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Thursday, December 7th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Frank and Kyle talk with NFL Insider Jason La Canfora. 


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But Garcia. Or child Braly frank Garcia and us former still got a ton to get into it enjoys the show and a couple of minutes for other world according to frank that's about 25 minutes out and if you're listening you left your phone in the studio. Okay. Well I really could have on thinking about it we got a big show plan tomorrow. I'm gonna be live from moss Philadelphia Lincoln financial had not to Philly for the army navy game is we Georgia some great just to march in the amounts a low lows gonna join the show navy says coached I think are gonna have vowed to restate missiles when by got robbed were. We are robbery oldest or talk to us we gotta just an awesome show tomorrow but so we got a great debates doing that is in part because again adjacent locker for a NFL insider CBS sports network joining us once again here in Charlotte on the technique come just slow sub Jason Howard buck. Dark good man good to hear from you we consult and a couple of minutes about this Mike Mitchell and you ran in the NFL and you know what what what they are or are not doing or will do you know about these suspensions and hits and so on and so forth and it just looks like we are I don't know hundreds were pretty contentious negotiation in the Nixie BA possibly how do you you know more about this that I do kind of walk me through what do you think's gonna happen here. The I mean. I don't know emitter so much going on in the league right now. So many issues so suddenly so many problems. I don't know that. Promote union stamp Torre. I don't know how Ohio on all of the sort of pecking order this school beat guys are getting suspended at a greater rate but a lot of these dark. Our agreed to. I mean what might Gavin gated its football were out front trot he did is that football Jew Jewish miss Shuster it's it's. Did it it would have an illegal hit it's debatable. As to how our legal BQ is you know what is it an odd but there when you lord over somebody potentially injured and taught them from above like that. That's deported at this for a while some of these other bang bang it's like Jordan a lockout. You know computers on the project file you you're probably gonna get labeled dirty if you do it enough and you're probably going to be hit in the pocketbook quite a bit I think that's collateral damage that the NFL is going to take. It's sort of try to make the game. You know safe first popped the ball at the talked about how to say the it talks about trying to set up on the metal. Way of playing their kids can adopt to you know that that sent the proper sort of code for how you conduct yourself. As an athlete professional or otherwise. Then coveted stop that happens any given Sunday that it continued to be disciplined and an edit anything epic we gonna see more suspensions now I. I think it's that that players associations perhaps. A bone to pick on. You know. The off field discipline and that because Elliott stopped and you don't remaining is judge jury next future and you're gonna have major. Our conversations about the drug Powell in the league simply out there relate the marijuana. A hero or perhaps fights over money able perspective of I'd go to wires and the possibility of franchise and a lot bit. Ed you know there are a lot of Mac Pro levels I just don't know that. The players are going to rally behind. Not sure (%expletive) I. For potentially. Illegal play you know I don't I don't know that Mike Mitchell is gonna get these Schmidt for the guys that watch indeed they at the PSA. All fired up to make that one of their chief caught. You know Jason seems like the tail is wagging the dog in this situation because the fan reaction. It's gonna dictate the response based on what the NFL is gonna do when it comes to suspension. Illinois seem funny games where you know it looks like a legal hit everybody goes to or not and here comes the flags because it's too hard or whatever here it might deem you know illegal but it seems like the tail is wagging the dog a lot of these instances. Yeah I don't know it's hard to be generalized there's not a whole lot of Linear. It's it's not it's not what do you think though it's what people see what Albert that decisions are made. And who gets suspended her daughter who wins her appearance no doubt that I don't. I mean. I channel right in the dark I. I don't know I mean it is not gonna buy it you've heard these are coincidence that could be potentially life Alter their contract which shocked. That we don't seem more situations like lions this year that was seemingly somewhat innocuous. At the moment of contact. I you know I. Now there are at a point now where. The there's there's certain fighting for the votes of the lead and fighting for. Mom to keep letting their kids play football and fighting for school district and he could not keep can't wait well all former. Like it's been happening so the pendulum swinging in a certain direction and I I don't think. It's going to swing back I think for for what they look at it sort of future. All they've got to continue in their mind that. But air decidedly on the side a coffin and that some people think the game in the up they used debate or that players are getting aren't too much. Again I think those are our ancillary results that the league is willing them. Live dot think. You wanna talk about reading and blame it up like that don't put upon backed Democrats were probably. Don't put two teams that would cheer lead and it's suspended when they play each other troops in that work. Completely out of control toward a playoff game against each other you're you're back and keep it together. Which the entire scene at normal line in the policies that. In part time to where you have linebacker coaches running after orders from the opposing team or negate. Don't put that game on Monday night in December when the bank will might not have much to play our Barbara what might be coaching at west coral quote. Big game with the Bengals. And have all those grievances and all that bad blood and then make that the only product you're putting on TV that night. Maybe that's not the smartest idea well. I'd look on with John that when Jason locked in for NFL insider CBS sports network join us here on the segment dubbed a slump fortitude tetris or to second have to ask about Roger Goodell extension. Our 200 million dollars reportedly over five years and a lot of its incentives in a bonus ladies and all right good stuff but good to meet Jason and again this is your expertise not mine but it's just again sends the message to pretty much all of those that know he's being retained because for better or worse don't care what you like or dislike him he makes this legal lot of money. They're there McKee is basically its CEO of our company that has sixteen billion dollars a year annually in revenue. I think it was something like six or seven when he got there in 2006. He's had a goal of getting up into twenty billion. They've got. Seemed in LA now with a new stadium being built there we'll see how that goes but they think the dot will be recruiter. You've got to stadium coming in Vegas you about looming broadcast contracts that are out. And a labor contract that we just talked about what the union that not they want it to be the face of that he'd cleaned a lot of people's clock the last two times or not. I botched attempt at a lot of people working behind him. You know and then and he's sort of like a president in ninety to prop up there are a lot of things that a lot of people don't think I've seen but regardless. The president spoke all the pretty robot that whatever you think about the money and the base is around twenty million a year which is obviously a lot of money. But the rest of it he's got error and twenty million. A year divided by 32 billionaires security 31 of the factors are different that's it. That came back up one bit more than. A spirited. Not like. One order gives him 40000001 year then next give it at the book the plate that that's starter you know than Jerry got to get forty out here and a Mike Brown very well I. I mean when you look out up thirteen expenditure. Most teams so we're like we get it and we understand why doughnuts and no not trying by Jerry Jones is gonna change that now that other people only got a they make you know. A million top four million a year who don't get that much public plaque who don't do it much has been doubt who aren't as intimately involved. I don't know although people are going to be back in part out of next year because they may rob Peter to pay Paul but. I understand that they're the sense that that things are bloated from park avenue and it's not just about Roddick itself. I tell you what Jason Johnson I mean people don't change my mind very often but you can't my perception you know on the way that road project Dele Fidel displayed with a 32 owners and you're absolutely right I mean. It's peanuts compared to you know what one you know teams expenditures might be you know verses what they're paying players a sweet Lou literally rookie minimum. Having big payment of back up popped up a bit like something to put in a swing that well more than that then Roger Goodell earlier but it. Yeah I mean it's a great point it really is and it's a great way in perspective of looking and you know you obviously bring great perspectives talked about Minnesota and he's called CD in Super Bowl places because I've been to Detroit when they had the Super Bowl there's several years ago and unfortunately it was a miserable experience the snow came and it blocked the city offered to York downtown yet and busing in from everywhere in Minnesota this year. You know obviously it's a great facility there's a lot to do with the Mall of America but these cold weather cities to be troubled you like it. You know like you didn't have this. Terabyte you know. You get a stadium bill being negated subsidized for the churned out fifty plus percent. By local or state government you'll get in out and united go over here in the cold weather city or interfering New York you don't have a contest what you get too well you didn't. You didn't get in that that that pride in who you get and that money. And what he don't. Like Steven Roth you don't get it for a while and they need to be prospect is no money to refer burst the stadium he'd barely got that vote fro and that's a warm weather. Situation but they report Robin department that. Way to pay you that it's important to ignore payroll money to actually do that can make it Super Bowl party attempts. Not so it's not gonna change is no use fighting yet although look almost everybody's got him now I mean boost donate this stadium buffalo. I mean Jacksonville like get protection and stated so. You know and Internet Buffalo Bill the so I don't think they have the infrastructure from a but my hotel stay employed deport all out include a lot of hours something that would be too far. Talked long side got frustrated that this probably the last one of these. All while I don't Detroit I guess trying to get back in the next but that's going to be top shelf with a lot. Now that they've pretty much accomplished their goal they figured out. Separate system though Oakland and LA and San Diego on these nodded their board but California they've solved now so here have. The pot small bit propped you don't think they have the pot all that they get the building. And then you still got your traditional cities like you know Miami and the warlord. That that that that stadium boom it just about over so I don't think we ought to deal with too many more of these coming out but yeah. You've got a super excited were you start talking about that to a Super Bowl Vegas at all and it goodness gracious and talk about. A great experience that's going to be phenomenal and they said we we had your wallet or one dollar and on this one man Panthers on Sunday. There obviously losing to the saints hurt but there's delay in four still technically while torching of the play all started today and who knows what they're gonna do in this final four game it's kind of a tough row to hoe has got Minnesota they got creamed Bailey got Tampa Bay they've got so Atlantis and the seasons are certainly not an easy task but it is Sunday just a gamer you look at and say OK the printers didn't play well or okay detectors now I I see them as maybe just a second tier team in the initials oppose one of those doctor tapes. I don't think it did dramatically change is my impression album this is just topped gainers two very good defensive football teams Minnesota's won a game that's our magic carpet ride nine right now in like decrypt route that they tried. They have beaten teams in different ways the multi dimensional HQ it was played out of his mind so I attribute tough task if they were that if it doesn't you know now I think that's bad I mean it's as. That division it is a little bit that the but that the visit I don't know more on how little Mort and I like north haven't played Atlantic area and it like that they're. Out of there a whole lot of divisional football player that hears it that's how we measure teams this first look democratic backed up and get the other became motivated. Not the leader I don't know because they've ever played. So little Sherry. I mean that to me that game and appoint what game Carolina I do believe. Let's go get in the post season and then once they're in what you got to formerly MVP in you've got. A legitimate defense and you gotta out playoff pedigree donating up. You know we just briefly test on it and talking about Super Bowls in one place we didn't mention a lot of factors you know time in on the our buildings or text line here one mean askew why not here in Charlotte Super Bowl. Yeah I don't mean I don't know that it's out of the realm of possibility that I've heard much about them. We are putting appeared together in recent years or anything like that and and you know a lot of up that that's pretty arduous situation I don't know that. A lot of work because in that a lot of a lot of work on recorded when you don't get so you don't get the bid going your way I don't know. Mr. Richardson looked at the bite off something like that right now. It would have to start with the team and I don't get the sense that that's where he has right now to panic thing I've heard about coaching between him and the city. But some of the stadiums up not knowing the way. Some thought it might so I I mean I thought I. I'm I'm sure you've got the infrastructure support all. There is a certain ratio you have in on number of hotel rooms and stuff like that I'm not positive about that record. I would think you're in the ballpark. Football value of the that the spanking and stuff down there. But. I again that the impetus at the start from the team and and the community. Maybe I've missed them both but I haven't heard much about it. Jason locked in for NFL insiders CBS sports shorting or some of tech job doesn't always look just an element we're precision given us and top. Nor are absolutely Jason luck and for once again an analysis here on this Thursday afternoon come back and talk a bit about that for second but it's couple of items that I wanted to do that so we have got to we've yet to touch on on my around out there sort of talk about a couple things we come back and Oz says he's got some good stuff prepared for the world according to Fries that's about fifteen minutes of blacks Garcia and they look. Let the Boston. Oz comes through forums throughout make you saw her quest. He gets us off. And I actually are as one of my favorites to pop do most of all time. And comment as one of my favorite lines I verses in this all. Of all time. It's beautiful poetry is what rats should be what you know what you look pumped business minister is just as good right yes Jim and it's shot the restaurant of global Paul isn't good luck you know tell him equally incompetent just get out of and by the way this is it is and I can just feel recipes idiots talk about rap is just. Maybe the best thing going when we're interested is because we use it as a good assumed they were talking about a popular new listen these two guys try to industry criticized about street cred I know I have zero street cred none whatsoever you're wearing sweaters and similar demo aspirin got a color sort of sorts on the lives Obama. We're gonna fleece vests had Zippo flicks at best that I hated so much to put out a religious you know little posters is good shot out get out of that stuff anyway armed we have early touched on Toobin so preoccupied with the printers Norwich and everything else in there which is funded there's they take precedence over the of the things that I wanted to talk about really quickly but. I saw the Tennessee made its coaching hire late yesterday a lot of folks did and they probably yes they try to weigh Alabama's defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. And you know my first reaction last night when I saw it was. There's a but the not exactly rejoicing in Knoxville right now right and it's. There the reason behind that being this is Tennessee right they thought they should be landing. But it's died while not bush and John gruden or you know whoever wrote Mike Gundy you know whatever else that they thought that's the caliber guy they should be pirate. And so then they wouldn't do the whole Schiavo fiasco happened and I agree he wasn't the right guy but I hated the way that thing went down obviously was embarrassing for the school and then they went to like four or five source is Dave Dorn turned him down just from turning down and into the general turned him down everything and reliability Marten. You know that's interstate. Because. And least doing you better conversation the second but there were there conflicting reports. That Phil Fulmer did speak with Steve Martin but others say that he didn't. I don't know. Maybe there's a chance they can bring him back as the offensive core I I just I don't know what I do know is an eighty. I thought to Jeremy Pruitt higher would just (%expletive) people in Knoxville lost even more does that show a lot of people that are happy about it but I also think and I got to do my amendment for now I gotta get Mike and it carbonite over WC NC some credit for the soup because I asked him last saudis had no pressure pretty good mood assume that's stunning to me why. And he said. Driving on a road late tonight and just really tired you look at for holiday and and look and you look and you look and you can't find one and then suddenly you spot a motel six new account and that's good enough and who gets slick and that's how does. I don't right now does agree. At least well admired the series tells such is a really good I raised my hand over hand ticket I'll I got please come at 8 PM Rick. So included district. Tennessee. Was pissed off because let's just be real here for a second they got a defensive coordinator from our house state here and they thought. Hey we can do better than this this is bull crap. And did and you can't prove what was in those couple holes humiliating humiliating go search of all time. And they settled whereas. A defensive coordinator from Alabama right so there's yet another now big difference between those two things is really there's not much difference at all well. All the or there's a lot of difference in the one. In the perception. You know with the one and that was the allegation. Paula with Penn State and have you heard the rumors that. They're they're thinking they Hugh freeze NASA might be a DT hear me prove its offensive coordinator how amazing is that that these people so willing. To sell out and win football games that they will just completely turn a blind eye to anything including a head coach that just got publicly humiliated again using that word and Alison don't miss for cheating. Right and and for not only cheating you have been dumbed us prostitution right dumb enough to use his his university issued phone to call escort serves as well out on the road recruiting to get label is on the road recruiting gets you that there that's that's how badly Tennessee wants to win right now. Are illegal. Well you know stay. Studies W embedded with confess I thought he could. Yeah I mean how amazing is that there really did you. That it's just it's just beautiful I mean everything about it is just and he says is so great. I hope you freeze does come their because it will just you know how hypocritical these databases really aren't that they don't really give a damn and they took an easy out when he came to great she on now and they just they just manipulating that situation for whatever lies. An end where rather what do you believer just believe that things have been said about Greg. Correct me if I'm wrong there's never any evidence. To support those claims are just there it was continuous usage she's stuff evidence to support did you freeze cult hostages eats it. It's tangible evidence did the all records. So so what do you say. So that a legal. Legal right now. You're getting into trouble. And again including Dick speaks to do with the hypocrisy you know what they're willing to take a stand on this is as it pertains to morality and what they're willing to overlook right now little assaulted by the fact there's yet another Nick Saban disciple as a head coach in the SEC as espoused my other thought is complete so there's another one of those at a conference where many Nick Saban disciples are now running around in college football. Right yeah I count yeah I mean. He got to you are now we have your guy in Tennessee. Williams out Florida derby. South Carolina Jumbo Dodd's bus champ must shanties. Oh Georgia. No must see it might have been under nick I think yeah. It was that enter nick some because I was at Texas but I think before that he might have been under naked hellish I think I think so that matter factor into the list of guys that relish you might 2003. Is unbelievable when you look back and see who all was on my coaching staff it's reduced to well. I don't we throw away the head coach of real issue under that that tree as well or drawing or charm was he not understood that I. So Pete Carroll a guy yeah Carol and I guess he's a native Louisiana guy but he went out to USC I went to southern cal and I don't remember. That yeah he wasn't in that same drum group let me just again another nick to say Nick Saban disciple and think about this too aren't you guys probably do do you know the name Jimmy sexton. Yes okay accent and it's Edwards and Jimmie secularism Mississippi I Wesley walls agent yeah. Brett favre's agent checked this out. Jimmy sexton now represents eleven of the fourteen coaches in the SEC owns that. Eleven of the fourteen coaches in the SEC so guess what happens right I mean the next time your these things take place. You know lead their call goes out from sexton to you know this athletic director and you know that well you know my client is thinking about leaving and going to another school. That was guimaraes knows you know what that does great its monopoly you know Grayson monopoly that you know when your your control in the market. No you control the marquee due to dictates price yup yup. He got it back guide is king maker Jimmy sexton is a kingmaker. You know he's he represents every major power player in college football scene put eleven of the fourteen coaches in the SEC that is unbelievable to me. But just in the entire situation there and we haven't even talked to and I knocked him out of Toronto on razorbacks fans in the area and know that but I think. Arkansas and a really nice tyrant and while I get hired him I mean just. Let's see the old fossils of coordinator at constant corrupt he was and what SMU and you know he made a statement earlier today that I kind of got a chuckle out of because it's a really big statement which you expect coaches to be kind of bombastic at times and he said I think Arkansas can be the next clumps of I don't shed soil I don't think you can do a nice job there where capital. In you know the Auburn coach did to Arkansas. Our that was pretty hot every their for a while it wasn't and they got him to a seven year extension over the winter OK so it's Augusta I miss that Imus got this smells on extensions -- besides for big money you stay as someone isn't pretty damn you know moved. Is I mean really it's it's what's taken over college football unfortunately is all these decisions with the head coaches and started to play on the field know some of these kids we're talking about the Heisman. That's our boys this week in and there's this weekend you know and we got a little. Or at least in part of the reason we're talking as much about it's just a lock at Olympic Committee feels good when my husband Oscars go Mark Jackson and the running back breast lump in the breast lump. Those three got they'll invite three guys are really no drama wearing no wins it so what's the I mean I don't say what's the purpose of anymore I mean obviously. You know I I think it's lost it's lost luster a little bit but it. You'll Mark Jackson is probably as deserving but he just doesn't have the record to go with it and because he won last year he didn't live up to expectations and blowing those numbers are way but you could easily make arguments Lamar Jack but I will say this he did have better numbers than I did like a source I analyst and a blow them away and because the losses are there to run an average team he's not gonna do wished he had the he had to supersede those like you know. Blow them out of the water yeah and our group you ought to pursue him and what will this change your Bridget wind did this change are brought this up to you the other night. Win the Heisman trust stopped inviting like five guys every I know that's kind of weird is that allows your size and they I am but I mean this could always be five out of the senate morals in the not to recently you only had a handful like he's New York's expensive. I know there's ten. Grocery stores across a lot of money in this held Texas and their heads trying to build another stadium. I know I I just when they were gonna watch it Saturday night we ordered I was gonna win itself anyway I'll come back and apparently we've got a fantastic ruled according to frank for that according dollars in what we'll find out next. 25 years and still the number time now for the world according. To for an. And the drag is in the house. Is is is Michael Jordan flew down. Today is is it may have slowed him a little boys Cindy. These he's laboring right now fans he is labor and right it's Soledad yen mucus is just right in net sinus I'm sure it's not just couldn't wait to hear that. Tournament but hey I put heart and soul and little rock and roll and you're itself got our eyes and let you lead off this thing because you we were very excited to integral try to listen let frank have always had. Questions in this is the world according to franks have there to you frank sought to clarify stay you're welcome to salt or pepper. Who pepper always mats gas pepper. Absolutely pepper salt have four like I I. Too much salt 41 dummy when you add salt it is bad he truly has Tony assault and it already some flu does most who does have salt. Some former salt and it. Familiar you don't need to add salt anything. It's a recipe for heart attack doctor pepper pepper all day Long Island east of salt I got a gas is okay frank do you have any hot dog and you can only put ketchup or mustard on it. What is going on catcher Mo con it. Yes this as catch can. Anybody thank you agonize agonizing catch up the wrong way and it's up as a catch. It's catch up right Conrad the sixth protested over the holiday camp so she. TT SEP I got catch. I just Communist put ketchup on aren't all right. Frank yes three options here I give you a third option because I found this last product to be very delightful myself or. Diet Pepsi. Diet Coke. Or die doctor pepper who that is pepper not clubs I'm got to talk for an amazing I can't tell the difference it's amaze you can't tell the difference being that we'll direct Coke and Diet Pepsi. There's you can't seem so don't the difference between the flavor passengers little sweeter yes it is a little bit more sodium you know etc. Centre doctor pepper has the I don't know it was the it was in a barrel Oki taste you know kind of I don't know what it is that it was something beautiful about this. I don't think it depends if I'm drinking just that the has to regard doctor pepper but if I'm mixing. Is Diet Coke into. A cheque there's your first of all your I can't do this as a hot dog connoisseur or. There are only a couple of appropriate hot dog condiments mustard Chile slaw relish sauerkraut relish yeah you can't jump. It's a lot aren't. I'm frank Gallo and all of us is now hot dogs he can't. They do seem to you know the true Chicago in my ass. Charlotte you BCD Aldridge I don't you mustard my ass a lot of Scotland's. Let myself he's catch up just put some Mayo wanted to lawyer this especially for a whopper. Had he ever put them on a hot dog tags to speed on how does pretty get the spin that. Really don't wanna hear anything that you do your premier wants doesn't Walker's high. To Russia here. Okay you're more yes he's man I'm a little did you the last ship will doom quick to. White meat or dark meat politely Nicholas cant stutter free down. Dark meat is better for you I thought you know I know it's not I. I was army guy okay you might like the flavor and has more flavor it is absolutely not better for you. I would okay upon you want a quick Google search. A New York Times as white meat is healthier than their unit I'm close I'm just I'm just reading this Oscars it's true. Okay nutri white and dark chicken no. White shirt camp this white meat that's I always thought that was the case amounts I just don't know he seemed pretty confident an answer so I don't know this white meat is not close Oslo strong. My question comes out of high and I cannot get a tech frank hammer Turkey. Who hold on what kind of Turks were kind of him. Roast beef now. I'm. It doesn't I got pen dot I don't had more final quadrant in have you ever gone Mike Mitchell in a press conference Aaliyah in your career I don't know. I don't feel free to resume his playing days speaking at press I wish boy he's a guy got this job. I story call and if you give her Mike Mitchell I was a meteor. You know had a face to get to the debt that was that. It was it at face for a camera no no listen I mean. I was gonna be more honest and open like Mike Mitchell more often than most right. Am not after a loss I'd be accountable and hold up to why we lost. When like you we got to do better give the company line but you know you're gonna usually get to consultant come in with an OK last question. So hit man was kind enough to what is in the on the convoy this week and up to a to Philly crow over and myself and I. I don't like they have no one wanted to be used to coach a game tomorrow night he's he's been talking to say I was excited standard you're gonna have more spin. Doesn't so anyway we're a program are so it was right or fly go to the army navy game in Philly tonight. This is on the I'm excited I'm expecting a good time. But tonight when we get there. What is the move this idea bear and they have all three of us in a room because I'm. Honest and I'm sure I'm not sure to bed with another grown men well. Who's the biggest myth whose strongest it. This is there was blank now what's in question beautiful physical ranking. I mean there's some things that you can say tiger drugs for anybody could cut off a shot. I. Wrestling plus we're on. That's all you can do you jockey considered. Actually that's that's a good hour. Arm wrestle you to and you don't go for this reason the three seconds count and figure out. I want out of a little bit of the was the other one the camel clutch putters aren't there I must delay and US SA takes care of everybody out there via. I'm pretty sure you all have your own room okay I'm sure and I hope your right good damn good job setting every out there is very precision that had to go. Is about seminary in us and down we're always honored to be there was haven't these are third year. For thirty year rogue on. Army navy downloads and go to guys do great job I cannot wait to get out there and am looking forward to Lincoln financial home they call the temple owls pull physical rank in this debate if it happens tonight. That's right it's true it's all physical right who's the biggest series of facets whose strong as it comes down to strongman contest wears it. You Hendrick you know Ryan's trying to screw luckily the rumours that a tribunal to just come up with no I'm not sure about the yes we'll take gospel is dead right about that and then you know that's that's means wrestled him to paint over the afraid and I tonight tried to send will be until Moscow every Jeep toy drive there's always come on guys I guess I don't. When toys to a unused toys could bring to Mumbai brand new you know bring them by. I it's under great cause we're lucky to have people like Joseph in the community they're given back also going to be a C Barcelona's player commits Demont. Is gonna be there I think got bacon is going to be there. And I should be a great time you're gonna see that man myself from five to seven and then we're rumored to be tilted kilt right from there so I don't work night tonight and we're gonna be Oz myself to be there from 730 to 930. As an Galliano. What he has done. Yeah yeah. Try to get hit man was you I feel out of planes. Is as trusted what a that I promise you this if you come to the kilt and I feel better you'll fill a whole lot that a cold beer never tasted so it looks so yeah. That's that's that's that's that's acoustic duo franks and I'm brutally volatile moves us to a franks and bring toys out today go see those guys makes him agree Chris Gibson did we do this. Bring children's toys adult toy yeah. A great suggestion as well. This might bring you the battle you could just lay on the bed naked. They're the madness you could spread out like dad's in his mind. Anybody wanna. Yeah when I'm in need dropping drown the children out of bed just exists optional where trial anyway as you know I'll go like full bloom where you're just due to teacher on. The comeback this sub categorized Borger and it's a cinnamon. Diagnose and drove the governor just yet but as soon as they did your we will commence. Garage door to rule Randolph wrapping things up there on Thursday don't forget tomorrow will be here Frank's gonna be here in studio and I'll live in Philly and we're gonna figure out a way to have some fun and and I'm looking forward to switchers she was robbery. There's just some. As an oil tanker fire alarm problem with them. Just don't think he's funny I think he's over the top in what was the one with you know where he was the the cop. Unless you're over there yet now that when you hit debt debt and that wasn't there he was a copy was a teacher that was selling drugs. Oh cool oh that's not true in salaries are today was a first or the second when I first went toward his first jump street he Beasley makes you can resume. That's yeah he's the same guys that were written yet again and that's the same guy resistant strain of jailhouse establishment. Yeah so. What he does on fox sometimes I mean I was just more of a fan of the guy with a book that you know the different voices the impersonating guys and I just don't find it funny that's all well I'm glad some people you know may not find Eddie Murphy thought funny some people might think he's hilarious nominated a flooded immersive. Ice is all I'll something yesterday on Twitter and sure it's all but it was Jason Sudeikis being a football coach in American football coach grass out of Tottenham had and you just saw I just saw it did Dallas whole layer hysterical if you've never seen that just do it. It's it's well worth it with a reason covering a broad riddles because it gives him some territorial Sotomayor on the visit personally just fascinating he's an actor. He's also promote muscle to don't know him he's a lieutenant colonel in the marine reserves. Now people have no idea that I did about the bottom that like Arizona starter Brooks and so on look at Ford had a conversation how key guy alone in my not allowed to say why have a good to come on forgot your crush on him. Why you gotta take it there did you teach your rush was him. Employee older than me it was just a rush Brothers though that these paddle you. Did you have the drink the family drink. Yeah mad dog toys wanted to know. Interest and I was tequila all flavors yeah I was tequila with the war we are dismissed cult of tequila all this for surgeries all drink yet to finish the bottle and then. Tomorrow we're not a blind we had to eat a small drawer maybe soon Jason and I don't want it twice or she had to do something more it was discussed. Was always wanna consider what's different it's not one up for this story top guys historic tie. Not been a story Toppert present I'm sure you've got to recognize the Nubian story topic don't let somebody had their moment Kyle is a story Tucker yeah I. I'll mr. Billy surtax on me tell you trade for your friends know I paid I. I've paid for parties and women that's what I'm paid well and sound a surprise rephrase that tonight. A different parties and six you're up to go to did you attend Ole miss. It was a real doctor Robert Wood got so Rick Neuheisel. On the short stretch Elian is greater than Rickles too I agree with that 100% and that is not argument but we Rick Neuheisel closer every status of the Dubai and please. Status Rick Neuheisel rob wriggle out okay EMI to low lows and then again to India not to low low Casilla non payment I. Now my last name's gill land and I've had people butchery is always trying to learn people's names really lewd yet oh I don't know what that. And in I do we have Gary Daniels. Yeah ads as early as well as Gary Janice is aware we Gary we got to show tomorrow this is chock full gas chock full of really good quality gas us was should be Enron. Oracle. Cows attorney for I cannot wait to tell him you don't like to amend so now I'm just settle on. And if so awkward and I want answered. Fred is out this segment. I'm gonna show your picture and I'm gonna say in my part of this former NFL football clear picture unfunny and a jerk and he would like to punch in the face and Mattel and Diana. And then I'm gonna give him your phone number and we'll see were doing how do we actually do much on them and I can only assume Chris Kroger was apprehended by bandits thieves and shoved into a van to take it also ransom somewhere so I don't have prime time coming up for you next and I'm sure it's gonna be awesome and entertaining about about that it usually is. And I'll see him a couple of hours and I'll find out whether or not he is actually alive but for now we'll see Joseph the prime time and we'll talk to tomorrow. Good luck in that bad thanks and looking forward to it that's for us it may have bright young child as has been Garcia Bailey WS insists he shot eight. Anybody can what does that do they'll blow your mind. You just happen.