Garcia & Bailey H2: Golden State Warriors TV Analyst Jim Barnett Weighs In

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Thursday, May 24th
Frank and Kyle discuss the repercussions against Michigan State during Hour 2 as well talk NBA Playoffs with Jim Barnett.

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Garcia. And we are alive for Charlotte motor speedway towered over to Kyle Braly frank Garcia. And it's America's home for racing baby get the cars on the track you're probably in the background there has not been knocked out route pole night begins in these these guys are. Could be Jocelyn for that that number one spot man and though the Coke 600 on Sunday. I don't forget tonight kids get in free it's polled by a Bjork is series race or come on out to Charlotte motor speedway and see us. If you can't come up the next segment we talked to our Jim Barnett warriors television. Warriors broadcast crew we'll talk a little playoffs with Jim Barnett who also played a time in the NBA as well. And Doug and his thoughts on what we saw last night from abroad and in that Cleveland Boston series is Boston goes up three games to two fright I. What would we this time is when the time comes that LeBron James tags about Eddie's his career is also hadn't done. You know I've. I wanna believe that people will appreciate what we've seen. From a guy who is absolutely clearly one of the greatest players to ever do it to some people he is the greatest ever do it. And you watch him last night. I'm never big fan of trashing the supporting cast of a player because either it's oftentimes overblown but when LeBron James goes out. In game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. And he outscored the rest of the starters combined and he looks as absolutely fatigue did exhausted as he did. It's feeling bad former sympathies probably not the right word the right sentiment but. It's kind of like I felt bad for LeBron last night because again outscored the rest the starters combined there's just not enough help there. How closely did you follow him Jay's career pretty pretty close right even if you remember when MJ first came into the league. You know he was scoring you know just godly amount of points you know thirty plus points a game you know right around there. He you know he was ordered all by himself. And it's there wasn't the excuses for him in and out when he championships are getting there. All right if people said that all he needs to do it learn how to play well with others or get him another piece as soon as Pippen comes over and they had Kukoc or they occur that. You know then Horace grant you the other pieces. They start winning championships and we look invincible Jordan never changed as a player. The players in the pieces around him did and now he could play the game of basketball etc. try to do it by himself. I think it takes a lot for got to understand that and also takes a lot for got to understand when it's time to. And I think that's been a bronze biggest challenge. Over the years is realizing that really hasn't had except for one team may be what to Miami. The supporting cast that. You know it is necessary to go out there and get their and to me that's what makes him. No public arguably. You know blown if not two of the greatest players of all time because he doesn't have that supporting cast for the most of his career. Like Jordan did with Pippen Kukoc or grant some of those other you know players they they they kept that team together for a long period of time. You know BJ Armstrong and you know whether it was Kerr or. You know you fill in the blank on your Paxton deal the the guy that's going to be the the other guy's gonna be the outside set shooter that played that role. LeBron has never really had those guys except forty went to Miami so. You know right now he's having to do this right in order to be competitive because without LeBron James Cleveland might be one of the you know they're trying to make the playoffs that's up. That's not average to below average the rest of the team is without the blodget. You keep in mind to this team overhauled his roster to trade deadline right so the result there were always questions as to whether or not this team could even possibly gel in time. You know to make it the real title run and the reason they are of course is LeBron James and attacks to try to get right now on the buildings that are techs like 70457. Or 96 Ted. So LeBron has nobody to blame but himself once the next one says LeBron picks his team. And teammates and always has no one around him is it possible that he makes players worse instead of better no that's not possible. LeBron James absolutely does not make players around him worse he makes players around him better other and and to prove that point take LeBron James off accounts. And tell me what seed they are or if they make the playoffs they might be taken top fives. And get I don't wanna go too far on the other red and act like these guys are you know JV division three basketball players because they're not quite there are lower tier to average players. Larry Nance look like look they got younger and more athletic betray deadlock when they may politics but they are also guys that were expendable pieces to their roster what they are so much role players admitted he's got to play and you ever read every team needs role players nobody thought about that what LeBron on the hornets. As ever kemba. Where is this team the Eastern Conference finals there are leased to companies find it costs like clear the other guys had an and that's my point there the hornets. They're the Charlotte hornets without LeBron James in some ways they are and I do think it's interesting though because Kenny Smith says this all the time lots of guys do that. You know role players very clearly played better at home but they duel on the road right so. When Cleveland was at home and they were in the comfy confines of Quicken Loans Arena you saw these guys play better obviously there a couple of blowout games there. But Boston a team right now we're being honest. All due respect it to Jalen brown and Al Horford and Jason Tatum what do think is going to be a star but he's still very very young player in this league. It's almost a team full role players and they they went back to TD garden alone without tie every Gordon Hayward and again I understand that I think Jason Tatum is going to be a big time player in this league but. Yeah he's not a guy that I think you look to if you Brad Stevens as they hate you gotta stop the run or are hate you you got to Tearrius demonstrate. There's a group that you do and here's why aren't Smart for the Charlotte hornets right now would be a start he's coming off the bench and off for for the Celtics. He's a six guy coming off the bench he's a starter may be the second best player on the hornets he brings the toughness that you have they have Peru. But here again mean all the way I always look at players is if you've given them grades or or numbers. You know from one to ten you're you're gonna have your your superstars are going to be your tents. Right you're gonna have your average players they're going to be your fives fours and threes you below average players to be your threes you're you're you're kind of role players can be your fives and sixes. Celtics have sevenths they have Bates they don't have fives I'm not trying to say these guys Jackson try to see if I guess nobody's these guys are good players you know best right now these are good have a lot of really they have a lot of good to really good players. They don't have that superstar great player. Jason Tatum could get there he has the potential to be that and what he shows up they're really really good Al Horford is a really good player he's a 78 you know tightly guy he is. To meet EE even Celtics fans did not think a couple of months ago they were they could get from Al Horford what they're getting right now mean he's playing really really welder and has been to the pastor's series but. Eyes again the point of what I was trying to senator Specter you know he's fight against Kevin Love well play any defense that also was helpful there's no doubt about that but you know in terms of of what the cavaliers are I I don't know without LeBron James are certainly a far worst team I do think it's a all due respect to the Dexter who asked this question I do think it's kind of an absurd question is is it possible brawn James makes players around him worst it's patently false and I don't know that I've ever heard that suggestion before but I do think that sometimes that he has no hell no Meredith can be but I will say completely overboard and I understand his sediment. When you start talking superstars that are bowl Dominic guys LeBron James isn't that guy's average a triple double night. Westbrook Russell Westbrook could be that guy. Right because he's a ball dominant player Russell Westbrook is a phenomenal basketball player arguably one of the greatest athletes you know on the planet. Right but wouldn't Russell Westbrook is on the basketball court playing with others he's at the sand box by himself building the biggest castle possible. Right and he's knocking else everybody else is castle that's just the way you know that he plays the game it's a more ball Dominic guy. And I know that everybody can say what he averaged a triple double to and they know what he did last year was phenomenal. You know that's true but there's a selfishness to what he does. That at times comes across as a you know quote unquote ball hog vs a guy that's gonna go out there and make guys around him better. Texture says this Friday's is Kevin Love was great before he was with LeBron similar to Bausch this was Carrey's best year he wasn't with LeBron. The tie everything I don't you can't even say that because he's been injured in and out for so long to have a look this tableau was it was a stat stuff for the Minnesota Michele what was a very very very good player but it was a stats stuff fraud team that was going nowhere doing nothing so. Again I needed to look the idea that LeBron James makes his teammates worse is an unbelievable theory debate utterly out of that was a fact I honestly you know this is I'll say this you know I don't know for its. To the degree what you think of Joseph Montana. But. You know I think Kevin Love is arguably one of the most overrated players in the UBS. Text direction that this kind of makes the point we got to step aside it is different once is I agree with that original text or. LeBron picks his own team he has handled all the executive decisions you can't feel bad for this guy and obviously this is his squad. I had I don't feel bad for its open your kin to that when you see a guy out there physically exhausted about the fall over and his team is just haven't showed up or get. Not at this as others do about feelings now this has everything to do with about you know what where it where these guys are. This is about talent evaluation it's not about you know about two hours ago at 37 year old guard guy out there Kyle Korver. You know who's coming off suspension don't shift the pennant but you know he's he's still able to get down there knock down shots and he'll come off those pick and rolls and you know he's out of balls don't catch first guy he's going to be you'll be able to move off screens Comcast bomb. You know hit that jumper at times. And you know he's he's a good players not a great player. Truth you ought to pursue it we gotta step aside will continue this conversation when we come back with Jim Barnett. Golden State Warriors broadcast group played a time in the NBA is well pretty good ball player he's got perspective on this last about abroad in this series and of course the series and he's calling right now. Golden State and Houston that's next live from Charlotte motor speedway it's Garcia and Baylor. And we've all our lives. From America's home for racing Charlotte motor speedway pole by tonight or this series raise kids did and free come on out so yes everybody's getting off work in the next hour to be a great time due to come cius we'd love to see you. A broadcasting live for now at least atop the speedway club. Kyle Bailey frank Garcia still a great show ahead looking forward to talking to say drew Smith a little bit later in the show. As we talk about the Charlotte hornets and the NBA draft and a whole lot there more Panthers an NFL to get into his wealth of Major League Baseball is. The Braves actually lose last night but still in first place Rory Julia. With a I highlight reel catch up their left center field so we'll talk a lot about that later in the show as well but. Right now we are talking more about the NBA playoffs and last night the other Boston Celtics go up three games to two and the other series the Western Conference finals tied at two games apiece. And we're talking right now to Jim Barnett long time color analyst on the Golden State Warriors television broadcast crew he played a spell. In the NBA is well he joins us on the technique come just slide. Jim how are you sir we appreciate the dot. I'm not doing well today inspector and I shall. Absolutely well loved before we get into a warriors rockets have look your take on the other the other series taken place last night and LeBron James. Another impressive night and he looked to me yet to a lot of people obviously very fatigued out there is supporting cast didn't show up for and other purpose of the starting five didn't either give your thoughts on that series thus far. Well look cycle court prevailed in that series it's not. I'd like fears that the warriors are and what that Houston. You know botnet at tail but there are really disciplined team they're extremely well coached. And would Cleveland you've got LeBron James and you don't know what you got to get. Hodgepodge of other players have they have sometimes they show up sometime. They they played Torrey and he can't do it himself when it's amazing what he does do and that is made by way. Klay Thompson expected to play eight dollars and defeat how's that affect the Golden State Warriors are tonight. Well. Iguodala to have since really hurt them for a number reasons number one. They've got up you know. An abundance of standards but they don't have a wing players. Patrick McCaw was injured some time ago and he's a defender he can be useful in this series. Because see curtain and the team had to go small. It's a three point shooting team for Mike and Tony and it really puts a lot of burden on everybody else the play. Extreme minutes so. They've got to figure out what should round today. They really should be up 31 but they gave the game away and actually gave the game away in quarter one. And they get second home game that the warriors had the other night. They made had a tremendous start to regain the route twelve is that. And they got very sloppy with the basketball. Ended up at nine point advantage of recorder which emboldened. You'd think Houston Rockets team and they knew they could come back in court they had their tremendous second quarter they used to lead at halftime the lawyers come back with Stefan curry. You know it and they weren't as it's seventeen or eighteen point third quarter. Got to back in the lead by ten but then they're hopping it got stopped they're out there retains its suffocating defense. And the lawyers have to make some adjustments to get to their offense tonight because you can never play this kind of deep and before it was really really good. And the lawyers who have their own worst enemy there's not having good movement. You know if the other night. They had fourteen assists. And sixteen turnovers can't live without it ever happened as a team that averaged thirty assists a night course it gets tougher in the playoffs the defense. But. We'll see what transpired tonight but it got to check that I noticed they got a change up up and because season's gonna come out with their best here at all. Well there's no doubt about that and you know like I was surprised to see it as well. You from Houston but that that's what makes a good team a good team they're very good team. You know but there also took advantage seem like stepped curry on the defensive side. The look like they're isolation and anything they did was try to get either Chris Paul are you don't want I want vs staff or. You know James Harden on those pick and rolls as steps usually plays the top of the point. Com how much do you expect curt may be you know change some of the defense of principles and philosophies in order to help stuff. He can't do it they're fighting. They're targeting him there's no question about it. He'd he'd he'd try to do a couple of things. In games two and three and even four bytes job switching not switching. They they got caught it pretty interestingly. In game three at home they got to a bad start. And they were targeting step up top every time they dig I would roll to the basket and they get that to our money given to cappella I think Capellan got a big score. Had to lay up in the first two minutes of the game. And so the warriors were down eight for real quickly and all the fat it has been run by the same thing pick and roll up top. Slide to the free throw line hit that man will bat by the Trevor Reid bit of regret that kind. And then. They'd lobby of the propeller faced a lay up themselves. But if there's nothing you can do. Too high Stefan curry and I don't mean to be derogatory about separate. It is it is defense is very is better. But those guys one on one or just to. Their their true good and hard to keep on the front end so. They're gonna keep targeting net because that that's the one week's stock. So the order of it out that they got a good help defense but they indicate each commands and they got the three point shot open. So it up thing that they there is that a problem holes Siri. They had to get better when games are credible provide and take thirty shots in the game and then must have a shot clock a little bit. But they're Houston's good that they're they're they're they're for real and they're good at both ends of the floor attic. What it's gonna come down to. It is the warriors op of these. Adjustments tonight. That there hopefully frees them up and and Iraq point in their shooting. You know liquid Stefan curry went in that third quarter ended up with what twenty. 26 points. I'm trying to think of the game in game three. Yet here 26 points in the second half the game three when he really gets a coral. Yet he when he gets it rolling like that it's not within the op Ed Peters. It's extemporaneous. Ever everything he does this just on what's going on how you feel what they can do. And I get it had to get them out of the opera. And so when he was not shooting well. In game four in the in the fourth quarter when it strike you as one of late in the fourth quarter. When he's doing that going to have the ball stopped to move the ball out. So that they got to make some adjustments and they're going to do that I I was very that's what they did. Today about how they can get into their offense how they can move without the ball how they can replace Alec could be a back screen a dribble handoff. A a drive to get to the other side to a kick out and all of those things get movement can be more horse that's what they have to do. Talk to Jim Barnett Golden State Warriors broadcast for television color analyst joined us on the tech become just like he played ten years or I got over decade the NBA. It never served ginger from Greenville, South Carolina right. That's where I was on my dad was in the air force okay. My my parents who ran a lot of the kids but I doubt about. To go what I like that. Jim for real it's a go I just say I am curious about something you were talking about a minute ago and that's that the defense that you made a great point because. You know it's easy to bag go and you know individual on ball defense ended the skill set to some of these guys do were don't have but the truth is. So many of these elite guards are are almost impossible to stay in front of it one on one situation and you know is it pertains to defensive adjustments a lot's been made. Of the defensive adjustments that the what do the rockets made it Mike did Tony made in that game and I'm sure to some extent that's true but I am curious do you do you think it was more about those adjustments or more about the fact that. You know clay Thompson just had a bad night Katie was taken some questionable shots a work order. Well they've made the defense was so so good that they import the warriors to get into the rock and starting way out half court and by the end of the game. The players who want the ball relegated to running after a month green taking it out of its stance rather than receiving the past. And that includes. Stepped period most of diamond and Kevin Durant. It's. You know it it's a different thing here but hey what makes it even better though primarily with Houston. Is they went out and got PJ Tucker they got Chris Paul. And it picked up Luc Mbah a Moute who still nursing an injury injury but that really helped this got those are three really good defender and so it's personnel. The other with the warriors can attack James Harden if they're gonna pick and roll they wanna do that up and they don't they don't use that as much. Are there more emotion not bad. But Harden can't keep anybody in front of himself either. It's not these guys are very very count tonight I wonder that of course as we get older and have a lot of older. And so that the older I get the better I was. Back plate to take I'd try to remembered sake I thought I could keep you don't. Nate Archibald and sodomy who's really really quick. Calvin Murphy of one of those guys you know I I was always depending Gerri what about the Robert and and I've felt remote quite like to keep them them and probably another great app is greater aptly. But then defensively should be agree or Utley to this seems to be a problem. That you know that he could it happen. So I expect. I expected change and I I think that we're going to be able to move the ball a lot better and you hope leader that they are going to be hitting their shots. Mean Stefan curry when he gets it going. He's he's no wonder not if but and have a state. You know I know it's Charlotte. So I know you love gathered Charlotte and let me tell you. As as good as you're thinking years on and off the court he is ready batteries are remarkable young man he's thirty now or to a birthday party. Think I thought OK let's that this team he's he's revolutionized the game he's he's. Trant and he's it paid agent IE justice is transcending their game of basketball and transforming. It transform even himself. An update conducts himself but I can't say enough about him these are over the caught. Muller match that was a pretty exclusive guest list for that birthday party and but it was a lot of thought into right he is beloved here there's no doubt about that nobody generates an offense of tidal wave negate debate quite like that it does put up. Jim Barnett Golden State Warriors television broadcast group. I'll play the NBA for over a decade joined us on the tech the job does sludge in the had a great broadcast enjoy the game we'll catch up so. Thank you for having me on your show thank you sir we appreciate your time Jim Barnett once again joining us on the ticket job just like. We come back you're live from Charlotte motor speedway like RC has already put his headset down. As attack in about three pounds chicken wings so he may or may not be here when we come back we're not really sure about that. It's live from Charlotte motor speedway it's Garcia and Bailey. Lot Charlotte motor speedway Kyle fairly bright Garcia has always you can find this. On Twitter at child really WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 but some rally Jewelers Twitter feed named one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country. By national jeweler magazine eight convenient locations all blinded proudly Jewelers dot com building trust. For three generations Bradley Jewelers three pounds of wings recent sit right over there to wait and notice I have about a quarter are in about a pound pound. You happy although most of those are just the bones what do I know those are good that you read all close yeah being with their like. Those like what he called the drum what's that the drama it's the other wants the flat lasts well and that's that's a mean that there's nothing wrong beating that many but we don't have much time between the brick your input and working that's only like ten or twelve only yeah. Well again we don't tell stuff during the all right so the fact you've done that in about three minute intervals are going to solve the debate once and for all what debate. The city blue cheese over the no of course not any at all -- got look I'm a look Chris program Obama on the big Chris Kroger Fred this whole blue cheese thing is not like he's just got to give us something is its growth has Jennifer you probably tease out here at the race or two about all of the people's faces with a throw throw windows get out of here great to me it is boldly craft a breakthrough. Is this is rotten trying to poison like I don't understand why anybody says don't know ranch is meant for ticket winters are about about that. I had 70457. Or 96 Ted. Jim Barnett will jar we've thanks to Jim Barnett for Jordan to show a minute ago talking about the NBA playoffs. I'll talk to say drew Smith NB ATV coming appear just a little bit but a couple of things NBA related before wanna give back to. A little bit of football talk here but. The Orlando Magic have reportedly expressed interest in hiring Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo as their next head coach according to a report. From a Michael Scott O of the athletic now Izzo has been at Michigan State obviously since 1995. And has amassed help resonate. Seven final four appearances eight Big Ten regular season championships in one NC double that instantly turn to JP chip one title. And all of that on his resonate. Certainly makes him what the great college basketball coaches saw it in history and certainly it was era but. He's also got something else that he's dealing with right now that is that massive scandal appeared Michigan State where the university recently was. Forster is forced now to pay out 500 million dollars. Through the the victims of Larry Nasser and that the scandal appear involving doctor. Larry Nasser formerly doctor Larry Nasr now a disgraced Doctor Who is in prison and will be there for the rest of his life where he deserves to be. But a 500 million dollar. Pay out as what Michigan State is looking at right now. And you know you and I talked about this a little while ago a school of that size Selig Michigan State I looked it up they have about a three billion dollar endowment so. You know even though 500 million is something they can afford that is still an enormous hit to the old bank account and Michigan State is facing. A lot of PR issues right now the media has been relentlessly going after Tom Izzo asking what he knew. About the cover up their Michigan State so if ever there was a time for for Tom Izzo to look to leave college basketball and let's say that he will that he should. But if ever there was a time to do it frank I would imagine this is it. Coaches have the ability you know dissents when the axis coming right and they also have the ability to beat the acts. So I don't think he's even looking at X do you mean I wouldn't think. I mean I don't know I mean how much are those allegations are coming down towards him come. In order comes to what's taken place at which could Michigan State how much he knew verses how much he didn't. You know and I don't know if it's gonna affect recruiting I don't know if you know it's going to. You know just be something that sticks with him you know as long as he's there you know and as the cloud over the the the university. But it's definitely going to affect recruiting of as far as you know that the kids they're gonna go to the amount of risk scholarships are the type of perception that you're gonna have so. You know that's that's one thing that. And I think you have to consider. And you know it's a good opportunity if you're gonna leave if you've ever thought about what you know why not now I mean. You have an opportunity go down to Orlando not that they have you know superstar players by any stretch of the imagination but. You're here you're going to be in Florida. You know first is Michigan. You know and you know an opportunity to coach throws at this past year has thoughts of you know taking that next up and you know being an NBA coach. Is that now the time to do it. I mean do we fix or is that something he has designed to work and nobody can answer that I can answer that they're you're absolutely right about that but the event that is interesting is speaking of the magic job. It has also been reported that former order or its coach Steve Clifford is is interviewing for that bid vacancy there in Orlando and no it's going to be interesting to me to see work cliffs Lance right because. He do you get this is there anybody you talk to me this isn't even debatable at this point about how you feel about Steve Clifford and the job that he did in Charlotte. Is immensely respected around the league right so. Reportedly got a look by the Milwaukee Bucks in the house reportedly getting a look by the Orlando Magic and I don't know if he will be a head coach at either of those places or anywhere else moving forward but. You know for a guy who is a little bit older defensive minded head coach in a league where it just seems that. You know it's all about how how many points you can put up how quickly you can do it how often you put it up behind the three point line you know it. How how to Steve Clifford paradoxical. That's I think that's extremely unfair brighten any coach. You know that this is the only way that you're gonna play you're not gonna adopt or adapt to the NFL you not to adopt to your players a director players tease me. Mean you're not gonna adjust he played with what he had. The best way he could to win basketball games and that was to muddied up the play defense. If he's got into a scoring contest he was gonna lose most of those games. And that's the difference of know what his perception was and what reality was what we perceived them to play defense and always preaches defense. It's something that he believes and I'm sure. But if you had you know the the the the squad from Golden State. But you know you don't think he's run up and out of court and in scored a hundred warning or try to you know make it a fast pace up our game so you know it you're you're you kind of until the hand and then you have to go out there and figure out what's the best way to move that candidates can win basketball games other than Kemba Walker limit of the score listing. But I imagine actual score and I'm waiting death nine I younger children well here's an offensive. Right and this is sometimes unfair sometimes and I'm sure that I in this job maybe perpetuate this do we sort talking about a guy like Steve signaling he's a defensive treasuries defensive minded coach you know we. You have to play both ends of the floor you have to be able to coach on both ends of the Florida as we blurred. You know the great teams are full two way players who get it done on both ends of the floor and the guys that he was coaching over the past couple years. You know with the exception of that of a playoff team that featured Jeremy let accordingly coming off the bench. Jamie Lynn was a score right. Right Jeremy Lin could create the difference between those seem to be ready you start pinpointed fixed. And the reason I think I was so fascinated by this team this entire season due to post game shows and being differ pretty much every Al Davis. I was so wrong in my prediction of what I thought that team would be where they would end up but I ended up just kind of sometimes it nights in Albany were holed the staring at the morning what did I miss. What we're that we're drag overall figure misting was going to be better than it wasn't. It always ended up being there's just not enough coming off the bench in the difference that we enjoy what Michael Korda Williams gave him that backup point guard spot. Vs what Jeremy Lin was able to give them off the bench accordingly as well. Reportedly ended up being the starter Edwin and he had a big sort of came off the bat right. And that's the difference you know alone in itself but you had that kind of debt as you point you couldn't pay them all right that was really the problem that the hornets ran into his. We'll try to keep those players. I would rather see them pay those guys you know a lot more than having Nicholas Batum as a Max contract so text to just sit Moly markers of score. And don't know that we don't know what used to ship that we don't know that I I think he's got that potential I do oil yeah I mean that's the reason why they drafted him where they drafted him discussing college. He could put the ball in the basket he could find ways to create. You know we saw the athleticism that he had as he elevated. You know kind of went down and kept going you know that you know we haven't seen you know it in quite some time so. Yet the ability is there but you know the development. And I guess the lack of you know us knowing. You know it is it is still to be seen so yeah I mean if he's another score Woolsey. You know I ended OMB I think you have to kind of know what kemba is gonna do where he's gonna be but you're if if cameras are this team. We're republic mocked as you point guard is here to gore anyway where does he fit. You know in the MBA. Or is years on this team and jays break go does what he says he'd like to do and what it like to see and let's play more from the leaking kemba together in the backcourt what does that look like because you know kemba not being a traditional point guard being eight. A scoring point guard how does that work there in the backcourt do we alongside it a lot of questions that we just simply don't have answers to we will. It ought fixed soon enough whether it be by the draft tour I know that's nobody's gonna be able to take anybody off the dribble like kemba does sort of going that roster now if you're gonna isolate and go you know play one on one basketball. Kemba is got a beard guy it's gonna play pick Earl Campbell's got to be your guys so the ball go through Kemba Walker. You know it goes both both of playing in the backcourt blink my local BV two guards on the outside either going to be able to shoot it if the defense you know runs at him. And tries to run them off the line he'll be able to penetrate and either finish or be able to make something happen and that may be the benefit. You know of you know having both those guys on the court the downside is that. Yet midget playing defense. We'll look that was kind of the idea before last year right it was to play that that pick and roll style of basketball with Dwight Howard coming did using his. His size and athleticism and and and the way he was able to do things and that was something they were gonna try to lean on and it may be you get another run a great individual year out of Dwight Howard. You find the shooter and bleak month takes the next step in his progression of so you know we may have some fun watching this team but we certainly have plenty of time to talk about a and dealt with the NBA offseason stuff heating up and seeing our guys are gonna land maybe Jerry Stackhouse instead of Orlando ends up in Toronto and our crew over again talking about that earlier. It's going to be interesting to see and certainly what Mitch Kupchak does with respect to the draft and you know reaching out and and considering god deals potentially with other teams across the league so we talk more about that. Throughout the course of the show we come back to wrap of the hour I got little snap judgment that I wanna throw out there when we come back we guess that judgment for you for fifteen Seko Smith drops by our two or three. We did back in the practice to back into the NFL is restorers there that I wanna talk about including. Andrew Luck who still has not thrown a football. But colts fans and and the cultural office apparently there are worried but I could circle talk about that too Garcia barely live from Charlotte motor speedway. Long supported. That's just typically it's one thing. One thing that's got me fired up in this segment today it's two. Almost two and a half from the goes to the first two business. So I I'm not a hockey fan you know like most of us in other group in the southeast were probably work all that exposed to it maybe didn't. Didn't watch at all maybe it and understand it may be at a passing interest or passing understanding of the sport whatever the case may pick but because I'm a sports fan because like many if you like grew up watching it. Sports center in the Summers and on the weekends and you re watched the same episode a sports center is played at the top of each hour for four or five hours in a row. During hockey season you've got the hockey highlights and so the name's became familiar you and you knew who was go to the very least and you at least were aware of some of the guys that report the sport. But that's kind of been the extent of traumatic brain that was I was content with that right up until now. Because I think for the third time I'm going to try. To really earnestly. Get this thing ago. Because right now to make you think about this you know to get this is this coming from someone who does not have the same deep appreciation for the sport and other staff. We have a Stanley Cup final. That features the Washington Capitals and the Vegas golden knights eight DC sports taped. It seemed coerced him would never ever make it to the Stanley Cup finals. Against an expansion team in its very first year in Las Vegas if ever there was a Stanley Cup. That would would Pique your interest in drawl UN to some degree. I feel like this would have to be the war as so because of that I'm I'm formally committing myself to watching every game of the Stanley Cup fox. Because why would the story took the Washington Capitals. And in Vegas golden night. It's a dealers in Vegas. And actors in Washington grim. Yeah I would rather see if I'm gonna see something for the first time. Two of the greatest not to the most an average in something that's never happened before I mean if if they were playing let's say this the penguins'. Or bruises the black kings of the brunt of the Blackhawks right in my debt. That's where I would say okay this is going to be great these are two the most storied franchise of all time. I'm all ending gonna watch these teams go out there and see what this sport is about not to have the most average franchises and one it's never been here. It and you know and an ever in the end their exit since there are just gives you think about it a dead you've got a city like Las Vegas you're the first you're an expansion team going to the Stanley Cup finals to take on the team. From DC and DC has officially not only the biggest debatable take it over the most tortured sports city. In all of professional or sports. Capitals fans have absolutely been through at all. And the capitals edict they get to work with so many time you're wrong about the most tortured. That's Cleveland. No yeah I know they recently wanted to NBA time while that's the only thing the Indians went to the World Series and they lost OK but they've restored or no defense or she was even sniff that kind of success and lost to. DC has surpassed Cleveland they have multiple championships OK somebody tell Eric text is tweet us. Who is the most tortured city it's forced because I I'm not coming off DC it's good to be compelling argument that it makes it's it's Cleveland. It there's no way it's for the details the skins the nationals beat annual disappointment from the nationals were supposed to be among the best teams in Major League Baseball. The wizards. Right to get this that they did just mediocre always the capital always coming up short how would you sit at any sort of city is worse than DC right now Dallas. I'm dyslexic dallas' the most tortured fan base. Because hit every year they expect to win it every year they get disappointed they have won a championship since the ninety's. So I mean that's the argument your make and what about DC. These he has multiple championships you know can say dallas'. You the most tortured with less MDC won a championship of any significance to Redskins. In the early ninety's in the eighty's and ninety's you're so it's nearly been thirty years and within the location with Dallas bright but Dallas doesn't have to the rest of my knowledge of a doubt that there's there's of. Done with the Dallas is that baseball for instance today they have they have DC as all get older reports. You know they have. I am I think they have hockey. Yen down starship itself it ours Kevin about dissent like they have to Rio 400 DC's it was a they'll have a baseball. But it sounds like a poll question to meet the most tortured sports city in America. Put it on the poll was put on Paul gray Dallas is going to be up there then why not clip quoted on the polls here rideau here literally UC bearded big Dexter right cents DC. Try to get some spice to Detroit never been such a it's less about the sports more just about being not a drug it's a very good answer. I mean I don't know one last and the mean do you think you being tortured as. Just not being very good right buddy the good being tortured of thinking you're gonna be really good and being terrible power orbit after a prolonged giddy in the air decades of nothing. That's Dallas. That mavericks won the NBA title in toy twelfth okay that's. The last thing that once they've got a pro sports title in this decade. Cleveland as a pro sports title in this decade capitals on everything no. Nothing nothing but you have to take longer part of what I really quickly by other my other snap judgment and it just seems appropriate because virtual motor speedway. Why is it's so hard to find. They could. Classic you struck in American status I cannot find one to save my life. But it could org act like Alec a mid nineties F 150 still in good should put that that's my sweet spot that was my very first ride and I got to get back into a truck and I cannot find. They elected a well kept garage kept Ford F 150 where you look at it. I Craig's list and who did that for the newspaper everywhere. Auto trader I just haven't seen anything worth I just in it just seems like in America it's so hard to find. A good garage kept classic truck like that go drive down the street guest on them or you'll see toward him. Sit on the side of the road among them are looking for sale prefer drew sought for sale. And that was you are looking hard enough that you look I'm looking pretty dark but maybe system that maybe it may be up. And I'll try your method little bit different and I'll work on that but it is so hard to follow once again 94 F 150. It on aggregate amounts glad to have a four wheel drive about a Leo do you formal product B four wheel drive carriage hit a good classic Ford F 150 that was my first truck and I got to find. He's UK if hundred huge trucks anymore I'm still thinking of tortured fan bases that there you don't sort. It's New York really quickly answer any of those questions and hit us up on Twitter at frank Garcia 65 a child really W a frenzy at Garcia and Bailey. The brown lead Jewelers Twitter feed name for the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country. By national jeweler magazine eight convenient locations all Blida broadly Jewelers dot com building trust for three generations. Broadly Jewelers we come back to those text deepest which W call us. 70457. Or 96 to call us you people think about this what is the most tortured spaces in America taught. DC it's always number one right now we come back we talk more about off like from Charlotte motor speedway let's state so what are setting the stage it's Garcia very.