Garcia & Bailey: Frank and Kyle Struggle to Buy into the Hornets

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Thursday, January 18th
The Hornets have won 7 of 11, but do we buy into them righting the ship? Well, find out.

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But Garcia. It's Garcia and Bailey here on this still snowing Thursday morning. We'd love to hear from 7045709. BC extend calls and text this they're on the building surtax line we allowed to get into apparently Osborne I have some sort of peace. That guy he's going to bring to my attention that an animal Clinton's got a lot of NFC and AFC JP simple all the talk about coming up just a little bit we got so folks joining us from new England and we're also on the two silly maybe today are drew who got today okay so we have always enjoyed your show up. I'll godlike and I designed innovative. No we ever balloon that's Jack's. I send on Jackson's older talk Jackson pages with just. And then that's 11 AML 1 PM Mike to drag it tracks from to be the guy up in Boston it's hard to say is it WEEI BE EEI yet. I am ET and they sit and we're gonna make it a little college basketball with Mike accorsi act 12 PM. See you in the course and I ambition and Hedo I don't know she knows. He blocked me on Twitter. Good friend I have no I have no idea why these these two people I'm aware of the river blocked me on Twitter you know I've said this a million times and here I am in our post away love pictures and all the things no one likes. We want our legal pad a little bit we want people to know how and how great we have it a Smart we are more we are. How beautiful our lives are. You know what the reality of his with these things and images pain a little picture that really isn't true. On the struggles and everything else I mean there what is it was a bad stomach shows. You know fights in the arguments and you're the discipline that. You know those types of things on Twitter and you know how miserable they are when they're sitting there doing nothing on just. You know those those that they wanna show how well brighten your beautiful and great their lives are. Is this is terrible thing that this this and frank Kaminsky as he did away with Twitter yesterday it should be all social media. It's a big government and death rattle audience are you serious big government man our social media Erica don't Facebook. You don't know Twitter. Note what what are the other apps that people you want to ramp instead Graham does go full fledged and maids they always do that's what board did the government just takes over we do we are not allowed to do anything fun about that that's great yeah I don't know that while I mean you can't. You know these things are just. Every they're gonna destroy our country. There are there are doing. He's done tomorrow yeah I think you're a little bit raw ground well I mean to a certain degree easily if there's a good application lets say you and I both agree uses it for that. You are like cancer and because we see pictures I did see pictures abraxis legacy pictures of my niece and nephew signal about families doing what you're right it's it's everybody's highlights it's it's nobody's low lights as everybody's knowledge osu bad stuff you'll see me they'll last night you know in the bathroom and all sorts roughed up because our jewels Kroger sushi that I hear what but you know whose side. Our stuff here happy he did you Xena. Well and I'm back and that's probably good thing that we're seeing you on the pot right so you don't you don't do bad stuff man don't be awesome blah. If we just used Easter Graham or the the the apps just just post bad stuff and lives we should do a social experiment about that we should take a week when one date or one we could be here today sucked where we only post the best slipped towards exam last night. I woke up at 3343530. And I feel like crap today that's a must our poster you you you do. And Israel mister Grimm video yourself putting a male we get a 300 puzzle announcers. It's no problem hits it zero right now that's that's the way that you know maybe our lives relief because that's the way we spend 80% of our lives right but that type aggressive they're watching reruns you took a billion dollars dragon is ass on the carpet again split into a that's gonna clear up this credible or not. I should do that was a good weekend of the year we only post the bad stuff you don't post I'll let some of that. Anyway 7045709. This extent if you schism and start to show time I'm kind of I don't know where I stand with what another snowy day. You know here we are another snowy is today another snowy day it's not snowing outside. Nobody is still lots of snow grown out of his cousins were classified but it soaked some driving up the hill here Paul like pass a little smooth you know the replica ball better the bottom of the hill you know. And all the trees are completely covered salary that's that's beautiful like to me I don't love snow Letterman issued snow job when you see that kind of stuff I do appreciate it is really nice to see beautiful day it is remarkably alike were Charlotte we were they were told to expect what half an inch to an inch of snow. And in some ways we get four or five you know saw you just appreciate of what it is because we don't want to deal with the volatile acquittal and Minnesota is there another snowy day. Is just fine this is a snow on the ground think so yeah the business knowing it's just there's snow on the on the ground. Aren't just semantics and are so mask I'm kind of confused with what you said there has wanna make sure clarify. I don't know. Not sure what we'll talk more about it because what they're about the election workers are now front they're people who were really into this. One week or so great that I stuff on on on socially I here's here's here's what I would say. March and as we rely on our phones that Mac I would share everybody. Else for one week. You have to do also is all social media not post not look not do anything could you do. Yes without quite good and are no doubt about it how would you hesitate if I didn't have to do for work and he told me I just go away for a for a month I wouldn't even know about two weeks yet. That would be the lights what so why are we on it. If they're if it's as it makes life easier. But it doesn't give us the headaches that are you on what here's the thing I. I was thinking about this yesterday I real as this has nothing to do is we're talking about it now but I think we're gonna look back in fifty years and we're gonna see this is a period where we were just discovering how to use these fixed discovering how to best. Armed note did to use these tools and then to make them do something that actually aids in benefits or las not something that hurts us so we're we look back and say OK you know we went through the stretch where people were too consumed by used it too much usual for bad things did it influenced. You know people to do bad things to spread a fake news whenever he wasn't and we we figured out how to homeless that because look at it in the day these are powerful tools allow us to keep up with one another to communicate in ways that we couldn't do it. Do that okay those things are going to be great work using those things for the proper things include people accuse him that way it's great before about people for example. You know high school kids her or junior high kids Brighton they're impressionable with why didn't Q like yours 45 pictures you know and I didn't want to you're right about there but it and that and how that made me feel and what that made me do and you know all those types of things and there are those are all. No I guess things you can control but you understand the point. There's a lot of bad things equally as bad as they are good so how did you read that and 4050 years. Genius would see Jane this you're the one I was talking about taking the go with a bad things like that it's what you do. Is it to deal with the bad I mean I honestly I there's more bad than there is good that's just my opinion. That's all maybe you should use it differently I want our use of properly oh million domain users the rest of us. I'll I'll did you alcohol limit goes your phone now did you exactly that you you government Emily you go through much on our order comes hacker could talk about the Lawrence they were on fire last night that in as windy with the wizards last night and well for drugs and users thanks Garcia bailiff. Be honest I mean is it looks and it's fun and all that is great to be running coach is an every down here and players everything's great and the only thing is that I mean the newness or. Whatever excitement wears off returner we need to win these games and this is important this stretch her own game saw. Managers feels good physically I feel really good calm but we need to win so best investment. T know. It's of particular bottle. That's reserved for me. Hard every everything. Everything god if they don't we just. He says does your children know younger children children they're your billions besides absolutely true welcome back towards well last night they are they Molly want the the the Washington wasn't glass and it was ugly 77 in the first half and I had a Tim walker three dawned on it would have been eighty in the first half last night they just shot the lights out. Against the wizards who are. Look the wizards weren't unless they were disinterested amenities they scored what sixty. The was there's it was a flat tires were 61 as good 61 of the first estimate they were their reported just don't play him the first staff conduct you know that was enough to cruise to win to win the second half. You know 61 to seven the seven. First half. You know of course I was waiting for the collapse. After the way that takes place Michelle lights out in the first quarter. And Washington was only Daryn too I thought there was can be a long night for the artist then think they're able to sustain that. Andy maybe that's the key you know just no British Open to the arena have snowing nights. No pressure. Are they were lights out and don't Kemba Walker are. Are you another great game but they are clinching contributions from a lot of other players in Dwight Howard here again. You know Martin Gore tied held him to zero. That's hard to do in the MBA it's hard to do in college are doing level soldiers your opponent to the guy you're guarding to zero. And he was able to do that today he showed him down and he's done it two weeks in a row. You know funeral turning bright spots this season. For me I think that sits. And I think you know for a start looking at an identity because I think that's really ultimately what we should be talked about more than blowing it Bork. You don't trade this guy trend that guys were drafted. Through the draft we need to find a guy or if you know group of people that are gonna fit the identity that this team that this team wants to it you know live under and that's going to be. You know whether it's Dwight Howard whether it's Kemba Walker and how how this team is going to exist moving forward. You know that's something that they're gonna have to maybe develop an identity. But Doug Dwight Howard unfortunately what birdies two years old 33 years olds like that so. I'm not sure how long he's going to be playing at the level is playing right now but he's is that a fantastic here love the fact. But he started to wizards to his you know Michael Carnell Williams has suggested they get to pick two Russians two free throws FF epic. And I don't have one for each one of them haven't won a gun play and for each one of those free throws here's the first one here's a second one cross the lines and I'm gonna go back to the bench down the rest. So what do we got the bench you're just you're doing the oil out of the big balls that I India is although he was doing that we got over there he was up Scotty Brooks today they picked Olympic torture should those free throws and missed it last night I didn't think in CW with full tough guy and provide last night there was and and your fight you. Yeah actually that they were talking about fights in the NBA were talking about Chris Carter and its comments about fighting in the in the day and don't we seen as a boy we almost won last night and it's like distant her free throws all convention you know but he was great last night when I see I didn't see the fight what what does started it because I was kind of being the game was ought to reach. I was kind of dual ugly a lot of different things as I watched the game. You know what's the first half and probably three quarters are pretty in tune with it but what started the fight you know yeah I knew it was it was it's. I guess in CW and his resort top were sort of battling double loaded the bucket for a rebound and got tied up and went to the ground and you don't see W jumps up and is barking and screaming and it's all sorts of things that Fraser jumpsuit he wants to be a part of they got to be separated not really not much happened it was just a whole bunch of barking and yelling and that was about it. The referees decided to reject him just trying to keep peace I. Moral because it was Michael Hart Williams nobody cared that they decide to throw him out cold that's if that's asked staff for offense you know and wider says kemba they don't have thrown out of. No they don't know look full disclosure I'm sitting down what's most of the game last night but about achievements in the fourth quarter there about a point five McCarrick that's enough from there we're gonna want something else to she's of course. I got my fiance to realize something else always testimony more amateur and it's funded did some games over we want something else so I did you the police report after my photo pops up you don't look court Williams in or near brawl sold got to watch the video analog signal about his reaction on Twitter before a wash it in and they can. Oh is this most of them are pretty good fight. And that I'd open up that it wasn't me just really wasn't much that happened they just yelled in there and had to be separated I was at the old and pushed and guess in the room tells you. Out demographics you can watch it on on the phone or muscle near Obama there really wasn't much to got to drag it out I didn't take it just or that it does the addition of an objective for. Did you us. I'm sorry I was doing so I apologize what I I I just I didn't think the injections were awarded last night and that fight and I didn't know. Serious not. I'm really I think. I think it was Otto Porter who shoved and CW down to the ground and forgive me for not know and dismissed. Mike Mike Smith is that is named Dick they've gotten the wizards who likes fell on top of and see dollar you know it's I was a you know go to but it wasn't it was nothing to do you like yea editor. I dismissed yet AF from from. I don't know where he's from but he's still on top and Nancy W sizing is today's start a fight with him and I think he's tried to fight the wrong guy so I. To me we're too quick to reject these guys and we're also guys let's have a real conversation percentage would you expect when you have grown man. Filled with testosterone and competitive advantage. You expected not glad fight each other tasteless it's gonna happen it happens all of as a sport that I I try to fight it to what it was ten years. During a basketball game that's because psyche like knocked my rec specs off my face we all do it. Yeah I mean it's it's just so so when we we get real serious about this study just kind of like guys pump the brakes ministers men. Do what men do bitterness sorted out and was any fines given the technical move on Danielle you gotta tell a dentist Australia tempers are going to be Vanilla and guidance he a look at Frank's face are you guys too many dead Eagles they got to where they were for a reason because of the they're damn best and what they do right so expect him to not be competitive in not had a fire that's asking a little too much he. Do you see anything on their Freud did you think is like rejection worthy on their look at I decided that I don't know what was said and then. And I and that and that to me the thing that you know got the guys injected right command right there as soon as some to something that others certain key phrases or words that you're gonna use. Are there automatic disqualify errors and you know those words ours an athlete you know those words are we can and can't say. And I know maybe that's what it was but I didn't see any thing. You know within the fight to you know with Smith you know during the trip my mark Michael Carter Williams as he pulls down on this or rebound position. I mean the most guys battling for a don't you and CW is probably try and defend from the guy going open. I am in the easy lay up and are coming down on top of Ohman got tripped got tangled up. And I thought that he got pulled down and you know by by Smith because he's probably getting Lillian under control. Any couldn't keep his barrel. It's because you and that's what took place and then he gets up after Smiths falls down and trips because he's an improbable little embarrassing to the ground and it says something and you know that's you know the reaction from the wizards' bench for the boost from the wizards players I think escalated everything and I knew as a reason whether both dark. But it looked at that wasn't even the big stores in the game last I don't know why they won they won convincingly and that they're now eighteen inventories five in the U chipping back away toward the and at 500. And I'm so tired of this tape conversations. And I am I mean. Why don't just listen let it play out. Because. It what are your expectations. You know headed into the season you know you just have to change. I mean we all thought that they potentially could be a four you may be ministries has a three I wouldn't think that their bread and the Celtics we think they're better than the celts. I still don't know obvious raptors. Mazar that it could compete against rap RW compete there and you know that's for me I thought that was the ceiling. You know it was it was the raptors. You know maybe Ito Milwaukee and they're human and the some other teams the wizards that's going to be pretty good. The hordes of had the wizards number for whatever reason you know with deal the wall and you don't always play them tight. The wheels got his share and so is wall but I think you don't see the games I too remember. And maybe it's 'cause Emma. Cortes ran our. Our group for this team is that I I think Thornton got the better of my don't know exactly what the record is but. Important and his with that is sometimes we have expectations for our teams we have to adjust those because. Aren't they seem to be playing better winning seven of ten and their playing lesser opponents so. That probably factors into some of those wins but they beat some pretty good teams it was a jury a team above 500 Detroit was a team above 500 so. They've they've got some good wins and they played hard in those games what's the difference is that making shots. But is that sustainable that's going to be the question is liked you don't win you know you every quarterback that's hot. Any goes out there is light it up is it sustainable is a good deal would do that weekend and week out you know sometimes in you those are why you see. You know get the guys like case Keno more. You know Carson when it's not have huge huge Cam Newton in 2015 he was lighten it up numbers that sustainable or is that just the anomaly. So. But also wanna talk about two armed. What must it say. What does it say about how Steve Clifford seasonally muck that up twenty in the entire fourth quarter. The kid got four minutes on the floor last night I wanna talk about that we come back it's Garcia Villa. Yeah Garcia Israeli voters when last I didn't do so convincingly and now only I think I could sing that song. Did you what is the west side. Now they're in this sounds. Delegates would be shocked if you're to a burglary. And you don't really does sign again this is it. Have to for. This is no us. Do you do you billions in oil. And done now. Is the southwest side Benfica finished finished with a okay that's music. I mean to tell when a Grammy or something. He sure did and I think for triple a certain that album won a Grammy event. Just her grunt I mean look gun up and in any way we'll come back to that six. 704570. IDC instead. Bleak month played to. Very little last night in more minutes and a game that was out of hand for a while. 20% performance and out of reach Evans take on this because in 01 odds and show Evans says. It says this Steve Clifford is a moron not playing a top five talent a lot of bad team going nowhere who should be fired. But you're not gonna say that is your employer is technically in business with a local team is they add just with his style seven you don't realize he'd had enough. I'm I'm happy to say things that might ruffle feathers and I think that has called for what I am saying is. Seem filter does not think very highly league monks came right now pummeling bunkers in nineteen year old kid who while he possesses a whole lot of talent and sealing super duper high. Just atrocious on the defensive and I think Minnesota is one for five but the shark territory percent what's so good about so Onebox shoreline dictates is his total is really the last night. You know what is he shown at this level team. You know to dictate that he's played well in colleges in nineteen year old kid but he's as we all around here as well no nineteen year old kids either can you know go one of two ways when the challenge that there. And find a way to go through it or conformed to you know I'm just not gonna work very hard and I'm who I am and I'm not gonna change but do you call and this team. Did not change is not a good thing there's an ardent opponent that's true that's true but you have to you doctor galway and Jeremy lamb came to legion of things did not go well for those first couple years and indeed look like he was going to be a bit of a bus credits ahead of credit to him to a seven or not last night examined the best year of his career and he looks fantastic as it what is it done in order to get that point he's worked obvious to. He's worked hard in the offseason he worked hard with his defense he's worked toward building body mass Ito doing the right things I'm having some consistency. You know those are all the things that it's taken him you know two or three years in order to do. You know I think that we because these guys get drafted where there are 18190 kids expect these kids to come out there and dominate like they didn't college expect them to go out there and knock shots down like they did in college and forget to realize that the claiming its man. Don't know not none other kids men that have been to the fires may and they have failed men that have worked their ass off to be where the rat and we expect these AT and there's really some. Right but this can be fewer than there are right there and a lot more that don't so. You know what's best for the Catholic. What's best for holy month we want him selflessly go out there and play and Lauren in throw its own in the fires that was best for this team. You know clippers are concerned about what's best for the team not what's best for you may I ask as his fans echinacea necklace and not bet not and not what's just best formally mullah. Yeah I I think I can answer that question interest is he ready to be thrown into the fire. No so I don't think so either Clinton and I. I try to meet and I don't know I think I'm trying to Troy I'm I'm somebody who. I was preaching holy month putting in there when we sucked and say why don't we play mark. I mean that's that's what are my mind cows made a beef is about us like as I texted Kyle last night. I say dude does closely G-8 month I don't think he hates and. But if there ever was a time to play mark. When they're up 25. With 678. Minutes left in the fourth quarter in the game is essentially decided Ronnie announcer live play. And the fact Clifford is not stupid. These could his coach is to get to the civil they're not stupid they understand the risks they're taking with the players they have on the floor. Remember how Ron. Rivera. Bench Cam Newton. For not wearing a tie half. I. Remember that we ought. Why did you do that. Because he got outside of the team rules it broke team rules it broke identity philosophy integrity everything it does franchise. And into coaching staff I should say stands for and hierarchy that's stuck exactly entire chain of command yes they're command. Don't isn't that kind of the same thing Dorsey in there with holy month the so again you know we don't want to accept. Those things because we think that the only way to guy's gonna get better than one term plan. But is that what's best for we think that's what's best formerly mark but maybe he feels differently maybe feels like an order for him to have success. He needs to conform. To what the team rules are what this team is going to do and how this team is gonna do it and you know that there's going to be some sacrifices and there's going to be some you know hard work that needs to be paid off and there's going to be some attention and utilities to be followed and there's going to be a lot of things that go along. You know with those things in order for that got to get playing time discuss these drafted there's a lot of guys in this league that are drafts we have a team full of we are nine's first round picks. You know Moly mark isn't special with that. You know he's got to earn his playing time to go out there and showed that he belongs. In his best for. Molly mark. Let's thinks it is I have as a coach I would tend to think it is because. You know it's teaching him that in order to have success long term not just go out there and knock down shots and played you know just cheap cheap score points. You gotta go play defense in order to win games what's best for this team. What's best for those you know those types of things and cliff young boy in his heart of hearts believe that that's was best for Moly moment in the state. Well here here's my issue and look I agree most of what you just said. But when you're in the fourth quarter of Toy Story. And you know not much changes and I look I realize NBA teams have been overcome those got a deficits in the past you got to have these wins and no I I I get all of that. But four minutes. For all you can measure five for the kid in the fourth quarter he was eleventh overall draft pick phisher and you're trying to develop and you're right. You're absolutely right support out there he's not doing the things that these that need to be done to get more run out there because he is a defensive liability there's no question about this is the. At a four minutes from Kyle this is the MBA. This is the MBA players are more important in the coaches players should just roll the ball out there and go play there does need to be any structure that. It doesn't need to be disciplined. Just go play write this attacks were getting the players are more important than the team. The individual is more important than the team this is the NBA. Right is that wins go as the Golden State Warriors. You know if they play team basketball player but does anybody else very dynamic team because they have talent and every position and aren't selfish. And all are able to play a lot of different things in attribute a lot of different things. Go ask. Oklahoma City. Go ask how their superstar roster this not playing together is working out. What is simply that he does roll the ball out there and this guy goes scorched 45 and that's what's important for this that's. No no it's not. No its that's why some idiots clicked well look into text or rights and don't consider tax on this is I remember when coach Clifford wouldn't play lamp for the exact same reason poor defense. Lamb got his act together on the defensive end and it shows all trust coach on this when despite wanna deceive monks play much simpler more we all want assimilate monthly Mormon if you watched that too when he gets in now on the defensive and he's lost dismally. What's more he's lost doesn't believe more in order to play more of course it does any better Joseph what console online if he wants to because right now he's not anymore. Brought Doug and I and I did it brings a lot of grunt as it won't matter anyway they're they're losing a lot of games and you're what and it hurt. It hurts the development of the players if you're if you're not just gonna throw him off their say hey we are not doing the things that Rask milieu do we we know you're not big a team player we know you're not giving as much effort as you could on the defensive end but because we drafted you're eleventh overall we're just gonna put us. Minute dumbest thing I've ever heard once and that's exactly unfortunately our society is gone in the NBA individuals are more important than the team. That's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard as a coach is a player and as an athlete. That's actually that that runs completely captured with the Golden State Warriors point because they do a lot and as superstars on the team that doesn't work look. I don't tell that's torture doesn't work Ellison bind to a team concept. West Russell Westbrook how that's worked for him with his selfless play his ball hog control offense when he has to handle ball and when you get scored on goes she's 45 dodged because it's more about. Russell Westbrook he's doing a lot of accolades he's going to be a great player he's gonna get pat on the back. Championships to Zia are you if you were about you don't have a superstar out there also be about good you don't pass or shoot. There's oldest cartel and don't ever pass because it helps to score Gemma you take every shot if that's what Jim is about listen let's do that. Yeah any you know what's funny is hosting about his I don't wanna get in the weeds here it's anything but. I was seen as sinking and I pass in ways that good NBA basketball teams pass the ball pass the ball predictably so if you're gonna put somebody like mark out there who basically kills me the ball stops there and you're trying to preach team basketball that's not gonna work. It's not gonna work and for for me personally when I watch the games. I wanna watch him win. But I also don't wanna see them destroy marks companies by putting him out there having him go one for eight did it destroyed on the defensive side. Bring him along slowly and let him develop with the team and give him time to body and he's nineteen years old he needs a little time to figure this out when now about yourself when you're nineteenth you're you may not have did the most mature guy you may need it and he's been put in an alpha male. Situation there's some good. And needs time to dean needs time to to know. Ours to the upon opposite of that there's some nineteen year old is that it just bigger faster more athletic stronger. In advance there rather an eighteen year old LeBron James. You can go on down the list Mike Tyson. Did Davy and clowning you know they probably don't need that next year but those are the exceptions to the rule not the rural. Take steroids and buildings that are Texas is where you guys getting to market isn't doing things to get on the court cliff states is because the other guys before him I guess it what does that mean as they take about what that means first second do you look at this Ross to receive an exceedingly talented group of guys. No you see what's guys especially that second unit got a pretty good so what does that tell you about the under the the lottery pick in Italy mug it says he's not doing enough to get past those cuts on the on the roster to get to get past those guys and bad second unit he's not doing enough to watch the kiddies and absolute mess on the defensive end before I mean messed fundamentally he screws things up but you just can't screw up and India was. And talked to play. Right yes it is about your trying to get to the college game. And once you get to the college game is trying to get to the MBA and going and stuff and those stats and making things happen. You know and you don't score in the basketball. In the NBA ultimately you get to that point but you better have the basic fundamentals of what's been lost with these one and done is the basic fundamentals. This loss and a U. It's lost in and college could it's only one year and this goes is wanna win just like everybody else and that's the way you win and you know in college basketball and Assad when you're in the NBA unfortunately because a lot more talented guys. That have put in the work that are going to have the efficiency. And the toughness and all the other things the maturity in the strength. That you need to do to have the skill and the understanding to play the game. He also doesn't really have an NBA body right now for me on the spot does it doesn't look Donovan Mitchell looks like a grown man holy month really does. He needs some time to get in the weight room and developed as a player and as a man and I of lettuce is the bottom line we Billy the Kid can stroke it we know we can shoot but there are a lot of things that he's not great debt right now that are hindering him from getting on the floor are gonna come back snag judge oracle the hour. Loss of five yeah. Horrible things that I. Less. Scared me. Every toughness to receive. No it. In the NFL and as as can be the case. It's not exactly an abundance of league quarterback plays in this day and age you know just insist nights like that right you know goes in cycles and maybe maybe a year or two we'll get back to a voluntarily quarterbacks like and around and we'll talk about great quarterback play is again but that's only. Well it will go a dozen villages and is the season that's a good. Cross talking quite well so we'll get to the point oh is that. The New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees. May have done their last good business together and you know will we we don't know. But so you know there's a great article does CBS forced us John this morning about how Drew Brees is as possibly thrown his last pass. In a New Orleans Saints uniform and he turned 39 a couple of days ago always headed toward free agency. And and I watched him this year. And while we all understand the father time is undefeated and at some point you know we all just run out of reps bombs if I'm the New Orleans Saints. But I'm not leveraging my future but I'm trying to figure out a way to bring this guy back. Because I don't I don't know what you saw what I saw a guy this year who doesn't look like it's the only he's ready to hang it up any time soon. And if I'm the saints I figure a way to detect back to the saints uniform at least for another year or two fried. There was one throw that he made where looked like he lost launched them and that was obviously in the the last game. Against the vikings three under through the same the same receivers that he hit. Ted get on against the Carolina Panthers were a little different coverage but he and his through that route he also pursuing against the Panthers but it was so wide open it wouldn't. But and that's the only feel kind of thumb. Demise and I've seen with him is does. You know maybe the arm strength of stills grows a great spiral he still has great command he still has the Atlanta schism to move the pocket. And obviously the guys the respect he had he had it Peyton Manning's status that had those type of injuries. I think to play 23 more years he's. No I think so too and that's why it's an efficient and effective bella love I I couldn't agree with more and that's why it's on the saints does it look I don't I don't wanna commits this guy past 2019. Obviously because. You know at some point you do hit the wall. But he he looked like she's more than good enough this year to continue to lead that team and look weak we kind of saw passing of the torch a little petition that the king Mark Ingram and Alvin tomorrow's team this year on the offensive side Drew Brees was still orchestrated thanks. You know with the the bulk of the damage was done by Ingram and by tomorrow so Don auto lot Panthers fans would love to see this guy did out of the division lead you don't wanna see Drew Brees again in the NFC south but if you're if you're the New Orleans Saints. It in a day and age were quarterback play great quarterback plays really really difficult to find you got to figure out a way to keep this got to saints uniform for at least another year to I would think I'm glad to hear you agree with that. Yeah and I do and you know rather's. I mean on the fact that there even entertaining in this you know kind of a surprising you know with Tom Brady can go into another Super Bowl at forty years old. And you're looking like he hasn't lost a step Drew Brees takes great care of themselves. 300 plus yards later. You the move on to a Minnesota so. I don't think he's lost a step whatsoever but the point you made earlier about the quarterbacks selected you talk about that won't get back. We will absolutely 70457. Or 96 and when we come back Rick pollutants and excelled on a Jacksonville will join us we'll talk about this weekend's. AFC title game candid jags beat the patriots will get Rick's thoughts nexus Garcia and they looked.