Garcia & Bailey: Jay Feely & World According To Frank

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Thursday, October 12th

In this hour of Primetime, Kyle and Frank talk with former NFL Kicker Jay Feeley and do a segment called the world according to Frank. 


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Powered by North Carolina. Nobody disrespecting newsletter a sale Monday electric current first thirty minutes the show he's going to be a rate now. There is an. Always Tennessean I genuinely love the way Carson once placed easy plays in a way and its fearless the Panthers are trying to deny that stuff don't let you take everything underneath quality trying thinking on your way down the field eighty yards consists only for scoring drives. They don't particularly tough yeah it's hard for teams to stay with that but this printer defense is also designed to stop the big play. Us. It's. Cause our man. On haven't flown Omar Gaither former chancellor when this front time. Howard but we're still Carolina we go to the technique contest lines welcome in this make you want short Panthers defensive tackle K one how you doing man. Girl Mary air corps I'm still allow quick weekend will would you like he's quick weeks or hours since this thing your lasting anti itch I feel that these Thursday night games. Our assist through some tough turnaround. You know. Oh lovely game and I are very very excited for a game so you know it's actually go to wins and it also. Well here's the most important question about tomorrow night had I can say you know we eat we talked to are a lot of guys on the show a lot of my cohost of former players Jeff Schwartz are coming here and he see he sent a lot about. You know he loves. He ideologues whites even you know we say you know like these all light uniforms. But they're not the best for the big guys out Dell how that's how do you say about all blue uniform Saturday makes it launch short field when he's learning all blue uniform her. Duke should normally put him on very big bags you know there. Audio though because some good thing about it. Is it didn't do you feel like man this is not the most like I'm wearing Albright Carolina blue this is not the most flattering uniform I could put on her. Well well when you when you start Harden and you know dark goose so it is not early a big issue he put you know we have nice so it. More really care about it well. Bush Q what's changed over the last two weeks I know for you guys defensively. You guys have been a relatively pretty consistent along the way but it. You know and we on the outside we overreact some time to go back two weeks ago elusive all New Orleans everybody's wondered is this team gonna get it going and then. You know you you've got to lock key guys in and you go on the road and you get two really good road when journey only three in a routine any NFL right now so we changed over the last two weeks. I think that'll also are so essential. It opened them really well I'm. In total we need to get you know cars. Well we don't lose black commanders aren't on the back half of the deal or defense we didn't communication with the big issue that we need to do diners. That we could that we you know we take another step of making it happen and you know and I would because Iran meet you gotta get back universities quarterbacks and stop Iran that you guys on the. When you guys are doing that on Sunday against against Stafford six sacks ATF cells you're getting in on that six quarterback hits. Fourteen pressures and you guys works I mean Steve Wilkes is they were really aggressive would this defense I think the number I saw you guys blitzed on. What 21 out of the forty Castro Baxter Matt Stafford you guys were not afraid to is to send multiple rushers is way on Sunday. And now we have to get a different look. You know look quarterbacks like that man who could kill us and with our. Arm or won't she we do to go to Dana Evans and a good guy computing now know what's coming and so you know as defense just. It has to be consistently you know there's technically if you put through you know respect inordinate wrapped around him. There's a redshirt yeah you. Irish huge amount are you know trying to. You know more Marcus and actually do it you know and and it's it's again communication was the big issue clearly. Took care of in advance. This I tell you before the season came along that Juli stepped burst through five weeks as five and half sacks you tell me what religious sect. Hourly premier error the lower gross so you're a little distant stars someday your little Jessica UC Jim Mora knows what happens right. We only a couple of days ago you'll see it all chairmen and they were and Tyrone and so I'm more good. Again you know we're going to give guys who you know are received and has felt or readers and so. There respect everybody you know what you know it's a challenge first you know make it happen so you know would put to Israel not just seen in order to. And the union and camps and you know PA. Yeah I do not no doubt bit you know this guy's going to be but the top of their. He's a crack I forget who we're talking about who this Swiss. 21 I think it actually might have been west a couple of weeks go we're talking west or about their stories like OK it's. I'd be lying if I told it's not to realize they're like I understand we're playing with with some greatness Jennifer Aniston and I mean I just Sierra which we may be on observing and wanna believe systolic while watching guys I see Lou can you went on in and Mario and CJ and pat and the way you guys are pulling for one another support one another in taking joy and when you guys succeed me -- -- is about to become the only player in NFL history the only player with a 160 sacks in ten interceptions. In a career like your key you all are out there playing with some great news on the defense right now. That we cannot. A little less than it did feel like that. And you know just. The way this man humbling curious so calm and you have come out so moved by our mayor. You know if it is it is crazy and you know there's guys you guys up there helping each other that we put out so well armed and anybody wanna see don't do it only you readers and me to be so the mood there. All right we're talking okay want short Panthers defensive tackle to get ready for Thursday night football it's gonna be back at Bank of America Stadium big game for one thing after 41 Eagles about a weight we got the call on her sister station news elevenths and 993. I WDT your favorite thing about here are your position coach Eric Washington the the defense of life coaches what was your favorite thing about them. Glad he he's director of yeah you can have a bad record. You know he's got a teacher like they accuse those guys and that's where everybody general manager CNET knowing that he shares of you know he would what do you expect each and every guy and their homeland. You step you take you take everything that plagued Foreman to beautiful. Q when you go up against that offense each and every game practice she's done through training get I don't know candidate to throw as much they're training camp for the pre season but. And you go up against him what were you expecting this break out we've seen over the last couple weeks. Of course and you know they got some New Delhi where Madonna protocol. Under that if they don't get our purpose payment. You are a matter of time that these guys could complicate on their yellow dog needed that one player you're a motivates you and and thank you can keep want you to do better and that's less demanding BCA and you see whenever our current. And I think that's what looked the most important thing is being loose hammock from returning it seems that interest and so. JK. When I was Flynn always look across asylum to see what the other linebackers are doing and how well they were play. When you line up tomorrow you get ready to play or when you're on the sideline and you watch him face Fletcher Cox are there are you taken and you hit I wanna go on do better and I go out and approved it embedded in that guy. And I'm gonna I and I'm competing with him not only did did the Eagles office. If you'd you'd. You're used to treat blackberries there's you know you always going to be a particular type arm again and again. You're going to be you know it's a perfect position just sort of be the best crew on there fear there might do. You know another seat at your goal don't know what you you know just so we sit around we know we're not on the field in a repeat our group. And you will be seeing them into what apple Barnard or you know at the same termites. We we still don't kind of focused on what we need to do what we could have a great game but of course TV you are so pretty tackles Korean unit cute you don't. Yeah I mean no the only other guys that have notch more sacks is at the position you're Aron Donald didn't. Fletcher Cox and then you three are right now statistically since she came in Italy you guys search. Here's the upper crust you three are as good as he gets the position. Fast there to try to get better and better. Regret. So so if they win Fletcher Cox gives it a second I'll sleep doesn't. The next possession he knew a lot and on and the next possession when you go are you gonna send you some I have to get one tool. Because I have to be divested tackle on. Went yeah topics but on December. Overall overall the whole night activity better than you know I have agreed to go to tackle on the field and that's where everything can match our court in these. Feel more than what you noticed this before it actually do just about claim China. So I don't know not a gap bigger effect on the gonna play my game tension you know and try to do best seller. Well we're talking a Panthers defensive tackle K want shortly by the way you can follow 21 on Twitter should not already it's at KK underscore. Mr. 93 lasting about your game and don't get into some fun stuff here but I must say and your game I remember talking to you during training camp. And I said you know a lot of people feel like you didn't play the as good as she did a year before in 2016 when he notched eleven sacks is their life. Actually think I had the best season in my career I play better this year and the numbers didn't bare that out so it's early but how do you how do you grade it yourself and how do great after the first five games so far. Thought you know most important can do better. By human plan. Point that the ball don't what excuse do being in the military to direct comment. Again we going to get Datsyuk also and there are those oil and put out a strike right now mourn on the right track there. You know be one of those because of the fact that not read and do my job and and and Gregory sure what good country defense you. Right so we know you is his KK out what what are you known in the locker but scams nickname for you. Sure dark she worked out corporate. Why short. I don't know I don't know where he got that you meant complex. Specific area and they made very very pretty much. Question is do you answer to a best question. I dare let quarterback. Whatever though it is not a minus so. It's different vibe in their locker right like it's a funny people always talk about this we came but he is just dead. He's a different caddie and you guys got a different vibe in there than maybe the normal old quarterback relationships of people are used to right there I think it makes people uncomfortable sometimes it's. You have man if he should. I mean from the guy who. It got there today terror you know the American court years ago I think the only east that you closely anybody joke around in an incident can't. You like you trust his taste in music or when he tries to grab the talks courted a practice to take issue and unsealed other. Well these guys you gotta get taken Japan is pretty much what we are the security nowadays so he he gets up to go to our court and that's regardless. Okay 'cause we know Greg likes and it's like can easily on and it's this thing started a weird I easily out. Oh great great great catapult into the. So I argue are you on the Kings of Leon RUN on the bandwagon now are you just got to put up with it. Well I used to be present when afterward you know very in aware romance you know just about maturities Arianna mentioned you know. They're messaging you know must follow. Okay no I'd say they're. Rick stood. They're pretty that I had a couple songs. Here the confusion and. All right did you we're talking head yesterday it's like yeah I so what's the secret what happens that he gets five grabs buck 75 neat he credits the Zach brown concert last week that was his son to north Austin. Yeah I've talked to there about their money and invite me not reckless. And so. Hit many feel would deduce from Indiana like country music to lease from Compton people and guess that in this country music fans everywhere people got to be careful about death but there are other ways hit a story that that aired over the go over the summer the testers put together with you've gone back home. How much this social port you can shoot such a great job of going back home and try to make a difference in the community but why is it stuff weighs so heavy on your heart KK. There where every target of just over home he got here. Well. There's this where there's some but it is very in all Merapi in that position or an actual caller who wanted. You'll see some different analyze and understand the Chicago's so. A lot of my whole mission to go back actually execute their. You know I've made it out I've been in this position and then not come back to help and still horse field guys succeed in any resist. You know there's just a marker. That try to give you got the platform you know we know and I don't think the same path but you know just given them. Does some of the tour that I use. An and so he's. But series here there's some knows more than if you go out America's China. Just got to keep in their meant to them and and make sure that they cannot succeed in and go home to burn. All right so where we Suisse hats on but we get it really serious last thing before you go okay. Right. How much you're sorry I don't want to rush are you sure this enters DT so. Do you like electric going to like buffalo wings. Okay. If you were to have let a guy like Mike really hot king Khaled Al real truth hot buffalo links if it was so hot the may need is simply take the heat off a little bit what you differed in rancher blue cheese. We're courts. Oh cool cool though are hoster depending on how people feel so young though I'm team blew cheese can still don't you let Jesus says seven maturity I think this is our directive does Cerro. Yeah wrenches a young young boy thing and you got you I'm not sure I used to do everything to wrench to 1000 child you know. But none of them a man and that gets it yeah I don't see out of your cheese to log I used to hate it now I love itself and you come around lower. But I don't read to myself oh. Okay good that no that's a good man right there that's I think that's it doesn't do these to come back yeah that'll that'll just articulate good luck tomorrow night man and does take days to make in time and dust but we'll talk to you soon okay thanks or drop them eyewitness. Jeremy your career are indeed good there you go okay launch or painters defensive tackle missed can tough force Willie McGinest could join us in fifteen minutes we are on Omar you and me were it's like 300 regularly 300 guests where they're just like your feeds come on man. She's she's you and me we stand in the gap it's always good. But it's us against everybody to legions of rain or come on a good knowledge this is the vocal minority. We're right I know we're right I think it. I hope for a ride a bus also like to the death over this mental fight blue cheese overran drawback with Willie McGinest Gerris virtual and Omar Gaither team blew cheese replied I. Powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to prime time which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Shows him. Fast it has came on shorts really fun that's that's back to back. Days we've had really really awesome fun interviews within Dixon yesterday KK short today major spurt was pretty good this to yesterday your hear that coming up if you missed him in the 3 o'clock hour yesterday you know a lot of you guys take. It to listen for the entire four Marcia if you missed a myth three you hear that coming up in. Probably one I think earlier that about a 31 minutes or so we we're out jurors heard our conversation with him and again if you don't know his uncle Richard Rodgers. Who is the one of the what are the assistant coaches on this team is is his uncle. And so luck in we joke around we colleague what would you stay calm and do you still call him that now so a lot of earlier some of that coming up in just a little bit I ask you canoes. Sony's issues with the defense right on the fourth quarter horror. In there worrying me liberty. Not panic don't worry a little bit you're the numbers because I looked this up last week against the pats alliance. First or third quarter total plays run. In 86 for 378378. Yards twenty points allowed just two TDs on sixteen drives. They are I mean they are due debts just four point 39 rumors four point 39 yards for point they are stifling. Really good offenses early really good quarterbacks with some talent on offense. Through the first three quarters. The last two weeks in the fourth quarter 37 plays 237. Yards 28 points that's four TDs on five drives. That's six point four yards per play four point 39 drew the first three quarters the last two weeks six point four yards per flight in the fourth quarter fourteen east on five drives so old. What's going on there what's happening the last against. And that's one of those and those things it's hard to explain like what how reform would one turn over on the three point saw I had. Well we enter allow yourself a conservative and they today goes that goes into a bit. You kind of have to trust you and your preschooler jump seventeen points you gonna be more conservative justice you have to do that but at the same time. You have to have that play maker to go out and make a play steal right so you could call prevent defense. Though you have a guy who can get after the quarterback won't what is one on one matchup and it in and did you often feel so it's a combination of maybe being too conservative in not having that one guy or two or three guys who can go and get after a guy. Regardless of who caught a bit sore being aggressive. Or not an effort a lot of people say when the offense to on the offense erupted run at the clocks and extended dry should keep putting the defense out there and they're going to have to bear the brunt of an effort people say that so we get some answers you're gonna talk about all this is we welcome inch. Other Super Bowl champ himself he seem on the NFL network effect you'll see him on the NFL NFL network tonight I as an NFL analyst you'll see him starting with side of NFL total access 7 o'clock eastern time thirst Nestle Bosnia continue tomorrow night's of course the Eagles and our Carolina Panthers tomorrow night on CBS and the NFL network and Amazon prime Willie McGinest kind enough to make some time for surely you don't man. Nor we're doing grownups aren't your region the numbers again can you tell me what these mean for the masters the Panthers the last two weeks against the patriots and lions allowing. 378. Charge just two touchdowns on 86 plays on sixteen offensive drives if the last two games in the fourth quarter 37 plays to 37 allowed 28 points that's four TDs. On five drives what what's happening there wired is struggling to defend when it matters most in the fourth quarter. It's all about the pastor yeah. Although it also doubles on this some of those players when you watch is garbage but I know that age outsource. Toward the number of this stuff I don't look at look at numbers. Well Mulder watching a lot of tape or the parents who want to Nazi years. The back gators play good and Eric Eric we talk about championship he says I've never look at yards I don't know why what is very old very. It's yards because. You can lead you can be great for eighty yards in Q you've got an air bill that limits in the so close and you're in you have a great chance of winning games. And ports of the other thing keeping you've got to be involved with big plays. Ever resolve it takeaways I'll look at all those different things lots of about championship he's certain his secret that we're making. The same people are that I saw a couple years ago except I think the second there's plan a little bit better there's so little bit more man to man they're getting after people. There are seven there's there's this question it against the run and pass it get after the quarterback so. I'm not to conserve some of those numbers come at the end game for the here's pretty much all the put the game is pretty much lopsided before that even happen. Our Willie McGinest Wear this again you're gonna see him tonight NFL network for an assault total access starting at 7 o'clock PM eastern time tomorrow night thirst in a football Panthers and Eagles. And you see that on CBS the NFL network and Amazon prime if you're streaming vary your favorite thing when you watch tape about this panthers' defense if you could only boil it down to one thing maybe it's a player it's what they do skimming basically whatever it is what's that favorite thing for you when you watch this team on T apron on defense. Like sort of big guys gobble up blockers beta they allow their linebackers to want to make choice. Watch multiple players we will peacefully exact. As Thomas Davis they're untouched now for us and they're able to hit avenues it seems goal in blow up quarterbacks. Say they keep their linebackers clay in there so I gotta give a lot of thought they do a lot of that dirty words to the god before. Will oily. Played for a number of years and in a show. Explain. How difficult it is for a guy like to ease purposes been playing for a long time at such a high level. To continue to do so I mean is in the bottom in the morning going to practiced. Getting ready for games in you know and they did not being monotonous. But going out and and plan and how level even then you know and it's experiences easiest. Well first of all you gotta be built and be blessed with a good degree jobs body and as an athletic ability daddy. I mean there's there's so maiden but I think he's brutally long enough to know that you have to say cure your body. You've got to work a little bit harder and everybody else single folks move to save. Of his knowledge of the game is certain is they're playing pretty much same system of the entire career so he knows it inside out. They don't try to do things like stand them up and drop them in the car although loosely knit pick off passes. And nobody can check the I mean he's afraid when it comes there's athletic ability book. Just thought out security yourself. And and stares at understanding the game from all the awards that players put into a rare and just to get the Sunday. So it's safe it's forum reply past fifteen years in the church's. There's a lot of artists for FA. And how he approached the game and have been disprove of the game without big chair of the body. Where do you rank him all time among great defensive players possess all the stats today that he could become the first player in NFL History Channel he will only just a matter if what if that happens tomorrow herb. But I whenever. 160 sacks in ten interceptions nobody else has ever done that it'll be him when he where do you rank him all time. We got there all of favorable to so many great except the very you know silent backers last week since it's fairly close matches bear yes. Oh very Thomas was one of those guys you know are Laurence Taylor was one of those got some sort of budget Dominic. Because of bare and though Reggie White played BP and the air and he's right up there to stop stop modest lead and end. What they'll look at consistency. You know what Gaza that god can do multiple things that just wants. He's not just the past clusters so much more tours throughout file linebackers last speaker that there a look at. If you can start your great against the war and so. And he's been great against the run and he's a great support level are pushing so. Okay he's eight years. Good is a first ballot hall of fame. I could spend a little run how do you think his defense so affair against leader mullah. Out he gets enough love for as good a running back is he is I mean you know Carson you're about to our receivers split Minnesota jumped. He doesn't mean he was one of the bigger Boston and acquisitions. That happened their boss is lovely. Eight see you walk in the door eighteen task that like how can you not a Carol boredom you see the balance you bought for the Eagles. What we're we're small work their running game we're giving up four teams there's started turned into power football they're counting teams. Are you jet our tackle this guy's strong as their form he'd ever won a lot of battle you all those extra yards. You have delusional speed. Are we can put away for these bars so. I think Philadelphia did a great job required him in the offices of literature great baseball is this credibility through there are several of their power running game. What they give him position the running game and that you control the clock. Which we saw last week they've got out they're very comfortable lead and guess what there's sort of how and football and they're up to stop there. And they gave it takes away from you know from your game when they control the clock is titled depression. And get positive yards revenues he would your blood it just watch majority of the time. His go forward and fight for more yards and it is yards after contact he's. Cute he's raider and is though is not the first or second or third year ready you've been early pullout is still good level so. In her Willie McGinest with a susceptible Champa NFL network again tonight you'll see in 7 o'clock eastern time NFL total access and tomorrow night Thursday night football NFL network CBS Amazon prime painters and Eagles are gonna collided and you'll be able to watch that and I will begin a short witness right now. On the tech become guess line are from a defensive standpoint what the painters do what's Christian McCaffery why's that a problem for other other teams out there right now. Well they use a little lot of different ways when you gotta gotta play as multiple positions that you know Eagles Westbrook. A match. Slot receiver. Are you emotion in my out of the backfield and guess what more times than none linebackers have to match or what facts and artists. So when a guy like tech those emotions or tobacco or go to work. No understanding he is like a receiver on the up that I'm not mistaken. I've become by the age he worked out as a receiver. So it was tough guy in space that's what they wanted you know. Are they come overall is in their direction and so plays where. Are they give him the ball and spacecraft we create tremendous match and you know regardless service started in a lot of people look remember receiver you've either South Florida between the tackles so. Got to figure out what he did what weary years. He's got to figure out our system mismatch or triple what they're trying to creators understand that. And you got to put yourself in the go position you don't wanna match up deeper to bear debate. Linebackers I care one wit him out of his flock towards places you're not gonna win that matchup so you gotta make she got the right personnel there when he's in the days. Willie if you're looking around maybe and you know not that we talk about this morning outside than the players if you're looking around in your pastors here for one maybe you get to five and one after Thursday. And you're looking around the league right now at 27 out of 32 teams are within a game of 500 and there's only one unbeaten team and it's the chiefs right now is for get ready for week 60 you're looking around you sync your good team right now do you feel better about yourself for you more concerned thinking man I don't know who's any good in this league right now including us how do you feel is your team that thinks you're good VCRS the leader like I don't know what's going on right now. Don't extreme lack there's that big tree and other pretty good. Look at believe what I look a lot of its competitive everybody's competing playing at a high level got some injuries can choose a regular just let. If we just got out of the first quarter of the season so seeing just this start to come together now. At all look at myself and self reflect our look at a lot of after the war they I'm excited confident about. Is now mark quarterback to start to get back in rhythm and start to get back to a also. You could tell that by summit designed quarterback Warren is some play cost. You tell Barcelona big players are happy down bill were to cut denies such a an actress she saw on the floor also. The volume way my team I'm not really trying to sort Bailey entirely its upward you're their schedule that was Scott Duke where it. These fifty right there are some of there's an award of ball once remotely and that the Philadelphia Eagles and they continue to get better. Are all principally what state they do and every single week. And if he stays consistent. They could find ourselves back what are Warnaco a couple of years ago. They are less thing here Willie we got to go quick really important this is really serious I hope he takes a serious when he went to this question rancher blue cheese. For you winks. Are true. I use my hands dry and hot streak around here axis the other we've been in a slump we're more team blew cheese it feels like the world's against us everybody's Sanders is he right man right here you were grown many people would she's right Willie tell people that grow through yellow group and and is right so big yet because there. The other guys in the studio are clapping to the matter just the you can check out Willie McGinest tomorrow I Thursday night football you can see that on the NFL network tonight he's on 7 o'clock and it'll total access on the NFL network Willie thanks for making time there's a totally. Robert Gardner together go Willie McGinest and he is team blew cheese. And now when all of his opinions are our henceforth validated when whatever he had said it up previously validated whatever he says from this point forward validated. Even further we have learned that you can just got these blue cheese all right that's the last time Willie mcinnis scar. Terrorist birds Panthers safety joins us next distraught Todd powered by ortho Carolina. Listening top primetime which Chris Kroger Howard by sports okay. Carolina. The tactic on gas lines are finally tracked him down welcome in Carolina mister safety now his second week with the team refresh also when jurist bird with a cirrus what's up man you don't list. Album good. Yes they had 66 euros thanks for coming on what the last we can ask two weeks been like for you this going to be quite a whirlwind. Glorious name this being crazy you know I don't it's you know a lot of meetings. I thought long hours could this fingers. You like just it was a good free we kind of just get thrown into the fire here you warrants it's another game on Thursday short week is that good to come and not have time to really stop him process anything and just be be doing the ball saying this were working about what's going on the shield has how does that health. PM dancing is just the nature of the business some emails. This is just he's got a reacting just learned as an caught there and just play I think it's good to goodness and source not to much you know our guest. Thinking about issues going out there and now I'm just going out there I saw. I can going to be good and bad are issued its favorite it's it's just encourage younger amateurish nature of the timberwolves. How costly or were you went to Sonoma Marty -- you said this and again jurors bird when his cancer sixty a three time pro bowlers with this right now on the tactic on dislikes. I know Marty you said this that last week at Rivera said this is well sandwich you know they brought you in here they'd work to us they knew all about you and selling man this could be you were were were sent to position right now but give some door to have do we know we can call jurists and it's going to be a great fit so what's and we console and that went after you worked out what this team and how I don't. How much communication Hewitt had over the last couple months posits that working out. Yeah Hulu. Especially those that is just. Great you know it's meeting knowing that. Came in here or down so let's go and there are various tribes you know that's one thing actually about you know of course are very and then Marty. They're just real proud of me and out of the club you know my career around want to be you know I. Make sure you could say you know I don't just go anywhere and you know they told me that something you know or to have been you know what he says he guys you know. And I think I'll be good finish so something now as you know mutual and you know just wait picture out trying to Pinochet did not receive negotiate this. It is something and all to itself split you know are trying to do the best I could stay in shape and go home just to you readiness. Did you have other offers at a time are you saying you want him to make a derisive were there other teams saying in interest and. Colin theater or there can call and Maryland student there was something more casualties are surely experience. And since you've been a locker room with a guy doesn't mean and let me. In defense of backroom political supporters has that been working with tools are so far. Just being good Saddam. Hussein has denied a crash course she's learned and everything breaks to guys in no mood accused you know have a guy right you know. Kurt Coleman. Issues then nights tremendous she needs just. You know of the epitome of just basic cap Kimberly you know you can see why you know we come Lenny helps everybody out there and we've just been released. Breivik killed communion. You know veterans like after my own impetus or really counter aluminum. And this. What was the biggest challenge last week it is that terminology right I'd imagine Jessica you know the plays and calls you gotta learn the different terminology at a Majerus is something else. He had definitely assists communicating and learning the calls are most likely going back as good. It's good guys in the room only in the community are Luke and you know columnist David has shown all those guys and Shaq and know that their front seven so good and you know. Those guys have been so welcoming and just kind of kind of getting up to speed so being out there sometimes just so they can call things like that. Some of the flu known just our writer from Macon just used the wrong language or some like faster quicker helped me out and can give you (%expletive) so its its fingers. Put what did you think you could you we've been in north New Orleans the last few years what did you think of this defense when you're on the other sideline before Ortiz that they get this kind of Thursday. I mean I think around the only everyone's noses there's deep sensors and literally you know there's decent pass. Really good players come may play a really fast. Bombs physical football and I think just as its theme music go to cantor just what you think of assistance physical teen mother smashed out on the ball and they play really good teacher and so I think that's something that is. You know I guess synonymous with you talk about it and there's gonna talk about email or natural born playing prestige. And manager in the locker room what's the difference between here and being in a place like new law. Som. Colorado I can I guess I can only speak for a time like ordinarily did like a body cheers I think guys are just so welcome home just. This is extremely atmosphere these guys are some of the time I got here just you know I'm not talking to me right away at it's. So there's no egos you know around here so are you so I think that's the biggest thing is that the guys are just. So welcoming admissions there's there's no egos you know everybody is here to win game. And if so it's purely or could this really cool things. Did you get sent by those in not only is it businesslike but you don't I know Thomas Davison said this during training camp Julius Peppers is kind of intimate this is well. I mean. I mean it's all right this team is is one that feels like he's got as good a shot as any to win the Super Bowl on it is Super Bowl or bust anything less than that would be a disappointment I think this team. Yeah and I mean that's. If you play in the game or should be the way I mean you look at their holy Nolan goes through training camp goes through all those goals are practices. To. You know. I have expectations wolf we will win enough games to make I didn't go play also order of about 5 under record I am actually. Played a game. Jurors what did you both say were you worried panther about a week ago won't win if you saw our Richard Rodgers in a room what would you what would you call him I would draw would be the title you go would you call mongol uncle Richard what would you call Richard Rodgers. Either Iraq or home. It will comrades. Okay so what you can do college you still call it mattered yesterday no is it like business he got a call trade go Croat contest code approach here and junior preferred name him coach and you know I just hours make coach is that a whereas it says that got you normally does that song dinner got he's got out of out of the ordinary better know. No matter it's anything you see she is definitely. Making sure I'll do what I need to do he's going to be our own need because he knows you don't sense so it's this is now like it's. The weirdest things is coaching me things just make sure I know what I'm gonna. When your dad was a secondary coach a busload to right. Here you're under experienced you know. So what's the dough it was the better side it was easier dynamic between dad and it's in and coach Rogers your uncle coach writers Richard Rodgers is the better dynamic. I don't know boom and command of English edition that you pick your poison period. Yeah it's really. True or notice. Sorry is pages and you gotta you talk with the leadership unlock your dog it's gonna it's gonna be nice to have a couple of ducks in the locker right and Ed Dickson a nine Jonathan Stewart that's gonna help. Malia are definitely those schools can definitely help so familiarity manipulation showed that actually helps out I don't know I. I did you don't miss having to bring down number one right that's going to be a nice as part of this transition to not have to tackle Cam Newton anymore. Korea tam edition then. He's definitely problem just heard you know corporation didn't get ready because people astray you know obviously with the garments on the removal means. Pretty much bigger than anybody on any defense so I mean if she's. Third just as big as some alignments or. I never mismatched. Manager spurred tester safety were gonna let him go into just a moment he's joining us right now on the technique I'm just on you can follow him on Twitter by the way it's Nigeria since JIRUS. View life RG so I look at this he senses interest just get out the numbers on this the other day you guys I think blitzed. I'm RC was 21. At a forty dropped passing dropped actual Matt Stafford as opposed to rushing 420 of those and I mean you guys say he was he was super ineffective when you guys brought pressure this seems like a really aggressive defense who how aggressive this is decent with what's evokes is going right now. It's just like he says I think it's sixty on paper don't the mentality that you know cultural shall establish and elm. That's usually PSE personnel coming to you ought to be aggressive you are so close physical or follow and I think he calls the game accordingly. All right so we got to let you guys are really serious question all right this is very serious are you ready content from London lies she's got this through because. He's so we've we'd that we should we ask this a lot of people as we silicon helps us get to know them very well so I it's true judge of character so you'll bustling dire health. Yes welcome so you don't sound you are you don't sell to fix annual yield but that doesn't sound like you say oh we don't cut. Hair. OK so as you ward house like hot ball slowly got like a hot Oslo went not medium Mazda -- hot issue and hobble slowing should he needed to cool down a little bit I'll would you rather dipped it in rancher blue cheese swisher go to. Probably right I. Mean here we're on the street caramel blue cheese guy. I I look down to people that you tricks on a senior member sessions you know if there's this rural and that's. So why it's why you go orange or blue she's just I'm your man is gonna see. Straight ahead asked her or. Learn a landslide jurors could talk demons thanks to make time. In Iowa to Charlotte and text. Aren't going to that's interstate Dijjer.