Garcia & Bailey: Frank Trolls Hitman, and Hitman's Butthurt.

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Wednesday, October 18th

Tony and Frank get into it over Tony's tweets and comments to Frank on Twitter.


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Genesis luxury vehicles everything that defines luxury at a price to define Smart stop dreaming. We'll start driving factor for Genesys dot com. Yes no source sports. Dodgers lead the National League Championship Series three games to none go for the sweep tonight against the cubs in Chicago. LA manager Dave Roberts team tries for the sweep with former Carter felt pitcher Alex was. Going against the cubs Jacque area. We're just start. Laser focus and try to win baseball games so. That obviously it's that presents itself ops you'll. To be it'll be great but. Right now we're focuses. Area out of. Meanwhile the American League Championship Series tied at two games apiece in New York today for game five with the Yankees and Astros tied at two games apiece. Supporters open their season at the Detroit Pistons tonight I want to five W I offense each warrant to be without Michael Kidd Gilchrist tonight and of course in addition to Nicholas Batum. This will be the pistons first regular season game at the new little Caesars arena in downtown Detroit. Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward is having surgery today after breaking his tibia and dislocating his left ankle in his first game of this new team last night in Cleveland. Staffers next play at a Chicago Bears coming up on Sunday and Ryan hello returned to practice yesterday trying to return this week after missing five games with a neck injury. Linebacker look if we remain to the concussion protocol working through that. Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has been given a second temporary restraining order allowing him to play this weekend vs. The 49ers. I'm Jim Sophia that's the flash. Sports flash is brought to you by Hendrick automotive group shop 25 stores in 41 brands at Hendrick Charlotte dot com. Today is because I presume this is your whole torso. 1025. There CWF and auto sport either. Yeah sure. Okay 5060 yeah. He won't tell us what we wanna hear or he tells us what we need to hear. Joins former Panthers defensive lineman Damien Lewis for children through Wednesday each we get any. On the magic Jack. Garcia. It's Garcia failure on. What is a really cold morning. It's cold outside on my guy and I'll look around like gay woman but you stopped for all its offensive because women are tough and can handle things right. What's that about two words more closely next time you're down. You are one thing. You are huge sound I'd just like when this morning while frank is that a bad thing. And I don't know what you're doing right now and try to put you in order announcer but that's what you Selma and destroy unclear words districts and try and do you know. Tough Flickr girl yeah that's what's your. I love men fall weather is here finally after 86 degrees and humid for two straight weeks in October were finally just fall weather is cold doubts. All right. I love this sort of the mountains man says the Fed has grizzly bear Wear shorts and a teacher does or doesn't do. It's forty or forced extra fat. I Wear shorts petitioner is like don't you Islamic way today will you wake up and it feels like fall weather is 44 degrees outside until you have it. I was never complaining. To you kind of got an awful lot of you did you cut me off. Everybody expressed the rest of my thoughts falls outside. Decent two thirds of his statement you know rejected any said the last third and it was like oh well frank hatton often needing get ya I didn't address the words and words are it's cold outside but I love it because of fall weather is finally here but god forbid strikes and let someone express a complete thought. Before jumping yet. Which and how does it isn't as pretty fast are fighting your dad knew that we got a big show ahead though for a way to coach Jim grove was gonna join us 11 o'clock a burgeoning digital book which just influence they would join us at 1140 and there are a couple of things that men his work and are hoping to attract a Scoop Jackson talk about a wild opening night in the NBA a gruesome injury to Gordon Hayward of the Houston Rockets are apparently the team to beat the west now just lots and lots of things that mr. Tyree Irving LeBron James with a sweet little hug and kiss and make up last night despite the way to -- last Cleveland so. I can only assume it'll look on your face you're gonna continue to centers salvage a super important. Has just finish your thought I did. I did just like a rude interruption a bit. If it. This big doubts that it to be announced that it Greg Garcia ladies and gentlemen. 70457096. Billion dollars in Texas there on the building surtax on this there. There are a lot of thanks I want to talk about today a lot a lot of things and I I was lied there during the handoff I walked out all winter comes the studio that they walked out of here looked at me. Brief stare turned and walked off Torre's office not a hello not a good morning to not a what's up man not a do this just walked off. Because dialed his cubs. Trail three games to none in the NLCS and they just can't handle it. And frank put it you know pretty perfectly there there during the handles the Giacomo Brothers. In the Camilla compared Internet assassins like they come back you can't. Wielding their Internet knives when it comes to the cubs and these are like modernized by. The attack I'll say this also noticed he is so passionate. Or one Tony television most of the relive the talk about the job and I know Tony is so passionate. And cares so much. About this cubs that it almost takes the fun out of commission make him feel bad about the size of their down three games to none and you don't feel the same way you ruthless and that would. But I almost kind of feel bad and then I remember that tonight as the Dodgers close this thing out. That I get to shave. And LA load. Oh in the back to visit. And that makes me giddy did you with a girl next to it. Where the room next guy I batted in the room last night somewhere in all the heated back and forth as your yarder of this mess on the arbiter of the bad and the broom. And don't we get dust swept the broom deserves to be there. Now in knowing you've got to cut this thing low because he's gonna try these are gonna lie and tight. So he's gonna try to shave it off like within two or three days this is the last at least a week. I loved RL LOU I love LA he says he's got to shave it off immediately. Big heart LA so okay so LA with a hard around a big heart out. L insider yes it's their death but he says he's gonna shave it off immediately you represented the bounds about Betty. What is it that's why I said you got to go to the skin because of the shapes and off it's going to be bald. Right that's why you gotta go to the stand with the RAZR or the is the clippers or did he knows him back out is that right no he can't it's on the record. It's on record yet some runs on record you can't read it I mean yeah. Do you lose all credit if you backed out of the bat like this you lose all credible I agree with you oh you pay your pets yeah that's what you do is meant I just don't think that'll. Those humans are you don't I don't in combat and not lose the bet is saying I know what I'm just kid I know I know so. If he does he loses all credibility I think Soto but that the same time here's the boss man and I don't care. Oak doesn't bother me I know you don't care all I'm saying is I've just got this feeling that he's not beaten. The rich easier to try to negotiate a different set of Betsy and another parameters it's called mentor leadership. Don't judge John demoralized that pressure burst pirates the cubs are putting pressure on themselves pipes or soda. And it put pressure and going to burst one way or the other I can just imagine him. Tweeting mess I don't love the metaphors but we're getting from those shots. Juicy it it illustrates. The passion. That they have and they do have a lot of that the last leg. Game last night was not overly exhilarating because your Darvish after getting a title run Souad decals former in the first kind of showed that the cubs dreary and and better game while I've thoroughly enjoyed it does a right to start to show the Yankees Astros game was the best entertainment on TV last night that game was phenomenal so in other. The Yankees game I know you enjoy that when last I did enjoy. The whole thing in now watch a lot of baseball last night and I disaster question you know what the results in the straw poll was literally. 5050 with about 300 votes it was literally right down the medal is for us thought I was surprised I was surprised you know and I was surprised. The overreaction from one side in the other I mean a reaction from the other side and how much they love baseball vs all the things that they would do. You know vs watches baseball and number it's a Miami allowed people to remember a smuggler jammed and got a he said he wants to snail race. You know there's other guys and baseball's the bass you know Mike from Montrose who might. Neal was like oh baseball's great I love listening to it watching that and here and and on radio and Estes is either you are you're not. I mean I think she did the same argument with soccer. I think you can have the same argument with hockey you can have the same argument with some of these NFL games electric car Seattle give them on a night well that I would I would guess. That the numbers would be much different than 5050 I'd probably say like Katie we should try that. We thought we should try to limit everything about it is we're talking about specific games aren't so that was a terrible day and nobody wanted to watch I can't. And it was too important some of the injuries don't just here's the way you propose the question bad NFL game you know you put too terrible teams giants vs colts. Or giants vs browns or. Game six of the world Sears browns vs jets yeah browns' young guys that that's terrible game right nobody would know it was 116. But it's. You put that game on there or soccer you put that game on their or hockey put that game on their or baseball I can I would bet it's still eighty Tony football here in in this city. I'll still eighty Tony here in the city. The idea I don't know but I gotta say I still don't know well it I don't know its artists it's hard to set up by the way you got a lot of support its excellent bunch of yeah you bet assertion that your rights doctors I agree with you a text or it's a Friday is right on your best that's for real men do I totally agree frank shipman veteran backed out. I'm just telling you refuel I think you're gonna hear this afternoon. And try to negotiate his way into a different set of met parameters these things so I think he might. Because he loves his error he does well he spends a lot of time doing is here before it comes to work he wants to look at the hairs. Lower your beard. Yet but I cannot. So so he can do is outs you know or love Dodgers in his head for little. Or you can do with that. But I mean are you are you suggesting would suggest this it makes me. Hesitant to make bats with them because I'm not sure if they pay up via. You know and and you're suggested and he won't now so does that mean that is. If you got swept UN ginger beard you're trying to negotiate that an audition don't you just saved lives. Saudi deal almost done because you lost about right that's the vacuumed you should make and understand about your making before you go there and make the bet would you can't afford it. The risk vs reward when you lose you should be batting. We'll see what happens and look brilliant cellular shorter maybe I'm not giving him in enough credit maybe he's just gonna walk into your own it and I he'll do the thing but I just got this feeling good about my head is gonna try to do is look like. And offer me an extra paid days vacation now tells us just like no no no no no no this is not a bad verses you and him this is a bet vs the world right now. The million listeners the listeners. You are and that's just going to this point right now import so if you Baghdad is not just him backing down on your bed is him backing down on his promise to the listeners. Right I'm just a rare sort of started this whole thing last night or are consult he put out there publicly did you did you brother so you're on the good teammate he's talking to Joey di Giacomo. And I say I time and right away go Dodgers. And I don't goes back it's really amazing how many guys under given these staff hate hit man. Take a hit man the guy makes decisions on your guys' careers and gets no respect well. I said. Buddy easy you know couldn't be easy relax and think couldn't be farther from the truth we all love it male wielded. We just ram and we just love rattling his cage more. And that's what started all the people piling on you know is because it was an out of no malice there wasn't any. Hard feelings it's just a fun friendly bet. Don't take it so personal Brian gets so upset in these guys these the Giacomo Brothers. You just get so offended any time you talk about their cubs in them losing in and it. It and it just comes across as your viewing spouse because. They do not just doing that I've got a special song for them only company is pleased by special special Sansa looks let's do that so that we can come back and end users of any it and using the same thing I am I think a lot of this this anxiety that we're seeing from that man right now stems from the fact that there are about to get swept. He's about to shoot their logo on the back of his head and painters are about to ring the bears build this weekend so it's going to be an all time bad week for him you know what to if we switch the parameters of the bat saw that might be something that we can discuss because this is in the last text it comes and is phenomenal is the cubs get swept. Is the cubs get swept or when the cubs get swept here and doesn't get to talk about in Chicago sports. For at least six months and Lulu six might as a thing though he's not going to accept the parameters of Baghdad we case you can already three games and well anyway. He would have accepted that to start the series this is what all the abuse that does not mean pressure on him. This way he's held this all the time I don't Tony pressure with this canisters were playing with house money if it's what we try to you know mentally. Our duet last night yeah I don't know he's already got the mean. We're kind of let him out Awad and into another and I think what benefits the listeners mores are not talked about Chicago sports for six months. So that might be something that we can adjust to talk about. But those are the two things it's not the arbitrator over here there you are so you know disaster come through me before we make this bet. I had so he's got a song for us and we come back it's evidently pretty special Ozzy can't wait to play it we it's easy to Elliott and some malaria is Rick Pitino knows Roy Williams spoke to lose folks in the media yesterday for the first time since the NCAA ruling it almost thought about Gordon Hayward will talk about the first night the NBA so many things to get to today's Garcia and they look. Reyes. It's your home for hornets basketball 102 point 516 and got UN can see. Deep discount I get my act back up. This week's get my first highlights include steals on a one hour micro current session and beautiful image anti aging three Albert jump session at sky high sports and a thirty day range membership bad shooters express JJ's red hot still worth on the east boulevard in Valentine on John. Dell this the Dodgers. 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Ever settle page Jim's OK you've heard me talk about Mike and Toni and they're great team at a river chase a State's Herbert chase a status scenic private and exclusive gated community along the shores of the could top a river just thirty minutes from Charlotte with 500 acres of woods trails and parks featured spectacular waterfront views take advantage of river chase a staged bring your home builder program to design the home of your dreams or use our premier luxury home builders State's size let's begin at just 849. For more information visit river cases states dot com. Hey you know this is why now this is your home for Charlotte hornets basketball. 125610. WFAN seats on the sports. Tonight on 1025610. WFAN season. Does that understand the Charlotte hornets opened their NBA season at Detroit three game at 635 ball I seven against the pistons. Garcia and bailing. Typically at least two years you'll Martin. I still that's usually where you go that. That's all but exhausted doesn't get. I've been told worst it's an arguable he's the best player ever to play this game it's an arguable that's right. You've been drinking on. And I'm back up at bat I just have to do with. Garcia and bail. They'll they'll last. Can't city deliver. And the Dodgers. Up three games that none in this best of seven series. All. I Spotify. Let's say you're fired due. Looking at the video. Are we. We'll see. What does that trump. Number I'd like to see what did you assume. Always giving excuses last night and beat. So it was gonna change that premise of the bet. We gave no it gave I don't give an indication. I don't know I said I don't feel you are yeah. You want to die because your take great pride in your chairs or overdue and become a simple shame I didn't hear had to take a picture. Javed down and all the policies and all I said is he's going into the skin because of your plan to shave it down and so we're gonna make sure it stays there for a little little little not gonna go to the skin or don't know. Later of one Bruno and on that are growing up in Iran wanted to be is on an. No I don't see you right now what Dow you're right you're I thought about it. There was no parameters set on actual what the blade was going to be what do you think he used to say something are you confident imported from boys punishing mad. We've got coming here nobody knows. This is the only issue associated Florida argued that it's idiotic like right there is still see a bright besides your good looks would you like to anyone garter and our one million Gonzalez to in the back okay since the show. And we don't want to you go to one guard could still see if frank. I cut my. Actually man you can still see Jason here's here's so you're right you're right tell. You're upset at all does every gust you're you're right there him his brother did so but I'm not fish now we don't it's it's trolls like fuel cool. Are you a part of a conversation. I just speak your credit and Dodgers go Dodgers it. Bad debts trolling frank let's just rip what you gotta dodger fan could chargers just trolling let's just clearing Jason Merritt asked the question did you know this is Melissa. Waive your no no David I read the red dot literally your tweets irony or are you introduces its point is on the radio play is your troll. And you can control your body hurts sensitive guy. I'm not you got your daughter asleep at the World Series let your man okay you're okay I'm a loss yup but he's my everything it would the most playoff games. It L but it it gives the playoffs the last three years it put a hundred games 300 games or three years at a season. Enlightened view of affluence unlike you I don't erase my tweet us at Arizona Tehran. I'm there man I use them and I read them to not ashamed of what I say and neither am I told I told exactly your brother wrote. Britain Simpson what does that pressure burst pipes the cubs are putting pressure on themselves has elected to do more to the attitude that's where I heard that's worse off Jason. Eric chimes in right after that did you did your brother so you end on the bad America keeps going up and I mean. We have resisted go Dodgers that's all said and the what are you reading into that it makes me trial you can go to. I was at oak township man armor for you go up ahead. Do you say to that was the bat troll right. Let's just that was. See you this is who can you talk louder over me that if he's gonna make his point even in more user can use a Twitter patrol CH virtual what do you want them. Yeah zero I got to go to meeting you you you are once used you are what you hate. Old you hate people I don't I don't care don't truly don't know. Around bridges to. Right I'll just can't please mark this down you all are what you pay. You as consideration the world according to hit man you've fashioned way you act the way. People act you don't like you would've had people oh yeah well you act the way that people really truly know Barack. But can just keep you. Decides that former dog is a look at some good ideas or someone else or just an LA habitats you side of his neck which are kind of like possession a great idea but you know look I. I actually don't enjoy this because I know how much I can see how much he loves the tells I had that same feeling and I don't take great pleasure and Susan once again and oh hello much you love. The cubs put a play dedicated to hit 161. Once one. What do you do again it doesn't mean they saw it doesn't mean there. The worst team in baseball five bring you broke off frank I don't care. This is what he does best cultural links. Only so it was a little skin in the game that's call earlier this you know Steve. You know student you know yeah it has caught that was gone door your years ago I've grown out as a Yankee fan I. So watching that I. Have me but an alternate suggestion that we came up with a wanna see how you feel about it and used urinating. And in lieu of shaving the logo on the back to your which I would predict great pleasure to be still in lieu of that. He you've heard a cuss market right anytime someone says a curse words are yet to drop the dollar. How about. Would think about this instead of that if we do say three months Chicago sports men were every time you mentioned Chicago sports senior credit dollar in the coast. Cubs bucket until I looked pretty rich and winnable tournament what do we had the money goes to charity dollars. Studio to do just he would gladly spend the dollar talked about his loud I was sitting on five dollar sort of ruled that we can do that instead how about that that's fine cut off I've I've. Actually that doesn't go to Richard actually five bucks that that's a castles recently is that we'd say we'd be on the dollar amount you I. No he said I want you for what did you settle the YouTube played music but I'm pretty sure how said one now you five dollars and you said. Okay thank you guys so I don't tonight does that I can't really say. Wrong us owning a journey and intimidate you but don't. On interrogation looks to a chair irony of its its its that's perfectly fine OK because usually donors stay. I'm not unheard by the losses. Many of these candidates. What I can't sing and are people on social media oh well among the more of a calm out cool. When I was always how bad of four dose just friendly banter then all of a sudden people like you. But brother China and and then more trolls are you know they are start timing and and no I don't have no idea who we are all had to get rid other people's homes Twitter and realize and react with what Twitter was invented for. Oh my god it's listen it's not it's a mantra that if you had a conversation. We driller. We are. Where. It's look look we got our. Federal dollars he lets us because yesterday I actually again as much of pleasures politics that you would unload and about your head I would much rather help people out and it's absolutely if you're if you're agreeable to this in the office it's that when the Dodgers when the series they'll follow Christmas the first year there's a using a ban on all things Chicago sports talk and if you do it five books of account book and spearhead an. Answered all of their egos you know you just analyst at last word. Will matte glass toward. It has written. A it will come back and there doesn't back on the tracks Garcia and they were. So a lot has changed in the last 25 years. You used to have to put pants on defined it didn't yeah you can get a number by swiping and collected. You know what hasn't changed. One Sports Radio in Charlotte. WNBA the don't tell stories sports black. Then there's back on the practice field today is Gary to their next game at the Chicago Bears coming up on Sunday set a rifle will return to practice yesterday. After missing five games of the neck injury any hopes to return to play in this game. When it does happen if it does happen you hope to get vaccines so it's been frustrating because you can't. He can't pull it back to health it's it's a process sometimes and every injury is different every night. It's different so this one's no different. Linebacker Lucy please continues to work his way through concussion protocol Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Eliot. Has been given a second temporary restraining order allowing him to play this weekend vs San Francisco. According to open their season at the Detroit Pistons tonight your 125 W offends me. Reported to be without Michael Kidd Gilchrist tonight in addition to Nicholas Batum was up 68 weeks of an injury. News center Dwight Howard and repeatedly mocked in Dwayne baker and make their corners debuts Boston Celtics guard Gordon Hayward is having surgery today. After breaking his tibia and dislocating his left ankle in his first game last night with a new team in Cleveland. Baseball playoffs roll on the American League Championship Series tied at two games apiece. Yankees have won the last two games we hosting the Astros in game five today just after 5 PM. Dodgers lead the National League championships here peacefully tonight they go for the sweep tonight against the cubs in Chicago. Jim Sophia and that's the flash. You buy affordable siding and windows your hometown home improvement experts affordable citing dot com. Mike Florio. From pro football talk dot com runs the most popular painful sight in the he joins match each Wednesday at 9:30 AM to go around the NFL. Villages even though he's burgers salads and desserts. Oh how much room. 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They guys challenged right here from Garcia and Daley make sure to tune in every Monday morning for the good the bad the ugly proxy battle firstly solutions at the Carolinas stopping the snoring and helping the Carolinas sleep better. His birdies this is your home for Charlotte hornets got well 1025610. W. Charlotte sports leaders. A dissatisfaction. Which hit man right now among our listeners shift. It is. Overwhelming. Look to build consider tax on right now we have what probably a hundred text right now easily about this met people he's not satisfied. Werth hit men and did. Under the way that we can handle this but did you make your bat. Own up to your bag or you don't make bets period what I tell you. What I tell you tell me is gonna try to change the tremors and you're right you're right because I just knew because of the haircut that he rocks that cropped up close crop on the side. But he was not paid yet he was well let's not even our rock to say that say he's like a cropped up like Betsy good paramilitaries stranger to a business like decidedly is just like straight achieved on the sides. Mop on the times and follow us and I. So full Mo hot unless he letters W did you see the time we try to rock the faux hawk mark. He try to have the faux hawk got contrite you know how like TD kind of comes and hear the long in dodge raised turnaround or Mario he in on any chart digital longer in the back as a dude. A lot. Get him gray hair walked with rock the thought Mohawk I can't do that I got the lesson in Ireland single on the sides yet nobody is my just looks like a standout Woodrow street. And I'd simply pick up I thought I just described it meant well into. And I told you must do initiated on this Cameron government deficit anyways so I was gonna get no satisfaction out of winning a bet so that's why so tell us let's and so it's gonna benefit some people are going. What's your concern was is that if we went to the skin. That you want a good artists and he had to do some Picasso. Now as far as from the truce until why shouldn't I shouldn't body parts and guys' heads defense Donald said during the break after a I sit and Richards on guys' heads before. Is that good enough for you yes object. Our share of those bureau and it was we used to be able to a kind of have a little fun in the NFL. You know we rock guys errors I mean that's now the barber. Right in other guys they're cool is that it's not like we're going to bring that it was all good fun is just kind of like. You know the days away and pays him a little bit more acceptable at that level. Right and we shared body parts of the guy's head. And remember them ever go on and Cameron do interviews to forget body part on there and write about I. You get a yeah I was like Aramis and it was pretty nice guys it was pretty magical is mice. He's five and soon. We can talk about. By the way garner right similar JJ is read us Turin Boxee says mixer event doesn't get a receipt for the donations are tax write off for Los met I had thought I that's true. The other guy writes in his as we might be able to fix our national and our debit. Special and yeah our national debt that says so what does that we're gonna be Zetterberg took the job it's five bucks a reminder of the don't and a a trillion dollars vote on the sixth finished Wilson hit if is T bone makes bets. And Mac makes bets. As much as Mac likes wearing you know the the the clothes that. You don't attach to loose he's done tattoos maximum warning woman's clothing clown suits. Because he's lost Spezza. I respect that. It's stupid does it may have meant to make the Mets do I respect that they lived up to their debt. If you make a bet live up to your bet the fact the Gillette and out of no matter this. I'm not comfortable with that. Comfortable as that would only regret Udoka is an attitude takes got a high and mighty stated to me when I told you this was gonna happen in the beginning. I'm not blaming you employment and the guy who made the bet okay clear the Butler Tony rice and JJ drove us to order a must write this is being able to talk a massive load of crap to your boss has to be great Felix it is. It is talks about its own data on business is the nature of the job I did 70457. Or 96 to end com. I don't know what to say about this this Gordon Hayward and drove. Over Muslim when he what do you mean that's there was also the it was grotesque. You know I obviously everybody kind of thinks it's back to heaven where injury that we saw gloom and determine a couple of years ago that that's what that was the worst that I ever use and moan coming out of his leg and it still might be but then that Hayward injury last night was every bit as bad if not. Unfortunately it'll Kyle you know when you've been around sports. Com your entire life and you guys have seen those types of injuries you know you've seen it happen I you know I had one of those situations happen and high school and as a guy playing in the defensive line tackling our quarterback that was my freshman years my first year to play in football. It made me wanna quit. Because. I felt like our ruined this kids. Opportunity and chance knowledge it was tackle. And I had this conversation you know with my dad we sat down we talked about what took place in this guy's leg was sideways I mean it was facing the other way which. And it got caught up a pile on Atlanta on his toe was stalked and it was just awful and I felt it so I I felt terrible really dead. You know I have a conversation with my dad about injuries and what took place in. Now he sat down and you know kind of explain to me unfortunately side and you know you and you're on purpose. I'm not unfortunately but you know you didn't do this on purpose but unfortunately. Injuries are part of sports and you know you learn how to deal with those things are seeing. Dine college Steve Batman Mark Brunell military their ACLs and in the legs facing you know the wrong wrong direction and you'll have to win a national championship Mark Brunell had the sit out because that been ruled upon his leg and it didn't mean to do it but. You know as one of those things that's unfortunately happen you think about you know the opportunities lost and you think about. All the things it goes to your head as an athlete and a teammate and I got to believe last night for Boston. They probably saw a lot of their future flash in front of their guys zobel jewel what do we do now and come in and even probably more so okay what's gonna happen with our body. Who you know we're expecting them to do big things that we like the guy. You know so you learn how to do those things in in college Doran in football. You know once things like this happen you know what to do tile. Remove the drill. They continue on and they continue to hear you he you you have to. Right for the betterment of your team. Knowing that it's terrible you take a moment you you hear you say your sorry is. They got to go out there practicing and yes got to go out there and play again you know and it's as hard as that is you developed. An immunity. You know to these types of things so I hate that this happened to Gordon Hayward it's awful. You know Jeff Schwartz. I had a similar injury he told me exactly what takes place in this type from injury in a with a break in the tenant shares in you know with the dislocation. It's absolutely awful but you know as an athlete. You learn how to deal with these things you know that you subjecting yourself to these types of things that is why. You know these guys you know a part of the reason why these guys make a lot of money. So he hated for Gordon Hayward after the Boston Celtics got to move on. On you you you feel terrible I Yi Yi you see your thoughts in your prayers. You Panama on a bad you may cancel part of the team but look there's continue to finish and and play and again. You don't it's thinks rim he's reunited with his old coach from Butler Libby. The unit had a free agency period did the Celtics been all that money on this guy and those things are second to reduce health obviously but you know if you can't bring yourself to watch it at the very least. Watched the cavaliers bench when it happened sort of an album at the bottom third of that bench. I mean not that not just three of them and they may have to run off the bench away from because it's so gruesome and you talked about we don't want. Lost because they know that to the very easily bend them exactly right as you've seen that I've seen that happen in a couple of years go I was planning to do we consult alternative a couple of guys a woman who was a former division slider and his second very well nobody anatomy you know there was guide bid to former division to pitcher players on the field forest he comes to try to gonna guide down and home plate and he's got so much tore the way to -- as it is arson after next and in it and I was placed on second base the time this sound like a shotgun when golf consumer feel was or snapped and passed and it's it makes you wanna puke on site we are here. And I can only imagine what it was like to be standing next to Gordon Hayward last night when that happened so thoughts are prayers are connected and now that that's the kind of injury that unfortunately can and a career yeah and that's what you. You know Kyle I mean when you're talking about ligament damage and things like that you know I think that the concern goes further than just the injury because. I hate to say it sounds on sensitive to these things like times injuries look worse than what they are. I know you'd be brought the brakes and still broken bones don't get me wrong but the because of the the good portion of the the the the body award the this contortions I don't know if those are words at their word I'm not do you medical I don't know so anyways I don't believe the way it looks and you know it looks a lot worse and it is. This is one of those saying we are doing with bloodless it's just as bad as it is just as bad because of the potential that this might bring for the future now. And as bad as it was last night one particular medium the sports are more particular member of the sports media had an even worse take on talk about the next snap judgment. So a lot has changed in the last 25 years. 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Skip Bayless is a cockroach both. Yeah Dodgers is a bit Els has darkened moon I don't know skip Bayless is a cockroach. Audience that's that just doesn't. That guy but. I I have actually. I also have stood up foreign before. But I've at least try to give some context as to who he is in word comes from like you know he this. He was with the Dallas morning news from many many years he was what was the lead investigative reporter who broke open the SMU scandal that got them the death penalty back in the day. You know he is ever though a long form New York Times profile on them a while back. It's all on Howell on in quirky years Deval. You know every single night he orders the two weeks are everywhere he orders a week's worth of the same chicken and broccoli from like this weird Asian restaurant and he's just watch his games and three different TV silly he's always plugged in always informed and whether you like just takes easily see no plugged in and informed. The last night when the Hayward broke his ankle in gruesome fashion. Stimulus. Noted troll troll millionaire I thought today. If she would done take that opportunity to tweet and I quote. Does Gordon Hayward is dawn may be for the season LeBron passed to losing a sixth finals it's even easier to end quote. Minutes after Gary Gordon Hayward not only snapped his ankle but as we said a second deal with that nature of injury. May have been in his career when we don't know that but with that kind of injury that is possible. And that is as callous. And classless. As he gets now Richard DR merchandise should love Sports Illustrated who comes on the show from time to time. Is well known at this point four or trolling skip Bayless and comparing all of his ratings to data you know nick at nite reruns. It's cool I would betrayal that already and are so crow over this morning. I'll look Kroger Kroger was given us the class two weeks ago stopped briefly skip Bayless knelt. Because which what are you doing it infections shined some light on what you do with a cockroach earlier with cockroaches you shop blood on. People need to see Muqtada individual doses. Graduate he's telling nick right in that he's made a living for themselves. They're Nick Price make a living herself on fox sports woman writing brush jock strap on stage doing the opposite by trolling LeBron James. And he wanted control LeBron James so badly last night that he thought it would be opportunistic enough to. Don't take advantage of Gordon it was gruesome injury that's disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. You're going to do with darker it is. This very raid on. Right that's what you do this all the things I've ever seen if a nuclear bomb can't to a cockroach how strong is right. Think about it yes that's what you do that maybe just needs to put some raid on that chicken and broccoli from that Chinese restaurant he. I doubt that skip that's really great energy can really help let Joseph cockroach yeah I mean I I'm with you Kyle I mean this guy. Is a shock jock get the best and you know goes out there and is troll on the ball and at its finest so I mean I don't know I mean to be one of the most respected newspaper men in the country he did should listen. None issued every now and it's really not well enough because you didn't Syriana was watching but he did she react. And I think that's the intent of. Maybe what he's there that's true by and large I think that's true but also by and large I don't talk much different for the reason I bring it up dishonest because I want people haven't had to be able to make an informed decision to not watch is crap anymore. And edit in the numbers sort of reflective people are and it's a major markets across this country you're sharing shorter registering zero point zero on the leaders all right so like when he was this threat receiver they were together I've I've met her like or I've never like to stick. I'm not into the embrace debate touched off to better factors and if you if you look at WS Lindsay dot com and mind and frank show description. There's a very explicit statement and it showed description is says there is no embrace debate no phony embraced debate Illinois farm because that's not who we are that's who those guys artists who skip Bayless is Philip he sold his soul for a million bucks go for Obama telling him he shouldn't but I'm telling you a guy that callous that insensitive that that that disgusting. Does not deserve your time does not deserve. Ratings are viewership and edits it like Gordon and original castle school for what it is he's a millionaire he's paid well to do what he does he's going to be fine but that doesn't. Strip away his humanity. And it doesn't give guys a stimulus the right to do what he did or should empower them to do what you did so you know screws to bail us because that was uncalled for. That was absolutely uncalled for our 70457. Or 9610. Are still free Davis up call us fought us all the building senator. And a power to wrestle you read my mind I usually do and I don't get on the same page I felt we're coming back. And Jim growth for more force take social Joyner show excited to talk gym yesterday it's actually yesterday morning and he got back a little later sued cows are playing well Hollis and I said how. How sorry coach reserve acceptance let's do it tomorrow I except worries that it. Absolutely certain that many things that we except for in a kind of pushing us back that's one that's well so are coaches played well yesterday so he's been up on was. I just pointing a football coach of Virginia Tech will join us at 1140 we guess more so to sort of open a year throughout the rest of the show we got a great when at what time is Jerry gonna call on her ramble on. I would imagine Jurcina Colin and listen to the whole interview while waiting on the Saudia is that and what family ramble on that. I guess whenever you decide to put him there a way for us and elsewhere a lot of body whatever you decide minutes into the put him on your click that button this up we're not allowed to so we a lot of that didn't soon. And I wanna talk about those he chillier at some point as well another another junction he's gonna play on Sunday. This is gonna do it we're we're. Rick Pitino is suing Adidas we're gonna talk about that now we're number two as well I've never seen a grown man in my life take less accountability. Then return to you know blow up. The man. It is kind of I've got to the senator brought in at this Jim -- the doors on the other side it's Garcia and Bela. Check out W opens the waiter is driven FaceBook today. Social butterfly you. Yes no source sports black. There is back on the practice field today is Gary their next game at the Chicago Bears coming up on Sunday set a line will return to practice yesterday. After missing five games of the neck injury and hopes to return to play in this game. When does happen if it does happen if you don't do you factions so it's been frustrating because you can't you can't roll back health it's it's. The process sometimes and every injury is different every nick. Is different so this one's no different. Linebacker looked deeply continues door his way concussion protocol Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Eliot. There's been given a second temporary restraining order allowing him to play this weekend vs San Francisco reported to open their season at the Detroit Pistons tonight your 125 W open seat. Reported to be without Michael Kidd Gilchrist tonight is positioned to Nicholas Batum was out six to eight weeks of an injury. New center Dwight Howard refused holy month in doing they can make their orders debuts in Boston Celtics guard Gordon Hayward is having surgery today. After breaking his tibia and dislocating his left ankle in his first game last night with a new team in Cleveland. Baseball playoffs roll on the the American League Championship Series tied at two games apiece. Yankees have won the last two games we hosting the Astros in game five today just after 5 PM. 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