Garcia & Bailey H2: NBA Playoffs & Draft Talk With NBA TV's Rick Kamla

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Wednesday, May 16th
Frank and Kyle discuss last night's NBA Playoff games, as well as what's in store for the Hornets with the 11th pick of the draft. 

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Garcia. How we're. Kyle -- frank Garcia Osborne and Evan here on this Wednesday be safe out there I'd start my head out to grab a drink and it is horrid. Outside to be saved tenants are ruined. Don't change the station you know that. Garcia Braly all day Lawler were talking about the awards last night ending up with the number eleven overall pick commissioners NBA draft per the odds. About 90% nobody's shocked by that and and now it's on to what they do. Was at eleventh overall pretend we Astrid Tim what NB ATV 9290 Jamie joins us now. On the second job just love what's up Rick I even bought it. Our gentlemen have been great I don't. Do well dual Wellman the that is southeastern rain there we're all used to buy an album its overall soaking wet but I tell you what. I I'd. For some reason I've got some some optimism tucked away in the back in my head. Amid maybe is my heart I don't know that visited the Mitch Kupchak can figure out a way to make this number eleven pick count if he's gonna make this eleventh pick out what's he gonna do with. I think you know it because I think there's still going to be good now left adult lap and now a Dutch court sixteen or seventeen. I would be saying that I think to stop that the draft I'm not enamored of the back apple the first round up there's strap started all noisy here our commitment downtown New York City right now. What are. What an elaborate now mocking miles purchase cheap shot cheap guys. And also mocking smoke Bob Barr you're the clippers at twelve. I'm not a huge mall Bob profanity okay prospects I don't yup but that a lot of other people do. What an and I really do what think you guys indeed all while butch got to a better bet Chua power what do you again. Pot yet at those that this was our power enactment you know Mark Williams. So you need it got stuck to a best player available scenario. And I am mocking our miles which is a Michigan State do you guys. I think you turn up the pressure a little bit on Michael Kidd Gilchrist. Maybe not regard most were just clearly it's already about a proper wire. Then Michael Kidd Gilchrist stop that oil would go. Are your weapon out of five you don't look at the ticket durable sort out but is going to be our big time potential talent there upper you've got to number eleven. Erica and I hate to be the Debbie downer and and you know still like him always coming down harder on this team but you know I got a call space to spay and in my feel and as with any one of these guys in the draft are going to be better than anybody we have on this team already except for maybe a guy like Cody who has a little bit more savvy legal experience. And or kemba and I don't think nick Kim was going to be here may be long term so anybody else that is going to be available whether smoking a bomber you fill in the blank. Is going to be an upgrade not tradable piece here for the arts. Well I mean what I I don't I don't know if you need a key ethnic I think they're Nicholas Batum respectable one area terrible year. You know I've. I I understand what you're saying but if it Jenna were talkative I wanted to say that that that bit that prospect in the strap. Backstop and is it the same level not better than a lot of Wear north umpire and that. But it get the talent drops stopped as she spoke pot dual weapon and so I I don't think about bridges or we're all pop up. Don't Biggio which is a dole and noble all there. I don't think immediately provide more value of the order. There a lot of the bad but around that game intervention Kemba Walker. We have an issue and Atlantic you're with that if Schroeder OPEC treasurer are interpreted that that you want now you said that I want to play at a competitive. You mentioned Indiana and Milwaukee. Got caught me to do some research I came up with ten games. Debt debt either or are we here at point guard have a decision to make a point guard or just plain he'd appoint our Charlotte being one of them. Temple locker during a stop about it all but not. Entering the last durable or your 48 million dollar deal I don't know why Charlotte's just stopped going back squad you'd have to keep them. I don't get that to meet the match player in the empty attic at a spot at about one let loose. But if they're planned out. Paul are called Mitch Kupchak if trappers like call Mitch Kupchak if that you know outlook did you. Quote Denish cooter. And and but we're here. You know the third overall pick in big extent a weapon back to Atlanta which you guys that swap would take that a are you bought camp but it will ought to Kirk McGrath. Absolutely all day every day. Today C and it would cinched it about what you said there are two ways to look at and we bring you on because you tremendously and I respect your opinion and interestingly enough we've we've had on direct view current Chris Broussard a couple others in the last couple weeks who have said you know they don't think that kemba Walker's Max money type a dime with all due respect he's worked his way today and you know kind of friends all star type dude did it gets he gets a Max contract type deal then it was 28 and then I guess 29 next season by the time you don't know maybe this hornets team to really. Turn the corner he's going to be 31 with potentially three years ninety million left on that kind of deal and those guys that are undersized and stayed pretty quickly does that not scare you at all. Our main you know your if you want to look at it sort of glass half empty. All about stop breaks at. What do you wanna look if laptop global. Bet they're double walker special and different and he's gonna have staying power that goes beyond art that the time constraints it you're just you're just mention. I've just been huge spent police and the guy I think you could just dish great all are aware. And god yet he is a constant were kind of game I mean you'd gone from. Top people they reached reliably all channel op GOP and it got began to swell up or are big points. I thought our outlook that there Obama I'm a big big band ominous terms in not being a Max player. I don't really understand that I mean the next not church being thrown around at the FDA. What it's like you know somebody needs to mandate he dipped a bad day so why wouldn't Kemba Walker be a match guys specially for. You don't but are middle or lower market or smaller markets like Charlotte. Brett what our our our reagents beaten down the door of the Charlotte. I think it's I think it's a fair course or a victim it's more about him being a victim of circumstance right look like what you mentioned a minute ago being surrounded by -- of bad movable contracts and more again what -- you -- I -- -- got to be clear about this because you know you know -- chance to -- but we we love Jim Walker and his from everybody loves and respects him and and a lot of adoration for the guy the way he's worked and willed himself in a big a great player -- just talked about him being a -- a victim of circumstance and we want to spend our you don't atomic Tom on that topic but I do appreciate your opinion on it I would also I would also ask you about the other bridges right because you talk about mocking miles bridges too to lower its is that because you think Michelle bridge is gonna be gone by that point and I apologize you alluded to -- alone Mattel breasts. I'm I'm at it like you know I'm middle what was the deal were to I don't look at your. Our outlook sketch insure ability are a while it is really love about you literally I don't subtype were bought one of the bat spit the bit he. All player that ever seen. You're so long that's what that there would a seventh book well spent and would inspect. It would a lot of ability and talent. Antonio watts Donna don't know what are the last two years. Two years he always gets his hand on the ball or whether to loose ball. In court or whether it I'll read out a while we welcome an opera the record is of course one up Dirk rabbit. Any doubt about don't report shot and he can depend Jimmie we talked about the three Indy guy in the NBA all the time. You don't find that I think he's got a law course we're ahead of them out well coach stop it's become a well know what he predicted it got. I think you I think you pick. Our NBA player ought to go like disrupt our re so right just don't real solid player oral or not. And it took so upload your belt or they're put Charlotte maybe but I doubt it because up dot dot the killed were just bought the Philadelphia it's at. Philadelphia didn't need to what he boring they need are really are to their decision to make that JJ Redick. Even if they keep JJ Redick I still think they went up but I am it starts its seventh. So locked into cope with the goalie pat I'm. But and yet pat and I that's where many miles which is you don't. I was a moderate Tamil NB ATV United's united James joined us on the second job just like what is the playoffs and just the second it doesn't look at dodger Jimmie this is a kid. I'm watching under the tree dressed us less under the tree lottery starts and I get it is a really really good player but are we not may be over selling a little bit as the greatest Ural multi and I'm not like those are my words you heard people say that I'm sure twelfth this guy's gonna be the greatest hero ball solid and we need to pump or breaks a little bit on this jitters he got special. No question about it remember that lap. I don't I don't go reporter's name was but Archie did a piece you don't like it it's so look it's not just peace and she called on. The most hyped. European player ever accomplish the end yet. And I completely disagree with that you guys are open up to put Toni Kukoc. What about article boat coming over here. I mean it was huge hot bit that the part about our Darko Milicic. And I don't realize that are in the heart corporal that's all our art and go back a couple of that there was brought up grip while Johnny. Whitman a portal where all picked Toronto obviously not the right move but. What there's been a lot of European guys were generated a lot of what a Dutch which is up there used one of the most high. European players while not but it it's so recently by a templates are Obama say he is most tight European I thought that was not a bad state. What in terms of his game he is yesterday's ten yet. He's long with an adult with a shot with some fights he whistled edged. This guy I was playing purely basketball. At six change. Okay that's on her up. An end it purely basketball or some analysts who read out though is about we got out of Ian yet you take all of the great teams in Europe. And then you take the all start jeans all of those games. Don't like the top two teams to look going to the top two inch drop the top to jinx since they've adopted kids and Turkey and they all will be early in this skit was planted yet. One girl 35 goal meant its sixteen years goal yet Dutch which is the real deal. How does Cleveland wind in LeBron gets a triple double scores what 43 points last night and they lose by double digits and how does Golden State lose because. You don't listen Houston went out there and gave their best shot at home. And Golden State is a mismatch nightmare for anybody in this league. Yeah I mean you're bringing up reports and about a Paul. I had a really good game one and an art and at an epic game one and it was even close good enough. Are really if you wanna be out and I and I got a bit bit. Is dot is Houston be deterred ankle. That they need they need. You know a shoulder it any injury does meet the point like great. If if all four well a good start our bowl and bitter LP it's a rat Michael like Houston might win a game. Pop but it it would tonight. Only now that I don't believe Houston gonna go into ORACLE Arena debt when it so if it was tonight it's probably. Get out get out the room. If they go by copper equivalent it's kind of very similar right while I had a really good game lapsed at Oak Park where Wilt Chamberlain the forty plus triple double. And it was by per game. Now though they yin and the Yang coveted bought and not know what opened the play out and they're playing with a much inspiration and it just looked unbeatable at home. You get a proper the Korean War that wrote the laps or so I think I think we've got to win game three opt out back I promise you when it creep. Q did this series game or. Give Boston overcome the Cleveland home court advantage and take full control of proper quote out in game five. Order when he went cold bang bang it home page you're due out which one it will probably don't want the other but it looks like bought. Wearing a skirt right now. What do you do with carriers and you know you look at towards these this team is doing without him Jim on the bench right now. Now he's maybe a good cheerleader he you know gets cold water in the tiles off the guys rolled nicely but I'm he's not providing any thing or the then you know the palm palm. Coms right now. And and yet they look like they're about his sweet. And I would tack on about a few homage that I did this feels like it's no longer this Brad stevens' team now and I heard some people talking about the suicide and this is this not a player's team like a lot of these organization does Brad Stevens to meet the face of this organization right now so if your Danny and what you do is carry your dream after this week to the accounts. Interesting our top book I I don't I understand that right now if auto wreck our Bret Stephens bomb. I didn't have a bit but I had a vote I would order Gretzky and hopefully keep you did a great job Pratt and its coach European yet. Nobody did more with what they were injured five minute stint Tyree was hurt a lot of the year smaller which are well which are more on an odd or not. Didn't matter they picked up when he get so you wanna say it. This year came down Hayward now Irving Democrat speaker itself it's our outlook you can bet but what grudgingly because we know the MBA at the player first week. Going or art. Now this is one of the most tout the game decreasing instructed and collapsed one years when you consider this the start that there apple right now Oates you're smarter more sprout. It data and corporate. If you act they were. In our. That's the bad thing Ian yet. That that's better than what bowl and they can't now let us Orrin the FBI. That's Golden State but what about eight in the NBA that would be bought in about a weight Dexter got bought it bought. Going to be on beatable in the eastern copper both feet. 656768. Win. Is a sure fire trip to the final and I think they get well he can actually give it Golden State Warriors want their money. I Rick last thing here and Dario Franchitti with a piece of information got to before the show and don't lose as a mock draft. And we're talking about this a couple of months ago just kind of casually but whether or not grace and Allen. It is a first round tell the first round pick and in my life when I first considered it I said no I don't think so maybe maybe a second round pick but judge frank has shown me a mock we're so much has grace and Allen going in the first round if you had a better. There's Grayson dole in a first round. On if well I I'd to a doctor I've done a marked wrapped all the way to forty. Are ridiculous there's terror input and attitude that game dot quite a champ what JA MLA. If you in my mock rap my Twitter out of dot the top ten but I forty deep. I don't my radio stations web site. And I don't own it I work or that's what exactly. Your sister stations a company right. What yeah up but I am not locked in rates now at. In the first round ought not edit great and Alan I crack at gap what a bit of it is I check it great it is spotty. Doctor Willis spoke the rock up to crybaby it is a trooper Eddie mentally weak. And got out with mentally we get time off but not for duke this year I think he got the way at that would bigger than they did. I'm not at all I'm not great the ballot up leaps birdies were two outs. So I do not have approached our radar. In Erica we have really a long histories are gonna give you little digs for a guy. Out here and is Kemba Walker the greatest point garbled title. No she's not yet been met. And. How about a settlement didn't look we'll let you go about to donate I brick yeah. It's maybe not it's your neither do our sister station down in Atlanta dirty check out is on his mock drafts off of the snakes down there Debbie gentlemen thank you for your time. Absolutely Rick Campbell wasn't there joining us on so that's that's tough that's a that's a. It is a great I mean listen as great sense of humor. Obviously and Tom. You know you really wishers some stories back in the day about the snakes and does your has come and on talk about the snake that I found but anyways. Hmmm yes a million dollars was for kemba and we'll talk quite agree with everything and he said I think the Tex lines kind of blown up. You know either you love did you hated it like what is this guy talking about. Well we've got a couple this year right and I wanna read a couple of those because. We had some of those we we had once exercised just couldn't believe that Rick thought the Campbell was a yacht a Max type employer. And that we have a different extra base the righted inside. You know he's talked to his heart not with his head but they're different guy says this does really cool Smart and Iceland says get a break come back on the Campbell -- and you know we got some some split opinions and I -- to be clear about this not that it really matters to a lot of laughter but I wanted to clear because it does some of your. There's nothing but respect and admiration for Kemba Walker in the throw my favorite corner it may be in arguably of all time. Right and there's no ad is is forced it to trade talk as it pertains to Kemba Walker goes. I think for a lot of people. It's as I told Rick for them it's more about just being account of a victim of circumstance where you're surrounded by a lot of pieces that aren't necessarily helping you win games and oh by the way a couple of mad really bad contracts that make it difficult for the the team the organization to do much to help you Albert. Seven or shall I since 1995 his best player this this organization has had an easy got to reform got introduced in general there's no doubt about it. And I think I want the best foreign men and I think I can say as a fan that that's not here. And I I think Dick that's okay for me to say that as a fan if I want the best for he and the he embodies everything you want in a player. Everything you want a player Kemba Walker and vice he's just he's 511 he's undersized. And he he's too good for where this team really is right now so the best thing you can do is try to trade him get an asset and build for the next there. As I explained to us and the other day that is my concern it's not if you put Kemba Walker alongside another early tell on the NBA and builds a role players around I would be stoked to watch that he my question though and it ended it it it's. My question is an industry of six gonna have to answer this force at some point and will of his actions but how long is it going to take for you to put adequate pieces around him to get them back to not just being a playoff team but a competitive playoff level team and if it's going to war Al. Rachel Moore Al. Let's assume for a moment that is going to take awhile. OK and so that if you believe it's going to take a while for them to do it different and also the kimbo is a Max contract type guy that what you're saying yes yes let's play between 4730 million dollars a year and you're two years actress signs that deal when he's an undersized 31 year old guard he's got three years ninety million whatever his left on his contract and guys that size to and a breakdown pretty quickly wouldn't that concerns was imported spent quite a bit in terms of putting the future of the organization in more jeopardy. And is anybody was going to make the trade for Kemba Walker up to three would be Atlanta because they did take miles only if I'm not mistaken and that contract. Into. Yeah definitely had tentatively summon our little. Now so yeah I mean Richard you know if you know the guys down there Atlanta still free to let him know yeah I would take we take the number three overall pick up for Campbell right now today was doing. Text your rights that are sweet Tweeter Tweeter writes and on the brown we Jewelers Twitter feed Daniel says LeBron the GM is probably already on a trade for kemba he sure wishes he had him right now and I heard some proposed trades earlier. Died earlier today I just when Josh and he never doing their thing were so I. 76ers Brett brown says they need another big piece now I I think that's kind of ridiculous personally did not expect on the Buddha a proposed trade is Kemba Walker for more kill Fultz. And a draft pick. And apparently Josh got ripped to shreds for that suggestion you know with their are landing spots there are some errors we could see that sort of thing happen it was our door and and as you. At 79 to pick I believe yes. Eighth visit HT okay everything they got eight pick. Mr. walker worth the eight bit. Keep LeBron including what where when we went what do you what do you what you talked about it is an up or negotiations we don't we have them all we have to numbers three out of with a home. Negotiator what are you talking about the series and Hollywood. I want to number three pick first and really got to get a break so the number 33 picks first but if LeBron wants to stay in Cleveland on that off chance. And he wants a piece with him. They've got another pick inside the lottery you get to pick some atop the lesson. That lay if you trade him for a pick you may be a player to you clear that Max potential off your books I'm just saying think about it. Okay you say I don't like about three and out. 800 Arenas funniest tweets as Chad says in the buildings that are techs like you guys played a grace and Allen take on infinite loop greatest thing I've heard on radio this year. So yes I'm gonna turn it into drama or try to ensure the someone goes postal students got a little bit it's I'll get about two minutes it was a couple of phone calls and we got to do rules first girl what's up. But up Duma are you doing today do it knows about. A lawmaker but from all scenario you got their rhetoric well a quick comment but they're they're spraying the area Q there are. We certainly the tone was good for a Charlotte. Am a group orders. We're not a good detained. What we move forward spent renewal. Attuned to not. Let alone I think LeBron. Is currently in Cleveland at this year. And if that scenario one of them abroad Whitney Houston. And thereby then go visit the great thing there are important and abroad Blake has been you know when Houston ended up Waxman. Are Golden State. And that the mayor ago. I supersedes folk are meant. I look anything's on the table. And LeBron James proven that I don't know what is gonna do I'd she still wouldn't be were I would expect him to go but but maybe he does I don't know major artery once went to Miami to me if that happens there's knows detects in Miami is no state tax and he isn't he demands that sentiment does make sense a person that abuses in Miami amicus nice resume. In Texas but so to me that makes the NBA infinitely more on watchable lender until the playoffs and Western Conference out of course. Because that we already assumed it was going to be Golden State and Houston in the Western Conference finals anyway at LeBron the knicks rolled it there's no reason to live I don't Western Conference finals I don't. Disagree I mean that's to me especially the Western Conference are probably has little interest in desert conferences there was any you know covers all your because we made the assumption and came true that it was going to be Houston and Golden State and Golden State's gonna sweep Houston and because it did you consider the greatest team of all time once again. And you know would twist the Eastern Conference as were all the challenges that he talked about it some of the match ups where that is Toronto and there was no. With the idea of Philadelphia and Toronto but he instilled I didn't come true in the pre season pics of Cleveland Boston still an adventure that's right so that's part of the issue from it let's take Mike really quickly before step aside Mike what Summitt thanks froehlich. I don't good to go. What you walker and other. For years there it is hot bat. Op and yet if he would develop over here and great to beat it beat top eight and we. At this Charlotte area but he he eat he only cat that that we cap it and it but it that it acts up. And you don't think about what we do Campbell I get people what we look at all. We probably won't get on nobody if you can get and I like to mock our order can be someone that actually but yeah. Right now guard Eddie but yet that my. And about that would at the champ are you content they're at that only can that get thick and it's a packet it took. In order to tender people would be that pop up the wheel well I hope that they without a. I too much pursuits focal and I think he he's there right on the hadn't you know we have to make that decision is not menu and her or him it's you know that's for Kutcher Dustin decide. And what does he have to do in order to make that decision has a simple. So you wouldn't want to ask you got their place you know that's the only way we didn't do they're going to be able to determine you know whether he's going to be a guy this going to be your long term. On you to provide that impact maybe that you look at and what position is going to be a much interest in I mean I think that. You know with his size. In making big okay point guard good point guard Iman Denorfia as the ball skills or the awareness or the vision. Those type of things that you know sometimes you just need to reps sort of go out there and developed. And yes some players have some players don't but you know he obviously has yet criticism. You don't go out there in and play the game you know you just know he's gonna find spot. Are we come back top three straight couples exerted their top 33. Wright is a couple stories out there are about Skechers suing Adidas which were gonna get into an about puma try to get back to the basketball sneaker market chasing trade young. Like you wouldn't believe so with that in mind. And this is for you sneaker especially the top three greatest basketball sneakers of all time but the top three at three today to talk about that we gotta tell us fry don't Yani laurel and of course we're talking about David separate deter a lot of traders quarterback situation it's Garcia they looked. It we scored. Enough to carry cheap today day. But this team has been like that all year. Is the one thing even during our early winning streak this year. We weren't that good night. And a lot of times we'll. It's got a tough resilient group of guys we're gonna. More resilient and we had a clue. Okay don't Brad Stevens they're up 2:0 in the Eastern Conference finals. That's a brittle genre that. Louise to play that would divert Rivera coming on. Hopefully they're couple others are there other two over through great built a really. There's just been his favorite guest you know what I Ron Rivera was a young pretty priests are simple Butler back in the day and I can imagine the thought somebody does something on the field equivalent to a JR Smith did last night's Al Horford he probably would look some more zest and pissed me off that I mean look you know seriously mean I don't know if I was in my chair Leo. And I was like. I want to jump out of the shared on the screen and try to I was back in and LaMarcus Marco let him go. There have been held fight no one of Smart we're what possessed. He is a Bulldog generally do Christmas is just I just got Jesus should've thought like that I did to quote my body Droid goodness. There's been JR Smith we all the next test and over the knows Marcus Moore would look to assess and by JR Smith has done that kind of thing for. That was dirty Marcus mark for all the the things people say about him and then you look at the incident in college when he was that a Texas set the action that Garrett there's a team major want because he has back. And did exactly what team it was supposed to do not I was just begging for his teammates to let him go because he would have given JR Smith a three piece of legislative on our. This was the 1990s. Like 9596. There have been a fight. It's different there would have been a threat to put America at odds are not a when Carl soft batch. Could you know. If you don't. What pitches. X dynamite dropped I diamond drop food it's just who think that comes out of his mouth in that octave. It's just so well I'm sorry. Conservationists in his current NBA players are really are does this idea first of all Gerris mr. have been given a flagrant two. We shouldn't initiative to Slater tuition and an objective. I'm surprised Al Horford didn't react well his wife did you see your Twitter now I didn't it was an F few JR that's a ball Cassel should tweet was a few JR. Yeah I mean those are things that you are tired of the unwritten rules you play basketball you don't ya where the go to the gym. You know you were you wherever it is you know your plan. You know the pork. If a guy does that to you. Those are fighting term plus a Mark Jackson said the broadcast last night but it happens event happens in the park game's over what do I fight that's what he said I just watch again with volume up and he was and I decided when he said doesn't thank you he's exactly right if that happens in a park or to pick a game best game over let's fight you know if you don't then everybody knew what did you like your the death soft that Shia. Right so he does standup yourself Tom sometimes and you don't listen Jordan used to get you know taken out an advantage of you know similar way. That's why you have pour script that's why you had no guys or go out there and be the force Bill Cartwright whoever might have been you know for those teams it's. Though is what the Detroit Pistons need easily the tactics that they would use. And that's Marjorie mongering you know is to me good for the game you know and and you've made out like that you may not agree with that but. He brings that type of toughness and what he did to Chris Paul you the other night our student James Harden the other night I'm not Timmy said the town. No I mean Hardin responded by going out there and I believe don't in the next player knocking out three. But at the end of today. You know I know that every nobody wants to give the Golden State Warriors the the medal of toughness but they're tough team. And now that that's not the way you you you instilled toughness but standing up yourself. Not your teammates have set a lot for what Boston's doing right now to me that was a that was more and that that's showed the camaraderie the chemistry the fight that each one of those guys have because you know even though I've. Out of power responded differently to Horford I've never been that. You know that that status of a player like me like a Jordan would have ban her portrait what man I was always the garage and going out there trying to fight. Now is the mark to smarts of the world but. You know I mean it. Even at a tough time you know just you know not pick himself up after the next play. Yeah mood and an Al Horford Al Horford is not supposed to be your star on this team. But it but he's picked up the slack and he has been not certainly not for this team in this series and a guy under these these cattle mild mannered type of guy in the economy you turnaround expect to fight. But if you turn around and late JR Smith nobody could blame me his guitar and these are Jimmy's been the difference in this game and everybody you know ready when you start looking that far in the series. And everybody is going to Kevin Love what he does and what the bond does LeBron has been great you know triple double last night in a forty point triple double last night. You know but the religious Kevin Love is terrible defender and you know say all the time and you know he may have hall of fame your resume with his innocence all star appearances nearly is his time in Minnesota. And we need and everybody else he was forced to go out there and you'll do the scoring average a double double over his career. This is to me one of those times were those stats are misleading. I think tenth Kevin Love is when most overrated players in the NBA. And I've always felt that way about him after watching him play. And you know. Portraits taken advantage of them. And he did again last night our text derisive decision all still no person would JR did I thought we did but listening to us so nice that would have well. Al Horford go on for a layup. And JR Smith comes drawn in behind them and gives its who has shot right in the lower back and who takes his legs out from underneath them kind of sentiment or send them into the crowd and I didn't have to be taught the mentally hard show does that speak a violent show. But when you get your hips taken out from underneath you. You know and now these guys have some of the best body control the entire world. These that these MBA athletes and you know forgot it come down is awkwardly as he did you turn somebody that way and that's now the game's supposed to be about there's toughness you go out there are new you know you can get physical out there on the court but. The other certain players that that they're just she best place I've been shut implies there's this she best place. And that's one of them into the equivalent is a guy standing up around a pile in the NFL in me more than just dive in that your legs with you not you know when the whistles blow. You -- and a guy's true that what you guys and that's why Marcus Moore reacted the way did he did and I don't blame thought Marcus Moore is a dog and in his as as a as a guy who wants to see the shortest or this there are pretty quickly did a couple of dogs like Marcus Moore want just like dynamite team and I don't think many hornets fans are necessarily disagree with that are gonna make an executive decision really quickly we we ran out of time at a morgue I didn't wanna compressive in Russia itself we will come back and since it's still technically the 3 o'clock hour storm could top 33. And I think this was going to be fun because a daughter a beyond the Skechers lawsuit over a third against the biggest. And told bush try to get into the basketball market Dmitri Young at the top three greatest basketball sneakers a bolts on the top 33 is next a lot of answers coming up now or never for Scott Fowler sways bubble talk about David tempers Garcia Blaylock. Man is currently stared through the you know. With a disapproving look of our editorial. It is that same song here man so reliable shawl and we're just say it's a famous all right it's up three bridge it's time for today's top 33. And he got jacked up from as the second and are brought this up reverend talk about the other stories in the second but got your bus Skechers suing Adidas Skechers is suing Adidas bottler send it because indeed she didn't database for much of ballplayers to go to specific universities Skechers Skechers. Like you know like this get the shoes with a little roars and inside of I don't that's got jurist Richard make shape ups are glad that it makes a busload I had divert track shaped bust because he didn't actually contribute to your shape and that's why Joseph Montana's overrated because he did you know myself. They're gonna have an element called things people saying here and then that's far and the other thing though is that a sketch is basically cited data so owes us millions of dollars because they cheated their way into the basketball realm and die and push the rest of us out and they owe you money now also to come back to a trade youngest being courted pretty heavily about puma a little thriller no longer wants to be just a basically soccer Brandon wanted to back into basketball and they want train young pretty bad always used to be. Basketball yet bag is like three decade oil right now as a kid Romo was you know basketball soccer right. Right and but it pushed out of the basket got pushed out of the basketball market. Became soccer. And maybe ping pong. Maybe ten there are so so that in mind it was all the shoe gully shoes stories run around us onto the top 332 greatest sneakers of all tough. Put that top three at three. I was right get a top three of three straight sneakers of all time. He's a rock some of the pod issues around this Annette oh yes I did and I hated getting you know dirt on them. In an Arizona you entered into to fight over. There was this fight over ultimately stepped on issues of the other I never got fired over it could argue more pissed off for myself. You know a few scuff dumb. Nobody every day you went home you got your brand new pair of sneakers that you saved up all your money for and you saw that. Hot asked apparently on the shelves and dad. I gotta get just your son those are too expensive as in dad taught to lead you to work from a yo son you can mow the entire lives for Martha said dad that's ridiculous the they're completely butcher as percent of digital traffic. But that's which are gonna do so that's the way I used to save up for mine pairs of shoes and my number three highest peers issues around. Korea that's right they're Reebok. Popped in to do the Reebok pumps are Reebok pump more than deep brown what are your way to end the don't tell is our competition. And I not only rock those in. Then. They made the Reebok call high tops in this little pop little red pump up there. I used to pump them up nice and tighten your mindless mind like still standing goal all snug in there and that they were the most comfortable shoes around. All right until. The nineties came along. And that that's right they're going to be mine number two all time shoot the MJ ninety air the ones with the white all white with a little red stripes the originals the oh geez if you remember Jordan one is Jordan numerous ones original ninety years. I mean I mean everything else is just replica of that it all started with few originals the old geez. The Nike airs that's right that's my number to shoot but the number one issue of all time. And this is lasted over decades your dad probably warm. You probably warm in the kids today are re wearing them once again not only is basketball shoes but his style these issues can mask is any shoe out there you can Wear until the part you don't we're sensitive to the pull you to Wear a dress a month you can dress him down but there's no matter shoe ever made then that's right. The one the only show. Applied to. Converse here chuck Taylor Taylor's. Greatest shoes of all time the greatest all around issues of all time Chucky Taylor your doctor that you're you're you're serious about the more anger issue of all time. Alone may not know it is to us. Now I do so most iconic she you decided you know this makes some other cities. I got electronics aisles as a. Or does it you know his license and I and I appreciate your wrestler notice out and I got to dot got a list in my own I've kissed my. I saw and so okay this even used it in a movie that in my list disease. What's normally a dog crisis and and the whole another segment the guys are on brag on my number one the last tragic. It's my com. That's forty years ago that was forty years ago to remember that bit you know I don't and joked it would look. Plus billion dollars licked it puts those 33 just missed my com. Sound business. It's not much my number three moving on from that theatrical is. Those deserts is did the Reebok the question do you follow to Allen Iverson's the answer there's been this Allen Iverson section the question those things were good. But did you you don't talk about write the review I'll show you might affect their lives pulled up I'll. The Thompson know those Reebok's from Allen Iverson to question not the answer that was the original those kind of ugly but the question love the ocean's absolutely loved that. But I don't pull through this disagree with regard to question those things are subject to using those I have seen that the Reebok pubs actually came in on my number to enter your gonna put them on your list it on did you gonna put mandala some of the swat. Not out for the Shaq knows issues. Janice's Snickers. Don't forget about the size seventeen budgeted debacle we go to air petty to doze brush you run and shoot I I just Chris Lofton I'll grant us want to outdoor air petty too low. As my number two that's a good look and shoot you think back to like those were some Uggla was presented as that is ladies and early ninety's now that the pennies yet they're pretty soon. Don't you have got to commercials and had shoes they absolutely did. This he had arguably one of the best commercials of all time it was sports commercials of all time pulled any. It is gallery is just as I still have the blue so questions Kelly's right there and I knew guys at the worst five pairs of the questions as a great treasures for the cheap. Not really want to get your dad had like that and come and get it not knowing I've got a question I had to save a memorial and everybody else. And then not come in at number one. The star Burris nut job. I registered alien identity about that don't get it abroad the cinema also intermittent Kobe's black moments. My late dad and I were the first to say the Damione Lewis was right and I told practice before the show Kobe's early indeed issues were some of the ugly just. Ugliness and porsches are ever made it clear the Adidas shoes were horrific. But those black moms were really have secretly do look at shoes your give you my you know all alternate list what Christmas I don't get to do list yeah. And of course there isn't the case the jury shown us. On the last track of and a kiss mach com source is a good little users to Sharjah in particular case was the cost cuts that brave men elect and do like him. What about that what about big ball bring into this could do. The senators Nelson and there's not hope it doesn't and I don't ask Donna. Actually they're gonna take off right now though they're gonna end ending 49 Narnia specials a Marshall how. I'm like where they what they are now the carriers I mean seriously I don't much of the ST by appears those four. I don't you wanna get in a hit on his website to find the ball ran a test now August our academic journalist who did not Austin your three really quickly. Really quick Kevin Garnett original shoes were fantastic used their beautiful she is I love Hughes I guy to say. Second Gary Payton the gloves. Had an issue with interchangeable skin is you could slip on action lawsuits and I had a custom parent it's a deer on a 1000. Extra L. Nickname is that it is they Cilic where router they were timing right they they did you get overtime. But I think I think the greatest bass horseshoe in my opinion I had a pair 'cause I had a customized pair was the I don't know exactly a savers in nineteen varieties. Are yet another rock and number. You could completely you can customize the color scheme. The sole color you can even put your initials on the back and that's ahead at ninety Jian there's there there were awesome that is pretty cool they don't but it's up 33 duke boys learn the tragedies at the office today probably with a suit on you root you're better off gorgeous flyers from the outside to. Yeah these are the greatest civil. And they're just flux it's just a halt the site right now I can't think of any other way to round out a about a sneaker conversation. That was NASCAR George. I really can't I can imagine he's he's got every Jordan never made NASCAR Georgia have been broad. They don't know good out where there's Holbrooke shoot out with the don't have their star system on the bottom authorities because they are restricted to look at it does. Went to slap him let him out with a slap look at what they've still got to bet this so prayers tore up all out. Am I happier. People need to laugh a lot I don't know that that but the bad shape. You can't get them broke just the ability you know except except I don't employment data to back apparently safe somewhat backtrack where it. So out on one approach coming out. Carter hit it on a power grab a month that it did not. I don't I don't sit in a web mall comrades when he did open air ultimately it would get a promised you know they could afford to get a popular Internet when it. And it can't hold an out call the Twilight Zone and apparently they manic. And it gave up pop I don't care what went deep kind of went about got this circle is not really that's not what I expected output and get up Patrick don't want. Well apparently about a Taylor's car sales combo. Don't know that he's in the late sixty dollars and it is a backup at what they have must balance I chucked out of the back to imitate that comment about what this site. Almost cop out what it's about what dot com I just I. I'm back on. Start to top out the best times about you know you're about just about that it can't broke out what it does not because they don't have a pipe if folks come account or propagate the so I'll say what happened called local all the money you don't catalyst. It is gonna prop eight and so yeah okay O'Connell and the flap attached to a about the date of the best of our contest about it. That they drop dead and didn't expect this to happen on a sellout but apart and it's populated than there are also put them up and wanted to step mechanics went there kind of can't stand up and I don't think what about a total of the top step out. Our focus can't. And I data and. There are generally goes on there which we would let him go all day but though get sponsors that pay forever just. That's a blood test or Georgia man are we come back and our number three and they're told what's conical. So British nights yeah I remember the bee jays beat tonight absolutely those and who else made some serious back and talk about amassed so yeah. Our number three results of dentist just Allard joins the show we'll talk about David tepper on the ownership situation and die at some point we also to bring this up EST what an interest in quarterback index article writing the quarterback situation for every single team. And you might be surprised with the printers come in on this list all that aborted due to an hour number three it's Dorsey and Bayless.