Garcia & Bailey: Fiutak and Forgrave Talk College Football, and NCAA Scandal.

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Thursday, September 28th

We talk week 5 College Football match-ups and the NCAA scandal.


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But Garcia. So big about. Change you are are our top of the hour music. We're back. We're gonna pass a bias. You're just gonna do it I said I was thinking about those are gonna do without asking him ought to think about things I know I have this I have to hear before is Greg give an answer for you some young Jews it. So invited opposition to sediments judge ideology is Jeff it's not that I'm not a young geez he had just you just loves young geez I didn't. Those are. In the print which will talk about later right now cyber some college football urinating thanks frank. If it's at college football news is made a more pleasant around here he was a brother. All I can do that they'll do it I can't. Okay they're art well were you more pleasant and franks let's start. That's a good round let's talk about some stuff man from ticket frank of the Blacksburg this weekend for college game day another big on Virginia Tech and Clemson and a battle of unbeaten teams in. It should realize a lot of excitement around there and look guys I told dozen guys earlier as good as I think to a job just in four days Don. In rebuilding this program and about a year and a half. They're not a Clinton's level I think we're in for good ball game but the same time I don't know how you against what it is an affair law violation of firework Clemson gear from invited to Virginia Tech you know well. Fact absolutely not you where you where. You deal that from there are. Should the moment currency attack I mean if you're right it would it's been a great job by just important date they didn't read it either really rebuild this thing from the ground up front bird would already sort of stock. Yes sir bill that we get pretty quickly make it better be seeing this here obviously is quarterback judge Joseph actually just played phenomenal and eight. Often the story gets West Virginia up to what he's been able to do in the last three games. He is great legacy even better but now you can be under pressure like colds and defense good for a base he's gonna have to be terrific game. If you forget how accurately noted that yet to release look the part because now you have Miami you're still sort of very little. Cynical believe he's still quite enjoyed it is yet. And these it looked like a player in the Atlantic. And for the state to get on the table could still have that helped to build do so Virginia Tech sort of need to establish itself as. Yeah Oberstar of we can't fertile one of the start of the conference to get pulled the lid off. And all of sudden it takes the program dual or the global mix strategically retreat from which yeah I'll let you take against called silk that the president Ford's too strong. But I do think we did take pick over the will performance. Doubt on the side of the scheme of the a lot of folks are and speaking of Clemson frank is frank is of the opinion that Clemson as the best team in the country I think that's on the that's hard to argue with. If if you pick and right now. Edited seamless between Alabama and Clemson this moment time it was about a football team. I L alum I know I almost made the argument that Georgia could be a Netflix is well they say because you did awfully good I'm not complaining either way there's no real. Argument against Clemson. I disagree this back field of Alabama is just an absolute killer. The it's what they've got a warning back with the way gene codes as the ticket to the new style offense. This team had just beaten to back in bed normal level again good. That part of the issue is this isn't the same kind of Alabama defense the past we don't have that Castro rushed the bank over the past few seasons. We don't have that alpha dog linebacker resist the absolute killer they did have made me really really strong college team again but you do what George is doing. Defense is absolutely amazing and as we go on this event. I think that Notre Dame way is gonna look a whole lot better as we execute club because the Irish look like they got a real deal off it. So it should certainly major club and all that really mattered you know it just took the important thing if you can championship then you're in the eligible player to get a good shot. You don't need to obviously there's a lot of games gone around the country that Clemson not Virginia Tech games going to be more of the ones are going to be watching but sneaky good game right here in the coastal. Is Miami you're taking on duke how cool is Miami never played many games we don't know and is due to realize that we're find out. I can I I keep waiting for duke go duke and it is not it is you know it. Did he seems to be just rocks valued their rock solid. Or old northwestern and really awful or North Carolina really is guys that could actually be indicates that always. This is where we get to see if everything you do can do we really goes orchid they're generating Russian they're playing real deep blue just sort of you know duke oh yeah we've got a great offer them. You'll probably have aren't you at a local stop once and awhile maybe go you know happy days. There have been his playing gored. You've got a nice application reporting back. I didn't Jordan I the two did you very very strong PM you know like he's saying we don't know yet we got the Miami. If we don't know quite yet know if they're even. Feel fully focused it's got everything every can just it's so hard because it didn't stick fourteen because this template and but there's no real task to this the real didn't apply to you gonna have to deal at the end it is how do we get cute they are. He didn't they could quickly broke open that there in the ACC. A year those who is now start over Colombian adult here CGT get extra page. Yeah a lot of people may be around the country either duke football is is becoming relevant. Might look at this is a huge upset because they're beating you know Miami. You know I think here locally if we watch duke football grow and if you've followed the game you understand that that might not be as big of upset as we would expect but. Maybe a different game that I think a lot of people here may be on the East Coast might expect when wash the West Coast. Upset alert Washington State vs USC at Martin stadium in Pullman Washington. It's all of our our help the USC a big part of the issue is that. You know this together really caught a bridge yet I mean western Michigan the start the season would have been in the wake there. Or even break except they need good golly it's a strategic goals and it. Odd that they dive right into the Stanford game which is that you mongers. It all pac twelve showdown. Tech has turned out to be a better read their gold and how became about saying. Yeah and so the value of the US deeply that this guy that real chick you like. Our credit we get a third go to this sort of treat either up. Get them ahead of the game yet. And valuable while Jones who bagged up all the top are all large you forget it Brad is just you can go to what are. All other good structures are gust and it just the Bailey get right. And so now you go against the Washington State team that might be the dust yet under Mike we chairman of the Texas Tech team that. It just crossing lights out of the well why do those. It's really played nobody can be brought there to board these states they're warned could win and boy did that got how it's like Virginia. So this now think the public competition but you'll see just sort of in the fighting the way to get these wind and I think they're real figure out again. Don't repeat detect college football news joyous on the second account just line. We were talking to us Sammy B yesterday Tim Brando and about Penn State that that that last second win over Iowa last Saturday night. And of course I was gush about sick on Barkley is everyone's been doing all week long and he said well that's true and if he's going to be a dark horse Heisman candidate puts showed Trace viscerally ultimately won that game and that's still kind of through Penn State is not and I do tend to agree with that a little bit because of the offense and Joseph Moore had runs that said. I was incredibly impressed by say quote morally I think he is a legitimate Heisman candidate. And I think the people still aren't talking about Penn State quite enough in terms of being a team occur when the national championship. I don't think they can win the national championship and that he does seem they are very good. Would you also sought out when they pretty good team I mean that would. Their first real game of the year Pitt's awful. And go between pick Oklahoma target retreat and local escape big tie they've got a lot we overrated based on what they did against Pitt. And held them Bolton played a real team last weekend and they had problems in their own way. Our I loved Tim Brando. But that was big clump Barkley game I think yes actually came through in the clutch. But wallet dot dark we carried that team carried that game. Could you paint stated that. You know they get in the fighting wasteful we're hit but at the same time I don't think the beat you kind of saw. Bit of Iowa had checked the little more also took power in terms of the big game. They pull that thing off. Still they go out they'd probably the most talented team in the Big Ten I don't think Michigan going to win the big carry into the wood tried to going to be right there but. But the very least I think it's showing that it gets staying power who happened last year. He won't surprise you more this weekend to have fun Tennessee beat Georgia or if Vanderbilt beat Florida. Oh definitely yes but certainly enjoy Dickens did I then forward just not good. Even though I mean now they are going to people who go real quarterback they did you do essentially saying Eric that we dish French expert that would be nice. Our board gonna try to you know go with the guy who's a little bit hotter and record development guy with a load out. And weeks a year obviously we'll see something in that particular could not bear. Until June Dario would go. I think Vanderbilt is a over the legitimately good sheet that just so happened that putrid the hornets just. The other one thing you don't do with Alabama is focus them. And all the cool when they're talking back tomorrow relocate the defense. On top of Obama being really really bad. That they do hope you liked it allows it to the point where. The clear the way so there's only an inkling that this could not accept the well that'll ball and he's got one more dominant big report that you could possibly five. I but I do think they're both pretty good. How good he didn't do it a rivalry game weird being corrupt and everybody waiting for Georgia to go to Georgia. And that seemed to just you know that they also another blue dude doesn't clip could help global. I think they're really just that good this year that defense is not a real political right next big problem is finally conceded that very. That Georgia should belong in the top three discussions about the number one overall discussion of what we greens are now. I kept waiting last week I don't know if you saw the game between NC state and Florida State for a NC state to poll. And NC state and you know we just used to make that. No argument with Clemson but and seized at wanna game they actually beat a top a ranked opponent in Florida State they control the game the dominant. What always make of this team they lose to South Carolina they dominate the stats if not for some big plays in the special teams they didn't potentially could win that game. But still business is picking up against Syracuse this week Louisville next week in pat did what she said isn't very good at Notre Dame Clemson. This get pretty favorable for NC state to make a little bit of a run here. Kind of glossed over in the Notre Dame and being there were or try to get a beer vicious. But a little bit jumbled big lob the ball hanging out they're afraid they. Are still well and you know I I did I do you tell it to you you're. Yeah achievement every yard every week I don't like people for the seat and you get all the pieces to their kids to be sort of that's sleeper everywhere he bought in and it's like I mean I still don't know how they want to thought Carolina. I really dominated that game just like every way possible trip actually scored more points. They've got everything plays and everything we thought the treaty that turned out the truth you've got the better quarterback award in the resist that sort of you know top Eddie Leo captured. You've got to play makers across the board you've got the defense destroy you got the superstar power structure and brother Charles you've got the coaching stuff done around they're just all you have to kind of don't get everything under well under way get that you you place. I'm I'm a believer I how I don't think if they're gonna did you do if you get up to divert Quentin. It's certainly a Dell and I think three here with this schedule GQ the only point euphoric state. You know dealing with the tigers Healy was noted eight dug deep freeze solid deal for the wolfpack. AP before religion Joseph I've I have to ask this because so Michigan is always part of these big conversations that we have is is this quarterback controversy real strength. Well Tony it's not healthy now and he got banged up the win to win the general corn played OK he had yet to reach they devised. Light pink initiative continues to beat her that I know it it's oh gosh it just looks so sluggish and so underwhelming Gucci that lost twice starters. They had a pretty ritual rebuild the entire thing which young talent new talent. And if you go before this either and that they avoid broad Oriole would all four winds blow. He's doing all right gal while Michigan back but yet you know compared all the salt being made that got the note board defense in the country he often did good in the off. You know they blow out Florida they bought a Oprah dear team that was Jack don't go on the computer or other air force for good. There and the only way that can't. This is a better team I think people give me credit or this is there's a couple weeks it's gonna they try to figure out how to be more efficient in the red zone. And turn those still go live touchdowns. Now these blogs become mega blowout because this different is he going to allow our thing all year long. They future college football news joining us on the tech become just Lyman great stuff as always we appreciate that thank you. 800. At pizza it's at once again we talked to member Thursday we always love that segment welcome back total phone calls to get to and then we'll bounce right back it's college basketball this time. 11334. Great CBS forced dot com he's all over this NCAA scandal he'll join us and that it's Dorsey and elect. Odds you'll explode but. Its staff and none. Every 28 year old girl though car right now as head bobbed and yet as a driver down the road ahead bumping to hook up and it's not that have been around them yeah. Did digging into a hit man Spotify and there oh which one is that when in selling more than what was the what was it that's in sync voice man would never do a song though I was towards next Backstreet want to band yeah yeah had been closed doors are not like you don't know pleasant and well Senator Obama isn't heard I've heard this all goes that's your job that your generation excuse me. Yeah lets you is pro or an excellent that is us unfortunately yeah he's right I forgot they are month. They own that all also would 96 degrees with a nick eight degrees here. Yeah I had big problems with Nicholas. She wasn't the rosenbergs as it is the only thing I think about within days isn't Sonia. Daisy duke. As I got pretty get I know something about. Those dinners there's little while Jersey of the debate journalists up. Maybe you dog. And this is more jealous about I haven't been there all day. Didn't get it without I'd like to comment on the floor a ton back it's little stuff that aren't special most scandal over first quarter. The fight. I can though is that you're playing like participant is yet but I'm so sorry you're here you viewed. It's. I really believe this are you still lost a game that state. Well we've shown that we didn't. This particular goal. Each state has a very good foot boat now. I might tell us Gerry if you could say that what it would look toward a fourth straight through the Florida State in worked tremendously huge. The hand up so if we're playing good game no one there were to win the turnover battle one got a good chance to bring him. It was this freelance journalist writes I'm right well documented that the text did you I. You know as far as being yeah. This scandal is concerned I think that day if we and Robin this thing Vista and getting into the game changer. Foreign NCAA sports about the incident heavily his family. I'm Cadillac. Do routes do importers basketball football baseball or whatever else recruits across state crimes. In that involves the FB if money transpires. Over state lands and any you know what we're looking at now understood. That Turkey that no although it didn't matter outsource suspension sort. Schooled in non proliferation or anything like that religion that damn jail time. Yeah that's that's a very real possibility Jerry toward next guest speaker and a tough jumpers info go hey Jerry just but just FYI you did get a vote today and others receiving those so congratulations. Was moving on other they sure are. They get a standard we're gonna talk about so that every four brave CBS sports star John he's been all over this he'll join us next breaking down force who all look closely go to jail and what the coaches Mike inspired by the way reportedly Rick casinos buyout was 44 million dollars a second happened. Fifth it's not that happened all right reformer and exits Garcia and Blaylock. I just strangers at the racetrack that's sort of the name of the morning welcome back Garcia and Bailey WS are easy. And we got limited time with our next guest so wanna make the most of the resource grade CBS sports Dodd's job covers college basketball he's been all over this NCAA scandal great column. Over CBS sports dot com right now but no one should be surprised by the corruption big uncovered in college basketball read our you voted based on top. Who are the box and look what we're about 4852. Hour order at this point is it gonna end man there's going to be going up a month for years. He didn't go to the data which isn't probably change that offer. That was my next question is that they don't it seems that for some people might seem a little bit premature to make this kind of statement that this. This looks like it's shaping up to be maybe the biggest scandal ministry the sport. Don't look what could be interesting it will be Howell beat NCAA. Reacts long term I don't mean like react on investigating brick. You know or University of Miami you're. What proper. Any long term on how these youth interest are out there to me look inevitable when you have eighteen. Let us look like this is because. Amateurism. All please practice. A market value of these student athletes bring in. Billions of dollars to their school I create a black market. College basketball called sources put the revenues forces in life and it strange world that mixes capitalism. With socialism there we players say exactly that they. Whether you're. You know aren't actually that apple player in the country is gonna be better here. I in the NBA the page that they with a thirteen data accurate it was scholarship. We'll live and work. In theory but it would create. It's the opportunity for players to get their fair market value in other more nefarious what is what I wonder is. Period is that is that the area because it's against the rules or is it actually that area I would say the system. Is setup incorrectly. Unfairly. Especially that it could sit marriage of amateur athletics. And be kind color or it just doesn't make sense of this circus so what I would hope. Is that the NCAA. Can take steps. To remedy. As that's an act gulf between what a player or a look player. Re going to be honest with you that the duality of the this is I don't give a damn you know why because a bug known isn't going on for years. So this isn't surprising to me this doesn't shock anybody it's kind of like when baseball players. Other taken steroids who cares I. I like home runs nobody cares its not gonna change the game this isn't affecting college basketball. Nobody cares and we know he's been gone for years have you ever seen Johnny B good. Or SE rapper for years for a while and I have been in the business is. The exact you know player eight get 200000 dollar from university beat. You hear these rumors all the time so. Shock I didn't know probably anybody who knows anything about call it basketball we're talking the talk about Wilt Chamberlain getting we'll get a Cadillac back in 1958 fewer seats and what your shot by your that he built here in the wire act is all dipper be when it's an FBI investigation. Instead of the NCAA investigation and really. What the FBI is doing is they're doubling down on the car model in four and that's where I wonder if that is that might be that they get if it. But model that it flopped as much as it is he broke actors who were. I think it's an excellent point we are a short time with you but but but the what is what is the FBI's motivation to double down on the on the model of amateurism what what why did they care. We understand the NCAA doesn't have subpoena power right so that's for the FBI has been able to step in and N action make this happen but why this the FBI care about the amateur model. Great question I mean how one reason. Pretty. Powerful conference that she can put on a couple days ago it there are it utility. It's an impressive eight what are you agree with it or not. You know you didn't mainland. Them two hours ago you did I don't like it. If you have ambitions this is a way to. Those conditions going why aren't there yet here I would think FBI. A lot bigger things to care out there but if the Caracas Italy in the the leader this system is setup is flawed but when you go into the U basketball. All of the world in every dirty dirty world and it Turkey is daily your kid got. 1415 year old kids or being. Don't treat it like pieces of property. Well compensated piece of property that he's a prop in general. I don't think back without being under got that you received yet considered that. Pop one to re recruit to hear you now had a terrible deal being received in this and I don't know that it turned around again but is elitist and look at the school took a youth program slowly using. And that he was just a pawn in this game so if there years. Well sort of all the motivation to all their I think it is. Protecting these players from a separate from the shady actors who were taken advantage of teenagers and and there are that you think is noble motivation. Know that that I can get behind and a better Dennis price and it's something we've been seeing for a couple of decades or so it's nice to see someone actually do something about it as I got these kids walk around and it seems the money circulating all the way around the but never actually touches the Ted are at least that's the perception anyway and here we are so again a real as we sort out what you're so when I ask you this. Little fires conjured of course are on administrative leave quote on quote while lawyers figure out how emotional screw this up a you did these guys are ultimately don't write but I can't imagine that's all that's going to happen to mobile. And were so we're hearing about Alabama got a guy resigning Miami's got a guy who they think touched this and amiss when Arizona is initiating its own investigation lots of schools involved now the FBI wants to talk to ninety social what are we talking about here the NCAA is so the extent to which the scope to wished they can actually handle this. Don't we actually talking about several big time programs in universities. Under sanctions so what are what are we looking at here. Think for all look at it I hurt I think for loophole. Did it feel real real not just media pundits are out there. I'll delete the death penalty is certainly out there because these were committed. You know there are got evidence of this. Fought the rocky committed a little little awkward probation. In the south that act not a fact that. Did he feel honored out volatile specific player from but it's that the total job. It act. But it's it's something like that while they were already on probation is enough to get an outlet to consider. The most extreme punishments. That it can come up with much as we wanna. Well in the NCAA for turning a blind eye. For years and years and year or frankly. Yeah well that's gotten a Twitter we believe the media turning a blind this is that differ decent players that you and a subpoena power. I want to subpoena power if you know what I don't have subpoena power FBI does and what the FBI get the ball people split people loophole. I think we are see just the theory be giving up there obviously will quote unquote. Clean up college basketball at least in the model though we're used to but I hope it also brings. Bigger picture. Reforms. To the wave that we look at amateur athletics but I do not think that the system. Is fair or sustainable in 2017 America. I agree and you got to roll but we appreciate it's I would love to have you back soon. Absolutely reform race CBS sports dot com which you could spend more time with him but so the two of these guys go back and forth Prescott's he would be out so. If they change the status from amateur to you know just like we talked about earlier do you think this would be as big a deal with the FBI because that seems like. You know kind of hammering home point the sticking point is that it is amateur athletes athletics and under the bribery in taking care of 1819 year old kids in and protecting them is what's at stake here. Jimmy give me the crux of the question you more think that if this was a professional if there the image you're allowed to be paid with your image via the the FBI would cares much you know because of that that's where we all right disorder in a in a model and a system. Where these kids are maybe not paid by the universities but are allowed to profit off their -- likenesses you don't have to operator of the cover of darkness you don't have to now you can bribe you can offer employee we we call a bribe anyway Simon Brad Pitt says -- yeah you just I am I mean you you offer more than the next guy brush -- that's really a bribe anyways isn't it a well more or less than the U you do are to some issues where you know for instance it is thought that the schools -- Nike school right will remain addicted kids can't come and asylum to be just because it's do we do it contradicts the the schools apparel deal rights and that's Uranus and issues like -- that's normal contractual stuff Early -- endorsement for you with that. Deodorant company designed to withstand supplies for the same thing applies you know whereas you in the NFL you know if you're if you're. And NFL team is Nike. Right and you sign until you decide that you do you did right exact same thing don't you use on a date is a company if we signed a deal with a beer company. You know to a sponsor our pregame shows and our tailgate parties a suicidal but while you can't be seen drinking Coors Light. At a place amid all those things. Are pretty normal pretty contractual things that were all kind of accustomed to I think people are so afraid of change honestly. That would just control what's this all got to look like how can we come full Null and and here's you know are born on this I don't care I don't even care logo on it because you can't own a little bit you know I was disappointed are solicitors are. Disappointed it was more like Johnny be good when I went to on my college recruiting trips were really there wasn't. I mean it was you go to party had to go to dinner Obama line. I'm may get may be because I was only you know Forestar guy or three star guy didn't have star rankings Baghdad and now is a top 100 blue chipper top 200 blue chipper. Right you know whatever the ranking is you know I wasn't one of those guys are wasn't in the point after that wasn't each Mark Brunell wasn't the Steve veterans of the world that they're gonna give him roll out the red carpet wearing these shuttles were snow wasn't Jesus -- worth you know going out there and hang out pretty what senator Graham tripped on the outside but. You know I did the this stuff happens it does aid but the money part I guess. Those are the things I guess are are at stake here with The Beatles the passing of money. You know with the contract so I didn't I honestly that there today. Who are you a star are just watching college basketball no new special enough. If you're a fan of Alabama football or your fare of duke basketball. If suddenly these kids are being paid by ship must (%expletive) companies because they can profit off their own legacy gonna suddenly hate duke basketball 90 your lives to be able to do that right. Just dig your freely some money dude I have. No problem with that lets us and that's what makes us all worse right. Is that if we're talking FBI United States attorney's office oh my god what a scandal odd because these guys made some money. Cares I I agree with what he said it you know kind of their when he was talking about. You know more of a selfish approach from the FBI and and the guidance in charge of the investigation. This is more avoiding give his name on the map than anything else. There are three year investigation where now we know who was guy's name. The FBI good lead up to Jim Jim yes Jim Jack. All right you know now if we do we you know some people know is I doubt obviously I don't but as first summer of you don't sing that name in you know now but now everybody knows who Jim chemist and right so he's made a name for himself with a list of prosecutors doing all the time news FBI guys doing all time if it's part of it right so what do we promotion for him and by the way. We love Miller Lite here. We love Miller Lite. They had a party with us every Sunday at the dog house I was told so and so we're gonna do like Miller Lite because you know we love me. Life's too they sell they sell the brands of dog house is too little dog just we will Miller Light blue moon man that do they sell the dog in brands of the articles also be thrown out brands. Because we there's only one we love Miller Lite bright well that have some dim blue moon up but then it's Okie state. Does that stand here on earth I love that fear. The last I looked orange orange meant to it was nice summer day Clinton bottles and bottle and drains to a couple of those in there again really pretty judge ya. I'm gonna tell little twist on the blue moon only just got interest and to give that a shot. I really do they sell beer gear stadium by the way only club level but on the street where did you get all you want for free. So an hour also that's the reason why we're going not sit in the front yard line down low no. Meta. If you're gonna see and enjoy it harder to come back a wrap of the hour. We got a big big Yemen effect really come back relate we're gonna talk to chart our for a couple of minutes. On twelve just these guys elect former patriots quarterback is gonna doors are caught up with him earlier in the original review the other due to utilize stuff you're silverlight. I added about 45 minutes ago to frank Garcia a Boston joining us. That's held a triple remain. Scott select for patriots quarterback he is the until most of select inverse shred our sister station 98 point five the sports open Boston former patriots quarterback who dollars and 45 minutes other using their likeness in his likeness of the number one there as well. Yes look at this they are does that is that what you memorize you know I'm that we're wasting time there's such cowards on the line coach Chuck Berry and shark is on the line I had jockey elements and chuck Keller what's up. My question is why he give you a lot more love for going on the the show with him after the other post game show because you dress nicer than I do also in better look at. And you know it would better and you're oh. Move on that hurt oh I'd show just what. By the way I was and a guy called during the break screaming doesn't call me able as the what was the phrasing used again. If he called you a liberal. Eric hit piece of S word yeah I guess what there were wrong. Yeah. I'm no good. Don't let your guys described. I'm having some vision problems blond and well. What I was younger my mother used to say Charles stopped it Google books. Yeah. Oh so I believe you have a recipe yes that's we will we will conversation that earlier a lot of hurt and oh yeah. But I think I'd say wait till our. I would say a vast majority of young men I mean maybe late thirties forties especially fifties and other sixties I mean. But that list there was I think you know. They're pretty into Rio that's. We know what pornography is today with the Internet oh yeah that there literally was classy beautiful shots of women. Any articles or fair test. Absolutely you know -- doesn't let's look I don't agree more and and then people are gonna get offended with that and you know case so be it but. This into the printer is talking about it M Qaeda. Let's talk about you know what you saw on the on Sunday and what's gonna change this Sunday when we take on the New England Patriots. Well you go. Biopic or a person on the face of the planet are subject coming on Sunday. And as we discussed our pregame show frank too thin. You know. I think it would give coach a game what the gonna be able vote just knowing what Drew Brees doesn't but I think both sides of the all that you guys have discussed and and I don't know I discussed that Sunday as well. Well plenty of blame to go around. You know I would not be the least bit surprised if this football team goes up to New England. There we have. Maybe they shoot out I don't know we start to see from the socket but gosh guys. Well I know we were safe and seeing things heading into the same game with this new England Patriots defense is not good. I mean oh they've given up well eighteenth place of twenty yards or more so the question is can in the paint their talks there and he'll give some child plays again you know we've been in this scene you know trying to get the ground game going and you know. But space shuttle watching in just his second start and I agree and I think he's going to be great but he had. You know what some would completion of you know. 3531. You know thirty or so they're obviously. You know they've got to see something on tape. Where the sockets can possibly get good that actually should not been very good. Other Texans tight end had a pretty good game nearly eighty yards or whatever what finger grip and I guess they mean is are Mineta touchdowns so. There's an addiction get into the flow a little bit more but then. Oh what the patriots it's the Chinese Barack. And you know that they've changed their offense do injury. It werder you know that they're going with that short little pink and don't pass this BO Brady leading delete. In passcode that press attention pass completions over twenty yards so what you know. There's the papers secondary to a turnaround from last week's so this this is dubious super intriguing game. What would you say giant button in that context most open to talk about military but you know. Well let's talk about him I mean you you don't think he's sitting there look at it to pay Intersil offered to take criticism by some things. But you don't put any guilt but that's what makes this game so great and didn't find it is the chess match. So let's say crime can go up there and match wits with a Belichick and you know. Kim you know we're gonna find out I'd be ordered to be ordained this. Did it this time next week are we going to be talking about the same thing. Accuracy and shoulder or are we gonna say all right that's the Kim Newton there we know that we've seen and we hope we will. Yeah out wide and speaking of the offense or second ago of Mike Shula said that after watching last week stay p.s as optimistic as he's been. All year as crazy as that sounds in that sounds pretty crazy to me chuck. It does sound. You're not just crazy but back crazy if you will not harm. But there are dumb can they be very you know I I don't know what he saw ought to be optimistic last week because. We haven't seen any bank for three weeks to be optimistic about its offense. In Seoul you know with a bit this does go to. There and I think you're in addition to disobey the tale of the tape you know for the rest of the way because they have got to score some touchdowns. And you know they're playing at Foxboro in Dayton go up there and pull the upset then I'm gonna feel like a lot better and are ready to elect a lot better. But this game to go to QA as we know they can play him tight picture Gwinnett. Electric freeways or they can get there any shame too because it's the only distinction defense. That much better than the New England defense I don't know I don't know what picture it's similar stats you know. Grew up you're through three games released are two and have to. Now talking though that does this week total unique with what's going on at fox 46 so what do we do the pregame show but we employ any coverage after the game. For the post game show. Yep post game show furcal rejoin the Iraq force Syria after the boy's network it doesn't wrapping up with a goatee but. Tonight we got us special deal we're doing now on social media on our fox 46 FaceBook page as well like FaceBook page LB up. I'll be doing so little mini pregame show. I'm social media so that'll be 8 o'clock tonight unfortunately neither of you guys to join me but the invitations were presented as hell and didn't you know both very degree and frank got a Catholic game and and there are so many good did addiction undergo serious folks are who are you know. The implication always there's some debate since Muqtada a little pregame show and then also be streamed on fox 46 showed dot com sold future future written that way to board tonight. At 8 o'clock. I just you know or love about him we'll talk disown him brother. And actually get a quick tour talking so much basketball we do that well but he can give me a little more time. I hit manager that yeah I did since I about it tonight we'll come back we'll look tickles our number three it's a big our number three told a lot of characters talk a lot of NFL. About fifteen minutes and else God's elect former patriots quarterback goes to select convert tray and 95 the sports doubled there again is the frank Garcia Boston he's gonna join us. At 12151230. John how open it. We'll searchers fantasy lineups 1 o'clock Chris until Major League Baseball insider we'll talk a little baseball and directly after 115 former. Cheryl 49ers coach Bobby Lu stores to show an older former coach's perspective on this NCAA mess. A great job with it man and that production but four. The John help it segment we are to control all that always take your phone call so large it distressing questions and hear what fifteen minutes or simulate.