Garcia & Bailey: Eugene Robinson

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Thursday, August 16th

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I got about half hour lesson to show here we're talking Panthers and not as much. Football as we are talking about logos and such we get into the football with Eugene Robinson Carolina Panthers radio network you can also see him over on NBC Charlotte all dapper in do in the world with things that he does we welcome him on the detect become just like Eugene are you got it is passionate. About having to Carolina Panthers logo at the fifty yard line. I really didn't. Read the book the issue there. I suspect they'll. The commitment thing you know you can get into what the patent that there are a good fit for. I don't know. I'm kind of with Eugene I mean people are passionate about this side they think it identifies them with the stadium and in I just sound like you guys I don't I don't understand it but to you sir and I guess getting into the Carolina Panthers and what we saw a week Kwan and you know what changes from week to how much improvement do we expecting do we need to see from week one week to either give us a little bit more confidence and in the season. You know what. I do note that. You got up and opened the got to be a virtual order. Our got there quicker than in order Arctic there would have been yet. Well kinda open look a little bit is that we should be part of her. Well. An epic you want the numbers have become split as getting through the trees and you wouldn't be multiple running. Ball or you're at people's capacity or book a book but few expect site and its detractors. Of the Caroline. There is adequate as we move forward and Greg and Leo well that. Well we've got to be in particular is in the secondary. That these would be spot that you know I'm looking forward through Paducah paper there it away that they. Director who did it but he did well and then. They're looking for the what well people are people wearing these guys I know struggled not because well like Google repair. Chase is electric beat me that I think will route though. You're there you'll come and play. Who wrote the book editor for those that they are though that it will accept it as a more important color picture because. You know what. Per plate the crew in the UK there's always in the secondary and you can't order went wrong in the fourth and the like a court. What do you say. They're culprits in your doctor and typically secondary to these points they're typically a report. There and do you talk about you know the the secondary in particular to the position you play for multiple years. The seventeen maintain and you wanna Super Bowl and you know you've seen this team grow you've seen some of these players grow but you know for example we saw keep on Seymour you know the other night he was game burnt undercut some double moves and you know things of that nature and may be bad technique as you point out but how much of those things are correct noble because you start watching film you start game planning. You start doing things to give yourself an advantage of the player. And maybe people helped it'll help people understand that. You know he's still a good player he just needs more time in the film room or needs change some technique things. What it but technically true because that's what are up well when you order except that. Art just. We're it was third down that board are. So now you can do it in a pro but. As you look at where they're. At the break a couple of hours ago or. We're gonna get on your program. Got to bear in tree down if you are there. You bet your really do it now the people. There. This site proper and it. Means that the ball. Is part. By way. Cricket but it is our ticket where they're at it from oracle wrote about your trigger grow as their record shall order. What are more revenue guard. Yeah go at it differently. If you don't. You're probably in the ball because now you have that there. And a master four Peter help sell because. Cause. Truck there. KB can mobilize he put a big. Way and now. Tree keep it PR PG. Seymour piece true. And ought it Opel that we do it protects the ball pretty critical way for. You can help so why no certainty to go to complain that that that. If it well propagate a but you're gonna do that and act he didn't. Like that he. It of the game and not know the ball. If it happened early in the game and don't think that kind of what are the part. These are the correct people cannot outlet that now is the one court right. Well I bet you were able. I did you go back the technique and no picnic will award given the situation. Talking to Eugene Robinson Carolina Panthers radio network you can hear him on the papers flagship WB two elevenths and 993 our sister station. Tomorrow night and throughout the season of course and Eugene as they. A career safety yourself assessed the safety play from week one but also. It doesn't this this group of safeties Mike Adams the Norris here sooner Sean Goldman and is there enough bear deal like what you're saying what you need to see tomorrow night. Well I. What I want is an mica good job of getting people lined up locker. Crow appropriate for them and they're going to be. There's not a book that. What do you see your guy make a reasonable. Now if it happened too much in the safety area have been more morsel or in the corners and so reading it to defeat at these materials there. But I I don't expect. Mike has free real well be in the right place several deep ditch. It's salute. The ball well. Very good race and all the ball a bit of what that tomorrow and see how also got all well. Where where they could and remarkable that he's puppeteer and offensive bendable. So I think that these spot. I we're going to be really really cute getting to a record back to the next and also the that that Islam apparently continues to go hit in it in in. In an grow into that position I think is going to promote their care they order a quarter. Article can be just. You know G in you need to Ron Rivera mentioned you know potentially having ten spots open right for competition and I sing like a lot you know because a lot of times. You know coaches general managers even though they won't say it. Maybe two or three spots you're fighting for and yeah he might have a guy. You know come out of nowhere Fred lane Norah Brad Hoover guys it's undrafted Andrew nor well. And make a surprise team and is he better than what you thought to save ten. To me that's quite a bit. Yeah. That it and number spot. A spot for a spot that would be built. Back position that beautiful but should change. What you got a got to remember that part return when you kick returner. Lou I got to remember is there her computer order the pepper will. Got at it. While that typically. From spot but all that Butler. Maybe one that could be that the be that the oh are a large. Respect their. Maybe maybe to their what is ethical comport to their. We're going to look at it oh look what are the Arctic would there could. Got at me into that bit about the baby. Well what they're all that and be there. Well is that the pertinent to go to a ghetto Latvia in the mix as. Well but it. A huge into quick things global turbulence but I'm curious what you think about the wide receivers last week did in the Euro valuation of that group aren't. Let me tell you what are being picked people up or I would argue that topic the new. I think that technical break tackle and accurate it will go earlier in the equipment and yet but for eight just a spot. We kicked the ball a certain cool the ball a little cold back there while the ball. Well I. That kid I liked the way who. In a row and that that the U. We get there are people who do go to Google is not the part of that so I expect. It but what do. I like what the topic is going to be good oh it was a premiere are rare in what appeared on the open didn't epic. But with Torre and here right. Arctic will be. I think. The receiver corps it'll be hard place to go hit it and it admit that seeing an epic all the guys. Or respect we respect it irk the stripper who got her. Boy you you you're up by bowl freighter. Well. I think you go to grab a bite because spot. It is yeah Agee eulogy for me you know when you start looking at you know the the more I mean there's lot of guys like attract guys can run fast out there right I mean if we wanted to build a track team we go look at the US electing Hussein let's go get these guys in. Let's go out there and play but to be able to make guys miss it is our right and that's where DJ Moore to me. Is absolutely going to be one of those guys that Steve Smith said do you see what your eyes. I see in mind that is jurist he has he has ballots he has patience he has vision. And god is single again is gonna Aniston. Great. Bit. You got this factor bottom. L watts they'll play in these preachy but the book trick except where he did a double well or not act. Guard who were not picked Jackson what you need to give academic and knocked on the ball. Opel. Salacious. Like cricket got heightened couple though they don't quite a book the ball on the payroll because capital or. The ball and I think it's news being it's that go ahead and not that bought it back and mix well. That slippery or about a and that really I think change. The culture or that or that all of that and receiver core are everybody tractor. Coated and detected. A network guys will be of spine but because. Britain yet. Eight genome to squeeze in one more odd alliance im sorry about that but there there was some Hanrahan you know a couple of days ago but. Cam Newton thrown a few picks in training camp continue provides some home. To the collective pair of the nation out there as to why a couple of picks in training camp really doesn't matter all that much. Because there and training here you won't happen retreat if you want to develop the reception there and and they'll do it. System. Where it'll turn all the epic can chip. At sole. Don't want to be via a total of like. That all it would KP. Accurate or net increase capital. Or would that won't be there but here restore it or rebut. I got a separate unit back I got up coming up the back. I got here Rocca or I got up but I got beat you every I'd vote for me camp and happen to every. Or are we. Were able to get. The but it could be that are being read it that well. So hold to open look at. The but not if they are at any rolling rock you at. What he got in trouble he looked up at the end of the ball. That bit about flat to up to see who is the mobile. It was. That. Pleased that was Robert grow the people who are. They. They don't Eugene Robinson Carolina Panthers radio network on the call tomorrow night flagship station our sister station WB two elevenths and 99 point three check about thank you Jane. No doubt there.