouldn't have I would say that would blue reflection local Chicago seeing bad hole. A good new colts called soft spot so loud place for now bop bop yeah old guy has written the play they're mobile compare that just seeing. I this cycle low level and help well there are one and hopefully get some very ever see. All all within days if they didn't they just simply as well look they could allow the without also. I'll let you go out to worry about that also saw a lot about really dull I think they'll start did this for. So are expected Google Google the first very few others. We have all the role probably a lot of other things worked in the careful lab that normally would vote to yes. You know Loma she started to start the conversation with you the moral victory that she sought the the browns might have had here just a little random staff from one of our techsters since the browns returned to the NFL in 1999 Ben Roethlisberger. Has more wins at brown stadium than any other browns quarterback. In SS secrets of crazy stat but. It's interesting nonetheless but that's the Steelers are one of those teams of people are taken in the AFC specially maybe even now since the patriots go down we Kwan. There might be the team that there represents the AFC in the Super Bowl. But does the browns as you mentioned Doug didn't know mourn too far off they they held their own. Big day that they really did them. I believe that the Google won't be also that people directly to. There goes civil Limbaugh output Millwood the waivers to about it wasn't that much about the Bill Bradley did say. Did you go and how old all that by the saying they're gleeful at Warwick but I did believe give. That's the first well being is either already. No bid that you see all the quarterback. The biggest bank open where this year is all the BL that you can't control that. But that's the biggest thing for them have sold they say help these I think they will be good things or affect you couldn't see the whipping boy. Hurt sales C championship game. No I don't know bolt that would be a rematch or not which you couldn't see what happens. All of feel this for what they help if I'd like they can't control let's go both local feel full well have stopped the car out there. They have all been there is in the world also saw other ball. Like JJ watt will blow book overbilled but these social side of the ball obvious of these. Word has all been great to have sworn to feel good we did we did want to get there when the Super Bowl. Lawless one more thing we'll turn to looser dimension the patriots there a second ago. Their defense looks soft it looked inept on Thursday night in and they were meet at home by the chiefs and that's not something most people saw coming. We've kind of been predicting the end of this dynasty run for a while and then we thought a couple of years ago when Kansas City handed bitumen arrowhead on Monday night the maybe that was it but he is this thing is this the end is this where we see the page restarted the slaughter a little bit. I had this little clear. Are exists so it out me. At all not right now because the higher with it's so well sort of about that disappears in this that we rise. I'd be might be the only one that challenges Obama what to do. Sought out there how mobile how well those albeit a very they have a week the busy on this stuff you know always wore that. Do you look at just the visible very you have to get to a good look at the whole schedule. Or that they could put themselves they have put militia would god let this cab but also urge you all that did bid were scared me. I think we'll be back there at Merrill will they be able to get this is bit. But I couldn't so we'll bowl or win the Super Bowl Obama. I'll bet on ahead I'll. I don't want no doubt bit. Outside they will probably where failed he would do. If we eat what they did did did you. Patrick air fare club legitimate play at all. Look what they give in the play all they have my opinion about food delivered. French is I think they will say so I don't see though all of all the will fly out Bob why not just. Assault vehicle. No -- loud people make a big deal about Sharma determined enough to buffalo brand and being goes up there as well as her you know the GM and you know it's become. Carolina Norris you know for a lot of people in their concern that they're gonna have our secrets to our success here for the Carolina Panthers. You know I've said that well if they have the secret to our success don't we know what they're gonna be successful Latin because. We know McDermott as well as anybody does it just come down to who makes the plays in the game and who's gonna make more plays on Sunday the bills of the Panthers. But I assume for a bigger we've ball go where they knew exactly why they're Uga do all all if you were holding you know. What the coaches got the bill hard deal where they've sold all the way of putting up over its. Senator barrack. And he redraw but he's hardly look at. This. There will be bolstered gold they look a lot slower than you did they do all that field. And that called. Google it's seeing the plays but yeah figured yeah it's it did not execute those plays we. Your brother that you could have some of the most brilliant colts is that. So called simple normal go but this. They don't have a local reports net salt and local utility developed for the South Korea are able. Just good. Good good they all play they could draw up permit to distribute the ball. I got the horses brought there and give this dark is saying go get. Lomas brown suitable shed seven time bowler Andy good thought of as a television analyst with the Detroit Lions are out there in Detroit Lomas we appreciate a bottle tortillas with. Are right here and it's so.