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Thursday, December 7th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Kyle and Frank talk with Fantasy Football expert John Halpin. 


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But Garcia. If you can believe that we're on our number three child really frank Garcia and Osborne this thing flies by pretty much every single day and now we're number three is where we are. A lot of fun to this point oh sorry make you saw those. You enjoy our answer to work via them it's a sport now in will have plus more fun tonight if you join us tonight the tilted kilt read over the off into aaron's boulevard south Tryon. Up from seven until. Question mark question. And those suckers down. Helmets off for us today hey wild according to frank you get gusts are serious questions questions about the the world's any order of the world and how things work in writing should work and this and that he got it to be it'll spoil it gospel don't do that are really quickly logon to get my perks dot coms to get a greater goal to express 100 dollar gift cards for fifty bucks it's pretty awesome deal. Half off underdog of toward greater golf expressed for just fifty bucks is the perfect Christmas gift that avid golfer and her life go to get my perks dot com right now. And grab it before they are all gone. Again we got to 25 minutes from now John how open Rota was crystal ball extra we're gonna say a lot of soak it over the next woman is surging those questions then we can also put joiner with him to. And just a quick note for tonight Dawes we're going to be given way impaired tickets to the heat game. On December 15 that Friday night so. They go quick go there had to. You know the I'm inspection senate so make sure that tell you to Mumbai tonight and you get a free care if you register to win on December 15 but you can do that we'll be out front the truck will be there the have a Boxee can adopt the name and I think we'll be drawn that whenever. Later in the week but if you do end stop by say hello we would love to have you there. Aren't they don't bomb and let's let's take your phone calls a talker masons who wanted to talk about the traditional war soldier just Austria before we move forward. Mason we appreciate join voting hours if. Our goal I got to love to go. Good deal like that he's quick booked out for a large group that got bigger than it was brought about the order they are never going to win today besides there you know. Pay the people the more people if we come here. And kemba can do about it up in the right that people would you can't but it Deepak sweep at the farm so that's more tickled to all of audit we thought that the bill. I think you know are they rob Bob who spoke about Teoma you know have a flood of what that boat builders did their bit to make you believe that was out there it was. We dropped the bat an awful epic. That definitely give him more no doubt he. We've got as far as well in our topic but the mood of the top ten receiver so we got people up and over it and there you go to go for a. I measure. Appreciate the call about a guy I've I'm inclined to agree it's more you said there and I'd disagree with rob state to change the metrics in his first down celebrations and what liberals and the reason that football games and that's live this this past week let's be honest here and have enough weapons around him guys drop the football Brent Olson was about their Sony there there are other reasons to explain that the senator Bayh isn't settled their trillion. And as a point out you know yesterday you know with in the preparation. No sometimes you know maybe that's where you know these these you know callers are you pointing to more. If they don't have the the time to be able to explain that but yeah with the celebrations alone that's not why they're winning or losing but you know does that deter from the preparation. That would be the question when it becomes a distraction in practice when it becomes. You know more about. You know you're dancing your celebration than it is about your opponent and or breaking down film and I'm sure Campbell breakdown plotting a film that is does he do it's Emery. If there everybody else does and does it get into the way it may be the preparation for other players because. It environments important you know in practice and culture is important in practice and you know for teams and coaches are responsible for you know those things that too to some degree in the in the leadership steps and a bomb you know I know this thing on the good teams I've been on you know when it's time to go doesn't mean we don't have fun but there's a time for fun and there's a time for work. I didn't think you should have fun because you enjoy what you know and but defined can't pull out last or outweigh the work because you have to be a pro. Because other guys around you are preparing like pros they're talented justice talent and if they're not they're common. So they're getting in preparing to be pros and and to take you off the top to knock you off your pedestal so. You know when it comes to you know the preparations for the football games does that make sense. Nor did it's it does I think too much is made of Cam Newton and I know that stuff at times that I get what you're saying I want I've talked and I don't I know I know you don't need to do these simple celebrations of the tabs on those things are talked about all the other things that I mentioned you know and adding up to the big thing with the stuff is speculative right click we know is what how most speculative but I don't understand why because of that we don't seem practice of convincing the week we don't know how much he's in the film room if we don't know how much does those I don't know brightness and that's sort of yeah. I I can tell you is that when it's time to practice at times in those seems loosening saying those things seem to be. As much as a priority as you know studying and realizing and and correcting those mistakes and that's fair reds eyewitness and the reason I brought it up simply to say there are those who would take an opportunity to make big conclusions about things that are speculative just because they don't like Tim monotonous life. Does this has got to do is like yours and I don't know. I figure out what it was but we do have caller should do that and that's why we get together listeners or your frustrate things at this Kelsey your candid and he's dumb as that's fine and I and I understand why that can be frustrating because we've had guys call the show say no I just don't know how much Tim's work in there and in the weight room in the offseason how much she's committed blob all your heel pull and yesterday. We broke the dog drivers that would though. Called camp borderline top ten quarterback. You know they. And you know from what is. Like in what he thinks is gonna be successful. You know it doesn't look like those action be shoot at those action news there right there whose attention to detail those little things you know it has cam gotten better. Or she's just so much more athletic and everybody is very similar to those same things we question about Dwight Howard. You know as a basketball where. Don't unbelievable talent. Don't he's a force to be reckoned with can't stop but does he prepared as he hit the free throw line to seek work to develop his jumper does he worked in you know developing a close game. You know his back to the basket there's always been the things have been questioned about Dwight Howard why. Because you see the improvement over a really really good career hole for your career you know and and Dwight Howard can't get on his way to a halt fame careers well. But is it because he's more talent is there because he works harder than everybody stood to develop his skills and. Flip side there's somebody would also be. Isn't there a lot of truth to the fact that right now the guy doesn't have a tonne helping your Mia for a second the reason I say that doing that you've got a quote unquote number one wide receiver DeVon such as who has been impressive at times. But he's not a bona fide deeds are always out of bonafide deeper zones saw etc. I know I don't know I just don't know. Must really quickly what I'm telling you is he's got a guy who's probably got a bonafide number one and the second most reliable don't target right. She's amazing that uninteresting now is that the most reliable car reliable target right now is a rookie running back so is that not enough. I don't care about those things that doesn't make him. Throw off his back foot but that doesn't make again. Not a rookie receiver who doesn't run a route properly carry so I've talked about specifically with camp. Yeah we can talk about the offense if you'd like that's that you talk to him but he still has back toward Tuesday OK where's that gotten better. And it can and as I've pointed out one time you can get hot. You know yeah a player to go out there shoot well bad mechanics for one or two rounds or one or two games but is he gonna be consistent over time. The answer is no because it's bad mechanics. A golfer to go out there have a great round but it he has a terrible swing and he doesn't work on his mechanics is he gonna be more efficient or is he going to be hot with good timing and it's just one of those days cannot I can tell you this you know light. You know this was a bad baseball swing and I can be a great hitter right image doesn't mean you're not gonna have good times. But you're gonna slot more than you or. Every success president. Straight dog I got you on that front I would also look do you go back two weeks ago. He was not good against New York he didn't hurt him because he didn't turn the ball nobody was 112860. Yards and the like that this past week it was I think 702783. Yards and two touchdowns but even still his numbers. Looked even better than that if not for three or four drugs and so I think it's. You know it's and telling us I cannot say I think we're talking about is two different things like green with a you know and put your doctor about is the success of the team. And he is in his results based on stats aren't talking about his success as a player in his individual. Things that he needs to work on to get better those are two completely different things your doctor about the results are talked about the execution. Right I'm talked about the that that the preparation. Right that that's the difference I'm talking about Cam Newton and the things that camera has to improve on not to results by guys dropping passes or you know those type of things when you're looking at stats and say an eighteen to 25 untoward about decisions. I'm talked about technique I'm talking about mechanics most of the things arm. Holding him accountable for he can't control once the ball release is what the guy drops or not. But I he can't control that. He can control however stepping into a pass at times were working on his reads you know and those types of things and that's what I hold him accountable to an end. That's the other thing and I. I think that's fair but I also think that factors in the conversation at some other things we also can't hold a cad cam accountable to is when the you know mental illness treated like a turnstile what his role reversal of separation 100% so I think it to be fair to the standard we have to include that in this conversation I understand what your site I do think mechanically there's some things that are needed to be desired right but I do think he's been good enough times where okay. In May be wish she was better mechanically. But it's been good dozen times to a lot of football games into debt to a Super Bowl so what else around him right now it. Is is want to do what I gave that you just gave all the credit in and again and either I talked about. Saying you just discounted all the other things that go along with that one year of 2015 that he salsa there is agreement. Because he says he's good enough to get to a Super Bowl. He was good enough what is he doing now has he gotten better if you're not getting better in this league if you're staying the same. You're kidding abortion why because other people are catching up. Other people are going to get better other people are chasing other people are trying to knock you down off your platform in if you're not. Improving. You know at the same rate or greater than everybody else then you're gonna get cut. And high level athletes. You know that don't have a total success from earlier age they struggle when they get caught because they're not used to being touched. Yeah you're right about that look I I did the argument I just for me there's a frustration level on behalf of somebody's camp fans when he does get I think unfairly targeted and unfairly maligned when I I just don't think he's the issue at all right now and and we can continue this conversation but wanna come back in the phone calls we'll certainly take dose or chat for couple minister your thought Roger Goodell extension while we're on the topic of the NFL and then at 1230 Jon Alpert wrote a wire will sort your fantasy football lineups call would you Campbell put shown here with John is not Texas all the buildings that are Tex launch and world as many of those questions answered as we tennis Garcia Baylor. Questions and now we get Jon Alpert wrote. Wire fantasy football expert coming up in the next segment will set your fantasy lineups for you now. That said. You know San Ysidro border area know a played one year my entire life I just I really gamble this can. Yeah when their own well that's I think dom you know maybe what. A lot of guys like to do but I promise preference I don't here's my published your fantasy football team. You a couple of injuries they do a guy suspended here there has Zeke Elliott. Or lose him now Mardy kind of hanging on to win games. Yeah I just can't replace below what do you do it I. Make cosell changes to change my team nobody ever wants to trade. You know because they wanna give did not even want to give an arm and a leg so I just got to stand pat and try to hang on and in the losing games in and around 500 till Zeke Elliott comes back the next. You know if if I make in the playoffs I'm probably the you know the jump most the favorite to win. Yeah I'd die to relate to that at all and I don't I I don't trust Tennessee football our trust bracket pools but if it's coming back into. I. This as his son does look. They don't pick up the wrong let's that's why we do and I don't mean people do love it that's why we talked about it because there's so many of you out there who absolutely love it quite different whether this is not an interest and there's like a great icebreaker were you going reporting hey bro. As your fantasy team do. Yeah. That's it's also a signal fire of a guy you don't wanna talk to. I'm into a conversation with proceeds check out my fantasy football team no thanks your worst the bracket I go. Anyway our Roger Goodell was extended yesterday by the NFL compensation committee that deals and for the worst 200 million dollars over five years. About forty million dollars annually now there's actually good mask out thank you good but desire interestingly enough the base salary of his contract is actually in the single digit millions so you know from one to nine for you mathematicians out there single digit millions puts full of bonuses and incentives and he's got to meet certain things and get his money but. This story. Wells' death this this indeed just shows you very clearly. What the number one. Eight top priority. Of the NFL owners is and always rubilian that is making money right there 'cause say that you want to about Roger Goodell judge or judges teachers and her you know guy who arbitrarily you know does that the wrong things sometimes which on on the -- what all the things you can say about Roger Goodell and what's the one thing he's absolutely don't without any argument. Increase revenue increased revenue and he's made these guys a lot of money and that's all we care about. Can you say that judge jury and executioner ya I got back for the first two bacterium judge X to Gerri at. Judge jury and executioner death. You see irony of Frank's comments I do it. I absolutely do I do nothing and leave them alone that's not gonna do a little sorry last night for a Kaminsky did he heard infringements bobbled night. Yeah. You know it's it's the going rate and that's not what you as many as it's a decrease in pay isn't it. I think he was at 46 last year at age 440. Yeah for Summers at number 44 stuck in my head as it pertains a guy. So I don't know here's the interest in part I mean players and what their perspective business. You know because. You are we getting our ass kicked on that side of it from. You know the ownership side of you know with the judge adjourned the executioner you know running the did the ruling the roost. No because the person I did Marie Smith you know right now. I'm if your player you just can't be confident and some of the things that are going on for example we can take Monday night for big example of did you Shuster on the ships you know where he gets suspend the game and the same kind of hit you know is reduced and you'll be the fine is still going to be there but. You know the safety for Cincinnati still able to play a Jew you Shuster. Is not just he gets one game. You know and you know Mike Mitchell has some very poignant comments don't came to. You know his thoughts and in perception of what these do what's going on the NFL I think spot on. He's spot on what he says. If you haven't heard it we're gonna play it for you to spur Mike Mitchell was talking to the media. And just went off and we're gonna we're gonna have that for you after we talked to John helping the present is just tremendous that's tremendous audio cuts we're gonna play it for you. But you always are but again. You know it goes back to Roger Goodell and the priorities of ownership and that's it starts with revenue and ends with revenue because you have players who are irate right now. Because they don't know what what what constitutes a fine or suspension from week to week two weeks. And the NFL their ownership goes out and and thinks the guy extends in five years the dog they have these most problem with Roger Goodell on the way he handles this lead the players. They tech guy but it doesn't matter because he's making a market. Damascus in a scroll all the people that taught that football is a lot of trouble because those direction of the game in the way it was headed in the violence that's involved with that. Do you think the owners are Smart you think they've made billions for a reason. What do they just tell you. By extending Roger Goodell and giving them 200 million dollars just told my money. Not only that but we're fine we're healthy we're not paying a guy 200 million that we think you were on a shrinking sinking ship. They're also Smart because they're not giving him a forty million dollar salary they're saying hey here's nine million guaranteed or whatever you ditch or forty that you got it these incidents you've got to hit these benchmarks and those incentives might be just waking up every day to day don't know and you know going to the bathroom twice I don't wanna ride and had three is contract I don't want to join me wanna puke British sure you know when. Now he's gonna get most of that money. And does he deserve that the answer to is the owners is absolutely. You know he's making his billions. Look at this team what one point three trillion authors and ideals loans are right early we are doing a sort. Don't look at the team over here in the backyard that we're sitting here talking about her you know 300 million is worth one point three billion in twenty years. I mean it's. What he's doing with this league and tackle moved Tagliabue had a lot to do that early on but he has increased revenue. He's you know gone out there and expanded the brand keys. Obama portable water than did different things so. You know you may like or dislike you know some of the things you know and the policies that are in place and the punishment. That's not a good deal that's on the players that's on them kicking. The other side's ass when it comes. Some negotiations with your mercy be that's that's horrible zones or you don't like to negotiate a better CB it next time around anyway we're gonna come back fantasy nerds calling all strata sooner infidelity doesn't know how much you love and so that's why breast. Don't tell us calls I know but how much you. You're a kid making fun of people would say hostility summer make fun affairs and there's been also say call us right now religion on how can guarantee you win this week and your fantasy league 7045709. To sixty and he can't call tax Lester questions for you it's Garcia and Baylor. Brackets Garcia very early here on this Thursday and down really quickly. Don't forget to join Chris McClain in the back it's accurate guys night Penske tells jewelry this Friday. Come out for a guy shopping night from five to seven and enjoy additional 20% off anything in the story and up to five years interest free financing plus some of the best Scotch available tons of door prizes. Which includes a pair sort of stick it to an upcoming game two complimentary tickets to the WS Lindsay golf classic any 100 dollar gift card to DePaul steakhouse and the first 45 people to attend this year will receive aid WS Lindsay golf past six rounds of golf on six different Charlotte golf courses. Good until the end of this year Scott tells Jewelers next to the Carolina play small this Friday December TH with Mac from five to 7 PM you know your CPU thirty perception can't breathe you're. Do you know push its Internet. So I'll try and tonight. I am I John W bus not to push ups over there. Or. Fickle that's a good shot out prepared to football expert roto wire guided it to join us here on the technique on does slightly though he doesn't he's Thursday its goals and now we got some folks getting in your you wanna talk to John and it's a fantasy football questions answered right now 70457096. To educate cults sects to sort of your questions to Josh and Jon Lester it was a with a suspensions or injuries that might be affecting your fantasy football and it's as we start the playoffs this week. You know debate that that is rob right out he you know yeah they are and it. He's going to be at all though. Backer from eagle. It in the custom article you might have fuel our top three and he tight end out. We even scramble. Up the other one you know from the bank about the content they did not practice today you know we're arc indeed could be well you might be able to get a waiver wire. I'm Marco Rubio and I was you might not quite the actor who lives there can't which. Is can't bother that the. It looks a little jump over the phone call right also stopped in though Chris wants to talk to you about some fantasy stuff Chris you're always on how to go ahead. Yeah. Give it away Gerri good air program. Our nearly eight. Thank you Chris present a call. I want our own you know I like Google and I think a lot already he basically. You respect stone shepherd leader on the other one there. Well one Kevin Colbert I I have a light at bat like Eric and more weaponry that for you bad at it that you are your ready he wasn't an accurate or that. You don't get to load the kite the degree well. All right so we've got so I question your building surtax license please ask John I need one PP our league Doyle used Mark Ingram because of upside or do I used to Iran because I know he'll get workload thanks a stove it. Geez that's so close onion and anger Ingram didn't practice went through limited it yet Talbott. Travelling don't quite he'd been so good at much like he arrived about the charges increased lighted cigarette. As you mentioned nerds in the concussion protocol who would you target Anderson and hunter Henry or Charles clay or a SJ which is. I'm not sure. So Terry it ought. Definitely not bad you know what even bigger than teachers they want because it is an action he's. It it seeded scarlet and umpires are in Anderson we got these he met mark and he topic but I did you not care Lockett all we get. Let's hear it but we got iPad while target. Hundred Henry is probably a better option but we're hearing a lot less likely be available in your league so I reviewed preference but you can't be beaten population are. Let's devious Murray or Lamar Miller. I'll definitely Lamar Miller work would be workbook and I'd about it all night match. You know Cam Newton obviously has a big match up this weekend with the Minnesota Vikings command we saw what they did to. Julio Jones last week in and the falcons how should that affect Tennessee footballers if you have some of the panther players on offense. Well I think the guys that he can't sort of a weird quarterback because it you don't just worry about traffic running and able to eat all. Haven't wanted to be guy peaked yet worried about the U rode the bike he's really good corner he's got people are so. I I think on just who has been really good at it like lately. It and current cup match up and I have my twenty bloggers here in a normal week. Well. Are so we got a text drew says he's got to he needs to wide receivers out of these five options on Dez Bryant. Robbie Anderson DeVon staunchest moments and there were Josh Gordon to a ghost. You know what just scored convinced me last week that he's back he looked pretty he can beat you can get to three years. And they like just how are really good quarterback and you are important numbers weren't huge but backlight Easter I am definitely in that. I think I'm going to rob Peterson. And and dead and tension that punches. I tell you would get to that time a year John where it rewards are going to be you know flowing in you're gonna stars see in whoever wins has mend but also with that is the offensive rookie of the year and your offensive player of of the year who is your fantasy football office of rookie of the year who's your fantasy football player of the year. Well it is hard to beat out Marek for the repeating here so that you all well player in year out hit it dead. RP GE UIR. Yeah probably the NF beauty TV has. You drafted him like K you hit it I got tiger he got tiger in the run got out marriage probably in the situation that so. He's probably your your work definitely you're a media player of the year. You can quote I'd get it Antonio Brown probably get out girly way they're too. Let's go back to the phone lines and Colin you are on with John helping go ahead. I don't need your help here I've got four player and he bought that they'll. The players are Ingram that cap furry. Correlate Arctic and Marchand range and his spot to work quickly I Stalin's. I think god I mean we're right off the bat an athlete that you. Media here and point her actually think about McCaffery Britain but he's upset that a lot of other guys. Peter and I agree Jewish you can tip. Are a couple more I know we'll turn you loose your Jerryd golf or Ben Roethlisberger is Richard. We look at that type of type one I'm getting go Ben Roethlisberger called media critic. Our Karine hunt or Mike Kevin Evans and flex position. Might get them to get blind and those popcorn played let's have an IP. All right so we will I think Franco ODS to Campbell or RJ skin and what about Cam Newton vs Kirk cousins. I'm still don't hear me not a good start recant again Tim Russert that DR EE. Stated that he didn't matter how well it app. OC last one year from the EIA Amendola or Ginn junior or. Hilton or Sanders and that your wife raised that Willis is with him and solar danger anyway it's about what. I'm gonna go an adult lap I would rock with that we bought and Ellicott eighth at least seven that you are that it. Go to Nate and this year. Or I shouldn't say dissidents in jurors about this in his gym a drop blows fascinating and if so what's an urgent a garage blower case can. Opt out I'm going paid heed them but it. Pretty quote wrap up at night but that the act would get currently it quarterback. I didn't jump out in the oratorio is working beside you do a great job. Are there. Thank you buddy John health and Tennessee football expert wrote a lot of those person to answer its course it's on it's that Madonna does slide he does he's Thursday and their debris tell you fantasy football lineups are welcome back. You and your from Mike Mitchell of Pittsburg Steelers because he went lost yesterday talking to be if you've heard this. Since tests molecular printer as well yeah that's true my look at shortage of people here understand I I action here until this morning. A results so you are next to Garcia Villa. Currencies they can that your. He went off yesterday that was and that's just the beginning of what we've got more for your just suck it welcome back Garcia barely Rihanna were wrapping up our number 3:1 o'clock Jason block him for a NFL insider CBS force would join the show sure we'll get his thoughts on some of that as well boats you know Mike Mitchell of course reacting to these suspensions of Jesus was Shuster and Rob Gronkowski and you know what happened on Monday night and of course and everything else right now with fines and suspensions and you can hear the frustration in his voice now again neither was it he went on get a lot more to say even just that he continued and we got that audio for you as well. In the day this is football. You wanna see fled the Balkan let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us flights for me to pull off that way I know what we're playing it. He not signed to play full speed contact Obama not doing that I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for its U right now before I did you. That's crazy I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and I'll put the player because he's on and an overall then I you'll quarterbacks in the food and almost them. They have been two years ago that's not I'm I'm not so good at all and you don't go volatile driver two years ago however had to dive where I was aimed at Ford's gut. But these don't Dodd he'll get in the head that's fifty grand out of my pocket though because any throws the dead ball and make that makes sense. And in person taking our money but now you know I got like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and had tried my character we've never met before the I donate more money doesn't like that. Underprivileged kids that publicly to people on the legal right. I love I just I loved that audio that was Mike Mitchell talking about it I guess frustrated he's pissed off and he's right. At that caused you to dump are you ready that. Nothing. The way I don't wanna does that. Is there. It's an honorary we're incredibly for a judge's earlier this implies a pulled off I did I loved it because and I mean again. You can first of all. It's almost as if not heard from people need to base our conversation yesterday were like Jim what about this what about the head injuries what about the than than the vile as what about the the safety issues and Alex. You can at the same time be concerned about CT and head injuries and and and trawler and all that stuff also acknowledging. That this is what football is it's what it's it it's what it was. Meant to be when the game started what it's always been you can you can acknowledge that you can love football don't being drawn to the violence specifically you can do all that but at the end of the day. Football and the people who play football. Those guys make that choice. Let's he says he signed up to play full contact full speed football that's what he wants to do he made that decision for himself and I'd I guess the frustration. On the toward his players and you do was well and I talked about this Tommy Tommy did because he reference that Tyler right recorded their second ago I can't tell you how many times frank got seek a punt return for instance you know where we're punt returner doesn't call for search ads makes the catch a guy's coming to delay amounts and that Parker Chara goes into the fetal position of turtles are and where he would've gotten hit in the gut or in the waste takes a shot to decide ahead because in a split second dropped on the ground that defender was not try to hit him in the head and all and damp fifty grand out of his pocket so it's got to be frustrating thing for these guys. I mean mentioned being un officials well good that's a great point too I mean it's not just the players that are being held accountable to this mean the officiating that is. You know subjected to you know these these calls and trying to figure out what is and what is. No there's no black and white and you know that's there that the line that defines this you know moves so. You know as Mike Mitchell pointed out he's 100% right and try to go low guide ducked his head is that something nice be held accountable for. But the referee doesn't see it that way he sees head to head and that's what he's told by his. Instructions you to go out there and call you know so you know who's to blame here. Beyond the protection rights or is actually right to rams in a lineup. You know and the Rocky Mountains and they both have you know she Torrence. And they boast butt heads what shrimp do we blame. No is it is that the grandmother writer the ram on the left as they butt heads who's the one that's responsible. You know and my response is the one that loses the question is the one winced as the ones that loses it looks like they got hurt so everybody is gonna pick the big Graham. You know the one that wins as say it's his fault you know and that's really what happens for defense employer you know your defense and play and you're going to hit a big Graham. In the diagram comes out with a concussion unfortunately its port of the game month you know sad to say. But the good doomed the ram that wins the guided doesn't get concurrence is a new one. You know this being find the other guy know. You know he's. He's leading with his head sometimes two with the guys Kurt has his head down. Is that it's you know Mike Mitchell's fault or is that our efforts falter the quarterback's fault it's ornament that position. So this is a game unfortunately we are going full speed. And you're trying to hit guys to stop them to bring them down. And you're using blunt force you're gonna have some had collisions because Alyssa. Coaches a lot of the time to talk about you know what we we would have to make sure we're teaching proper tackling technique which mixture we're teaching the fundamentals of the game correctly that's how we're gonna keep the game safe and so on and so forth. And I get that. But you know coaches for decades prior to as you know good coaches anyway have been teaching the proper tackling technique right you can teach people to tackle properly you can teach people how to do things the right way of -- game it's this fast the split second guys this big and fast and strong things are going to happen. In a glut Kyle I'm glad you brought that up because I'm not sure you don't Mike Florio comes on and some of the things he says when it comes to legalities of the rules. Are spot on but some of the things he says are just so asinine that it doesn't even make sense. They really keep. He is an asinine. Young guy and it just goes out there and make statements that Toni Mae says he wants to hold the coaches accountable for the tackling on the field. And in and if you're sitting in the locker room thinking these coaches are going out there and tell and you lead with your head to blow the guy up. And and you know gonna get the penalty you're an idiot to even suggest that it. Florio is an idiot to even suggest that. You know you can't hold these coaches accountable for bad tackling. You know for what happened was easier for them that the play that Mike Mitchell talked about deferred GG Shuster that goes out of character and all you know blow somebody up you improper technique hitting him with a shoulder and the guy in the results everybody goes through an off and the referees think they have to throw flag. Now the Cincinnati player who goes out there and leave with a helmet intensely tries to you know targets. And send Tony over Antonio Brown geez Louise Antonio Brown thumb you know he goes out there early this helmet this suspension or he doesn't it gets reduced. So totally worthy the logic is with this and how coaches are going to be held accountable to you. You can find them for what the players are doing with their actions on the field it's the most asinine stupid and your argument. I've ever heard in my entire life. I don't understand why a guy like Mike Florio a lot of ebony before is that and I understand where you're coming from I don't understand why he's so quick to blame the coach Orion scissors coach when rice is there's not limits on coach when rising zero saint. Don't effectively you're asked the guy would likely say something to the effect of yeah I got tackled better I can't I just can't I can't you guys are probably talk. I can't make a tackle and not to discipline and Ohio State using nowhere along the way anybody taught him how to tackle properly right and that's it's it's I think it's a ridiculous assumption Augusta. I've always maintained an eight I Florio's grass well. Well college season that. A final. Do a great job your wraps they can present. I think the technology has improved. I do I've always said this is a billion dollar industry how can we have a helmet did done a meat I was royal I guys. The technology had to fight to show you yeah how. Homeless that you know that was used several years ago to where the technology is now it's improved. Tremendous success are taught to guys in fact one of my coach is that a coach who has. Is one of the head guys for dale yeah I'd and he showed me the technologies they have and you look at Lou keys keep his helmet. You know do you find a better. In a helmet on the market it is that it is gonna try to prevent you know concussions unfortunately. You know you're not gonna you know prevent it you know is going to be something you can not hold. My next question yes I mean it can't if if the technology. And this is this is not a judgment call on it is just it's a technology is as improved as you say it is. And we still have these issues are these issues always going to be a part of the day yes I would like to distract is that if I cam because it not my belief has been for a while that. While I'd I always encourages and nor evolving and improvements in technology certainly is a pertains to helmets. It's not the issue you know amended guys when. They Wear helmets with a great deal technology that's great hopefully to mitigate whatever may happen in certain situations that this is still a game played by John enormous fast men who are colliding with one another and you could even make the argument and I think it's a stronger argument that in some cases the greater Helmut technology is actually lead to more injuries because these guys take more risks lie because there's a portal is right in a false belief in the back to their heads at this new more technologically advanced helmet is going to save them out to Detroit blowing up their brains amid what why do you say it's and I I'd that would last time to get into this discussion but there is a much slower rate of concussions in the sport of rugby because those guys do not leave with their heads they they don't try to use their heads as a weapon don't have that laundry and so that's why I think there's a very strong argument. That's analyze they're not penalize you know for first downs either that's truth the the entire film now once you start getting towards the the scoring Kennedy's Jersey a lot more hasn't ball that's exactly Ceylon tea law. Right circle and united receive full collisions you know with those because they're short areas dry there's not a much space you know because of the way the game is played that's true that you also I think you would agree with mr. you have to take into account and even though that's probably the truth in certain situations and that's sport but by and large there's a much pods are much lower. Great of the contact with a yeah where there is there's there's just not as much attention paid to. With the concussions and simple little trick which it circle back there we will supplement a discussion of we have Tom at some point we're gonna come back door Jason locked in for a CBS sports a little insider joins the show will get his thoughts on how this is all going down enough what do you expect from the players in terms about next CBA how they're gonna handle this Roger Goodell extension and of course will get his thoughts on the Carolina printers it's Garcia and Baylor.