Garcia & Bailey: Kurt Warner Interview

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Friday, August 11th

In this hour of Primetime, Kyle Bailey and Frank Garcia bring in Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner.


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Right now. We are very fortunate to be joined by a Super Bowl champ these Super Bowl MVP. And as a lark the first ever to determine the twelve to well Super Bowl MVP of the Saget as did the first Iowa Iowa native to ever be inducted. In through the the NFL hall of fame per order. Former teammate of one fright Dorsey is kind of look to join us all the tech become just like her first of all congratulations our new certain. I'm doing very well in thank you lose my sister all the camaraderie we can. I it's early certainly looked like a great weekend deluge your speech was fantastic and I noted that a lot for your. For your wife to be very that it ducked anyone the hall of fame I would imagine that a lot of this week it went by their cattle like a blur was kind of surreal laws and. Yeah they were a bit of a burn you're about to go out of debt through another. One of the great things was how little you actually got to see my family. Wait for the brand that was they're part of it is our president himself got to get a little more time with her breakdown. I was crazy it was portable it to another and somewhere just were false sabres other ones go salmon would come but you gotta be any different spots so. They wanted to go to the world where I didn't not a lot of sleep sort trying to catch up. Or we're seeing now glad it is Saint John a really great experience they're really enjoyed getting to know. The other hall of famers kind of behind the scenes and haven't inside conversations some of those guys because there are certainly different quality individuals. I don't know gold jackets in the can before you get to know them even better over the years. Occurred same like the fame of this year's hall of fame was guys and over achieved in guys that are really were told they weren't good enough and ready to make that argument for most NFL players but. They're really seem to stand out in the inductees this year with yourself LT. Jason Taylor you talk about Terrel Davis is a six round very mean but. You your story is unbelievable man and I tell you what your hard work is one of those things that's under appreciated. In today's world you're a guy that worked harder than everybody else has wife had the most success. A. Loving hero as you know very good in everybody that only you know worked hard to hear some maybe a little bit on the figured out quite adjusted. See your overall work it is the nature of I think we feel good any day and you know so. Well it was sort of I don't think about what is clearly where in that regard. There may be where I was rarely thought of their. We keep our belief is going to keep the fire burning. When there was a lot coming my direction. You a lot of these guys are. The road a little bit easier so the work becomes a little bit harder which if you know exactly what you worked in four. A mile long created by all the work that I did it did well what makes stock closed. Forward I was gonna see this sealed until sometime that makes it more difficult than. They're big deal for quite some people. Bob what can call this all of because they don't see the end of the tunnel and its take them a different route and they never find themselves. Throughout the NFL level you're the top of their field. You know and I was fortunate billionaires that you guys are hurting my speech there were some key individuals. Along the way would arms were a little bit soft. But we're there to encourage me. Help me maybe give me you know an opportunity at some point this truck don't I have so little bit and am very grateful for those people that they came around. But the right time. There and they took advantage of they don't fit nicely to their moments with me. They had their moments made a huge difference sit here and ultimately. Okay articles speech word we're I'm actually. You know occurred I've played obviously you're with the Panthers for several years ago when I went to the rounds. And I got in the huddle with fuel and Orlando Pace and Marshall Faulk Torry holt and Isaac Bruce and no Adam Timmerman and ending the calm and to you know make a Tom Newton all the guys. Go to Tucker and all the guys we're McConnell while. You know one thing the stood out is how competitive everybody was in that huddle and to me that's what was the difference was the speed in the temple mark marches to say we're gonna shock them with speed and USO we did each and every week but that talk about that rams team you know the 99 team into the 2002 in the won or lost the patriots. I don't know I think he would do you make a good core it is and maybe that you mentioned. You know they were the one that's what it's so they were the hardest workers. Auto series is so when you are superstars like I'd be boots and the Marshall Faulk and those are the guys over and go. You gotta find themselves and also able right there on the cause. When they work harder than everyone else. Obviously it's a terrible for young guys to come here to a guy like yourself say they do want to do. At the beginning in the new crumbled from another place or you come into this your first explosion New York probably got so okay we can value approach doesn't work either pro looks like. And that was what was so special about they give it is. Guys didn't go play. Guys work. Extremely hard. Guys were extremely happy for everyone else's success. And I think that's one of the rarest thing you can see your superstars it's. We had a bunch of guys. That could have been a live anywhere in the you know deserve that give more touches and more accolades they've probably got. What they were willing to take about beating women that I would give up judges who touches the development of the girl and thus they give other guy. It's really what I think they have you know in my opinion the greatest offense is double what it is because we had those guys the guys like artist while. But those kinds of good character guys that were able to say Somali what was called. You know mom will be ready to take advantage of but it's okay my number's not always called it we got some other great players. We want us to succeed you. It occurred what makes you so great obviously it was a work ethic and your character and some Lou the way you approach the game but. He didn't just do with the Ramsey did it with a couple of different teams in the Arizona Cardinals a lot of fans here. Remember that 2008 game because it wanna game more east of the Mississippi. You coming here to Bank of America where the Panthers haven't lost a game and work. You know kind of sale and free to the NFC championship game you come in there and you upset. You know the Carolina Panthers everybody remembers the Jake DelHomme you know five interception game but he gets that something to do with that especially the offense for the guys though that team was special. Well I don't know we thought we knew we were special. I think there were as you know it's love I don't know if that's even we. We wrapped up our division very early early because you know as everybody said they gave away the worst decision of all the time. And then down the stretch we played. Fourteen there would eventually make it to the playoffs did they cheered the fight game. They've got what it seems there every horrible. Blew us out great ever woes play out seems just destroy. And I remember sitting I would pick out things at different times during the I didn't got it's just to get to the playoffs you know I wanna do something in the play out. But it doesn't say Jordan needed. You know because those guys to try to lead their roots and get those guys to play. A higher level or maybe a Bogota on double what exactly what I project someplace else if we add our superstars. Step up and play at another level they were game changes in the playoffs. Then don't they lifted the play of the other guys. So loud you got the riverboat that we do that all the people all of us the horse bolted over. I just don't you feel her well being outlook and should not be good for the playoffs. When guys came together. And yeah we started playing like it's Judy we started how to balance. As you say a decent guy game comes up with five turnovers. Also just Roland. And we started to believe that we can do something special. I don't know we believe there are he would. Without special in regards to child well or how we compare to everybody. We came together believable if we all play at the top of our game and our superstar since the ball flight data being. So we gotta we won't since it would result. Talk to current water Super Bowl champ newly minted hall of Famer all the tech become just like current realistic or just a second but I have to get your thoughts on the Carolina Panthers because. Think it's getting underway here in Charlotte tonight the Texans are coming to town and don't date set first pre season game so we don't expect it's not a fireworks candor it's not going to plated they're taking it easy with them. But everyone around here excited about the addition of Christian McCaffrey and per cent a lot of Ohio State Julius Peppers is back after model when his back and it auto you've been preoccupied with everything you've been up Toobin do you have any thoughts on this Panthers team because there after that fifteen and one abroad and and and missing just short of the Super Bowl. And go six Intel last year people still believe this team could contend for a championship. Well I think they. They got a chance we know they've got a solid these kids. We know they've got some playmakers on offense that you mention they've they've added a couple dollars. That could be really really exciting. You know would also ask a question mark she got a question marks about Kim. And you know word got shoulder going to be this. We all know they're not the same team without him. The other question mark is go to Christian McKay I'll create. What do you really fit what you knew you it does about. Until all of that complement each other doing a big play down the field type team. You know word as can't go all the quarterback receiver out of clay and it and read the other of these golf would it be that guy that can be more than they can downside guy that. Somber radios. And the particular moment on the deal still a lot of dollar bonus to you but I think some questions to right now all of whom are going to be what's going to be your identity. Because it appears regardless Christian McCaffery what it could be a little bit civil war they didn't talk. You know currently the guys up front or just better than everybody else yeah its gonna be you're going to be successful you can period you could bring it on the road you can back it up and I go one thing the cowboys haven't had is maybe the defense to back it up but. Special teams and offense has not been their problem where some of the teams you look at this year maybe the Tennessee. They're gonna content of that championship by may be beat or take on the pages to list the Steelers to the favorites Nancy. You know I think it's. I think there's going to be a good feeling this believes. Still Seattle. There's going to be back. You know Russell Wilson last year was banged up a lot of the years. I think there are going to be back in the mix it's hard all that was just a look at yesterday. They are fired up you know with the way Davey Johnson's playing. You know the way they sit Jill played last year. They still got some guys don't these guys are Maxi problem that Chelsea doesn't question what were some young guys there anymore the receivers step up their featured back field. I think they're going to be an election anyway possible including those. Is going to be all I really like the job. Edits of war also as we know what did you go toward last year of eligibility at least it was good seeing you in the NFC. They don't really get to compete on the world if he would ever. All the firepower on offense they've been part of on the bow to the well the last couple years so I think there's going to be some good teams in the NCAA trouble wide open racial. All right we will end on this one Kurt I only know. The 2017. Version of frank Garcia how would you describe the 2001 version of frank Garcia Bethea at. 2001. Version afraid Garcia. And our world. On this guy's guy is little. Doubt weighs. Always struck it you know that was very good always cooperated clawing and he was gonna give you every bit of our first. Nobody had even if they didn't maybe start Gupta our why they give everybody else did. Well I'll play I'll play a lot of quality guys. Horrible stage. That scrappy effort guy. Every job there and so I loved old battle with. There was Franchitti was always going to be mixing it up in getting in there and being aggressive and never made a mistake it wasn't going to be because those. Of effort it was going to be maybe they just put on this side the couldn't. My job at times you guys flipped but I love what I was sorry that I loved out of my attitude about these. With those sorts adults. Well Kurt there's not many guys that talk the talk and walk the walk you're absolutely one of those guys have really appreciate having you as a team made him so how happy and proud of view. In making the whole thing you deserve it man you worked to tell us tell Brendan your family sit below and keep up the great work man. Well great Q I appreciate it all so not sure I deserve at all but I hope that you guys are my teenage. Celebrate with fifty billion dollars an instrumental role in. There's no way to leave him and I am in the player that I was so our hope is celebrated with its search and appreciate the job that we got to spend over the years. Thank you Jerker graduates heard and we'll talk do so. I don't think. Today it was directed back to present here this man is what is NASA walker I thought about hottest yet we know. We know we're sitting back here this entire building is like flowing AC except for this spot right here. Think it's walker on the court there that all words there its ten degrees cooler earlier so that wolf you'd better frank just like sit next to a partisan value Circuit City. Did you walk around a walk and radiate heat whatever. Anyway sobre leer board update brought to you by Q what golf review islands golf resort to other throughout most of toward toward one PGA championship and look at this. Got to Carolina boy growing his lead out there today as Kevin King is there the Aiken South Carolina native. Just eagle par five number seven. To move to eight under he's now got a three shot lead. Over DA points who is us sitting in second place right now at five under followed by the thunderbird or your Olson at four under. Had a a host of golfers at three under including young young John and beverage you Fowler. Who are both through seventeen right now Grayson Marie also a three under he's through to his round distorted. And then I Gary Woodland and Brooks kept good up and Chris Stroud who all start this afternoon at 12135. And Q thirty. Respectively Daniel leaderboard update is brought to you like you wilding golf resorts. Proud host of the 20/20 18 PGA championship what do you make about this isn't a kid man. Not laid down these his life and Jason. You know arts Jason Sobel do we had on earlier this. You talked about his familiarity with these greens and you know when I use we just feel like you may get everything in you're comfortable on the golf course that's. It's going to be something they got that a lot of these guys are really doing what they do and he's driven them always got a lot of confidence right now will be anxious to see. How he stays comforter if he stays confidently realizes. He has a two or three shot lead heading into the weekend and if he's able to hold that I still felt like stayed under is gonna win this term it. You know 89 under he's an eight right now he's gonna give a couple back most likely. You know what I keep saying keep saying that he success in in a you know will be it says C one you know guys like god kept to get out there who's even. Through that while he's just started his his round today three under through the tournament he had Gary Woodland same type of thing he's got a gin up here around 130 years ago. But it'll be a just in to see what these guys start. You know get out there on the course to see where they stack up but I guess Bannister. That's it that's wrote a thunder probably just gentleman and now. Is what would you say you're good walker on the course all their grimacing in three hours what's it like out there just really really good deal it it's it's hard though Al these guys. They're does a lot of hedged you had shaken. Yes a man that was tough shot you know like that kind of that's a sport it's tough sport man this course is playing tough for a lot of these guys I was following chapel. And you know coupled really really nice shots that he thought would be good. And they rolled down off the green so but as myself but it also clouding up I saw that and there's a breeze. And it's gonna rain here shortly voice yes except when it's gonna rain looks nasty and the radar shows about the 80% Jezebel. Do something for a little bit so hopefully they could they could play through it is not lightning out and thundering his Kroger stares at me as I'm talking here right now I thought. You he feels like he he probably feels comfortable because it's always interest in fast saying that guys have no idea that it. How to play golf wanna talk about golf if I cannot. Yeah so there I'm learning that there shaking their head why Conan. Give me the breakdown because he posted. Yeah I. He got the shot was going one way and let the other. That's my kind of a message that says or does his reality you're right it probably goes somewhere and we do it I kind of analysis may and the ball didn't break the -- that the ball didn't break the golden break the bald and we're also provides important yeah yeah thanks to underwrite the event would you welcome a finally I was just set up the fun of them fail on that owned the outlook he tried to do that the putt didn't break. That was supposed chip shot frankly I'm of the green so the chip convert you to break that we wanted to present policy chip for the putt that McCain's side of won't lose your via the ball didn't go the way he wanted to thought it would go holiday is a better for you. If you fight like old ladies just stop. I'm sorry anyway. So while there there's golf update you gonna get plenty of those this afternoon is a fraud jobs don't you weigh in about 35 minutes. But hey if you've been missing all this NFL there's buckle that first of all. Zeke Elliott has been suspended six games for the domestic violence incidences in Ohio that among other things it looks to us some people like it might be an accumulation of all the times that. His names come up inane headlines for the bad reasons but not just Ezekiel lead story today which we spent a lot of time onto a lot of phone calls and text about. But some trades to report Sammy Watkins a day after he Tyrod Taylor connected three times and wrote a start that game last night us and they want it has been treated. To the LA rams he's now ram and in return EJ gains is day of Buffalo Bill that the bills were done there. They didn't they'd been shot to Ronald Darby quarterback over to Philadelphia. And in return the bills get a wide receiver to replace him to watch as they get Jordan Matthews from Philly. And look on paper I think we know who is not just on paper I think we know the more talented player is. Between Sammy Watkins and and Jordan Matthews right with. This might be a situation where the bills would like to see you got to stay on the field. I don't know you know I can't I don't care how talented your cleanup plan now what good does that do me so. You know that's probably the way the bills were just sick and tired of it they don't trust him anymore and you know they weren't that different directions so I think the rams get a really good talented player. You want time situationally it's you know whether god blends with the the the what the chemistry of the locker around the organization doesn't feel value whatever might be the sometimes not sometimes guys just need to change pace or new. A new set up deny you know maybe that's what it is for for Sammy who knows. We see the town we sought a Clemson you know we see him when he's when he's healthy and will be able did you see what doesn't and no way. All right so if you have any reaction any thoughts on that 704570. Ninety's stitched him without a great show so far a lot and I honestly. We were going to work on a select few things here revenue there have been a couple of big stories that we've been Bernard on and done other things that we haven't been able to talk about like. Leonard for let's say the NFL slower than he would spin that he expected and that it's easy frank. Make it it's yeah yeah yeah you take that away does the lives you will see how easy it is and how slow it is you know come September. I it's pretty easy right now and I guys are playing a lot slower than what they're gonna play but I think you made changes to it a little bit. As soon as can't chancellor Knox is. In the third at you know a guy that's gonna happen it is what it is his pads yet what his packet is OK yeah if you will. He's gonna get hit so hard sometime in the NFL where he's going to be cheap doing much apart checked. And when he gets hit that hard because this you know I get Alabama and LSU in the SEC is great. But it's not the NFL you guys safeties that are bigger linebackers. At this level it can run faster than DBs so that's going to be the difference when you go out there. And you can make the argument okay well. You play for the jaguar they don't blog very well there's a reason why they lose games are you got a bad quarterback Jay and I you're gonna have to carry load. But after sixteen games let's see I thinks about this pursuing thinks about the NFL that yelled and urged the entirety of the quote if you haven't seen this. Have torn it says quote it's a lot slower than I really thought. That's how I've been since I. First got into the NFL I don't want to be more like it's going to be fast but I mean playing in the SEC. That kind of helped me a lot I think to me it was really easy in quote yeah okay well you know what yes I I've I believe I'm six foot 5320 pounds to the like I can say I can say a lot of things. To try to build myself up and I'm stronger and faster than anybody on the planet. But when it comes down to it you realities gonna hit him right in the face and he's gonna realize this is much faster in the SEC. You know I and you know those statements right now. That he's making are gonna face and a lot of defense of players so they're gonna give a little bit more on foreign you know they can they get an opportunity go out there and and take advantage. I don't think for that was tried to attract undue Italian American accord I'd also I don't think he was tried to have to irritate anyone I think what you said he was just answer your question. But he might have thought a little harder about the answer because I may put a little bit of a target on himself by saying the NFL is easy and easy way easier that he thought like you said I'm sure there are some defenders ears perked up America. Yeah we'll see what type of season he has seen a plane with a Jack wires. You know he's gonna carry the brunt of the load and typically most likely. His offensive linemen are very good as a reason why don't win the a double digit games or have made the playoffs. In quite some time so yeah we're gonna see where you stack up at the end of written you know if it's easy then we'll we'll tell you you know lay and Andy is it'll show. You know he'll be scored a lot of touchdowns and I'm I'm guessing that negative think it was too easy went out Ellis you've played Alabama. Well I mean these guys are better than Alabama I can promise you that the worst team would beat Alabama by four touchdowns. That's just the reality of this game vs that game so. Com you know there's a big words soliciting got them back it up. All right before we step aside I talked about one Ohio State a lump was having a bad day today is actually second Ohio State alone have a kind of a rough day. Miami Dolphins rookie linebacker Rick one McMillan is gonna miss the entire season. After tearing his ACL last night against Atlanta. Draft in the second round out of Ohio state of Miami needed some help on the defensive side and he was gonna come in and your world changer but he was gonna provide some depth them very talented player I've seen in person a couple of times Rick on the Billick can play and that's a loss of. Yeah you hate to see that anybody get injured in three season and they'll be out for the season but unfortunately that's the reality of this game. You know guys put themselves out there they're exposed. And you know it did the game of football is about who can sustain the least about injuries in the battle of attrition so. It's it's bad break for Miami bad break for the kid. You know what does next man up and that's the way the Miami has looked at it this way we're trained as players. You know you get hurt you go down the other they got to find that your replacement and that the the bus. Doesn't stop. Are more gets you on the other side still some of the founders to touch on. And again all sorts of breaking news. In the NFL amateur leaderboard update and we'll update you on all the breaking news in the National Football League on the other side it's Garcia Billick W offense it. He's like up froehlich WFAN seasonal facial tailgate spot of Coca-Cola doghouse. Light and music beer sauce men's Barbeque GG some red hot and boosters realize green. Trucks a year corn hole and more. OK before heading into the game which stadium watched the game in the shadow. The stadium on the corner of needs and more head. One killed he did not queen city it's the next best thing give me a big game. Thanks Joseph Miller life Jack Daniels and Griffin Brothers studio in these homemade Italian ice cap for Genesis Adam Barrett conventions of ball. 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Listening to other stations then they're covering stories like listening to her and her mother is Mary Lou Cannon an illness Charlotte Panthers station. Mike. Remember. Daily lives but I decided did you check the dollar Darren listens to Michael Jackson I realize. That's good dose to book version that in order to marketers the hide their krall had a good time I just found out there's a dollar permit it. Therapeutic massage Booth right next to us we're having good information that yesterday so look I'm gonna put that to good use we don't hear. What do you need to massage or everything you know everything. Clinton would be through the back to hammer falsetto sit next to you for a club that's tough you have no doubt about our well so. We're sitting here with Croshere gonna join us coming up in about fifteen minutes he's got a lot of good stuff to get into this afternoon we'll talk about that. He had researching for the NBA the good news that the NBA is now going to penalize teams for resting players which of course was they. Hot button topic late in the regular season that we spent a fair amount of time on back then it's not something that we plan on talking to talk about a name proves quite honestly is is the guy to. To hear from about that sort of thing coming up later he's the NBA jumped you the resident India jump here on staff that event is interest and I don't know how you do that. The guy and I don't I think that's more for us his fans in foreign media then it is for anybody else how do you penalize a guy. When you know you're saying that he's hurt or injured and they're gonna sit there is no is not I played last night well guys get hurt. Hi you guys get injured in power rested player just for health reasons because. You know I feel like you he needs a break that's my response that's my bride is a coach that's my right is a team. You know I think that we all want the have the ability to sit there as they wanted to put his ticket so I deserve to be entertained by this guy out there on the court. No I mean it does right there on the back the tickets and how they're gonna monitor this these fines. If that's the case of they're gonna start fining guys are finding their teams for you sitting players just coaches are going to be smarter Brothers not to tell you. Yeah well and I am just that was giving the article apparently Adam silver hinted at the idea of teams not resting multiple starters in the same game. And does not resting a starter for away games which you don't get. It it's a step in the right direction out of the get solved all the problems that. It it is a step in that direction and these owners are expected to approve these new rules changes and it's a corset looks good for the game you know I went when I figured I thought their fans right form and we say they're telling fans is what we're gonna do bush realistically how are you gonna monitor. Well now I mean as far as how you monitoring. But it's a fairly easy part right immunity. You're hurt you just what you just went worked yes I pulled the bat before you sprained back muscle. Are you play in the last night but tonight your hurt and I decided you know what. Kyle we need you in the end I gained 81 not 61. I hear you. I don't know on the I think there's no way while I. That's the best answer there's no way you're gonna build monitor the I guess a new if you suddenly there's an influx of guys on the injured list you know and and guys who are. You know showing up or not showing up against because if I'm Gregg Popovich or make fun of this rule. That's what I do you know I mean yeah absolutely. He has a hamstring has a toe he has a shoulder that's a Latvian it does all the information had to give you. That guy's hurt they got as answering the guy's a toe injury. TCI's of these guys needs all the time US troops so away again I mean what's the difference I mean. What what what one guy determines is injured or hurt mean what is another guy say no you're not where is our question in these guys' character and calling them liars and the agendas that. Yeah I I do wonder if this is all lip service or area that's exactly always hazardous to appease the fans to appease business borders that's that that latter what is the I hate to say this position they use fans are listening but. But the business partners are far more important. To the NBA right now that that or the fans would come to this sort of thing and you know I understand why now of course the two are tied and I would say even inextricably but. You know the business partners produced the TV ad revenue. That that you know makes these television Contra I was say they're both equally as Ford I would say one's diet I don't know I think you need the fans the by the proper -- area so I'm heard about the equally as in this day and age over television money drives everything to television money's what inflates the bees that the understand it you know it in the day and age were television money drives everything I could make the case the business partners are more important regardless though. Regardless. You would think I've always wondered how that was not more evident facilities coaches and players in that okay yet you wanna win game. The double without these business partners and without those fans showing up you contracts or what they are noted the league is not as valuable as it is so. I always kind of wondered why those guys didn't take that more to consideration but here we are. Adam silvers is apparently ready to we'll put force rules changes that the owners are likely going do proven we'll see what it would have to. Is what the reality is coaches and players don't care about the fans to some degree they'd laid they understand how they need them but they care about winning. And they care about you know there you know the ultimate goal which a championship. And they're not gonna ask you what do you think there and that's evidence right and I think it's the right way to handle it. You know that's every coach's discretion to handle their team that's why they get paid the millions of dollars they get paid. And is that it's under their discretion about there and make these choices if you don't like it don't know I don't know what to tell you you but you're not owed it. No I don't I don't think it's an issue being owed it necessarily is as so much is. But look let's say this is just lip service lets say that these new rules don't really change and if they connect us to arrest they just do under the guise of an injury it doesn't really exist. The other hand injury exists it's just everybody plays with her today and thanks Kyle that's I that's what I'm required to you these injuries are there are these Hertz are there like I get now to say this and injuring I don't I'm gonna arrest and how big a sale or not you're fine and I give them that that's not something that they gave us need explained because you're right we all understand the guys played through injuries that are being heard throughout the course of the season all I'm saying is. Is that relative to weather the way it is now. You don't nothing changes these guys are still sitting out under the guise of injuries that aren't as serious as they claim they'll put it that way. That you know at some point the guy who buys an expensive ticket. To take his kid to see the broader deceased CP three or whoever at a road venue to catch us up by and it's a well here's here's your bouquet of they haven't yet. And Bambi is more popular now than ever. Here's what I can I predict happening in in the in the future. You're forcing them pressuring these players into playing in these coaches there's good lawsuit waiting to happen. For you can't fresher guy and applying absolutely. I have leading pressured though I don't every one of these players have been pressures still protected by injury rules of mr. actually injured they can still sit I'm. Hurt your pressure me to be out there with my hurts and my obtains. Right that's what your doing. Just the same thing that we came down hard on the NFL for the players but that your pressuring me to go out there and play. When I'm hurt and I should be sitting out with your her to the point that you should be sitting out that rises to the level of an Angel food determines that. Team doctors. Take a team doctors not to determine you know of whether my hamstring is ready to healthy to go or not I do. Why is a player determine that and what's the purpose of the team doctor dates that they did they diagnose injuries of course OK but if it if I'm not if I'm hurt. And I don't feel like I can compete they can't tell me go out there compete OK that's fine as a conflict eventually they're also part one thought that's always been a conflict of interest okay with a bit that you so what are you arguing I I'm I'm telling you when asked to do the same question I don't know exactly what you're ordered because you're saying that the guy is perk to the floor maybe he shouldn't be applied want to read it let rises to the level of being injured. If you're injured you're still protected you've always been protected in terms of being able to sit out not play well the government is being forced to play. These guys that have the next and the fans let me see you sit there and tell me how you go to my question is how are you gonna enforce this you can't talk this is lip service that's a let's legitimate point that that I think is absolutely that's all I'm saying today and plus we did -- do kind of way to the particulars of all this and and how it's gonna be enforced if you even can end that. I guess. Again it is it something that you his offense should appreciate because the NBA's try nor is it simply lip service and it's all to say they were gonna try to do something about this but not really because in seven months it's overlooked the site yet that's exactly that's my point and and this is lip service for them to feel like they're given something back to the fans. So that they feel like they're getting value with their entertainment dollar when they go watch that the teams are gonna tank or teams are gonna. You arrest players that you know that they're they're gonna go out there and they're going to be trying a little bit harder but it's lip service dep which almost exodus is who cares about the ticket sales. If the mayor wants the rest let him rest you can see in the spot on the bench and what it takes to go sit down bachelorette. I mean I get what you're going to have its clever editing but nobody pays a ticket to see a guy sitting on the bench did I think frankly agree with that you know I mean that's that's accurate. You know but again I mean how you gonna find these teams for for resting players you just not going to you just to you there's no way to improve. It's going to be tough. And you that's and we talked about that in a back when these conversations were still happening. And we're having them just about every day during the the latter part of the regular season we were saying the same thing you know it's going to be very difficult to enforce I just. I'm gonna be curious to see what kind of ideas they brought to the table here because of its all. It lip service and and and superficial I think you're going to be able to recognize that pretty much right away at the Celtics substantive and meaningful there that a mechanical tell Pavlovic he can't verses players. Guess what he's gonna do laughter they will have to fill levity and come up with a clever way to say just like Belichick does when it comes to the end report he's got a shoulder. All you need to know though is gonna toe. He's got a hamstring right you know whatever there is I mean they can come up with these okay because that's true I'm not lying to you money hurts though his name. I would also have to give you whether it's ten and I had this is that an injury or that are hurt or pain. Right it's not an injury it's just hurt well most guys played through that as I sit they. Take the Ibuprofen or whatever might be but if you're cements and I can't pressed him because his knee hurts every one of these guys have bad knees. Don't happen to know you fix it. It's happened there instead grim Cadillac. Yeah the trends are yet they can't figure out of the most argues these apps right yeah how can you get -- backed up for Mets sent us an exhibit that makes about as much sense as your your accusation that you don't believe you know I absolutely don't usually there are aliens and area 51 that exists that you don't believe the people could -- for the technology and listen and watch ridiculous yet you don't want its most believable you don't believe if not that's ridiculous it's rebellion has seen those cornfields with those those spaceships on Africa. Hello I'm trying to tell them that's exactly the show so glad the show's almost over that that's. All right we're gonna come back we're gonna end this thing brag goodness we're gonna do that enough drama to go watch some golf Frank's gonna do whatever fresh gonna do a good coaching kids Cecily did you think that that's a good idea welcome back wrapping up Chris Grover company will join us for the handoff to Dorsey unveiled. Welcome back Garcia and really final segment. That's the final time live the 99 PGA championship it will follow it's me it's Garcia and now probes has a headset on our buddy. Let's start your traditional diets and on is the first time I've ever done radio what they do I don't know Erica so happy Friday Howard. I'm doing well I got a chance to law walk the course a little bit earlier. Ryan who's with me and we. Got to see the you know what the featured groups today which used our Rickie Fowler and dad Rory McIlroy yeah John rom and the galleries man. It's unreal it looks like a Sunday outside it's today's Friday it looks like a Sunday at the Wells Fargo championship out there and you already look at a group semi look at it Jason Day at one right now you're talking 560 right now right off the tee box it was about that deep earlier today for those guys and what do you think it's gonna look like on Saturday and Sunday people people don't. Realize how big of a city Charlotte is when it comes to golf does not make this argument all the time in Oz at an NFL guy that an opportunity go play. And on a lot of different cities. This is one of the best cities in the United States for golf one that's what's remarkable the fact that this city has never hosted a major until now only be that we had the Kemper open way back when and then. The Home Depot invitational I remember growing up the senior towards that time before became the champion store. Over it off the piper went back then and you know now what we got Wachovia that it became the Wells Fargo. And not have a major here just for its pretty ridiculous frank you're right that it's a new look at those galleries shot right look at that at the certain route one if you watch on TV it's just incredibly you're talking about people eight to ten deeper on the T thought it would blow look at it look at a particular group you're watching tuna yeah I look cool guys Jason Day you got Dustin Johnson. And I'm not shoot the third is in the group but are you gonna have the who's who of golf right that's where everybody's going to be following you get the same thing when you go to Augusta grown up but a gust as that. History tradition is very rare that you see these types of groups. And following is at a PGA. That it. Alligator wants to try to make that comparison just yet to pro sports there that the galleries the grip the crowds have been incredible. Jason Sobel senior golf writer yes fumes witness earlier he was he was raving about that as well. About how great turnouts than he said he was talking to a senator's back hideous he would say this is unbelievable. There have been over people that have shown up so it's been a really good two days the next two figured we also as well since I've got you for a limited time here. Frank is the biggest conspiracy theorist of all time reportedly but are not again does not believe in the single most believable conspiracy. That's a Big Brother is watching us through the likes of FaceBook and it's the Grammy targeted ads you walked up immediately and that frankly talking about of course this thing after. That he colonials. From the I mean I look we get a lot of issues this isn't one of them today that we nobody. I've had this same thing happened to me where Omar where I've had Billy I net sponsored ads that are targeted we look at it you're looking through your sea scroll through like your its degree of feed her like how they how the heck did you know that I was just drinking dagger I would like somebody was mentioning that a lot of the ground or not that I strength of that but that India's for. Aren't you engaged right now yes in your ads don't know that my entire engagement was wedding hats now I have no idea. I don't do any diamond Big Brother knew that I was getting only the only angry brother we kind of car I wanted to buy all of my ads are targeted the only well usually I mean maybe doesn't have to do it. From phones to know if it's ordered it I don't know I went to Starbucks this morning. On the way to the office before I came out here to quell oh what's that a sponsor Starbucks. Most right there might Serena beat I'd never get Starbucks sponsored post points the graffiti and I went to Starbucks today and there it is. That's just coincidence because Starbucks popularity brought imagine that only served four billion people McGuckin the moral did you hear the. Although we got this morning. We had a woman that called assist Morgan said this morning early this morning comes walking out of her front door and she fell and got hurt really badly and scream bloody murder. Okay not been heard her kid has to come help from the hospital an hour later she checks her phone and there is sponsored targeted dead. Force in those it's a watch for older people it if they fall they can get help it happened to her this morning she called and told my neck. My back down my this guy back at that's helped me I've foreign and I can't get a real man let's see how we rank as semi pro bowlers last time he read the terms of service we downloaded after all register your thought it was awesome you're at the turnout earth that OK and that stuff in there says. Yeah we use your geo location on monster camp are your microphone. And will use this to target ads and that's when you choose declined because if you choose except. UN and know about it it's going on behind underneath here underneath your nose and actually except every single time I don't have time to read those five paragraphs if they send me. I agree to terms I have no sponsored apps okay ever. I can't even deal with you right now all right so let us a little stroke particularly has spent six games you're gonna get this cotton Evian sherbet you walkers to cowboys fans there to walkers and today 00 man I don't know how he feels about it. I don't know I'll do my thing with with Ezekiel Elliot is this. You know where there's smoke there's fire sometimes and you're innocent until you're proven guilty in this country but this guy's been involved in a lot of stuff for his name keeps coming up and I get it when your high profile. People were always try to get something out of you sometimes do. So you you know you try to use common sense. But it just seems like this guy's been involved in a lot of stuff that's just not a good look for him. For the NFL in more than anything I think that's that's what I would say if if if Jersey killing it. Who cares about the NFL man worry about your brand to worry about you as a person keep your nose clean because at the end of the day it's your reputation everybody's talking about. No pairs that with the NFL could talk it high and mighty NFL could talk about their reputation all day long before that's disingenuous but if you're Vickiel Elliott. Come on man I get it the legs off you pulled lauded for directions before to get you sometimes with. Trying to do the right thing went ahead and. Lot of people out there today of course as you probably murder scene red are up in arms about the fact that the NFL was doing this despite there being no charges filed by the the the attorneys of there in Columbus but the gonna Phyllis that we did our own investigation we found plenty it has to justify suspension of a frank knows this look you can't hide from the NFL the security guys that work in the NFL and around the NFL. If there's something they will find it doesn't want him more than some police have done so here's my question. Why does the NFL do more research than the DA. Or go to the justice system out if they're gonna go out they're not punish the that the the you know that is ridiculous but this is no different and I go to different situation but this to me this is no different in college can't predict we're calf were people immigrants they would cap predict. They cap your you're welcome your freedom of speech but it doesn't mean it might not hurt your employment and the same thing is true particularly seeking don't do whatever you want out there. But if we think that your conduct even if it's not criminal is a battle for oss is an organization crosses a team. Guess what they're gonna be some repercussions here and here's the difference there approach words change and and you know taken a different Ted Turner directions it used to be the team's responsibility to do that yet agree now the NFL has I think Roger stepped over right Telecom Roger Goodell right it's instinct. Because the burden of proof for the Anna heard you know between the NFL and his judicial system is very different we've learned at that time and time again. That threshold is very different and the NFL's entitled to do with the NFL's well that if we have every ever wondered why were are to Dell's making you know the millions of dollars it is. It's to take these types of cases off of the ownership rights because it would have used to have happened is the chances would be the ones that to come down with conduct detrimental and what's the link and some teams that like oh that seems more too lenient and other players that's a star than an hour the NFL it's the brand and its Roger Goodell there's a reason why makes you know fifty million dollars wherever make our next eroded your last Moody's and take groves is your phone listening who's right Tyler frank. Atlanta about this theory a lot of second. Here's here's O'Donnell has Garcia if he's ever heard the NSA they readily admit they do that kind of surveillance all the time it's literally their job is at the same place we find in the Bahamas NASA fassel has thoughts on that sounds a little different titles and violate Adam shift or just put this out we don't have time to read it on the air but it sure Croat we'll get into it. The letter from the NFL Susie Gilead explaining exactly why he was suspended for six games so I'm sure he'll have some public that no Fleischer we will went on deck today. Typical Friday afternoon news company NFL also get into some of the stuff I knew you guys are mentioning it in the last thirty minutes. Father Richard and I will getting to this site NBA. Our potential role did you looks like they don't want teams resting players they've adjusted to schedule a little bit we'll talk about that either what's story out about the fortitude ESPN their stats and info people said. Off all the new additions made in the NBA this off season. Dwight Howard is the worst one made for any team to be MBS. While we'll see how that works out that's big harsh right well red jacket you can be skeptical but the worst do you see with the knicks play they can parlay humanity jacket on an entity five million for them or worse outwards the worst acquisition all right go. Coverage of our guys I lawyer we get Greg Garcia after work today. I do also got to think Osborne billion the Marlins fan hit man everyone involved in this here production we're going to enjoy our weekend you do disables its first thing Monday morning at 10 AM. Enjoy the rest of this golf tournament if you get out your highly recommended. Well follow his first class and done they are just kill in this sort of this weekend so George broadside comes your way back we've had a blast we'll do it again two days. CNN the suspect arson Israeli W opens it.