Garcia & Bailey: Josh Parcell and Dan Wolken Talk College Football

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Wednesday, September 13th
We have Josh Parcell in for the entire hour, and Dan Wolken joins us as we talk College Football ins and outs.

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But Garcia. Our number two it's all college football here now ornaments and child Bailey frank Garcia Josh Parcells. The college football country. Howard good. I'm good man doesn't have the same effect as you were here a minute ago but. Your kids you're here now we had just for a good portion of our number two. And don't forget little over ten minutes and out there and walk in US and they'll be joined the show as well so what's going to be huge college football party but. We'll show credit to be announced it really quickly just Parse all what's your take the floor were excited to have you W lessons its. Or yes so it's starting tonight and hopefully going forward. Comparable country my website see a big country dot com constable a country the podcast will be coming to the radio seven to 8 PM tonight. Comfortable country to be on the air W offends a very excited about it nice suit against the FB cards or account thanks man you know we're we're glad to have you end up unintelligible Joseph results or did absolutely yarder advocates on the pedestal so good I'm sure looking forward to a man has been a lot of fun I mean really zippy country only started in the beginning of August and I was like go to ESPN. About three months ago and it is look at the landscape of media today and I'm still young I'm only 27 years old and furlong time when I was ESPN I really wanted to try and go out on my own an instance you can make this thing work in. It's going to be grind and hustled by it are ready and in just two months were able to get this thing on the radioed even if this is tonight we'll see if it goes moved forward to us so it's this was gonna salads and I Lou it was some of the topics and we guy's going to be so it's going to be great we're gonna talk. Every week I released the JP top 25 not to AP top Tony Brian JP top Tony five Columbia College diploma my top ten teams in and I and I don't ranked teams based on or are you guys doing but I don't I never do a pre season rankings. I try to avoid to pre season polls much as possible and then I just watch the teams play games and ranked them. Based on how what I've seen so far so much mud JP top 45 looks. Well different than the AP top towards a lot more high ranking that is loyal to now exactly alt on the outlook designed to go I took a peek A veggie pizza out Tony five yesterday how the hills Maryland in your top ten are you drunk that. Why wouldn't they be contacts have there been classic top talent and I don't now now do I think that day are you then you're you're given oil content from tonight ahead. Talk about that don't tease Josh if if I think that's I don't know belliard took your smoke and drew. How how many teams there have played better than Maryland so far this season the love 41 win on the road I think Texas is pretty good I don't think Texas is great I don't think there is at least I thought all of a sudden these are things like better Merrill yeah I like fighting does not think it is good frank thinks it Herman's most overrated coach in America most overrated while OK why. What does an Telerate as you're Urban Meyer he's five and know what he's an underdog straight up he's won every game that he's ever been a head coach and an underdog in five and what does he does this is more than with the big boys taxed exactly use as a as a he's oh please don't bring one last week against psych stands now just an era tells me they tell her life and Graham. O'Donnell went when he was in Houston before a statement should fully believe in Oklahoma in a neutral site EB rule on the road on the Thursday night guys won a lot of big games he's a pretty damn good coach and I think I was I was shocked. The Texas loss that season opener to Maryland okay because I think that Texas while they're going to be some growing pains of that program like he said he's not gonna wave pixie dust over the program and all of a sudden turn them back into a ten or eleven Lucy agree with him. I absolutely agree with us this absolute red red zone today suddenness once or I was in the completely wrong alma I don't draw our yes because it was an Urban Meyer if you listen Urban Meyer said he had an axe to grind. And he took it out on Herman any to get out of what must champ in that quote because he said that will must timid the same comments when he took over for urban and Florida and a pest urban off because Muster basically blamed urban for leaving him with an empty cupboard which is not true. Must him completely dive on the program confront a quarterback and three or four years however long I have died I was a little bit stronger urban has something to do with out of Taylor news London that you plug in the inmates from this deadly there was some disciplinary issues but as far as talent is concerned must him employee talent while you're there Wilbur was there when he left and had that place filled up ready to go. You know the fact is we'll Greer failed drug test and I believe we have a mentally if and when was the coach when we grist for sheer grit came in under must stamp and emotion was fired but. But regardless. Myra I think little bit and acts are ready to get out on the Herman quote you never know what's going on me Herman work for service and. On the Thomas them back up when you see an axe to grind what do you mean what bugs here's the thing it's immediately looked like he was defending his guy Charlie Strong and DJ Durkin on some because it sounded like Dahmer was giving no credit dries Charlie Strong for what he left and why is it for what in the day and getting it may. Maybe he was the I think they've rubbed her in the wrong way because. I think it was a page several year long beast that he had with mush into what must have been set and now that her remember out of the Disco is a weird man sometimes they they. They they goalies register Saban do it all the say just get irritated out of nowhere I think urban. Took the opportunity. To make a statement in that moment and again maybe there's something going on between him and Herman that we don't know about because. I can't imagine what it would be considering Herman help when in the national title I can tell you know what it was because what Carmen said was offensive to both Charlie Strong and DJ Durkin baby and those are Herman's just say what but it wasn't as. See I think that urban was taken Tom Herman come comments out of context. Herman wasn't going in there and saying I'm his players are terrible and Texas is no good he was saying this team won six or seven earth you know 567 games last few years. And anyone who expected him to come in and immediately. Vault them back get to a ten or eleven win team isn't gonna happen it takes work it takes time to build this is you don't just turn the team around immediately. Texas was it's 43 ranked team in the country recognize in me has told us not Tom Herman followed I think Texas is pretty good and I was originally detained and they gave up 51. To Maryland which is relevant to my top ten frank give you know. I wouldn't you think you posit a segment has just say this. About you know Tom Herman in the job it is and I'm issues Tom Herman sent personally I think he's gonna do well Texas but let me also say this. A lot of guys have won Houston. And it's Dexter just 1 that I am glad he digs a while wanted to bring that up. Our brand of Florida's they did indeed Oklahoma won't be a little hole on their Kevin summon one there are the guys guidance Houston is Anthony took some some program in the dumps also browse the one at Baylor and Kevin someone won at Texas and Angela does they're good coaches are utterly take that yes I mean what what. It felt like Tom Herman success earned him the prior go to six executions should be an indictment on Herman is not an indictment necessarily assisted you know those some of those things you just referenced sort exactly you know him. He didn't go to Memphis you don't remained like that Memphis was like the RA worst program in the culture we just important dates are. Totally fine with just appointing senator Tom Herman and I know you are but I but I just mean look. Herman is a very good coach in Texas is going to be a good program he's already recruiting better than Charlie Strong ever did at Texas is recruiting better than that grounded in the last five years at Texas there's going to be mortality in that program. Doesn't help or doesn't hurt that Kevin someone has completely lit Texas and has program on fire damage go five teams there the Maryland right now notre dam and I'm not I thought I was just fine I saw she's. The whole West Virginia or again you know coming up on that dossier that that that seemed to come on the show tonight because it's. JP top 45 is not a rigging of the best. 45 teams it's about the most deserving most of oh into okay far OK I don't think Maryland is the seventh or just it seemed OK I think they're the team that deserves to be wrecked because what happens that's my message understand the guy that that's that's what that's we're trying to start the narratives are the conversation essentially this is what I would imagine. The playoff committees rankings would look like if they came out week to week that's the playoff committee's job is but it is don't come out and rankings in Seoul. Week eleven are we to a. Then there was dessert they they doing on the most deserving they do it on the best teams because that's up to do it on the most deserving. There's an Osaka they're supposed to do on the best teams. I thought that I can direct I think they're supposed to do on the most deserving well posted a short Oz probable what was William undersecretary I'm only Baas out here. Well I recognized by Deanna and I need your time airborne division and ask you to produce I think what it will wait. You know Josh is saying here is that maybe it's a little too early to write the the book on Tom Herman at Texas because how many great college football coaches. Have been exceedingly. Average at their first player in major stops Nixon didn't want to Louisiana Monroe Louisiana Monroe until. The counter to that bill and we got a nuclear demo connects the counter to that though when you talk military commanders for a pixie dust on this thing and blah blah blah blah blah again I'll go back to a to a to an example that you are both intimately involved with. Frank Beamer last three years of Virginia Tech Roth just a point they stepped Annan's first should they when they won ten games and went to the ACC championship game so let's not pretend it stepping into a situation especially with the resources the Texas that Wright is some impossible situation. Given the whole season is to go five and seven then we can indict Tom Herman but as they go waiting for nine and thirty and they show improvement then I think we're on the right track yellow on the other we're positioned your books I've been the one that's been stumping for Tom Herman also. So I kind of feel weird right now are they want against Maryland. But we got a gobs of Merrill we actually have the contraception during a welcome back then woken USA today we'll join us Garcia and they look. And. It's. We should listen to the back intact and primetime with Christopher over to win four tickets to the NH RA Carolina nationals this weekend Z Max dragway. Up in Concord child Bailey frank Garcia we got an extra body in here today just parcel college football country also went. Here's first show airs tonight right here on WS and see 7:8 PM. Make sure to tune in for that but right now we're talking college football. With Dan Bolton USA today one of the best guys out there covering the sport and he's joining us on the tech become just like we certainly appreciate it Dan Howard it was more. Very schedule well to lower percentage to discussion about Urban Meyer and Tom Herman and a sort of a two part question your first of all. Urban Meyer's criticism of of Tom Herman and his comments about not being able to sprinkle pixie dust on the Texas program and turn things around in nine months. I'd love your take on that but also law. Tom Herman and sexes and losing that opener to Maryland and a cattle where they are a program how do you see at all. Well here hourly have a huge take out of curiosity I thought. What Tom Harmon says it was cut our standard fare didn't really striking is all that ball or shall I thought urban. It'll probably. For those of the you know very you may be looking at a glass house. Yeah he's taken jobs and he's been very fortunate in some of those situations due to inherited but. I didn't see anything wrong with Tom comment that yeah I think the bigger short errors that are relationship been. What's what's going on behind the scenes there. All right so while I didn't go back to this past week is some some big high profile prime time games and I want to start with Oklahoma and at Ohio State for a second that was incredible television. A great competition and of course the maker may feel story lines coming out of that put. I was storm Ohio State for second it seems like there's a lot of knee jerk reaction this week to how good not good Ohio State actually is how do you view that team. Well I don't think it's he'd jerk I think you go back to twenty. If he did go that far back when they were. Appreciate your local law and defending national champions they were supposed to speak all the way to the best team in the country. Who's going to be you know crumbling to repeat them over turn count there are all that's. And each time a couple slowly along while they wanted all the one game. But they didn't win the big candidate didn't win the game they needed a way to look at Michigan State. At home with Michigan State. Not having their quarterback connected outta. Perplexing performance all year long. They they never really impose their will want people. There are essentially a little bit stagnant. And they just didn't look up to expectations which is great this paper you've won it all the war but that. That's the way it it played out in the black season. You know I thought they believed it to be dictated what you saw him play intro we get teams Louisville and great weather all observed. Yet they couldn't move the football consistently in the end I think it goes back to the quarterback play they're getting having the respect their offence to maybe you'll scale of not this is cutting edge and used to be. Eagle what a I don't like to reactionary to say that. Split in their most recent gains against the high its global war opponents. They really kind of throw cold and there's. If you're a what the national championship that would cheeky bear and quarterback playing the way he's played in big games the last couple here. In the and I feel like there's two teams in the and everybody else and then there's that next here you know you did to Alabama I think there's still the best team. You know I know they struggled against Florida State offensively but you know when they play another opponent who doesn't have maybe as good a defense is Florida State. Then not think that jailers and be just fine and offense is gonna clicked I think clumps and same type of thing you mean they played a day good defense. In Auburn but defensively I think the best defense in the country. And I think it's Alabama Florida State than you could probably throw Auburn in that and that makes it as well as Ohio State but. I think what they do they do well better than everybody else and that's get after the quarterback upfront and I just dominate the line of scrimmage. Well the way I see it. De L Hammond quotas and are cut a whole level of everybody else right now. You know when we you can call it looks at PD not. You know to my recollection boards esteem at the end of last season they were second best. Oh I think we could be headed for a local actually you know I its earlier this these are a lot can happen but it. He didn't has got a different. Disputes are met these threats and we're coached the way they are able to develop players I think they got the best combination of the country right now. Of all three to five start talent but also developed. I think nobody else in the country really matches but in terms of that so we get that dynamic or clubs and and and Alabama's gonna do they do. I think if you take a heck of a lot. For anybody could beat them I think people can have their flaws certainly called into. Still work in progress our offense I like our seat. Kelly bought it and I think you'd Caroline grow. Go to different isn't it though that they do now defensively and now they have got. You're a fool. Probably a little forward excuse what you get because we. We've got an ex temple so I don't feel it took or stole which you can rule out a little bit better. But you know that fact of the matter ever against. Ten article seems to place. Dan is Josh. Clemson got a big one this weekend go and it's a little hole I'm primetime and you saw them put up eleven sacks against Auburn last weekend. It's going to be battle of wills their between Lamar Jackson necklace and defensive front what's at stake for Lamar Jackson in this game because I'm under the impression that. Lamar flying under the radar to a degree entering this season actually help out his Heisman chances do normally. You know the returning guys and winner comes back is the favor and it's hard to live up to expectations Le Mars expectations were almost artificial little bit lower than they probably should have been which means that if he goes in this weekend knocks off Clemson. I think he's far away even with how mayfield plane is going to be that the runaway Heisman favorite early on what you think. I'm going to particularly. I don't know who says that either we're aware law what's really. Locked up for a more or take an operation and we agreed. You know I think global. Click what they're the second straight year I think you'll gonna have to stay in the national conversation. I'm not sure that that that that's likely if they if they logistical reasons this weekend. It can be actually better but I think. You'll blasters came to touch her to do if she got out I think Kwanzaa who'll have a better idea of how to attack them this year. Certainly brought that supply and even go Mark Jackson is a quiet got a offer a little bit of protections. And that's the target deity but. Yeah I mean look at it they can quit and certainly. Then it becomes just possible storyline again but you know we can really be yeah I did little that's it's great either by. You know all of these. Look in the today. The candidate by the last month of the season will be different but there are. And a lot of it really will come down to who plays the big national TV he opened games. Glass multi faceted and how they do those gains and it's a little early for meters at the start trying to predict all the. Talking today and woken USA today joining us on the tech we come just like under a scoreless first second and and look at the pac twelve. And so when I started the season as a stall it was going to be USC Washington and in the pac twelve championship game and I think I still think that and that's saying Stanford over the weekend I'm not sure anybody in the north really has anything from Washington and I realize they play the games for the reason for a reason so we got to wait and find out put. I don't think anybody out there does everything from Washington in the north. Yeah I mean maybe I would courses that. To lose and we're told we deem it always seem to get a quality opponent. I'm here. OK don't really lost I know we we lost pitchers say about Washington. Yeah I had no idea of the vote. I like them to put them anybody's guess the first two week particularly good at and they went out to Parker symbol on. You kind of gore team lead and they've ever been challenged. It'll also. Targeted open. They got to go to Stanford this year I think it'll be much much more prepared for decades it don't ever called alt weekly export and that doubts. And emotion and any help at all let's stop. Factory and so all these different games and all the different scenarios that are gonna play out of the court succeeded it. So I don't know what kind of shape or significant legal legal clinic gave I think they're the best piece of paper but you know it comes down to it organs it has something to say about. What happened in that division I mean maybe he did develop. To knock off of those teams that. So it's still really early get up like to see more watched them against a quality opponent I don't know how to build it and there's. Georgia had a big one against Notre Dame was torn in the nineteen. You know Brian Kelly example Brian Kelly but the east. You know seems to be Georges and everybody else's. Well I think George offensively. Is gonna have to find out their identity. Especially Jacque Thomas continuing your quarterback. They they obviously dominated the line of scrimmage against Notre Dame that they're good defensively. We'll stop along the you know toward is going to be a work in progress I don't wanna totally write them off after a couple of weeks. You know and especially me start ladies division games till the Tennessee Georgia Tennessee Florida. It's big rivalries you'll Florida Georgia above the ocean. You know comes through those in those kind of games in the heart you know I'll be getting so much better than anyone else that you're just gonna kind of run through it you know that there's the South Carolina factor. They look pretty good and they look like they're getting better. After the first couple weeks so they're gonna have something to say he'll pay the bill is going to be I think good enough to beat any of those teams are given day so. I don't think he could come up for grabs voters got the best Gloucester. But I haven't seen anything from them offensively. They rethink that they're just all so overwhelming that they're gonna walk to the division title. Dan ever on the other side of the SEC in the west there's a match up that I think is actually flying a little bit under the radar right now LSU at Mississippi State 7 PM on Saturday night. But if you look over the last three years Mississippi State has is one into against LSU would those two losses he came by a field goal or less. There about a touchdown underdog right now I think the Mississippi State has a really good chance at pulling off this upset on Saturday what do you think we're gonna see Nstar Vegas on Saturday night. Yeah it's interesting game. Took a flyer in particular to be safe but I don't really know. Both these teams of cabinet I'd sort proceeded it. You know and now all we know the business we figure out who they really are. But the happiest days you don't defensively I think they really upgraded. With Todd Grantham. What play computer sermon and I think that's shown a little bit the first two weeks. You know offensively with Mick FitzGerald the lead to a really good at some things a person say is that. He's maybe not so good attitude. I'm sure the date Iran doesn't study indicate that they're gonna try to put him in situations where. He's got it'll make the kind of hope that maybe he's not quite as good naked. That'll be big test but there at home and so what does well he'll we what are you know it. BYU game was impressive but BYU this is not a typical viewer you see the there were just not very good at all. That we learned a lot about LSU this'll be the big coming out party for molecular and all sorts of what but without saying its biggest quality defense whether they're able to move or. In an analog times you start talking college football and we talk about the ACC forget about the coastal little bit new you know it's either Virginia Tech Miami. Everybody else but too we seem to be sleeping on duke because right now there quietly doing though may have the best quarterback in the conference. Big play well for sure I don't I don't know coarsely economy. We all understand that duke is not going to be the most solid team in the division the third going to be very well coached and they're capable of beating people. But Stewart will be deciding what is Miami did it what it is forever you're dealing with this. Turkey situation I have no clue what my it is Virginia Tech I really enjoyed it. What they did in the opener it's West Virginia and I think they're gonna get better. But what I read or look for them last week Lamar Norma remembers beat the SE CU. But you know they get the cup play quarterback that they got the first week. Then they can release. He's the favorite as far as I'm concerned what they obviously North Carolina has taken a step back. But. Yeah I mean so wide open as far as I'm concerned about what social. Demos for let's go last thing here Maryland to at what point should we start really paying attention to that team admitted to beat Texas and would augur texas'. And then they beat upon tauzin in the second week but. Birkins recruited well and and in other they've got some things store a little bit of momentum on their college park at what point do you think it's reasonable actually pay attention to the state into the tenth. Yeah I would I don't expect them. Knock off Ohio State or Michigan or Penn State and that's what are part about being on the outside of that conference. So it's little bit uphill them but I think he's you know you. I think what you'll see this year is it goes into the top you have to take Merrill seriously and I think they will. Get very get a big upset like that. Then I think they'll move the program forward and what they've always walk or. Really struck pay attention to it I thought they looked. Very well coached and physical. Got to Texas I think gave. Improved defensively what they were a year ago which you expect to with DJ Durkin. The head coach but you know it's just such an uphill climb now with more expect too much too soon. I don't always enjoy catching up we appreciate your time what a little too soon. Oh Dan Walker USA today's covers college football joining us on the ticket John just like just are still college football country and studio with a slushy go to Boston wanted to direct care realtor Stewart more more college football discussion we come back it's Garcia bailiff. Because his children and your demo dinner what was said about us yes indeed I TV interview weekend and a half a prestigious celtics' that's what I thought I just torso college football country in the house is a debut on W if Lindsay tells a ball country. The podcast turn radio show tonight 7 o'clock seven to eight right here. On WS Lindsay few college football fans. But let's let's stick to us in North Carolina for a second if if we can because. Franken had a really good discussion I guess was it two days ago but those yesterday about North Carolina. Ahead and wanna talk about state and wake and duke as well but still start editorials and oh and soon. Statistically at least right now there's no there was your games like the worst defense in the country. In a year where they returned a whole lot of veteran guys are granted. Chizik left approaches was promoted and it's. Not much has changed as a matter of fact it looks like things have actually gotten worse and on the offensive side. It's about what we expected that we realize there's potential there but there's a whole lot of newcomers and and and and young guys. And they still don't forget the quarterback situation what do you make of what's happening in North Carolina are now. I don't really understand what Larry Fedora is waiting on not naming as the QB deadly letting Brendan Harris the plague is very clear Brendan harris' head. Thirty games in his career now prove that he can pass the football he still hasn't been able to do that. I don't know why North Carolina can be just would remain committed I don't know whether it was some sort of political fame when he Brian Harris and try to give him a shot but. Boy he looked helpless in well both first law and if you know going back to you early so what the thought might be you know Josh was early on they want to kind of get to a game under the belt see if you do go out there and play. And in that second game he made the move distraught got hurt. So he they had put him on the bench and that's the reason why. And that's a reason why amoled better hope he's healthy could bring harassing and any football and that's Carolina pairs would not bad you just address is a dark and given that you know you look better in the second half but I feel right Brendan Harris is about the future of this of this no program no Margaret today they may not too big to Boldin is sure why not destroy a name just rock star -- but the problem is not on the offense and you name whatever guy you want quarterback I can't stop anybody in the defense I cannot do what again so they can't stop anybody that's the problem when you look at what. Louisville was doing not just because of Lamar Jackson but you look at that offers a line which is you know Louisville has is a big body guys but they're not real athletic. If you look at the speed Carolina's supposed to have in the way initialize size with speed. Yeah they don't did not back 56 yards on the right side at times. We're Lamar Jackson had no to put to gain yards and and he's a great player don't get me wrong I'm not say anything bad about you know his performance because there's nothing to say bad about it. But tell you and I can just run through those holes and gained 300 yards I just I we knew we were made to believe in North Carolina had veteran playmakers coming back on defense saw the man in but it goes back yard and you made before just because you're year old does mean your -- better Gary you know sometimes it's addition by subtraction bring in the same guys back doesn't mean it's a good thing always. You know you gotta get those cupboards full and recruit guys and you have that competition because. It just because like I say you're a year older you might be a senior bush is still might be soft keys don't let the Stoops still might not love the game he still might get your ass kicked you know you just a year older. I wonder if I'm if I'm Larry Fedora and this is going to be a rough year for them so I wonder how much and hit his stock is gonna take as a coach. Because on my podcast a couple weeks ago I Peter burns in the SEC network and we were talking about Texas and then in that jobs and if that job comes open. Not to mention the Ole miss job if I gonna be opened the door has ties both of the state of Texas ended Mississippi. He's going to be one of the you would think you'd be one of the top names he's had success in North Carolina if you're if you are the head coach at north John of the head football coach. And you win a national championship. Pat on the back good job yeah that that day but I don't they don't care yeah and if you go to a and M a new international interviewed Ole miss the disaster you're used to now trying to stadium it's. That's a great point you know guys and you just think about this conversation we're having about 67. Years ago. With one coach down there in south Carolina at Clemson and the same thing. No less sure about tableau yeah what do Deb do we want to hire guys around him there can overcompensate. For his you know his guys witnesses who. You know and that's you know what you're seeing here but the differences between those two programs used point out and you wonder Clemson cares about football North Carolina doesn't that's just what it now. He understands for that cal game in the global jungle how there was a lot of good equipment truck yeah it was man nobody cares well I told her to sell out of there at march madam and late night were Roy Moore people. We're gonna go to that don't practice for an Oregon basketball than a UNC dodgers' opener. I said this and I said this and this is actually 100% true if your kids getting recruited to North Carolina right now. And you're coming from let's say Charlotte Catholic you're gonna go to that school. Do I wanna go watch in North Carolina game the on the football field or wanna go watching duke Carolina game in the in the in you know and dean do you -- don't you know he's a good what impresses you minus the current coordinator I don't remember in my kids to basketball's all right so that's not. There recruiting football players to their basketball games and this is the environment you can be a part of yeah it's I saw that seal their right. It doesn't help that Virginia Tech is now on the rise ended their coaching staff has made this state a priority. I mean Charlotte is probably the biggest hot bed for talent in the state of North Carolina. It's just a sort of last very that is a double will you take you can do a visit to Blacksburg to lane stadium the way they got that program going right now compared to go on and said the aluminum jungle and travel well let's kids are gonna start going to Virginia Tech and more more windier waves. I just figured duke a second let's talk about Duke's analyst and there was some editorials that they wiped the floor with northwestern over the weekend and look Pat Fitzgerald always has competitive well coached and I don't know how good they're going to be this year but duke I think all and they went out there this week and a beautiful ball to about how good. But the northwestern since that's his pat Fitzgerald's been and never been a thug and embarrassingly bad today. No horse has got good players Justin Jackson with a best running backs in the Big Ten claimed forces lives and our three year starter I believe for them so. Look yeah I think you lose friends Matta said in the interview and then woken Dana Jones is the real the only move at quarterback can do he's a sophomore we talked to cut cliff an ACC kick off about a little bay he really really likes he has Indiana Jones cut cliff is one of the best quarterbacks is not a secret anymore he's one of the best quarterback developers in all of college football. He got Thad Lewis an NFL contract I mean you've got to sell me I thought that's in the league if not just about Peyton and Eli Manning. But you you got a good quarterback he got a team that's a little bit more mature the biggest problem that cut cliff realize what that team last year as being sorted and of all but they went for an eight. Which he does a team just wasn't maternal death and he realized that once you get halfway through a season it's really hard to correct that mid season so they really were able to make a concerted effort on developing the mindset of of those players. Are you said there a year older. Is duke players are pretty Smart down there that you can coach says guys up on the mental side of the game. Not talent they're gonna scare people I don't think like Dan said they're not gonna win the coastal right and I'm gonna go 8493 bit. 6675. And they knock off a Miami or Virginia Tech I think that's completely. Within the realm of possibility especially got a quarterback is in the future first round that. Yet there's no doubt about that aren't paying tied for second we come back to what took state element on wake South Carolina and a little bit more we got Josh parcel to eligible country in the house. We'll wrap up our numbers are next it's Garcia and they look. Camera. I'm home home. And we've only got about six minutes left when Josh Parcells the FB country dot com Tulsa ball countries the publication checked him out. His podcast comes to these terrestrial radio waves tonight from 78 right here on WS Lindsay making its debut so make sure to mince let's go quickly here. Josh torso how good is like force could I gotta be honest I. I die and soul to their fans this past weekend to end up picked Boston College to a guy Damon I was wrong to do that so apologies which fans I got that we're wrong. There will crucial Baltic. Cluster that he's not just a BC is not the barometer to engineer and Ottawa price represented that way but their that they're there well crucial Baltic. They have coming up I mean they'd they'd call me when they beat somebody with an offense and you don't beat Scott Loeffler is offense I'm not. I'm just I'm just saying I need a little bit more evidence spells where I can now convicted Wake Forest is. Is the relevant football team in general state this week that you told state affect is that they and good for them unload those they'll be you tell us they will go see what happens and on a begins Lou vocal support state and he stayed there there in the wrong division willing NFC the following week so other and have fun and residents have absolutely apple I just it's a pretty good program and Indiana house by Georgia but. Then they go for stayed Clemson Georgia Tech removal Notre Dame. Spare minute 0506 stretch right there I mean even if they're decent team have been any of those guys that they're not on that level where they can at their son seems like like duke goes mentioning who I think. They don't tell existing catch somebody. Analysts see. It. Yes I got back after they're no Maryland your room. Now what what about seller must state NC state look all the fanfare all the hype coming into the season. And they blew that game against South Carolina and come back this past Saturday and they they beat Marshall. But it actually look at a dicier in the first after they were trailing Marshall for awhile now they'll Doc Holliday is on a nice job of there there there are good programs you gotta gotta gotta. Both for what week was expecting. Our RCN C state was expecting if they they've been underwhelming at times do you think this is the wheel team it's gonna give it completely get back on track him when he's not a tonight things. I think that's NC State's motto is an an underwhelming at times. I mean that's that's been the wolfpack for fifteen years look at their conference record sources you know right can't I mean that they know they're good for an upset every couple years they'll pull off a big wedding Carter Finley stadium they'll have big fat guy's suing in their search around in the crowd beat Florida State. And then look they lose games they should lose I I particularly the South Carolina we want is a team. With so much pressure I thought on them coming into the season because this is the most talent they've had under Doran isn't this the fourth year that he's been there I believe this is his fourth season it's. Third or if he's been there awhile I think it is desire for a possibly do their why everything was pointed this season be in the year they take a step but then you look at that division you look at that schedule and you ask yourself wall where the winds gonna come from because again now they get Florida State on the road next week. In what's gonna be black when first starting quarterback for Florida State's may be you try and pull something off fifty Erfurt for Doran don't know regardless this was the year they're pointing at. BR Florida State did you get Syracuse at home not aid walk over against Syracuse offense is gonna be a score points if you struggle Marshall you're gonna have your hands full with Syracuse loop hole the next week at Pitt at Notre Dame clubs and all in a row. The do I look at NC state a look at the team that has so many expectations and if all of a sudden where week one week to an October. And their three into three in three. Didn't the wheels can fall off very quickly for a team that. The margin for error is that slam when your expectations are anywhere in nine or ten win team you had guys on the SEC no picking him to make the playoffs I'll talk to you look fallen out a little outrageous but at the same time it's spoke to look. The high end of the expectation trustees that people thought it was within the realm of possibility. And of all the studies and a three and three on October 5 and you lose a global. It can very easily go in the wrong direction is 1819 year old kid they're not going to be had strong enough to I think turn the ship around especially for a coach is going to be on. Very very shaky ground at the indices as an analyst. Quickly talk with the SEC in nine or go to South Carolina guys because I think that's a team that. Don't know we talked about so you know you look at Georgie look at Tennessee I think George is still the cream of the crop but South Carolina. You know can compete in you may Malia maybe have set things right offensively. You know what people thought and defensively and offensively I think people thought they'd be pretty good defensively is where I think a little bit better than people thought. They are pretty good on the defense decides to here's what worries me about South Carolina have been out gained in both games this season. If to kick returns for touchdowns so far I think they're good I think they're better I think must him doing a good job that they're going in the right direction. But I'm nervous that were. I would sell my South Carolina stop right now for you Syria I just think they look when you've been Al gained in both games and trying to pull of the numbers right here. Did he doubled I was asked again if the will they dominated the line as good as the game I'd ever felt that they are in jeopardy state and see no no no sucker up to our South Carolina continental title of the game. Dom and last image. And then have as good if not better playmaker in Samuels did that. Nobody talked about the book that's the thing but this is upon their neighbors in Texas he actually don't Downey on the line. When you got one dude out there to get all your play is you start running up against. Alabama whoever is on South Carolina scheduling of the season and now or not they and they Arkansas Tennessee Georgia. They take a way that also what's your plan a tie and I don't know there and the best in the country. Best in the country best in the country's South Carolina OK go go. Best player in the country at his position. Okay 1% and hers is the best I then he'll be the first tight end drafted there's a draft. Are well he's gonna have to be because it dates are taken Devo Samuel away which teams especially around on the air and a little the tide is an excellency we reckon there are things I'm gonna get have a Goodyear's stat in May be eight wins would be nice it's a very winnable division there's a lot of games in their that you can win but I would just sell my stock on South Carolina starting off to an Al. What's easy expectations yet not just going in the right direction got a good coordinator good young quarterback in Jay Bentley let's see what they do. Going forward into an SEC slate that 3040. Simon though maybe we'll see what happens against Arkansas Tennessee I can be found no decrease that momentum going in Tennessee are going to have to Garnett Arkansas again. I've francs Lavelle South Carolina there rideau our Josh par so college football country they're my top ten. Most deserving. The FIG gets a toll on us I'd check him out tonight 78 right here on WS Lindsey V debut. A college football country here on W a sincere look forward to adjust into most things then absolutely we'll come back to we've got so we're to swap out just herself. For Dray Bly and remember a lot of thought and our number three lot of NFL talk to get into Dre' Bly and studio and Corey Miller the pastor praying Golan and it's Garcia Bailey.