Garcia & Bailey H1: Frank Nailed It; Hornets Are Picking 11th

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Wednesday, May 16th
Frank and Kyle open up the show discussing the Hornets landing the 11th pick in the draft. 

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Garcia. Well red Garcia. Bailey Hamels try to make this production better than the pre draft lottery production last night because that was painful. 70457. Or 96 dead and let's go to places and it's his start our garage door guru opening topic of the day the hornets are pitching the eleventh. Jordan who roof opening topic of the day I'll. No surprise orders picked eleventh that's with the onset right 90% chance to pick eleventh in the NBA draft and that's what the bold in the lottery ball machine came up and says eleventh is where the hornets will pick. It yet again picking somewhere between ninth and eleventh and that's kind of where they lived. The past several years and I'll I'll get there in a second you are afraid it would back. And our consultant Jason and and and and arm TD hit they'll be light will be happy to know that I look back and listened to about two hours of yesterday's show just kind of you know dude check and see how were sounding and I heard you say last night heard on yesterday's show you said. I'm not really interest in this draft lottery I'm gonna monitor to Marcelo and I wanna get the alert that's how all know MarketWatch. Turns out you're the smartest guy in the room yesterday because that's exactly what should be done. Because we we somehow progress from here ESPN and the NBA giving us the draft lottery so lugged order. You would halftime of game two now a full hour long. Draft lottery show where no one found out anything about the actual lottery itself until 44 minutes into a sixty minute show. Right between a commercial breaks in the first basically half hour content programming being just. Interviewing potential draft picks and giving back stories on some of these guys and generally wasting time. Leading up to the other the second game of the Eastern Conference finals. There really wasn't much to be around for so tip of the cap to you because addition to dodge around and wait for the phone to tell me exactly what happened but it was. Brutal you can watch any of the three lottery coverage right. Tell them good for you. There's a different. Listen. I was falling on my phone on Twitter dip your sewer you regular mind. Information is we've had this topic in discussion before you're where to get your information I mean especially when it comes to sports. They're breaking news notes can be their first before maybe even comes out anywhere else team on television. And you know that's that's what I was doing what would that the lottery are you have followed up my phone and see any thing. No noon but I did think that MP quality. No does a great job you know for them you know marketing and a lot of the other things but it. They said that don't be surprised be careful I mean there's still a chance that we might this have something happen now. I thought he was breaking some news at a premium might have been on to something new has kind of fallen on the phone. I thought that we had made a trade or something because I thought that for some reason we had two number one picks. And at the crossroads or another look like number one that we had two number one picks you know we had a one on the side nor on that side. And as I got really sorry there for second and other than that. Are there really wasn't a whole lot to me to get excited for with a draft because if you it was it was one of the other teams winning the lottery getting 12 or three. Nothing was gonna change with the hornets were gonna might be gets ten. Or maybe even get nine more than that. There was gonna kinda be status quo and Hillary has some good conversation back and forth and I thought that you know I really saw that with my eyes in. You know when I thought we had to number one picks I was super excited and went to Twitter earners are talking about gosh I can't believe what just happened we have to number one picks. And then you are are beautiful fans are Smart fans are you know very quick witted fans right instantaneously. You know be back and says even if we had two number ones. Would still pick number eleven talent could catch it. Let's that they did see those sorts under those rural areas but that was that's what happened doors are gonna pick eleventh and it looked it would Phoenix or goes Phoenix Sacramento Atlanta Memphis Dallas Orlando Chicago Cleveland New York Philadelphia especially top ten in the Lawrence kick off the next and act and June 11 doesn't change right there was a roughly 3% Jessica moved up. And you know they didn't and I'm numbers come check was. He says he's disappointed. You know he's gone done north and west well on the TCU have chance you know mailer. Yeah he's. How can you be disappointed when you have saved 3% chance or point to whatever point nine closer to to move up the easy unrealistic and you still have a chance of attitudes in -- the top three pick writes is that saying that he's devastated heartbroken as a guy. You know at this point we were hoping that you always on the much Fuller way it would catch a break what you would go to the eleventh took a move on the status adjusted and are you disappointed when you don't win the lottery. Yeah. Well now currently it's the same odds -- -- and I'm not quite but I mean pretty close or you know but you're totally to one and a hundred million is okay 103 I don't know what are you disappointed when you know when water and are disappointed when you know I mean that's basically what you're asking yeah you're right to -- look I had a Mets I did anybody should have been just so bummed out because they thought there was a great -- the orders are gonna lead atop predicament saying that but you know cut check essentially sit right now a little disappointed real -- we get lucky and land we're those are expo which -- eleven we move on we're gonna do it and -- and ever wanna come back your I don't plan on being here again. And I think. As Rick Bedell said this morning that it would he was tweeting about this in the article but he wrote you know you gotta be careful not to read too much in the comments like death but when he says. The dial plan on being back your debt. I mean they that I mean like it meant to send 31. Where they are looking for next year there's a social site is is I don't plan on being back your urgent so what does that tell you. Make him in a much different things it can mean he can be a much lower in the draft and that's where we're headed in this team and we're gonna turn this thing around in order are right the ship and all of a sudden because my great leadership in our great coach and our higher we are going to be in the playoffs next year not picked eleventh and eventually we're gonna get that ploy work or consistently. You know be in the top fourteen in the MBA and well what more I may have heard that from every general manager. And every coach does ever stepped in to this organization unfortunately. When you look at the track record I don't know maybe Debbie downer you know and on the hornets because I do want to route from I do want him to do well I promise. This if you've heard me say it a million times I'll say a million and one that the best it's the best thing going here when Goodwin entertaining. And Charlotte you know these guys are phenomenal. They're my friends. I want Freddy go out there and when I do. And you know I want him to be successful there's nothing in and me this spiteful but it. You know if we're just being realistic and calling a spade a spade and talking about what we see. This organization just has never been that. You know I spend it may be the most average organization. In all of CMBX. I mean we're consistently. You know outside the top eight. But the EPA seed in the east or. You are right they're just tighten our asses off for that HC. What was interest in here and I wanna talk about this you know certainly not over the next twenty or thirty minutes or so so look of its cup six draft history a little bit. The book going back to us about tell you over and elsewhere in the article but he wrote today. You know he said that that he doesn't want to read too much into the listing them to measure what he said about not returning a dozen attended either against soared and so forth. You're supposed to say those things to a degree you're supposed to be optimistic you're supposed to say we're gonna whim or to make the play alternatively a lottery team anymore but could also point to. OK we would we don't have any intention bonus up. Better than we have no intention to strip and on the rostrum blown up and go that direction we don't intend to be here again and even though they may be. Is that a sign they're not going to blow up the roster intact as some people sent. Yeah I mean you can he take it for what you want I mean depends on what you're there to Vegas. And I mean the united like and that's where Rick saying don't really you can't really go lower the other we don't really say anything. Guys wrote defense and you can live look into your interpretation of you know what that means if that means that. Now we're gonna go out there and we're gonna right the ship can get things going our. And listen asks things can be different next year and I hope you guys hang with the so I mean. And I couldn't tell the tone of his voice and NCR delivered the message. You know sometimes the body language will tell you something but you know if we're gonna be. Bomb expert you know people readers and you know poker players I'm sure you two may be can make your read on that guy but. You know for the most port authorities say and I'll. Don't know he set they're just kind of stone there's an elevator and that's that's kind of what what what it was we were sitting up there and butchered the lottery writers into joining ESPN television production and of course aside it's probably great even though the show itself was yourself for got to eleven on. Excited notes from an up or were they disappointed piccolo and now. We weasel that's enormous consequences because the odds though the odds so that's right was most likely to happen let's move on to business well you're right and that that's why again this draft is so important because if that's an indicator. That they do not intend to blow up and and honestly what it might be frightened and is forced practicality. And what I mean by that is. They may not have a choice and be able to blow it up because you may not be able to move these contracts and you may not be able to convince anybody how to take some of these contracts author or. One which in which case that's forced practicality except for a. There's one guy that can make all lit the difference in the world for this organization where the keep them. War you know whether you lingo right and from the sounds a bit. I don't think Jim jays and willing to release a guy like kemba. You know without a fight. I know I don't know what he's gonna get paid. But it's I think it's gonna have to be matched or it'll be matched in May be you know given that home court advantage or the pump up. Up that home team discount announced team bonus excuse me when it comes the MBA. You know you can eat yeah it became vacant matching give you a little bit what 5% more aware of the number is. You know to get to you know the over the eggs the the Mac that that the Max contract so. The united the end of today and that's tough decision as if that's the decision that's being made. You know with Mitch Kupchak. With MJ com North Korea Rego. And they had to figure out what that looks like didn't know honestly don't tempt us to decide what he want. So you can come up with this conclusion all you want say all three of us from board that's going to kemba has it done. Jim just say you know what. Thanks for no signs or wanna win touch but where we don't guys there should there be any loyalty from gamma to us into this start to us but to this franchise. I think it's a fair question but I also think it isn't everything. Everything that we know though right everything we've been told everything that we hear everything we know about kemba is that he wants to be years that he wants to stay here and you're right about that I know him before you can start to know exactly what you're gonna say what does not exist about money and getting paid at the end of the day I certainly understand what does not gonna say that two to the PR two huge fan. And yeah of course I want to be there right. I understand completely what your site I think it would we've been told he sees said that behind closed doors as well take that for what it's worth appointed I was going to make dole is that you're right. If that's the guy that can change the fortunes and if MJ even if OJ saying you know I want this guy here want this guy here when you battery side of the Ford comes freeagent because no matter what he says right now we still got an agent and a family. In other than he has to take care of first and foremost so you know that that's one of those things that you also have to consider because direct and others have written about how difficult it can be turned to re signed channel before you actually becomes an unrestricted free agent knew and when that day comes. Everything's on abort and you you stand a chance to lose the guy did nothing for. The more times he makes he'll start the team in the higher that number grows so. You know for church for kemba and pro teams they're going to be competing to maybe get his services. The cameras and a great spot right now. You know he gets to you know. Basically in control all the cards. Are you know he is he as a team once and that is fighting form. I don't know if he's the most explosive player is the best player out there that's gonna be available. But you know he's a damn good player and you know those guys don't come around very often and he's a top ten guy. You know no doubt about it but you know we start clicking that know what that means where that ranks what that's worth it might mean more to the Charlotte hornets and it does. You know the Sacramento Kings. You know just because of what he means as far as value and loyalty in. You know and us growing up watching him if this brand you know here. You know he's our guy. Right but so you know the hornets have to understand that I realize that emit they're gonna have to make their right in May be at the payload more gatekeeper. Or at 70457. Or 96 and we got a bus attacks coming in calls coming in as well are you can't do that himself on the roster or Derwin box Kyle WS Lindsay dot com and of course. A brownie Jewelers Twitter feed that child really WS frenzy at frank Garcia 65. 70457. Or 96 and wanna read some of these tax and we come back I wanna talk about the eleventh pick is there player out there. In that range that you'd like to see that the more it's taken eleven and a guy do you think it actually end up being. Are you know a franchise changing your franchise altering type of player because it's been done before and her eyes there today that ranger and it's cut check taxis has found a dire -- Tuesday you know and at 101112 race we gonna talk about that as well the the draft history of Mitch Kupchak as the GM the LA lakers with 70457. Or 96 think calls text your thoughts on that we come back a lot to get into today's horses and their list. This is the first a lot of well the last. It's. Statistically. It's extra rights and buildings that are sex line and pick eleven outlook Collins sexton or kill this Alexander trade him before another employer and or pictures and have a young core to build around going forward different sects are riding in Mattel bridges Kevin Knox or mild bridges. With the eleventh two or three small forwards that can shoot to three all be serviceable on defense the gym KG experiment has failed. It's time to move on got a bunch of these rolling gentleman on the buildings that are text line right now 70457. Or 96 stand orders picking eleven after that so painfully. Brutally long. I NBA draft lottery last night's an hourlong program and 44 minutes. I got lost in all unfamiliar I had it all I was doing other stuff comes like sitting there just kind of waiting for it to happen. And I wish I'd done anything else you know and look at slice resident I could've been watching this that the other but I guess I yesterday in the alternate would go the alternative would have been more embraced debate or something so mean America. I'm a curriculum too much to like could've done something else but if a draft lottery says it's coming on at 730. But they don't distort to announce it delayed fifteen and you know we're kind of sitting around a joked on Twitter last night's horrific divorce that topic already and just hoping today. But basketball gods oh lord stands. A little bit of a break maybe don't know MJ or the basketball side of break even though the hornets fans maybe break maybe maybe they maybe they get lucky and slide in the top. Brief but no it didn't happen that way as you heard mr. uptick talking about and he says we're gonna get a good player and know whether that means picking up eleven or possibly moving golf event ticked I don't know but they'll cut checks got a history of vote of drastic that I think is interesting in that we have to talk about and were about 270457. Or 96 tend to us and we have other texts coming and a text or rights and not trading Campbell will set this franchise back another four or five years attendance is already bottoming out even with kemba fans are miserable literally having no hope. Or future. Another way coach calling texting and almost not fair to keep kimbo. In Charlotte. And there's finally one more coming into different sects are writing in college and the cost to blow this roster is too high what I mean by that is I think the only way they can unload the tomb is too attached future first round picks that exercised as Memphis and Sacramento. In dire straits that's from Tim here in Charlotte budgets in my appreciate that and he's right to point that out. The other these teams of given up first round draft picks in and trying to throw away or leverage their future and that we are really hasn't gotten them there is far either so much cup check has a pretty I think complex puzzle on his hands. That is the Charlotte hornets try to figure this thing out what contracts can you move you make anything to did you get anything done to to bolster this bench. You know beyond what we saw this past season because quite frankly if we can bank on on the Truman and in KG and a lot of it's justified there's no doubt about that that there were several times plenty of times throughout the course of this past season over the border starting five gave them enough. To win a lot of games and a bridge gave them nothing. Know that does that fix all the problems no doesn't fix all the problems the Benson needed to be better. For the majority of this year and they were fine in spurts but find in spurts as a good enough it's not even good enough to make the playoffs must less contend for anything of significant. It's yeah I mean and that's ultimately at the end of the day. You know what's similar is gonna come down to know with the hornets you know you don't go out there and confine your star brightened you know when you pick eleven. No that's that's going to be a difficult challenge and it's not it's impossible. Is it going to be there's going to be some luck involved maybe. Nobody at the same guys are consistently making those pecks. Or near the end of the draft and developing their players then there's something that they understand. They are differently than anybody else and that's why Popovich. Is given the is the need to torches the greatest of all time because he finds the Ginobili he finds the parkers he turns him into you know these types of players they're gonna be in the hall of fame. And he develops that not only through his system but to player development and you know maybe his message so. You know I hope Mitch Kupchak is able to you don't. Steal a little bit of that thunder from what pop has been able to do but. You know it's not an easy task to mean other people might argue that pot just got lucky. You know did the pages really do their homework on Tom Brady or didn't they get lucky on him because it took him in the sixth round. You know did. The Green Bay Packers really do their homework and Aaron Rodgers they get lucky because he felt tournament 24. So you know there's a lot to that naming that they're the ones that got and you've got to give him credit because they took him. So Europe is luck or you what I think there's a little luck both involved I think source that is somewhat and dumb to hopefully that the right guys McCluster. Yes I did so looking like I said there's there's there's there's talent to be had. You know in that stretch. There there probably I don't know what would you say three or four guys that you would identifies. Bill really. Having your shot to be franchise level players know the Audrey and Marvin Bagley guys like there there are a couple of those but there are guys in that range are we mentioned a couple of them until this Alexander from Kentucky's really talented wing player seven foot wingspan very athletic can get to the -- and shoot a little bit I know some folks out their lights and I like Mattel bridges out of Villanova whether he's a very very good player miles bridges out about a Michigan State's another name that comes up Kevin Knox out of Kentucky that that's 1 that I am actually not all that I ought to be quite honest with you but. There are names and you you just look you you just mandate people for four people definitely get an era say. Your guess is as good as mine yet but do good but if you had to pick if you if you could make the pick right now it is or die for you now know. Actors. Mean I guess it would be. I'll I'll thrown one personality. Greisen Dallas progress now why why not. Because he put duke this year. It brings toughness to list. Miles bridges and you guys chose miles bridges yeah continuity under with the other bridges and a self Lamas are. Because that's what he's. You know sit slated to be here recording this is our job security British parter talk draft jurors who joined the show tomorrow Butler solo develop bigger competition evident in the end it again and altered at all matters who falls where you know Sydney and try to figure these things I don't know what's great player from turkeys come over here. I don't know what great next euros from France is going to be oh we are from from Argentina. Ramming and those people you know I guess you'll pairs know little bit more than we do when it comes to those things but hum. You know I mean we'd we'd get a improving I missed a state that played you know for good coach it's going to be you have to have been taught he's a sophomore. You know a little bit more experience may build more toughness. You know that is I was going to have put onto the fire but. You know at times he looked do you look great but you know it's easier be able brutally knocked shots down from the outside he can go play defense we we need not profiting no assume that. But it's. 966. You know where where you plant small forward I mean we we don't plan fours and a Bieber tomb what do you do them. You know I mean what do you do then did you is engaging darn easy out the door. You know are you remove the two guard as you did not suited to play that so there's a lot of things that you start looking you know when you start evaluating these guys. You guys not just again it's not just the talent is the threat not every one of these guys right now to me. Are going to be more valuable than anybody we have on this team. So anybody. Except Campbell Brown okay it will while Dwight. Yeah join ours dinosaur but it is a 110 years old even even a total of rescission as you look for one year then I'm going I mean what do we do next is gonna make you know make any noise. I'm looking at these guys for next four or five. Dwight Howard can be a lead. So yeah anyone these guys more voluble in the white white says it values commodities used car billion dollars less why you like labor. And takes her answer built. Exit its excellent size as the NBA has two big problems are to be easily fixed. One team static into an aunt and uninteresting unfair draft lottery fix every team that misses the playoffs those teams will be. Excited and glued to the TV to see all of sorry everything in this is the play all sustainment and in segments it's one ball in the lottery meaning each team fights hard to begin the season for that chance and make your playoffs if they don't. Then the other fans of those teams will be excited and glued to the TV to see if their team. Is draw and also Mike texting and saying we just please not an un athletic do with no range us he also frank in KG so. This this seems gonna have to dressed well we don't we talked about it it's not a revelation this team is gonna have to draft well although I am I. I don't always listing this morning and I thought. This organization is going to rebuild his through the draft through trades to player development. I suspect that's just the reality and so delegates cup check is going to have to do is due diligence in the draft and if he's drastic eleven so be it. And if he moves off that pick it better be damn well worth it look he's told all that kind of thing before to a degree. You know what would you look back and his coach X history which are you know we're gonna we're gonna do this after the break we come back we have phone calls I got sex a lot little look at which comes extract tissue he's got some things that stand out the port to his ability. To be able to do the job. To be able to remake this roster make towards into a competitive team agenda and I wanna look a little bit at this but also there's a celebrity last night at the draft lottery. And I saw this person earlier in the year in the spectrum sooner behind the visiting bench and I thought I knew. Who the celebrity was an it was confirmed from realized I wanna talk about that as well a come up a little bit later in the show. We are joined by Rick Campbell at 3 o'clock NB ATV 92 point nine a game down in Atlanta Scott Ballard joins a support dirty we'll talk some printers and boards with him and Dodd chuck Howard stops by 5 o'clock to lots to run his jaws insisting a camera in our face apparently is a great show had its Garcia and really. When he openly. Before you actually sit in. So you can. I was sitting right there so I did see I was hoping this is the Boston Celtics. As soon be. So. We'll be expected. Mr. object again last night says he was disappointed but the odds are 90% to pick eleven that's what they got dorsal picked eleventh in the and a draft this year and he could be one of the two bridges out their diligence Alexander Kevin Knox for fracture Grayson levered up there and at some point agreed to get into an argument about whether I grace of labor isn't should be a first round draft pick that Gary Parrish you'll join the show tomorrow and his. Most recent mock draft does have grace and Allen out of duke going to believe it's 26. Overall in the first round which was surprised me and it's not a that's not a swipe at grace and Allen and when you when you play and do when your bed division one player in the ACC. You you can ball but in terms of his explosives amid his elite skill set or did come lack thereof I just didn't see him as a first rounder but I'd be curious to see what with the fans out there are things duke fans. Obviously I'm pretty sure North Carolina fans feel about that but any college basketball fan you know grace and Allen was first rounder that was. A little bit surprising to me the 70457. Or 96 standard and Rick Campbell in the ATP 99 or 92 point nine a game down in Atlanta he was mid days down there he's gonna join us at three we'll talk about the draft and his thoughts on. On this roster here in Charlotte but something else to Rick covers the the hawks so earlier this season. I probably should say just a strike when he gets back but Saddam and I wanna throw this out their Jami Gertz. On the actress. Earlier this season I saw Jamie Gertz who was there last night in Chicago with the NBA draft lottery as the representatives. Of the Atlanta Hawks her husband. Is the owner of the majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks had no idea senator recognizable face. A lot of you out there probably of cedar humane and have a clue what name was maybe you're like me and and you know face is not may insist on the way I am at a time Jami Gertz was there last night the rest of the Atlanta Hawks. And she was sitting behind the bench at the spectrum center at least once this year. And I knew at the time that she was an actress and I knew that she was actually pretty well known pretty famous actors but for the life of me I didn't ornate. And I just up looking better looking at trying to figure out who let who she was. And not a preview Michigan CB it was from a distance but I just kind of forgotten got sidetracked and got on to something else that she popped up again last night and I had to finally look rob and I I remembered how much. But she's been as she was end. Sixteen candles back in 1984. She was in different strokes back in 1983. She was and the lost boys back in 1987 she I think she had a run on sun fell as well I'm not mistaken she was there really hateful mean bitchy wife and twister. The tornado movie. With oh what's her name was the blonde headed lady's name Oz in in twister did help me out on the issue you pretty good that. But he Jodie Foster doughnut story four is no such Jodie Foster is a I always the other one I think and I think it's a different blonde lady either way Jimmy yours pretty famous actress is I guess I'm encouraged the owner of the Atlanta Hawks and and she was their last night seem like elegant it was on Twitter resign if that's who I thought that's who that was I thought she looked familiar that's been beef like the last six months. I keep forgetting to look erupt at a keep remembering that a source the spectrum sooner but search your famous actors now she's. Helen Hunt sightseers techsters Helen Hunt that was into it twister that's not her she's a nice blond the real bitchy wife and the burden that that's who we're talking about that was her character nuts and Jami Gertz is that way. In the in real life but no she was there she was wrapped and then she again by marriage or just. And listeners Perino. Which makes sense she she owns the young the Atlanta Hawks with her all of her husband so 70457. Or 96 standard text or writing him if he does it calls and people say keep Campbell please ask them how we get better keeping him because those people never had a realistic explanation we are shedding any of these contracts about taking equally awful ones in return. I do think that's kind of the issue die I told it forced practicality. Earlier you know I guess that is much too Rick Bedell on Twitter us or to strike earlier if you didn't say Thomas cup check an idol I don't intend to be your debt. At a draft lottery I don't plan to be here again he was their last night he was the front facing guy Buzz Peterson was out there in the background it's a mystery objects and on and we're not going to be here again. Okay. And does that meet your doctor blow it up does that mean you're not the district has roster now does that mean you're not going to because you can't. You may have maybe you'd like to in theory the short trading Kemba Walker you you can't you gotta have struggled handcuffed you can't get rid of some of these contracts is it just forced practicality. I don't know but I think it's worth asking. I also wanna look at this. It for those of you guys I talked about this a minute to go before the break it's cut check his draft history with the lakers. When I look back and looked. Yeah distort its cup checks draft history you evaluate this guy you distort his draft history eight around 2000. That was a time to Jerry west's you know kind of stepped to weigh in and missed cup check release assumed all the full time roles of a general manager in the India. Right so that that's kind of the point that I looked back to good bit here are some of those things that the Mitch Kupchak. You know take him to take credit for and hang his hat on this is the guy and it's come check drafted Marcus all. 48 overall the second round. And in delta and the Memphis in a package that included. How this all his brother are the only known timer trade in NBA history where two Brothers were traded for one another but what he package marked assault with our Kwame Brown Javaris Crittenton to. Where's your horse Crittenton these days. At a Georgia Tech does anybody know. I think it's. Not somewhere he wants debate we'll put it that way a source Crittenton and who who else or are Kwame brown and Erin the chief that was the package along with Marcus all the trays covers all you know who helped the lakers when a couple of titles so that that's one it's a notch on his belt on he also took. Patrick Beverley. 42 overall. In the second round Patrick revel is gonna be pretty productive NBA player missed cuts are drafted Jordan far more toward those lakers championship teams. I was drafted 26 late in the first round. A typically not that range where you expect to find it really to tell Jordan forwarding going to be a star but he helped win those championships for the LA lakers you played meaningful minutes. And had some big games he also. There were talking about the ray supported to drastic and right now as he drafted Andrew Bynum tenth overall Andrew Bynum was a really good player until it turned out he was an absolute it takes. And and just you know kind of forced himself heavily but you're amidst this cup checks found him and evaluated and drafted in tenth overall and again really tell to player so there's that. Damning each year you're sitting here. Known to me is correct crap on everything up there are no no no you know it I'm not at all I mean you're sitting here and in naming a bunch of guys right. Right I mean name this is the star toward duke is a lakers were so good for so long I didn't pick kind of dress so. You know I mean that's or asking him duke that's what we need but I think it speaks to his talent valuation as web site. The ministry stressed a just solution not a good look good next to Toby. We wait yes I knew he was hard to play with me put it just didn't look at Mexico okay. He's gonna he's going to masked a lot of guys deficiencies you're okay thought no that's on sent. And this the names you mentioned night I'm familiar with all those guys. You know you especially Andrew Bynum you I think would have been the best and then Patrick Beverley was still. You know butts and hit some of the other guys you mentioned. You know to me dirt you know kind of what we have on this roster much role players you write it and it's not about necessarily from me comparing talent side by side so much as I disguised and is true GM for a long time he drafted Marcus all 48 in the second round and then turn around a packed gym three players Kwame Brown Javaris Crittenton and Aaron McKie still get Pao Gasol is pretty damn good. Well he would undressed when I signed a rod. He played great defense he hits big shots eat he. Settled down right thumb he got in line but was that because of him or is that because he knew we had Coby. Right now I think Kobe like I said he's been a mask a lot of people deficiencies. And he's gonna demand that excellence. And you know when you have a Kobe Bryant you can go take risks of guys like that same reason the New England Patriots are allowed to go give the risk guys. Character guys because you know Randy Moss hit and other places stopped running routes. For the New England Patriots if you wanna play you gonna do out here and do this neither have my respect and that you don't Tom Brady and Randy Moss and through. You know I mean Randy Moss is already a great player but you know you got him back on track to had a phenomenal year in that 2008 season so you don't great players. The command a lot of respect it's easy to make that argument with those guys unfortunately trust your Taurus. We don't have that guy. Noble which you do have known agendas what all of this illustrates you do have a GM with a history of pulling off trades in drafting guys and evaluating talent I'm saying that's what should give people optimism some hopes some optimism. You're stretching you stretch and I don't understand why I mean I'm I'm looking for anything to pull it too. Right that's what we're doing right or porn strings hoping that. Know something is going to say yes that's that's that's no I mean I just don't see I don't see at the same way you do that's all. If if we have established coach. The Popovic was here and you don't have that player than you can make the argument okay well at least we have one of the two pieces right. Yeah he's gonna you you can go as the general manager and evaluate those talent there all the things that you talked about Colin. That's great now I understand you're you're looking for that optimism and and that that shining light that light at the end of the tunnel. I just don't see it right now and you know I don't know Mitch Kupchak scan they'll change it I hope the bill would help but I think that's what your points. Thought I just a benefit he's got a background of the guy who should give you some optimism some hope that he can do this job aren't dubbed the one thing you're good. The other side of it is though this is the same guy who designed Karl Malone and Jerry Pate in 2003. And he also signed off on until you're forty and half million dollar golden parachute for Kobe when his body was breaking down so that's the other side and I was gonna get there as well look I don't know that that's kind of goes the things are important there are other military draft and raw material try to decide if you know who love whose career was cut short with a I think the hard. Commission that he was a career bench player role players type that you gotta have those guys too so I don't know I just look at the Strasser and where does ago what does he thinks it's this team right and I gotta be honest with you. And I'm starting to wonder if they don't believe over their right now that if they improved his bench but their loyalty to get. And it did this or saying you know right now with the way this team is constructed and in making if you if you do everything that you're sending you want about it what direction are we had it. Right and before we can lease term and what direction we're headed what are we had to do was the first thing we have to do. We have to figure out what kemba is going to be is he gonna be a hornet where's he gonna be a free agent. In this he's going to be a free agent. Then all these names that you talked about it just name's Brett there's not a guy that were taken at eleven right now on paper that we see that's going to be the difference maker. And that's to me where you have to look at the potential of you know going out there and getting you away from the tombs contract to expire. You know getting rid of Mark Williams spoke let let them KG walked you know literally more developed. Don't let let coat he's Ellerbe a full time starter and you'll see a small amount in him to develop some chemistry. You know hmmm let Campbell walking him to alleviate that pressure with the cap. You know and then start again from scratch with the pieces that you feel like looks like success. Where you do so so clear about this and let him walk. What do walks. Don't trade and get some value and item I don't know I knew I mean it's getting an anonymous and that okay I guess okay is destroyed just like most of our mixer and there was a guy I don't try to get as much you jet for a and of course just observation here it seems like great franchises all have heiress you know lifting an air. Air Serena and weeks where we're Indy Kemba Walker era right now but. Great franchises to meet quickly move on from one era to the next they don't linger they don't stay too long and if you stayed too long in one arrow what can happen is you get. Mediocrity which is what we've seen now so I think what you really have to do is I think dress me clean break and I think they have to start preparing for the next error a hornet's Bastia. The issue VCRs and us we come back to wrap up the hour fifty minutes from now Rick Campbell NB ATV 92 point nine a game down in Atlanta he'll join us and there we come back to get a trigger to frighten those who Jami Gertz is because I sure didn't its Garcia Bela. Our ten minutes from now Rick Campbell NB ATV got its united came down in Atlanta he uncovers the hawks and hawks are owned. By the husband of one Jami Gertz and I guess it must there's a pre nup she probably just bomb heard Jones though it always talks as well fright but. Here it is you don't and you name doesn't jump Boston you write you when you hear the name Jami Gertz doesn't mean much to. It would admitted in an yacht when I had when I heard. Culture no sir Jami Gertz noticed. I was a section about just aren't even though it's not now. I was out as it was it was covering reported so hawks game earlier this year and the dire girls a female a draw a walk behind the visiting bench at halftime. And I see her sitting behind the bench and I stopped and I think. I know you. You're famous. Pretty sure you're an actress but I don't know your name and don't know why I didn't say any of this there because that would be weird and awkward but that's what it's like a dozen staring better. And I did is bothered me for forever. You would see someone we all have Google at our disposal now just keep forgetting to Google's argument to Google as just kept forgetting to look around us. Well she turns out she was a lot more stuff that I realized she was a sixteen candles. Back in the eighties she was eyes yeah she was sixty gestures and lost boys. A back in the eighties well she was a no. Susan a lot of teachers assigned filled for a while and does she was the surprise well yeah she was I was always the role she was only was Jane was her name is until maybe we should with a along with their real in this spectacular maybe. Uttered on Ottawa sun felt so I don't know she was also an entourage for awhile she was a moral climate and the CI she was and now I'm. What is it or their modern family a sea bed and this is us okay what support unemployed is is this woman. And the you recognize or guarantee when you see here. That was the was there are real and they're spectacular and oh that is our. I would know you would nova not just an as yet a search she was at the draft lottery last night as the representative of the hawks and a lot of people what is your reaction item and they're watching you sank the hello this abnormal or where she trump. And I I just thought I'd that's a woman I saw inspections are earlier this year. And it turned out I knew she was an actress and I couldn't remember anything that she was did you go to Augusta yes I think she was the one in the in the steam room with the lining is that the one I. I think it's a big Jane is maybe what do learn name wasn't on on assault Burleson knows that that was her right but a note that was I think Jerry date her for a while your computer really they're real and a spectacular genuine nobody lost shaking his head no it's somebody else that's not her. And let's just like here I know but I can't remember this this actresses came right now but signed and got to. This does is Teri Hatcher idiots and Teri Hatcher to attract up to. Which one is Teri Hatcher. All bets are Jerry dated outside yourself. Why are we idiots stand man. They actually looks like her she doesn't just like her sins of those. That the odds extra rights similar beliefs that are touched on he says prides. And he spells relax for to. The path out of this is a typo or are not correct where he meant to say cup checked pretty tight cup cakes with a K instead I don't know I don't know I can't decide I'm pretty sure it was an intentional because of her visit is a cup cakes it was a relaxed but cupcakes are gonna take care business of radio was cupcakes maybe Alexander Williams is saying cupcakes made a deal for Chris Paul before David Stern vetoed the deal dispute frankly your sons or did the Andre suggests a second person saying this your sons are gonna end up with the -- did not Marvin -- Thank you Martin back. If I'm the suns I'm taken back O'Connor. You know the upside that badly has even though he doesn't play defense and I know that a lot of people are concerned about that. You know what each. He has the upside right. And you know Lleyton is now and there's our guy and I played that you may not know a lot of you know maybe a hometown connection. A lot of people think she's will be tougher in those types of things but. How badly to me was the is the number one interest and franchising you have young talent Magli is a guy yeah YouTube to grow to meet you work with them. You get a guy to do that hopefully he respects. The you can listen to. And tell you hope you know you you got to do your homework and make sure that he wants to win more than anything else I didn't if he does then he's no learned. How to morph and how to adapt and how to adjust to the next level. And dump in those are the things that. You know you have to expect him you have to learn you'd have to you know do your research on but there's no question to me he's the most talented player in this draft. A by the way it. We're so I thought it they're saying this is boost Jami Gertz was the woman who couldn't spare a square following in the grass and just quit master sergeant Parker so that's the one who say that that's who she wasn't Teri Hatcher and he's on Phil saw a girlfriend yeah I scenario now that mysteries been salt. We come back. And I they do they're similar looking ladies we come back Rick Campbell NB ATV got his united team joins us his thoughts on the hornets through the draft where they go what they should do and what Mitch Kupchak is gonna do about this roster we got to sell tons still to get into including more Panthers are talking about David tepper officially the owner of Carolina Panthers as of this morning per richer a lot of traders on Twitter account we gotta talk about that there's a very interest in writing to the quarterback index. On ESPN and it takes into account not just starting quarterbacks for the entire depth chart of quarterbacks and you might be surprised to find where the Panthers comment on that list also we gotta talk about obviously the Celtics beating the cavs last night Nick Saban go again on UCF all of a sudden I don't know why. At NC state landing a five star Kentucky's transfer Ando we got to get into Skechers. Suing Adidas we we have to talk about this. And what do people think really mean that that Campbell is going to bring back the number one overall pick. Sons and says. You know that she was going to. You didn't go out there and get this player with kemba. In his dinner Garza number one picked me is it eight Tim walker packed someone else from Brandon Knight and the number one pick. Who's gonna. Renaissance maybe that is not. Does this text or and he makes a good voice is the suns are taking look at dodger plot wiles who may have fired his former coaches there head coach out of nowhere so strong point there as well although agenda and he's doing despite that fact in a lot of guys who are supposedly well connected American these mock drafts they still have the on Drayton joint first overall to the onto the Phoenix Suns go either way. I'm your girl. What's a man Booker Jimmy Jami Gertz they're real and they're spectacular I. That is good to know that is so they look good to know Rick Campbell NB ATV is next one of course they'll they'll tell us it's Garcia Blaylock.