Garcia & Bailey: LET'S ALL OVERREACT TO THE HORNETS' LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, October 19th

We actually give reasonable repsonses to the Hornets loss to the Pistons.


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But Garcia. And bolted. I answer you march and more from Estonia is typically team back it's but so we just had to play that on foreign news each of the massive oil this morning she or did he took a massive oil this morning I don't know if you've ever had a pretty there. We called right wing man. They'll try to shut and take him on for the team. In. These ladies don't go to because. Of the whole thing I do what I was here. Come on seriously it's a Wimbledon. But man mark took a massive oil this morning left and went back to was coming in and how useless they didn't not just get this thing. Believe me seeing today a Monday I really don't include fifty cents up nobody's is not earlier date should ticker stuff and left. Stop. And you're welcome it's Garcia and Bailey totally different showed it to himself yeah. You're gonna have some flood zone and 04570960. And hit us up this morning. That's total. He keeps running blocking as anybody wants to hear the old version that is just a great songs great great songs are it's it's already off to a good start I'm eating ostrich. Meet this morning try to address on no no that's one thing you can bring I don't want anything to do tell its lean Austria Italy this for duke. And I've seen people in it now I've seen it on menus but I'm ready ostrich summer on a modest dirty bird I got that mine are Russians once a disease you know it's not a dirty birds Panthers are gonna want to dirty birds and a couple of weeks to a little that I myself and your little area several keep on sports and we're going ostriches a foul foul bird. Or anything yeah I mean we are seeing them. There always is full mud. Is there anything more pointless than a flightless bird yeah and Auburn game. That's it it's not true the flightless birds rewards is not a is that penguins are the most adorable things on earth at different they swim that was Austria provides food for Wales has said. I was urged their one hour. Eight they do some other than walk around they switch their X listeners are really really fast well publix super fast. It is a flight was suppose it's. Here's a look at sports equivalent would be your message to commit to each. Now that's a drought and I don't understand it doesn't influence is accusing James was there on the football and actually looks like a drug nostra has. And that's what he looks like gonna grow and Austria nine. I still live from bud Elliot resign on commission a couple years here he was covered him and he was tried to describe to someone what James Woods that looked like run a little Porsche and he's really fast we looks at a pregnant ostrich running the football and I'd a lost just stick I mean who sticks your head in the ground. But I mean as hostages as they stick their head in the ground and when they are scared planet earth with our Garcia. Yeah I don't fly. Guess you can Needham. You should have foreign. Well you're you're gonna eat those words tournaments or would you drive this it's delicious absolutely delicious this is one of this is simultaneously. My favorite time of year and most exhausting time of the year from last night was marathon the first bombs here and sold. It's interesting last night to impose their show and for the hornets for the hornets right and other big drop this season opener will talk about that you don't have to run home 'cause I wanna watch the end I want wants the rest of Dodgers cubs. Are you a yankees and Astros on here while I was simultaneously watching the hornets gave me is just a sports bonanza from last night that was your results interest in and I go home and watch it again. The game I mean you know I would Nnamdi ball's flight out of the ballpark is thought it took awhile but I stayed up again until 1 AM to watch what ultimately implement a 32 loss for my guys. And Doug John and demands are his mouth is more about that because it's the first women got a series and we got a chance we got a jets are just this morning do you people's body over the showed a much nowadays there's not. It's really stood on call your Toyota doesn't oil oil to come knock Sony out it's going good like we might get some good little run and block there aren't a block or should we handle the show that only audio clips as more evidence thought. So Camille I saw. A last night sitting in Asia it was sitting in this chair taken it over riding shotgun down under captain Eric she was a yeah she said she is the captain now. My question to you because this chair has. An innate ability to make you argue up I don't know this is the chair to she'd come home and argue with you because. You know and as has to be this year it's not the people that sit in the chair it's the chair. Price of shooting come home and argue with you. There's nothing no arguing going on they locked because. Because you're the man in our own Australia held at the OK I don't think you wanna know their past but yesterday you put in a predicament so I think you're going right back and returned out. Because I think the best thing that I ever could have done was ask her Merriman because now she's constantly got to face burden or phone or looking to wedding dresses or decorations. Like an ostrich like yeah pretty much. Yes she's a wedding planning Austria so she's just sitting over here whether facing a full look we think about this what address it's great spot as to join the show you well just snowed about an Alexis Sonoma she's looking at all that stuff and so now she saw you are you mirror images that look good or better than not is what they call this site. I think I'm going to kind of like determine utmost you don't want your where topics. You know because this is you know and I'm not whereas I like no this is I I didn't say you or you work I'm figured you war I just know you I figured you weren't just one that's not. She doesn't want you as always draws and I had that I had that miss read and ask for such a good for sure she'd want unity talks in traditional wedding it just was first time. I guess what I need to Wear maroon suit among. Rooms suit I had my doubts dearly loved bill hop can help. Absolutely unprecedented and certainly good for triple in my room Susan with the architect dollars or two dollars. A. Com well I gag tea roses as I get married and definitely Wear a scarlet soon. Resident yeah. So I got one thing that I wanted to that was yeah if there's only gonna get it out but I'm. What were you guys getting married. You know I guess that I did tell people that the pressure however. There is so important. Pressure ought to just seven show DL so strong. My bowels captain complainant had supposed to blow to get. What can tourism promotion back their private plans is gonna show wanna Zorn is definitely wanna strike spec absolutely not a dollar loses it's one of those years mayors were it was the stars at time of year run this. Perpetually exhausted because of watching baseball on and just help lessen my yankees on edited. I speak to playoff baseball David what's the total oil baseball and we'll take its articles the first segment early breached he got it on the ground zero theories. Are gutless talk to David let somebody know or if. I did play terrorists. Tape so on tape see a doctor can do well. Who talked me out who has. Now we're headed. A hundred others are out there or listen listen listen I love Alex Roland elements les and I love Alex would. They threw him last night when they really didn't need to or want to play grand all the play a million years old to play granderson who couldn't hit the ball on the but the banjo right now it's fun they gonna do what they needed to the got a game Chicago guaranteed to go back delegate probably gonna close out tonight's thought. I'd I mean. I just services so to be honest. They're treated their three games one it's fine you're okay the Dodgers though I think you know. I'm nervous stuff I. We look so many so many free considered before. And. Last year the Dodgers were in the World Series in the 80s88 and less on the order that was Kirk Gibson this article vigorously to keep showed over and over again bill. We are dude relax and really find it learn fun. Are there about it I don't know if that helps a little bit is that he's not convinced no he's not a bit odd I tried you need to give America toxin that why the Dodgers are gonna win. There's as I know you got to understand like you can Esther Miller I'm not greater debt talks the I'm very pragmatic and very logical slick when you're just being emotional about things exist no less than they play grand all the played Utley they played they they throughout toward last night who you know I give bush told Russ it is what it is. We would win Logan Forsythe and Gigi Fernandez American a lot of. It's fine it's us or you're one of those guys on the coaches that coach is speaking and you play a lot of sports in not seeing you without your beard you know in your in shape days. You know and were you one of those guys that broke down everything and analyze what the coach said. Now like aren't around this brick wall on cash coach and hurt are you like one of those guys I mean I thought about it that it happened and. All eyes wet coast onetime tell me. He said a place looking not high school he said is famous coach whisper Greg guy he said. He said what are you somebody Asheville they got a bunch of hard nose actually too smoky mountain bank got a hard knows athletes although we got. Isn't the only job hard know exactly it's. That's a net I did so my senior quote new year but because of saying there's a forty year old child thinking this guy I didn't know it down he's. I guess I'm. I just analyze everything we chose aside and just do that and you're one of those guys that that would be your pep talk. I really don't have a whole lot to say guys we just got to go out there and play. See what happens. That that that that that your dad Doug had pretty much you guys I don't know like what's gonna happen but if you play are probably good things will happens let's just go do that a window astray and we are great asteroids each speech just gave turmoil looking through a little pep talk right there. May just be logical just the pragmatic don't you don't don't don't be overwhelmed by emotion that's not how dislikes bill. This you do is Texas right OK are we come back we are excited to mark the Estonia is mad at me is texting me. It's very upset right now couple. And just so our bodies it's ago this morning was to look it's Garcia and they would. Yeah. I. Also today Julie savings that my vision. It might basically held to a but today we'll bounce back there out post emerging and got to find the sectors it and he's he's upset. He's upset we don't deal in motion are marked from the Estonian news on the show we typically bad to the to the Mac attack. But that was a pretty solid story this morning and so large and so from the shows and the canal overdue we've all taken meal before not that not a big deal. Mark Texan on the buildings and attacks on and says guys this is mark from Estonia. Good start. Yeah I don't know anything about my date we already have a second day. They lined up on Sunday she sold tickets to the fifty yard line a Bank of America Stadium 300 bucks but the Panthers bears game. And she's coming with it shows what you know. Were you aware of this us. Yeah I can't ask you a number that is I have to look at that I don't believe that's marked the F. I don't know I'm just don't usually got a it dead doesn't sell Layla album was a grammar like. I'd Martina I love him what was a grammar like it is pretty good. Now now that's not answer that kills them out there is yes not in Afghanistan. There's there's also I. And there's also a current or controversy right now as to whether or not killer whales eat penguins. Morning. Just tell you Siegel's Idaho native England it's there in the water there may sharks. Think their England's biggest problem it's not about whether or not they can eat penguins is that penguins exists only in the Southern Hemisphere like Antarctica. A day just on the Galapagos Islands as well brave and I'm not sure the killer whales exist now and there. I don't I think it's like our our text itself IR two extra points out there there in Northern Hemisphere animal so killer whales yeah. Penguins only live and Antarctica. Or they Lyndon yeah I think Antarctica. I don't know this I thought you were right we got some argument here is Saddam the name of that damn movie we're all those campaign when you go to migrate. There weren't a killer polar bears may be as a polar bears thinking of that Eads the parent should just I guess the chest and work. The whole thing. I just asked about a third. Dividend at once and water until wells in a few of the planet earth seems on. That's what frank Garcia could listen they've met the girl wanted for tires. You're 70457. Or not this extent that is. All of I didn't. The joke now because etc. back recently emerged did you do two games in Chicago and ended up. Yeah I don't. Have got right. Letterman have their so how about the mourners last night that's on how about to do. His debt with two of eighteen. Shooting between. Frank and Malia and luckily mom does that. That was our our guy what do they get much out of power forward position rather to look consumed in play last night in and KG didn't let us like to say what you want to it and KG in the offensive and he does give that team so to -- on the defense have been -- and basketball that's important now that said they rebounded pretty well last night it was even 47 boards apiece and big part of that destroyed our snatched just in regards fourteen on the defensive end. So old. Bill I just. I Kroger I talked about a lesson don't post game show. They're just gonna try to weather the storm without nick bitumen and I think they can do it but what's they would last night on the offensive end was just hard to watch really hard wired. Made this argument for a couple of years now. You know with this team and no clue stresses. In defense defense defense and ultimately when you get down to crunch time managed got to play defense it's got to be able to score this week Jeff. If you can't score you're going to be against the able newest team just not scoring team and you know I'm you know made the numbers. It may show otherwise but when you watch the game. And you look at when it is crunch time who's the guy the ball's going to it's Kemba Walker nobody else they don't have that other option. I mean Mark Williams you know I've seen him unfortunately. Instead in the corner wide open threes and their ball Brett you know that he's just not going to be that guy that you're gonna kick it out to do with confidence is gonna go in when they engage these. On the four. It's 44 against five seed could squeeze another offensive player like Kemba Walker you'll force them to the outside. You know he'd put Paul guy on him if he goes around them you're gonna have guys wedding which is Jim KG is a non factor. So you know you have to be able to score in this league and bomb you know we were hoping that I was going to be a guy like Maury marks. You know a guy that's in natural scorer a college level and then you'll forcefully last night he was one for night. So you know you expect a little bit more from francs because they what third year pro now unknown coming into you know his own. You just can't have those inconsistent nights and that's part of being a pro is. You know going out there and doing it on a nightly basis I must say he's gonna go have a triple double every night but dam in a one for nine from. And you had those nights every once in awhile is just one game diet is just one game that saved consistent pattern unfortunately. You know I'm an. I don't I don't think the franks not gonna comply while the next game we can't. I have searched the highs in the such solos and expect to be a good basketball team you know they've got to Quayle goes a little bit you know kind of come more towards a norm you know where stray. You know a three of seven or three a great night might be you know something that is an off night in elbow one for nine I mean I. Not passing the ball semi become a liability out there and nobody's guarding you so don't what does it take is it. You know playing a different position for frank because I think -- what when he went to the five last year you know he was a little bit more efficient he's just not athletic enough to play with the power forwards and get his shot out you know when it comes to. You know as some of these you know more athletic guys nine I think that's been the issue right now trying to figure out and I don't plus still is and I'm confident that he will. Hum is still the he's got to figure out the rotation and you a lot of does have to do that to spew off closed. A guy like Batum Daniel being out there because it changes the rotation to a certain degree same thing with amb JG you need to plan with the lack of depth that you have and those rotations aren't as. Detrimental you know as when you have those guys out there so I don't think that Batum is a bad player I just don't think he's a great player. You know he's kind of somewhere between when it comes the MBA and he does his job and really ultimately that's what you need new bunch of guys doing their job but at the MBA level you need a guy that can take over and you know last night just kemba can do enough by themselves. No I agree and and that's and at times there's a lot of isolation basketball there are a lot of times are Kimmel brought the ball on the floor put a shot up about anybody else touching the ball out of that's not a Campbell problems Kim is not as a selfish basketball player but he's he's the author of engine that drives this team and again they they have some things to figure out and I don't think it's all that alarming right now we're just kind of tough to watch last night and you know one of the things that don't add basketball's what I. Doesn't really wants us it was tough to watch. A bomb. This was a team. As he says during Steve clippers' first four seasons you can count them pretty much not beating themselves or were they reload turn over and lo felt like the team but seventeen turnovers last night too heavily eight maybe nine for Detroit's. Made a big difference in that game now. Or does a different aiming those served points off possessions that senator us you know where you're not reveal more commerce like you know I don't know what the differential is gonna equate to in the NBA level. You know compared to what it is in the NFL what he took ball two plus times more over more than your opponent you're gonna lose a game 85% of the time yeah absolutely I. And I don't know what's the equivalent it is in in the MBA but I gotta believe it's you know 456 something like that where you're gonna lose a game if you're turning the ball over more important and get the ball back on defense and getting them to turn the ball over. Absolutely and dealer and his team actually torn the ball over on average right at seventeen times a game in the pre season to turn it over seventeen times last night but this isn't that pre season and as you know am I the idea of the this isn't a regular season two different animal got it went and it would. Will numbers lineup like that and when they've been you know as as a ravaged by injury as they have strike in the same guys playing in the pre season largely played last night I mean think about this for second. Dwyane bacon started last night analog your further spun of some of the probably haven't that's just the sixth time in NBA history. But a second round draft pick gotta start on opening night was only seven time for the hornets in their history their rookies ever started for them well but I'm sick in the NBA history just the sixth time the second round has got to start opening night but it says that's the kind of history made last night with Datsyuk their meet up a little bit on the they need Jeremy lamb stepped up he was leading score for them at halftime of the eleven points last night on they just they. Offensively it looked disjointed religious didn't look right. Some bacon and didn't go out there and disappoint you had eight points. You don't expect them go out there and dominates you know especially as a second rounder. He was 50% from the field which is really good. You know they just he just didn't have any help to know from the bench and you look at the bench and that's where you start looking at 19 and one in nine you know Cody Zeller Austria five. You know but it's you know who's gonna who's going to be that point for this team. You know when. You EU when kemba you know comes needs to go to the bad she can't play. You know the entire game he can't play 48 minutes and are you can play. You know maybe 3633. You know an imminent even that's gonna get him worn out you know so ultimately you got to look for some help off the bench and arguably the hornets right now are struggling with that backup point guard Gascon met. And the only played 35 last night's your point or second ago the only other player to play more than thirty minutes last night was Dwight Howard drew you know. Looks at which you want to about the weather and spectacular is the same player that he was yours ago or whatever acacia wanna make. He's still got to tell roll out of bed and did you double double that's exactly what I did last night ten points fifteen rebounds and that's what you need from that guy that's what's been missing from this team that's what they David we gave them last night. So two blocks turned the ball over a couple of times. I would like to see him a little bit more physical you know somewhere believe or not it's you know that 45 foul range. Because that means he's put bodies on guys imply in the game you know like gave like you power for like a senator John Bennett two fights let's say a decision I mean you know but he's he's going to be a presence out there got 2000. But skilling didn't sit for a reason guys you know I am seriously and auto and you know and it's okay every now and then to get a foul out you know and you know you don't you have your team you know have a little bit of personality and how. I'm you know play with a loss wagon demeanor you know I mean yeah. Cliff disappointed away. It's given it's also an awards last night we want your front 70457. Or 96 tend to bias heiress was a concern that concern was validated last night in the 427 points. And ten rebounds he was fantastic and other pistons give the wind hornets at home tomorrow night home opener against the Atlanta Hawks again if you have any thoughts on last night with a beer from a 7045709. BC stench Garcia and Baylor. Bachelor Syrian Israeli here. On this Thursday morning 70457. Or 96 still a lot of answers to get to later in the show preview tech Georgia's in swimmers who talks in college football. It's that time a year that the brief window during the year it's. We got pro football pro baseball pro basketball and college football also was the thing the other. The doldrums of June and July we long for days like this god bless it. There are over there. We long for days like this we got plenty to talk about as a result cola sort sexes on the buildings that are text line and they'll bring CJ and off the top to get his thoughts on the Morris was up CJ Howard about a. Other well you are deserved. All I've stable oil lacking it is I do it whether it's going to be would be it and you won't commit. That in the court awaited draft according to our how we got the lead of but what about you and I take bad but you really want defense we're wished to reiterate your way out. You you really expect anything no he's not. You know the type of player US. Did it like it is called the way. We need we need people that complement each other do you have any KG look beyond if you were deployed earlier to get rebuilt. LSU we know he's a good defensive player. He didn't want it stopped anybody. Even tiger and Avery Bradley give your time and convert it to an early in the court. We need those players we need to let you know. Look at the group in Milwaukee look at the blueprint in Minnesota. Look at all these teams if you're always like Italy if you've got to have a special or. There's a lot of our best score it undersized. And I just said. I'm not gonna pay attention that anybody else I would rather Peoria and look at it as an opposing team bet you know if Croat side. Ultimate so our team play well this this OK okay don't know go to mr. Ricci can depart from Bartlett you're not particularly yorba consistent basis. So I think we need to go and I didn't really you don't although I put him on the people included in just go from there and then we can complement each other our ticket. Don't think we approach. I Susan appreciate the call bush I'm pretty low ought to call mean he's exactly right you and I were talking about some of those during the break. You know nicotine obviously helps this team on the all sorts of them are going to in fifteen to seventeen out of batting and that's a good night. His average. It was career averages just take you know his career average is not fifty S citizen looking and got. Averages twelve point one know it's and career average is totally released for game right there I don't want I misspoke edit and the assortment say last year's average of my battle so let's try to register as I like your little inlet here last last year he was asked to do more to this team experiment don't have another score right so you know when you start looking at what we're asking him to do we're asking them to do out of his comfort zone. And do something he's not innately. Wanting to do yes he wants to be a passer. He wants to be a distributor. He wants to be a guy that is gonna be your role player pick and roll guys set set picks they'll pop you know those type things he's not a big guy that you put the ball his hand and when you need the game on the line is gonna go out there and be able to create. And that's the thing other than Kemba Walker this team lacks you know when you look at the elite teams in this league they can all score. They draw all have a guy or two or three and sometimes even four if you're talking about the Golden State Warriors they can put the ball on the court beat you with the dribble or knock him down from the outside we have warned in this Kemba Walker in and because of that your planned you know one against five. You know because we don't have that other guy it is going to be assassin that knocks it down. From the outside so when kemba drives either he's finishing that the Rimmer trying to trying to get to the free throw line have a ticket outside two guys are open they can't knock it down Marvin Williams. Sorry but you know especially in crunch time situations his legs go way. You know he. You'll frank hasn't proven he's going to be so if you're cliff for sure combined you have the ball on your hand and you're at the end of the game who you pass it to nobody has taken a shot. Right if you're you're gonna live or die on your I knew what you do and teams know that down so that's to me. One of the biggest problems that this team faces is that we don't have any other scores other then Kemba Walker Dwight how. Howard you don't limit for the line you want the ball in his hand at the end of the game you want him here rebounds and don't you want him keeping balls alive but you're given the ball to him you know like he would even though he suffered its a free throw line or Tim Duncan or some of these other bigs so that's to me worthy this team really has our last caller torn out I still like black and identity. We can be a great defensive team will lose lose a defense shut shut down guy. You know we're gonna filter anybody in the Dwight Howard and help introduce you to defend her brother will notice a defender each and guys are set anybody down. You know damn viewers a T shirt you know for the guys that really don't understand what that means that means there. They have a bad body in their trade show where Wal-Mart that's true test is Thursday but this other guys alleged former NJG four and a teacher because probably as old man boobs right now I don't know. I mean that's what you'll. Asked bluntly is he coming into their blood are not what we mean when you another basketball where where's T shirt on Democrats pull the are the citizen Omar lives with a little golf but no more than last that would like Marvin that you 247 minutes takes five shots. But yup for his career averages about nine fill militants per game got some guys out last night and look how low mark not what the nicest guy literally in my life. But where are you looks like music five field goals plus a five shot at since that's it. You weigh in and that you don't have nick puts him you don't have been cagey you don't have Michael Korda Williams takes five shots. You know an idol again it's one game you don't want to overreact over try not -- you know when you see what this team looks like right now without nick consumers out for probably a quarter of the season and within KG being Yahoo! does provide a rebounding presence and a little bit of a visit to present but it doesn't help you on the offensive end these are valid concern some. Because Julia turning to to find that extra scornful Dwight gives you double double last night Jeremy lamb eleven points at halftime finished with fifteen he did most of his damage from the free throw line of a strike Kamensky was terrible bleak month debut find eagle once and I do as a rookie not a big deal you know your first timeout they're nobody did quit or you can find. Okay now this is where the voice of reason comes into me yet when you take your breath it's one day. And that's where the voice of reason so I think the frustration you know for me and I'm sure a lot of other corners fans you know can't Kyle comes is. That different year same story. Right different year same story where's that guy who's that guy where you know wears the bright spot where's the hope where's the other Clem so you know may be spectacular you know we're still looking for that may be it'll be bacon but he's not asked to take a bigger role right now. I'm normally morrow was disappointing last night you know from from Gil and his knowledge that the children aspect of it didn't handle the ball well he's asked who their owners are trying to turn them into a hybrid point guard slash. But you know shooting guard right so there's still true trying to say that out and you know maybe getting him enough credit to the Toomey announced yesterday because that you're for me where people are right. Is that he's going to provide depth because. You're not gonna falloff that far from the next guy but then when you lose him in the next guy has to step up the third guy's gonna fall off significantly. I'm in the rotation is going to be completely different. I think this team needs a guy like the tumor as you pointed out I think rightfully so to have averaged eighteen points a game. I think they need to tuned to be more selfish I'm not sure if Clifford is teaching that or telling that but NIC Batum there's certain guys when you pass them the ball what do they wanna do. These wanna shoot it they wanna score they wanna pass it mapped but it was one of those guys it wants to pass it back. Right he wants to have the assist. Right it's the art of the game in an offer him as a French player I'm sure that's what was you know emphasized you know growing up and him learning how to play the game he wants to give this Estes you know he does wanna be the goal scorer he wants to be the guy that crosses the ball in a soccer field it's everybody and it's equally important don't get me wrong but you need that. I have that score other than Jumbo and that's where this team ultimately when you start getting near the east you know the cream of the crop is lacking a sneak in one quick phone call this Julian date we don't. A court of course it is. I'm doing had a good night. Good. Technical. I respect quick throw back their best it just ignore you guys are doing last Thursday at 45 out but I. Quick quick reminder for you guys I think sort frank kinda led into its. It is came audio tripod rotating out of him Obama I'll be honest I somewhat agree with that on some. Point he kind of set it. Where where's the hope guys and let's just want to look at it like here to say not a big city try to you guys it is yellow look at the New York this. Yeah you nor need you are stuck in case still Jackson's age you don't want to crack pop but. I mean what do you guys have to offer to really have some coal free agents who would comment. They've they they're about to imply this image you'll I don't negotiate 2008 ginger out the top three positions 14% is that there are. Your chances of tanking. And endure the six. Each denigrating congrats go back to Philly dude get out there yeah I mean nobody was DeLia takes him in the U takes years. Probably spot on as mark points talking about soccer bloody idiots in the. Sure gets a lot. Hey Jeremy. Long supported. Normal things day. This one is entitled the Rick Pitino Colin socio test. Colin yeah. This reading the title of this that just. That is like a person's colon or like know like the of these do good punctuation OK yeah and a Colin sociopath. Rick Pitino. Look I know I'm no psychologist and a clinical psychologist so this is just an amateur diagnosis here by the Associated Press. Rick Pitino now ex Louisville coach Rick Pitino. Appeared Wednesday on ESPN where he reiterated that he had no knowledge of the payment being made from a little assistant coach to the family of former five star recruit Brian Boland. They cardinals Russia. In the interview was Jay bill was that came just a couple of days after his firing pitino sighed and a lie detector test. That he took earlier in the month as proof that he was not aware of mysterious activities. Despite FBI evidence to the contrary. Pacino says quote I was asked two questions. And I said I want you to ask me if any other recruits in my tenure were ever given an insect. And eat the polygraph examiner said that's not what we're here for we're here for did you have any knowledge of the boy's family getting any money. Did you did you have any knowledge of Adidas R&D just transaction and quote. You know said he answered quote. Absolutely not on both questions and passed the lie detector test so I had no knowledge of any of this in quote. It is not as difficult to pass a lie detector test as some people would have you believe in fact that if you're good yeah I can tell you I would in my experience. You passed a lie detector test and got. Fairly outdated food lion yet can you pass yes. Under present that not make you had a 100% I was lying in a press column so that in and of itself proves nothing worse or measures. Yeah. FF FF I can't say that I. I plead the fifth no bet that there's a reason that is not admissible in court as evidence right so that is not a difficult thing to do Rick Pitino. Who was one of the most are what has been one of the most powerful men in the most corrupt sport and all of America for decades now. Wants us to believe he needs just a belief. Then he had no knowledge of any of his players being paid by shoe contracts are shoe company's top. This is the desperate pleas. And increasingly insane said man. Who just wants to stay in the sport of college basketball which I understand it's forty love forty knows the only thing that he knows that he loves. But this is bordering on Roger Clemens tied to insanity where. He's looking American sports fans in the eyes and I'm not blind even though everything around him shows that he is. Morey would disagree with you by the way. About these lie detector test so what is now yeah okay how many things that there like 95%. Jet yeah it's sort of the people administering that has always feel like there's no. Wrong with the test is no way to beat the tests you know these are almost full truth. And then the people they're taking the Tesla held that's that's wrong you know I'm fine. There are just deny deny. So I don't know where the the truth lies but pitino. Bomb there's no denying. You know what's what he's been involved with where there's smoke there's fire right isn't that what they said yeah well it's so no it's got a damaged him. Somebody around Rick Pitino. Has to stop it for the kids say in these days does come it's avoid. Somebody's got to come to continue to come to support him it's a boy you gotta get him out of the spotlight is making a lot of style what does a person's colon and Rick Pitino having common Salmonella. They're both completely full of crap. I saw us as a good way to and that. That's that judgment Portland back entries juice at college football news we'll talk about the big weekend ahead and tell shall close Garcia and they looked.