Garcia & Bailey H3: NBA Playoffs With Sekou Smith

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Thursday, May 24th
Frank & Kyle discuss the NBA Playoffs during Hour 3 with's Sekou Smith.

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But Garcia. I love what is your heads about what. But it would love to put your heads about the play its appropriate day for that big live from Charlotte motor speedway. Of course polled by tonight the orca series race after bad and of course kids get in freezer come on I'm serious. Here at Charlotte motor speedway were nearly three people rose and make it look fun and they. A four wheel drive reform fifty right it was a Mitzi to a drop of what's at Dixon driver around the front wheel drive sedan right else in my bed just the gear heads or can't come out to exhibit excited I think yes it well I've got to neither apparently the subject of health for right now so are you gotta love those guys to accidental abilities that are just like classic I don't write that you really would bit with a look guys as they were you may have ordered Estonia they got everything done there are so that's that certainly cost isn't it funny like when you go to Myrtle Beach and if you were notices and the right driver down the road. And you see the shop right there on the side street. You get your break there you did you hear did. Oil taught us you know I don't know that there's talk of lowest I've shot he knew all done you're running a way to Myrtle Beach to mourn the little sized resolved Estonia. You might be able to find more of those trucks or those jobs are you defied anything unsure about that a positive about that aren't 70457. Or 96 tend. I would just ask before the break to some curious got to this it occurred to me we're talking about the most tortured sports cities in America and the fact that. You know I'm going to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs are at this delicate. I doubt I doubt I'd really have time I have I have reservations. You're gonna sit through you might have on your TV right. Right but in the back yeah I know you're ADD ultra you do have ADD though do you absolutely do. And in the back you'll be doing something you'll be on your computer text in a way to somebody that is challenged you. And you have to prove your point. You know and over and over and over again and I'll get tied into the somehow. In the next scene on a 55. Your tweets that I have no idea you get a talked about let's call it backed up the top to see what you debate was about and I don't even know why I'm minute. But that's what you'll be watching no be watching your text in your tweets no more than you will you or the game looked I I share your concern that I that I may not be locked in for every single game but that's a board tried that's what I want to do. Because I think this is there a compelling story late. It's not too late night is too late it's not too late I'm telling you have. Have no vested interest whatsoever and that's why it's too little bit of sadness that I can now watch as a casual fan though no that's exactly why it's too late in order to get if you're a casual fan. And you're watching hockey you how almost have to have the struggles that the team is went through in order to get to where their act. Right because especially when you look at that you know these two franchises. You're talking about one of the most tortured branch of track your cities and in all of America and DC but you're talking about the other one it's first time there has never had a team. First I beg is that any professional sports you don't have any ties to them. So it's really hard to you for you to stay in tune because you have no vested interest policy no I think what I'm gonna have to do honestly do you have to force yourself to a lot listen and keyboard itself I have a lot of friends. Better capitals fans right. I don't wanna be capitals fan I have no desire to necessarily BA capitals fan what do they got may have to do is pick a side and maybe go for the gold and biggest gold knights because it's the best story. But odds I think I I that's what I'm thinking I'm but I don't drive with the biggest gold nice because that's the better store some but I have a rooting interest and maybe maybe frank. How do you gamble on hockey. You that's exactly as we say I'm gonna gamble those goal differential how you win this like a soccer so we're lines in hockey you look like out of plus one so it's a 'cause like Kelley based on behalf of the baseball the one and a half left okay Dutch television set that up over blunders all right you're the point total nobody jets get a bad about that Oksana made in my hockey sponsor so he told me accountable for watching all these games he's big capital but I don't give me a perfect analogy or example. I don't have any ties since that to NASCAR right. At at the very beginning of the sport of the race. You know it in glacier down low watching. And you have ties to one of these guys if you're aren't at your television are home watching one of these things. He specially what does that look like. They're just going left the entire time you might be really excited about the start you might have some money bet on it but after about 300 laps you'll like. Okay the discord left they're still going left. I don't care who's a leader now right you kind of tune in occasionally he can't be vested in this once you have ties you have one of these guys you followed all season long. In this is that erase you expect them to win. Hell let's go I'm watching that guy and I'm into it and I'm I have my headset on and number to be glisan into the cockpit the the you know pit crew and you all the things that go along with that. So again getting back to this because again the reason this came up was there at the Washington Capitals are filed in the Stanley Cup finals and I don't know worse I thought I'd live heard everything you set up trucks to record everything is set trying to keep the conversation moved in order selling you his. If it dismisses listened to Mikhail do you feel neglected you don't listen to my feelings. We don't listen my failures we are gonna and of itself supports all over with. You know I if that is that we got a note to say another word is just different stuff for so just listen to what I'm saying let's say. That we were talking about lines and asked about lines in hockey and the way I felt and we got to don't know I'm not talking to you about what you're asking him talking about something else is we had a guy activated say. Jesus Christ what our lives Europe sports talk radio you don't know how to gamble not on hockey. I don't gamble while what I gamble I don't watch the sports route I don't how to gamble on occupied this Saturday to pay I know you did but it's these kind of well actually does that we get I love these just you idiot your sports talker I don't gamble and hockey while what do. What it's throwing money away. But now no. No no I don't know what do you think about the sport you don't know the teams what that you're throwing money away by gambling allegations look at odds. But on our community you know more about do anything about gambling outright. Come about master yes very gentle yoga does that you absolutely nobody in that you've been on the Gaza to you'll see it tonight when you look people whose bread I guess a bit faster and nuggets had a and that. That will keep you captivated. On the game much more than if you just casually watch your home. As your Texan -- all your lose value is a valuable as money like that's pretty good bit and hockey gamers could be yeah yeah Imus especially at a baseball sources OK which is pretty steadily baseball were to run half a bit of money like usually has pretty good value no matter what for the most part right and inside. I was curious about this in August ought to be able to knock you to keep myself interested but. And we asked the question what is the most tortured sports city in America. And you know most people I think we're saying yeah you're you know it is DC or its Atlanta somebody else brought up Cincinnati. Bill whatever the case of whether there had to cut much of that but the people were saying how you're not sick shortlist is the most tortured sports. Charlotte has to be good never wanna chip would only have to take a sort of side you know and eliminate of course US to come at a drop his subtly was before this year his wisdom and you know his his opinion on everything. You know as it was usually just say that had a double A it's not to me it's not Charlotte because there is no lockyer there is a Major League based on what. You you do you did give that precursor out there that you know with all the teams have four major all the cities have four major teams. That Washington was the most tortured I would think that would again that would have to be the case because. DC has been has had its Horton ripped out by all four professional sports teams that are doctor John chapter to assist our show religiously. Preferred sleep solutions of the Carolinas you can check him out there. There's a great job with his mouth guard for sleep apnea has chimed in to the conversation. He said not necessarily New York in general what if your beat team. You know New York fan like for example the Mets the jets the islanders and the knicks. You were absolutely one of the most tortured fan bases and all of sports not easy as apple pie one week he beat team New York fans put their hair. Well he said you know. What's terror on a place is that I wanna explain that in a certain young men get at about thirteen or fourteen. As Fredette as vertigo like that I stand by this though but it is the city. And it looks pretty good chancellor of your B team guy if your B team guy that is true family saw the mess comes if the Yankees until the giants out there. Because as you pointed out we've all I think you'll agree. You know typically jets fans or Mets fans right. And they're going to be you know Ireland or France or knicks fans right I mean. You know that that's kind of the way it rolls a mean there's really only that team there because now new Jersey's it off to his side but you know that's not my point is. You know when you start looking at their B team less you know if you if you're not a giants fan if you're not. Hey a yankees fan you're going to be torture does anybody. Yeah I know you're right about that but the city does have those teams and so for that reason I don't think there's that I know they don't qualify but. Cleveland was surpassed others have kind of chilly as you mentioned a minute ago there's certainly not in that category to more than DC stands alone at this moment but well no talking was last on the Packers of one. I'll put so recently routers where does your recently enough and that they they certainly don't qualify as a matter of fact. They were in some of those like it was more like Joseph Madison at some of those title town USA conversations so. Battle I don't think there in the conversation got a 704570. And ID six we come back sake who Smith NB ATV joins the show. And double talk to him about the hornets and what he's expecting build through. A vote before the NBA draft possibly with fat eleven picture they stay on it move off of it what he expects in terms of Tim was future and how they bolster that bench as they head toward next season it's Garcia Bailey live from Charlotte motor speedway. Why Charlotte motor speedway the Coke 600 this weekend we are here for. Qualify pole night you're Charlotte motor speedway Bjork a series race coming up in just a bit as well kids get in free come on out cius enjoy the evening induct. Again we've been asked by track officials as to what you know the the weather's going to be kind of touch and go over the next couple of days and supposed to be that way on Sunday but they got more than enough equipment driver's track to get the the guys backed up their race and and about ninety minutes so if you're worried about the ray dolby. They're confident that they can take care all that. As of the weekend goes along but so still more to get into we get heavily into the NFL a couple appeared just a little bit but right now we're going back to the NBA was sake who Smith. NB ATV writer for NBA dot com and of course. The hang time podcaster that'll listen sometime he's one of the best out there covering the National Basketball Association and he joins us now on the technique job just like. So to its go to guy had a back but I bet. Open that I need to. Don't well thought well we're talking about playoffs a little while ago and before we get to the order to secure places going to start your your thoughts on Boston and Cleveland. And abroad last night outscored the rest of those starters and looking generally fatigued in. If those those same it fellow starters and some of those role players in the big. They they looked better at home is as role players tend to do what they were awful last night. Yeah I don't have any explanation for. Wire act that is you know like that's quite so much better at home that as opposed to the road it's this well we think that sports that he took. Always pretty true and if BA. But LeBron Petit point out of the fact that he'd been open. You know basically three different teams from the start training camp to be accepted to create and he's gonna show. Play you know ready to regain some great when he was in the bit to donate Apollo night when he you know play. Forty minute an inadequate he did two games to get the cavaliers over the hump are coming back on the you look really. Fatigue Latin America that weren't real topic you know the brown but you can't. And you don't get that same team coming at you night after night over the course of what you know to happen week. It in India a little paper you know can be both and it really starts where don't you if you're a superstar who are. Take LeBron off but the cavs were today what is that team finish. In the east. Ducks are being overpaid before you shoulda. Four years ago I mean they were a lottery to. You know also more likely that exactly what they beat without the need spin that important to what they've done. That unbelievably important that France that the perspective you know around and depended on what happened to create see it impact will be. These filthy you know if he does that and we can go somewhere else. It'll be apparently blow to cavaliers it what they've yet on all because they don't have a foundation put out. Just like it in the first time he let that's what they crumbled in much the lottery it in perspective you know trying to rebuild it is it the first time. Seko I had to us sinks RS awesome audio today talking about the Golden State Warriors as a team that second sometimes play with its food a little too much and and sometimes it cost them a game. And you know team sneak up on him but still it has nothing much has changed with respect of his team and who they are what they're capable of and generally speaking out I believe that's true but. I also Saunders get punched in the mouth and you don't manhandled down the stretch the other night at oracle. By the Houston Rockets and I did not think there was anywhere in the world Houston Rockets were gonna go into oracle at any point during these playoffs. And get away but that's what they've done and I'm curious how much you think we should read into that. I don't know why you didn't expect and donated to community they wouldn't ruling that. It went on opening night in an escape with a win so. The rocket for more than capable of being there at sixty probably team for a reason you don't. The only be entirely. In and then knows that through yet how to do it would play out trophies to get beat. It is through it in those worries that you know that it. If a heavyweight fight you know and it. You expect spoke close to you did not deter the data expect Iraq to keep beat by forty watt you know Bob the way they did W they're just in and night. Indeed play up there and it truly strange very. I hope you you know certainly put the team during the final four. But poised to rocket that expected to be more up. You know a heckler turns type environment within a minute each other up until one of them could take any boy got knocked out it. It's been something different than that it's been a whole lot of one team ran away from the other a given point in this series. I doubt it was down to you know that the crunch time if you will be I expect the much more competitive tight game into the fourth quarter. Well as competitive as an interest in word I'm glad you use that because so. It before that you know good two days ago we were talking about conference finals games for the average margin of victory was 22 points and donated been written about and you know that the tried to kind of guess distinguished the difference between uncompetitive and boring and I don't think Borg is necessarily the right word at all but you'll uncompetitive at times. On is and and I don't know how big an issue you think that is. But I do you we've seen some ideas floated out there written about hey maybe the NBA finals to be politically neutral site at some point and in other good teams are playing so definitely an Al team like the rockets shooting 42 threes a game so you know you have these blowout but also you can close leads more quickly. What what do you think about that entire narrative and as an overblown. Yeah up local I was talking to somebody about you tonight. The book the Celtics beat routine you know we Garnett pierce and Ray Allen. You know everybody assumes they just want to take these take Gatorade eat your heart that way to check. There first round series against Atlanta they you know playoff thing got blown out return. You know it on the road they lost all the broke into that these protectorate but he met with 3740. Clapping and basically what beat it to play. So it's not tough to do is not a new phenomenon puppet. Did you not get these routes in the playoffs are they could have put more to do with this battle play you know the fact that teams know what the 43. In a given night you know and if they do that if fatigue hit. 6073. And you can connected you gonna get blown out of it yeah so. That the heart of you know what goes on that you just have to learn how to deal with. You know the MBA first team second team third team you know do you have the votes came out and a LeBron James and James harder we unanimously voted. To the allfirst you'll be all first team you know obviously James you sit Samoa. Most of her past is some really you know good guys on that list that anybody get left off of that list because. It's rounded up by Durant Willard an Anthony Davis I guess the one guy you'd probably have a problem with may be would be Westbrook. Not. Don't have a problem with an adult. You know direct with people who work arm in particular the only measure you don't even. Straight you have trouble of looking at which achieves you don't do it live T bottom line you know I would say he we were here earlier. If you had to start up front so. You know that I'm not. It wouldn't any kind of way about Russell Westbrook could technically difficult first teeth. Everybody who made that aren't being well more. They're deserving of that honor be they all look both the right they riddled defense tactic you distant I believe will you let it trail blazers. To a spot in the Western Conference stated no one saw something reported you'd be yes so. Understand how the voting breakdown. We had I mean have a problem voter. And and I certainly didn't have a problem not put Russell Westbrook Obama urged. Sicker Smith NBA TV NBA dot com and hang Tom podcast joined us on the tech become just like. All we ask you but the hornets James Gray go new head coach and today made it official that. It over the break Gil was tired and then we heard and seen the reports that he was being interviewed and he was the third member of Gregg Popovich is stats at the hornets are reportedly interviewed before they settled on him. I would like your general take on him because outside of Benoit a decade basically on on pop staff and a short stint as the interim head coach is in Orlando. That there's not at all on this guy sicker what do you think about the higher. Think it looks. We will cut clerk could again been on staff available staff to report it is way. You're always you know one out of a live a little bit but every every coach does that just didn't start them with every coach had to get that first job. It occurred you know Brittany put in the time. Did you know an anecdote in Europe the year to prepare and they'll but it well. I don't like I like Ringo I'm like it it'd make up in that mystery I like it he worked with the with the best. And I like that he committed to a situation where into the book aside pump up that it needs a bit meet that person at a black that it Ito. Not you know. That content without an extra bill that would put somebody spoke to about simple that Google confident and look at that the two point is that if it will we we get better. Well we can change. And that could happen to give her what we have here but it you know the most out of school we are not quite upbeat book like that the group. Or a core group without you don't know anything about planet epic level I like how like red you know fresh perspective a lot of time in the equation. This week. See you. Perspective the great work because your perspective as interest again. You know what what I what I juxtapose at to maybe what Chris Broussard has told us in the past couple weeks or what Rick you crystal was the past couple weeks. You know these are not guys who think that this team has a real path forward. Over the next three to five years you know without maybe dealing away Kemba Walker starting from scratch that last time we had you on the show. You made it very clear you thought that was for better they over I guess for lack of a better word of foolish notion that you know trading Kemba Walker was the right thing to do. Ed and James beret goes talked about playing given Moly month alongside one another in the backcourt next year didn't say much about. Dwight Howard mets' big contract as well but you know now that the draft is approaching and they have been eleventh overall pick and just talk about. Possibly you know packaging some things are moving off eleven what what do you think is the best course of action for this team is they get for the draft in battle haven't picked. You know apotheker. Is such a unique draft. There's so much. Raw talent that will be available. You know it lottery bid Larry late lottery Indy and doubted that a first round. You know for the can be a number of different directions they can go he used to it bait on the talent available if you can't sign that the fixed. Night at 611. You know you don't seem to work with intent to kind of shape remote that and it just ridiculous talent. You haven't done your job with this dress you don't have to go reach a point guard. You don't have to go reaching probe into shooters and perimeter players it's been very long lean athletic. Prospect threat there are tons of a button you can point to get better gonna be you know solid team based on how you order you know. Butler has come up portal on Oprah might. It's got to be prepared and have done your homework on all of there Mattel are talking about. Gap like Billy Preston. It's you know private phone bachelorette we are murky. It's BA eight situation and beat bit and allow the plan that unique talent that you've looked at him based on the ice class which. That's really what we measured. These yet we don't editor based on the six looked a bit of a college campus of it's really about where you've been in the pipeline you know in terms of you can't allow you to back it boggle the press circuit. If you look at the talent to name that cannot let this year after year. There Clinton and not be available this threat and you just have to make the right choice. Condone what you'd select it you can't. You caught up region it was something that not did you look at the camera. This critical count the available. Pick which one do you think that's what you need it you figure out a way to get them and it worked well to think and develop that talent and make them better. You know I don't know if there's another loop it's more predicated on superstars and what the NBA isn't that being said. I'm not sure kemba Walker's a superstar in fact I would not call him that coma very good player. A borderline all star but what value do you do you give Kemba Walker. You know any draft as far as moving up to maybe he'll gain some assets to. You'll get an a higher pitch you know that type of thing because NFL you look they're great player. You can put it a number on a guy and you know maybe have a value on where you're gonna move up and how many spots you can how do you do that the MBA. Now I'm not I don't know how long you think attempt in the draft. I've been watching them but it credit card let your technique that is in the NBA but it others took sports as well they're not a while there. Nice look more gamble they know on the people who valuation of places that are coming to lead you to pose to our beat duke. And that perform at a high level. I don't know about outlet yet if the emperor. You cannot. You know. Quantitative talent like count it out though what the quality of it already because they report. At a certain level. But somebody that but at the potential to beef up its special. This salad booted Peter you when you talk about. But you don't want to seem to take on a leak from one spot to the next if it is food chain may be an elite WPA or DSL. Be very careful about even up. Established talent but what you state. Could be you know something better and look around the team decided to tear it down to it which which is of moo big name players. Included rebuilt through a draft order to take on how long term rebuilt a crock that I think important to beat Philly without you look at feet. Well look at the other teams that have taken apart you know their rosters and didn't let you know except our players leading. And that but how they feel about it now I think you'd be very costly. You talk about given up a player of kimbo Gallup. Somebody unit that achievement made that game the yet been there to the seat to what their ability that you might not be opened it. That play into you program at the deep and very bad that I actually date of this. Not that you write about that a Jimmie Johnson's famous and FL draft chart there really is no equivalent in the NBA and about her on how hard some analytics folks might try. Sake what you gotta Robert kept a loaded up was the last thing you're really quickly LeBron James is next year. And daisy is still in Cleveland LA Philly Houston were you expecting Vick. Pat but here a week or do I do debate is right now please yeah. But I've yet. I think it. Two thought it would be really typical we have to walk away we're gonna be so I don't give this is that this joint. Well look you get so many jobs being there they're basically. 28 teams around the league if we give up anybody and erupted in order to be the only team. It would give up their best to you brought everybody else would it be that the. Are sicker Smith NBA TV NBA dot com writer and of course the hang job podcast check it out as one of the best covering the game today we always appreciate your brother will catch up soon. Thank you. They're just acres that once again joining us on the tech become just slide and 70457. Or 96 did any reaction data that you just heard right there but from say two on the op. All the hornets and you can also send me an email Khaled WS Lindsay dot Jon Kyl had WS concede dot com that's the garage door guru inbox. A doctor Gregory multi are not just like Gregory mills just listen to be elected in a random times of the day it's fun you know like I got another when this morning at like 8 o'clock so just had a similar to Italian series a DDY. Because all you do is read emails as I'm trying to make a point to you heard actually you ever listen I never read emails never thought you'd never listened to me so sensitive college WS since he died just the garage door guru inbox and of course. The probably Jewelers to Murphy Brown league Jewelers. Porter street. It was up there at Garcia Bailey to show what Twitter account probably Jewelers may go to the top fifty retail jewelry chains of the country by national jeweler magazine. Eight convenient locations all a lot of rally Jewelers dot com building trust for three generations probably Jewelers we come back. And able to talk more about the yet if all of the talk got some more about some of the other story lines outside the rules changes but also what do that as well because people still reacting stores still coming out. About what the NFL's decide to do both with the targeting rules rejection rules being at the rule. There's a lot to get into there and done a curious your thoughts on Andrew Luck and whether or not that's a code red situation. Open Indianapolis because he still I'll throw the football and they don't really seem bothered by that live from Charlotte motor speedway it's Garcia Blaylock. Why Charlotte motor speedway style Israeli's right Garcia it's cold night. It's exciting times ever got folks filtering into the speedway club we are high atop Charlotte motor speedway folks down in the grandstands as well watching. What's going on around the track right now and right now about fifteen minutes left to go practice Kyle Busch with the fastest lap thus far just a hair over a 181 miles per hour. And we'll find out just a little bit who will take the pole for Sunday's Coca-Cola 600. Last year's champion Austin Dillon out on the track early this afternoon by Kevin Harvick who won the pole here last year. That of course on the all star race here in Charlotte last Saturday. He's out there as well so we'll keep an aisle what's going on the tractor we'll keep you updated best we can't but. You'll have rather you'll you'll have a knock out roundup pull by tonight they don't have orcas series racing kids get it free so bring your kids come on out here sort of the doing right now they're racing to drive. I understand that they're driving cars go fast yet but what are they doing this is not extended east series practice right is extended a series has it on the screen or the other just practicing the. Yeah bill do qualifying trim strip practice for qualifying. And in the final practice is usually did see what her car can be for raced them in the long run short run the solvent type stuff so it. So is this the first time they've been in these picked these specific cars. That that that's why they're out there practicing this week's. And Indiana and before that ails the monster energy first practice still have one. Later on today or bleed before qualifying in the know have probably one tomorrow as well. Failure Emmy because I got to believe that if you drought fastening. You practice almost every day you go over that if that's. I practice every day trapped by the weather as the voice of our our board up slash agency NASCAR correspondent Evan. Joining us back from the studio ever you what you have it on back in the studio right now all you venture but I am I got this. I touched pictures should do we have four TV's must have won at this ought. We point out frank Baum a look at these big trucks are here don't like this one with all the Eminem's on the side you are they filled with evidence no frank now that's team truck. Christmas that's terrific that's where the transport all the equipment and things that they need idol to I I hope that wasn't serious question I think it wasn't known I mean. That I've looked good. Like I could use joke that I can you want to go fire at eighteen Wheeler full evidence against just what's gonna talk to us at the Peta wants that makes sense of gated evidence that the yellow truck did you emphasize the nuts for a little bit extra for those out there who might not fat but if the government. So really quickly Andrew Luck 508. Days. Since Andrew Luck at last played in a national day of look at shoulder surgery last off season and Doug did despite the colts. You know and basically publicly insisting that a confident that he was on track. He didn't suit up and all dormitory seventy season and now here we are torn Yates aid. And you know Andrew Luck is still not throwing the football now a second ago we had a colts fans extent of the built Exeter techs like say oh we're not worries not throwing regulation footballs but everything's gonna be thought putting everything that I think I get. I would imagine he's thrown smaller footballs are afforded me it's not twelve tracks are sound perfect. Without that technology is the way to baseball's you're you're traded right if you work it out but it gradually and the steps but no I mean. Again the two Purdue has not played a football game at 508. Days frank and he's still not throw in order with regulation footballs to make the colts fan happy regardless. This is a concern right MEI are not his stomach the team doctor about his personal doctor I don't know anything about his personal shoulder situation. But but a guy that they've invested their entire future it is not played a football game in 500 over 500 days that's a problem and do you get do you think they're downplaying this do you think the culture and a worse spot potentially than that they may be some realize that the quarterback situation right now because I. I don't know a guy I think we all expected more from Andrew Luck in this at this stage in his career. Mean the end to look that's potentially the biggest bust in the NFL owners that would data to look that that's that's who we're talking about a guy I mean that note that was a can't miss type of player you. The one that advertised as the verdict John Elway yeah the one apparent that there are these screwed over the Panthers went back to school in. You know decided that to plant the regular from that Angela yeah that's the one yeah I don't know that I. I think that. When you miss that much time. Right and you know still not out there you'll go to the drills. And you still not out there you know doing the routines. You know there's going to be a lot more than just sort of football is required of you as a quarterback. Seen the speed of the game you don't get that simulation. On a PlayStation you'll get this simulation. Watching film. No he's going to be rusty is hell even if he's able to throw a regulation sized football when it comes down into it so. Yeah I mean I think they're absolutely under play in this. I think it's a big concern. And not only that is that you don't you're not around you know it's the team even though you might be there. You know you're you're still kind of out of sight out of mind you got in the huddle with these guys they're not building confidence in you and you know the leadership that. Doesn't exist you know you have he escort there reestablish himself as the quarterback. Delicate assist. I don't tell people listen dobbs a senate before the right adults are so good lately. If if there was only one reason who if there's only one reason there's a good if you don't believe that I might genuinely pull for the Carolina Panthers if nothing else. I have a thousand dollar bet my best friend and not that bad as I've met him a thousand dollars a Cam Newton what a Super Bowl before Andrew reluctant. And to this day he's do you know we we we have an agreement on this that as a Jim Newton will win a Super Bowl before Andrew Luck does feel pretty good about that right now felt. Better about it toys Tuesday but I feel really good about it still right now especially considering where Andrew Luck is at this moment in time. Yeah I don't think it would kill your bed as if they traded him to bring a patriots. I've got to Sudan after a dip. Maybe I guess that is possibly never doubted he could build a let's take a lot of reclamation projects in the ovary gets seems he's got a wild hair and that's and so. I guess nothing's out of the possibility right I look we gotta step aside we come back we'll get to more updates on what's happening on the track we wrap up the hour. More at a Phil talk coming your way wanna talk papers wanna talk rules stages because. I think the capitals got a brewing fight on its hands. With the players association based on what they've done by just what did the policy but with some of these objections and targeting rules that they're gonna try to implement this year so we'll talk about that. We are taking your phone call 70457096. Dead. There are so we'll take those calls we'll take those tax Garcia Bailey live from Charlotte motor speedway. I. Watch Charlotte motor street. Play Garcia Bailey child bride promoted barrels here a lot of folks appear in the speedway club including the dude from Montana. Who says that he loves Charlotte motor speedway so much and that he's one of and I quote. That he's one of four NASCAR fans in the state of Montana loves it so much that he bought a house across the street and comes to counter for a month at a time. To watch the race that's how much he loves Charlotte motors freeways so let's hope other than that to your heart or. Hike. Or run for moose I'm not sure Russert is to do in Montana right. Well he said that they have a unique kind of betting up there in Monte Hellman NASCAR races up there and he said that he's done on the on the number one prize water up there in gamely on NASCAR think of us are always the big money guy. Big money guys about bucks us a number wonder they in the state of Montana and in NASCAR when he's a deadly Geisinger number one so when she went about 8900 dollars. Really that's at 20 yeah there's only a million dollars in the whole state probably about four NASCAR fans are much more to get up possibly weather's got so if you have a good time appear in the speedway club. Of course it's it's cold right here at the speedway and the cars on the track right now practices are closing down for the next Saturday series race coming up on Saturday. And still a lot more left deceiving obviously qualifying for. For the Coke 600 as well as an orca series what race tonight and kids get in free. So of people already headed out here's a little bit early some po folks out there just punching the clock put. Grab your kids don't want out kids get in free all the the information is on the show motor speedway website there but it's a great place to be here on late Thursday evening. As so we wind down our number three. And again we give back to defend zero hour number four with the NFL and and by the way if you watch the Yankees. Much less CO CO global powers that last it'll cost it what today. Your loss last night but but but Torres is up it put himself from the yankees' record book. Taurus and a fifth inning home run last night in a twelve to loss of the Rangers and it made him the youngest yankees it. Youngest Yankee to ever hit home runs in three consecutive games so between neo Torres Sanchez judge Stanton I mean this this lineup is unbelievable that. Yeah absolutely on blues score last night twelve to they would Alou still lost what good does that do that. Well that's a very arrogant so that's fair that's fair but committed sounds if they haven't been winning you know and in my state. That they had a consecutive series wins. Before last night so limited the Yankees are doing something right in Torres certainly is doing. So our listeners that that's a great you know great lineup we we thought so before the season. You know took place you know when you edit Stanton. It was gonna really change the dynamic of know that offense. It ultimately comes down to me and in my mind anyways when you get to post season you know about the pitching good defense is closed down. Other gaps you know narrowed down and you know the pitchers usually dominate those types of and in those types of in the series in game so. Do they have the pitching I'm not sure I don't know if they can stay as hot like this if they do get out of the right time in the capable put up no runs as. As we've seen but are they going to be able to do that when it counts in the post season no doubt about it. And I and I would say this to just kind of it not quite related but sort of I was watching the yum. I was watching the highlights of that game last night on the racially based on MLB TV uneasily baseball network and you know I really enjoy with the NFL network does have a good morning football is is maybe the best one of the bush forge shows more exports shows on television there's no doubt about that the unifil. Does really good original blog content certainly good morning football. And I tell you right now Major League Baseball was a tremendous job. On that network of of covering the league cup regain your last night as are kind of doing the drop in the live look in the whip around the different games. They also have the onset stuff they're Billy Ripken and Harold Reynolds and that they were you know breaking down what happened last night at the plates. In the Boston Red Sox game where idol runner wasn't for the on deck batter didn't get behind home plate after a double to the gap in. Other the runner coming home from third was thrown out because. Beyond that died in time to get down slide and that the production is phenomenal so if you have the MLB network or maybe you just don't watch it on tell you right now in terms of production quality and value and entertainment. You know it's right up there were with the with the NFL network they do it may they both Stuart tremendous job. Covering those sports and it does kinda speak to maybe why ESPN has struggled a little bit too but it. To regain its footing with sports that are because you have these these networks that do such a great job now cover girls sports are producing mayoral contest. And both the NFL Major League Baseball and NB ATV for that matter to a really really nice job with that so I thought that was worth mentioning as well but. Let's do this let's come back we kick off our number four we dive back in the NFL on the Panthers and double keep you updated of course so what's going on here Charlotte motor speedway is what's so what was that about. I don't know between all this buzz and gone around this track and that baseball tart. I'll offer Cassie were dot Erica how to hook. We we have female is it literally begged me to do you back at a regular season baseball but it sure it's possible this point yeah I just probably leave it offer comes your way for a playoff baseball front to show up we come back live from Charlotte motor speedway it's Garcia Baylor.