Garcia & Bailey: Josh Parcell And Frank Talk Spieth

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Monday, July 24th

Josh Parcell sits in for Kyle. Josh and Frank talk Jordan Spieth's phenomenal rally at Royal Birkdale, and whether Spieth can be comapred to Tiger.


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But Garcia. He's more. Welcome to Garcia and daily the best four hours of here today I am Josh parcel formerly of ESPN and fox sports one filling in for Kyle Bailey all week long as he is open. You can't win for the sake let's he's up there with though what about let out of the stocky little for the sake can't what do the soggy that's. I feel that the Jimmy Fallon scanned there's something like that then in Timberlake deal so. I don't know what he's done maybe he's out telling telling bedtime stories with the girlfriend I don't know I found a nets aren't doing him do you think he makes us mores. Spinning again totally Kyle Kyle makes Morristown. I don't know because it'll probably Megan like venison Mike Allen town over like. Over a campfire yeah it seems like what Kyle is doing and you know in May and stuff. Yeah that's that seems to be you know his MO but. Yet to be insisting now when he gets back and he's up there he's disconnected he says he's taken his cronies Thornton in the in the in the league in the eyes sleeping bag in the not touch address tonight yeah that's a good way to do it escalated good vacation yet did you have to unplug because. I'm just forget as anybody able iPhone point 47 and and did them one vacation I took about two years ago I left it alone for I think like five days your girlfriend. Yes OK and it it was. But it was great and she loved it I don't understand that's my point that was going to be my at all I think if you if you have a significant other or girlfriend or wife and you're always on your phone into your territory held an anybody yes exactly. All right so break Garcia joining me Osborne on the other side they're pretty. Michelle is up Osborne is going around guys you know I want to talk about Jordan's faith and that's the story right so jordin speed wins his third major 23 years old turns 44 in just a few days. And what are we deal immediately we do we jump to the tiger comparison we're gonna wait we're gonna we're gonna before we before we start to kick the guy. Wally Wally is riding high but let's give him some praise. Let's praise him for what was a remarkable stretch of five holes of golf. He's sitting on thirteen he hits the ball halfway back to America off the tee. Any standing behind it won't burn there is ball is. Buried it. On this side of the hill I've never seen anything like this where they did tested didn't drop the ball what 5075. Yards further back why because the line and they are because. Though the direct line that the ball is on was. Behind a truck in the move the ball deployment so I do know there's. And the ruling. Right I mean typically you're going to play and employable shot you have to have like almost a huge issue to be a club length between Europe employable you don't get to go back as far as the distance I want you can. Yes you can take a club late in any direction or you can play the ball as far back is you want in this same line from the hole on them all up on unemployment I'm pretty positive data I have done and yeah I got to know so I it may mean it didn't really listen these guys don't know the rules either that's why they have those rules officials now they're articulate officials don't know yeah I know you're right that that's why they have the book there they carry with them so. I thought that and this is what confuse me in ought if you can do that and that makes more sense but I thought you could only do that if you went into a hazard. I don't know if they deem that a hazard or not. In the air force them play it was just they announcer said yeah that's you know I was looking for further explanation so if unless the the thing that was interesting was that. He then they then allowed him to move the ball off the line of the ball from to the hole because of all those the titlist in the Callaway test personal best twenty minutes of free advertising the title I had my goodness I don't treasury and yeah I thought for minerals like is this a Jimmy Kimmel one of those like undercover viral videos was just gonna be titlist in the background for twenty minutes. But it was incredible. And the thing that blew my mind and Lisa. I said he's just a minute ago before we get the air. Everybody on Twitter watching this and sure if you want on Twitter you probably think in the same thing. When you watch jordin could just on thirteen he was struggling for several holes leading up to that point he was shaky he was he was missing drives he was even missing short putts which he never does. And everybody says clout in speech I remember somebody said prominent writer for July 17 speech unedited Finnish cell like he's just crumbling. I said you guys all understand this is what makes you NI. Amateur golfers so what makes those guys the pros is that those guys. They hit a bad shot. They can block it out of their memory and even if they have a string of four or five bad holes in a row first of all they're still making pars or done that web work SO at all for these guys it's employs Riley up. And they're able to recover and what speech was able to do and I will admit. I've I thought the speech would recover I didn't think that speed was gonna go 504 holes and in two tickets. Called on the turn you know Josh as you've as you guys have pointed out I play a lot of golf right now and and you know listen in golf is a great game. And it's a game that nobody ever is gonna win right there's a lot memoirs I was watching Bagger Branson that's what it was more my favorite lines. It's one of the best games of all time and it's a game that you can never be right because you're always think in the no matter what you did you could've done a little bit better. So you know when when these guys go out there and play. It's not about their makes a lot of guys are capable of making apps I've had its opportunity to play with Fred Couples in this is what he told me and he's exactly right obviously won several majors and in a minute but part of the game forever. It's about your misses and when you go out there and miss as long as you don't blow up you can still recover. And because Jordan only made the bogey on that hole keys still felt like that was they win there was still a lot of positive momentum in the end and that and you know with that with making bogey after taking 25 minutes. What I have the Mormon problem with in this entire thing was they were already planned slow right and the PGA. Even though they are the last group. Or the British you know guys the world golf committee wherever they call them over there. Should put them on should put these guys on the clock and it's not fair to culture that he has to sit there and wait through that. Right he's sitting there at that point five minutes. On the green doing whatever he's doing. And there should have been some sort of other penalty in my opinion was speech because they're already planned slope because this beast he's looking for his ball everywhere confined it had to make a couple of drops a yard earlier and end I was all over the place really to be honest with he he started off shaky his temple is often. He didn't play very well his first you know 1213 holes in fact. I said that it's hard to swing a golf club with your hands around your stroke he was choking. Yeah and then all of a sudden you're right there's something inside of him. That turned it on right and he was still a couple under over port that appointment after thirteen. He found something within him and this is what makes him great to go out there and handle that adversity and buckle down and focus. Yet able and he even admitted all he was walking up to his ball and trying to figure out where he was gonna hit from on thirteen. Are young thirteen. That the twelfth pullback in 2016 and a gust entered his mind. And that was the sight of him do one of the most epic collapses in major history gets to balls in the drink there was so I was raised right exactly and I exactly for a guy who is one of the most. Poisoned calm and collected players especially for his age. In golf. That entered his mind so you add that layer of pressure on to that guy and you wonder if you're in the video one of two ways it is that's an as a golfer usually goes the wrong way. That's the bad thoughts surge in your mind I think if things go incredibly self for speech remember that to know understand the pressure he was in. And quite honestly if speed had given away this tournament in the fashion that he was about to give it away and now all of a sudden the narrative is well speech to Joker is a great golfer but now he's given away would have been two majors that he had. A vice grip on airing Sunday. And when we start to compare any golfer that we wanna compare someone to we compared to tiger. Tiger never did that. Britain really until the 2009 PGA when he when he lost two YE Yang he never surrendered 54 hole lead to all of a sudden that that narrative we were this close. To the narrative on speech today. Being that he cannot. Close. Major turn we were heading for a Rory Matt roared type of finish to what he did at Augusta several years ago I don't know if you remember he had it all epic collapse. We've seen you know Norman you know do the same thing we've seen a lot of golfers and most human being right succumb to that pressure sooner or later and what you'll love about a 23 year old kid and he has the mental toughness to refocus and get back on page. And you look at what he's done up to this point you're right that that those those cuts have to creep in your mind. But what makes these guys great is him the ability to wash it away. In focus back in on the task at hand he got into the zone he made the bogey that created momentum he makes the birdie in makes an unbelievable eagle and birdie. Birdie par or birdie par he had three birdies in a row after I mean he was incredibly is on fire. For what he was really did he almost taste yeah Ortiz came I mean he just immediately got it right back on track where it a break we're gonna come back talking more about speed I want to talk him well let's let's break down the numbers are much really truly compare Jordan's feet to tire because there's an argument to be made. They he's in the conversation with tiger but there's a stronger argument to be made that he's nowhere close we'll talk about the next Michael gets your call as well on the other side of this break. I'm just ourself filling in for Kyle this is Bailey and Garcia. When I've been called a relationship or we're not great we. Get home and repair. Between. 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The 107 threes in you should listen to WS Kenzie had 102 point five in high quality yeah. Thank you don't wanna be on the cool now do you. 10205. C. WNBA season. Even I'm even. Here does. Welcome back to Garcia and Bailey just ourselves filling in for Kyle Bailey all week long. Alongside frank Garcia now going to break I said it Bailey in Garcia not Garcia and daily. Eat your city here's the thing and then you're Corvette. People think I give a damn about this and in our dolls make it should say Garcia Taylor really good cars out. I don't care and that stuff does not bother me it goes in one ear out the other. I am doing the last thing you're gonna see from DB even though a lot of these people would disagree with you I think I have a diva equality. To me it's not the case I don't care if you call it Garcia Bailey I don't care if you call busting loose I don't care if you call it the the big nasty I did you call any other shows that been a part it's not gonna bother me I'm just Megan Sheryl I don't wanna Wear out my welcome one segment highlights on Monday ironically typically agree on a lot of things we do we do something inserted him or disagree on that we're talking about Jordan Steve winning his third major he won the open championship yesterday. With the final winning score of twelve under. A winning it and actually ended up winning by three strokes because scooter bogeyed eighteen but. He was basically trying to hole out affirmed eagle so out doesn't really tell me more or less a two stroke win but Mike is on the line he wants to talk about the speeds when so we're gonna go to him right now Mike you're on the air with somebody. Does disorder is safe bet he will handle failure and watch that failed or seemed doubtful. You know Jordan blew and I look in his career and become rich and girl bullied at about. In 2016. At the masters. And that you have to get back to open fifty. Street warmed up masters and the US open. Heavily toward the end. Are for the British and it would about what they liked it she had not warned yesterday would have been good career. Encouraged or there's Saturday killing. Goalie appears nipple or a certain limit director. And I thought it would take just also in the weight bit people read well I mean director. An extra hole although I am then you are up pretty cool. It's like Steve Dunleavy did become harder to not think it shortly. You're frightened shots you have some charts and people put slowed but didn't partially because. Wolf always. You can actually try to leave the only golfer. Playwright payroll tax has. As a chance. To hold all four of the major titles we tried our source signature oh about prep. I think like I appreciate the call or first of all of Jordan speed is the best player on tour he's been the best around four over through four years is putting is actually what has I think makes him. Arguably the best golfer in the world right now the best golfer over the last four years he's not the best driver he's. Borderline average off the tees not a long hitters are life goes right right as far as length is concerned but his putting. I know we what we talked about not having any pressure on that 48 foot eagle putt. He still made the free can putt. Okay and he did this at the masters in 2015 he's done it Evan turn after tournament. His short game his ability to save out of the bunker around the green to make long putts. That is what makes that is his. MO competitive advantage that way it. Here's the thing the difference between vanderveer what he did at the open several years ago and would speed did is that you took thought process into view of the equation. You know Jordan actually took advantage of the rules are rules are made they're hurt they're made to help and by going back. To the port of entry where the ball came and they gave them to our advantage because he didn't have to hit some some down roughly the potential still get there if you hit a good shot there he could still get on the green and maybe even save par knows. But you're absolutely right you know we Jordan speech what separates him from everybody else is iron play is wedges and his is putting you know he's gonna get up and down. He has that Phil Mickelson tied equality he's a better putter than Phil but he has the ability to go up and down from everywhere. And he just doesn't get it's he doesn't get shaken typically and that what was what was so evident if you watch. Speech play in other tournaments I've watched him play a lot like why why I like watching him because he's. He's on average driver off the tee as you pointed out but he's phenomenal with his irons and his. His pudding. If you watch him any time he typically makes a bogey watch what he follows it up with. Usually that's where he gets on his birdie birdie birdie run hill mail back that up would invalidate it with three birdies in a row so. I don't know what it is about him. But he handles adversity better than anybody maybe that I've ever seen including Tiger Woods Tiger Woods would go make par he'd he'd keep it together he hit a bad drive. But did Jordan's speech when he usually makes a mistake. He makes up for it by going out there and doing something exceptional that would yesterday it was OK no no you know difference in that. Yes no question so if you were gonna go here and and I'm one of preface this entire conversation by saying Jordan's beef is an in incredible golfer OK he's he's outstanding he's. One of the two or three best golfers we've seen the last five years. His ceiling. As close to Tiger Woods as we have seen since tiger was in his prime explain. Just the way he's able to see he's won majors he clearly he's won three majors before the age of 24 he's only player to do that other than Jack Nicklaus tiger did not do that. We have seen him like you said I hit it for from a mentality standpoint. Playing on Sundays. Outside of what happened at Augusta and say you could say the open and I a year or two ago is well. He seems to have the closest we've seen to tiger's mentality on the course. But he's still not that Clausen. And his floor. Is so much. Lower than what Tiger Woods floor was in here's some numbers for you that that prove my point oh when you say. Tiger Woods war I mean are you talking about where he's at now Kaczynski he's on the floor no I'm not taking bold. We OK if you would bring in mind all of the health issues that have yup you know come up in the last couple years I'm talking about from just a career best one he's OK you know it was his real career up until Tony thirteen even when one player the tiger missed. Well I say on this white Jordan's peace has missed seventeen cuts as a pro boom guy as a pros incessantly thirteen. Tiger Woods and a sixteen his entire career whom. He missed one. From 1997 when he became pro or late 1996. To 2005 it's almost an entire decade tiger missed one cut. Jordan's missed three this year. Jordan is missed out Harding missed a major cut tiger took him eleven years before mr. got a major as a pro. Jordan's beaten this is the number everybody wants to talk about. He has won three majors. Before the age 44 Tiger Woods didn't do that tiger had two before the age of 24. But its stake in Jordan eighteen starts. To win those three majors. Through eighteen starts in majors in tiger's career hit six moon including the career Grand Slam tired employer to play nearly as much as Jordan nowhere clerk so if you wanna compare. Wins. Through. The same age and their careers of their Tony fourth birthday Tiger Woods had thirteen wins Jordan's he has eleven inoperable. Tiger did in 63 starts jordin speed in a 113. So tiger played here almost half as many tournaments as jordin it early in their careers. And had more wins and this before tiger even his prime. Because when tiger turned 44 he won nine tournaments including three of the Grand Slam sure of the majors. So here's the difference for me when it comes in Jordan's beef you know and and when we're talking about Tiger Woods and I'm gonna sound like I'm picked or not I'm Adam picking Jordan speed here. Jordan has the potential to do it longer than what tiger did because of the way that they swing the golf club right. You know obviously you know Jack Nicklaus you know one out there and said about you know tiger when he was you know approaching his majors. Tiger's phenomenal you know he's doing great things he is the key is golf right now but will what will happen when life at some. You know what was gonna happen the Tiger Woods' life it's in ways seen how that can throw you on your face inspire you out of control and you know he's got a seven iron his head and you know now we see or is that not playing golf. It just doesn't feel like him maybe I'm wrong maybe he's only 2.3 and there's still a lot ahead of him as far as life goes you know for Jordan to get a girlfriend. You know at young Josh you know this as well as I'd been dating ago for a long time okay. I'm just saying. I visit a lot of I don't. Living the same like tiger was living when tiger is Tony they're not that I'm not talking about now regularly since I'm not that there was still yeah he was still getting up after Ernesto again after right. And a lot of different ways apparently that we didn't know about. Jordan. Didn't come across is that nerdy kid in coup in school he came across is the popular kid that everybody like we're Georgia where tiger was more of in his room didn't sit there and talked aim buddy. And golf was his entire life yet Jordan seems to have more friends then on the on the fight or tiger never would have done SV two case yes seeing right Rickie Fowler Allison Thomas so he also I think a lot of that tiger it's Jordan is more grounded than tiger was frightened because of that I think he has a lot more sustainability. And eventually we're going to be talking about Jordan. You know potentially in that conversation 14151617. And who knows maybe even eighteenth. That's gonna be amusing conversation let's talk about that on the other side and this this is Garcia Billy just Marcel filling in for Kyle today. And we're gonna get Dawkins they asked the ground it'll plug earlier I loved it I thought so much hate lastly on the death threats I was getting on the Middle East and attacks line. I don't know those are reserved for me don't worry it has. We'll see also won a cup petition to enjoy talking about the patriots here shortly I'm sure it's coming don't want FF I worry a huge audience we have got an interesting question following up on your point you dismayed we'll talk more about that on the other side this is Garcia a million. Welcome back to Garcia and Bailey just myself filling in for Kyle Bailey this week. Joined by frank Garcia of course. And it's a little weird for me right now. I got in the habit last week saying welcome back to prime time. I'm trying to break to have right now you can permanent fill in host here I know I'm a different guy unlike Mark McLemore Mac and a day in the is that some political data so I don't ask your question is typically like to take it off the tracks a little bit your jobs and get him beat you did back on the tracks. There's your must thank. That thing there is called off oh yeah. A little Kyl thanks as must fix you know I normally don't even have at all. Yeah it's so he he rips these things off every single day why it's always all four guys in here get a sense he rips those things up everything on every single day because it goes. There's food and here it is usually typically does the show again or these spirits all over the place smell in this muffin what I took off. Thanks so you must doesn't stay that's a good thing. A personal question and on the so hollow and we've got swords encircle the plumber gonna go to him in just a second speaking of getting things back on track yeah but quickly before we get to the phone line. You were talking a minute ago about speed and you think it's BC have a longer career than tiger because the way swings the club and and and I think is more grounded more do you personally I mean at least that's the appearance right now correct correct. So the personal life is hard to try and speculate on what's gonna happen right but just you bring up an interesting point that I thought about last week when I was watching Roger Federer win Wimbledon. I think it's time that we have to completely re calibrate our expectations for athletes in how we evaluate their careers. Because. Science and nutrition. In conditioning and everything that goes into an athlete's body is so advanced today you know this being a player. It didn't your ability to a long game your career now is so much different than it was 152030 years ago won't blow you can make the same argument fifteen point thirty years ago. And where was that compared to guys smoke cigarettes and drinking beer at halftime. So the evolution of getting back to the evolution just forces what you're talking about. Absolutely so my point being that for instance LeBron James to what I stained at his peak is better than Michael Jordan wasn't history you can disagree whatever. But at the end of the day. When we stack up his career against a guy like Michael Jordan or anybody for that matter one of the things that's gonna go in his favor is he's gonna have all these records you buy going to be maybe the all time leading score is in the top five and assist. Top ten rebounds. But a lot of that's good because he's gonna play for 1819 years. Had Michael Jordan or Larry Bird whose career was definitely cut short or some of these other players Julius Erving. Guys who didn't have the same benefit in knowledge that LeBron has. When we talk about this comparing airs all the time but I think it's just constantly evolving. And tennis is one of the sports not to get too for a trap where it's changing the most are aliens is 35 years old. And is still got player usually older if you're 42 point three years old for tennis could almost crazy it is I don't know how we're getting into a tennis conversation but during Wimbledon. I was watching a Beatles on the watch ESPN at coastal thumbing through life all the matches that were available and I saw the name Hingis. Unlike unlike a mixed doubles match Hingis Martina Hingis yeah so it's us Martina Hingis is playing in a mixed doubles matches is long gone from singles. As like man she's been forever and that's a blast from the past assigned two border Martina Hingis is 36 years old and she's a year older than Serena Williams. And she hit her last Grand Slam title was like fourteen years ago. But that's amazing that and it's because of science and I think a lot of that there's those other factors but. You see in the trend in sports now where. Sports like football Tom Brady guys 3839 years old still playing and how low Drew Brees doing the same thing these guys are playing to an older and older aids and we're giving them I think. Let's say we're giving them too much credit when we compare them historically but I think it's going to become harder and harder because federal what is going to be fifty years from now. Well look I notice officially just look at the game of golf and that's what we're talking about here was beaten you along jeopardy in you know compared to tiger some of these other players. Look at the clubs look at the ball look at the in the technology that these guys have been on the swing as hard for the ball goes far it's so you know for tiger yet Jarrett after Jackie had to generate that speed. And that club head speed to go out there and get a per similar to knock gave a lot of ball high 300 yard drive but they were able to do it 200 Nady back then was a huge drive the golf course and we're at war is long so there trying to. You know keep up with the game when it comes to golf but you can look at the quarterback play and say the same thing Josh is you know with these numbers right. You know how do we determine. Don't Wear these numbers are in today verses where they were in a fifteen years ago so for example Joseph Montana. Verses. You know let's say Peyton Manning. Manning has 50000 yards Joseph Montana was considered the greatest and only has 25000 right I don't know what the numbers are but you get the point yet. And and that's and that's what we're gonna save in as you know and then and the length of careers that these guys are hadn't brazen and play well into his forties. Right and and it Drew Brees a 154 years old and still go out there and having success yes I see these guys are playing longer because the game is played differently in the rules. Are geared towards protecting and saving these guys is career what are the yeah Eli Manning the reason why a lot of guys my age are no longer plans because they can't handle training camp. 'cause we're up to three times a day right you know we're out there in the morning and afternoon session in the end we are still hitting heads and bring in. And over three times a day compared to now these guys have like a twenty hour work really well and I know you go to college same thing we haven't. When he hour rule right away and we can we work until from sunup to sundown on and you know salute to school and a lot of football right right now it's more a lot of school or whatever. And a little football know and same thing applies so but the football it is being done so differently yes it's stressed there's more film there's an inch exposing virtual reality now in place of practices some Ringo was already looks so much to preserve the athletes by Bengal was one of those things it's already looked at is a guy as a sport you can play in your forties and your fifties and have success we've seen guys have played in the British Open go out there are fifty years old and be competitive and it's just because of these types of courses. It's more cerebral than it is you know ability physical ability to go and hit a ball three iron thirty yards go to US open. And you have a 580 yards 620 yard par five or a 520 yard par four. I mean just some of these guys aren't there just because they did to their best shots and not get there so. That's where the game has changed for a lot of these guys but for a guy like Jordan. The technology is keeping up and passing the golf course the golf course. Is trying to catch up to the game were back then. You know the game was the game and these guys are trying to catch up to the golf course yet no no doubt about it a tentative on line really quickly sergeant Smith you are on the line you wanna talk about Jordan speed putting embody. So but Ellis plus. I know we're you know some of us so to compare and Jordan's speech he's trying to resume you know where they may be didn't teachers. But what the work you're doing little Oreo completely those clips you play. There in the mood right now in the gulf air. This trend and here we have. That's someone new lose so overly the next tiger dissident and tigers are an apparent New Orleans. The development understated I remember. That'd go just I'm not a golf stand you know I don't do but I know out of food and Orson. In them and listen to you know on the radio or just saying that they have been wrong he accompanied the duo in Melbourne almost beat solos seemed like the blue H has gone back to where. There is no dominant player of the dominant they're dominant for about a year to our reunion and all the oil comes back up and then they go out. So list. So what I would and I know you've moved more pop out of the current person mister donut you are comparisons. Com to compare with poor as in history you know I know because to me. That's a great questions are these Burton Cabrera and Gary Chris grey question sergeant Smith appreciate the phone call and you know before it was Gloria was David duke ball if you remember back in the ninety's I mean he was going out there judge you probably. Or where or young blood but I don't David Ball with his oak pleasing going out there and just the north number one world player and know what the player in the world went out there and dominate and was getting compared to Jack in the tiger comes along and then it was tiger now let's go there any kids yet that is what we do and on the reality of it is is only one Jack and tiger. You know you can say argument the argument where he was better than Jack or whether who'd won in the prime Jack is aging tiger has fourteen period that's in the discussion. I end Tom Brady has fiber wheels has four you know and and some have threesome have to. In it's that's just the into the discussion Biden mean when you look at what Jordan does he has six and you know undefeated. You know compared to LeBron it's the end of discussion period right there. Yeah I am I'm pulling up Rory stats right now so Rory has thirteen victories on the PGA tour it's point two worldwide if he plays a lot over in Europe as well. Jordan speed has fourteen career victories eleven on the PGA tours of it just seemed PGA tour which isn't entirely fair. Rory as third seen these four years more than speeds and speed has eleven. But what yogurt and Josh that's where most people make the comparison of the arguments because they feel like America has or the PGA is where the it's like the MBA compared to Europe right. The European tour you can have a bunch of guys over there and you know it's not the same Claudia if you wanna go dominate you could do that so they don't give a lot of value your credit to the European tour you know if you're one in a major over aren't winning retirement over there. Right right Tressel towards this little jealous if it's good and it's it's I would say appeared. I wouldn't go as far as as to use the basketball analogy because I mean some of the basketball experts I've talked to have said. Did they basically say Euro ball is AAA. If you are you making a baseball compare Jeff to the NBA is the big leagues euros triple A colleges double play high school single I kind of think. On. I think in the international tour that there's a lot of top. Forty players. Nowhere near what you're getting on and he just really tough morning guys in the world over there in the same at the same time Rex Ryan and exactly exactly do you play as a handful maybe in in different tournaments but. If it was a great point and it. We always are going to look at the next tiger I think I agree with the caller take I think that we're trying. Every time a golfer wins guitar and especially if it's beef Rory or even Dustin Johnson can't even Jason Day for a little while Dave really was the most dominant player for about a year. A Madden 2015 early 2016. So Burgos and it was. Home man that was a rough left. I was scared for him for a minute when that happened but anyway. We're we're going to look. This isn't going alike will look for the next tiger until we find him we're doing in basketball and we really did it in the ball into football a little bit different we didn't quite it's not so much individual sport so we did compared ready to Montana until Brady surpass him it was Super Bowl titles. But you're always got that some of the funds boxing tennis. And all the individual sport right exactly and it just so happens that. Basketball and golf. Have both had. May be losing the two sports in my opinion. Women's tennis I think you wanna throw Serena and there we truly had in the last thirty years of the greatest to ever play the sport hands down tiger. If you wanna compared to Jack I still think that tiger breath and realize yes Jack has the resonate but if you watch tiger play nobody dominated the sport and I'm like tiger and I'm a tiger guy and I'm with young yet. Nobody dominated the game of basketball and Michael Jordan dominated the game of basketball so so they are the benchmarks that we had. It's really really hard. To avoid making those comparisons anytime that a player like Ron Amadon player that some we break really quickly. And we'll come back we'll continue talking about speed also get into a few other things as well. Spielberg on James. How much longer is he going to be Cleveland cavalier they're what's in the question is. It's important questions and I would have thought a week ago that's all I've dissect will be back in just a few minutes this is Garcia a million. Welcome back to Garcia and Bailey just ourselves filling in for Kyle all week as he vacations up in Maine. Maine I. Here he sounds like your wrist snobbery is vacationing in open man it's as if he heard you say that he would never let them down and and that's all right he's guys have a good time so until the end just are so formally alias Jim fox sports on joint. Of course by frank Garcia and we've been talking jordin speed but look work that we've had our first later in the day hater of the day alert them panthers' Bryan on Twitter tweets I mean tuned in on Monday morning the week of training camp in one hour and not one mention of the Panthers brutal. Someone mentioned and his we could talk about training camp start and how hard is going to be out there. Also did you listen to the radio last week because I talked for four hours every day about the Carolina Panthers up nonstop. There was a lot of Panthers on going on this radio station and we will we will get to a little panders talk a little bit later. I won't featuring Campbell talk about the season expectations for the team will get all that don't worry. We will give me your Panthers six today but this is short segment we're gonna go to the phones and sending continue to talk on jordin speech before we wrap that up. We'll have Charlie Nancy LT golf guy ounce where he joins us after the top of the hour. To break down the British Open in two and she's winning his third major championship before the age of 24 only the second golfer to do that. Other than Jack Nicklaus so something has ever tiger and we've been debating whether or not that. He truly stacks up. Listen I question or try to answer that question throughout the rest of the show but Paul you are online right now you wanna talk about Jordan's beat what is your blog what are your thoughts. Are you there. No Paul also talk about Paula thanks for trips thanks are trapped Antara. So. As we as we go to toward the top of the hour haired and jordin speech we're talking about his career longevity in and then we were talking about Rory McIlroy. And I think is interesting because Rory. We talk about sealing them. Maurice ceiling. He has won some tournaments major tournaments going away he did congressional backing nothing 2012 we won by ten or twelve strokes on employ an up right now I can just his his highest margins of victory bit. It seems like Rory. When he was a little bit younger. He really. Pulled away from the field more than we've seen even jordin speak into his feet and all the way. Like what Rory did Rory started lifting weights you got a girlfriend has some and lunch some struggles also got off the course and you know with that his game has changed a little bit absolutely so it is it is all like when you were talking about all does that why are all factors those distractions. Rory and Roy admitted it even I watched if you if you're golf nut like me. You austerity fairy interviewed him last year and Roy discuss those things he has all of I got distracted by so many things he had the woes the Iraqi situation a fallout with her they need it now he's married again to some. Supermodel I don't remember name. He got into lifting the time. It didn't it the parallels not I'm not trying I should even send a sellout because I don't wanna try and compare what Rory. Has done with a personalized Tiger Woods because that's that they're just two totally different things but tiger. You get wrapped up in the attention you get wrapped up in the the media you get wrapped up in the hype. And for Rory eight it's hard for people to handle that speed. Look did you knelt between it's something alum Danny yesterday and he said that Jordan speech was like tiger but without the height Jordan speed is how lot of hype maybe not Tiger Woods' level height. But jordin speech if if you add this pick one golfer over the last five years who has been. Can you compare the most of Tiger Woods or has had the most at the highest expectations placed on him. I would say it's jordin speed I would say speed hasn't been the highest expectation because number he did this of the youngest days is playing tournaments when he was 1516 years old playing in the John Deere. He was competing in the masters aged nineteen and one. Rory is number two to me a close second but a second. Then I think you go down and it's probably Dustin Johnson Ferry coming destined John's a little bit more his the world nobody is old or young not any idea today. He's not gonna get the tiger comparisons because he hasn't. Won majors from an early age like what Rory and Jordan's feet did so. I still think that George SP has it has dealt with. A lot of media. A lot of attention since he was nineteen or twenty years old so I think for him to be able to handle it as well as he has to this point through the collapses at the masters. He has shown a level of maturity. That bodes well for him going forward. Would you would you agree out Roy americorps to get to answer your question earlier you know when it comes to greatest margin of victories and and majors he won the US open. Eight shots Mac Griffin as the 2011 US open at congressional record sixteen under par he ran away from the field beating Jason Day by eight. It that's more than that was the moment where you're like oh wow yeah OK this maybe this guy could be he's got a little bit of that tiger and and we saw what tiger did at Augusta are we seeing what tiger did. As the US open at Pebble Beach you know we just destroying the field and you know that's the difference for me tiger if he was in his prime yesterday. Would've beat. Crew each by six shots right dome Jordan ends up beat him by three. But it would have been not even close right right we've sin never seeing Tiger Woods give up or relinquished a lead you know going into the final round which is the hardest thing in any sport to do is do. Hang on to that lead or you do where he's also never won one coming from behind so good that the tiger detractors are gonna also bring up that point. But he's not been behind very often right now as though those are the things that you look at with tiger Jim Jordan looks like a you know a guy who just gets it done doesn't really matter how health. You know flashy it needs to be just the results and that's where he goes out there and it's a darned if you look at the NASCAR comparison Josh I think when you look at a guy like Jimmy Johnson. You know I think that's where Maury kind of comes and compared to Dale Senior. Where tiger comes at tiger was Dale Senior he dominated his competition he kicked everybody's tail he took names he didn't ask anyone out there and got it done. Where Jimmie Johnson just goes out there and gets a darned as a quietly. Right exactly you don't kick dirt on Jordan's been helping other one of us are doing that it's just a matter of if you wanna make these comparisons. That's a difference that Tiger Woods and guy Jimmy Johnson had that look that's what set them apart that's what made them all time greats and whether you wanna say that word you know knocking Jordan's fees that maybe we are but I'd. Very much amazed at what he was able to do yesterday and that's that so on the other side as Charlie Nance is gonna join us guilty golf guy he will break down. The open as well they'll move on some other topics we'll talk about LeBron. ESPN's ratings. Worse than with the teletype b.'s. I.