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Thursday, August 16th

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We go back to something that is being talked about coast to coast. I'm here right now Kelly live in Los Angeles a long way away from what happened it. Between the Braves and Marlins yesterday but it's all anybody is talking out here and I'm sure that's the same at places like 680 defend down in Atlanta where you'll find. Longtime braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone who once again joins us on the technique on just slide in. Leo all I'll just jump right in that I told you earlier I was sitting at the Dodgers press box last night. Opera dame through that series and all anybody was talking about the press box was what happened between now the Braves in the Marlins and what Jose you renewed bit let our yesterday. I I just thought it was bush league I don't you know what to say. Well I think it's an absolute joke exit we were like a cook me dinner and that someone like some of the Braves game before we have been. And after after that first pitch I watched that entire game making certificate. Miami that because that really upset me a thought it was bush league like he said in a taste of the weakness saying. When I was with Bobby Cox and braves and that was we never admiral somebody that we can't get them out our job is to make better pitches to get the guy out and it because he's just doing his job. I mean is hitting all your mistakes. The only time we ever did something like as if you were protecting your teammate is force somebody take wiping out of middle infielder or somebody trying to hurt somebody so that is absolutely he would joke. And I tell you what I was so difficult that the great one make game and I was so proud of brides snicker at the way he acted. As far as one to bury somebody because of that it got hurt in it. Messes up their attitude does that mean it's an absolute joke and it's it's it's. If you it was not ordered by the by Don Mattingly and coached that pocket today that. What he did was he talked about he talked with some of his teammate is doubly so RBS that he want to be macho man Wal-Mart to me and turned out it's grown out. In the first inning after one pitch and macho man also. Is just a typical way of losing teams losing clubs is what they do they act like that. They'd lose and that's why the issues so it's actually do. But on the coaches on the coach is particularly in them yeah. I'm telling you must have no respect for you whatsoever I'm gonna call him out on and say look. That was not necessary you can get a guy out. You know because you can't make the pitch and at that joke or your teammates can't been ethnic joke too so I would. Certainly confront him about it that was certainly addressed the issue with the rest of the pitching staff and that's exactly the message that I would you still. Leo I was talking about this earlier and one of the instances the came to mind from a couple of years ago was up. You know when Cole Hamels hit Bryce Harper and I know you remember that what with just that from of the year you're lifelong baseball fan what we're what's the difference between what happened yesterday. And what happened between Cole Hamels and Bryce Harper or is there a difference. Well I am Maynard there's the web a bright start don't look any time in Major League Baseball if you hit somebody. Well you drill some guy. Because you can't get them out are there hot. That's an absolute joke gets you do not do that then again as we get all baseball etiquette if you're gonna hit somebody. The only reason why a Major League pitcher weight of the opposition is to protect this don't teammate period. There's nothing to do it batting average and a new home run and I knew the previous series you know. So you just don't do that I remember years ago Roger McDowell I noticed Nixon and head. You know. And you know what it took three years we got Roger back. You know that is what we did because we're gonna get somebody back there hit it one of our guys because they couldn't get him out not because they were protecting somebody. In early I don't like it when people don't know just trashed the unwritten rules of baseball because baseball's been around for over a century and those unwritten rules exist for a reason I think. They'll players policing themselves and the game is a good thing. For the game and I hear you gotta draw that line in the sand right now. You know as to what's appropriate what's not and you know the folks out there who maybe don't quite know what is it appropriate to throw to guy. It's appropriate for a guy when he try to do harm to your other team. Please try to wipe out of middle infielder in on a bad slide a piece you know if he's trying to show you up. You know error or are trying to bear issue. Those things. Are not necessary in the game. And our pitching staff that at a great January quietly taken immediately when I got to try to show nobody up. We're just gonna try to win ball games and we're gonna take this series from the or sweep you without us even know without them even know that we were each year. And so therefore there's no place in the game or embarrassing somebody. And you know what now they're saying some of the some of the baseball people are saying well that's entertainment now that's you're with somebody up that's staring down. Somebody after hitting a home run that's costing the baseball running around the bases. I think it'll run as a whole bunch of BS it's just like dia college Somalia belt which I'd Love Boat nearly. Right you're tackling somebody you're making it greatly as we move. After your junior team down twenty points but he tackle somebody you're going nuts but totally ridiculous there's no place in the world for that went. What what's going on in the world sport now. Elin not only baseball brewers it's called entertainment. Well that's not entertainment to me that's embarrassing the opposition and you should never do that and you protect your own team. If somebody wants a white actors second baseman or take out need to hurt somebody or bearish you then go and what one. In his grips nodded his head acted it is a year ago guide years ago when I was speaking in the moderately. Which you'll ever happened now basically just how to hit out a knock a guy down. And nodded and here is it an a pro Europeans out there you wanna learn out of pocket goddamn an idea of them is when a picture looks again. And so you look at things are bad experience she. And so you watch his stay at the bugle corps is lead elbow is when he stake in the pitcher depict her job as a pro that pitch to the lead elbow. The target job that pitched DiLeo blow he knocked goddamn but he donating but he said the message. You know Leo glad you said that because I think I had a listener to arguing with me earlier site audits all BS you can't make professional hitters uncomfortable while while blonde. Yeah I don't I don't care how good these guys are I know elected Tom a fighter pilot come into the strikes and once they've seen it once or twice the you put a guy in the box and he thinks a better role which Chapman. It always gonna throw out and a half an hour fastball hurts as good as he's got his or you can make them on call when you talk about some of these older pitchers. Guys like Bob Gibson and Randy Johnson and old ride guys who knew how. To work the inside of the zone to brush guys back to make them uncomfortable the knocked him off the plate that's how it used to be done and there's this myth. The guys like Bob Gibson in others you guys all the time that's not true. No it's not against got you got IE Toby Cooperstown a couple of years ago recently said. I couldn't pitched in Asia because if somebody playing at one off army. That was fine he said I got that next ball back. Have they try to show me up round the bases as somebody ought to pay a price so that those those things happen you know and that's an athlete should be there's racism there's somebody in sports you know and so. You know it's it they're so they're all different kinds of opinions but the bottom line is it you played it being in the right way. You know everything is on an established under the role charters unwritten rules would you wanna be embarrassment your job which somebody out there were gonna wanna be embarrassed or drop with somebody tried to do your job away revenue by. Taking your legs out there on. I don't all time now I'm not saying it's somebody and it. That sells a ball game he's not been that. But what I've stated he's is somebody in the hips needed somebody to ribs or also and you don't what you may editors David Hank Aaron told me one time. Just what you did. He said Leo did you tell those pitchers we could damage yet some Internet strike zone it would see it often enough. And it was also were times when we get reports we're going over the opposition understand so those rely on comparable against. Only so well let's let making movies speed or you know giving stump and think about. That doesn't mean you're hitting the guy that means that when your key competitors out of moved somebody off the plate. Do you know how to teach it and that's what we did you are literally elbow and they were you out away. And it was no big deal you know so therefore and you know what you what's funny you like last night's game. How come nobody would start and start a program makers don't want it entered even go out. Because it's the Miami Marlins didn't like what the guys did. Yeah I know I mean I agree with you you know Leo and I think that's you just answered my question is it. A lot of times is an athlete he sees something like that new just like I don't agree with what my teammate just didn't just kind of walk away. You know even though who's your team and that's exactly what the Marlins players did last night but. Always delegate. Yeah when when you start looking at the Braves right now I'm in the one of the hottest teams in baseball you know we talked about this earlier is it sustainable. And we said well maybe they'll come back with this team looks like it's just you know gaining momentum as as they go. There's no question a sustainable now I was doing a radio showed you guys citadel and I just look they sit I sit. We're out we're not saying a year away we're not saying it nowhere to batteries now now it's time to go get it announced I'm beginning and and I'm would tell you what if you look at the debates. You know Washington they've been under achievers for years ago I continued under chief and they're not gonna get ought not nobody off. And they deserve that because they are Dusty Baker and at what they get for doing that. And then you look at the rest of the division the Mets aren't any good tomorrow Bernie good to the Phillies and braves cannot can battle it out. It take advantage you you're playing in which the Braves are doing right now. And you know and at an angle from there there's no reason were a lot of brains can't win that division so they don't have the Mets were that one game. You don't want court. Nearly all to go on this man here about twenty minutes as you well know we get the next game in this series 430 we got so Leo Terrell Owens and John Gray. Door for Colorado do you do you think we'll see more fireworks this afternoon. You can't do it 24 hours after he got away down the road and you know nobody nobody forgets. Everybody remembers. And you do it down the road when everybody else most were guided step Curome ballclub. Lately election on the to squeeze one more and because I was I was sitting there and I was out aren't that's why we like to I was sitting their last couple of nights and again being out here LA watching Dodgers giants and it's been interesting does it's been urged to deceive because in the Dodgers team right now can't hit at all today they just they they walked off lessen the twelfth inning but they can't hit into the port the reason. For the past three nights is watching Bruce votes he just feed this lineup we steady diet. Of left handed relievers and I don't know what it feels like boating club lefties out of the stands I don't know where you got a mall. You know but to me it's just kind of further proof I think for giants fans at Bruce votes you can make a claim is the best manager in baseball who do you think is the best manager in baseball right now. Use the I think tempers bush intimate best manager in baseball because epic big giant through the best organization baseball. Because what they've done is as similar to what the Braves did over that their run with the stability of the front office down through the coaching staff and a manager and an you have to have stability in the game. And and a boat she's. I mean I don't want failed school I don't believe in old school I believe what's right is right what's wrong is wrong. And I think he's the he's the one that did it epitomizes. A version of Bobby Cox her version of the guys that managed Dusty Baker those kind of guys you know but it giant they've been steady from ownership. The general took bites president to president general manager. And in Europe they're background of having somebody like will Clark bit it just goes you know it helps some outer Barry Bonds that out yet advisors those those at all. People why they make to join the best organization because stability from top to bottom you know and and you watch the Dodgers and in Wiig and all that Yang and you know what. I tell you. You know the Dodgers are two beard and other stories that I don't like. I know I know you spent dialogue in this individual with those guys and there's no love lost on the front. Black in likely take some guys you you want under you won't believe this but when I was too young to young man and I Simon is their sister giants out of high school. Instill them when we played at dodger form team there would be a team meeting. Stand by the way guys were playing the Dodgers listed a ball double or triple play. And we're playing a Dodgers and it's a whole different ball game than armor plating another team this is a series we have to win and that started a minor league where they do better. Aren't on not now I don't know but did they did a minor league in. You're very aware of the fact that you're playing the Dodgers when you were the giant terabyte Ursula is one greatest rivalries in the history of sports. They go Leo Mazzone a six a huge fan longtime Atlanta Braves pitching coach joining us on the technique dubbed a slug him one of our favorites naval thought do so. You got a buddy out daycare I hope the Braves just continue to kick butt. Million Joseph Leo Mazzone to join us on the technique out just line.