Garcia & Bailey: Hornets Fall To Warriors

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Thursday, December 7th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Kyle and Frank discuss the Hornets loss to the Warriors. 


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Garcia. OK okay Garcia a very late here on Thursday. He told her outside and I like. Couldn Daniel like those colder and Allen all and you like it I just. I mean look I'm mama warm weather guy good 67 degrees just doesn't feel like Christmas the reason why I live in Charlotte yeah right and I'm sure there's a lot of people that until this way maybe some that don't. And the reason why other people probably means from other places to be in Charlotte. And is because of the great weather yes write what you know with that you know during the summer in the springs a hot summer little humid but. Spring in the fall are probably two of the most beautiful place time you can find anywhere in the country without question in the winter is not bad at smile but I'd blow. Of occasional snow every now and then like this weekend. Stores get may be an ancient tomb moment in the sun moon. Knows there's just guys unity exists here they are just trying to remind you but you know that the seasons the leaves change and all those type of things. It's why I live here Charlotte's great climate great place to raise your children and obviously. There are good people here to. No doubt about it it's it's it is an awesome awesome place that's the gist of it into a bit and I'm excited for some winter light go temperatures though I'm headed up to Philly tonight the midshipmen know more than my share of a vote of winter like temperatures of their mean Kroger in the door. I wish for you look like one on this is will this are addressed most of his familiar to you and yours in the trees in this morning. How with the assistance to help cure it would. Good morning guys and a bush administration and I don't photograph a secret couple I'm not to go to camera gear on go to Columbia and swipe arrest but a sweater so I don't disorder rather. That's what religious police investment. On a sweater vest is a big plus ice it's it's a fleece them thank you have blood test John because there's no but like I thought I. Hey I can't stand when they showed turns into a referendum on my fashioned style because quite doesn't I don't have a fashion stuff knows do. I'm his age analysts say did you think every day I know it's it's frat boy she's afraid to put shape and I felt the same thing. Everett it's like hey I'm in a threat and also from the country yeah exactly and I'm cool customer cooling your clue into her cool and I can go hunting I don't like dawning okay. I didn't notice Jason and that's exactly what it's a statement that he's made due with what he's wearing. My god yarder that is the right now ensemble and then I think that last are really bothers me the hunting Madonna always like go to close that might be a little cold I get tired walking your. Three Iran has got so that's what it is very little individual can. That's a jerk my hunch of those great vigilant you have declined to give the trees and a kid Simpson and especially if you can actually I don't. Home and I didn't know little bit I'd I'd have nightmares about their bill. So we got a lot of stuff to get into including her to talk about the Russians in North Korea and so forth today is serious about the idea yesterday Olympics or will we know. Okay yeah because seriously there there's some speculation that the United States athletes may not attend the Olympics because of the North Korean threat and if you factor in the Russians have been banned from the 20082 Olympics because of doping. It's a really instant conversation take at least we can do that later in the show what's up the health blog this conversation wouldn't we do portraits of geopolitics of for duo we're trial enough so we'll do that. We're going to be joint letter about diffuse tech college football news chuck Howard fox 46. John helping fantasy football expert from brutal wire and at 1 o'clock Jason lock in for a a CBS sports NFL insider so a lot to get into battle started here. I know you're watching and tweeting about it last night. Com. Boy that was disappointed that the Charlotte hornets last night it was disappointed if you had expectations. That's the sad thing right why I. And I guess it depends on what those expectations were right my expectations. Were not necessarily for them to win this game because I thought OK no steps Korea which is still got KD dream on green clay Thompson and I welcome hearing alas that which by the way and even bother look to see what Tom the game started before I left home last night there ourselves over an hour. Let us and had half as long turnaround period talked to Steve Martin's auditor military guys and their logo early there's nobody Miriam a tip figure out why. No on the guy and I talked to croak and we find other dream on greens soccer classic okay will looses this is a winnable game potentially now. And then they come out. And just look like a dumpster firing the first well most of the first and second quarter. Can't knock down wide open shots are talking about the great defense the Golden State has been known player top track I'm talking about this Morrissey and could not knock down wide open shots what does the first but I. Sod there was no problem on the offensive cyber shot it was all the defense that was let this team down. Isn't that with the U lead sentiment that we were being told from new people to cover this team in the people live to watch is that offences and a problem it's all defense and defense defense defense this offense can't score. It is offense there is no scores except for Kemba Walker on this office that you gonna turn and I'm not talking every of the night tell everything that guys can do everything that you. I didn't get hot for one night because we're athletic and and put in fifteen. Every third or fourth night we can do that right but you have to do with the MB level to be a professional. You have to do it consistently and that's what this team doesn't have wind. The backdrops for. You don't Q cook kiss where cook you don't like yeah I know I had that was Quinn got a they're excited about I mean he had eight points but you know the other guy. And you know Iguodala has been an all star before but he's a 150 years old Shaun Livingston's you know justice in territories are going to be here with the bobcats and even though bonus for a little bit then. It but those of their backups and guys start for us. They look and my line is there anything that I said this I mean it's funny because his true. I saw its radio last night. Say this there they've lost four games at home this year let the Medicare elected as a check these kids from work or your fronted with a more just and holier what's going to trump. A road to certain necessities are precise and some high school. I'd tell throwing himself Jason doesn't get high school kids look at us like zoo animals have been through there Glasser how awful this car that's what's gonna North Carolina pull over on his or her try to do since who's running is about the Franken a lot of delegates sixteen year old kid talking trash to frank threw a glass and it's amazing right now John Stevens half. I'm watching yeah I want to get you going to figure somewhat out. Eyes on you just familiar what irritates me your friend is not a lot of energy like or your some great white hunter. Anyway it and all I saw you tweeting about this and I and I last it was so enormously but. This team. Cannot shoot the basketball. Right now on to say right now because gorillas are some guys on this team that they do have stability but did you shoot the basketball there's not a shooter. On this team. Save for Kemba Walker and he's not a shooter he just a greatly improved shooter is a guy shoots a lot better than he did what he had to the lead and he's a good shooter not a great shooter there are none of those on the state and go out last night they can't knock down open shots -- playing a team with no staff no dream on great did you play gets the second best player in the world and Kevin Durant I get that right Eggleton is still really special player but. The way they played offensively in the first half. There's just not much excuse for you paid professionals and are you missing wide open shots and not just wide open eighteen footers bunnies shots around the room they can't blame ups and I mean Michael Korda wins less likely I think it was 8578. Somehow. Kimball will that team back into this game they cut the lead single digits 8578. Michael Korda Williams gets a seat of the bucket and blows like this forward bunny of the night. Michael Corwin is the NBA rookie of the year and I'm not sure I've ever seen more offensively challenged started my time watching the India. I really I'm not traversing what I just take some teeple longer. To come to the conclusion that some people canard to see. Her and you know you and I watch the game on Monday night. Not a conversation about you know whereas this offense and what is this team do with Margaret Carr Michael Carter Williams on the court. It's great to be able to passing control Enron but a lot of guys that play basketball. You know at any level what to do that. I that you distribute you know they can hustle. You have to be able scored honestly yes you have to be on the score in this league and when you don't just have worn but you have several guys that can't. I are consistent level you know then you're gonna struggle it and when you play a team that mean this important hour were on the court last night. Tell me we was guarded. A seriously good. You're a Mets the Mets a problem from a stable mr. points well made because he's not so he's not suited to defend it seemed like that the can switch one through five does all the things that they do here's the issue go by Michael Korda Williams for second there have been offensively challenged players in this league for a look at it like Rajon Rondo Rajon Rondo couldn't shoot journal. He was effective he was distributor. And nearly finish around the rim and and I'm not agree to order a Michael Korda Williams contributed just had a bad night but I'm telling you right now. Are you 1% a couple of games get day it's bad it's it's it's a really really badly dot at this point. I thought it was ugly not only was the rookie of the lineup and put but it's Kyle around five years ago he did this book but Kyle Orton 'cause he was pretty good. That's what we hear little about these players but but. But. There are all excuses. It's about results. It when you're watching your team and you're paying mind to go see that I don't care what he was I don't know what he has done. I don't care what the answers to 2015 has no relevancy on what they're doing 2017. I don't care Kim was the MVP in June in two years ago what's he doing now I don't care that you know the job distort five years ago you had a thousand yards. And DeAngelo Williams on this team in this office why don't I don't care. I wanna know these guys do not know what the hornets do now what does Nicholas Batum doing now to justify his point four million dollar contract what does Dwight Howard joined to justify his 2.5 million dollar contract I would say Dwight Howard is. I am like it's a guy that is is. I mean that some of that money. There are two guys and his team played at a high level right now and Kemba Walker that's it. Like Batum has obviously got a little bit better over the last two or three games but still not nearly enough sort of justifies salary so the point here is what. What's the point here. Okay it's that defensively we're being told it's all or did they did defensively they gotta gotta gotta stop team that's what's gonna win games and so on and so forth okay fine you got to play great defense. But only one guy on this team. One guy. Aside from Kemba Walker who when he gets a wide open eighteen footer. You feel really good that it's going and when the shot goes up anybody. Bill are now Biller though I'd I didn't want right so at some point and started to more current now with a wide open eight. In footer Maine he struggled at times it to the Torre won last night he's not shot the three ball well this year he's getting to the free throw line which is. You know better than what he's done in the past he's just not finishing we're waiting for that Allen Iverson moment where he's just to let you know become some important portion artists in the in the air and and you know deal to finish so's but he's not he's taken away and I'm not. I'm not knocking on Kemba Walker he places ass off every night I know I get that a Kemba Walker I can win. With that type of effort every night Kemba Walker is not the problem is part of the solution. Tom the Dwight Howard is not part of the problem is part of a solution you can make an argument for anybody else on the team that are part of the problem. It's I looked I'll say this forest upside to politics and phone call myself 123 orbital yes and it and it there's. Look at the scene to scene lawyers have shut down player of the year the guy that's gonna be the next greatest defense apart that's what we've been sold. Elite defender. Minus nine and KG. I'd like to kid he's a hard player he plays hard. You know he gives us for those are all great things but collier and I do go out there and give effort. I wouldn't shut somebody down. If you can't score if you can't you play on the offensive side if you nut and giving some don't want any better be even leaked. Not good he leaked to the and another thing we don't have an elite player at any thing we do. We don't have any we don't have any lead player we don't we have Jimmy Walker is really good really really good but it's not you. Leaked. I'm gonna be fair this team before or break because the same time I talked to Mike Batiste after the game must not impose came shortly. Puerto something to me that I do think he's worth mentioning it's really worth mentioning this team has four losses at home this year. Those four losses have come to Golden State. The Cleveland Cavaliers San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets for the best intentionally flew. That's response I thought I'd get but I put out there aren't as of the next two teams to come to Charlotte or the Chicago Bulls but to be able to you oops wait a minute I'm in that we'll have to wait and see if it's unbeatable team on Friday and. There's not a team on our list. That we play for the rest of the season. That anybody should say we're better than and we should win because everybody around the league is looking at this team and saying the exact same thing. You can you can deny that all you want but there's not another teen around the MBA that doesn't say that's indeed right game for us we have a chance to win that game. So we can use that same argument put them. You know if we play well we can win you know to make that argument a winning team we play except for maybe a handful and last night we saw one of those teams and expect to beat that team. I expected to be competitive. The game was never competitive. Never or even say when they got denied and you know the third quarter. You never really believe you know you never really believe they're usually come out Golden State Warriors took their foot off the gas and when they wanted to apply pressure game overdue is it that extended. Imagine how bad that would look like last night Kim and save them within the first half and they were down twenty. What's cool its relentless relentless pace or plus points at two minutes and 57 seconds they were down by 26 before that imagine how bad they could've looked it did not work for Kemba Walker yes I know frank got hurt and that's awful. No cigar store I know Cody got her later in the day but you can't blame must not let those guys were just bad supporters fans are your children how frustrated are you this morning 70457. Or 96 symbol take some phone calls we come back and was Michael Jordan right is just for super team and everybody else sucks it's Garcia Baylor. How salty sort of this morning. But let me say there's still. Because right now we're talking about this during the break I. I don't feel we shouldn't have to qualify this all the time because we care we would do qualify it. We like to does that organization we were you and I both on a personal level like Steve Clifford you know him better and I do we like Steve Clifford. Like the people that I met over there I like all the players NIC Batum we agree conversational produced by these guys guard Mike Batiste is the friendlies dudes on earth it's not personal but. But when you watched this team last night how could you not be just flat out frustrated and that he cares enough irate. To watch a team that went out on national television just a couple of national talk televised games this year. And embarrassed themselves in the first test. How could you not be frustrating well. In a crowd that's a good point you know because. You know I know we pokes fun at times at these guys expense pulling for him to win it but I am absolutely pulling for this team to win. I want them to be good I really do your first true for us is trends for the Charlotte to eons for the people are tired of the dog chasing its tail. Marines whose team to win but you know when you see no improvement and you see. You know hundred no direction and you see no identity. It's really hard for me to sit there and take it I don't take things very well no you don't I just don't so I. That may be good it may be bad blood that's when Liam. And I try to tell is as much as as it does in my mind's not gonna change and as I mean I'm wrong I'm not wrong. All a lot going to be the first to admit that you know are. Like to admit it now. I don't does no one to right so you know was this team. You know this is just about doing what we're seeing in a release what I see to be successful and you don't have to play basketball deceased you know what success looks like you don't have to have played a sport to you don't understand. You know what consistency it looks like what effort looks like what hustle looks like now what part looks like. You know you just have to move. He's studied and stand in Ogden. Around us like I said young couple weeks go I have my Ph.D. in sport is good to see you you. Been around high level athletes your entire life and I just chuckle sometimes resorted to the occasional sex and the listeners says. Oh what is striking about basketball and play football I can tell you one thing in in the those years that I don't discuss what the good lord about a does that. He is our friends what a schism. Is unlike anybody's and I've I've talked to for the most part because when you spend that much time relatively low level athletes you just know how to identify and and you know when you look at someone when they're not that way no injuries look like oh yeah that you listen this guy rattle lost it it's like as a teaching anatomy and I'm not an activity or whatever it is he TI didn't -- as injuries I don't know he knows how to Rimage dumped or or -- to work on and so it's crazy you have among your entire life that's got to deal with some aiming you know I'm not and I'm not a doctor but you know doctors nor do they trouble shoot at a time it's a decision. He's right you go on training table since. He does a lot of training tables to ask that the Roma that by the way not only does this question a second here Lamar listeners because no sooner the question how salty argue look my mouth some text to back super sultan. So increasing at a fellow useless there's they're hilarious but there are some close calls we'll go to Q authors doctor Q what some noise. They got a bullet you know you got absolutely spot on the border. You know the one thing about police throw it is struggle with well. Just about the perhaps believed if not other three corporate elite as. Of the great sir Charles Barkley airport without its work there are playing for first second third fourth fifth and six feet. And that study group play for championships so everybody struggled a quiet dignity that well maybe Houston. The Golden State the Cleveland and the off than. You could come walking in there I think it's comrade in the order Greg if there's a net and that's cool oh. But other than that everybody players respect plate and trying to find and I didn't and that's our respect. Thanks Joseph appreciate that antenna illustrate deploy a little bit too unrelated warrants mentioning that you look at a team right now light don't local city thunder right. Carmelo Paul George was Russell Westbrook doesn't player but to me there's some 500 right now you know and and that's not to justify with the hornets Donna sister say OK yes it's early. They're just hear the difference between. I'm just say yes there is early and just there are some teams out there that they don't they don't have pristine records are going to be okay that's right but what's inclination do you have right now to believe that this team is going to be okay because they can't shoot the basketball. Name all those players again. Which will be okay see Paul George from them or declare right color. He's and maybe age embodies the damn good player you know Russell has brought Russell Westbrook really employee nearly. I mean. Because you have pieces. That you could argue you know when they play well are going to be able to beat Romania team like Golden State every now and then or Cleveland or in some of the elite teams. You want loose for some of those fourteen you talked about utility have a chance. Give me one guy on this team. That would stack up to those guys. And that's the problem I gather that I am only think if you have to think about it that's the answer. It we don't have one. And that's the problem. You know that most hornets fans have and how do you ghettos. Would you be mediocre is a great question would you rather be mediocre. And you know what they sour restricted team and maybe make the playoffs every year will be OK it was sucking for three years Florida's team up and trying to stack lottery picks now that's a question right I mean it's three I don't know there's that you what's the recipe is I don't know what that the timeframe as. You know but are we are you sick and tired of being sick and tired he's sick and tired of watching mediocrity are you sick and tired of feeling like you don't have a chance against these teams. And at the beginning of the season because we're friends. Their most fans think like. Like most fans do is that we have a jets. Old guys we got this player though we drafted Emily ma oh my gosh you know Cody is coming back and he's a great screens sit. Mr. could be great second second unit so I don't agree we got Dwight Howard. You know close has worked with him. Optimism right we don't know. We admit we argue go back and told the tape of the of the segments that we did talk about this when it happened you our full of optimism and and I still think a lot of what we said was true and that it was clearly an upgrade from what was happening and there was some hope out there with the same time I remember. Vividly remember sitting in a seat in tempering expectations and look until news teams and with championship we're saying they're going to be better more compelling and more entertainment. Haven't seen any of that yet I. That's where you have to question. And that's where you start questioning. Bomb you know the that the execution as much as you do the system. Right does our system fit the the style. You know and I don't know is that system outdated. And that and that's what people have valid questions when it comes to do you know the type of basketball this team plays and I understand workplaces that. I because the type of players he has he's not gonna go out there and run and gun and and score but. You're going to be more exciting. You're going to be you might not be is there is as you know I'm likely to win. You know but some written this coming from the suns fan and I don't go there break. A lifelong Sundstrand. There was times I thought we had a really did a good team and we were both as good as anybody except the bulls. And Nina had Marley had KJ you know ads are a Barkley you had rushed out literature. And and Dan Marley Dan and you had they just a chip Tom chambers the team to compete with anybody. Right when they have that team you don't they did was Stoudemire and and and and ask the Iran they running. They gave themselves a chance and if they didn't know if they didn't win I was gonna be so early entertain want and yeah worth the price the price I was. It's early entertain with the pick and rolls and Steve Nash drew in traffic and be able to do is behind his back and you're not connect the there was entertainment value there. I'm entertaining watching Kemba Walker I am I'm absolutely entertained watching Kemba Walker crossover guys who want to lose him in the news or does it come out. The problem is with the blues and I was with those nose and eyes how many time we go yes bright we go to camp. Sorry I thought about that the last I would've happened early in the game where I actually do a semester and through an outside move and it didn't finish so anyway CJ John Andy hang tight taken to come to you right off the top imported science where are you this morning that was frustrating last night and I'm not to be done doctor to tell you that. Well also and scores in that. I also saw the hornets fans some some disgruntled maybe some disenchanted hornets fans this morning they fall last night 10187 and it could have been a whole lot worse there were down 26 in the first half. Think all the way back to within seven should have been five or thought you know former NBA rookie of the year to make a lay up but if instead tell you got a reporter from I want to say it was Acadia last night. He was Canadian and ripen in the very next play. Andre Iguodala finished an old fashioned three point plated this week it was a six point swing at work actually. Music that actually does it turned out to become the ten points when with a could've been a five point game but instead went back to a fifteen point game at some point. That and win again let happen what like 450 left to go for half minutes left to join the second Iggy noted that lay up and went to blind ports fans started streaming for the egg. That's how we talk about it all the time and we're gonna get to the phones we talked about all the time when it comes the printer to teamed make the plays to win I compared to the teams that don't. That's the difference good teams find a way to lose those games. Or bad teams find a way lose those games good teams find a way to win yet they make the plays they come up but the shot. I think they'd make the steel bad teams that turn the ball over the miss slips yet. All right let's go to the phones this decision is thoughts on this he wants to talk order CJ good morning Howard. They're very well first of all I'd lower cited talk into a true portrait. So last night losing have always supported. But I wasn't disappointed we we don't Hal is still players that could be what they'll so if you're salty. That dolby if you are true spent don't beat albeit. There's what we do at their corporate well I applaud you get. Well why would start every should be called Kimball ordered you know that security aren't they didn't port but you know what I. Derby up big. The worst team to reach right now. Oh god like it in terms of the standings just right now and the bulls are three and twenty. If one of those three are the hornets. OK so we take you all we put multiple. There. Now now. I don't think so not I don't know I don't think so highly maybe not a certain I don't know I don't know. I could use a 30. Haven't he went Astoria. So well right there are telling you right there that we don't have. The good defenders we don't have the story about the shooters its course we need people to create. They're down about this bit do you don't meet. Don't help our. Territory of the best pick and rolls screener. It gives it a minister. Mario did upper body here if you can't really pray. You'd like to take over. Kaminsky. So the issue every so often every like beset every part gave you a chill up. CJ had a jump and jump back did you get a jump ball the other night against a guy that was like 61. And lost. Some sort of jump ball for look at my fingers aren't good benefits seminar. Let me ask you this question frank as she during the Franken I'd just. I'll do it to illustrate a point. As a fan would you rather have a guy. Who goes to practice every day does all the right things does or says all the right things in the media is a great guy does all this stuff everybody loves him. But when he shows up on the floor he's average to below average as a player and or would you have a guy who maybe take some time off from practice maybe doesn't really give a lot of effort in practice but if you put him on the floor he can score. At any point in time. He can take over game. What type of player would you rather have as a fan what made canals are precautionary maybe you're in this modern to push on the spot but like you have an example of each got of those players for us okay yes. And CW first first first example and KG and Casey. Intimacy Cody Zeller I mean if those examples do you need yes so and the Nicholas Batum didn't take too sure we keep going. Yet and in the do you second example and a lot of people are gonna stop it despite. Losing anyway. Okay that's what drives me insane is people's sake pressing examples bleak month. It was all you can't put him out there. He's defensive liability here isn't always doing on tickets sold in five games under five soccer what are you talking about player do you have it isn't a difference of liability you retailer putting out there because you can applaud game forced cuddyer did watching the team. Or are you just say certificate. I don't know I just apologist for this Richard let me come on guys I look on oh my god it's so would you gotta put the talent on the floor. And a promise elicits they can read this and as we don't let us gonna judge that's equality rent their house alone that let's go to John John what's up. Hey what's going on dead. You know in order to kind of a microcosm of a bigger problem immediately at the end of the MBA in general. I've with a lifelong fan and I don't know but ears it's just the product has gotten worse and worse and worse. As a standout as a former player or anything like that I hit it like try to figure out why it seems like the quality players is gone down but. I don't know if it wouldn't fret too many. Expansion teams you'll watered down believe it is because you know players say they're distracted by Twitter and social media. There's you can make a million excuses but what you got was saying what you know what I gain when it was just horrible and I remember twenty years ago. Watching basketball and. Meanwhile you mentioned might be the most important thing you're. You have 1819 year old kid is it to try to develop in a grown man leading you have expectations for it to be 1920 years ago when everybody was going to call for three or four years and developed and yeah. He listed some things that you know might irritate coaches. Might be a sign of the new generation of player but it's not why this team's not winning. Right now this team's not winning because they're not good enough to win which he's what they're not to. Talented enough they don't have enough talent they have specific talents but overall talent. MKG. Is in defense of shut down player right he's supposed to look at the other let me know the next time that he shut somebody down please. Yeah Ali I'll keep it off now we've made the argument without without them KG. You know this team is that this is the record with this team. What was out Cody Zeller on the floor this is the record you know what this team. Cody does well. He's the best screen sister sock puppets. Maybe but he symmetry and stuff are examining are optimistic in the same or more Star Wars characters anybody else is that is that cool. Visit does that help us win games. The fact that to mr. to go out there name eleven. Star Wars characters better than everybody else is that is that what excites you about them. No because I mean he's there's some things that he does well. But there's more limitations that he has and he does well I don't disagree with that let's take at least. One more news on your light supper and I'm not surprised by this is go to Mike really quickly and I don't wanna get these things and and to try guys click distinction we're dobbs I'm click and get a promise I am my Melissa downs I don't have to hold down Microsoft. I got there on. There are unaware unaware at the bit real quick I think I mean I destroy you know really hope by the group and we used the extra group and we need to get. And then yeah ovarian and trade group possibly the hungry players that are gonna talk to be aggressive maybe a chart so accurate. Maybe trade. Carter Williamsburg Jerry rouge here try to make something happen because I mean we can win it is then we can defend. Michael Carter will end don't they Healy and pick up market stated he can make some unease and it's just there's just ridiculous there's so much the plate that he out there on the court. Last night Katie would end. A plethora open threes just sitting there Adrian and haven't thought yet our I don't breed immunized assist. There's too much complacent via and they continue to loot I expect too much what are the warriors but. There's just they don't think hungry enough and that thought on is that of the stuff about. I can I appreciate my peers that real quick and we had a break in a lot of times in that effort or lack thereof. You know I'll tell you this you know is a byproduct of just not be an athletic enough that if you're just better than me and your faster meaner quicker than me you're gonna make it look like I'm not trying. And it's gonna look like you're not try right but the reality of it is easier just more athletic exactly it's easy to us and Isaac and I have to guess it's it's easy to miss identifier for orders say that doesn't look like Jeff for when in reality doesn't try I think this team is I think they try hard. There's just not an. Athletic enough I don't wanna hear details about interest I don't I don't wanna hear a thing about injuries because of don't know right now guys have been hurt OK but that happens in sports and they've had more than enough firepower you know based on what they thought they work to win some of these games so injury sucks they happen it stinks to be without cliff I did that let's be honest about the Stephen Silas who's gonna get a head job sooner or later in this league anyway so it's not as if there's some steep drop off there but Stephen Silas has no idea what he's doing is let's be real about the issue this the biggest issue that we're not even addressing is the fact the national liked. You know and you can make your argument was we're using cluster and a good job or not. But I think you sit up to fail. They yelled for him to come back us now just reported strains we're we're taking his calls also long time tonight we'll get to you Wii tennis or simulate it yeah. Lost supplied. Or on the political as the geopolitical looks it's not gonna go all the way there are so. No no no pearl clutching a bush to settle down for second but if you missed it yesterday former South Carolina governor does a pro clutch and yet the coach pearl's. Not those plans. Oh I know well I'll let you know that OK you hope anyway. A save I expect something Linux and I don't know so not materially former governor of South Carolina now the US ambassador to the United Nations. Said yesterday that it's a quote unquote open question whether or not the United States will participate. In 2018 Winter Olympics saying quote I think those conversations we're going to have to have. But what we always say that we don't ever figure anything we live our lives in a quote. Now if you didn't know feed them the tigers pitcher got a what are sports guy which I really not. Young today in South Korea is set to host the Winter Olympics in less than two months what the city's location. Is less than fifty miles from the border of North Korea and we all know what's in North Korea but Tony set Dennis Rodman's. Missiles and not a whole lot going on mistakes so what you do this you're Olympic athletes who train all your life for this event. And in some of these sports. You don't make any money right and you don't give big sponsorships and the thing about us like some LeBron a rousing there was a gold medalist in judo and was living out of work or when she was trading because there's no money and drill which you represent the United States and then got the gold medal so if you're one of these athletes who sacrificed everything. You know you sacrifice family time money you know education whatever it is. To get to the Olympics and this and and and to represent your country at the highest level what do you do remember the conversation that we had. For the Summer Olympics in Brazil need. There with physique a virus I believe is what was taken place down there wasn't a virus well it was just adamant it was flat out silence in the travellers and you know corruption in government and everything else that went along with the right that it deter. That is stuff. There might imagine hesitated he didn't make it did stop some athletes from going to and you look at plays a Guatemalan day in Brazil where there was so much sewage and water and yet the water sports and into the water was literally going to make people sick you know they they had to reassess in that way. It's easy for us to say well you know screw that guy we're not collateralized being dictated by a dictator you know who has as is threatening to nuke the world. At the same time though. I wanna see these guys compete and I. I know I know people who've gone through those who have come out just short who have gotten their and the toll it takes on them physically and emotionally and mentally I want them to do it there but at the same time Tony look just failing the I'd say I'm gonna go compete fifty miles from a crazy guy was new to stripping the blows South Korea off the map. Because this is what I do was an athlete how do you do. I realize just emissary. Don't go if I want to go right you know it's the same thing I think it's a complete and total personal decision to us. And you know from me or you or anybody else to judge of that person I think is wrong. But that's the individual decision for what they want to do with their livelihood in their lives in. I'll make a decision that's something they're passionate about it trying to tell somebody to do something or not do something that they have. Absolutely love that they've. Don their entire life to not do and not compete in something that you trained for your entire life. It's not my place it's not your place is nobody's place except that individual athlete to make that decision in my pit. I agree with that and independence of Tibet I would say I do not believe even though I realize it's more nuanced than this or -- I have no problem with that USA USA USA we're gonna come back the few tech college football news will join the show so Michael Arthur Steve and hang tight we'll talk to people come back we got side strolled towards calls to just to get a Tennessee sent. The loss of talk about Jeremy Pruitt so we got a big hours to afford this Garcia and they look.