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Thursday, January 4th
In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Kyle and Frank discuss Jusy Rose leaving UNCC. 

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But Garcia. It's Garcia and Bailey here on a Thursday at a sub 7045709. 610 dollars and Texas they're on a bill to consider tax line. Find this on the JJ's restaurants Twitter and box I Kyle Bailey WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 and at Osborne WS and that is the great show ahead the hall of Famer Anthony Munoz will join the show we'll talk so much NFL. Around here's the only finger on the planet this worst in my mind a minority guys like Bono is his is like over here and it's like his ring finger on his. Well this Yang nights is pinky finger on his right hand pinky finger on his right hand it does a dozen straight ninety do every angle all of a sudden Google searchers for Anthony Munoz finger well John well you see here ready brother these are able to write an article on. Under pressure I had. Haven't seen us before oh yeah and again I've seen this a little bit he's bad I have I have a club. Called teen orally finger yeah. Torry Holt stinnett. Franks era francs it bugger McFarlin as one as a as a badge of honor yet if so have played also some defensive line in the NFL. You know to have one of those fingers you have to play the NFL but all plate yeah you know it's easier guy's finger. We're glad to hear that there's like one doesn't want to play a reducing call Florio right all right do. Russell to tell you know it was actually looks sale exits as a great analogies same same exact thing the message that we UCL you know I don't I don't regret what so no I didn't want to put you know what. He's a great dude and arguably. The greatest offensive tackle to ever play the game while and ultimately that's that's that's big time praised him for I mean if you ever watch him play with wrangles. The coach that I first learned under and what I used to teach today to a lot of high school kids it's still. Imply it's you know Jim McNally right here and they system called the duck demeanor I'm given immediately to into weeds here but. Anthony Munoz. Is what. We as often sublime and learn how to play like everybody emulated his style of the way he played and not only what he was he a great technician. He was a nasty SOB. He was is NASA I mean when football was being played differently. Emmy he was the he was the yeah he's kind of like. We're interviewing maybe my arguably my fair does put favorite player of all time wow he's got more the greatest mustaches that into office and one into the rock on now. Let's say is fantastic he looks like a 1970s. Hispanic porn star Danny looks like I guess that's half that's how he. Not a looks like an Hispanic Tom Selleck in and that's about it automated Leo the gray mustache is small time that's I'm excited for this conservative or just drop pops in at 1215. Although with a wrong out of the door on us on the schedules and on a bond that also later in the show Dennis Dodd CBS sports Dodd John national college football writer his dog saw none not just the national championship game and other do semifinal games and of course UCF claiming its first national championship which we got into their during the break. And you wanna get back about a second armed and then later in the show 130 we have been told to expect Ron Rivera Panthers head coach to joiner show and about 130 S and are walking off the practice field and when we get. APA RP card to a radical right contract with the that was Ron Rivera at the doesn't frank Garcia and Dennis Dodd and Dennis. I lost his or a long time ago well but he's not Hispanic it's true. Oh you're with at least an AARP card that is was that does for old people open. It's less and this rumor was what were you go for. The Hispanic card on the green card huh. The green cards allied to I was wondering has still got a toward you're talking though we we're all over here before you know we had to swim so. That's the troops. Listen I can say that Joseph I know you can do the only one of the true allowed us but I stimulus must be less and on the left everything to. That's funny jokes are fundamentally. At that Munoz Ron Rivera you know they probably played against each other. Back to the day. Yeah this Anthony was probably in the early eighties but you know each other real well yeah I'm Charlie when he was so so so range and was inducted into the hall of fame in 1998. Sending to a retired 93 yesterday we are absolutely so they would have been lovely little play against each other in all likelihood. We'll talk about that would both of those guys and when they join a show coming up in just a bit I'm. Is getting Munoz what is wrong. Revere as possible fire alarm excited you'll just say about that is it difficult to go by the way Chico and he'll call Chico really yeah I only sale bill called a whole Chico. Watch and a sailor dosed we got a lot of stuff to get into a literally I was. I woke up there are always like gonna counsel us or watch some TV and I was thinking about some things that we're gonna talk about today what we get into and they just kept coming into stores just kept falling in my lap last night and this morning we I would got more stuff web that I think we can get into a four hour honestly that's great idea I love those I. I'm excited about today's show I am I mean you just said to my favorite guests that we'll talk to withdraw. On as well and you know obviously we're gonna ask great questions are with him and this can be solely focused on the playoffs and how do you beat Japan sinks what do you do as was once a game plan how do you change what you do differently. Somebody asked me yesterday when they know we're just told him I'd late yesterday afternoon this they would dig about the game on Sunday who's gonna win. And yes I don't know Max I knew you were gonna ask me at some point there tomorrow what's your pick what's your prediction for this game and I got to be honest Riyadh. By answer that right now would be do you want to Panthers homer answered you want to realize or Georgia had a you want your heart well in my button to see you think about it is the parent told branches and don't pay a visit to get it done came out about standard of play well the other answer is not the opposite that's me the other interest I don't know I don't. Have a great feel for this one because I could just as easily see both teams when this game. I got on it. And it's it's a fair answer. You'd get a good explanation of why and I felt like that before you know with things because the wildcard right the X factors Cam Newton bright. Right Greg cosell on the Mac detect this morning I think is one of the the best guest at the station has. When it comes to breaking down game and you're talking strictly axes nose and a value leading players is barely game for a hundred years. Really glad I really think he's one of the best guess it to the station has. You talked about him and he called them dangerous. And I could agree more with that definition. Of what Kim Newton is he's he's dangerous. Dangerous is doing good. Doing when you start looking at all the things that. It was defense has to prepare for he's a dangerous player absolutely because he can be too which is way too into a semi yards down the field he can pick a defense apart when he taught. He's also dangerously pat. Right for your own detriment. Right he can be dangerous to your own team because he can have a game like he had against the bears he to have a game like he had. You know this last week and against the falcons so he's a dangerous player. No and that's a great way to describe that type of player has Brett Favre was a dangerous player does not necessarily a bad thing. You know he's more dangerously good to me is dangerously bad though. A weapon. I am gone is a dangerous weapons. Right it can be used for the good to be used for the negative if you don't know how to use it properly it's a dangerous weapons. So you have to educate yourself and how to use it I think that's where the Panthers can find themselves in right now. Trying to figure out how to use their weapons in because he's so dangerous. Hit his swing state he's extremes on both sides. Horror I I think wider than pretty much any quarterback in the league because I think look for now right now today well I think it's absolutely yeah I mean if we're talk. Don't tell what you say and I'm a dodger talk about the history of the and I don't know I don't know. I would say. I would argue. That it's in the history of the NFL I think that well there's no doubt there are no I don't know I think you're right there's never been a quarterback that has the ceiling. Of Camden now. Our in the history of this game is cyborg piece a metal you know right. There's also a never ever been another player that's actually has been several of the players and probably played more Newport living cam hasn't games but. You know he also has the potential. Richard articulated oil to makes sense to me because I would say there's never been an elite quarterback. Who is who can be as wildly bad and is incredibly insanely stupidly good move from week to week Brett Favre and edit with the exception probably go to our he comes to mind like that instantaneously even Brett Favre wasn't near the athlete became goodness on a farm was pretty good athlete great arm he had Craig swagger that is not about you it was that's not a does he wasn't 65 and he wasn't running they weren't using Brett Favre. The way they can use Camden so I agree with you cam Newton's a step above Brett Favre. If we were ever try to colonize a distant planet. We would send thousands of Cam Newton is there to do it is my point like that's that's the kind of athlete disguise what you're gonna since I get a line that right and isn't that DNA tiff with Kissinger able to colonize Mars. You know not knowing what was there we send a 100000 cam Newton's they're not a 100000 Brett favre's I guess that's my point I really come back and there was there was a report last night blades or just later in the evening. WC NC Charlotte NBC affiliate that that the Panthers. New ownership group may look very local and very familiar after all we'll talk about that we come back it's Garcia Blaylock. Yeah. And gentlemen we were gonna come back and talk to you about the Panthers and Brian France and NASCAR and Felix about us and we will indeed we will at some point we have some breaking news for you guys. Is of the hyper local variety and you're Charlotte 49ers fans. Buckle up. Come across the old news wire right now Judy rose has retired. And tires you'll retire at the official reason he way that this saying is that retired or what. We're simmer and getting the official statement right now and this is a press release from the Charlotte stroll 49ers media relations department. And I will read it verbatim quote Charlotte 49ers director of athletics Judy rose has announced her retirement effective on June 30 at the end of the Tony 1718. Academic year. That was Odyssey rose one of the nation's most respected director of athletics is in her 43 year with the university 128 as Charlotte's director of athletics. Chancellor told doctor told bought our boys are the wild off the ball go like this ranch this. This is what he says they're quote. This was entirely jury's decision and I respect her desire to enjoy retirement with her husband Kenneth I'll miss working with her both personally and professionally and though in the quote there but goes on to talk about her accomplishments and then they know what's gone on it does Charlotte under her watch and. And it's something you just as a good day he certainly has an I would not. I like I had no interest in the spirit and Judy rose or just it's obvious that situation became untenable but you can't you can't have a fire Judy rose campaign taking place to do is scale and think Ph.D.s gonna stay up much longer and I hope and am pretty sure she will accept this at some point. Everybody is gonna have their day when it's time ago. Right and unfortunately we don't get too controls that. You know certain people get to retire on their own terms. And if you as few informed twice a most people are fired at some point their lives our message she was fired but she had a great run 43 years. Sure there's a lot of things that a few people fans the student swish it should've done differently along the way. But in those 43 years. You know it took forever but football is there now. I she's a part of that can take that away from her. You don't know for there have been other athletic director was the bomb management that she was under he was under the that would be there in idle most of wall likes the game of football and we'll see. In understands that the new age way of thinking when it comes to how you make money as a program but you know they do it differently so. You know he's cheese you under her watch has a really good basketball hires. They've had I don't know saver had the national championship of soccer but I know they've been close in first the for Charlotte's. You know the 49ers fans to be competitive in the in any sport right nationally. You know it's baseball which I consider Charlie baseball soccer school or do. You know that's kind of where they've you know bread that Britain pure bred there but there Brett. I'm so good for her she had a great run. But it's every good thing comes to an end and I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that are very happy that she's no longer there. Morneau and that's there's no doubt about that you can just look at the building surtax on right now and and seated just some people are out there celebrating right now the Champaign tell them they're very happy there's going to be a a new era of 49ers athletics and in the night is the future. And the reason I'm asking that Kyle is that is that was that the problem what I know I'm not saying it's going to be a better Iran just it's going to be new England and Libby knew there and in person into a need to personable and distress call the shots is are things gonna change. The German registrant a loner they hire. I had I'm gonna be curious to see what kind of person they hire and look and that I you I see is you're not going to Wear a man well I I I do wonder if you mean by that knows systemic or institutional do you know things that that are going to be tough for anybody to overcome I don't know I'm not not just that. The leadership that she is or whoever the new AD is going to be under right well that's war starts they they it's crucial to block right and so yeah. And as long as he's still there are people. My weight camera. That are what is going to change see that's a weird dynamic to me though because you're more often than not in this day and age I mean and unless it's a situation where the athletic department is embarrassing the university you tend to see university president's chances get out of the way. You're living Heidi they hired me to tears as people what I mean I. I don't look I don't know the dated a dynamic I don't know I'd like you said you don't know how much the bustle to block loves football doesn't look footballer. How important he sees those they are. I I don't know I really don't know all I know is Judy rose will retire effective June 30 of this year so she's got about six months left on the job shall finish up at the end of the academic years so niners fans if you you wanted to know where you got and so you can celebrate here on this Thursday morning it's official Julia rose is retirees feel free to reach out 70457. Or 96 -- and we will obviously take those calls but you know back to the story we teased before the first break there we we got a breaking news piece last night from WC NC Charlotte CNBC affiliate here and it's did this story was that's. NASCAR CEO Brian France wants to by the Carolina Panthers in that along with Felix about a cell that ownership group was coming together and you know it was looking like that might be. The you know the the front runner to become the next Carolina Panthers ownership group. That has since been denied by a couple of folks that I'm aware of and aren't someone else that I spoke to this morning so they talk to NASCAR and people that building last after reports you I don't know where this is in terms of no truth or how far along it really is how much. How much substance there is your fright but it's certainly a name that's attached to a to an entity in NASCAR. That I think would at least. These safe local and logical option for and its ownership. I think we're region my great. And I think that it's in any time you're. And up and eat it you know you're kind of in the weeds a little bit you looking for some and hold onto your grasp at. And I think this is a grass really I do mum NASCAR immediately. You know which is France has come out and said actually nuts ridiculous never talked about it. It doesn't mean that hasn't happened Brett does mean there's not conversations. You know but and doesn't mean the people don't lie and say well you know that that that those things haven't happened before. I just don't think that's the direction that this organization. Is headed I don't think it is a bad idea to have them involved. But to be the majority owner I just don't see it. No we're used to that look this is one of those those things that dumb I don't have a strong opinions on as to who should or should not own this team ball I think I I don't look I guess my preference have been you know no one who would even. Entertain the idea of moving the team first and foremost. But beyond that when you when you say the CEO of NASCAR is it is maybe the bad direction in the wrong direction to go and why do you believe that. This from the things I've heard a green and gathered aren't miss nothing more than that. You know and it's just a hunch more than anything else and I think the hunch is coming from. And I do feel like whoever the owner may be. You know which I'm still I'm sure they're looking in there and talks with. Would be Smart. To hire a local group. To have political ties here to the city so that it's you know those things are just kind of you know pushed it to decide to let them deal with those types of things. You know you position yourself and they position of strength to have. Those connections. Right whether its Harris whether some bought this whether it's you know France whether it's you fill in the blank whether it's human call. Jerry Richardson was Smart to did you call him a chemical ball because. You know when you're the biggest bank you have the most power and depth at most money has most power and when it comes to politics and now we can see that right now in rent today yeah at the you have a lot of money have a lot of power. Lot of people tend to vote for that. Are people tend to cave to that people tend to look at that and say we don't we can't beat that so I think it would be Smart. Over the 35% ownership of this new owners to him before this team. Two. You know just as far as images far as the politics is falls everything else goes to have a group. Like Felix a bias in place. That is gonna have ties to the city but I don't think the owner necessarily. That good that means that the owners coming from this local area. You can have a 33% 35% owner anywhere else. And you don't have ties with people that are going to be involved in this city and I think to me that's social way I've I've I've Phil this is don't. And I think it's easy look at this and which is. The way I reacted to what I saw yesterday it was OK to local NASCAR makes sense it's guaranteed destroyed their straw route series and honestly it's a safe option for the unifil in its ownership. There are we think about it because you got a guy who isn't afraid Stanley has reigned over NASCAR since the the mid forties right and the and then as the Washington Post piece points out armed you know their net worth this kind of been shrouded in secrecy no one really knows how much they're actually worth but there's a lot of money there and and there are they're very strong bonds and ties to Charlotte there's no concern about it leaving you know this is at least from a business standpoint a reputable family reputable person and those kind of things I thought made a lot of sense there's this question a little question what is. Follows the France family men involved in NASCAR saw a seventy years at this point okay this NASCAR better or worse now. I think I think that might not be of their own doing ego necessarily. You're responsible for every entity underneath your umbrella as the owner of your group now. Is NASCAR a better position now than they worse twenty years ago well. I don't think it's a fair question though why I think it's a loaded question because when you think about it NASCAR from 1948 to 99. Control that Brett most from 1990 tonight are forty to 98. Grew into them you know multi billion dollar in in 2017. You're right Alonso 2018 there's a lot of things in 1988 they were different than they are 2008 Indiana. Nebraska is get a club and I can't let me ask you don't go to football. Hmmm so you joystick and Jeff your voice that I got to get it I do. I am not a mistake this is the right ownership group as a matter of fact more often and I would when it comes a pretty coaching searches or are ownership usually the first name here is more often not not a doubt land you. I think donors the other 23 or 31 owners are gonna look at density and gasoline. NASCAR how's how successful is that I don't think it's a fair point a dimming outlook for the NFL. You know listen we're pretty good we want from one billion to. Torre billion were on the rise partner well our noses at the ratings are down 10% this you know aren't eighteen billion the same food. They didn't they didn't it decreases in Goodell salary today after. Yeah net net and he's got to hit incentives to make through to maximize these things that he's a Smart guy. Of course is okay do you think she would agree to that contract with his feet and think he was gonna hit those incentives where else is gonna possibly might take our money and don't know. But he's gonna hit those incentives are. We know we're gonna step some of continued conversation or mix in some of that notice of 70457. Or 96 and Oz has an update for program note Tom sources from Charlotte Observer will join. Good for rcn Bailey Lebanon Lebanon's army that's purse or so we're gonna add one more to the guest list they Tom Sorensen in thirty minutes until our thoughts on Judy rose who did it just missed it. Charlotte 49ers AD Judy rose will retire effective June 30 this year shall finish at the end of the academic judge calendar year Judy rose will retire we'll talk more about the Panthers the ownership Brian France all of that. And we got a lot of stuff to get into relishes given away free money UCF claim to national championships and Donald Trump's got big plans on Monday we'll talk about it all its Garcia and they look. Busy Thursday morning welcome back Garcia and Bailey Osbourne and house fright Kyle and we've got so things happening all the round is Judy rose is retiring Charlotte's AG will step down effective at the end of the academic calendar year that's June 30 of this year so Judy rose hash tags fire Judy rose campaign back and go away. Because how many how many niner fans are students are gonna take credits that I don't know everyone of them probably several. On the picketed everyone of them that called everyone room that held up a sign everyone among the complained. I Ariza and beyond redundant and they got done this or did they get but it absolutely done done you'll Eagles a debit had to the that was a driving force behind it. Ford the. Two years Tony it is the idea. That pretty old the I mean just breath just read the universe is long is as old as I am well tanker. That's pretty old I look at our prayers are Janet I don't two medlock did that was an untenable situation you you can add the student body and then most defenders call if you be fired expect hang around what slaughtered investigation is not going to be around much longer so and are you yes you care. If you have good leadership you actually care you you're given the mob power mobs you have power OK but don't. Now if there is Smart people that ask calmer cooler collective heads. Well if you're talking about a good product driven a decent product may be but the Madonna would you have the mob and you have the opposition do a good job so don't miss I remember him saying it's the mob's money it's it's it's the the poor performance you know on the on the on the field political play whatever it was I think there's a lot of more reasons than just the mob awaiting. In her blood America. Retire we'll have to agree or disagree on that but I look at the we got a good show really good show for you coming up again as we Munoz almost Emeril join us at 1215 Dennis Dodd CBS sports dot com college football writer 1 o'clock and painters had coach Ron Rivera expected to join the show won thirty Tom Sorensen of the observer Tony five minutes from now I'll talk about Julie Rosen we get his thoughts on the report yesterday from WCA and CNBC Charlotte. That's Brian France CEO of NASCAR. Is is argued that the guess I just the face of the ownership group that is. Emerging as the rest of rumors that's that's the reports that support the report reported this sorry NBC show NBC Charlotte got a dozen W Hillis and I'm. Try and discredit the report they do a great job. And they probably have their reasons for coming out there and saying those things like like we all did not gonna say something and get discredited in line and just you go out there and make things up they've done some research. You know there's probably been some conversations. And you know no doubt about that that he may be part of the ownership group yeah I don't know most. You know he's going to be the main guy and if you're is used 43 other owners if you're gonna allow that to happen you know again look or NASCAR is that now under his watch vs where was that twenty years ago. Lot of people Texan and he's running into the ground. I'd kind of agree with that. He may have I don't know I look guys I'm not to say you're wrong I think that NASCAR suffers from a very much a more fundamental problem there's a lot of things that are wrong with NASCAR there's no doubt about that but when you're in control. And the leadership is under you you get to control the direction. Get to say whether you know we're gonna do this so we're gonna go to the city you're gonna make this type of car. Or ordered Tibetan developed of these type of technology and we're gonna make the rules. Right you get to keep being charged and because of those things Kyle might you know a lot of NASCAR Fred this is just what I Florida last. You know tell of years and have been you're doing this is that. Yeah that's the reason why people are starting or stock started to not. Don't watch it to an end Tuesday. The technologies to great. The Racine is too similar. Are you one car in front clean air and nobody can catch a little place and anymore well there's there's that but I do think is chuck now. There's an extra got bigger problem that I. There's a lot of things that's it. I've I think the single biggest problem and I wanna go to port on the travel so we're talking about in terms the threat there's no ownership but I think the single biggest problem the sport faces and chuck had a long conversation about this last week to. Is that the the American automobile is no longer is central to the lives of Americans in the way that it used to be and that's not changing you know used to be got a duty to put the car with your dad you learn how to change joy you learn how to work on a corporate you learn how to do whatever the case why. That affect the way they race. Because it did the passion and and the Deloitte I don't happen I don't have to move up with technology just because technologies moved up I. There's no racing was good. Keep racing good whale Wallace. Don't have the change in you invent it's the other car of the future you have to invent all these different things which is to try to tell out of. And immersive way go that direction Lou what I'm saying is joy it. Young people are captivated or pulled into the sport to what they used to be back in the sixties and seventies and eighties would win the win again with the days you've got to put the car and worked on with your dad learned how to do things are. Thanks passionate about a year ago. So if you're a real passion for the automobile there are lots of ways you can get in things go fast you get to vote no fan I don't disagree with that so so I think it's got a very fundamental problem that I don't think it necessarily be attributed to for leadership by Brian France spec I may be a terrible leader may be the world's worst CEO I don't know that near their people sure that would say that about and others who would say definitely I'm not sure what I do and always a gym and I saw initially by first thought was okay that's local logical and safe from an ownership perspective from me but I'm not really sure that's what's actually gonna happen just want to wait so it. Well and get it if he's a part of the group. I have no problem with that mean NASCAR all things here the headquarters this year I'm in NASCAR by a lot of jobs here into the city. I'm used lot of good things that he's done you'll for the city. You know but it's. I think that to be a part of leadership group I have no problem that these guys you know more talking about the smartest of the world France's of the world. And these guys are important right these guys are multi multi millionaires. Are. Of millions of dollars in some cases billions of dollars but that doesn't mean that we're gonna put you as the poster child for the city of Charlotte as the owner. That has to be voted on and for meek I think there's probably better safer. And when I say safer. Among more. Impressionable. Owners that are going to be important for those committees by if you're a committee of 3232. Teams. And you said to me right and I have a lot of money and with a lot of money comes a lot eagle a lot of pride. Right Mark Cuban is coming into this group. Why. And then now. That's intimidating do you think he's owners are used to want to be intimidated you think these owners I mean this also makes sense because he's a brilliant guy. But it's what outweighs what his money his power. His intimidation his his wits. That's intimidating for a lot of those owners are you gonna bring that and I'm not sure with France if he has that clout maybe they can fill liked it only comes into these meetings and usually you see that the difference in these ownership groups when they go to these meetings that reporter in Phoenix. Right it's old vs the bloom right and there's that conflict who wins out. And it's it's becoming the new the newer younger groups are starting away and out. Over the older guys like Jerry Richardson and in some of these other older owners are starting be pushed aside. And that the new generation is coming. Right so I'm not sure if Petraeus risk you know that. Description of where you know where he stands in that. I know that for me if this guy wants to put dump you know it's 150800. Million into this a million bucks. And he really doesn't have a great understanding that he's just gonna kind of follow suit you know you know I mean what's kind of guy would you rather have act. Look I understand which is similar you look at a guy like she can't even the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars in his network is eight point seven billion dollars. That that out paces several owners in the in their networks no way it did they weren't necessarily intimidated by black guy right and and here's a guy who let's be honest he's an American. But to a lot of average Americans they might not know that they might assume otherwise so I don't know what what intimidates these guys I don't I can't it's sort of put myself in the mind of the billionaire I do have a hard time believing those that they would somehow welcome she conduit into the mix. It would be you'll fearful of other guys yeah because of influence or intimidation I. I I simply don't know Brian France is a name that so again made local logical sense to me but I'm not sure it's it's an excited about an open about what. Are we gonna step aside will come back over shortly to return to this conversation about tournaments is thought there was let's just let Amazon on the team they're on everything else a lesser and I looked up until you're not just they just days a source bridge to tutor Shirley must never compared to stay right there and it makes lot of systematic welcome back snap judgments on source and and twenty minutes Garcia and Baylor. Yeah. Lost supplied. Just segment never actually handed us this was a commercial break push for the next four minutes arguing over the exact same thing we were ordered about. Arguing going to be having the heat in there I should say a lively debate I was trying to educate OK one judge do the same thing for you I don't need to oust if you say so anyway. I think Floyd. If we don't. No way mutation. You know I'm very I consider myself a capitalist like most of us do right. I I don't ever want to put a cap on what people should necessarily earn I don't I don't think that the federal government should be stepping guys are you going off to stop salaries and idol I don't think that the NCAA should be a but you've got defensive coordinator as of last night making two and a half million dollars. To coach the defense and L issue. No look you know she wants to pay in two and a half million dollars by all means go right ahead and do that this is by the way. The same university that almost shut down. Two years ago and didn't allow all of its students to graduate with degrees because they were sure that have the operating budget to pay for you know. Professors and lights and the grounds crew at the university not the athletic department the university. And now there once again take two and a half million dollars are realizes that that money comes from different places folks say detects and I know. The money comes from different places god this is simply just about priorities but at what point is someone. Gonna stand up and be adult in the room and say hey may be paying two and a half million dollars. To a defensive coordinator is not something we should be Deutsch and maybe it's day Iran. Is gonna continue to threaten to leave us to go coach Troy or to go coach owner Jim both Fisher Texas a and M in just let him walk. But what is somebody going to be the adult rumor say two and a half million dollars for defensive coordinator is still. I'll you don't realize. You may be it and is just now I have to to right center where I don't know I mean I don't think tank I imitate. And that minerals or you have another around the stuff for a while I don't know it and I talked about the money yet we're talking about. The responsibilities in the rules avoid. Yeah do you think I don't appreciate that because I do because coach is making six million. We're seven million dollars is in the salaries went to line up. Eventually won a got to say that same conversation I say what I suicide distill clustered to college votes ahead coaches through them. I think anybody want to pay Jim both Fisher 75 million dollars to come coached football team and say go ahead and do it or not gonna stop you but I think it's insane. You know I think the fact UCF who by the way did is claiming its a its first national championship they're going all in there hanging banners thirtieth rings and oh by the way they're paying out bonuses right so they're trying to out 300000 dollars in bonuses to be assistants I think frost captains and a quarter million dollars. I believe it was you seal it right with Chip Kelly. And and these numbers may be wrong to just kind of off the top of the head but it to the point is. I believe that under armor if I'm not mistaken cited 200 million dollar deal with UCLA and they have the bank write the universities are creating that the flow. And if you're gonna be a caretaker of the 200 million dollar. You know program. That is just being donated to used to that you used there products. Then you're gonna get paid accordingly it just like is if viewers salesmen. And you were responsible for X amount of product you want to be paid accordingly. This is what these universities. And the revenues generated yet is their number one salesman. So he is going to be handled accordingly no that's the reason why they compare those. It's as you said it's capitalism at it's finest most Georges is what the market will bear with a look at. I appreciate the economics lesson again it's not about that and I try to be sarcastic what I'm saying is both what you say he's right it's not about that because from the again capitalism pace embody what they're worth identity but at some point. And it will we're not even allowing these players to capitalize on their own success and I think that these guys check to make of salaries of sight for salaried employees of Sega again even if they don't they can't even capitalize. Ours is your argument that they make him too much money that players in Fred I won't its combination of both are not mutually exclusive my my point is that to have a million dollars for for defensive coordinator which is near what they would tojo was making by the way in which completely I think undermine the head coach. Are you know what Ellis who was trying its DC near what it's doing its head coach I think that's a problem but I also get a look at UCF because I'd listeners last night hitting me on Twitter sanctioned employers are critical of that saying the players are getting paid lob never been a make them employees come a check cut the guy but I do think he should be able to capitalize on world like this in their own success. I'm just a goad him into something said about your videos OC and DC are. Or the head coach doesn't undermine them. If there were command and if I if I trust the guys you know I mean you look at it has power and you know what these kids are gonna these kids are gonna go to the DC. You know they're gonna go to there OC they're gonna look at the head coach as a figurehead. But that's the way the college system works sure. So they're gonna go to their position coaches so that was undermining anybody this. And I and I get detonated as I'm less concerned with that I am with everything else because again mission 75 million dollars earlier Trojan most Fisher who is now officially right at 75 million dollars in buyouts that are being paid coaches to no longer coach who you know that we're going to the all season so you know again I'm all for coaches who work hard and paid their dues and worked their way of guys like Tom Herman who you know restore his graduate assistants for a while they worked their way at the latter paid their dues that's all great I get it they worked hard. Nobody got a lot of kids out there and you talked about this guy who was your experience to where you couldn't afford to fly home to doce families well OK guys 75 million dollars combined to not work. It changed those rules a little bit but still not to the point where it's lacking in a big way study how words not lacking right I don't disagree with that I think there can be more Don you know for some of these student athletes that are being pulled out of their environment to be put into a place where really maybe they don't belong a lot of right because you a lot of the people nowadays go to college. Joins us saying that if they haven't earned their way you know with the academic scholarships in the that nature but they're allowed to do. They handle themselves differently while they're there we're talking about a bunch of different things right here. At the end of the day I have no problem with DOC you know didn't two and a half million dollars and think that's what what the premise of you know your snap judgment was initially if your talk about them the players going out there and play pay and then that's completely different conversation. It also doesn't because it's so much money being thrown around and the guys you're actually out there's no bleeding is sweating and and put in the work and don't even have the opportunity to capitalize on their own work again not about a paychecks from each McKinney to capitalize on right that bothers me well I just opened yet. I you know I'm just sitting and taking you know LSU is gonna stand. 2.5 million dollars on data Randy you know Ali do. I was LSU I would pay him 2.4 million dollars to take a 100000 dollars to go by real quarterback from the 'cause I don't I. Any length and you have a problem. In just go to the decline you're in the SEC lien on his words guys. Tsongas who is it to me it blows me away because Greg Allen Brent venables Donna clubs Wright who's one of the best two or three defensive coordinators in the country. If he's making one point seven which is still outrageous money but he's making one point seven. And that'll that'll love. Move that up probably saw the needle moved into this just that was the difference between that Kyle and what you're seeing athletes making in professional sports. Mean the market is what's what it you deal with the market dictates what you write those professional sports over their contracts and Asian thing. Barney in order to stop stop these are professional coaches welcome. But with the players factor in a conversation you cannot completely separate the two what they're doing. That's what they wanna they wanna keep it OS what they want us to believe that's what they're doing. And there's not going to be any change you know coming until. You know the laws changed I would that we were getting we got to capture differ second. Come back I wanna be on time is Tom Sorensen a legend Charlotte Observer will join us Judy rose will retire. At so the end of the academic calendar year no longer the eight.