Garcia & Bailey H1: Live From Charlotte Motor Speedway Jim Szoke & Doug Rice Stop By

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Thursday, May 24th
Frank and Kyle kickoff the show live from Charlotte Motor Speedway! They talk Panthers with Jim Szoke and Coca Cola 600 with Doug Rice.

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This Sunday may 27 thrilled to be your great show ahead. Thirty minutes from Belgium's Oki stops by a good talks in Carolina Panthers and talk about a routier's what to expect to talk about the offseason we'll talk about the new NFL policies and ruled say just a lot to get into a Jim's -- but our. First off. The garage door guru opening topic of the they were talking race and right now because we're Charlotte motor speedway. I'm Stuart proof roof opening topic of the day I'll. You know come I think a lot of times it comes across this like we're bagging on this border word you don't baguette on individuals or you know maybe even sometimes teams. We're just having an open conversation about things but I'm the tell you what. You know there's certain places that you go as a sports fan. That you can remember for the rest your life and this is absolutely one of my remember back in 1996. Never been to a NASCAR race and I came here to Charlotte motor speedway and I was fortunate enough to sit one of these. You know these little sweet here right about. I wouldn't call mid track meet court whatever you want an RV wanna sit right there by the Coca-Cola. You know signage and remember my first NASCAR race like it was yesterday. You know and I didn't necessarily fall in love with the sport but. I was so fascinated way the way people watched it like what do these headsets what are people listening to I don't know you know how. And to follow the sport may be as closely as some of these other guys did in. Nearly New York some of the guys are so nice enough to that he'll give anyone their headsets and tell me what was going on the cover of walk me through it. And you know when you get into a sport like that it has a completely different field than anything you've ever seen. Then you go down to what pit road and die you you you smelled the tires burning you hear the engines roaring. In that first lap when those things Europe and come around for the first time. I tell you comment on the goosebumps or stand up in my hair standing straight right now because. It is like you were in those cars with these guys and then when you're that close to that you're seeing these cars slide around the turn. And you see how much movement those cars have it's not like you and I can just regular stroll they're sliding up the track because of how fast they're going. I'm charging you have a completely different respect for what these guys are doing out there and you know why I'm sure a lot of people love this sport. Well is no question about it new look I tell people open all the time but I'm not as an adult sports fan. The biggest NASCAR fan of the world but I was kind of forced to learn the sport and to be around a growing up in this is one of the places. But I got my first real taste of NASCAR this is where I got a got much indoctrination if you will to what this sport wasn't what it meant to so many people and I remember. You know grown up being dragged it to Richmond and and seeing Bristol going to Martinsville which a lot of short tracks in the for the very first time. My mom worked at a dealership for about fifteen years and we used to get tickets to destroy all motor speedway come got to watch the race or we're sitting here in the speedway club right now high atop. Cheryl motor speedway seeing everything right now and they're just a couple of windows down is where we went we were came an asset with my dad. And mop up on my brother and I and our current. But Koppel who's that McGrath oh deficit focus since we're sitting here that it. That's when we lose let benefits for those members bill because when your kid as you can you still as vivid memories you still have when you were kit right that this was stripped of snapshots that you still and are still remember sitting right over there. And staring out into and I was behind the class but still feeling that roar that you were talking about in understanding the power that was out there on the track. And getting you don't release understanding why people love this place so much what's so nice to be back here and to feel that same energy because. This is one of the great venues in all of motor sports and and people here are so excited to this event as they showed that. Have you ever been down to pit road and up close and personal here no I'll tell you what I mean if you've you've seen it elsewhere yes. He'll be moving parts that it takes to operate in one of these teams it's incredible from the peak the quick. Yup pit crew chief to you know to all the guys that are spotters. To the yeah the the guy this pumping gas to the guys change in charge the guy that does this to the amid all the things go wrong you know two in width you know each one of these teams and how efficient they are it's really. You know from just like. Coaching strategic standpoint you sit back and you watch and you just. See everybody just has has a role and how efficient they are and how important that is to the success of these of these drivers it's it's really you know incredible thing to watch and you'll some of the stories and you go out yeah how you'd get into ball involved with the NASCAR team and what makes you like I'm not sure. You know I still I'm not a mean Jeff Gordon just because she would come around and he was really good at the time when I first got here to Charlotte. In the mid ninety's it was kind of very popular driver and you know I kind of gravitated towards him because. Our rate ever and ham was no the the pit crew chief and or the crew chief for U you know he he he would come into where we are at a lot and you know hang out with our group and can you you get to kind of fall in follow them a little bit you get to maybe you'll see the success that there have been feel like it's almost. A little bit of the success you're having just because you know the guys up you assimilate with them in there and those type of things and then you come to the race and you hear all the venom. As Jeff Gordon would roll around the track. And every time you come by you'd like. Beer would be thrown at the car and people would be pissed off that Jeff Gordon was out there and he was. You know just kind of overtaking their sport and you know wasn't a true NASCAR guy was kind of you know like a lot of southerners are probably. You know treated northern or you don't for the first time in their neighbor just you don't belong here and you know I just interest in the seat kind of you know where the sport has gone in you know all the things that have that you've taken place but not even horse that right now. And the speedway club. You know it just seemed like you go back to. 101520. Years that's the kind of feel. You have with all the hard dark oak wooten you know the classic ball or in the trophies or sit around in the coffee table cloths on the tables and in all the loot you all the things that go along with that in. Which has been learning backtracked and again Hank Williams Helio Charlie Daniels bureau right you. And just to feel all and see all the tradition oh yeah history that's here at this track yes I've no doubt about it and this is one of the unique the most unique. Not not just dumb you know events in sports but certainly other NASCAR circuit this 600 mile race 400 lap smile laugh track and how much people love coming here I'm talking about the drivers the reverence they have for distracted. For what Bruton Smith built here several decades ago and speaking to dismiss they're they're setting up above us I would imagine somewhere in their offices here and Marcus who was on which probes earlier this. I dealing with all the speedway motor sports business but you know this is a big family and you see when they get back here and of course the 600 is one of the marquee events of the NASCAR circuit and bill last year Austin Dillon in that three car got the win. In the freak or the first on that have been done since 2000 and Kevin Harvick who won the all star race last weekend. Made got the hottest driver in NASCAR right now won the pole last year. So he noted there's somebody. So many story lines surrounding this weekend is certainly come and all the NASCAR all star race that so we're going to get into this afternoon we're probably gonna have some guests stopped by to talk to a section I know we are in. We're gonna have a good time out here but again it's polled by tonight and you can come on out kids get in free tonight kids get in freezer so grab the young and bring about who they get into. Folks I've never been to one of these things like listen to the station for so many years of packed used to come here groves you know has also been here several times and you speak for probes it was. You know Taylor's ours or Mark James and before him it was packed forever and some of the stories and you're the history that you know with the radio station and ice there they would broadcast you know from. You know from here but I've never been to a pole night. This is my first pulled it could ever prevent him so I'm naive and ignorant to really you know what takes place. I am assuming there's one car that goes out there and it's his turn to. Showcase himself in the time him for one lap and that's kind of how they determine. Who goes to where in the in the starting lineup is that credit for your. A knockout qualifying is the actual format this thing and we're up against civil all kind of lay got a little bit more when we come back but if this is some. It's cool I'll put it that way this is a really cold night and and I stressed that give the kids did and resource but this is a great night to bring the kids bring the family out. Of course on the orca series race out here tonight as well after the fact so this is going to be an incredible weekend Eli young band is gonna perform on Sunday morning with the a three race concerts so. There's so much going on here this weekend as understated there's still some tickets available so if you want about this week in their lots of opportunities to do that. But tonight is again polled by three run qualifying knockout get York's series raise kids get in free does it taught a reason to get out here tonight to Ricky talking about throughout the course of this show. About forty minutes from now Jim so keep your a lot of pick his radio network is gonna stop but we'll talk painters will talk NFL with him. Looking forward to that we had some callers yesterday toward the end of the show who really wanted to get in on the conversation as a matter of fact I talked when after the show was really upset Lewis. Upset with me in particular because he didn't feel like. You know there was enough of his opinion heard are his kind of opinion heard how his kind of his I devoted and heard Ed and I just what makes of the clear. Frank and I've never once have a history of the show censored a phone call not well. We as the phone calls come in against acted order we take him and organizes the bottom line so if you connected and it's not because we don't wanna talk to you or you don't wanna hear your opinion we just couldn't get to like to hear much different either it's it really I do I do as well also if you call look at you as quickly as we can't whatever the topic may be. 70457. Or 96 that we come back. More here from Charlotte motor speedway we start to get into the NFL and of course the NBA playoffs is last night LeBron James. Outscored the rest of the starters in Cleveland provide Laurinaitis Garcia barely live from Charlotte motor speedway. Live from Charlotte motor speedway child freely and frank Garcia out here the speedway club and you know it's going to be a good day we got a gigantic year old Charlie Daniels stared at you and does some great food being cooked up around here as well also people in an incredible view. Of Charlotte motor speedway the site of this weekend's Coca-Cola 600 but tonight if you got the time and you're so inclined I would recommend bringing out the kids in the fairly kids get in free. It's cold night tonight for the 600 as well as an -- series race. A little bit after and they're very excited for this event coming up at fifteen minutes Jim's Oki Carolina Panthers radio network is going to join us. And so we're looking forward to expect a conversation later in the show. Jim Barnett Golden State Warriors broadcaster Golden State Warriors broadcast network radio network will stop Bible talks and playoffs with him and later the show's sake who Smith of NB ATV bubbles stop and as well share his thoughts on. Public or Charlotte hornets are up to what he expects they'll do over the next couple months so between double talk painters will talk NFL we'll talk a little baseball as well great died in baseball. Ruffled for braves fans Politico distill gave braves fans of reasons to get excited last night so lots defensive over the course of the annex three and a half hours or so but. Frank was asked you before the do good to break there I guess about. The knock out qualified format which showed changed a couple of years ago. And you know we have been so fortunate on the show. Two I just collect good talented people were brought Osbourne where this is our executive producer and an. Evans felt our lap as our new board opted. Big BG NZ NASCAR fan that he is a lot different today evident and giving him the platform to explain all of this eleven turn your Mike on for a second because. The new knock out round qualifier tell me it's at my recollection of this is right so. But what I think is 45 drivers out the first round about ten minutes toward the top 24 fastest laps go through within the next twelve after that I mean I'll give the Florida you that's. All right right edit ye got it in layman's terms there in the first trauma fickle lasts about forty minutes. And in the top 24 drivers advance to the next round and and in the next round it'll be about fifteen at ten minutes. And in the top twelve the fast twelfth fastest times advanced to the final round and NOB a five minute call sign session for. The net out last round and then top twelve call fired from their but the kind of tricked people run he can run multiple laps as many Asian wall but. To tricky is. Already caveat is. You have to start cores on those tires are drew about twelve laps in all sighing you're gonna have more Wear on your tires and somebody start about 25 that only had one lap times. Yes it's really interesting because and and what do you get away from the other traditionally did a couple of years ago that got away from the traditional. You know one cartoon lap qualifying which he even for die hard NASCAR fans are almost of people sleep you know and I NASCAR did I think a good job. Revamping got a so that's what you're gonna see out here this evening is that of a knockout round qualifying words Evans said. 45 cars start they raised about 225 minutes to top 44 fastest laps go through. After that the next twelve go through and been no sort of so for the racing against each other against blood cell say it's a friend ever again we can bring up the back of his but my understanding is the fastest lap right immediately so that's warning for four point four guys in the just racing two laps. Against the other guys in the big twelve fastest go through most not necessarily just two laps that was the traditional qualified. You know we had one tore two laps you know you qualified using your time that withered out. If they had multiple cars on the track going at it now so. Evan do you as a as a diehard race fans. How much do you think this is improved you know this particular part of the product. A qualifying it's really improved because eight I think it sheds about an hour off. The viewing experience in qualifying and you know it's not like an order like he used to because usually it'll be the crappy cars go out first and then. The big cars coming go out and org I ever won but they're kind of go on and all the same time speaking Ghana's see who's got a faster car. Like whoever has Askar the first segment they might not have the fastest car in the second stage and so he can't really predict what's gonna happen and Indy sets of qualifying. Unlike the past word he kind of knew who's gonna win DePaul. Yeah what's very haven't vacuumed and it's always nice Saturday. Attorney Jim Z NASCAR correspondent on the team and I haven't been one of those guys certainly dialed in tuned in and out ready to go Sunday with a 600 it's underway in. We a lot of text come again on the militant attacks like asking about things tonight and again kids get in free there's a dark series race tonight on top to qualify so lots of lots of reasons. To come out to what to Charlotte motor speedway tonight. We will come back to that but really quickly I just as far as NASCAR's concern to dead at the NASCAR hall of fame has inducted into class you brought it just scored a little while ago. And Jeff Gordon of course as he should do is going into the NASCAR hall of fame a long so long side likes of Jack Roush and Roger Penske and Davey Allison Alec Wiki and the only thing got a glut looks a big names in the world and asked coral these guys are certainly deserve it but the one think of he. And I backed twittered about this earlier there were two people. Who didn't vote for Jeff Gordon in in the hall of fame vote and I don't know how you justify that anymore four time champ third all time in wins and and that's a guy you don't vote for I don't get it there. But it didn't enjoy it let me ask you this right we talk about this and other sports all the time we tried to. You know clarified talk about you to go right who's the greatest running back of all time. Who's the greatest quarterback of all time who's the greatest basketball player of all time. I guess I would ask the question since we're here comes senator around in NASCAR themed today and we can put out on the pole pause. Who's the greatest racer of all time. You know in every and any generation a lot of people I'm guessing would say Earnhardt senior but is he I mean I don't know how you would. You may be clarified that are you wounded. You know is it strictly championships is it you know time is it. Meaning maneuverability. Vs you know the cars. You know I'm not sure it's a lot of those drivers would have been able to operate these Carlin I guess I'm guessing they would be. Mean they would've warrant but with these drivers today be able to maneuver like those guys back then. You know you look at a guy like Jimmy Johnson who has multiple wins in those competing against these guys today and going out there has dominated in you know you've mentioned Jeff Gordon but. You know and you know Earnhardt senior is one of those guys are to be out there but his his wins stack up to. You know some of these other guys as well I guess my question that I would ask is it cool is the greatest NASCAR driver of all time home cost. That'd vet that we could probably do a show on right now that's what we're door I don't have so that we can do an entire show I don't know I I don't know whether that's great question if they do the default answers Dillard RJR Dillard's in your blood know a lot of people said he's the most popular right what is he the best driver. And I would love or NASCAR guys are gear has determined to this. You know because you know we don't get to talking NASCAR and I like to learn new things I love sports I love competition and and I would love to hear from our NASCAR France today. Who is the greatest driver of all time that's interest and you know somebody immediately came it was Jimmie Johnson no question yeah that's that's about ascertain that it is from what I can remember and recall. How was he not right I mean again I don't. I'm not a historian when it comes to NASCAR. I don't follow the sport is religiously as a lot of guys here in the south do. I'm you know very. When you're I guess inexperienced and so you useless yeah I mean and he when we talk NASCAR. You know there is lot of guys name's Erin martz the most popular and Rabbani is or you'll wherever you might be that you did that you remember as a kid might having your favorite but that's not what who's the best who's the greatest who's the guy that no matter what generation. Is gonna come out here what everybody's asked the think there's toughness. You that is involved then how do you determine. That's a great question really I think it's interesting question to feel for the Texas 70457 or 96 dead. I think for him that interest in who is the greatest NASCAR driver all time that you get these guys to anomaly reporting this out because of you it did. Ward's mentioning here for a couple of reasons we got a text right again you always have this guy oh my god please stop talking vest or at least be professional tough to learn about the sport you're promoting old analog. I'd I'm gonna give you a little bit of a headed out this business works you don't need to be a subject matter expert to help some ought to promote something that's not how the business works and we did you go cross any major market in this country you know it an especially in the southeast right. Eat NASCAR rarely dominates any of those discussions but we are your Charlotte motor speedway because this is one of the signature events on the NASCAR circuit. And this sport in particular. You know it is part of the Charlotte identity and it brings people and from far and wide and it's going to be an incredible time this weekend you know but it doesn't change the fact. That is there's listeners tune in to sports talk radio here and elsewhere that. They're typically not tuning in for NASCAR talked so you know I we wanna help these folks promoted great event this week and it's gonna be a blast them open to be out here myself but. It open with his daughter to be is subject matter expert about talk of. About a little bit and appreciated him promote an event this great year you're you're being way to nice. The screw off dude if I got seriously it's just try and I don't know that I energizing your jab UH you guys I mean I'm not gonna. You know go out there and spend time in the sport that I don't really necessarily love and enjoy it you know because I do sports talk radio show. Right I mean I loved basketball loved football I'd love most fortunate. You know I don't know any much about NASCAR and it's okay it's OK understood here for I can I promise you know more about football in my. Most likely basketball baseball then you do so yeah you'll tune back in if you don't like it turn out. Unaudited shirts about -- optimism to destroy us and tell you doctored up to your job and an idol I don't pretend to be that doesn't necessarily do what I do right I do appreciate the folks who love the sport as much as they do and I listening to them talk about the sport the reverence that they have Ford that. I appreciate being around people who love the sport that much so it was 70457. Or 96 tell you get those done techs coming generated videos you wanna send them a price question is. You know who was the greatest driver of all time if you want to chime in on that that would be written by me. Definitely not Ritchie Brothers Bob Thornton I don't think well now though Wallace okay registers are listening does dark Fireball Roberts yes. That definitely fire all around well if I. Well tennis not value got my attention resort talk about Bill Elliott style that Jared no we got to go to break we're gonna talk to Joseph Johnson or Jim's Tokyo to cure a lot of pick his radio network that we knew we come back we'll get his thoughts on hotel is. And the threat there's enough fresh from Adobe reader all waves throughout the entire course of the Zurich Barbara live from Charlotte motor speedway ordering its Garcia clearly Jim. All right live from Charlotte motor speedway child Braly frank Garcia. The two foremost NASCAR experts all the planted broadcasting live from the side of the Coke 600 here this weekend. Pols like tonight and bay should convey that's a given what more do you need to know relief that should convict. We got a text from editors say try to love it when you get on Kyle's nerves. Until we no you click the suits I love to join your favorite birds but to the site of so hobby of mine pole night tonight and in New York a series raise kids get injury come about serious repair the speedway club and go to great view the weather looks like it's gonna hold but so I was talking to some track officials this morning. And have asked us to pass along to all raise fares this weekend at the weather's going to be a little bit hit or miss right is going to be touch and go throughout the weekend but. They have and I quote he said we are. Covered up. And equipment with which to drive the track. He says so even if we get some rain we can have the entire track dried and ready to race to get inside a ninety minutes so. You know a few digits are rated yet uses one of the first cars were sitting out there on the tracks are for today. Other three cars out there I think that's. I'm guessing Austin Dillon is that I don't know will take a look but. If you come out this weekend. And it does happen to raid track officials warn us legend of the to get this thing dry and clear. Vetoed a matter of ninety minutes so don't let the rain scare you away to books that are taxed like don't talk about the weather if you order a meteorologist your funny thanks Croats also. Carlos go to what did you so if you're looking effective trick that you don't have that working majority because of that the job does slide notes the days and NFL rules changes so much to do it's there with a man who is pushing here on WBT to pick his radio network every Sunday at the occasional Monday Thursday. Jim how are about it. So we have jump I don't that we don't hear Jamar it's a religions Tokyo could be great that we'll talk some football with a merit a second. Culture that we got invited so did Jim's Oki Carol ought to pick his radio network Jim genuine heroes. Epic epic what that's a Smith radio pro he goes out this thing goes. So Jim OTA's global you know DA's can be you just try to Monday for some people know some fans do like them because they're -- for football and get your first look at the rookies but. You know what what do you think was the most important thing that you took away from those years. You know and that was out there they have what open media days every week a British in this case it was two days past week out there about. Yeah it's it's what it is is basically orientation for new player that might not mandatory or. Veteran players so it's it's really more where that the younger player to duke players. Of course the better you get something out of that but that does not meant to be. Then getting in shape for the season very next up this is a mental practice. The physical practice they're cute so there really to have a step in the pot it's you know whip getting guys acclimated. Let's do there what would Norv Turner is off that's for example. And learning that the the veterans are certainly gaining a lot of insight into that right now but because really need when given you up at the coordinator fought the pure. So you mean to tell me we're not gonna know who's going to be the starting left guard after this has done a I thought if you're you're actually among the three candidates for it or not. You know what what are what are the story lines going into this though Jim I mean that's that Norv Turner via the OC now has been one of them but nobody is even talking about the DC. You know and maybe you know his impact on the defense and I think a lot of people it's because of you still have Ron Rivera's defense of my head coach that. You know might be have a little bit more input but what's the story lines heading into. It took it into the you know that that the that the the trick many camps. You hear crickets before about Eric Washington here we thought Steve Welch is the just seamless transition. If you hear from John McDermott I think we're all they can it could be up carbon copy of that and hopefully it goes that's. That's the ideal goal of course god don't touch. I would bet defense looks like there. Up at 2 PM and there's so many new receivers coming in Hillary's future apple and the first round. You bring in Torrey Smith you're getting back guys like if your birdie courtesy endo who was. Weather story the DOJ this week is to continue to rehab from an ankle injury so. Yeah the passing game you know we know is going to be you know want to run the football that they're reliant. Being a balanced team but I am really interested to see how the passing game will look for those. Gillick. Together. Gym so keep your a lot of directors radio network joining us on the technique John does slot is your hero stock car zooming by the background as. Folks are things are heating up here at Charlotte motor speedway. Jim as far as Cam Newton goes you know this is. Frank we're talking near the day to me that is the the single most you know important aspect of OTAs this year is a Cam Newton is there. He's healthy and he has this opportunity to look to work with the guys have been there to grow some chemistry with the guys who were new. And that means as much I think there's anything for this team certainly coming off an eleven to five season where. He got a late start and and they had so many injuries later in the season cam is is what makes this team go he's there and I didn't work that. As the great point and that you know are you guys are bigger things to change. Your silver and coach here at the course of their answers that the play by tipping a topic Eric go anywhere so. If you play he'll be here and if they use that they get to this even may be directed the backed up I think they'll bring him then but you look behind what's behind here right now and and not a lot. You know not really anybody at great step in India starter for a couple game to think so but it's very important I can only beer but he's there helping your. And be ready to play out of respect to be just to see how they use up. That would nor will they do like laterally at a began slowly in terms of running in the and they realize what's really panned the beat themselves. Not having MB ram so it's important to build up get up there run the Pope what do think that it's good that. They're jamaat times you know the Panthers are gonna handcuffs though the media a little bit they're gonna let them see what they wanna see they're gonna show maybe the first half of you know practice or you know maybe a couple of drills and then not everybody can ask a step back and you know move off the field how much have you seen you know with what you can tell the difference between what Shula was doing and what Norton's doing. But I think it could you know again what type what Theo allotted generally hear right so at this point is it more what they're talking about what they stay at. Coming up the field there but you know we we know what they bring in Norv Turner yet developed quarterbacks before that's one thing you're gonna be as you know camp and I have. A guy that but it is late for decades been there to bring a lot of spears sports Goetschl at. Experience in orbit and around the head coach a lot of different stops all the support mayor of that tutelage is going to be there. And it again I think it's gonna need that you don't want that they have the ability to run the football not just past the book all the you've got to. Take that into account that this is good team that's gonna rely academics CJ Anderson. As about a guy's doing what Jonathan Stewart was doing what you're here and that's traditional running between the tackles just being able to turn the ball. And he physicals are becoming all but the standpoint those with data they get to look boarded imaginary thing not completely settled yet on the opposite applied to be determined that two. You know to be spent a lot of practices I have and you see the demeanor of the team in the kind of the personality of the players but nobody stands out more than. You're there what cam does have some coaches you don't like a little levity other coaches like seriousness and focus. Know how has the demeanor band this you're different the same you know with north come in here in the way that the guys are responding to him out there on the field. But it took a cab he's that's changed a bit easier personality practiced I don't doubt at all. Played with the sound system and the music doing the agility runs in his personality around that appeal that needs the president over the peeled out on the practice field. In terms reduced that is pepper presents and his personality they're so that. As that chain Durbin don't doubt but I think they let you have. Personality like he can't he's been only what 28 years now so we don't leader on this team. And don't have respect from his teammate so you know that need to be gotta bring energy. Even just something like an OTA practice session but you go to a ball game. They Jim I was I saw Evan Silva tweeting this morning in the search for the three right now but I mean it's just that it was this Panthers team last year was eight and one. And James discuss decide about one score and that that's a pretty remarkable thing and I'm curious. When you hear that they were 81 in games decided by one score what does that tell you. About both the team last year but I think most importantly this team this year and and what that means for how they can build on it or what the margin of error looks like what do what do you make of that number eight Walton once or Dave's. Yeah and you guys know the year before he almost reversed that numbers serve to speed the game and only as the prime side who can win close games so. If it's a fine line it but the good teams find a way to win in the end it says to meet. As we know this is the really veteran ballclub you've got a lot of guys have been around for awhile. A lot of times we get as close in situations. You know you're relying and again you think offense first albeit on the back. Making that stop when it matters late in the game or all but that he close it out I think it up a couple of Bert bell the closing out the clock so. To meet there to get back to being a you know veteran team that can rely can be balanced offense and defense to close that game or the year before. They struggled at those situations so rapidly that the huge opponent has that ability to win those games are 37 point. Its our Jim most talked David tepper for a second duel or voted in by the owners in Atlanta a couple of days ago. In your member of the Carol compared to broadcast crew and are you around us those folks all the time what what is sort of the tenor over there what's that what's the feeling about the new boss and and what do people expect. Leo first of all overarching was the resolution could be a bit months of doubt and uncertainty about who we're going to be. Now we know who it's gonna be and from everything we've seen it yet we got eight and at our conference. Would David tapper but from NB with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization for nine years. The Gallup the story of a spell made that he in the billionaires but added that he earned it. On a bone to get to this point. But he bit of belief we know what it's like to be a minority don't earthquake goalie to go to make the critical to this sob story got too long ago within the hour. That apparently David tepper blew into Charlotte and that was on the pamper you out that about. Things like he had the policy to an end to meet some of these guys they got better before as some of the team leaders so I think that's a great band and he immediately upbeat yet. And copied died about some of what we're going on at the meeting in Atlanta so. It seemed like yeah we thought it was awful lot of the it is so that they'll be more upbeat. We just turn that over the political all people but. I think there's a little bit more like you to see in a public been speaking a little more than it schema. The owner of the pastor military Richards and so I think it's a positive right now I think is new energy into these courts excitement with the port. That's interest at vivid there were discussions possibly had their about the yet the new at the policy because of course we took we took a lot of phone calls on it yesterday as you would expect Jim and you know it to me it almost seems as if the NFL brought back an issue to the forefront that wasn't necessarily going to be there is that you talked to the guys released the ones who. You know protestor quite a bit last year you didn't get the sense. But it was going to be taking place as much this year but in the NFL goes and without talking to the NFL PA. A creates this new weapon policy which we know according to the NFL PA in most of the players they're not big fans of an out David tepper. Is the owner of this team and we know what Jerry Richardson's general stance on this was. But David tepper is is not Jerry Richardson is an outspoken guy. And I'm curious what you think he is going to do in terms of his role in. The league any sorts of matters moving four but specifically his team and an Al hill handled us. Yeah because what applicable league rules is gonna be that each of the 32 teams to decide how it would. Discipline has something comes up player during a protest over we know the general rule is that you don't wanna stay at the app and stay in the locker room but we don't know what other board to protest. They take place that don't involve kneeling or sitting and ought to do that are habitual basis. And a couple things briefly on the delete policy they don't have to include the oh yea this. I think you were denied that they had out there note during the you know are here were conversation. In terms of this policy they did not include the players debated apt to. I had secondly apparently you're Roger Goodell and it was unanimous vote. While the owners are saying there was no vote was basically they took temperature of the room over the past couple months and decided just at this. Without taking a formal vote of any kind by the owners so. I think this was a little heavy handed the late in day out and it right and heavy beat his morning with Botox and talking about the strength in the two theater it almost created that the Al point. Morbid situation what it's got more layers now that he'd like you have before so I don't think every ball they keeping at it they did they brought it back into the new cycle and that. And now me it may be a bit more clear when you have 32 teams revenues by a look at this when they're. How much how much thought push back the players going to you know have with this because. According to the PSA the NFL PA. They haven't had to say at any business has kind of been thrown out there without being bargained or agree to. Yeah and it again by rule it doesn't have to be but I think when you're talking about. Things that are more this is more social than it is about the game itself the it would have been nice a goalie. Even though he and captain would have included immortal players indicated party but clearly. That it watches what would it include the owners and having no formal vote on it to others included more coming from. The commissioner and his government from anybody else at this point so. Did you see any other question that leads to his it is really about patriotism is this about social inequities. Or just more about protecting a brand in the marketing aspect in the TV ratings so. That's all I get the fat but you guys have been debating colonel let your capital continuing to lose even now. L I FE territorial to have the answer isn't money asked the question again yup I've it to regardless mailed it to him art let's go on this when did you know another rules change that you have the he had the rule. And a policy there has got to take in the forefront but. You know these these new rules changes so you know the ability to bug to to use replay for rejections and specifically. The targeting rules that will be applied apparently too offensive linemen you know coming up the stairs as well as the defensive linemen and I think that. If they're starting to wade into territory where. It before I want the people is about what they're gonna fundamentally change the game of football so it's not gonna look the same and they're also and I just kind of rolled by since about second at that point but. You're used to tell an offensive and defensive lineman you're gonna flag on. You know when they're coming out of the stats in there and you know officials are asked to interpret whether or not that's that that's targeting I you're you're waiting I think it a dangerous territory there. Site grieving just watching the college lord just seemed like you know it. But it. You can't judge intent I think a lot of times side by the rule you have to reject the player. Even though the players content wasn't a violent intent it was just the outcome of the play with two moving targets. It is but it worked out really anticipated that by a surge like. You're judging in or you're dead intent urged the Padilla which were the text but you'll petrol. Where by the letter of the law by the words read a newspaper this attached I think that's Kabila targeting could beat you they have that something repurchased. Actual Dutch emotional. In the content of a player to endure another player pursued by rule. He did that pretty dejected and you lose a player for weeks I agree I think it's doubled over legislating a number they think they about the meeting to a. James O'Keefe Carolina Panthers radio network WB 2111099. Point 3-D flagship station of the Carolina Panthers jordin just. On the tech become guest lodge and we appreciate your mental talk Doucet. I attribute our every step aside we come back and mr. Doug Wright's performance racing network is. They're sitting down there with signatures to put on a headset and talked just up the white wanna do that buddies here so we'll chat with him on the other side live from Charlotte motor speedway it's Garcia and Baylor. Don't waste no time on this live from voters big trouble motor speedway is accustomed to enlist our die for his bad as far as I'm so excited I wanna get into its Doug rice she's here. President and anchor of off performance racing network and I've I've been so excited for this for a while is that with Doug followed me on Twitter. I got really excited because my dad is listen to more Doug rice your driving home from out from family and everything else but listen to Doug cracks for awhile huge pay at the fan huge sports that's right general so Doug rice is there was this performance racing network you're gonna hear him over the week to conduct thank you for your time and our. Held you know that's return about their. Spent time listening to awesome that wealth it's lots of people there lots of people spent timeless that to you end up for good reason this. Look this is one of the the most iconic venues on the NASCAR circuit in stock car racing and you know where it was to be on display last week Yuma the all star race which I'm sure he'll talk about a second what a great weekend that was the if the Coke 600 this weekend is again more the biggest most iconic history rich events in all NASCAR. It is this will be the fifty not to want it any time you've been around long enough to be involved in 59 years worked at any thing that. That's big milestone so look forward to that coming off the heels of one of the best all star races we've ever had here they tried out a new aero package without going into the details. It produced side by side nose to tail racing all around this place. People were standing up cheering I went out talked people as they left and we're like still tingling. So I think that's a taste of what might be down the road in NASCAR well if that's the case right for each individual track it's might be little different you know I'm not an expert you war you can tell me you know what you think but why do that if that's if that's created that type of excitement. Why don't they incorporate that more I think it'll be happening I think even this year I think you'll see tracks in the second half the season. That NASCAR in the teams have to get together because it's like saying okay we're gonna play football but we're changing the helmet dramatically. They got some adjustments to do and there's a little bit of experience built in there but I think. The public outcry was so loud that we love this will buy tickets will spend time watching this on television. Listen to it on the radio they have to react frank that there. I think for once they're pinned into a good corner by the fans say in this is so good we've got to have more of. Still a strike when we started the show that I haven't been appear probably in about twenty years the million in this general area writer and I came operation. I just immediately was brought back to that feeling that that feeling of power and the size in the enormity of this place in history that you talked about a second ago and I think that. There are a lot of people out there who would would find that connection that attachment again to the sport if they do if they're given the opportunity or they take the opportunity to do that. And I think that's where NASCAR is right don't think you probably agree with that is getting those people back out to the track to make them reconnect with what we are seeing right now how'd you do that. I I feel like they took a big steps Saturday if they can start serving that up on a regular basis it won't be that way in the 600 because they're going to be running a more traditional packaged. If they can serve that up and we put a lot of steak and a lot of these young drivers. The did chase selling its the world and run blank reason bubble Wallace's hey kids you gotta start winning. Nobody's nobody sonnet on your bandwagon until you start Hanks and hides upon the barn. Based these kids that got to start winning they've got tremendous potential but my coach saw still may potentially you haven't done yet so. They got to start winning soon is that happens I think you'll see a next generation of race fans come along and I think it's. Adjusting to because I was reading about the of the NASCAR hall of fame class it was just inducted and I remember you don't watch and Alec Wiki race of my dad and you know dad talking about him being deprived tyranny was such as the last private tear. Duke to a two winner that did the most are the monster energy trucker just the time it was the Winston cup series but you know it is that's something that could still be done in this day and age though. No Alan quick move down here from Wisconsin and everything the only the back to pick up truck set up his own shop. Beat all the big guys with a bat seventh full time employees it was a great story. Allen did Damascus and fortunately didn't live long enough he didn't amass big numbers but the story was hall of fame worthy of one of the voting members he got my vote yesterday because that. There's a place for that you don't have to always have the big stats. They're Doug we talk about you know the importance of players all the time you know a lot of times is to be the coach. And sometimes it's going to be the quarterback that is responsible for the wins and losses when you look at these teams a lot of moving parts. And it's you know for guys to come and see this for the first time whether it's. In the crew chief for the driver in which I would equate to the coach and the quarterback other than those two guys what's the most important piece to making these teams go. Probably to guys like coach back in the back in their shops when these guys talk about the guys backing her shots they're not talking about people put together cars they're talking about people that look at all the data and do like fine. Quarter of an inch tweaking on these cars those should that's for the real black magic takes place in NASCAR now and the communication. Between the crew chief in the driver's do you have that that's why. Kevin Harvick winning so many races right now demon Rodney Childers. That it's Jan I'm mind tricks they're talking to each other without even talk and less than we'll turn you loose mr. Kevin Harvick don't want last week here on on a heck of a terror right now he won the pole here lashed your. Austin Dillon of course won the race we saw several by a minute ago is your watching polled by tonight and while I'm watching he's not governments what are you looking for hot public for the guy that looks like he handles well can run down on the bottom of the racetrack so far this season that's been Kevin Harvick as soon as you get the pair mutual bank in your I go to the within the bat. I don't know crap out half a dog broke his performance racing network joining us on the ticket job there was these I don't question because we have on our poll now. In Europe NASCAR historian who's the greatest NASCAR driver full time I can't go against Richard Petty and he went 200 races. You know I met in the all the Earnhardt fans just drove off the road I think you know but I I am I've got to go with the king and our mark try behind it they don't dog we appreciate until I got some good time absolutely we step aside we come back downward over to hear live from Charlotte motor speedway it's Garcia Bailey.