Garcia & Bailey: Geoff Schwartz talks Panthers

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Thursday, January 25th

Geoff Schwartz gives us his insight into the Panthers offseason and Norv Turner.


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And we try to do this next segment puts our best French accent though I think if I don't think that's a good idea and head. Of police who would do if I thought I. I like that doctor just what's in the news or just short summer totals are endless bad Fred it was not a great for incentives like Hispanics French. Never again now as a diffusion window and there was a few or. Reports of hundreds of shorts now and I he's a long time authors of climate in the NFL he is a just I can in the media these days he does at all. Is all over the place and those great follow on Twitter lets welcome him on exactly John does slides a short story about a. We don't rule out friend. And I think the I was that there was still it was perfect. And as soon Greg Lewis you're not told me if you're not so what are what I would be dirt. As Jeff we're talking a minute ago about some of our Fletcher consciously tweeting about this last night Fletcher Cox that assertion that he didn't why he's never seen a Super Bowl which turned out it was a really telling the truth about dubbed. But a lot of these guys don't really watch much football older vets. No water are being a lot is is not bury some guy is doing and I know for a fact that. There are plenty guys who you are being more often than not guys to watch spoke all but. It has always surprisingly. The I'm not a players. Who knew what our football player but it it's hypocritical for bigger stronger athletic. They watched film about all football to watch I watch football all Arpaio was all parent. Oh win lose draw probably one report came home I go home and try and that you go watch what book are always done that so. But it surprised me. Well employers say they don't watch the sport outside of when they play book to know what super wore me that's bull what the national audit national pastime. You know about these that's what of course tweak during the two mobile social policy. To see you could watchable for brightening your point where. Almost like out of the picture there of about those kind of that was kind of what his point was was was trying to get through there. Yeah you know Jeff I you I can imagine you know guy like cut Julius Peppers. Yost choosing an NBA game over an NFL game but still watching this that the us suitable. Of course I mean there's people that don't there's what about how a country watched as simple you'll go out there there are people I've met. We don't watchable now Mike what do you that we do are doable under an hour is what there are different things you get. And I hated that kid what distinguishable party every single year and there are people there who. Don't well spirit of football and watch the commercials the halftime show but don't care where are the TP don't know they're in Jordan Super Bowl party does not reachable Sundays more than just between the the parties don't he would want to grant that almost all they. They I think they should push. If the President's Day weekend so Monday's off the there's no way to do you go to work on Monday episode. Yeah I agree with that 100% new night I think a boycott this this Super Bowl you know that Monday common sense and good luck. Al Arab farmers off okay. I hit men's in here too so yeah. Under the bus and let us. I talk to. About the pets as we had a little Q&A last night over at the palm and you know we're talked a lot about you the answers the Super Bowl you know some of the other things that go around surrounding the Carolina Panthers and other question really good questions that we kind of vault agreed upon but differed with. I don't get your take on this is do you think the Kansas ultimately had a successful season. The other not a quick question as I remember talking and we're O crows about this you know these are darker but I know what to. If a successful season when you come to operate. The system tenure contempt in my mind it was the weight division. In August Putin told. In the end in that direction. The same tour we'll do it right and it that they rent to achieve that they would couldn't beat but there are certain that in the playoff game would. I think he's better than that I imagined I would think could be. Can it be that close look at what just had an opportunity to score going to be in response to work opportunity to to went back games so. I mean I think considering. Or lack there of weapons that congress can do some of the injuries especially with whip Greg Olsen being out. I want to do with you about my I don't. I opened with a it terrible you're now here's the thing though is that this type of step them up to have another when he's in the QB that it has happened now it's it may be to deal with the new order those finally got back to back. When he's in. Do is discuss what you're what what do most of people prepare. I think the moose you know felt like ultimately no because we've had success in years past and we've gotten to the point where we've you know have a window in the quarterback Jin young enough pieces to be there. Our team to win a Super Bowl and if you doubt when he is super boy you're not having the success and think I think that's the fine line right I mean everybody goal for the most part there's going to be some teams that maybe don't but. You know because of the success we've had in the pieces we have in place it's to be Super Bowl or bust. Right but you have to consider that the content feasible or how often do you know six and ten. We've sort and we got a rare book or 1212 or lose in the first round so. I think that it that there have been natural progression stolen. It's going wartime military I think this year and next year and division and then rescue that they next year I think it's realistic to think. There are two more bought a new year to win the division or in the playoffs than they are not win to win a division they just it to happen this division. Are to meet coming up at this because he's a bit if a successful season we got them beat you into that season where it is due. Yeah and they were 11 o'clock just so we can disable the texts and emails or 115 this year not attend six report was take don't know and so totals we talked about yesterday Richard Jeff was in the event the amount of talent that that surrounds Cam Newton heading into this season and you know I don't think Franken didn't either one of doses of the mind it big they can't or shouldn't do more to improve that talent but you know I do think at times when healthy note this is not. The first is we have a guy text in yesterday's say that there are only two teams in the league to have the worst offensive talent around their quarterback in Cam Newton does here and in Carolina which I thought to be outrageous and could do more yesterday logged another wide receiver absolutely that's more Pro Bowl offensive line a little. So yeah. Running back they have retired and that's all pro I mean what else you looking for. But I could put their I've been on. Obama's friend for a while about the excuses that that Pakistan give him you know I mean they give them. So no talent no law of the line and dropped passes which a Tampa by the way what we're not even near the top so we got he's been. All of these things. Except that the guy who's who's quarterback. What the typical and I don't know what it ought to burst their. There are left guard is yours don't make fourteen million dollars you know latency. One it will expire particle board that you didn't propose your return or be Cold War. Don't Williams was that we keep all courtesy and I got that more than a lot he's either. You don't have one of those protests or that our customers are pretty to look he's started slow I kind of predicted he would do when he came on those music. There are just who's not a bad what is your look at numbers once you do Greg Olsen is probably going to be. Or importer are I mean so what if I put it around camp. And that's Polly Marshall about you know it is because. On a better way he used them so I agree it should bring in another wide receiver they need to wonder two to pick and pop awkwardness you guys. And just continue to to build up the roster how's your he'll play and in new offensive but if you workshops she LP. Com there's just no excuses anymore for chip he's in his he's seen it upon this group right now. And I did. It's O wanted to be a quarterback you have to play through adversity if the play when the wind dies or are not a 100% when people out or your power around you'd. Arm and what he played great a playoff game but to avoid a report he just a few more consistent. On the church and you're. You know and I I agree include almost everything you said Jeff and you know the one thing that I will say is that you need some help and here's how because he can't be the only reason right you know when he doesn't play well this team doesn't do well and I think you can make that argument for most quarterbacks but you know he can't be the one on fourth and one not only be the guy running the ball he can't be the guy that has to do this because there's going to be some downsides he needs help and some of those other positions I think the best place to get him help. Is what they're running back I think if they draft a running back I leech where there is one of the kids at a Georgia whether it's sake clump Barkley is sort of like you know he's probably off the board with that type of caliber of player to compliment you know the passing game to complement this offense. I think is more important than they were wide receivers can be able to run for three. So so of course you know that what do you do McCaffery it is they're basically you're admitting that that quick last year was she elderly. And in the slot. I think you can distill a lot of things with McCaffery. Not something to do a lot of things a McCaffery he just can't be here every down guy like this gonna go between the tackles. No I did I I try to prepare a little bit that we get Stanford he was quite between the tackles he saw this year when they ran the ball down the middle. Gilbert chopper was on it was almost also the most sweeps when he looked slower than the defense. I agree with raping an eight cook oppressed still position player apart went to one receiver. Our running back. I'll buy it new law that this scheme is a more important I guess I have a wide receiver that they changed GMAC would be getting your stomach feel your dot attached where buddy got because. You know there's a lot of running back to the October 3 round pick scream caught the rockets toward our view needed. Our first round pick or your own just may be received better next year to where. You'll McCaffrey can do well I don't know what Stewart will be back in you're not. But I have to be happy also to weapons. And maybe you'll. You know the world gone from the acquit and also was there you know computer but. You know you could drop regardless Weller import an American in not even helps him just you know it took you know just sort of worry about corporate. Jeffrey can't tell we were kids or you lose obviously about talking about the of the super bored and I got to ask your thoughts on this match up and you'll get the patriots in the most hated dynasty in sports but you know we were talking last night at at the event did you know this is a level of its dominance that you know you just don't see very often doesn't come along very often and so dumb I'm gonna try to appreciate that and and the Eagles are great story with the trolls but as you see the matchup we know what the point spread it isn't his game but as you see the match up how do you take this thing breaks down. What is certain little bit to me like the Jacksonville game where. And individual result or more Powell Tibetan and the patriots they just have Tom Brady and the Eagles have their full. If you roles played average and doesn't trouble all over you'll have a fantastic opportunity to two win this game is defensively. Just supposed to have a cover three all game and and they got some pressure with their four out of our property can't put poverty really you can't students don't all day. Go out to play man coverage and and you duck or no no response or now why not. Jim first of all the top pretty due sonic game as well. Is poverty saw ghost of some doubt you can't document Donovan oiled bird output no one was going round that. But I that you are dispatched. And you keep its foot on the gas which I will sit Doug Peterson. Has done all season long he's been a little different than his predecessor any reading in that manner where. You know injuries are you conservative and don't roll got conservative on Sunday. Pierce is not a Europe ten points in the fourth quarter you you've got to go in Egypt but don't don't be afraid. But all the trouble all over but I think with being super close. I mean it's I mean the patriots win but the twentieth or 232724. I just can't go against poverty he's proven time and time again that you know if you win you games. It is all just Super Bowl Eli Manning and all those times out you'll great a miraculous plays to lose those games. I like the pages of quotes game. Our Jeff Schwartz eight years in Vienna sell most of the block tomorrow podcaster confined his work all over the place. And don't we appreciate you doubly great to catch up says sources. Yet and here are our order a single seeing many Schwartz he's. I had an unemployed part it was a it was a great idea for a while hop. Yes and it's up bad it sit up and hair yeah agreed to districts but not been allowed Oregon and now don't call him a call OSHA is supposedly going boxer from books that. Let's OSHA. We'll come back next it's Garcia and barely. Favorite show. He's campaigning and he's even worse on TV. Welcome back that's buildings that are excellent. Barrier has good cargo blows right. Some like it hot. But I does that right now president hi this is her coworker her office seriously. LaBroque the first is that this is why I hate Florida. There's still we're here I didn't hear yet it's a huge big kind of sticky feel yet this doesn't even cracked the top five list of reasons I keep Florida. Another all of Florida and others there's a lot of little Florida Allah gives you know what the number one my dad by the way lives in. Tampa Bay and his is an opponent alligator there he is he got a pond behind him. And I respect the eighties mall as daddy alligators. It's staged they creeped up on his back lawn before his guys' dental plus thousands readable does have a pet alligator every poll has industry in Florida and he's got a beautiful house great bank. Red Bull treated and this sucker. Climbs up there. Damn near right up against Atlanta should those earnings no you're not now the and got a lot of freedom and people. Aren't there it is called Zach seat the kids they feed you say throw food at have you since I was places in Florida let me finish before you erupt if I was a good don't you I was finishing my sentence because you cut me off well. Did have you seen in Florida some of these canals you know like they have these little canals back there that you come up on the causeway is or whatnot. But there's like these finish their bread with the alligators and have legs. And they're just the ugly as things grimacing a couple of Komodo dragon old yeah. But you are you don't it was a monster you it would ISIS' what does it where religion as a crossed into an alligator and a Texas in my. We the dumbest animal lovers what it is just like to cover. Over. A floor the so nasty. Like alligators are really stupid deal you know that alligators are really dumb animals so like they they walk up and I was living in Charleston they walk up and if it didn't walk a straight line. And in this they get impeded by an object whatever it is house a car dock they just stopped. Images look around and they don't know what to do. And they just stand there like Tumblr a buddy Mulligan and Michael workers walked home from work and there was an alligator just sitting on his front porch staring at his front door. We do know pretty critical. Is this to people what to do built there are a lot longer we have those guys are so right that's exactly right there consultant right 70457. Or 96 there were touched on a lot of stuff talked to some great folks already a Jordan and all The Who is fighting Saturday night UFC fight night 27 years suspect considering he's got Greg or Gillespie and of course there are Bronson fighting in the main event against your cars Souza and I can't wait about when we had both those guys in studio it was a big night for Charlotte I mean it is nice to see the USC back to Charlotte alone a lone dissent tomorrow come out district city will be their ten to six. Where we will give away two tickets to our suite and a great deal prospect grizzly bear cooler. Mondello peer circles they're also Sobel draw to winners tomorrow on location. Also combined register star city it was an eleventh come astle Luntz. I'll watch the guys do their thing and Kroger got through 6 o'clock. Two I syquest Omar gates has not mistaken but no sign as they now's got there talk football talk you have seat come join us for a cold Mondello. And windows suite tickets suite tickets are it's a couple things really quickly we are. The weeds and breaking news earlier real little more right now as a matter of fact of its not that big but in the world college football you freeze is he's got a job again. He is going to be an offensive analyst at LSU under and were drawn not not what does that mean. Well what does it do to me it is not penalized if you analyze the offer I'll tell you it means it means he's on staff but he can't go on the road recruit college scores were always out there are some kids it's the best way to get him involved in the authorised to keep him out of trouble. If you can't go on a pretty typical escorts on the road analyze this play analyzes play it was a male or businessman took a weird name there's years of those those analyst positions like they'll just call to make these companies right now. I mean some. They're going to be the older guys those are called. Quality control are all you can try street right mr. you know orgy days and that's what those guys to rewrite history of the Q inequality in the controlled Gaza that's okay its service still confers back in Georgia. Good to talk about does Schwartz. You know this offense and talking about the Carolina Panthers are one thing. In there again in his life things he said that I agree with the other one thing he said that I don't agree with at all as effective Christa McAuliffe Caffrey to make your living. Running between the tackles it's not that he's not capable of he too long between the tackles and second intent on third and ten and gets you five yard TDG six yards right those types of things when the defense is. They're giving you those who JC yards his saga makes his living doing that until like the predators. As we talked about last night you know Kyle you know with moos myself and try to make. I think if they really got a back. You know and Waterford that's going to be the one in a million right. But I think there's a couple of guys like that coming out of the draft. You know this year and music one Barkley is one of those guys and every down back this until we get between the tackles what do you do with no christened the same thing I did with them this year. Yeah incorporate him in the offense right you put them in as a slot guy NH back in God's gonna be out of the back to the mismatch. Title player you know the N instead of putting running back in for his name put athletes don't get if we wanna call him a slot player it was make him a slot player. You know let's make some of the guy that the Kansas City Chiefs use you know that runs the reverses hill first no not hunt more than you know right there are the only I mean yeah. The other guy the fast got a guys returning punts the guy that you know returns kick the guy that you know once the reverses in the slot past the other. Has passed everybody is going gets linebackers on him. That's the way you can use Christian McCaffery. You know in the end if you wanted to you can use as a quarterback OK so Maria. Don't put him back here at the running back position in order to have a different looks you know that we given you totally and completely so there's still a lot of ways that Norv Turner and bill used Christian McCaffery it doesn't mean you shouldn't have an every down guy to alleviate some of the pressure from camp that has to do ever. Think yours is also is to be successful right and look what look for what does what Jim Schwartz he he elicits this really it's like visceral emotional response from some people get really mad like he says can't be that bad things about Camden and what does he say bad things all the time or some of those things he says. Does things about K okay socialist Frist is also on shorter second and Austin says F shorts and his click bait takes a lost all respect for him awhile back nothing but hot takes. I don't know what about some order so it was a hot take though. Like her for yesterday I think some people interpreted my friends you know assertion that the offensive weapons around care right now we're not nearly as bad as some people make about to be that does not mean they didn't we. He doesn't need anymore help or they can't. Upgrade or improve Google find a wide receiver or running back we believe that's true. For instance we had a guy yesterday say early two offenses in the league to have more weapons around their quarterback to the Carolina parents are really. They were 115. You know edited they do got a guy who suited Greg Olsen who's caught the error during a three consecutive seasons of 2000 yards or more. On the. That's because a cam a lot of guys because of camera that he's one of the more impact will be you have you have an all pro tight end when healthy. You have an all told left guard. You have a center this five time pro bowler. Who's been all pro ever right guard it's been a pro bowler here right tackle second team all pro. Mean that's five guys up front that there are you are you're gonna win whiskey Donna Stewart. He's got the best he's endorsed it probably is time to upgrade is his middle of the pack now OK and the only he's on his way down so you look at that as an upgrade. Receivers Devin fun just talked moos with us about him last night most loves Devin functions. You know he's got to me is not a number one wide receiver and what the differences is my new right you don't you know what he's pretty good he's a really really good number two. Right and that's what is OK so if you wanna get XP got to go out there and and help open things up then so be it Matt might be something that he needs. And hopefully that's what Damir burger occurred Samuel be able to bring to the table. Right so there ever was talking about whose demeanor birdie was what it was Antonio Brown. It was Steve Smith before. You know we knew he was Steve Smith gives a fourth round or third round draft horse who once in a punt returner so sometimes you need an opportunity. Right and if he sees something in that opportunity. That might be able to be special but you go out there and you find that guy and find a place form. Maybe was sealed that Damir bird. But yeah he's no different than what we saw with so many other than the competitiveness. So many wasn't a returner kickoff guy. In any third down receiver they came and occasionally. He his right in a plane is a more opportunities he got. And they realize the competitiveness and toughness and all the other things that go along with so many each and I'm not saying Damir berg is bat but he might need something like that. Right and you know what intended it it's just don't don't misconstrue the argument. Can they get better yes should they get better everyone always should be tried to get better or other areas and restore by just running back you'll find the speed guy on the outside at the beginning when that's fine identities but to act as if there's nothing there right I think is disingenuous drawl and and I would say this to I don't like comparing most of the guys to Tom Brady the Patriots offense anymore because it's an historical type of thing but. Yellow tail it's his fans yesterday it would be about how Cam Newton never lost to Tom Brady and they're talking a lot of trash on that trouble Tom Brady's middle of the chicken salad out of chicken Blake. You know and and he's done so with lot of guys who would not have success anywhere else so you got a doctor throw a touchdown passes the likes of Julian element and then Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan and things like that at the same time we gonna come back until this guy has no weapons around him was not true. It's not true. They were 115. Cameras elevated his guys and a lot of the time that the special late in the season the frustration came from injuries not from lack of talent altogether on the roster guys got hurt they went down. Gil and you can be you can do next man up period there was much is it likely at some point you run out of those guys and that's kind of what happened at into the season they got banged up and they just ran out of bodies. What. What is true right is that the offensive line makes the running back does a running back make the offensive line. You know I don't know I mean I think they're both kind of hand in hand. You need them both a little bit but you can't it helps no one really good in one really bad. You know you can't have. A really bad offensive line and a great American doesn't work yeah okay running back. In a good offensive line that running back to you probably better than what's. You know he he is his talent level list if you have a really dolphins lined an okay running back is still gonna have the same thing. I don't know for as good as what our moral Pro Bowl records say we're not Rhode grating pulls open lighten it does jobless but nobody does anymore. You know you don't practice those types of things anymore but from what the NFL Liz and where the Carolina printers are in all they have pretty good office climate. Knowing Jim it was a big part of that money so alleviate some of the pressure off of cam in the running game by good morning getting a great running back and that's a line. They become really good and that quarterback takes a lot of pressure on them off of him and he doesn't have to do is great so lost. But I 7045709. B sixty or gets fired up folks on ability cigarettes are slower it's all of those we come back it's Garcia and they look. Right you shirtless in the studio this cause. Really shirtless just hung. It's got dotted I just got this crucial. Movies and everything else thinks that he's put debt that it isn't raised his nipple he's got a wet towel around today what could Beckel rear side here. I listen to picture of it it's about to go blog Twitter I got a really W offensive Israel. They closed the sale of the check jumpers on you know usually you do I have the abs I don't know about sunlight so you really well as you look at him before oppose him I was this event was definitely like please back. Because he can that's bunt. I you fill. It young comfortable event. Let's say what they're working on May have thought we look at a bombshell to divert the start off with us not really Bob Sheppard. Because it could we could pass for one. Nuclear or other walls if there are nuclear or this is the first was a drug that thick walls which Perry as well as sharing except. Case allies. But it anyway there'll come a mud and you know exactly it is hard figures zoo animal while there are things that happen. I'm glad I mean I don't mind they look in here is. It's okay there's okay I am I uncomfortable. I'm not uncomfortable but I am wondering who else in your might be a little bit earlier is pleased to do is favored just over the shoulder sleep or is it is over now. Andrea c'mon man I'm serious these series are now puts puts. It's Ohio. So hot. Doting nap but we had trucks are meant that I did I'm gonna call broadcast professional go to call OSHA and go to file a complaint these and he's. They negotiated an ocean is unacceptable working conditions men don't even understand why this is happening right now he's thought O shows like with a oh. What what would only for the U. He occupational safety barriers and there you go Beriault now educational health and safety net nurses and health administration yeah. So we will you know we're we're William bad were conditions this call those folks are shut things don't honestly it may issues just exodus is Mori told to sustain health. Well again I'd I know I deeds I got here recyclable regulators. To hot one of them and what happened said going on that. They eat and acie went out there six and now they see what how we got to. The minister should be up any minute now and that was you're struggling a tan. Guy is working on it bat wings are on full 4%. Well I'd I'd tie the door open but then you'll hear everything in its. Will as well procedure are doing the fifth but what are you are you upset I mean these people are literally upset they wanna be Schwartz up. Go back to organ you hippie. Tree hugger. Well the third is a compliment that I wanted to read first of all that we subtext or writes in buildings surtax on their motto cams are quarterback but they have so many of our fans are Campbell I'm in cannot handle on this criticism of him but that's the one guy says no another diamond drill baby two teams have been worse well worsened Carolina's weapons browns and brown let's say brown sea hawks. Niners. And here is our last group looked that would look look Roland that the story. Let's Seahawks managed. All right it's so an excellent doesn't let them ahead okayed a text or is it doesn't matter who talks bad about Cam Newton it is Schwartz regular friend Tim is our quarterback and his fans we have to invest in him because he's still gonna be our quarterback for the rest of his tenure I don't know selling enough to know instilling you know the other militant to do anything other than that title. And there's not always been. Critical. Of some of the things that he does. For. You know constructive with some of the things that. You know he he does great I mean don't you there's a lot of things Jim does great but there's some things and has formally. What's what's wrong with saying that. I've nothing at all and end digits again we have a lot of he's coming indifference extra rights in French everybody can't have Tom Brady can these weapons man's job bought. Yeah he hasn't. It has weapons have been good enough to win and in the NFL the eleventh off that means the order of five record. Is really irrelevant you know if it comes down to more valuing compositional talent. Right and kiss Chris McCaffrey. Is a good player he's not great he still needs some more if there's some things he doesn't do well in a believer now. I criticize you constructively him as well. He's a very consistent reliable guys DeVon fund just is a very good player he's not great he's not a number one. You know you Damir bird has his strengths he has as witnesses. You know Kaelin clay as Joan Curtis Samuel needs to stay healthy. Right we don't know enough about him yet but. You have to love the play of the game in this in it you know in this environment it can't be afraid to go up there and take some shots seems like he's a little fragile right now so. Those things that you would criticize with Curtis Emily can't make a club in the job we're winning games if you're always hurt right goes it's just reality of its offer the blind. They don't move guys not guys off the ball but they're athletic they're physical. Other play hard. And yet there's some weaknesses as well I mean therefore troubles on that line. You know running back stepped on the Stewart here's the problem. He doesn't have the breakaway speed. Or the whole run threat that other running backs do. Right in when you have the lineup and do it again. That puts more pressure on the offense. And that's the issue I have with Johnson Stewart running back you know you look at it in the top running backs were there is a Jim Peterson. You know what it was Marshall fought back in the day you know whether it was a winner for that now. When they hit the same. They get to the next level and get used the big place right there's not enough big plays with our running game because they're five yard tackles because he doesn't have the burst. That he wants dead. He needs to get those five yard tackles when there's those gaping holes in tournament to touchdowns or two big plays 25 plus yards. You know and we just don't have enough of those at that position that's why we need the great. Text to right sent. Eller and personal what text Reuters is the ravens had the worst weapons bullied to franks or to the ravens have a conversation as well a different Dexter writes in a reasoned argument that the torch rating is it looked yarder is that the Panthers receivers obviously are good enough because they won eleven of five but. But one can argue the records because of cam despite our despite. Yeah he is a weapons what I mean there there were times no doubt about that can carry mr. no no because there is arguing otherwise. Or just we're just refuting that argument that this this team has no weapons intermodal worst in the league it would healthy that's just not true and an health is what the issue was laid the series. Greg Olsen on the scale of one to 1010 being in the highest end in draw right is probably a seven and a half and eight. They're good enough to win yes long don't have threes and fours you have good enough pieces to win. In the office of line is probably a seven and a half built collectively. Are you gonna have some holes and that dolphins wanted to have some strong points and an offensive line to grade them as a unit. That's a seven and a half if you look at the receivers. Are no no no it was argued that there can be an upgrade would probably be a sex. Nowhere is Devin funds is being probably a seven and now. Right that's the type of player he has the other guys are probably five and apps right and there are a just slightly above average. Yup she could upgrade in those positions but you can still win with five and asked in fact you have to. I you have to win with five masks because not everybody's going to be seven NASA rates you have to win those five and ask you just can't have the threes. Right knee running backs including Chris McCaffery that group. Probably a six and a half. Right in I'm I'm great in tough. You know if you're gonna name these New Orleans Saints as the eights. The other six and after about a step and a half behind album Kumar because of his explosiveness is that at that position but it's on him a three yard pass now quarterback. We're actually is not a ten Tom Brady bits and Drew Brees being its hand you know those guys will be intends right there just a district Tom Brady's attend. Candidate Tim does a lot. Right he could get ten. But his and his inaccuracies don't allow entity that's why he's an addict but his athletic schism and everything else. Is pretty good it's a ten. Dexter writes and strike the line is horrible cam was sacked six most of the NFL for a reason because he holds onto the ball. You're talking to guys and evaluate deposition for living these guys are more troubles because I didn't sex sorry you're wrong. Next. On Dexter writes and that's a jam doesn't have weapons on offense to take the playoff game vs New Orleans they're offensive weapon showed up hours didn't our number one wide receiver lost a ball in the lights. On the world's number one wide receiver making diving judges at the goal line okay that's also the in the we're gonna talk about with injuries right in an ideal world you don't have to start Taylor and clay Wright is it is seems suffer a lot of injuries the issue is did the the argument here is not that they have. Great weapons don't pray it's against the argument that they have zero. Yeah zero weapons okay that's the order that 70457. Or guidance urged him more calls and Riverside resources and there's a. Bad good both me. Great band Miami sound machine is from top gun. Hot summer night maybe a hot summer day here in the studio feeling good way to generate when he says he. It's rough and you're 570457. Or 96 we're we're talking about Jim of the characters in the weapons and people being upset about that so horrific simple goal zero early Jason's first and foremost and did his thoughts on gender and Jason what's a boy thank you froehlich. Brought out the guys are gonna go out our operate at all well. Apologize department just howling on the same Mo MO. What effect you know expand our quarterback when he didn't bet him. Our investment in my money. Got record I don't I mean I'm not a fan such material that. You know to beat jam. Acker you know if you don't bat game cannot stand up particulate in app. Your high school or your chips all these you know it paid bury our money. A lot of money at the game and you expect them you know ormat currently well. There are bound and being not telling nor comment about cam. It comment about you know gonna take a look and see where it tied our. On passing play and start out there telling camp does struggled reading deep and not being nor. Yet exciting thing prepare the ban would you like camera not. It is not our goal is gonna pick they go big or can't not to be able to do it murder happen make a decision. And when your op then and the timing. I think that's correct that's gonna help him out as well. That's that's going to be interest in part appreciate don't do. You know Jason especially with the timing parked you know something that cam is not done very well. You know as far as you know being in the NFL you know getting guys out of breaks hitting guys. With that time and consistency there's very little bill routes he runs that you're going to be warranty three throw the ball. The receiver hasn't got a was breaking through it to a spot receiver will get there just some of the things that chula. You know me really did an incorporated in this softens everything was vertical everything was. Are you know quick glance up the field. You know on the guy just get that's coming out of the backfield with the bubble passes in the screens and things like that but everything was furcal downfield and you know with norv Turner's offense it's going to be more. You know I guess efficient with the fact that. You're you're gonna have timing routes in a camp if he's under center is gonna hit his third step and throw the football. You know he's gonna have to learn how to do put touch on it he's going out to other receivers you have to learn learn how to run routes and get to spots in win those match ups and there's going to be a time and with that when he goes to five steps you can be able to run a little bit deeper routes when he goes to seven steps that we gonna go to nine routes in your vertical routes you know on the ball when you hit that. That final step. And it's gonna help the offensive line be a little bit more consistent because all. Though on that third step. I can attack. Have to be off defense of line and get those hands down I on the five step I had that protect little bit deeper on those seven steps I have to really get debts because I know camps going to be at a spot and it helped the offensive line no because she'll develop a pocket wins the numbers of steps that you're taking. You know and all those things all obviously hope the offense be more efficient what takes place now. It cams that five you know or three and a half warning half you know with a shotgun. And sometimes he'll go to five sometimes older seven sometimes he'll go to ninth there's no consistency. You know with where he is that in president's. You know in the pocket because an office climate I can't see. I have to trust that he's gonna hit his step and tore the football because my timing is off its Wyman. A serial killer. Murdered to give him mouth to mouth to I'm not a covered nice I don't think you're going to die what are you doing. Got a rough call off this week. It's your statement. Side is scheduled my Condo at least you know it is leave it there they obviously you know you you you have a great moment and just obviously they're looking guy. Leslie's and I doubt I don't I was very mad and I'm Doug and talk about it just shows that your phone calls go to goes go to Carlos Carlos was audited. Terry got like really well my father and that would a great bit. I think that you struggled quit than what happens like that in eight short of wild even art is adopted. Think that when it right like the pitcher look of it no art on all the notes that it's right. You know what that there may want equity capital but yet and Barrett in what both quarterback that people even say that suggest that because we they struggle with an. Not at that you know it is Batman I mean. Yeah I don't know did not that they now under banner and we respect that we got there because the camp. So he is not like my quarterback right now about an attack by. I wanted this is it about one I might fire in the camp but I'd like camping under orbit the planet and all of that here. Anyway that that my. You know this or there. What's the lesson was now Carlos Carlos Carlos you know appreciate the phone call but I think that's a little unfair. Node of the criticism. I think camp's gotten better. Slowly at some things I think he's gotten better toward the five yard pass. I think he's has a better understanding of Reading the defense. You know and and and processing you know where the defense lines up I think he's gotten better you know at those things they're getting a little bit more touch on his passes. But the offense wasn't dictator predicated on the timing. It was all predicated on vertical routes you know underneath digs and having guys open before you threw the ball. Right and that's why cam is forced to throw the quarter mile per hour fastball that's why cam to me a lot of times throws off of his back foot. You know because of the may be the the the timing isn't there. The lack of awareness with the defense and seen OK there is let me fire it and thrown under a mile per hour fastball because you know now that he's open he's not gonna be open for very long. So you know those things will calm hopefully with teaching. With timing and with technique you know that Norv Turner is gonna boring but it's gonna have to come with a lot of hard work because a lot of times. You know that's gonna take a step back before you take those two steps forward. 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