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Thursday, August 10th

Kyle and Frank are live out at Quail Hollow talking PGA Championship and Panthers.


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But Garcia. Welcome edits Garcia at very late. After the second of three straight days we are on the road yesterday it was the doghouse Digisette sport. Panthers and Texans and today it's the opening round of the 99 PGA championship. Seared quail hollow country club Kyle Bailey frank Garcia that led series well Osborne back in the studio and we've got a sweet little set up punitive front Garcia. This is absolutely amazing nanny had PGA championship quail hollow club out here going to be here until 6 o'clock tonight. This is absolutely. Better and bigger than I've ever expected you know even a Super Bowls Kyle and you know been a media erode there as well and number tell you what does this this system terrible. All the way around from the amenities to the way they shuttle again. To the way they have everything set up to the media center. We just don't have maybe the who's who walked are obviously the guys are on the course planning competing right now but. We got some great guests lined up and I'm really looking for jumped on the first I'm I've been. For the second time I've banned but first I'm I've ever covered a championship. Event like you know the PGA. Yeah a major event first for me as well and and it is a first class place that we're an excuse me right now. We're sitting in the media center and I joked earlier about not getting it looks like a NASA control operations that are that are Nassau and ask you as solid okay then that's -- -- and -- clarify relative Obama throughout the area and that's what yesterday you know -- Vietnam was on there and I have a little fun cut enough golf you can enunciated the Nassau I think it was a Nassau. I like that we didn't Bahamas all the sudden World Cup soccer effective this place is fantastic Vick will follow his daughter well you're you're already hearing it as as I heard back to those guys talking about earlier this morning or Jim Nantz talking about it. Already stumping for this this habit to come back to twelfth PGA officials already talking about how well all we should be in there pay a permanent rotation. For the PGA championship. Guys I'm John yeah we have a gem of a golf course right here depth and we really do and they're talking about maybe potentially put an on the rotation. The permanent rotation and Johnny Harris and company. You know the people here quail hollow have absolutely knocked it out of the park didn't. You expect you know maybe when you come and watch the tournament and you see the guy's rant rave now we see why. It's absolutely first class it's gonna generate tons of money for the city. And you know it's just a great event if you've never been to a championship event. Feel this is something you have to go go do and the fact that it's right our backyard we don't have to drive for hours away negotiated in Georgia. Or up to Bethpage black or you know across the country to. California somewhere it's right here in our backyard it's really super cool appeared golf fan in in your casual golf fan or not it's something that you guys just coming out here. In just participating in this if you can afford it. Well and so we've got some great golf guess we're gonna talk to get a break all of this down Charlie dancers standing if front of us right now he was. I got to the media show this morning to head over here and I heard a familiar voice that I wasn't quite sure why he's sitting directly in front of it. And so returns and and we reintroduce ourselves of the perks we never in person before solo where we had some good conversations on the way over and we're gonna talk to him later on. But it about eight minutes we're going to talk. To Curtis Strange and Dutch are golfer you did your golf fan you know that name Curtis Strange go to George Franken got about eight minutes to get his thoughts on the story. Yeah absolutely looking forward to talking to him he's one of the best in the business breaking it down and keep us up to date always loved to get a player's perspective of the course set up a you know what he's thinking and how he gets the shot what do you think of a slump I've been fortunate enough to play in a lot of golf tournaments some of these throw around with guys like Freddie couples and Doug Scott Verplank and to see them go through and kind of think their way around a golf course. It's one of the neatest things to be able to do and then to execute the shot that they're thinking of it's like anything else you have to visualize success before you go out there and doing these guys can absolutely get it done. Dip absolutely but it drew as always we'll take your phone calls. And of course it's not just about the gulf today it's a big part of it because that's why we're here but a lot of traders talked today folks because last night was. I think an enlightening in MO illuminating a lot of ways and intimidate maybe not so what others but still you got to see your first face to pursue McCaffery. Kelvin Benjamin that's a big opening statement touchdown catch. Early in the game which are realized has some KB fans fired up this morning to mere bird with a hell of a performance last night probably seals on the roster so we got a lot of stuff to get into there as well. Well let's let's not put the cart before the horse and you know start talking about more than these guys are gonna make it happen you're right he took a huge step in the right direction as far as Damir bird goes in the you know that's what's so. And just yeah. That's what's so interest in about the pre season as if these guys can go out there and make a name for themselves and if it's not going to be for this team. You have to understand they're competing for the other 31 teams out there as well if it's not going to be with this team because of the guys like Kelvin Benjamin or DeVon punches are Christian McCaffery occurs Samuel. Then it's gonna be for somebody else and he showed very well for himself last night and then that's what these guys understand they're out there competing for a job in the NFL. Absolutely put leaderboard update before step aside make some room for Curtis Strange top and you just showed again Paul Casey atop the leaderboard right now he is at. Three under through five followed by 04 golfers tied for second the deck you not the dollar Chris would it Jim Herman and Gary Woodland also to get to wonder. Each through six or 7 so for a morning if you wanna watch the coverage you can check it out on T and T today and tomorrow at CBS picks of the coverage this weekend starting at 2 PM on both Saturday and Sunday we'll step aside when we come back Curtis Strange. A hall of Famer two time US open champ you will join the show we're live. From quail hollow the 99 PGA championship it's Garcia Billy W offensive. Feels. When you strip. When we stress. See what you did their odds we are alive for the nine device that was a to have you know walk off music. Demonstrated through sewage. We're live from quail hollow denied guys feed PGA championship. Quail hollow club Kyle Bailey. Frank Garcia Osborne back in studio hanging out with you today and tomorrow. We're live here quail hollow for a the first and second rounds and a rattle a lot of thought a a lot of Panthers talked to get into later in the show was so of course the Panthers beat the Texans last night in their first of four pre season games but right now we're talking about the gulf of things under way. Gary Woodland. It's not a top leader more with Paul Casey right now we'll get to a full leaderboard update coming up shortly of the right now we're breaking things down with a two time US open champion world golf hall of Famer. And at least not much more production and backed Kurdish strangers joining us on the tech become just like Curtis are you sir thank you for its up. I'm competent but I traffic sorry I want your Barilla upside a couple of our. It looks spectacular. Chris if you play the course. Oh yeah I played it many times I played back ago. When real camp for what they're back in the light except adopt plate two years except the Bader time. They recruited these cities and didn't get back to quail ready uterus cop played the first. Of Wachovia that are how outlawed that now take Yugoslavia. About that oh up. It played there a couple other top socialist so far I know the golf course but it's just a spectacular plays the regular spree it looked at everything and all structure of into the grandstands for people is just it's it's it's it's it's really nice to see North Carolina. You know Curtis you know we've seen a lot of tournaments here whether it's at the TPC a Harvard winner here quail hollow and I'm sure there's been some of them you know tournaments around but never really the major this is one of the neatest things I've experienced here in Charlotte as far as golf goes but what makes this course. And what makes this tournament so special. You know when you start with the asking the players because I've heard a mall rant rave about quail hollow. Well it just number one has become a major champ ship but you know he's got prepare every day. Up their life to play competitive golf good or do whatever. And you can't really do anymore or going to the masters US open open championship appreciate. What you do get amp up mentally a little bit because certainly you know being that much for. Subtle advantage because you know they know this golf course for just a little bit there that a lot of the places major championships go other than Augusta National. And so they look forward coming here because it's there's some familiar area there. But just see it's it's better condition than this and changed holes which are proof the golf course and then just to see. Keep a level element of a war that's been done you know the PGA sort of big deal about in the wells Fargo's there's one of the best. Permits on tour all year long but to come here with the PGA is wrapped up temple. It occurs I've watched you play a lot of golf fair and I've really enjoyed the way you handle yourself out there on the course and you know George speak to me. Reminds me a lot of view and this is not a knock obviously this is nick united pat on the back but you know you may not be the most talented guy but the way that he. Envisions himself around the course the way that he. Think similar and the guts that he has is absolutely. Incredible is that what makes him so special. Well I first I first assay technique. I was feeling pretty good until you made that Mark Kirk had a sentence. They'll let everybody you know you're exactly right. He has so much farther along art art and so much more complex and you know what when you when you talk about the players who. Think we'll do well this week. She's certainly in the mix but walker of Quayle's such a long golf course. He's really probably not the top of the list but you can never forget because he gets the job done don't want to do that. He just knows how to play the game you know a lot of players noticed wearing a bit colder way. And the great sporting my number oil they're all perfect now. But the ability to get the all of the whole ability to play that game. It is sometimes said that it factor that we talk about that pick cents. And he's certainly has or even what he looks like he's not playing as well he Kurt and you know we saw that at the open championships or you can never count him out. He's just. These are these are marvelous young man and and and all the golf course teachers he has that knack are taught that every much like a Tom Watson. In my. Curtis Strange two time US open champion world golf hall of Famer joining us on the deck become just like. You know watching Jordan street right now tee it up and and and they could about this guy the way it is game matches this so this course a little bit I was listening to some folks talk about him much driving in this morning and talking about Jordan as frank is ported out before isn't the biggest off the T necessarily but he's he's not the shortest off the the other he just does. A little bit of everything really really well and an if you were to win this tournament this weekend and and achieve that career Grand Slam. It's such an early age and yet who what what level or guess what echelons example to students at. Well it gets into a very very small. A club Dudley one out yeah picked up only eighty. And then I saw. Poll the other day whose Grand Slam of Bob was the best. You know a lot of people sick tiger that he did it. At about the same age distract but he did it starts are. Dramatic way that he lapped the field or any hell every court art major record. Are there for awhile so. It still might Attleboro for Georgia's beat those schools shortly bypassed that it surpassed battered by a great deal because legally twice already have a chance when the wire. But let's play and play it looked like serious see what happens a lot of pressure becomes more band he knows what's at stake. Others a lot of present at this point or seven. Social media media now that I don't know could or are short of a ot. Because they live that every day it certainly seems as though it would be more pressure here we have this we ordered back Horry. It's top of everybody's list but he hasn't won a term about a year or so but it'll record Quayle's recordings long piece. These are playing better every time he's got these days. I certainly think that the couple might list but. You know there's just put pressure out there but I want to pay it back all of our original oil what are they only. Go to bed thinking about it like like we did because they grow up with the social media. You know Curtis I never thought I'd see flat bills and puma you know out here on the golf course what we see it everywhere. And that's because you know Fowler has used to carry on I found out Trenton I'm not quite as a yes and no not yet that's what I'd I'd much 208000. Don't look good with the white belt or white pants up so no that's not to be mean. Life but I had a nightmare. The first thing I have always heard how would do right now. That bill goes to my two hands and that's it that's what the it is looking good in a class event into. No but god that's the popular thing now we see what Rickie Fowler has done to the game but unfortunately his game. Is really good books does he have the guts when it comes in the stuff hits the fan. To get it done because he's he's been airing contention but he never close the deal is this potentially a place that he might be able to do that. You know that that's exactly. What you said. Some people would say is critical it's it's reality and that's the that's the fine line and I live. Do and TV I don't wanna be too critical but you have to give that a conversation because he's been close at air and killed this year which ought bit. You know he he had the championship. Two to win or lose he didn't win and he got certainly popped up on some new plated extraordinary last round so. But he could very well one Bear's well it's one or two majors I don't know I I think he's extraordinary player. He's a better young man he's brought what you go up to the quick easy all the young kids they're flat there over who perhaps on. I just think it's it's wonderful. He's bringing so many people gain and not clients are. But just being wrecked. And it's it's fantastic what the kids out there like that but. I don't know you know we're gonna speculate. It's it's chilly winds this person or a piece certainly has a record here Quayle which is good. These long enough I I think he's plenty good arming some Tom is not about how I like the golf club. They're not about half a cubic it's about how big your heart. And it's the support that when it comes to Sunday capped a girl that's what it's all about. How how how how much it just support through your head and help figure artists. How real is that pressure for him because Sergio and even yourself before you when that made you do you go after you win tournaments. You know you're capable but that pressure how real is that pressure when it comes down to that Sunday and you're near the leaderboard. You know the pressure really builds on Saturday and and is there on Sunday but you know there's pressure every week on tour and they live it you know it's. You know when I go home and I didn't play I slept better my stomach didn't hurt you know Arthel albeit by half I've got to. We don't sort of anxiety effect is certainly a big part in her life. From anywhere in but they live it their talent and he's not he can talk so what we're talking about. Peace think about playing another solid golf because reality sets in and they play the Barkley Firestone last week. A bridge don't sorry and they come to peace say they'll play next. So it's it's a business. But this week it's bigger business and if Ricky gets it done it'll be this popular and as they be surgical us. And you saw how much of atmospheric and won the masters. You don't like swords are not couldn't help but be happy form because he couldn't atop an effort appellate court throw in the same piece of. And it's deployed a Curtis before I let you go I know you've probably done this leading up to the targeted but I haven't heard who was your pick heading into this weekend. You know I know about there every day so. I don't deal or I I know what you see you need and I made a late colonel have a little more and from talking to people but I'd like Dustin Johnson I think his blinks his talent. He certainly lost a battle what he excelled on the steps to just okay admitted that. And but he's been long enough to where he's probably back hungry now. I like him. Or pure talent. And I like Rory I think he's Tribune well and I got to carefully process that. There's a good company really. Think again to have its course and what they'll huddle as well. Are picky he'd claimed that are. He has a great track record here. And he's been long enough so he's been successful on the golf course and want so I think he's probably hungry not permit you have you know you've talked about policy up off. Who went last week he was the best player he is the best player. Could not win a major if not Ricky powers bought the album we have. You don't gotta like. Paul Casey who are played well today you know he's sure of who plays well all these big events but he has broken through yet have a host of players. That open all the cost of what are major and just haven't done it but. You know sometimes I think we've put so much at home for weeks a year or every week has been my gosh that played for nine and a half billion. Last. But certainly. You know. I don't have those glad bills have had at Merrill popular reality your locker. I welcome it let villager hit but. And it. Do you look Curtis real quick gut it's as we see the best to fill because. You know when you get to these long courses like this you wonder if he has the durability. You know when it comes to that Sunday didn't keep up with the young backs in these big swings. But I he can still talk about their but you know the consistency is what may be. Not there on the weekend you know maybe at the British words you can think you Wear around their make some putts but you know you come to these big long courses does he have a shot. Yes he does but I think it's it's not his physical. Of stamina that it's based system that'll get into the game he's been out of long Tommy's been. You know he's been the second or third most successful player of this generation. Think about how many if what's to come along Corsica so there's a paper sack but if Tiger Woods could come along once a successful and reduce things. Still would own would be would be here. But it's more like get up stand up. Staying focused prepare and at home. I went through the same thing out at a earlier age than in in my forties but. You know you your kids could create don't want travels much more what you have to that your that your career. Albeit but just not physical. He's still placed plenty well enough peaks are as herbs. Always have a and there are. And I just. I sent about living here on the ground waddle. But I also a father held up there because I so want and play hard work hard for these four weeks of the year before majors. And that's who used to would still be part of new. The conversation our speakers is it's fun for all of us somebody we lobby we love watching play it follows Google watch what Skype play. Today or yesterday it would have been built because though it doesn't play so well. Any any. Any chips Potts but he misses greens he makes it fun to watch he's a genius to escape trouble. And I guess this hooks that you never know where train wrecks perhaps Q article. Pat pat pat pat pat pat. Curtis Strange two time US open. Thank you very much Gaza and you know it's going to be great weaker are that last target. It's just this is assurance we could North Carolina and Scarlett men are decent and but the fans are almost in the media it's it's up happy college sports there's appeals for us. Now we appreciate that we'll talk to some Curtis thank you get. I command are absolutely right before we step aside let's not do this gentleman has just. Made attorneys headed to the hole number ten and a moment our favorite Scott's been on the PGA tour Russell Knox is actually other joining us right now Russell are you with us. I'm with yep what you need I did I get to attain that goal right now. Alas not yet I've been looking map that Omar and his case. It's roughly you sound a little different and you slipped I think that's the bogey if there on the board to slip to one under their before the turn what happened out there let it. Tell you something right when you go all these good you have an idea you're gonna miss a putt on today. It's my fault but I I just look at data and us that I didn't need big scene and I. The look of the ball in all the angles like the old knowledge go to an integrated golf. If this doesn't sell roses at Russell laws that you. Maybe just maybe that's what I thought we had to come up with a different name of the Russell Wilson where it was his name Russell not a Muslim congress we've been Hardwicke this is not Red Sox got up and that was Oz after all thank you Raza with a credible spectacular but it event. Had to predict humpback endo is Jay-Z here's remitted. It talks of panthers' first pre season went last night 4770 and it down the taxes. And over to frank or his reaction to a lot of that coming up coming up next line for the PGA championship here will follow its Garcia unveiling. Welcome back blocked quail hollow that I tonight PGA championship Giles really frank Garcia hit man of the house were have a lot of fun here. Emirates and great feedback Gaza and Russell knocks impression on the buildings that are tax lunch Atlanta isolationist on. Yeah that was awesome but so I was I was really expect that a guy like Lima on the golf course and I heard this guy is. Golfer cumin and the fact that he was distracted with all the sun dresses that was absolutely. An amazing. So I thought the fellow men are quick because I guarantee I I guarantee as much as these guys are focused yeah right. When they're walking from tee to green no you know I mean they'll let it out here yeah they're just man right there. There there guys are not on the prize always out of a different prize protestors are just. Witch project all got a veteran not always on the PGA championship trophy but especially if you don't find yourself near the the top of the leaderboard might wander a little bit more jagged little board did get away were not. We'll we'll we'll check it was a Russell Knox later in the in his show and you know do what we're having Colin from out there on the course again but right now. Talking about the Panthers last night 2717. When pre season game number one the down the Texans never trailed an early touchdown pass. From off from Derek Anderson to Kelvin Benjamin set the tone Franken. It off they went and and we didn't see the starters after a couple of series we we saw what we expected we see with respect to that with. You know Christine McCaffrey 33 yards seven carries to mere birdie at himself tonight did the interest in that if Opel. Let's give credit where credit is due first off thought Derek Anderson looked great out there. Until Benjamin made a couple of nice plays what you expect. You know from your big wide receiver it was a great throw it was a great catch. You know I not be I'm not taking anything away from Kelvin Benjamin but honestly it was a better throw than it was a catch he did his job. Double Benjamin that's what he's gave lots of good corner that he was fine against Joseph is a few top cornerback in this league again. He'll Kelvin Benjamin one high atop the ball high point that I've poured the ball came down with that Indian Bobble it incarnate you know that's the one thing that we're looking for. Those type of place more consistently out of him and as we're talking coming in from the break and you know there's there's the crossover shows you know and and the handoff. That's one of the things you expect to see you know more often and you know more consistently and that's where I think that he can really make a difference because as we talked about it yesterday. And I think it was court Miller came on and where we were sitting back and forth. He's home 100% right that morning to the Tony. You know outside the red zone defense is are gonna play bend bend bend but don't break. And that's great to get those through gazing yards when they don't matter when you get into the red zone got a score touchdowns. And he is a weapon if you can continue to do those type of things more consistently and the ball comes out on time but those are the things you're looking out for him. To a place where he's going to be able to get it nobody else can he get as a come off those place he's a big physical guy and you give all the credit world. And out that's what drafted him number one so I want to give credit to him to the know have been hard on him talking about his weight. And as some of the things in trials and the struggles he's had but he had a really good night last night see him credit. That yet you know it would with respect relic we just got a text and I'm not reading this and just because it leaves me out at some German doctor shirt comets took that noted but he says you know Franco WF and zero success for you Palestinian apologists is have been I don't know how many things that wants is gonna say so Sosa's frank and others unfairly criticized and questioned him for being overweight on his time of the offseason. But yet he shows up to minicamp training camp in shape and bowled out the first pre season game. The off season is his time off he can eat what he wants frank out of all people should know this blah blah blah that's bull crap it's fun and I that's bull crap chemical got watches on on the sidelines he's ever experienced that write these guys are pros they're expected to be pros. Twelve months out of the year and to get yourself out of shape like Darrel in many things right I -- him what I see and that's what he showed and he was a fat now shake the last time I checked pre season games don't count toward does the standings that if they don't ditch into the playoffs and you know one pre season game. Does not establish a pattern that said everybody that I've talked to rid WS concede that covers listing it as the kind of connections that you do the feelings of Mac does. They're pulling for Kelvin Benjamin deployed what well what killed amendment right well I'm root for the guy. That I don't think I'm not I'm just telling you what I say and if he's fat as just won't tell you fat I say. I'm not apologize for Ambien fat out of shape you also said last week when he showed up to 43 day looks great so a guy I don't I don't know what what more I realize that everybody wants to be the first to jump sounds like. They see you were wrong told you so you'll describe apology. Get a touchdown catch in a pre season game. And I just don't think that's anything I Imus and I think you should be excited I think you should be happier optimistic I'm just saying that is is not exactly enough. To reverse the kind of conversations that were being had about a guy who wasn't just about the weight. It was about his dedication his commitment his focus a lot of what effect and that's what that shows you right where the your coach or player or teammate. If a guy comes in any heavy out of shape you know that he hasn't been working. And that concerns you. Right that's all I sense he was out of shape he was overweight. And what they just start off this segment with talking about the Panthers give him credit for going out there and Macomb place right arm to give credit where credit's due on the call your fat ass of your fat ass if you're lazy slow and you're out of shape I must say those things you don't like that sorry. The packets so killed at an early touchdown pass last night. And and demeanor bird flu it was it was maybe the biggest story of the game last night because he comes out. Fifty yard touchdown catch first play of that drive from Joseph Webb comes a little bit later eight yard touchdown catch also I catch is probably 2.3 yards and whatever else that's a tonight yeah it did four catches for ninety yards two touchdowns to bear burden on himself tonight. The because they're growing consensus frank is that in a pretty crowded wide receiver room to start maybe get enough less than the terms of roster spot. Well all you can do is what you're capable of doing when your number's called and his number was called four times last night he went out there and made plays whether it was over the top. Running by somebody or underneath making a touchdown pass it on the cross and rout. You know good for him you know that thing you and you and you want guys to go out there and make plays when their number's called because that what's that's what gives those guys another opportunity. You know unfortunately he doesn't have the cash jail the first or second or third round. Which is gonna give them or afford them those opportunities when you dropped passes in nor do those type of things in this blocks or you'll miss check downs of etc. You know so when his number's called he goes out there makes plays and that's what gives him another opportunity to go make another play. And you give them all the credit world because he made several of them last night big plays touchdowns. And you're that's where. If I'm not sure you know Kyle if that means he makes this roster. I think that we can make an argument that he deserves to. And I think the coaches are having that same conversation right now but you have a talented group and aid at it and and it's full of guys that are very talented. And unfortunately in this league they're going to give the guys that have that cache JR wood a little bit more credit even they haven't got there because the talent that's there. The mayor bird isn't the biggest guy and he's not the super fast guy that you expect but he makes place. And that's what you're looking for as a coach and that's where you gotta have that struggle of you know do I keep this guy direct keep seven point just like keep this guide or keep Breton Boris and I keep this guy. Nor ordeal of the consistency right those are all the things you struggle that or struggle where if they're trying to figure out who you're gonna keep. He does a lot of things and that's nothing but good for him he can return policy can return kicks and he makes plays on his number's called those guys you want on your roster because they can help in multiple ways. And the more you can do the more than they're gonna you know you're gonna value. And he he he can do allow. This football things. The 70457096. To pick up your phones what what was the most exciting thing what was the most. I think maybe important thing that you saw last night is Panthers spent 7045709. B sixty and call us there or Texas their of the buildings that are text while we wanna hear from you. How will come back wrap of the hour more francs thoughts on Christian McCaffery at a couple of things as well back to Leo look pretty good last night. It if you series that we saw him especially with some reps and yesterday via cloudy we'll talk about with a that we come back live from quail hollow the PGA championship. Garcia Villa. Like your real tough guy on the air. Just slid below for now. What is in this oil what he does now sees as his business yes you do over a blog know ago. A government artery that'd since artisans brags sort of Ottawa welcome back PGA championship locked quail hollow we're talking pictures right now gotta go X that are taxed like tax. This is frank you're real tough guy out here. I'm saying that's KB showed appreciate the work what he doesn't his offseason is his business. Yes you do owe him an apology because that's what real men do when we're wrong I'm not scared of you frank trust and believe ways austerity. Osgood I mean I'm at living off of kicking guys that's the whole lot bigger and as if that's not a pretty good on MI data so thanks to listen about is austerity though solution go outside does the questions. What did you take away from last night what was the most important was the most exciting thing that you saw last night as a pet distributed to feel good calm you know just guys that can place. Feel really more than anything else you know guys when the numbers are called stepped up and you know even showed out you know you play well for your home crowd stood always. You know that you did you kind of got what you expected. You know from some of the guys you're not quite a whole lot other some of these young players what steps. They're really went out there and were fighting their asses off and competing for the starting job for the opportunity to make a team and that was something that. No really kind of stood up where there was Damir bird. You know a guy like Christian capped off though his name in there as well he looks different when he when he touched the ball with his hands not the fact that he's white but the fact that he's quick and elusive. Something that the Kansas don't have at that position. Or haven't had at that position who Jonathan Stewart a big ground and pound guy and it's great to see because you're gonna need those yards. You know off the the only thing that really disappointed me. I believe there was like a third warned they put Fawzi Whitaker in there and the office of wind got his ass kicked they got stuff they had a punt. And that's something that you hope that you know you don't need a guy like him to go out there and carry over that's one of the things that you want committee Jonathan Stewart gets that I'm not sure but if there's no hole I don't care how bigger faster stronger York you're not gonna get any yards so dolphins wind kind of got stuffed on nod that run play. Are you get chalk one up to the Texans for get that done. I think got Darryl Williams got beat on an inside move and they they'd they had no gain in. You know candy were forced upon better than that I thought it was pretty positive. Com not a whole lot of pressure on the quarterback initially eventually when things kind of broke down iso Joseph Webb make some plays so you're you felt comfortable with him out there as well and you know overall pretty good night for the panthers' I was there a couple of phone calls are the folks who want Jon and they give their thoughts on the pictures last night we will first go to will the mortar will what are your thoughts on the game last night. Local also mama joy in the comedy hour part thank you for that beat better aspect of the quartet the duke. We know what I saw lap I was kind of purchases that you wouldn't be the first preceding bank but I really really like the energy they played rip. I thought they played most of the game with a sense of urgency. They're the same time do you really think in terms of closing a play out or closing a team now I thought they look sharper. Par. From an energy standpoint and 51 he's in good chipping wanted to do small caught everybody flat but it went to work to win and that's what that would look but I like. Yeah I will appreciate the phone call in on itself is that it is your right did the sense of urgency. I felt was there and that's something that Ron Rivera has got to spoke on. You know throughout training camp is that the temple has been really good. At practice and you know maybe that's because of their fresh. Over the Texans this you know going through the same type routine but. Know these guys wanna get after it and I think that they realize you maybe that they have something Kyle and that's when he start kind of realizing hey we have the potential to be pretty good because. When your backups are really good and making plays. That puts pressure on our starters just elevate their game as well because now you have a guy. That may be capable of taking your jobs so puts pressure on him to go out there and get the job done on a consistent level more often. And you know it just you start developing that synergy from the top to bottom and that's what may be this last night's game as a starter Carlos go right back we'll bring in Matt and dug in his thoughts on the game last night all right Doug good morning Matt would you see last night. He has the morning calm. But they're not being dad make plays McCaffery. Third step and that. I know you miss in the won't play with a line got Obama put up a divide up. Overwrought but they did pretty well both sides. You know the first hit home lines really. Played well I think that. If true that's always been days you always start the Arctic this cliche but it's true. You know even if you want to beat this thing was dominant on both sides but product. I'll. Happy feet and television and things. I'm not gonna take me he. You know you can make it made plays. And preceded it and training camp in the past and even you know make great plays their games this is. You know like consistency. It makes mistakes state. That. I'm not at all and didn't they he he's over that part of the game made it seems to be so it doesn't want to play I felt more impressed with the you know little catching and running mate department guide ya got connecting arts which. You rarely see out of him say calm I was not to see that Obie can bring that you got state. Binyamin is really critical that the success. I try to pretend. Not want to thank you bought it. Yeah mattress your thought caught is Kelvin Benjamin critical to this team's success. Is he your. Now is it necessity than necessary for him to be the number one receiver was this question right. I think everybody's critical to this team's success I he's a big factor. You know if you're gonna be the number one or consider the number one receiver economic place in. You know double digit touchdowns is not now the question you look at the size you look at the ability he has won the want to use there. And I there's no question this guy's talented I mean there's a reason why he's drafted as a reason why. You know he he looks different than everybody else out there because he's a physically imposing guy when he wants to. Yeah I'm not say he's unstoppable which we haven't seen that yet but he's. He has the talent to get the job done and if you're going to be successful the ultimate success you need all eleven guys on offense and all eleven guys the defense contributing. And yeah so yeah I do think it's. Vital to this team's success I think they can win games without him but if they're gonna win the biggest games against the best teams then there are gonna need him to go out there and show up our. When we come back gonna kick off our number two Charlie this is gonna sit down with a sort of talk about the gulf though the golf term today a little bit as well but. I also frank what your opinions on a couple of things we come back an hour to. And offensive line play specifically. I wanna talk about right we'll see you back a little. What you saw yesterday early in that game. But we'll come back we'll talk which early lead so we'll return to some characters talk really talk about the offensive line. The defense as well some of those second stringers last night on the defense getting some run sorts of things a guy like David Mayo particular so a lot of traders conversations still yet to come if you wanna job it is always it's 70457. Or 96 dead. Live from the 99 PGA championship it's Garcia Billick.