Garcia & Bailey: Hornets-Heat

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Friday, December 15th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Frank and Kyle discuss the Hornets game tonight against the Miami Heat. 


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But Garcia. Wild and it's Garcia and Bailey's. And Osborne. They're the sub 7045709. No but Oz yes. I still really good about Sunday I do tip if your character's tragic there's reason to feel really good about Sunday here's why. Just a gut feeling. But I got a call from agree they radio station yesterday I should actually it does not run got a tweet from a Green Bay radio station yesterday. And to Sports Radio station their dissipate the kimono talks and Panthers Packers and I said sure I'll do that. And I got on. They're nice guys just wholesome upper midwest guys you know with us all to hear assaulting the earth still you know with that Wisconsin that thick Wisconsin accent we've all heard able you have been able. Angle yes so we eat it again today we get to talking about the game and they're asking about the Panthers and they're asking good questions and I'm I'm entering into the best of my ability. Then we flipped the script to the Packers and are asking me what do you think about the Packers what do you think's gonna happen with this what what what what are Panthers fans saying about Aaron Rodgers. Would love to know what the folks in Charlotte are saying about the Packers. And about Aaron Rodgers and I said. Well. Overwhelmingly I think Panthers fans are telling us. No big deal. We didn't Aaron Rodgers before work were happy to do it again what would be kinda launch would have a don't want to be and again it's by no problem and they were taken aback by that miss it really. And I said yes I said you know he's been on the shelf for a while I assume we all recognize it is one of probably the best two or three quarterbacks in the league there's no doubt about that a somebody's gonna shell for a while it's let me ask you Packers radio man. But Saddam you're not at all afraid of nominees in the rust you know he's not he's not played in a while. A set and always and medically cleared he's been practicing a subject can't simulate game speeds are you playing a game right and and as soon as the words left my mouth. The radios don't know Arnold is going to be mark. He's going to be on the mark and human ability and he may very Aaron Rodgers may come out Sunday Franklin played a game of his life I would expect. Just you have to plan for us to expect to write well but you exhibit devoted to cap that story they are so confident right now. That they're going to come down here and win this game that it gives me a great deal of confidence. That they are not going to win this game I like to printers in this game I like him a lot this week and it's just one of those feelings that you get leading up to a game frankly he can't really explain it you can't always articulate why you feel as good as you feel but I feel really good about the papers this week. I believe Steve Merrill last week told us that Aaron Rodgers was worth six points. That's what he says he did and he says he was worth six point does it. And you know whether it's a Green Bay is probably you know accurate when it's on the road probably maybe before. Brands as the favored by three will see Ehrenreich is a great football player but. You know he doesn't walk on water. He. You know he doesn't. He puts pants on the same way you and I do and everybody else but he's a really good football player when he does best is improvise and especially. In on on the move. The he's able to process. On his sexy tight throwing motion that. He's gonna throw spirals regardless of where is that what he makes good decisions and that's what makes. Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers he also has you know sneaky athletic schism. You know when you start looking nets you know his ability to escape pressure. How to make plays to keep plays alive and you'll throw the ball down the field you know with you know with accuracy so. They're gonna have the player really did game. And where we're gonna have to win this game is hitting Aaron Rodgers I know this when you break a bone right there's not really much. That you're gonna do to re damage that and typically the tendons in the cartilage and everything else around that you know is okay. It's like different than when you sprain an ankle. You know when you sprain an ankle you have to go out there you cut the terrorist things to Canas you know get him back in being flexible because a lot of build up in damage. You know when you hurt a knee and ankle. When you break a bone it's internally you don't have that same so. The throwing motion you know that Aaron Rodgers will display won't be affected. So I don't expect him to play much different than what he's always played. His Frost's he's been thrown for a couple weeks in a let's be honest and he has a of broken collarbone his left shoulder doesn't prevent you from torn with your right shoulder. Right doesn't prevent him from you know using his hips and his legs to step into one he just can't land on that for quite some time he's sitting in the slaying. So he's out there you know diagnosing reading he's not may be getting the live reps and that may be worries a little rusty with the you know the boards flash in and things like that but as you've heard me say in weeks past great athletes have the ability to slow things down. And that takes a little time you know but like riding a bike if you haven't written one for quite some time you get on it initially you're kind of a little wobbly. You don't know you know kind of the balance a little bit. But then you start peddling. And you know by the end the year your ride you're probably do when we leave your door and are you slide then you're you're you know you. Don't and I think that's kind of the way Aaron Rodgers will be is it'll be shaky at first but I think you'll pick up that day as it goes launch what I thought was funny this morning as I talked a couple of Green Bay Packers fans are shows as well was when they're talking about their specials first off they have a Perkins out there and Perkins has great to. Jerry buy an apple pilot is a Perkins you never been to colonel Hart did it was a Perkins dislike him you know it's like an upscale Danny's. It is like a really nice I hop I Augusta. OK well great. Just what I hear a I hate I don't usually pretty up initially responded did these things sound a good job they announced him as an hour. Build any does sound a bit relatively related to the third guider given. What was funny to listen to him is when they're talking about their shares specials. Like. Still ahead cod. They had haren they had you know. Some call it a lot of different things like on the first missiles you're it's it's not quite catch fish and Trout mask like you see down here it's you know it's all the other northern finish high command tight on the menu you'll hear from. I'm greatly on a roller ball on the grid. A fifth you know that was going to drive that was pretty funny as I doing there but Brett is that Aaron Rodgers isn't you know and feed the masses was once it she you know he's not he hit it a life that alike got a lot a. I suggest you question they ask me when we come back about Julius Peppers does it was an interesting question that I want your take -- we don't worry a lot to get into as far as the printers and Packers are concerned we're gonna talk to Libor bowler coming up but so 11 o'clock I believe it was pretty good sixty for the Packers injuries got some thoughts on the story was there than 96 games to freeze and our asses off so look import back conversation chuck hour's gonna join us there is -- gonna talks in college football Steve Merrill doors and show what fifty pro sports -- great went ahead it's Garcia and they looked. Sure just the boards coaches show every Thursday six via with Chris program brought you by corona light came on line and assist reporter of the Charlotte hornets and 102560. And WS Lindsay Kyl barely frank Garcia and Osbourne here with you on this Friday morning we made it folks it's almost the weekend. Supporters back in action tonight they've got the heat over time albeit their chrome will be their Steve Morton will be there the entire Mac attack will be there really yep will be there. Our wheels as a lot less that sector you over the strive now the guy who. And are there we stole from above us are going to. If that's the last I checked junior executive producer Garcia and Bailey now a part of this drug no no I didn't want home. There's trash no man's treasure always I was just coming like Tiger Woods that us already had a good. And I just goes to be the jets it wasn't so. He wanted to Natalie yeah. That's your just your assimilated the westside story there yes and plus I have your friend and it's just litigation should. What sort of sing and warriors. Hey allied to Al. Like this your questions so I was taught those guys agreement yesterday what you were this morning. And you're the rest of what's your game questions and of course the good the topic got to love a conversation got to the topic of Julius Peppers duck and they were talking of course we talk slow moments first part of what you see guys an agreement just got a and so I think you're doing this morning. And so they said die hey. We're curious about this there's a word is Julius Peppers land. On the list of the greatest athletes ever play in the city Charlotte. And I said you know that's a really interesting question it's a great question and asserted and you would get different answers depending on ES generational FH. Meet him because there are some some old timers have been around Charlotte for a long long time that would probably socialist awesome guys maybe like Cedric cornbread Maxwell and don't just talk about guys they grow and I talked to the greatest athletes right right Ramadan just talk in my -- right or wrong you know guys that he's in the conversation about it but still where would you list Julius Peppers has it. In defense of MBP. Not how I know he's a hall of Famer I know that first guy is a first ballot hall fame no doubt about that what he's not from Charlotte. Right he's more from Raleigh Durham chapel era hill area if I'm not mistaken. And around that. That area. He got Jack severe weather and there's obviously in just kind of thinking out loud here sorry guys but. You know played a couple of years mum was a dominant player. But the way that he left I think kind of soured that a little bit you know when he went to Chicago hotel and you're here you're probably Charleston may be still school Virginia Tech. It when he decided to part ways with the Panthers and believe the money that they are throwing at him wasn't good enough so old. There's going to be a lot of people that still hold that grudge a little bit against him. You know with him turning. Back on the city after they offered him a couple of in a multimillion dollar contracts the highest paid defensive line to ever play defense lineman ever played Marty Helling was responsible for those contracts and he said no thank you. He wanted to go play for a good defense so he went to the Chicago Bears in order to play for. If somebody that he can bring himself to Italy maybe just wanna get out Charlotte I don't know but. Hum. You know maybe it's because of his personality. I'm not sure what it's a really good question it is because you don't. Ike to the public can stop him because I'm just I'm thinking about a mess and I think we you know. Rasheed is up there pass it maybe maybe I see you've got discouraged in the conversation voice yeah well I guess that that's the what are the parameters right handed it to death to a played in the in the city right because it means socially and Davidson but I mean that's all he's from here that he's from Charlie -- structural but I mean I guess we combining its pro sports I don't know like what are the parameters yeah as I was thinking about and ask the question and -- RS from a self. Let's came already surpassed him on a pecking order tomb you know that some think about that because obviously Julius have been around a lot longer but I'm. I don't know that he's had to kind of do the superstar impacted Tim said so is Kim already surpassed Julius Peppers on the list of the all time the elite pinnacle of the structural an athlete program a moth yes exactly I Rockefeller Johnson you're you have zillow. Our Dwight Clark did like Clark's ago. When Islam. You know you have five staff fight like I said I'm born and raised here once shark Christian you know and it obviously played a Davis and I think we can include. You know the surrounding areas of Charlotte the Charlotte as well you know within proximity in Davidson's your and his north Charlotte. So I capsule it would include him in that. You know obviously he's like I said you have Rasheed. I think you are to Providence high school. I never played here in Charlotte and believe maybe the quickstep about the bobcats if I'm not mistaken maybe I am. But you know that's one of those guys you and so on that conversation. Cam stride they're the conversation and guess what I mean. You know JP Julius Peppers right there as well and also another name this going to be in this conversation as well and also has done. You know and I think he's arguably if healthy. And that's going to be a big if obviously with those things and of these had to deal with. Rookie QB in the conversation as well I agree. You know but the deep what stands out and almost all these guys and why. You know it's hard for me to say Julius Peppers but it's easier for me to say cam is personality. Right I think personality. In branding yourself has something to do with that. Because it makes us on the outside have a perception about who you Warren what you wore. He'll Cam Newton is the face of one of the faces of the NFL you may not be on the mount Rushmore but he's on that next four. Right as far as the way that more at the way they brand etc. You know the NFL you know Russell Wilson's on that next for our belief. You know but then do we start looking that you know here in Charlotte Houston greatest. We got a couple digits called in and eat daily slipped your mind because one of those from Estonia James Worthy but there's no. Another thing I see that that's where Antawn Jamison place obvious and Antawn OJ did if you are so rare coin I I didn't I committed to show this morning but we're looking to make this one of those not rush more days were you when we don't have to make this is really don't we have enough to talk about your life I do think it's it's jigsaw we will take the calls when I do wanna see the text because I want to know people think about this. Because again we is that it's extra French ask are we talking from Charlotte or played in Charlotte I think I'm. I think it's all encompassing. I think if you've had anything to do with being born and raised here in Charlotte. You spent some time whether it's high school pro I think that she via you know about a big part of the conversation James Worthy. You never played for the hornets right here he's from Estonia and is he did in that conversations I think if you're gonna encompass. All of that has we all encompassing the upper right and I think that. You know it's a taste is that you make a list is one basket now don't actually pass on the last Erica what Solis about Rushmore c.'s top four guys and doesn't say I don't know I mean if we're talking greatest days. Keys and that's a great question and that's what I did and I honestly I think steps well on his way. To being the top of the key right now. I don't know if he's there yet. You know I think that you got a problem look at Larry Johnson. You know because of the brand that the hornets are means. Kyle you were here Charlotte jewelry what were you in ninety's in 1991 and he knows little over two hours away and how. How old were how old a little we result which it alleged 909297. So your seven years old Jeremy but so I didn't appreciate that stuff and part of not. A deal but once you start at 8910. You did not in Phoenix Arizona at the time. Or Seattle Washington excuse me at the time the early ninety's knowing when Gramm Lamar and analysts and it was hot there. When it and win something and you'll from Charlotte city of Charlotte is hot and Seattle Washington. You know it's a big thing death right you know people know Cam Newton is. I would be and I'm not sure this in Seattle Washington or Portland organ. Or somewhere in California I'm one of those you know beach towns. That they know who Julius Peppers us. They know who steps curious. They know. Larry Johnson was they know James Worthy is for the most part right in those three to me Antawn Jamison I guess is another one that you saw on that. Dwight Clark because the catch it's celebrated everywhere it. And then then you start getting into that second group but can't come to me because of his popularity right is out salute you on that list but. But by the same logical I think it does become problematic is that if you ask someone from one of those beach towns out in California or US someone from. I don't know Fargo, North Dakota or whatever is where is stiff Cory from now where does he play where staff Cory from. I I question how many of them would actually noticing Charlotte north kill enough because they don't know Charlotte because they don't always back story don't know his background as a I think that's regardless Williams they have to that's where did just that because I thought it was a great question they had guys are fine but but when you find out whether they know it or not they know who he is that we're talking about more than where he's from that many people on the West Coast cleaver or not still. You know when I talk about those cities up and organ in the northwest I know exactly we're Charlotte, North Carolina is or isn't Florida somewhere on is that is that the is that. Does that here. Is Tom Coughlin the coaches that came to mark seriously I don't know yeah he's the same people who don't know west Virginia's a state Melamine so is it is it is and and assess the process takes so I. I think this is to separate conversation that they too are the greatest. Athletes to ever play professionally in the city Charlotte and most popular who were among the best athletes in in or from Charlotte I meet I think those are two very distinct it's two very distinct. Conversations because it gives you go to first the greatest professional and always it always looks so you're you're gonna you're gonna come so safe to say don't. Professional sports or college as well yeah I know I think you just gotta go approach first okay you have tortoise and printers and I think if you say you were the greatest professional athletes ever he's. Limiting the list to. You know such as smaller such as well listen I think disappointed with that when you do limit with the other one you're saying we're the greatest athletes ever come on Charlotte you're gonna say that in that he knows the way I think that Julius Peppers creeps into that right. And that was that's that was sort of nebulous as you're trying to give him and there's some way shape performance I want to sound like you're trying to do what I don't know I think there's the only way he does make a list like you said is that we use our do you when you throw instead of Korea hasn't garnered a good morning as Bloomberg well. He's he's is he is Charlotte I don't he's he's from the mountains it's imperative is it Hillary yeah he's from Hickory exactly as he's eight UH yeah yeah EC season mound that's Ali it's classified yeah it's easy to settle for Khazei and I NATO jitters being too exactly yeah he's an on board a sense of I've always thought then that Switzerland you know bedside and I think you're creates its own little place you know and Estonia commit to humid PR it's always want to quarantines guess don't. Craig RFI is a little offense drag yesterday were BI I have written a hit or is not considered Charlotte's Nam metropolis is Charlotte's. Proper properly. Right no I agree on percent are always legitimate thought it was more mountain blue ridge up blood and govern what do it was that your boy let's take us there were a TrueCrypt is ritualistic doctors really about a little screw rich what's up. I got stuck going. Are you talk about seven reporter Tareq. Off the necessarily several foreign I don't know you know those you know Charlotte surrounding areas. Look at what about god or yeah I think it's absolutely. There aren't my programmes absolutely years ago North Carolina boy but he's not that conversation he's not a conversation with those guys though. We want the Carolina. Jonas. And then he went a span a year ago and leveling against Russia and. Won a super boy bullies or losses suitably got crushed by the niners team that won here. What do played it yet no listen I mean Joseph means that give proceeds of phone calls a good name is good friend. You know but I don't know she's in this conversation HR on means is a very popular local guy. I'm you know like you said he went to Carolina teenager on main highlight your Promos and I'll watch old Nebraska gains on YouTube sort of got yeah. Yeah I mean you know and again I mean I don't know I don't do it conversations and past crises undertake this when we are Gregory was it's on Tuesday you'll go to break Jalisco and old very well somebody or your. Maybe not their job. Grumman is on this was a red. I'm all right. Part Port Authority lots more out there and Rick where is going to be in the arms patiently. Not progressed we got it that removed story on the upper thirty. There is very not honor the part of that a great Persian Greg it was a great story this reasons you guys they're probably did you certainly a legend. And no you take your phone call 70457. Or 96 and I just thought that was an interesting question and not surprisingly the phone the closed below their outlook on Baxter imported it and there was Garcia and Billick. Unexpectedly used conversations blown out the window controller for the time being the a lot of folks setting us up on the JJ drove us Twitter and box and other buildings that are tax line and everywhere else talking about this conversation because this seems like more one of those July conversations oral kind of sitting around waiting for real sports that are backup aside from baseball but. No me this is out there are times you sit in a bar pretty nice you're gonna. Gonna have a conversation and yet you know all of sudden boom it slips to some adults you know and don't can't know that this is our first you're doing this and protect your bat. And say you did an amazing job but. A lot of talk didn't. You know more room talk this mistress yeah just little stuff like this so any time that you feel like you know this is a top of the conversation I know guys out there do as well you know it's locker room talk cooler talk you know and bar room and stuff. To me that's what. I like sports talk. Rated B would Odom personal fire chief general and the reason being is because like assuming I was doing an interview yesterday at the Green Bay and he asked me that question just I was walking around my sorry. Question it was it was Booker on the sidewalks and craft service in my apartment it's cold outside I just gotta stop just a good question. It depends how you frame or because the question was if you missed it is premiere radio host just last night S resisted. Where's Julius Peppers all Melissa devote the greatest athletes in history Charlotte and I said baucus. I guess it depends on how you frame that because you're talking about the mount Rushmore of professional athletes who played supported supporters the bobcats are or the the Panthers. Well certainly I think he makes the list but if you start talking about a list of the greatest athletes ever come from Charlotte. And the surrounding area in terrorist implicitly grasshoppers dozen towns are not count you know I know this. Let's you'll be realistic quiz our tremors here sidebar did you leave logo is a sidebar series freighters old bouncer Steve Loko so his own show now that's that's. And it's track calories and that I expect our after the I swear I got. Imagine Jim a run and on the treadmill the other day not to derail this. And I look up. And my first thought for like four or five seconds is why the hell is cal Ripken. Doing it Jerry Springer tight shot I look at him I looked at him for me I thought. I did that's got to be cal Ripken who email list and it was like does Steve will close shot at diners Ers like Texas shouted thank you I appreciate it took a. By the way we have some folks upset with you lost your your classifying. Metzenbaum garner as a Hickory died. You saw their ideology single accident I like where's he from my buddies Japanese need to make yet I snickering nice from Hudson did a right Oz two I don't care. Heard of Hudson and I thought. That's right it. No it okay this okay dishonest just eleven minutes it just eleven minutes start to bother me are foes are blowing up bullets in drag distract yourself with that person to frontiers good list right stacks of rights that was that was a text writes in his list of Charlotte pro athletes. Cam Newton Larry Johnson Julius Peppers Steve Smith that's a pretty saw these guys uses if you stick in the pro athletes simply. The city Charlotte Cam Newton. Larry Johnson Julius Peppers Julius Peppers is Nazis that's Mallory for for a mount Rushmore the war where does. Lou cheaply fallen of that. Probably or does he probably not quite know where yet I don't like god I'm with you I think you will. And again TDs and forces went on that list where where where does. Does Dale Junior fallen to this list is the nature boy fall on this list or were they just a by product of he did get our heart right delegates and discussions about accolades vs just fame the car and here's the other thing too I mean I I think tales from the city. But it's he played the sport that went everywhere wasn't just considered Charlotte. Regular hall frames here the NASCAR all things here. Continue Paul fight NASCAR drivers in this because they're thinking that opens up a completely different new palm you know arena. They ways you know that just opens up a whole do different arena when you start looking at you know I WWW. Wrestler wrestler right Gregory where I mean. Ric Flair the nature boy is not from Charlotte. Note is that Minnesota her idea so he wrestled occasionally in Charlotte. But the W Debbie was all over yeah right he was a big figure but yet he lived eventually and Charlotte but why do we consider him Charlotte's here. You don't live here anymore is in Atlanta now. I don't know if everybody wants to claim to the famous guy right this is regulated and it's not at Charlotte Clinton everywhere thank you -- you wanna claim the guy who was with the issues with it for some period of time he's one marks doesn't necessarily wrong with that but we're lesson on how regionalism in the bag lady do I mean seriously I mean we look at this word does cornbread Maxwell says. Don't think he's a charlatan originally but he played it for the 49ers. I didn't play as professional ball here obviously that was in Boston but you know for what he did in college basketball. They over the final four and or using MVP in the MBA. Armed and they still want Judy rose fired by the way but. Met at LS you know that's kind of the thing right. Yeah yeah absolutely right are at 7045709. This extended joining us up and dale dale junior's example so thank you for that and I would consider canal plus still surrounding area windshield well it's the same this and we core series called Charlotte generate the minutes that he's from connect listeners did you need any time that some ways you know big and famous and popular indeed and well liked you kind of want to wrap your arms are bringing all into go to Maine gloriously is easier from Phoenix you live in Tempe mesa Scottsdale Chandler crystal Katrina exactly you know it's and it's because that's what people's seat it's like you people I know where Mason says -- -- where Phoenix Arizona's address the eight bit Brothers are probably gonna tell the concorde but you know they probably say Charlotte to to describe where does. Anyway our. Against 70457. Or 96 to all of these guys to elect a funny Jeff took annoyed Bill Maher discussed as we got a huge message in this weekend triple what sort of summer top ten list. It's a four hour show dude. You want x.s and o.s breakdown that's titillating radio. It was related titillating is as Williamson titillating x.s and o.s breakdown for the next four hours due out here a sort of phone call let's go to fill. And does he replace Phillips about it. I don't don't do it. At one guy at the age now think a lot people think about. Actually from Charlotte played they all are high school where I graduated Ray Durham what I'm all our Chicago white. Yeah let's go and we appreciate it so thank you very much. And you know again there's a rams this is where they're talking translations and this is where conversations splits right you know we wanna start including great athletes from all over the area yes or thrown in does like Hassan Whiteside from Estonia a million on and I and I'm joking but not because that's where you have to I think divide that conversation because our house are and why it's that is uses same vicinity. It was these other guys etc. I know yeah right I mean. Similar motives are you sort of corporate all sorts of names I don't think was the the original for the conversation to question that was asked where is Julie newspaper peppers right I think that pertains to professional athletes and played the city of Charlotte and it's an interesting conversation by the way price doubled from folks and ask about that and Davis are more than 81 of the guys agree and they think about camp. What works what doesn't agree that the guys that I talked till it was about can they were just how largely indifferent it is just that nobody wants nobody knows a critical it was incumbent veteran there was kind of industry I'm. I'm the same way among with the news that was you've got I got the same type of Phil and it was all about Aaron Rodgers had nothing else nothing else mattered not Aaron Rodgers walked on water Aaron Rodgers fed the masses with this year Enron. Rodgers did this in that you know Aaron Rodgers was the larger than life figure in the fact that he was coming back was the only story line and going on. We have to realize agreement there's not much going on other than fish Fries and and you know that's there's Breaston can maybe ice and I appreciate but just some video and I don't know you know when you start looking net. You know who their savior is who's the guy that is going to be able to take him to the promised threatened promised land and who's gonna go undefeated as the season that's with a pack of you have to do in order to make it. As stars were there and Roger so it wasn't about cam that and ask me any questions about camp. Bomb in fact they forgot about him when they start talking about the running game it was all about McCaffery and Stuart nice I had to remind him I said yeah as she got one. He's fun little peace in that running game and why this is one of the best running games in the NFL's because a Cam Newton. And you know his ability to break off those sixty plus yard runs which he's done twice this year first time in history of the NFL quarterbacks ever done that in the same season so. You know that's. You know where you start you know I think of stars with cam. You know as a one or are you obviously if we were talking about the passing game etc. they thought that he was underwhelming that was largely it was kind of disappointing the type season. That he had and I said you guys are looking at the wrong thing when it comes to numbers. You know with Ford just gonna look at numbers mean they're stacked them up compared Aaron Rodgers or drew freezer. You know Peyton Manning in order you know guys like Tom Brady. Then his numbers aren't welcome terrible but when you look at his impact and you throw into his rushing into the game and rushing attack and all the things he does. He's been assertion in the games of the journal or death as a one. Cam Newton has been an extremely efficient the games that they haven't. Whether it's his fault not the ball's been turned over. He's making winning plays and I like I keep saying that over and over again you're probably tired of hearing you but I think it's so important reiterate that even if his numbers are MVP caliber Tim Newton is making winning plays right now and you know did you play to win the cave so that's that's a really important thing to remember I've got to come back when we go. It's time for snap judgment and I've got a really big problem with former Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams. Loss of five yeah. And it wasn't always so DeAngelo Williams a condescending voice that you heard was the voice of DeAngelo Williams talking to. Peter Schrager and child brands into a Nate Burleson and frank is just cringing over there what do you credit. You you your friends are part of that would cringe at about. Because I think you're misinterpreting. And representing the conversation pool how. So it Fisher I. Are you jumping right there present Ottawa I don't wanna get too far down this road only to have to backtrack so you don't know she's back tragedies are you to say would you want a sailor on. Don't talk about backtracked and in my opinion of circled back to tell me what you think of getting Rauf I think that's that was two guys are three guys having fun talking smack. You know I I don't. I don't I don't believe that it was not from what I heard I don't believe I did did you see the Clinton -- yeah need to see the clip I'm just and you're from white guys were from what I heard that's all six have not seen it from what I heard. I'm gonna interpret that as us three in here talking a little you know what you need and still trying to dog the other guy and one up the other guy that's what I interpreting that. And I think if I'd only heard the audio I would agree with a view. But but watching the interactions between the two you you see it very differently and we'll show it to you during the break but I know you. You look at least you heard now but the point is not that I think DeAngelo Williams is the most horrible personal life that's not a good news I think direct there was an element is busting balls in the skies are busting doesn't rejected a U. He doesn't I think there's an element of that I really blessed that I felt like it was going. But I do think it's tired and lazy you know in this day and age for Dallas DeAngelo Williams to come with them because look how Brett there was a host of good morning football if there was division more running back to Princeton I was first in Alabama no of course it's not. Right what he did play division one football he does started a game of football and so I think that for anyone who did play in the NFL what you guys have is as unique perspective is there will be on the game of football. If that's the qualifier you having played in the NFL what about a guy like it's hot in the chick you're a guy who evaluates talent. Who was an SES quarterbacks are you here at Richmond which is for the rest of his career studying film learning the game it became an analysts on ESP and he didn't dismiss the NFL is is is is considered opinion completely invalid Mike Leach didn't play in the NFL Charlie Weis didn't Todd Haley played golf and became the offer to coordinate in Pittsburgh Steelers so that's the kind of stuff right let's have good talks well here is. Things are back too lazy stuff. Thumb I don't know those guys relationship top I don't know Daniel's relationship with those two guys you know that he's at their Boston balls where. You know when you and I sit here in you don't have the ability to watch us and all you do as heroes you're gonna do give an interpretation of do we like each other we really gonna fight what's taken place go to right there. And sometimes when you see it you're gonna have a different interpretation you know as well. But the bottom line is I have a great relationship my respect for you you have a great relationship respect for me nobody respects auto. Oh we don't understand how Grassley may have met. I sit back and forth to each other. You know we can have it in good for sure we can talk and good fund. And again I have not seen this but I don't know the relationship. And sometimes when you see things on TV is gonna give you different perspective because you're not used to on television the buttoned up. You know you've done plenty of joy I had a ball is sitting there with your hand you don't know what to do with some everything's supposed to be so stale. And rehearsed and talked about. And discussed. As soon as something gets out of that norm like we doing here quite a bit which we bused each other's balls in which is the reason why a lot of people enjoy. And number one show next to each other polls have you know they they enjoyed that that back in force hears me that's all ice that's all I heard from the. But today and so I I hear you and here's what bothers me here's where I think you're actually making excuses forgot you don't need to be I don't know because what I'm saying is. You don't do that you don't collect our most guys that I know have played here are told don't pull that card ever. You know because hey it's not necessary the rest of us know you guys achieved a level of football you know I guess acumen to the rest of us probably won't go and I'll probably will never cheat right. But what I what I express an opinion to you about today right you're never so condescending is that when you're wrong to never done that before so how would you possibly though they'll collect our right to explain it you give your perspective you try to teach you try to help people understand the Angel Williams is as outright con the settlement when you watch this clip it's really really uncomfortable and I that's but that the entire pour this on the leader is that. I don't understand why so many people find that guy so unlikable I really I can't stand it I can rely amid. I can see why but listen I mean it's it's not always been like that. You know for me in on one sure a lot of those guys a start off in this sure you know because. But he's actually five anymore. You know when you get to what he is you know maybe not as experienced now is what's you don't you don't. He's zinni is inexperience is coming out right at his immaturity. On talking about those things are coming out sort of understand invalidated a point and and making in teaching. You know you get frustrated. In you point out and you. Well you'd talking down to somebody and you that's what to you I'm sure that would still like devices you have no idea retirement you employ bright. I don't get a little wider have a conversation right that's what would you watchful bought diplomatically and not having played the NFL and elevates every thought and I got a little ball at all and that's right and what we as aspects actually have to realize not many people debt we were this few and far between that's exactly right we should be getting the credibility yeah there are in our our securities based on. All our name that ex NFL player. You know what I would do if I was them I say eulogy usual you're absolutely right you Kerry next five minutes they show ago. Del Duca because there's a damn difference because yes some people are great at responding. Some people. Go out there and they lead the shows and you need those guys what I wanna see I want to see. The reactions and the smartest way to show it to go to Oregon and cross shelter they got really uncomfortable on their I just I I I watched it I thought. That's just lace is really really lazy and it it's not something that I think are nothing I think that I know you don't do to people that I know my best friends that have played beautifully coach in the NFL don't do to people and so I just think DeAngelo Williams it's understandable why people don't like this guy. It is it's crystal clear we'll come back how we're number soon. I'm really robot coming up next we're gonna talk drifters trackers on the other side will get this dog saw another wins this game on Sunday and watch Garcia and they looked.