Garcia & Bailey: Lomas Brown

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Wednesday, December 6th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Frank and Kyle talk with Lomas Brown. 


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But Garcia. Our number four child clearly. Frank Garcia Dray Bly Osborne homestretch a lot to do too we just decided. Then at 130 every day is the world according to frank they're gonna flip the script and they're going to instead grill meat today. About my afternoon self care to our guys got my the teeth cleaned the Dennis branded and results is guidance the all massage a social. Yeah this he got social justice. He's south is never gonna grow up got a base. No I think look. Lomas brown as sophisticated man he's a sophisticated command on the Lomas brown is that a massage and facial I would guess that low brow laughs it is that selflessness he might. Really did was routed through at a mega ever had a facial before the honest. Are you go mile wide open this year since I am appalled at all that that call before I get more. What were your pet food. Yeah they did this book is called boot them and so yeah. Added I ended. And it's delightful as. It will be no matter deported not they ever made all the. After I suppose only would have some perspective that. Lomas so. Oh let's that we got you guys are men dream blah roosters or have a little fun. And what about what about Troy my man. Our let's dive in there we're talking a lot about this Monday Night Football game and everybody's up in arms about how violent brutal it was in the other the big hits and so on and so forth and I think we all have thought you know some everything we see things like that happen and we're all. Immediately concerned about the price for the guys on the field that other better injured but. You know Loma subtly there was anything particularly more brutal war more vicious about what we saw Monday and things that we've seen before. Oh I'll be you know it looked only had about. It didn't get the ball back. There oh. When they're looked at all the and we look dead at the they paid big big big game ball I think that all of this we're do you think you match. But it could pull the ball they're all in both ball and but there have been good very bad happened although there. And Boldin back in the big wall between the wall that the day would be if they look that open. Well they're both so that they. The other but there is there a way we're called apple would get big day because. That's the way the day bill Bauer of well I got or good reason now that we looked at FaceBook won't hurt so far in you know put all these double Thursday. Our budget for the do that the better well go watch things more. That they add. Almost talking about distillers and found Cincinnati game and he is in the physical. Aspects of the game mean and what it would all happen but to meet I wasn't it did the worst hits of the weekend. In Beirut that you really bothers me to see that. The play that he did hit Gaffney bad can yodel and Adobe to Leo drop and noble on a back and whose hand he used to saying penalty. As those other guys I just don't understand that and I want as sue. How in the world can grow get the same suspension is these other guys. Like the. It you know why it is not why they have an hour agreed all hundred of their well that would suit that we don't work there it will be what it. You could if they knew that they should. It's yeah I didn't think I'm bad that prohibits all if we like food on the fact is we like that. But it didn't go as low mood wall. The big bank the ball. But they don't let bet that wouldn't put me in these matters is that they. We've committed they've made their bet there are you all that they that they they they of the day. Didn't. And I've built the Rio hundred that this would there where. The double B that brought that he got out but it's a little bit of a lot all we ever thought about it a book that about. If not a little boy it's what buffalo probably doubtful oh. It's not sold just. Are all under. Oh boy right they'll let you know there was only this I'm. Yeah they sound like prop eight out of it all the BP. It yet output apple while we spoke about these very back up the back out really well. I tell you what I took an oldie raiders team because of something like that so your your parishioners acquire their Lomas but does not listen I mean as egregious as it was in his is selfish is it was a groan did that. It was also out of character what led to that. I mean I know what I have been before it's great sit. And a bit of four straight before you well great we don't bear boasts great debate day before. But I'll tell you that you know bridge while that may not like god call 30 wait well you know and that's what caught. Covered. You don't do you. Domain okay what sport if they're not giving up back well I went way they're they're way all now but all well you know. But you're there you OK don't. How late they woke that. You bought an air about are about oh yeah that's what we're adults they don't you go or at least what opt. The girls basketball although it's been about. I don't know although it would benefit the all of them knew about you than we did well look at what that big guy as well. The main battle. And then there. It could be. The spot the career. A llamas are equated to the guys their empire. I'll defensive linemen that you've been battling with all day and your money goes hand your face mask earlier and he's standing you do die with his legs you know around the pile with the play being dead. Yeah yeah duke could do that well. Not good though popping look well matched up well but don't bet. I mean no not for when we play we had bad compact with the dot org you can match with a all that involved what. I don't play well with Matt all I doubt that martz who got that four. Where he would that fluctuated due out there are very diplomatic spirits skews toward don't really liked it but they skewed toward more about. Lomas this has been talking all yesterday today I'll watch first taking Steve many of those guys and and on Donovan McNabb was talking about you know because grown doesn't have any prior history is a good born in the game. You know any you do some of these other guys you know so who's the fire you don't do stuff like does a pretty good example and so do you think just like they were talking about whether was racially driven noise you know if you know this somebody issues that the commissioner. You know then he has to deal witness some and I thought I did and it took our criticism he's received these take its. Any of this has you know I have to do you are. An Israeli racially driven. My butt but beyond that which you operate it bill there were there are clear that we read it there it's are impacted bad. Up cycle of bubble I have I don't they'll pop up you look great. But the back of a Alibaba I have to do what you wish you couple about it. Because of me a bit you you don't look at how the days of the ball. I looked at the from the barrel for the when I came through like we knew always that it would only look to. Well they move the ball. A really bad it's good if we go about it and we. Although all of the water you know there is what we're saying well we already know that he had the but we'll both of the duke out of there. You're ball bad is that there have been put both of those led booted the ball after their capability. Built there and. Erica what part bit civil war all it's so what did that savvy and different things like that. Outbreak because of the pot has been a tiny bit in the past. Ed and I have no but they didn't like that appear there isn't bad you're in the bank said it did in the days won't salute. You know everything weren't sure Bob god they need to sit there will. That's lower than they have been they have all the way dead at. All bowl people thought although the all of that may mean there you know very bad you've been. Whoa you know what they did that they have that he did today but. In the day before the bowl isn't it very well. Well it's more so than it is because it is there a bit more and more. All of the bodies buried. And they they become all too bad about it would come back then. Yeah it is very. Mr. rubio but are simply that I deplore all all of the. You know Lomas a derailment we are so the guys not once that I ever saint. And still don't that race had anything to do with this I think there's some things we can equate to that I don't think this has anything to do with his suspension I think is just clear Clinton tried. If this guy did this that guy did that because there's only a short time with four games in the suspensions and you're one game was equal to you what Everett isn't baseball you know there's going to be a lot of things that don't seem right but I am just yards and he personally I never thought for 12 that race had anything to do. Well I would just toss an event to what I do think is probably still some sensitivity around the fact that there's a lot of club you know bad blood between -- -- commissioner -- the patriots based on what went down with the flight gate and I think you also factor in that you know again like you said this is not a guy who's done this sort of thing before was very out of character their soap net and the fact it just seems to be really no rhyme or reason for a lot of these suspensions anyway and you get a guy like Charles de Charles Johnson Charles de we suspended four games for PD's let's say number James Tom Brady just for plenty of football or if you have the domestic violence suspensions I. I'd look I think like along the same laws both fuel a lot of things that I do think something's a racially tinged others not so much this I think just might be unifil screw things up again I'm not really sure about that. And that could be the case soon but you know want to relocate grown can you got guys that have had no issues the pass and mean these you know these days we have something they suspend any growth talks. Is the worst thing. That's likely still be some years ago I think there's a degree at the point and that Lois I thought you were just a little things factored this into a Doocy I don't understand why people are upset because the league can't pretend to be so open arms about head injuries and and talking about CT to suspend a guy one game who hit journey just like the way it did yesterday dislikes the concussion protocol so. NFL you know you look kind of again like hypocrites. Lomas like atlas a doughnut asking about the characters really quickly men and I think it's gonna be a little bit of a tough stretch your done the other final four games period for all that loss to New Orleans there in the playoffs as of today but you know the next four games that got Minnesota this week they've got to face. Undrawn Voyager the Packers that the following week and it sounds like Aaron. Welcome samples and the falcons sources tell stressed that stayed they don't play off team can do it. Out very very fair and I'll look at that my game that I look at. You know the two mr. king live you become her. Perk they're liable. You've although that cup well let me ask you let it happen that Baghdad about her you know the book the gold the things they can't beat cooling off. You know you go out there. That you're seeing live there that's see who has the chemistry the. You have. To do if the bigger. What ever happened in the mobile home that today we hear about them becoming more yeah we've been able to go to movies including the net bumblebee mobile. But I can't beat the very that aspect if they do that. They'll put them they'll you know the book mr. It's been tough though they're they're really is because Beck is they they emit a little bit there is that they're very. And it that they over the years and then all of their their beer there is all of their they're that the walls. It would go pick up a bit they've been the they have that they. Quite what they'd be at the end of the statement got the fitness well well hopefully I don't know that's what I mean they have. It's called volt can not all of you who it won the ball. But all don't have been very good news we predicted we that you. All of the rule all of all of pollute my apple you called Applebee's is needed because the opening goal Terrell I don't would go. Llamas are gonna agree with you more than you talk about those little things in the things that are going to be able to be cleaned up and Lotta times you know we as players are sometimes even as coaches you know we just squeeze a little bit harder and -- you know practice a little bit better and we create that environment everybody wants to go back to 2015. You know when the Panthers were having success nobody's gonna see these things to talk about these things when you're having success are only gonna rear their ugly heads when you're having the failures and you're losing because of those little things where do you correct those little things. Throughout the spot at the plate and it without this stop apart we always say if man go bite them the playbook review of the playbook. When you get there is that they inspected who has they're all that. That they're physical but look at that it's more goal but it always thought I'll bet he'd be playing our. But it is very important that the Red Bull. But I would say if there is that I made me look good they're that what we've been excluded whether all of this all. And they're as bad as my base there. We read into these big bad wolf is what. Then we better than I hope they they debated there's been devoted knew it he batted the ball and other that they would bet that they do. Thought the problem double. They're taught the building so that that we are mobile app but I doubt they're complete this started because that's what you don't come. There's that they'll be noted that the ball is dead ball but that they put all of that is the ball. But the ball ball is hitting the ball and it would be. But here's Eric who who. Lomas brown Super Bowl champs seven time pro bowler Detroit Lions television analyst joining us on the technique John does the Islamic Georgia longer than usual and it was very prospective Miller graduation I. Did you invent. Outlet in oh what viable but. It's. They went about it the need for the Brooklyn Jew mama yeah. It was hard pressed to slow Islamist brown joining us on the tiger John does some comeback queen we'll take a phone call it's it will impact some of that and down to do a couple of things before the world according to strike which today's world tournaments -- and they would. I am. Yeah. I sports fans WS Lindsay listeners it's bonuses they tis the season join Mac person claimed that back of the back attacks foreign guys tonight and Stewart sells jewelry. Others Friday December oh yea come out for die shopping night from five to 7 PM and enjoy an additional 20% off anything in the store. And up to five years interest free financing plus take some of the best Scotch available and tons of door prizes which include airports tickets to an upcoming game two complimentary tickets to 2018 WS Lindsay golf classic and the 100 dollar gift card to the home state cal and the first 45 people to attend will receive a WS Lindsay golf past six rounds of golf on six different Charlotte courses go to until the end of this year so until Jewelers next to the Carolina place mall Friday December 8. With Mac from five to Cynthia. Yes solution be a great time in you know the toy drive will be taken place as well right after that are you with Joseph moss so looking forward to great night bomb on this this Thursday but doubt he'll listen. This Thursday as well maneuver the tilted kilt and and Oz is coming with me and nitrate she hand who's are. One of our sales rep just seven this and more to be given a pair of tickets away to. The Charlotte hornets game on December 15. At the spectrum center and all you have to do is register on their FaceBook page on this can be starting tomorrow at 7 PM but to us and are to be there Marshall doors and their football is fund manager Kyle you guys are obviously Walter listen you guys are so are you guys that are listening to Mumbai it's a great. An unbelievable atmosphere there's Tony cold beer plenty of things to. OK it's a single. Good time I don't talk about the big. He just says sultan is not a special so the craziness to yeah to video wall scholar unbelievable manager drew a lot of thanks so does not know that. That was a us talk about are just misinterpret. I'll only Mara we've been their Calgary replied I'll be in your clearly Irish like come on I can't Kroger are slated to be nominated him enough hotel in Philadelphia does lie over there and I. Is he'll have a good time during my time with digital skills are not Thursday tomorrow today don't incrimination self apps and lemon in Atlanta man you Motorola. For what sort of get in. One game sinks was silent you don't just thanks. And I don't even notice it alone and I'm absolutely. Or not and look dissimilar to the game do it again tomorrow night it was planned. So I wouldn't eat in the lancet a uniform in Atlanta yes let's original call was to steal limit you Wilson talks do it. What have you ever. Everything is good look at LaGuardia perspective owned they brought it in the knowledge you know all of this were banned in our perspective is to thing. I think Monday definitely plays a part in it and I don't feed it wet cement. Then. Pop player and dropped only got a one game suspension I'm not gonna try to validated won wherever other. But I know we played them into week and I'm pretty sure that had them to do a lot of mention may have only been one game and not pick it up there. But I spent appreciate that I don't know I've put out on the senators and told his guys during the break. There is no rhyme or reason. Not to audio FL suspends two we're talking to Thomas Davis about the show and it's very very frustrating for players right now because one week you can do something Andy and then draw a flag and the next week you do the exact same things in your suspended yeah right so it's in that met this got to be a level of frustration there forever if that would have been James Harrison that we went in created that penalty. You know what was his suspension of bat Brett was on just perfect he would've created that to a three. And it does not because he was black or white Republicans and used to this because the history is history and that's the first time. And that real that was out of character for the wrong. Would you agree you know I think it's still winter I'm not saying he didn't snap numbness and he's not deserving of a penalty. But still it's a violent game there's going to be emotion out and I'm not. He should be suspended. Right I said yesterday. And I take it a step maps from the day before work I didn't I wanna know more about what took place but nothing justifies the selflessness of corn that they're trying to injure a player you know like that. No I got three or no history. It to cram as bad you do your time this you know what has our report later and I. AA history dispersal sale and that's why people are looking at this like his racially it to be racially driven or. You know I'm because most of the guys the premise is suspended. You know for stuff that don't feel majority you know at 9 o'clock and 9% of whom are African Americans I would I would probably say to fight the stuff they they go. That goes on what's it mean super following likely kill civilians that they may. It is and that's it but there's nothing wrong say. 'cause I think what we have to talk about them and we take a step further like you and I were talking about during the break is that. OK it is a predominantly black league right is so we look at it through that prism and we say well. No let's say that whoever's in charge of doling out punishment beat Roger Goodell or you're one of those instead whoever it is. You'll say wolf. You know maybe there is something racially motivated there well then I cast probably not qualified for the job not only because he's holding racist and this is because it's too stupid to realize that perception is not there is a hoard things to get your arms around once you lose it in just a perception is that a lead that you're you're suspending guys you know unequally based on race people we're gonna figure that out what's so you guys as as Roger Goodell whoever else is in charge of of the rules committee if you worry. Your thesis person and dole out punishment that what you're gonna found out. You know yes sir that's why American Media I don't think there was anything there that to me. You know warranted even on conversation or suggestion that there would be that's just my opinion what drives me more nuts it is more. Yeah differences situation does the church is how the media perpetuates these things this year. That's what drives me crazy drives me crazy is how. The media like gruden I feel like like people that have these microphones come on there and start talking about how violent a game in his house warmer ship makes me feel and how they can't walk shouldn't watch. Right nobody is forcing you rustic and a gun to your heads and you've got to watch football. There's a lot of people in this country with the ratings being an up on those Monday night games when two physical teams play or fourteen drives those things and I'm not saying that you know. Safety is an important. But that's what this game is built on to the principles this game is built on if you don't like. Go ice skating there you go jogging you know go do whatever you need to do to me it's for your vote. It's not for everybody I did it. To sit there and crap on the sport a lot of people love and a lot of people don't. Look forward to on Sunday's. Ford two to giving them out of situations they're good at it they've aspired to play it they have a passion for they've loved it. There and go out there and ends. I. Some people do it almost seems feel like she is seems like they feel obligated to contribute to the good the demise of football when in fact you know. Would you like boxing don't watch box you mean like that's a violent sport you're okay they're you'll like it don't watch it feels like scares me I can I can support scares them to. I don't watch shadowing me today actually my mom as much and really don't know what day. That's it I'm. So some light running some people like fishing some people like stating some people like China like every. That was odd trait for a July portrait I do like OJ I believe or not that surrounds. Don't know are you come. And it's time for the world roses are red doll pilots are Blackstone acquired your chest is slated your back. Dug deep for some little. And as you've got. We're gonna come back they're flipping the script is not the world according to strike there's a rule according to child to grill the next it's Garcia and daylight time now. For the world according. To frank. So creative yes they are obviously so well so we've got a lot of text throughout the course of the show saying no to be march talking about sure you're smaller so much facial and a massage and Dennis Foreman all that bought him what. How would I have somebody requests aren't so we we do we are flipping the script to babies guys are asking me questions in today's the world according to comScore you know my first question for you Kyle the it is as we pointed out yesterday yeah. It's the I'm need to floss up slackers that's what I see you getting it slacker. We told you and I said the overnight there was going to be two. And asked that question is no rest and we have a listen I'm explaining how I got to explain yes I am explaining that for people who are just tuning in and how Calvin is did you have in what did the dentist say about floss. The fact that recommended that I flaws are okay we're talking fresh Shockey. Sox first time that's happened okay let's dive got lots of recommendations to floss Helen. He's did you have to worry about it frank this city. That don't want to take the proper measurement to go out there and do what people are telling them due to be healthy they are embarrassed when they go out into the here's here's an eyewitness here's what I will say. I'll only give you the full. Spiel that she gave me I have giants have a comment on this deal and I tabled a stop it she led with what did she said. I can tell that to someone who hasn't had his teeth cleaned in three and a half years post you know I do a good job brushing your teeth a simple Q I appreciate that. She said that said. You have three cavities in the same play ball hardly. This Cramer yeah uh huh Indo holdover. Yes so there's that bomb. That was indoors and it was the worst news there was loose and everything is you can justify this yeah. Is there so many many moons ago that thanks to the united states air force I had a yacht. And I ground it crab no outcry or a feeling put it and so. That is not gone well since then and apparently my tooth is cracking. It's last have a crown now two does do does do does that still in the air force periods and had nothing to do with your blog is this your dental hygiene yes so alarmed yet so odd that so I'm gonna have a crowned out too on top of everything else so I respect it has its. Interest in rank if you're building a house frank young man and someone it may be maybe Forman Norah a contractor. Told you. Let's put a load bearing wall here and make sure that this is properly. Properly built so the house is a good foundation gave would you Kate. Ignored damn I just do whatever the hell you want it or Pete which elicited a contract. Listen to that guy he. I don't talk about in my in my. I know he's talking about bodied like trained professionals know what they're talking in the is that my teeth dark yellow to not staying there straight like I bet they're not falling out of my head the idol fun I brushed my teeth twice a day when we nodded yes you know that's grander perspective what's. I wasn't a matter how do you usually do tees are yeah tough stuff I can say pretty good. I was not a regular at just normal to cut whose next Tuesday really enjoy you know I mean I guess FaceBook allowed for my cousin's a minute to frighten. It's no. All have cheers I know I fear a few things like go to the dentist yeah what is your biggest fear. That you just hate when you go to its. I can't just leave here I like the difference but I like it doesn't bother me I don't know I liked him scrape our. This draft and I enjoy it I haven't I'm Katrina yeah I guess as well you have a Benadryl to. I I would do this when they have to take X rays you've got to put it sharp as being in your mount a dog so down. How ironic that the that does his own worst illness illness or a tasty stuff that they put in amounts adjust to the you know these legitimate digital pressuring you did you molds of your teeth and I always you know you're either about gags you. Right do you like being here. How deflation. Fifth contrition there. Yeah. It's official business today that facial. Was incredible and I've said this before. I've skipped out on a lot of things in my life because I thought they were not manly enough or because they were for chicks or whatever else. Never again I would go back in a second and if they would go back next week John I don't do it next week it was awesome. First of all I got an hour. Like hot stone massage which is incredibly hot stone must never atoms forms incredible and it's clear the administration I got another massage massage oil and getting the facial. And kind of massage finish especially the storm. That's that's that's me you know and for you to find under a brick. But I was incredible so they get it like seventy layers of different stuff rubbed in my face and she's brave new stuff and I'm deemed appeal in the brush oddest arguments are missed a lot of stuff is a thought things were manly enough never did and I will not dissimilar view I still throw all your face and cream all over that stuff so I mean you can have at it that's truth that's just some guys like that some guys don't have fun. Well as many as. Did you do next after that we do have done enough to where they didn't have time no. Yeah I was did you order your seat looks like I don't care if you're sick he there to check. Probably gotten a competitor there should they're gonna show it's not really care I'm just telling you did you two turns and l.'s tentative knowing him and you must deep massage is cool but it. I now wish him that is although you do succeed. What what we call. News however humanize him a new season. Another problem exactly chairs you know is like all of whom it's all included got to get but the manager and there so I called him a noose. I will say this also risks so welcoming massage room yesterday she says I'm getting at the rope hanging on the back to the door and slippers and everything else and she says. Okay just go ahead and he robe and just as they get to sit motionless excessive weight joint drug connected Dorgan under here justice has advice did make it seems like for you. You can keep your underwear on and I was like. Tell us forgot to Wear those tonight. I think that's you know that's a non starter from me so I'd keep my my basketball shorts on the that was rocket around earlier inside I was kind of bears are just runner on the house you know. Commando style there was stuff and I got there is she's a fenced in your underwear let's problem is a brilliant guy. You tell you he was just deployed as here he wanted to get naked old are your options tile. Teach your clothes are supposed to do exactly I was nervous I thought. I was supposed to go. Change I. It's going to Heidi like your frightened turtle that. How pitchers so stared at notre it was nice and warm and their actions are. Understand I'm not there when it yeah. I like to get naked she's no no no just keep your underwear on the move. Actually it was so relaxing her hair her I just blow must also had a couple tops were there any extraordinarily awkward moments. Through experience that's a good question yes. I'd tell us about I can't yes he's he's. And I can tell us what I'll tell I'll tell you during the break I can't tell you this on the air because I don't ever want her to know that I know this. So I'm gonna have to tell you you're an undocked and embarrass a very nicely on the year but I will tell you during the break because I just I'm not gonna do what you basically just it's you. It's that you can't go that no protection so regardless of the American market. We should glass U ask me what. Who was that moment yeah. And I guarantee you she's not listening right now she didn't shut my eyes she might she's not voices and our demographic she's my. I know someone who doesn't lose. She gets a facial right she might be listen there's two ladies involved in this process when Damon decides one day needed to finish culture which are we talking about. I must say. Not I was scares you to get his official somebody just might have a full belly while they were doing me a massage and you know just the clearly and obviously could pick ourselves and Australia. Do let her know. Today's of the night and I'm not gonna Desantis try to say shows that place. Is beautiful people are awesome I'd I would recommend anybody in this room that would do it is an incredible place obviously know what you Botox to. Buick US before last when we get Botox frank tries to Australia yet when I told him about this he asked if he is eligible Botox he asked me that tells us. The wrinkles right there. Don't know if you hold out and now. City. Listen you're you don't have to worry about some of these then there's an amendment that don't via the red don't crack absolute black don't crack absolutely. True. I am happy little like I'm thirty that we yes I'm mag guy is an out of body how. Give me a nice I hardly sassy take his jazzy take your shots. MI bargaining job. I carded a guy one time as black guy began net 51 years old I thought he I swear to die I saw him from across or match dot. Dale Amanda Clark disk guy coming here trying to ornament and and and you. You exaggerate don't know this is true from across the room I swear to countries from across the room he looked like he was twenty years old. Drab he's not he's a player advice what took a ball with the navy recruiter and actually looks Paramount like do you not. When I met him I thought he was twenty years old he was 47. I mean it's just. Tell you right now you're Wright black don't crack you know who your new all the way prettier than we are minutes. It is delusional and it's not even debatable. And he's not debatable just our. So you can be honest all you want to. But we're sister you look way better than I am so I hope all of that and frankly it's well and it has a bar to clear. Botox to come back. We'll come back Chris Kroger Joyce a show live from the spectrum Sydor warriors and hornets tonight we'll talk to him about that next and both Flint and embarrass myself from assembly or anybody else does Nelson Garcia and they look. I got this even worse and okay stop. Isn't here tell us your hygiene problem. All know how are you okay you know what you did to figure out how to use words better hygiene problems or you may not put your doesn't abortion to Tiburon tees. I know tennis is still. How Hawaii so he lies about everything but what I'm saying is you should've told about good spirited and it's it's what we had a bet you're where I would bet along we don't launch you've gotten. All right we'll Sears Greg because that because I'm so I'd looked about this stop. Because and so final of a brush my teeth up off spot but turns out you know. Or does not so whatever it is what it is slip the other thing that I have lost their genetic he can be genetics are. Our tea and some of the matter how much you brush brush of Jesus loss if you have bad genetics unit had deeply about it now supports a bad hygiene now advantage and Alexander no you don't. Always the you're the one that was claiming how good your hygiene or your genetics works because you've only had one cavity in your entire life and you don't floss you're bragging about yeah you're you're Shelley about you'll company. The company about a year year jump out I guess I got stolen and still be open about my genetics but still. So why he comes owners is that bad hygiene could you can you Reggie did I do think the worst thing. Now I don't smell right when it's your alarm people to do things on here. Bad hygiene while this to mean I think you have you got its only eighty yesterday did stopped at halftime. He totally happy god I so yeah. That lesson here's the question are we getting to attack liberty we have an escrow gritty yet have we don't secret do we have pro result I. I don't I'll just eased out I tell you I went out about how much lotion did you use on your bag to get to that hair move beyond the primary. Chris stronger live from the spectrum sooner hornets and warriors tonight with some pros are about it high time. I thought I. I border where crowds last yeah you had controlled the entire time so appear. Congratulations. Crows and I'm sure you've got a big employed today but it's a first and foremost thoughts and prayers are just from ever run your to a to Steve Clifford and you know I at any any news on what that might be crows because it sounds like when you go for indefinite mean it makes it seem more serious. Then you may be what we thought which was like maybe a cold cold or flu or something like that. All year he's that this that this is not he's feeling sick to his star maker yeah I've got I mean this is more to it the mets' soul. I don't know exactly I'm gonna try to get some answers over the next few hours is best I can but come you don't like I was I was a little worried for for the fact that even missed a game on Monday as silly as that sounds that's just that's pretty unusual many NBA I mean it's just. I mean think of how many to what was the last of your you heard the coach calling out sick for game. Just think yourself what was lost he watched or heard of an NBA game where coach wasn't feeling well even if he had a stomach flu or cold and didn't show up for game I mean that. These guys are grinder semi frank your coaching oil works right so yeah I mean you don't. You would take it would take cutting off a limb to not be out there on the on the on the sideline or venture pure coach and you don't it don't and I actually. It had spoken to coach I guess what last Thursday was the last time I talked to home and you know he was telling me. Key you know he's got one of the biggest challenges of his you know of his tenure here on it understands right now try to get everything fixed and he was. He was loving it he it'll mean to you look for to that right as a coach you look for to the challenge of of making things work of fixing things of finding answers it's like coaches are coaches and so like I don't know what the exact answer his radio I would say the fact that this that the hornets that we're not answering more questions on it. And he's gonna be out indefinitely give you reason to be a little worried that. But at the same time you know Stephen Silas said today. This morning after shootaround that he would you know he had spoken to coach and coach had been you know. Not not hovering over shoulder richest you know kind of gave him some advice and that was it so. You know it's not like coaches is a in incapacitated but yeah I'm I would then I think Sarah don't over work reasonably concerns are. Obviously there's the concern for coach which is also going to be now natural concern for what happens next with the team. Yeah but I don't think you need to be a look at it is Stephen Silas here's the thing with Stephen Silas that maybe it's it's somewhat fitting. You know that tonight he's gonna play a warriors team his team's gonna play the warriors where. It two years ago he was in consideration to take the job that Mike Brown has on the assistant coaching staff for the warriors who won a finalist for that job so. Stephen Silas is a god it's on a very short list to be a head coach sooner rather than later in the NBA season move the hornets are more than capable Lanston I would coach Silas and so nothing to worry about. For the hornets and that. How well. Hey America it's. That's and here's the thing right there in the here's the consolation prize and no staff tonight OK okay you go against three all stars instead of for the warriors. You death you know floated down could Hoosier today. All marketer join me at three we've got so Mike Breen by the way who's on the call for ESPN tonight he's with me at 230. Poppy quell it rewards is gonna drop by Bill Polian summit call offer for the Panthers and vikings on ESPN radio on Sunday he's gonna join us Mick mix into the join us as well. And now we might talk to Rick Bedell to try it we'll try to dig up some answers and they'd see what's up with coach cliff. All right buddy have a great show also organized chill a bit that is Chris grower prime time's coming up next he's got pre game tonight I've got post game in the middle Steve Martin on the call hornets warriors. Look good for so that's all talk to all of you once again semester at about interstate I know you've now finished I appreciate definitely will host the show. All Brazilians Zito post anyway but this first. That's the first time. This normally. His partner thank you. As always and thank you or co hosting the show but I bronze head for drill annual French I militarily if it were back tomorrow is Dorsey and they'll lose their. We mind. You just happen.