Garcia & Bailey: Interviews with Andrew Carter and Braden Gall, and We Go Clubin' With Tony's Spotify.

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Tuesday, September 12th
We break out the College Football Big Guns with Andrew Carter and Braden Gall, and what they hell is Tony listening to?

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But Garcia. Now we're numbered so Kyle really frank Garcia and Osborne don't forget thirty minutes from now Brady goal 1025 the game on national Athlon sports college football we'll talk show on national college football from the weekend. And look ahead to week number three also later in the show. Coming up at about noon we'll talk to Panthers defensive back captain marlin at 1 o'clock Lomas brown will join us for his weekly spot and overall so open Thomas Davis will pop in the as well right now we're talking about Tar Heels so Owen to. Coming also lost a little more to be a 47 point six touchdowns to Lamar Jackson the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. And Andrew Carter of the Charlotte Observer covers the Tar Heels and does it well he's joining us on the second account just want to address or use our. Some great aerial do well still well enough. I think guys is striking I approach the season we both says multiple times we have no idea what would North Carolina has no idea how good they be Adobe that we do we didn't expect him to have much on defense. But it dried I don't think I would have expected them through two weeks to be maybe the worst defensive team in the country. I'm able to actually be different also took to be in third strike was occurring here you know and thought the people have a program. Yeah people expected those guys are turned seven starters. Already quit a Paramount value of lieutenant Jimmy the numbers there pepper had a lot of guys coming back. You know it didn't have a new defensive coordinator majority did you protectionist split the reporter Gene Chizik but the game was not expected to change Lecce. Gas suppliers on the terraces at that point they'll tell you that out of church struck about the scheme. But certainly. There appears to be this huge disconnect with what the trojans are asking these guys do. And what they're actually doing a ticket is a very deployed out of the members are probably have been accused give. The fact that but it just boil all the little march actually. You know even so there's still no excuse for giving up some of our five yards. That's the most you'll see is several allowed. Actually the stadium and LaBarge actually proposed total yards of any player ever. And distribute your position certainly Durham. Oh Tripoli that are that these third quarter with such surprise because again about that aspect speed that it tried that a mere. Andrew they've beaten the coastal because you know dude Greg now looks like they're getting better they found their quarterback your Virginia Tech may be Virginia's lead they sneak them but. You know when you start thinking about to you know what this season might look like for the Tar Heels. It's just tough to come up with wins in conference. Apple is carried out at this point I think he looked at Virginia game as we can make you a quorum. Yup bird hasn't looked great early in the year so maybe that's another one or do you still have a good chance but on the road. I'm right mean you don't look at. Really any one particular game on the schedule and so little boy yes Chris chancellor bit sort out one. I have disappoint you know I think they're going to be. Extremely fortunate to be in the bowl conversation by the end of the year and I thought that produce 616. Kind of are kind of looking at during this evening both. That included a victory against California militant blew that game that you don't see you really had to win. To reach a point of the point you know I think you're looking at you know possibly five or and seeing it may be good four or worse because it has been that bad. The first two weeks. You know enjoy obviously we start looking to strengths of this team. You know we got to look at the offense once again you know whether it's guy like Austin told rest all receptions for 175 yards. Whether or whether it's the quarterback play the tool duel can tell you that you had mustered some rocker nurse who even more so I'm impressed with that the quarterback position. You know that's got to tuck it took like a lot of people Buehrle kind of gave up on branded terrorists after the first week just because. Stern should he played poorly I think you look like six critics seem to restore production but on them up the past. Bench has played well that first week against cal. At this point out I think Brandon can redeem himself after last week about people it really well against global coming at us like perhaps around obviously got hurt. The first Afro that we're resource contention deployed Brandon Harrison but I have backing but do sports or to a almost as certainly were bright spot offensively through usually but at the same time we often divided about social Betancourt and progress we've had some old guys get hurt but I expect that action tritium we're looking at them expect brought before the season. And essentially have one guy retire breach or that's seeing that it's at the start who reported significant role right now on. Savvy operative wanted to cover much of the sport which public together against vocal. And on the run game kind of disappeared regrettable that Hillary could rush to give offensively helping each of these parents say well. Not a guaranteed a court order 35 points and we about the kind of got out in nature that game the other day wanted to talk to point I think there's little time of the opera that played particularly well you're. Told him Andrew Carter Charlotte Observer he covers North Carolina you can follow him on Twitter at underscore Andrew Carter. I'm Andrew you twentysomething last night that obviously got my attention and and and so the north Carolina's playing the kind of defense against coaches fired. Hum well you know that's obviously something that would draw your attention blurs the doors jobs clearly say fairly just got an extension you're talking drillers are dormant short talk about I would assume our coordinators and specifically. TCU just did it. And I would assume that's what you're alluding to. Well I mean basically that was more to those statements in general because the defense they're quiet. Has kept at them. Last time you and if you look at that defensively. You know to retire basically its entire defensive effort a complete turnover on that let the ball. In terms of church and stepped up between fourteen it is important alas I didn't see all of the sports. Well I'm not suggesting that any changes are gonna happen. During the season certainly what you just said about the door Manhattan I think that you're actually. Yeah arguably could not when he gave mr. an epic its job would be to do well because there's two years ago. Technically you wanna just persevered so you had two out of five years a former division. Well I think his shot is very great but definitely skit got don't know where they're going. What it would be difficult to envision much the future. Beyond that he's looked at current staff front and. And Angie are we don't see practice in May be as much as you do and you allied talents created yeah that is simple yeah maybe it maybe we start watching practice a little bit more closely. You know but what I guess the question is going to be is that you when you start looking at the preparation I mean look at the talent the North Carolina has. You know they have the players and seems to go out there and compete you know but is it the lack of you know maybe the personnel do you think you'll with recruiting or is it more of you know Lou the whale in the style that what should they practice because you know what I notice is every time I want to North Carolina games the last couple years under for Dora. Every time the running back or receiver where was the office of players always finishing going forward I never see him getting not back it. And you know there's a lot of sides I just don't know if they're kept for preparing you don't like other schools are two go out there play great defense. It is difficult for me to evaluate other prepare and does practically shut I did cover. The NFL a year ago like over the Miami Dolphins were it's different. Covered and LB you actually go out a lot of black people are we pretty much option tire criticism. You know we didn't promote college football team who can't watch hardly any kind of usage or however they crack a little older really. The first thirty minutes here very much ado about putting via part we have a track this lot in time. During the week so I can't really speak to that. But turned cartel level what kind of let me but it sure questioned whether you have. The guys that they do have some talent up front general adult is an example that it did a great play. The other day where he chased their removal department. New. We knew but without result like this New York. Gained absolutely a great guy yet you are great speed on the side and I was so impressed with the effort. Inevitable wait for him to break out there don't get your it is pouring a walk that linebacker coal hole a walk off. And I had just shot learned that rolled out correctly you emerge because earlier order but and that's a sign that you're not necessarily recruited very well deposition that you're going to be a lot of sort of formal walked. And the terms of the rankings that kind of thing if you look at the recruited especially William and it doesn't really blow you bloody. No I'm not suggestion that the talent. The bad that results in the case. But you think it's fair to question whether they're developing these guys because we go whether the strike tradition program. Is where are you going to be because he. And that's another huge problem because the first couple weeks do. And it got destroyed in the fourth quarter defensively global average that's all we are stroke play. The fourth quarter until Saturday that's just kind of inexcusable and part of that is to replace Arafat talked sentenced. Their offensive possessions the last maybe two or three minutes in the defense and throw back on the field. And it could get sentiment didn't adopt me well you know that you got Kristobal. You know that's a great that's a great point bring up manager and that was one of the question marks I had going into the season is Larry Fedora gonna understand where his strengths are. And that might mean controlling the clock ran the ball out not going with the high RPOs because if your offer is off the field and three and out or you know maybe get 11 down and asked upon. It's if it's right back out there and they get worn out. Exactly but I cannot think if they have that same problem and Tony fortunately got that same problem potentially here and there. In the past couple years of their better overall but they still had some moments of failures are some breakdowns of course quarter. And Larry Fedora to tell you because it does what he goes I think it's pretty much set the way these people these how he approaches the offensive to me what the fate will be the first player out of the right thing to do. I don't see that changing or something much going to be there as well. Andrew lust thing will turn you loose under you you alluded to something that I've been noticing happen over the past several years and I know you have as well because you've been in this business for a long time now but. The difference between the NFL practice availability and and you know I should they be transparency is the wrong word but something akin to that wears the college level. On the you know it's like hiding state secrets it's like cutting nuclear cards from people he noted that the inability just to go see a little bit of practice of someone who has been a dedicated beat writer for the team for number of years now. And and it's not just North Carolina it's happening all over the place. And I'm curious what you think is behind that is it's simply. Because these big power five programs want to you know create their own state run media content and and they wanna push out traditional media won't what are you thinking about that in my wise issues happening the way this. Yeah I think that's part of what you just said the fact that you know now it is traditional media outlet it occurred oak tree. You know even if you can pretty much uncertainly as they originated as current site you Tucker I'm at the world. You know all the same boat comes to competing against the school well at this point that the older. But is that they have their own state run media outlets are put up ground can't have brought historians or do those. I think that's a big part of I think part of those with the fact that. Coaches are paranoid pedal to the value and name there yeah I think Larry Fedora kind of my baby through certain certain that a quarterback situation. In terms of who would start. They at least for awhile but he received when you just never senate because there's no benefit you have that to the benefit other. Am I get but from paper guy covering these guys that we cannot even more than bloop. Don't really cover these guys in the fridge is not well you know I'll go to the games are like what I see. Both individually and personally have got to take proper approach should not even really good should Christians go all the drugs for no. They're affordable writings legit you know I got a lot of pilots strike a little bit that received just because you can't see any picnic earlier a lot of the coach tell you. And they can be feeding you complete nonsense I had a really good example of this and he has probably proud for private. You know all preceded that you would see we heard about these receivers. Just Cabrera Devin carry these guys that are full have a but much of judicial. Coaches are talking them up in Augusta even play in the first game. You have other people write up these stories like these guys public good practice. It's just nonsense in my opinion probably literally people put. An abortion as you can start and I can actually watch them play. And talk to people and you can actually get a fair sensible school are. There's do you feel like North Carolina cares about football to the degree that may be some other big time universities do and what is he gonna take for them to maybe start getting I think that. You know obviously Bubba Cunningham I think cares more. You know but does he give a 110% into the program. You'll maybe like what you see with Clemson or in some of these other traditional powerhouses. Well I yeah I think. You know I think every power inside conference schools out there is little you can make the argument that there are football school from the administrative side of a club talk about. And interest so much talking about diplomacy I think every administration of major college athletics understand what significant revenue conservatives. Better football program because that's where the money is that they do what he does get that that is the problem that you would see we've been talked about that a little kind of culture. I don't have that history that can support. You know it's kind of blue it's a different kind of student Bennett and you'll see a came out across. Public institutions to great academic institution sometimes you don't get these well he's fanatical Opel jams. And the whole thing these universities are in Virginia has some more problems because private school but I think it's the same boat. You know I think has more cultural as to where it's effective spot great things that affect dollars. If you it is having a major problem going to throw it now that you can't do that but it generally. Go all the way in terms of having the money to support a lot of what you wanna do I think public should I think what are orchestra. But so the question I think people about. Support and resources to fund raising them due to contributions all that we got sort clubs and imported straight these are the schools. Such a tremendous advantage over the UN do to the world. Yeah and I think it's it's a joy you have a lot of folks snapped back as there will Stanford into illegal did you look it was a they had a hard time for Alexi itself. And I I think it's an interesting dynamic out there in Chapel Hill Andrea any better Arnaud de Notre Dame I'll stop but for God's sake I acreage you do a tremendous job mixing at all when you work we appreciate you Thomas Moore. All right guys thank you so much revenue. It's obvious recorder Charlotte Observer covers a Tar Heels doesn't really really well it's really inched imports there. I put it hit that if we don't they're frank I'm isn't lifting my nose up a little bit distraught if you're with us through here what are you well you know there until the housing Arab their ass pretty good okay what do you you keep testing got out because you don't know it. Snooty and its new percent. I'll Hulu. After the pregnant though it's also it doesn't know Israel just drags you went to North Carolina we're gonna get his take Brent Julia pauses relentlessly come back it's Garcia and they were. Hi system isn't about Obama's August. It's she hates he's distracted right now like Red Hot Chili Peppers or something. Friday Drew Carter Charlotte Observer joined us SOA talk and all sorts of things about North Carolina how bad it is defensively why they are where they are right now. Eight minutes from now Braden dole 1025 the game in national Athlon sports covers college football. We love Brady's gonna join the show cause the floor is yours yeah as a North Carolina Chapel Hill gradual what did you make of mullah. I got a spot on I I and people people commie haters I get made fun of on Twitter I get caught out on twirls scrap our chairman and you get the facts of the facts OK I I would today university. I was there for many of football season. Okay and eight the football culture at North Carolina is terrible burden. It's terrible there's first of all there's really no place to tailgate. Because only deuces Croat close it'll rode off and you tailgate there but it's it's terrible. And out I've been to big football games I mean and I've been a full audience in Nebraska where they weren't big four bodies but there's football culture. Ninety minutes before the game starts they cracked the gates you have to sprint. Up mini. Like little what are you know what to call rips to do it to a decency you're not gonna get a good seat because there's people their run Olympic times are good. But but seriously. When not when I was in North Carolina it's like OK well let's get drunk. Let's let's listen social sing then let's let's get drunk let's hang out information to the day can't do you know will be here. You know fifteen minutes after the game starts I'm gonna miss what do you think. Because if you read my algebra and point out the culture of the type of students that you recruit for the that was two years ago there. It is I guess he can import them as a little bit more snooty little boy up and he and that they're more for the Afghan academics in the are the athletic. I listened look let's be real they're our students who go to football schools because they wanna watch football. They think to themselves I can learn the same crap anywhere I'd go. I wanna have fine. People we we'd give the oldest college you know facade up like gates this big place for your going to enrich your life and yet a two great. But the reason people go to college these days is to answer damn fine. And what's fun OK is it going to going to a football team or school the football team this can only six games a year. Or is it going to Clemson. Is going to Alabama is going to Florida State if you can get in is he going to Miami these football culture schools because when my nanny was good. There are people who went to Miami to go to the full. All game definitely did that basketball that well there's grounds crews say it it's it's and he touched on this you alluded to a two. When you whenever you see a major state school with a kind of resources at North Carolina has that you VA has. And they continue to stumble or at least cannot produce consistency. In the sport that pays all the bills. It's a culture problem right and may be problems are wrong or because if if you don't care that much don't care that much that's why does your progress the like Virginia forest you VA has arguably the best athletic department gets out of Stanford one other in the country they're good and everything here except for football. And it's been that way for a long time a North Carolina and he's always been sleeping giant football because of the resource is that they have. So when they don't produce consistently and what are you that would used it's a good political problem you don't show up and now you're that much is no tailgating seeing all that all those things matter. I will say this is. And and I don't want this to be taking the wrong way I just wanted to be something it is considered. The north Carolina's campus is inning exceedingly diverse campus. You have lots of people who were from other countries are your thoughts people who are from other cultures who until May be value football the same way the red blooded American males bullet. And so I think it there's an instance of that if you look at the diversity on Carolina's campus there might be a significant up population student population. Who has no interest in football what so ever sold in. Dust. There's not a lot of student participation. The atmosphere isn't as good you see we see it every week 12 o'clock rate com ABC wherever. Manic cinema moralist happy. Well here's here's my argument to that are -- I guess what I would ask you to that because you know what your Clemson game maybe again it if you're Alabama okay. I understand maybe our to have the vote diversity would you go to the West Coast. And you go to UCLA. You go to UC east USC go to Washington. You know they put as much emphasis on football and their friends and you know the the environment that your gonna create with those types of you winning cultures right. I think that's what it comes down to losses in North Carolina has not been the sixth has been as successful as some of those other program so in my really gonna go. You know spend my time watching because it's been proven. You know through two studies that. You know the more successful your football the bigger your enrollment is going to be the better you're gonna do in school does a lot of things that correlated with academics and your athletics specially with your football program if it's successful. And that's what's unique to the American sporting experience too and we had to step aside assent obviously nobody else in the world has what we have in terms of college sports in the big machine that it is. And I told you two point amid a second ago the year after Michael Vick took Virginia Tech to the national championship game. Applications went up something like 42% right. There was a majors by Kerry event happened in Boston college and so you have to take them again Estee it has a culture built built around football. And their enrollment will look at their enrollment and they facilities have gone up since since they want those back to back to back national championships and other. And he'll have some drizzle one program right you know look at their moment look at what did you know it's it's. You know you're gonna have to be. You know only is not only student what you're going their watch football as the sport very good BR us with a guy that's absolutely true so titles quickly the use of a second ago about the kind of student that you find in Chapel Hill. Those the same kind of student you can find a mission the same cast yes that's right same kind of students aren't you you go to Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech to very hard core engineering schools he thought a lot of Washington China you select Indio got you know it's all that they they exist too so I just don't buy this sort of denial you're trying to sell me up I don't from anybody I don't buy this argument that well to different kind of student you you get that everywhere you go to Michigan. Same kind of student delete academic university they just valued sport more that's it that's all that's all comes down to. Let's come back we'll talk to Brady go and I went to five the game in Nashville Athlon sports he covers college football we'll take a broader look. A college football from week number two look ahead to week number three as well Garcia and they'll. Are women talk a lot of college football this hour bug so you Panthers fans out their fear not. Driven back to the printers discussion coming up in about 45 minutes captain marlin will join the show. Lomas brown we'll Jonas who won and we are still hoping that it Thomas Davis from Jonas before. The show in 70457. Or 96 Tim Brady gul Jonas coming up in just a moment as Gaza's so affording to get him on the line good conversation. About college football there and especially honest take on North Carolina but on every heels fans out there looked I realize that. That might come across this bank and on your program that was not the intent of that because all three it was a set and you're just said during the break we all believed. The North Carolina it was varsity program the state has had and should have the ability. To shut down the borders a little bit so to speak and to build a consistent. Winner in this state and so to see him a 12 and honestly staring down the barrel a missing a bowl game this year because I at this point I think there will. Of millions if they don't pick up a win this week in her next it. Got to be frustrating for a lot of folks so we will or turn the conversation if you want to chime in feel free to do so. We'll take your phone calls and detect 70457. Or 96 Tenet but first we got Brady goal on the library from 1025 the game on national Athlon sports covers college football does a great job joining us on the technique come just on right now reduce our. Go oh sorry today. Porno well we're doing what we're coming off a and ACC north Carolina central conversation I want to back it up and broaden things out little bit and and talk about the weekend that was. In college football they you know a handful of really big game Saturday night none bigger I think the Clemson and Auburn. And you know Clemson managed to win a defensive slugfest era while I was certainly impressed with their ability to win a game like that. I'm still not sure how good team they beat Saturday night and they might have been a really good team I don't know I'm not saying they did not sing are really still don't know what did you make of that when how big win was. You know I think that that sort of an option it's gonna take another hit that you get it to be Georgia well governor then how good at Notre Dame you know. They've already in week one. How good is or how good at Michigan not really sure. You know our fate tonight and Timor eleven and we don't know but you can buy that everybody I think Arctic Circle pretty good football games I think Robert is still one of the that's. Career top two or three teams in the SEC TB port placed in the worst I'd content and an eight feet. The beginning of the year reporting under current squad in theory I think it literally I think the overall team. Beckett I mostly get the best defensive front seven and all of college football they obviously saw that against Auburn now. In order to make adjustments be it got out on actually will give up some of the plague colleague needed this one because that's what. We've been all summer it'll look that way. I would view that Kelly Bryant don't let them work to go to prove. Offensive going to be able to compete at an extremely high level but I did bigger cute outfit and I think Auburn didn't actually really good though. I think we thought she really could've tied the game to choose new quarterbacks and just respect my you know career start each side are really aren't so environments. And it really tightly play it investigated I think they're good at best educated eligible automatic because of the tests in America. That's sort of Lou what I walk away collected from. I can agree with you more with that assessment your brain I think Auburn's pretty good they're just not as good as Clemson. You know the they didn't make the plays a constant did they didn't have the town offensively and defensively right he placed. Arguably eyed guy in my opinion the best defense in college football. With what they're able to do you know we start looking at some of these VI testing you know that's what we start talking about your teams like North Carolina going against a team like Louisville. Royals pretty good offensively not great defense oblique. But they made. That tells you how bad North Carolina is and I think that's what we use the eyeball test kind of look at studied those things. Yes no question about it and and certainly not a good start to cedar North Carolina obviously. I think global sort of just blew a hole and I made a larger actually a really special player dude doesn't really really special extraordinary thing. There are a lot of negativity lot this week to like it did last year when they've played against. Defense groups and I think they're deep and dark problem so. I think will hold a really good Jane I don't think they're great deep so. Yeah you're right I just the big ones like all. An Ohio State you know we I. I can't JJ Barrett just isn't working right now and I'd look at it'll get off the court later brought out did that you brilliant coach a long track record but. Yeah I just predict very. Oh passing the ball down field it doesn't pass the bill that where speculate field. Does disrupt the world but it eniac. Apple C cops say it dies thirty yards don't feel like in the bass player cal football right now he'd have to be accessed. More importantly it up and sublime pass the access they get out state defense divide and their defense which which to me it underrated story. In that particular game because it almost didn't gut just. We spoke rate against good teams last year according are out would it go up but yourself. Vocal would be and could be that big story coming out of that it as well Oklahoma and I accept their point. That they join the ranks of the of the national title contender in my opinion. You know Brady and you know that I know did the guy passing guy test almost every single Saturday is Lamar Jackson should we slow our roll until he faces. A team like Clemson because. I agree with you with Clemson is the best defense in college football they got four guys up front the just flat and get after it they had eleven sacks against Auburn. And if Lamar Jackson goes out there and he at least does half of what he did against North Carolina and then maybe we can start putting him back there where he's going to be because he definitely passes the eye test. Of course you have special player and I don't like. No local band at any about like a wild but mark that there was disrespect in order and realize that we had this sort conversation about new. A couple of years ago ultimate disrespect there in Vienna well. And it still on a column that I get the art Jack and orderly. Won two national. Letter one. Candidate. But like other than that. You get more respected idea that you'd like to do people love and give a global market and a couple literally never heard some. Then next quarter. Large act like it throws doubt on the day. Eight a little undersized and that but this respect he can have a college quarterback. Is being honest I didn't have a potential to totally different conversation. I don't dig court acted to disrespect or heard. Been disrespect in but I don't think mart acted this is a great player ever agree on number or 300 people ballot. But it's okay. Or they get last year there were no Derwin Jen and I gave it or pick up and declined what they're capable of taking advantage of a pretty cool did it. It's a totally different matchup this year I think I've been deeply divided so good. And you'll still out up at the why question. Absolutely the question it does it again against Portland. Moved into the category would stick Barkley and bigger deal but I'd. He's gonna how to do it against that we get to include that Gingrich didn't play well and it looks like he did get touchy or it looked like he did execute it. What are the opposite aren't called or not. It is an either or Obama at that point so. You know I. It sort of bait and it caught on air want just a Honda Indy V8 years not just particular trade. Like usually only know. I don't ever get back back OP what are let like Orlando. Got a lot child. Play on the deals it's not gonna. I don't think we're ever gonna get I called it god hears about just like Jordan didn't in the MVP every year it probably should have deserved it. It'd. Got Edward good night. He's got good but it could back out there there's. The -- I told some on the other David I'm gonna die and Archie Griffin will still be the only one to of doughnuts and and I kind of feel the same way you do talk to Brady goal IE those mornings on 1025 game on national you can also find is working Athlon sports covering college football. On the us go back to the ACC for a second and talk about the coastal division which. Come into the common theme in that division ever single years it's wide open it's wide open in most years that's been true for the last five anyway. But here we are and I thought it was a two horse race going into this thing and I still feel largely that it's Miami or Virginia Tech it's gonna win that division but duke really impressed me over the weekend don't forget away and it wakes in the Atlantic side your but but I do. Earlier press over the weekend and and Georgia Tech was impressing for a while before they paid down their latest Tennessee so. All in all I think it's a good division I think it's. A two horse race and want your take on. Yes except Burke Rocco men caught delete it and number over the weekend oh no longer Dexter and get it done I'm done with them eliminated. It eliminated from from playoff contention just like Janet Taylor Rutgers. We're gonna go. I. Georgia Tech and has the total Lockhart like they are every single year complete luck RB they have no idea what to expect from 200 that we think they're going to be. There's a certain or they're they're seeing it every year that has generally pretty good odd I think Marshall really really good and not opening night I don't know you can survive. 45 areas they gave. The Georgia Tech just think of the great scheduling. That we talked about all summer that of course they don't have to play. The Big Three other divisions that's certainly part of the equation tiger needs urgent attacked. And and Miami and shot actually showed me a lot in week one against West Virginia started. Utility that I deleted it aboard cornered a critical showdown we're really in daylight and a blast watching. That David we will Greer just Jack Bennett. I agree it is how art can Miami defense come along. Tom what do they look like sort of on test did a lot more unknown just because of the candidate can't go everything. So we don't really know much about Miami but I agree probably come down to those duke I looked at his daughter national level and I hear about it on Saturday. We were talking up you know don't all summer long I think the world that guy that you don't really good player. I sort of break out aren't straight up 30100. On a decent. To be ordered to in the Big Ten last then I have a speech contender to just sort of abuse the pat did you beat bad doughnut. Ballot and prejudice showing I'm not ready to put him and that makes yet they got a went through Internet division but I like Virginia Tech you know I was I ended beginning of the year. Jack has sort of only one question and it really answered. In addition to bark that it has heard it that bound quarterback it certainly appeared to. You know speaking and stay in on the fame quarterback let's go to the Florida State Seminoles because we've all heard the current story that Kurt Warner story. It was seen quarterbacks come from nowhere and you know go out there and and have success I mean Florida State still pretty good defense. Offensively they didn't do much against Alabama who's also a damn good defense. But so who's the next quarterback for Florida State what should we expect he's going to be a five star. Well it it bludgeoned by. Out of our runner but the weird thing is he's not but start either bury under heralded sort of restart just ordered state. Which is not or because of it that you right now that they got great job since it. And the other guy can't let the actual gear down there in your export quarterback which I don't know if you get any rubble all that's not good. Well it. Regularly Iger and they're they're loaded on defense it's a great roster. But topic one question get bigger now because you don't have a dependable option under center you don't know what you're gonna get out of whoever does that play Brothers. Just black or not. It's big Dijjer opposite why what sort of the question going in and your offensive line sort of capture quarterback destroyed and now he's out of either. A lot of games because district now that are they gonna because they kept out of merlot. Think they're gonna do that under Brad law that's why Hackett caught it at the beginning of the year and it's certainly want to stop the concept. I think they can beat mark Jackson's home and Superman don't mind and that defense. You know. Border say it still a very good team they're gonna call a lot of problems a lot of people but are they contender to win the ACC championship. It's hard to see that without got different slot. They bring lasting we'll turn you loose here how good a South Carolina. I would totally get that big guest on our show today because certainly Tennessee and South Carolina Florida Georgia girl sort of and that conversation. That they don't get it 330. Yards in two games. You need to look at airline and and say you know what they've probably proven more than anybody else in the SEC eastern two weeks. They can't do data and it all on the road and beat Azeri and defensively. All through luck and a pretty good up at the thirteen point. But they have been significantly out gained in dark and quickly your resume is not much different insanity. OK you got totally out gained on the field. Somehow managed to beat up the middle of a pact to upper tier basically team and you can't back and you do you want it became and we do. Different does take Bentley probably take you it's about quarter record at least in my opinion and I think that's a factor here they've got great playmaker and outside. I'm not like they get 900 yards and she gave at 600 yards I'm not sure that that the defensive problems have been saw they're still very young. I think they're good team I don't think they're great team. But I think the holy city and frankly this is what I root for every single year I wanna see 870 wait I had an SEC east that board or I think doubt yourself. Missing chaos right. Operation chaos and ES is we've often routed the bad the coastal division of the past three or four years as well so we have that in common Braden dole. One to fight game on national Athlon sports is a great job covering college football Brady we appreciate our brother will do it again soon thanks Trent. I'd you got to come pretty close before or what an activist in the. Member adult once you wanna to by the game a national steps are to come back to wrap our number two we can't tomorrow I believe join us at noon and as a call an instant that warning which he was there is ligament an item in the present over at the Suzhou yes only recently and is still Vietnam do initial estimate and cannot trust that I have decent. I don't as a humanitarian here I thought it was an adjustment from what we had no man I ask governor are here already study suggests gonna join us at 12 o'clock Lomas brown at one and we'll see what else with a smidgen it's Garcia Blaylock. Odds you'll on Spotify. Changing. Got it's wrong to. So give away. So we can whether it's tiger I guess I'll. You it's. Others include 2005 business practices or breach at the Beverly has no business. When the Kryptonite doesn't disarm it or Kryptonite myrtle trees are you gonna do they hit home with the demographic right here between you guys and zoos as a lizard that's exactly demographics there are looking forward there. 100%. Welcome back it's Garcia Bailey there always an oil a lot of fun about a breath all right that's. Let's say a phone call records we got a short segment here we're gonna come back for captain Marla joy on the show and don't Patrick wants totally CC so Patrick Roy's regulators also later. Column find as have I missed the segment when you're talking about Kurt UN seat but it does one night. UNC and we only talked about so thank you banging almost. Whatever. Made it it is what it is there really is just not very good football. And dirt and you know it might news gold erupt here on the way they operate Gatling no one expected it to be quite so ugly this at least. You know he's just got Blair to Waco is that they only got to get better up but a lot of that is attaching you know losing Gypsy. Don't vote for my exes stay import my belt I can't thank. Clinton person to pick them they need to ordinary. And but it just stood just like like a budgetary mood been like. I don't have a good you don't have really noticed how all this of course they are black community. Think those are some mistakes late wreck that I've put it all. Patronage and I'm gonna buy appreciate and on his what did you learn you know about programs Kyle is it when you're getting good recruiting classes and typically when you're fighting for the same kids everybody else are and they're coming your school might begin to amend the degree or the amount that may be climb soon learn you know Alabama or how states. Or some of the top two Florida State tier programs are but when you're getting kids in there there's three star Forestar. You know guys in the plan on the defensive side when those guys graduate go to the NFL would make excuses for aroused state. They don't make excuses for Michigan will make excuses for plum senator Florida State you know you say listen these give the next guys up in when you don't have those next guys. Ready to step up what that tells you is your program isn't developing players. Right and that's the issue and if you're Carolina friend lost a lot offensively. The loss of tons in the NFL they never been really good defensively but you know when you start building a program. That's where you've been guys in your program when those next players come up and already do. You know to play because weather is graduation or NFL they're not ready and they look like they're getting man handled out there. You know there's a couple things that are taken place one of them I agree with our guy brain all are bringing goal or. Are you know the guy that talked about you know that you know from other observer and a guy Andrew Carter thank you. He talked about the strength and conditioning coach. You know we are guys aren't physically able to step up or ready to step up. You know when they're juniors in this next man up and then there's an issue there on the defense aside when you guys are always fallen for the dolphins players always fall Ford. You know an email we are teaching the proper technique or maybe they're not going through the fire in order for one they're ready to step up then it's going to be necessary to go out they're depleted the ACC level fast so that's old that's what that's tell me about North Carolina Patrick is that. The development of the lower class players or that underclassmen in this group on this program aren't being developed at the same right to some of these other program. No doubt about it 70457. Or 96 and probably touch on some topics later in the show but so it's all printers all the time we come back we're talking to Jeff to marlin next his thoughts on know what it took to be Sanford Cisco. On the road this past Sunday and what it's going to take to be Tyrod Taylor in the bills at home this coming Sunday in weeks there was Garcia there with WS since it.