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Friday, August 11th

Frank and Kyle sit down with Charlie Nance and we talk Golf!


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Lie from the PGA championship at quail hollow. Garcia and really show these off. I'll have bad days numbered zoo the second round of the PGA championship here at the quail hollow club Kyle Bailey. Alongside the hit bad break Garcia will join us coming out shortly. As these are coming off the football field and about the news radio with those were excited about that makes them back and company. For the handoff Sarah nowhere with this for the next four hours and we've gotten a ton of to talk about Charlie Nance will join us to take in getting podcast. Jason Sobel of love of god golf dot com gulf gen also join us. And double talk to Chris until a Major League Baseball insider later in the show as well a lot of pre season football to get into last night you Carolina fans. Probably happy this morning that tell you what mr. biscuits Mitchell tremendously yeah where it out last night's a nice performance. Against the Broncos in his NFL debuts we got a ton of stuff to get into head of course round number two. Is under way here quail hollow with the a couple of guys like Ricky Fowler looking to go low here. And and stay in contention for major championship. Kids count his there's still in the lead at its. Minus sixty minus one today so can you put them under management you know the weather. I Segal played a factor today it's not as hot as it was yesterday but it's a little humor it's humid. But the cloud cover stays the way it is will be a cloud a lot of pot cover actually look at something get through occasionally. Could set up for really nice day out here for everybody coming out to watch to be comfortable. Yesterday there are times you're like while it's a little steamy but for the course today it should be really good day and oddly no rain. Today tomorrow or Sunday. As they say it's in the forecast but it has sort of yes yeah I'd I think that's largely got a hold off to write about that the weather is different as of right now of course we always know how things go in the south in the summertime you know things. A little bit cooler need to be overcast in the morning and all the sudden that sun breaks out and and its. It's cook are you by about 1 o'clock so we'll see what happens it looks like the clouds are gonna hang around I'm sure a lot of these golfers out there. We'll appreciate debt defense on from reading on the backs all day longer. And as we get a shot of all Rory McIlroy out there right now he is also a guy trying to climb the leaderboard and get back into contention. For the weekend arrives in though we'll keep an eye on him as well so 704570. 96 billion goals or Texas or on the buildings that are sex life and we impaired sixty giveaway for this weekend. We'll do that in about 25 minutes so be listening for your chance to win a pair of tickets to this weekend's. Actually in the third and the final round. Coming up Saturday and Sunday and we also carrying. The EP GA championship aren't FNC. 2 o'clock courtesy Westwood One. 2 o'clock Saturday and 2 o'clock Sunday. So it should be really really fun time oniyama tries to up by. Tomorrow watch some more golf pitch on the top of our lives I will be here tomorrow action on this golf course Katrina hit in my mind this morning all right themselves go to bed so. Look I I've covered it the gulf we a lot of it's giving Charlie Manson and Jason Sobel golf solid thoughts on the you know we got a lot of football last night and was under watch as as back alluded to we see as a rookie quarterbacks already. Starting with the Shawn Watson that have have made impressive debuts and have to rescue last night shot Kaiser looked fantastic for the other Cleveland Browns and and look he put brought us Waller in his rearview mirror almost right wing gotta seemed of their so. There's a lot of that stuff to get into the bills looked pretty sharp plus audience at a loss the up. The falcons it's official bag over the real thing delusion has left and I'd. So I'll leave alone particularly the play got out decoded employ less than what about your butcher this gets older results of money not on their staff this morning. And Doug it's it's tempered excitement out there this morning because the other admittedly that a lot of that work against third stringers we still. Your business certainly looked the part for for stretches of the game last night. And you compare that to how bad Mike lemon looked you don't have his debut for the bears pick six on his first drive and and it's already a quarterback controversy in an. Now and the snapped over his head bad snap he can't they can't fall on the ball I think Mike was two for eight. For like forty yards or 45 yards and Sanchez was one for four. Sanchez played no factor in this Sanchez just got reps it's only got yesterday to Mark Sanchez will be disagree. I think out of camp he'll go down a number three of course Gloria you might need to cut is Connor Shaw is there as well but Mitchell trip this key. No he looked the part not only acted the part but he played. The part extremely well and I know always the end of the second and all the third and a little bit of the Ford and you do get second and thirteen hours. But the best part of that of his game was he made quick decisions. He made and packed full decisions he didn't waste time in the pocket he commanded the offense and every. Person to a T that I've read about on the team or listen to this morning or last night said just that. There were concerned about it commanding the offense. It ex Carolina any college and how would call that transit the pros bowling game when it translated. Perfectly he never perfect game did make some mistakes did miss some throws but the potential visitor to Victor Cruz. What was best about that was on the run he was she was is opposite side ovaries comfortable it was to his left side and he gave. Victor. A yak attempt yards after the catch so you'll throw to a guy on the run with precision and allow the guy to get more yardage. She's a Smart quarterback and I think you learned that. And I'm not saying you know not to overreact and say he's the next coming of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Well what it did tell you was that I think Ryan pace made the correct call either guy would chose to Shawn Watson or mix of Robiskie. He could've gone wrong with you one of those guys he chose the guy he preferred. I think it's gonna payoff. I'll I'll tell you what I got up this morning and whatever it is a big story like this coming up a particular city of particular market just like you do. I get up and I read the news a bus from that after that so I pulled up the Chicago Tribune his warning just to see what they were saying about your business this morning to what they were saying about the bears this morning. And there's excitement to be certain but at the same time. You got some people look there was more better destroyed John Fox yeah and destroy arrived based. Because of what they saw last night because Mike lemon did look so bad distort their game because to Vista looks so promising when he was on the field. That not so much people want it too risky to be named the starter already after last night but it's the fact that. Pace and fox have basically made it clear there is no quarterback competition and it. And they and they signed Glenn in. For that big money contracts and I really believe this now after watching yesterday. Casino things are kind of turning out here training camp. That was a smokescreen to contract that was wanted to bring this guy and we're having some good money. He ordered him one year for you when your contract to be it noted by mud after your one right right. And Bryant paced you all along we wanted to missile in this draft at quarterback and it was Mitchell Drabinsky. And I don't fault them for. Naming Glenz sort of an out of the gate because I think you have to. You can't put the pressure ultra busy. QB named it anointed the starter before he takes a snap in training camp. So I disagree that cop. Because you have no choice but to do yet I believe because you put your best in the best as possible position to succeed we'll ask write so I just coming into camp. Coming into camp okay. What's with no expectations bump placated. It seems she got an earned that spot as to this on site guy I think that's the issue with the column takes though is that I don't have a problem with the bears saying you know my glitter is our starting quarterback right now day one. That could but that would be it at least tagged them with. But that's subject to change of mr. yeah yup plays and that's not the message they send us is the bear says that there were no quarterback competition and a Mike let it was a guy this year than to risk he was gonna sit behind him learn bullet that that's the message that they said and as the that's what they explicitly says he'll sit behind and learned. For 2345. Weeks of the better start out for a one or three duke with Mike Glenn and you've you've done you've done the perfect thing you've got a team over 500. With the quarterback and Mike Glenn and who's been serviceable got through the first five weeks and Obama which was he's ready now the storm in there and he and you take off. Now if you go into if you go one and three if you go for it's a no brainer you put too risky and so would you kill lows in this case and I did when you're saying I did that column. But with all the negative feedback Glenn and gave them and they got from around the country in and rest up let's stop let's be honest. GM's listen that they hear a thing she knows and they are. And they are sensitive to the noise right so they wanna put bulls players so they'll ever met the government. They wanna bulls don't want the bulls players in the best position. To succeed and win and I think they did it the exact waited they could write to tell then he's your guy. You're no competition now what their play ball have fun play ball jettisoned obvious it's ultra risky no pressure on you man. While there have fun learned the game on the speed of the NFL they're the officer when you're ready hopefully you. The strike you couldn't hurt and maybe he's advanced chart of all right let me use that made the visitors innocent albeit. But we got edited to be great. But they got a ton on this guy and maybe now they may be true misty as fast boarded that movement on his own by playing that well and you hope that's the case. An elevator you know there's an actual competition edited that it's about merit. And that is meritocracy that locker room but that's that's that's some of the issues that I think people are taking with that a particular media last night saying look look at the kids. Yeah you're telling us there's no real competition what message does that set the rest of the locker room. There has to be a real competition because Michael and it's not the answer if nothing else to Vista just represents the future of the franchise. No matter what that future is right now he represents the future of the franchise quite 7045709. I love these these Smart asses on the military attack at W fins are Chicago's what was it. Like I don't Robiskie is a North Carolina again they shot fox is a former urgent care a lot of fans you know and if your tar heel fan right now you gotta be sent back a ticket if travesty does never really strong drew an NFL. God Dolly Masada a chance on plane is ally. In college right there for dorm is such an opportunity to play him more I know what he was limited to certain things in you know every coach as has got. Every coach loves. If falls in love with their player. Not that hit laughter mr. but he fell mobile what. The other quarterback to do so if you're tired of fingers and are going to either you don't want to things I knew it I noted that good. Or it's only the first preceding games the gonna feel on the NFL but it was a really good day. For me is a pair Bamba. NFL fans because if you're panther fan in this you'd get it going yeah I saw that six years ago Cam Newton right an and it's pretty cool. So that absolutely against 70457. And I'd be sixty and John if you want to follow us on Twitter. Back Kyle Bailey W left and the ad hit man W a frenzy and at frank Garcia 65 Franklin join us here momentarily. We'll step aside in thirty Charlie Nance will join us we'll talk about the round two here at the PGA championship. 11 o'clock Jason Sobel the Golf Channel will do the same. And I have 1 o'clock Chris until a Major League Baseball insider with espionage Garcia Bailey W offensive. Back once again live from the 99 PGA championship style Bailey hit man frank Garcia is pulling out of parking lot so we're told he's full and that's cool and he'll join us in a few minutes Sony's getting ripped to shreds of abilities and just flat wrapped up as a we're gonna get to that moment to right now gotta leaderboard update four US states to round two is under way. And as always this leaderboard update is brought to you by keel what island golf resort. The crowd most of the 20/20 one PGA championship. And right now it's 500 Kevin just there's still maintaining a lead. And he is proof or so far on the morning four Bjorn Olson who will tee off at 2 o'clock this afternoon still sitting at four under those were usually clubhouse yesterday. And then they are a handful of golfers at three under currently that includes a couple of Americans DA points Grayson Murray and Gary Woodland voices of reform right now. Grayson Murray and Gary Woodland tee off later today at 1230 and 120 respectively. Brooks kept also a three under he tees off at 135 and Chris Stroud at three under he will tee off at 230. This afternoon a handful of golfers as well at two under Rickie Fowler. After a triple bogey on the back nine yesterday major salvaged that round and that is still high at around two under as is Jordan L Smith. Tony scene out Jim Herman Patrick reed and Paul. Jason and guys in seven minutes. Calling in when that your chance for two tickets to the tournament. This weekend will be Sunday tickets for Sunday's. Action makes to our fine. Partners in both jangled celebrating forty years with throwback prices of just two dollars and 77. Cents or five different. Throwback meals for 277 so your chance what if her tickets coming up in seven minutes here on Garcia nearly. All right so life coming up later in the hour to talk about physique Gilead story got Shirley Manson actually sitting right behind him he's gonna join us in about seven minutes as well talk about day one. And a preview August 2 round here at at quail hollow but Ozzie Gilead. It is in hot water and cowboys fans out there should be bracing for what could be a very lengthy suspension. I'll last idea Rappaport of the NFL network tweeting quote when C Kelly alert displayed the expectation is that includes discipline the benchmark is six games but it could be fewer. I'll find as possible to end quote I'm Jane Slater who also covers the NFL followed up that. With this week she said quote if what I'm hearing is correct multiple sources telling me the number is closer to that benchmark which will be six games. About cowboys nations should brace for this and put so six game suspension is a hallmark and a six game suspension. It is very very possible here procedurally for those domestic violence incidents that don't he's been investigated for quite some time Tony and I one point. You know their resources around the league did so we're we're talking about this investigation and said look as far as the league is concerned. See Gilead is being considered. Public enemy number one point though. That don't think that's a long suspension that's law. Sixteenth Phillips he'll make it to the season I think he'll appeal lady gets it down to five or maybe Steve is six potential long suspension in for a team. Coming off a usually at playoff loss to Green Day that was a tough loss and a team with a lot of expectations to go back. Do the NFC championship game and possibly Super Bowl. That's a rough loss for the and if it if that's the case and get into six games. Cowboy nation needs to really really prepare themselves for that because I agreed to count that's that's that's gonna be at the chance to go look at about a five and 16 in oh team. To forward through 33 maybe two before they get tough schedule the navigates the interesting thing about this as well and I saw Jeff Schwartz tweeting about this moment ago. Is that. Zeke Elliott. Has not been charged with any prize money love this video doesn't matter in the NFL I don't accidental in the city attorney and in connection with the news that has not been charged with any crimes. With the investigating attorney did state last year that he felt there was a series of incidents involving violence between Elliott and his now former girlfriend. According to the USA today the league has been conducting its own investigation outside the formal legal system. And though the NFL you know world's kind of been waiting to see what happens here so the NFL that its own investigation. And apparently found something that is going to warrant a lengthy suspension that's I think most fans trying to get frustrated about. Well that's the reality of the league and in any profession Irian. It's not always knows it we found guilty for a suspension Hager Hager places of work for. Suspension you know you're happy that doesn't matter right the leaky. Does this investigation they deem something happened or something went wrong no regardless of what it is. And how serious it was they Olivia suspension on you period and a fine that's it and having to do about it. I'm glad the feeling. You order a video films always have the country's retired FB ID EA and of course sheriff's offices a soda. Did it and your security offices are top not sure they have all the resources in the world to conduct any investigation that like to conducted it and it appears that they've done exactly that. So why have we already have bit the cowboys fans thanks again cue the violins for Ozzie never really got half half I can't say that word cowboys belief in the Charlotte area. Ha ha how bout them cowboys so. That's it and and let Tony read all these text about it for rather the answer I've bears drowned out there while he's doing that we'll step aside frank Garcia is in the house. We'll come back we'll talk to Charlie Manson gonna talk about dates do of the PGA championship and we got two tickets to giveaway or does that regular pair a pair. A tickets for Sunday color number five right now caller number five. Right now wins a pair of tickets to Sunday's action. Final round action here. At the 99 PGA championship at quail hollow courtesy of our friends at bow jingles celebrating forty years with throwback prices of just. 277 frank Garcia there as in the house they don't vote Jenkins is a good yup you got a chance to win tickets to Sunday's final round 70457. Or 96 dead. Fifth caller gets some right now. Golf talk on the other side it's Garcia unveiling. Tonight you guys PGA championship what the media center here. Quail hollow Kyle Bailey now joined by frank Garcia who thankfully made it and traffic was better this morning I was hopeful for a yeah I was it was tough you know we were getting after we have a scrimmage and thanks we will walk through watching film from the last scrimmage and you know got after a little bit it's it's right around the corner man I mean I'm so excited. The balls here and you know just the traffic ya I don't understand people. Is gone and I guess I never donated you know driver down here. You would expect people to understand day three day for that there's going to be a lot of traffic. There's some people have no idea as they're coming down park road. The there's a golf tournament at the it's like they're oblivious to the world. Right in there like which way do I go work and their stock and they're the ones that create the jobs like everybody else kind of knows where they're going in what you know what to supposed to do and want to get fast. You know this first light here opens up but to get to that light. From 51 to park road is a nightmare. For all of these are tens of thousands of visitors to the Charlotte area for the PGA championship that was frank Garcia who ate cheese you have time has telegenic. I got the early today we know that what you that would be exactly right the all too well. I know welcome to visit but don't move here put up. We have so it can't sit here where this. And I tell you what may have been yesterday was interesting wasn't a million had Rick you hit a triple and end and clawed his way back to two under and Eddie Jordan just barely saved his round yesterday and what what did you make it all. I think you had two different. Golf tournaments in two different golf courses yesterday the guys who went on in the morning still had some of the moisture from the first few days of the week. And because there was heavy the moisture didn't burn off in the morning and some things were little more receptive that's why you know. You with the exception kissed her. Everyone who was at the top of the leaderboard being who they came from the morning wave in the afternoon. For everyone who complained that the US open was so easy and Erin hills and guess what are US open broke out here yesterday afternoon were you had Bermuda rough. That was causing all sorts of trouble you had firm fast Bermuda greens. That rolling at about fifteen on the stint meter and yesterday afternoon became oh a survival to get to par to keep your score still avoid the big big number. Two things that voted for before I let French Open because that always is obsessed would be sitting out here he sees it golf got through through like you. So if that's the case what did kissed her do so well yesterday as part of the afternoon group. And for those that don't understand don't know what a step meter is but bombings like the note that this okay. This but as the leader is basically a big long slide rulers looks like something we were kids. For those who had hot wheels he had the racetrack that you would let that the caller that's a good description go down the racetrack. And what you do you you roll ball down it and the stimpy is the numbers that the ball rolls out. And at the further out the faster the Greek. And so when I say fifteen was rolling out at fifteen feet while arts or sort of bit the second question and you talk about those guys. They played so well they shot the lower scores in the morning group what did Kevin just reduce Sowells for the afternoon. Two things he kept it out of the rough. Which is. The kiss there's not a big hitter and there are fairways lingering all these guys on tour are he or use our big hitters relative to you're not right the kiss her relative to them is not a big hitter. But you keep it in the fairway. And on these greens. You just have a day where the ball falls I mean the one that he made only team. If that ball doesn't fall he's looking a five or six feet coming back and heart breaker and who knows what happens but the ball fell. So you know he putted very very well and he kept it out of the rough and that's what you have to do. Am I love you know Charlie looking at these big scores I know you do as well you want these guys to be challenged you want them to be tested. Will we see plus eleven plus fourteen plus nine. You know you see Phil and I'm not talking about his average Joes now live like you and try to go out there would be happy with that I'm talking about the world's best. You know Phil Mickelson shot an 82 yesterday. Are you certainly won't. You know we would all be just like I'm done I'm Quinton I don't wanna play I mean this is not fun. Right and that's what probably allowed these guys are experiencing right now it's not a fun golf course but sometimes I like when golfers and fun because I want these guys to grind well. Here's the thing like I said. Com they didn't get the US open experience in June they got the PGA championship experience in June finish getting the US open a couple months later. And I think their mindset coming in was a we're gonna have. The PGA experience and really it's the truth be told. I think the PGA of America and quail hollow may have come on the sub air system on the greens expecting more moisture than they got. And the greens dried out they got a little fast and our two part question for you number one I want you to explain what degree mile is not you know in prison but out here. The green mile is 1617. And eighteen you can make an argument. There's a couple of courses that say their last three holes are really great finishing holes and the TPC sawgrass likes their finishers and those are great finishing holes. But they you can put the three here in Charlotte up against anybody. Sixteen is a more than 500 yard par four that is downhill. Clambering slant things from right to left of the IQ and the things they have to hit it over the gallery in order to get the proper role out of of the crew of the growth of video fairway well in the and the marker that they look at this the bunker off on the right that's why you saw speed them Fowler both left in the bunker and it wasn't that they hit bad shots. Is that they expected the ball to turn off of that bunker and it just stayed straight. Because if you're able to turn the ball from right to left off to that bunker again though the fairway chambers and slopes down towards water anyone kick and roll out another thirty or forty yards. Just don't Lori hit 357 early 277 came up park during a long par three and especially with the of the greens as firm as they are right now. Today's pin placement is going to drive him crazy especially if the wind starts blowing. Rickie Fowler just hit it to about fifteen feet to the left of the green or left of the pin and it's on the front that's a great shot if you were over to British Open they'd be freaking out how good that is it's going to be very hard to hold. That position on my green and then finally eighteen you have the water all down the left and trees protected the right at you have to hill will draw from right to left which under pressure. Is probably the toughest shot in golf these guys because under pressure you tend to speed things up. And you clear your hips faster even you flick your wrist quicker and that right to left draw becomes a right to left snapper and it's amazing that little creek that runs of the side of eighteen could be more than a yard yard and half life. But on Sunday I guarantee that thing is gonna look like. FF love already river like a dormant right apart due to the question yet. We talk about the three tough finishing holes we've also seen golf courses with three easy finishing holes. If you want to drama what do you prefer do you like the easy holes were guys have to make birdie and the ones that don't. They're going to give give a stroke back to field for the ones that play those three hard all. The bats well here's what I think the magic the green mile list is that if you hit good golf shots like Frist is Rory McIlroy hit 357 off the tee using that slope on sixteen. He has a wedge in to sixteen all this and sixteen goes from. A hole where your hoping to make par to where Rory got a wedge saying I can birdie sixteen. On eighteenth the same way if you hit a really good drive you've got a very short iron in your hand and you can be more aggressive only teach I think the beauty of those holes. Is that not only are they challenging but their rewarding if you had a good shot some of the holes that like for instance at the TPC sawgrass even if you hit a really good drive. That green is so narrow and the water comes into play so much that still a defensive hole. The magic of the green Molly is even though they are difficult and they demand good shot making that also rewarding good judgment and Lester thrilled that doesn't it they'd save team is gonna complain about well look Phil is the Phyllis so crooked off the tee right now this is not his place I mean his ball complaining in the rough all day. And you you were out there you saw the rough you'd you don't want your ball seeking to the bottom of the attention I have two and a half inch rough you're not going to be able to control it and it's going to be a long day. We literally dance with a sawed a couple quick things I want to get him before lets you go here and I'm looking at about half dozen golfers sitting at three under right now. And that includes Rickie Fowler just voted to move a three under and I Gary Woodland and Brooks kept on a couple of others. But first with Ricky I mean again he tripled late yesterday came back fish started to wonder and we all know he's searching for that first major it. Can he do that here do you think he's got a ticket nasty. We talked about this yesterday Def com when it comes down to choose so the Sunday afternoon if he's in the in the leader he's pushing at the lead. He's got to be just so. Focused on what he's doing and just be aggressive and go win it. Don't play enough to lose I think the US open on the weekend he had the lead going into the weekend and I think he played not to lose depth and was waiting for other people fall by the wayside. Prom sometimes you gotta go out when these things. What what about what about Gary Woodland I know he's I was listening to Feinstein this morning talking back to Gary Woodland senate held a year. We don't family stuff and and oh yeah they truly desperate to be out there right now is a great story we are these the best athlete on tour really. Mourning nine heroic as if he's the best athlete to direct blow might be the best looking guy and history golf Brooks kept it might be the best we all know the hard drive just about judge in our eyes looks you you leave me alone other put a lot of our first and foremost though the figure look at what the school little was a division one basketball player he turned down a golf scholarship other Kansas or Kansas State. To go play. Any place. Some golf and college but then you know when he got done the schools and this is my better opportunity but now he's this he's the normally especially on tour bus hit us. Oh yeah I absolutely have to make a living doing something you love right and you're pretty good at it you know Charlie let's let's talk about you know this. You know this course and you look at some of these guys out there and you know some of the guys this is called moving day it's called moving day for reasons you the guys it. Are hanging on that still like they have a chance they're just gonna play a public stand pat put the guys that shot onto over yesterday they're gonna have to make some noise because the lead is going up. 600 with the new rules you gotta be within ten of the lead in order to qualify or the top whatever it is well. Normally Saturday is moving day to get to you know your position to go forward on Sunday but I think you're right you come back up moving day at day two today. Again I think you're gonna have a really difficult golf course this afternoon I think the guys that went on in the morning wave yesterday better prepare themselves. For what's gonna be awaiting them this afternoon especially if the wind blows. We were talking with with Tor Bjorn poll Olson. Best naming golf under fair. I did not bad that I had to go to the equipment and relevant and not just look directly related under best of my fiance calls media that's exactly right. Actor we we were chatting with the underwear. And that's about the first six holes in this golf course and the first six holes in this golf course are. Early survival. If you can get through it even you feel great if you did at one under. Or two under through the first six you have stolen from the confederacy. You then have a break really into the golf course just plays regular IG get to the green mile again but those first six holes especially this afternoon watch. Jobs while hi Charlie Nance host of taking dead aim podcast golf extraordinary joining us here. Onset act quail hollow Charlie we appreciate bug thanks Charlie always great for the weekend yes under bear and oh come back and wrap of the hour we'll do something similar in about fifteen minutes is Jason is so little soreness. Theaters perspective on this sort of little stuff besides Garcia Billy W offensive. Welcome back Garcia daily lives quail hollow but I thank PGA championship here on Friday dates to ground zero. Title and a low a leaderboard update coming for you in just a second but so once you we have to go back out to the golf course. This onto the putting green because others made tees off at 1245 this afternoon. Had a disastrous outing yesterday is now tied for 96 our favorite shots that Russell Knox is joining us all the tech become just like Russell are you out there. You stupid bull. I hate yen to white and dimpled complexion. Yeah how I just filled not signing Russell Russell your life you live mama let. Look just the Marriott Dana man yep fizzled out Russell knocked seventy of rounding up the punting Gina yet. It's really did I eat out again you know exactly greens are fast enough. What are going to be taken accent and I don't think they just a date and I'm really feeling good about my round up their mind does that that is a piece of track Brad did tonight. But that's got a athletes are for 966 over right now it's UN day and William Mcguirk go Billy dirt the dirt and then Bubba Watson out of those guys doing. Let me tell you something if you'd think for 12 dead old daughter my daughter's going to be nestled Knox did god know about a big covent I'm gonna tell you this much free time. I would trying to eat I would be ninety's they don't high camp at the end of this time but I don't think it's 96 on my mother's. The question is do aids. How the distracts his handling car you had only distractions today. I will you know I mean I yeah. And I hated least you know would send you know I'm seeing his and so. Those older kids like to see little Russell you know out of. Doctor Russell to get back to the putting green thank you gentlemen good luck thank you for your it's not my favorite Scott and Russell not to join lot of memories he tees off at 1245 this afternoon I read this I run radio that you do that. That doctor Deborah we have to move ahead and bring him back in the 1 o'clock hour to see where it started slowly probably will but I can guarantee its best segment of radio live today is the question about that. All right 70457096. Dead. We got Jason Sobel of the golf generally should join us coming up and ended the top of our numbers to. And you and are gonna talk a lot of football for an hour to an hour for you obviously a lot of pre season games plus and asleep tweeting about small offenses last night I I got a kick out that would closure what what did you watch less affluent I watch. Stir the bears and with the the broncos' comeback in the very first play. That the bears ran from offense or the second play it was about a minute then. Do their fourteen million dollar man throws a pick six the other way. In Denver takes it in scores. I immediately tween hit man to say hey nice start to your pre season at. And that the only thing he looks I mean he is such a half glass full guy. When it comes to his Chicago teams are Weathers the bears who sucked out loud. They're zero offense or whether it's you know his his bulls or whether it's his cubs which absolutely. Maybe be the best team in baseball again though we'll see no but. You know that's he's just HTTP yeah can't stand it. His Mitchell drew this do you love today was through the roof. He Mitchell risky. Played well enough. He looked athletic. On board he was out I got a Michael at an image yet he was going against the third string Denver Broncos defense and on those guys are going to be in the league so. Temper your expectations with the anything you see. In the pre season there are a lot of rookies to get from Notre Dame to shock value played well two. You know entity we saw the Shawn Watson here. On Wednesday he played well too. That's the reason why these guys are in the NFL but just temper your expectations. There's no game planning and we'll see what happens. Yeah I'm right there would jump out of an I understand why anybody would be really happy about the way mr. misty played last night shortly. You're Carolina Tar Heels saying good your guy Wheldon and that was asked of him last night but as Fred just said it was against third stringers who get against the cyclones that we don't know halls did quite well for the bears in the pre season. Rick Meyer yeah. I do actually oddly enough I do so again be excited it's fine. I decided if you wanna chuckle this morning I was on the media show this morning luck heading over here to quail hollow. And I was reading the Chicago Tribune. And there's a column this morning just blasting John Fox arrived base. Their quarterback situation if you wanna get a good chuckle this morning go read that because that that'll make you laugh it'll make your day. And it just didn't think we'll pay you just take Michael at an all this morning to be your quarterback he's clearly not your quarterback. For any length of time. And admits to risky did play well last night and you basically said. Well regardless women's our store doesn't matter what happens in the sport forcing your site at the most crucial traditional football field there will be no golf. As John Fox doesn't like to play rookie players he just doesn't especially at that position. He loves the veterans he loves the confidence in the thick consistency in the trust that he has of those but even he has to at some point understands. You know where there are out. He's near the end of his contract most likely and it may be near the end of his career yup he wants to win and he feels like one and gives them the best chance you don't want copies right. When he gives them the best chance to win. You know that's who we saw last night even after what I saw last night you know when you start becoming a rookie in deer in headlights. Unless you're gonna dumb down your often together better offensive line are great running game. Be more experienced quarterback is gonna give you a better chance when your rookie coming in mischievous he's the number one overall pick quarterbacks weren't great last year. He looked decent last night again wanna get to raise your story check downs when there and a two minute offense got about seventy of his yards in that offense so again. He's obligated to to gay easy numbers that are there right and all these stats that people are part of love whereas and they wanna tell you how well he did. Understand the situation of what he was playing with what those guys given up the underneath routes. Force him to throw those passes and letting them catch the ball so they can tackle him and look. We run clock absolutely all right 7045709. 610. As we mentioned a few minutes ago coming up next to kick off our number two. We got Jason Sobel senior golf writer And a Golf Channel. Frigate is also in on what he saw yesterday and what he's seen up to this point today has so we see Rickie Fowler there on the victory right now frank. Working his way up that leaderboard is through wait he's three under and we'll sort of a little sweaty right now it's it's warm enough about those clouds are sort of hard brake a little bit Arthur. Yeah they are you know what for a lot of these guys I know they have the brand new equipment they have the brand new grips they have the you know the brand new gloves you know Kabul that's the worst thing is what you can't grip your golf club because they're handed she's sweaty forced to moist outside whether it's raining. Horror you know the humidity that's involved. That's the worst film because you can't control the ball you get absolutely the grip of the clubs. Eat your forms and humidity are got Jim's Oki is is walking up right now he looks like it was a little bit warm up there are so we'll looks worn out yeah a little bit more technical catch up with so during the break we'll come back when it is so I got the good that a widespread trying to get Americans listening to that. They haven't dared ask a and I let it take care so we'll go back we're Jason Sobel on the other side it's Garcia unveiling.