Garcia & Bailey: Does Your Phone Hear What You Say? Yes, that's what we talked about.

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Friday, August 11th

Does your instagram spy on you? We get into a heated debate.


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Joseph e.'s long iron. Championship at quail home. No it's frank Garcia. Kyle bail. Okay back to our number soon live in the 99 PGA championship here quail hollow Kyle Bailey frank Garcia hit man drove around. And we are pleased got to be joy about what mr. Jason Sobel senior golf writer ESPN dot job you might also see a moment golf trail powers or how do log Maurice Jones thanks from me you have been absolutely works out to be out here this is before given the actual golf flow works out of his. They're guys who work here in Charlotte this event to be here and and Johnny Harris and company had done a very nice job putting decided on an and it's turned into. Not just a heck of a golf tournament we hear guys like Jim Nantz and another PGA officials signed we've seen enough from what I have well hollows part of the permanent rotation what are you hearing. Well first of all I am hearing that you know people talk with the seal of the PGA of America said the other day that. He a 100% wants to bring the storming back to quail hollow and of course are moving PGA championship starting in. 2019 to may. Perfect spot for made an even better at all is probably so I think that's fantastic and it's funny says 'cause I was just awful without help my editors back in the office and I think it's has gone once a week like as the buzzer that. Honestly these are the biggest crowds are there major championship since tiger's payday I have I have not seen anything like yeah I went to the merchandise tent on Wednesday afternoon we're talking. Late Wednesday afternoon of a practice day period be nice easy in there. There were two lines a 150 deep beach it was unbelievable there's so many people displays the city is really embrace the storm. Judges are just throw down on the bus so from Charlotte Catholic over here and you know as one of the guys as you mentioned. Are you don't really kind of to start off in golf we got to sit next had a good conversation with him and you know he was just infatuated with the you know discourse and the PGA and he started off and golf how many of those types of people are you seeing some of these young names appear because. You know now the tigers haven't taken a step back these next guys are coming up we get kept going to get. Rory were the you have Fowler you're the woman has the flat bills even I'm Moroccan one now Kyra you know that's what it's about right now as these younger players. Absolutely and I hope the people are buying into this I hope that. I think there was a lull for a few years repeat horse without tired also fond and I don't I'll watch golf torments without Tiger Woods and the next thing I think that we. Finally gotten past that collectively they think people are now saying. OK tiger may never be relevant again and what are comes back or not okay I'll look it's it's gravy if he comes back but if he doesn't. Golf all endure I mean we've got so many really good young players so I hope their people out there that are understanding that said. You know he's just go to golf torments to watch tiger and I used to watch on TV just to see him on now. I turn on I can see Rory and Ricky and John rom and Dustin Johnson and all these great young players and again all of them. Stress the young marketers it's only these guys are 38 year old players who. Are finally seeing. A break in their careers and finally start to play all these guys are all under thirty years old some 125 years old they've got a long future Edward Ortiz is the difference what those young players other than their swings because they that they do a great job on not the television of you know kind of monitoring their swings either flight you know those type things but. These guys can just tonic can't think. They become professionals basically at a much younger age I mean it yes George speaks our professional whose nineteen. He was sort of a professional golfer and his twelve who's traveling the country playing tournaments he would swing coaches he had mental gurus get people working on his game and he understood. How to play the game understood how play tournament golf and understood how to wind and he very young age I don't think players the previous generation necessarily had to kind of teaching that kind of coaching that kind of know how. Going into their professional careers and here's I'll get is a very underrated aspect of why today's young players are so good you'll get. A guy like tiger and certainly guys like Davis Love and James York the previous generation. Well the trajectory of their careers in the here that span. When they first start playing bad it for cinnamon club and a lot of balls and everything changed. In the arc of their careers where all southern 460 CC titanium drivers and her pro V ones and the entire technology has changed whereas. Quick frankly Jordan speed is using the same clubs that use twelve years ago. They would still be OK the technology hasn't changed so much that. They're having to adapt their games that technology so I think that's very underrated aspect of that. Talking to Jason Sobel senior golf writer That's a look at the leaderboard and you see names like Celtic is there an end. Olson and end points is there anybody you're truly surprised to see up there it's early but when that you're truly surprised to see doctor at this point. I'm never surprised to see good players on the leaderboard so I mean you'll get that. Maybe I would've picked DA points to be in third place halfway through Friday's second round but. These guys who's gotten into a playoff series played well this golf course than ever wants wiley can supplement well I I will admit I didn't know a whole lot about Jordan Smith but. He's won the Porsche European open on the European tour in his last start so obviously the guys playing really well coming in the air again not a guy would have picked coming in not a guy anyone else really. Wouldn't pick coming in but. Obviously playing well also and I never surprises me to see good players on the leaderboard but. It's not exactly the forecast the names that we would have thought at times been made of these Bermuda chant these championship for me to greens then. If you've never played on these grains the difference between these and maybe some other. Bermuda greens as the reception to the ball and how it spends and a lot of these guys they bomb it down there they chase it they have these wedges but even when you have this type rough and that Bermuda where the ball sitting down there hit the front of the grains as roll into the back. You see that name atop the leaderboard there. Guys name's Kevin gets there you know why he's at the top the leaderboard fairways. No because he knows he's Bermuda greens you grew up playing these greens he knows these greens he said after his round yesterday just there aren't enough to read these guys walk up to my putt hit it and they're all going in because I love these greens so much he's so used to them. It's such a difference for other players some players are walking off the course browsing about the fact that I can't read a putt out here I have no idea what they're doing actually heard Jordan's feet. Coming off the fifth hole it was it was yesterday and any Stearns whose caddie Michael grower he said. I don't know it was all these new greens are doing two different things it's unless it's going right at the same time don't know what's going on out here he's confused at times other players are confused. The guy atop the leaderboard knows exactly what they're doing so he their last three to so we've made too much of a big deal about these guys have won previous to this may be because of that you know the two time winners like Steve community Rickie Fowler but the guys that can read those granted I have huge advantage. I think so absolutely in I they too much personally about. The fact that it's a long golf course that's already get some rain I don't know what you SF weather forecasters around here a 5050 chance. I thought 5050 bet half the time I ran into out I went on radio interviews all this week Monday Tuesday when they say. Watch out of the big bombers it's going to be dedicated a long way it's guys that can hit the ball high it's it's not going to be short soccer as well guess what it's absolutely perfect out here there has been the first day and a half so far. Knock on wood it's gonna be that way for the rest of the weekend as well and those big bombers don't necessarily have as much of an advantage when it is playing this life. By talking did Jason so will senior golf article that things will turn you loose here. And what they've it's up to stood out does this morning as absurd as to use that up Rickie Fowler is is up to three under now and invites dilfer's first major do you expect him to stick around. Absolutely I think I think Rickie Fowler to win the masters US open and British Open and I had a direct one of the dinosaurs they jumped off in the three I got man I I can't go for the Grand Slam of Rickie Fowler losses and similar. I jumped off from this week I think Rory McIlroy instead celebrity thing that pretty much ensures that Ricky dollars go to when the storm another name that maybe not a lot of people are familiar with but he's been around the mix and that's Brooks kept I mean a guy that you know Kyle Blanks of the best looking guys and I already to what he's athletic he's strong and he's pretty damn good that you send his a lot of man crush you understood that I that's his -- idea that everybody -- -- Scalia yeah I could see that I think there's a lot of woman crushes on our doorstep and productive. Now if you look he's a tremendous players got the right sort of mentality to play major championships and guys like him and Dustin Johnson and almost looks like they're walking around don't really care that much. That's they've learned trait because. They care trust me. He cares a whole lot about how he plays out here but to be able look like you don't care and just go out there and treat it like it's a Tuesday morning practice round. When your playing in the heat of a major championship. That's really hard to do I think that's exactly what he and Dustin Johnson a few others out there have been able to do and obviously assault and he's got a great major record our did you take a something real quick we talk a little bit about yesterday we're talking about the fifty greatest black athletes of all time. Tiger Woods wasn't on the list soon. Ridiculous why that I don't yeah I just ridiculous I I honestly have no answer. I don't know I guess that was written by my company and that they didn't consult with the audit. I would put him on that list. Yeah you mean you look at some of the great athletes that are out there and we talked about Dustin Johnson kept that's the biggest difference to me. Would vote you don't why that top half as you know get a lot of different players. These guys can mama but they're so athletic piece that we just talked to Charlie about one of the guys was very woodlands desk here you know I draft we have our basketball player at these guys are phenomenal athletes. They're just really good golf. Lawyers see over the next few years and as theory for awhile now that. We all talk about CG in football and concussions and how dangerous it is didn't you know we we see they even soccer which you don't think it was a contact sport there's a lot talk about. Concussions soccer and other sports like that. Guess what guess what he'll get concussions and you'll get hurt from physical activity too much it's golf then. You're gonna see more guys who are thirteen 1415 that could play middle linebacker on the school's football team. Or they could play goalie on the soccer team but instead of parents they you know why you play golf become professional golf our. It should have a career that's for years long and you're injured afterwards he had a career that's forty years long in your completely healthy up by the end of it and I think we're seeing more of these. 64 to twenty type the guys were playing on tour and bombing the ball all over the place just because they don't have to risk by my own health. In my professional career. I didn't think there. I would get too long enough we appreciate ability Todd thanks for joining the other thank you thank you yesterday's us so enjoy the wrestlers in Asia senior golf writer and you can catch him on the Golf Channel as well we'll step aside we're probably got back to this summer that's important to talk about this as Achilles situation as well. Why from the PGA championship is sourcing of it. It is yeah. I've Franken are ratified. All fear of frank what's your favorite despite on the current argument on the US not even an argument justice series is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my entire take the time to Google and you'll realize that they're hardly because Google says that it must be true it's something Google says it's doable Google's push to find things that say things. Cards all us that was if you follow me on Twitter a child really W offensive and ended frank Garcia 65. I got on Twitter this morning and I I went on a little what many ranch. And so I said last night I'm sitting at a meeting and I'm not really conspiracy theories that Franca of the two Alyssa is the conspiracy theorist you know in the in this partnership. So I'm sitting there last night in a million. And long story short we you know do a diet plans nutrition stuff like that and and got them where it sits down a meal replacement bar on the tape. Well nobody's talking about it nobody says nothing by name and and taken pictures of it. My I didn't search Ford on Google on my phone didn't even buy it you know it literally was handed to me. Placed on a table that was that nobody talked about it we move dog. Three hours later I'm laying in bed flipping through my sobriety and that bar pops up as a targeted ad on my it's a gravity at the so okay so stop. You're saying that somehow. That ends are Graham who is an apt. That you take pictures impose things on you have no pictures on your phone about this more done none whatsoever no talks or mentions about this bar none whatsoever that has is this for a popular bar no it's not not no not a party it's not an especially popular driver heard of this ball and that's good but you're also a guy who has been involved in health nutrition and weight lifting your entire life right correct Andy but it's still relatively new brand it is still relative to his peers very obscure the market. So the point being that I as I get a little unnerved by this and us are thinking to myself what to do that I didn't search Ford I didn't take a picture of it and I didn't. Do anything. And so I get to looking around and I remember FaceBook being accused last year of found its after the accessing the microphone on your phone and innovation lets face look at to personally answer for the slim lesser Mark Zuckerberg had to personally answer for this late last year. And it's that in that terms of service and stuff if you don't specify. That these apps cannot have certain access to your microphone to your camera. In net terms of service they sneak clauses and allow themselves to access thanks given numerous story oh my god talking about vacations that they wanna take our trips they wanna take fright. And sponsored ads pop up of places like Montana or wherever they were talking about all on their feeds these things happen. Ed you can try to make you feel free jointly spears spears like once you aren't these these you do look up. I don't come out it was a I have come up with the most crazy conspiracy theories you've ever heard of that might blow goes away semi absolutely blows away so your suggestion that if I start talking and in my phone insane any sort of brand Jeff. That is going up pop up on my feet and com you don't beyond my institute Ramsey don't know I could hit it in and it's gonna just have ads everywhere yes absolutely I don't know if I just starts man. Sweetie sweetie sweetie sweetie Wheaties coming have a box that area I might have a bunch of posts on weeds from my phone or cable for now the NSA God's in charge of monitoring your phone almighty know your original got a young kid out you don't gas seller now they're listening to our conference is now I'm getting a torso about about that form no that's a real thing I did a lot of research on it last night. And found out this is open to people all across the world have been experience so what stops them from listening to any conversation we have religion and any. New Jew might have heard anything like that what was gonna stop PSA absolutely nothing ever go buildings that are text yes Franken calendar photos listening phone no oh my god yes it might have alleged I do not believe how much I going to say is certain restrictions due to certain apps that access to microphone into your camera already an illustration might call his listening to me talk. He can get access. Why do you think there's a picture hey I'm in a lot of them trouble that look at very helpful pictures online look at action one of our listeners that you and us into this. It on was on Mark Zuckerberg FaceBook page rejects a series got taped over his camera and his microphone plummeted on. Oh my god I'm telling you guys are not so I'm you know he's nuts and you are not so well I'm not not so I'm telling governor for not so much literature for on this for you and I'm gonna bring it to you on Monday and there's no way that that is absolutely a thing nobody else. That's listening on marketing places around the world we're gonna feel we hear what I say on my phone. And use that assists as the biggest conspiracy ever ever heard of in my terrible and getting you you're getting contradicted and let live up left and right okay so these are these guys are followed and I wasn't you're coming you don't like you won't matter what I know that and that's divestitures. That is absolute truth. Did you hear that it is to Graham they like frank Garcia mourned how Baylor stuff brought Jacob we're gonna see what. It's not conspiracy Gerri tell us they had a headache out loud I gave numerous even though. Okay medicine and a few all over the place all mud just approach Israel and they're going to listen very basic. Yes it actually yeah absolutely. Thank you Jay I appreciate that I don't know why you left to look at this affects the right to. I'd better research projects on medical marijuana and I saw big stores in the area on FaceBook low marred all over the place next Dexter writes that it's happened to me I was having a conversation about something I've never searched for all law before it appeared on my FaceBook you truly don't let this all the job really believe next Dexter Kyle you are 100% correct please also refer the were snowed itself right. The once referred David it is safe right that dude telling you you're getting what you guys have been watching too many movies right just talking into his vote right now. Try to get targeted ads to pop up on its own fairway on. Hi you sit like fifty different thing and you got to forget all the things that you said Jack Daniel's Jack Daniel's Jack Daniels. Bullet bullet bullet. Golf golf but there's no way. I'm looking my phone right now that's also right out detects the rights and this is very sure about what I have to ask how high up on FaceBook all the time we have never looked more like most we went to Disney this year for vacation and as soon as are fairly started talking about it it showed up. A real my brother in law showed a freak conversation ourselves and love your and they have a lions to Graham is NF LMR risky. Cars to ground I have NFL. Both athletic sponsor your bubble finally I do like tablet so let's take notes what does that social what does this Hudson what are what does it show you that I've been talking about it. Right look how intelligent I need to go through all the facts in your blood will play did you particularly for best legends ever. Yourself. Does it is dumbest thing you've ever divide that let Frankie just wrong about this like I thought about this what do you know. Well that's award that's awarded I don't want as it is not a sponsor that price because these Glen Rice crispy that's always a doubt you might have some kind of versatility is V 704511. I just six during all this show right now until frank how ridiculous Tuesday. Like equally more even. They consider the idea though this is a real thing and I'm telling you there's proof out there than it is 70457. Or 96 cents. Call frank Dolan right now why this is real because you're not gonna believe it and you don't know what else throughout they're using your phone to watch have no idea. Box of wine box a wind boxed wine I'd say one thing we pot smoking you can't say just random words and the photos what do you have to say there's keywords into it don't know it's not that it's him if you have if you just keep saying different things over and over did you go to forgot your forget what you said I want to confuse the people they're listening right yeah yeah yeah just get it is an NSA agent that is that is like an elderly. I do believe this is even a conversation are you serious sure yes I'm dead zone that you need to start looking up you know I'll work on your rear it's a hard to her and McIntyre more can come along great now I'm all looked at there's going to be an up and there. Quote I don't I don't know that you got a lot of tweets coming right now or maybe they're all idiots to. They're all idiot. Like we got ulcers as we need to understand metadata but I do understand metadata action pretty well bay and I I figure I'd know how this stuff works pretty well and if you're tweeting about something in or if you like a post or if you like something like say for us now or all of course you like something with nutrition advice and why those of all of those things makes estimates it would you like something when you view is so I'd give Brady maybe you're you're doing something that you're liking crossed it or your life king adult flu. Who don't or don't like and something like that and that just happened to be a bar coincidentally that showed up none of that just tell you in a matter of a couple of hours have never seen it before had not not talking about it not posting anything not to not posting pictures not searching nothing. I do understand how metadata works and you're right about a couple things. You like a bunch of things on line you purchase things that's part of it metadata do like all those things makes it clear this instance. I will not consider suggested when my components that connects to my bedside and I'm sleeping that night you know might get them begin a little busy you better hope that the only debt but it did little pill bottles lawyers they're granted you better hope that's the only thing got thrown out as useless and my agent to agent again you're you're suggested it also. Can access my pictures as well of course got to exit visa celebrities get hacked okay. Heidi good to celebrities get back Ilocos go to rob gets both goals coming apart Robb tell frank young craziest. Okay I've got a good bands say good yeah I'm doing a kitchen remodel my house. And I'd get all the time we thought about exploring it hasn't been I guess pop up for you add that it's been going on for months. Are you running Google search is messed up is that also my doctorate and no. Know how did you find out of the person that you're gonna use to do your floors cabinets. Well I do and everything myself but we're just you know my wife and I will be talking about what we're gonna do I'm talking with a buddy and I didn't go on and daughter and think. And just be messing around all the sudden decide at the pouring your stuff and yet I mean I agree with the under percent as I think it's the real thing. Did it absolutely is a real thank thank you faced with an answer for this last year now FaceBook don't disagree and what to do again I can't believe what I'm hearing from Powell. I cannot believe you whatsoever phone face the cut cut let's exempt frank there's a draft at seventh that phone face down on the nightstand a little seek other trouble agreeing with no dollar today exactly let's go check bags are jam now that you telefrag disease prison. OK first off blood you guys together don't they get through every work day here. Appreciated. Thank you rank your did wrong on this floor and I gotta tell agers got hit like ninety I think this is not really get the art technology problem that I have a daughter like so the Google owned the though it's yeah. I don't know maybe it's because they you're looking at their sites or maybe it's because you're looking at something that's familiar. High gear and I would almost guaranteed. And now I don't know I mean I could I guess I brings. I don't know trying trying but I can do it not good I can't walk right to be right through all of this and he's just not. It's never otherwise see if I go to Nevada my drive through the day is illegal aliens and stuff like that there is now. It's. I'm. I kind of got I could agree with you more the other day I was in my room and I talk to myself all the time. I said after I was I said I'm so lonely and I just wish I had someone then next thing I sole answer Graham's a mail order bride service ha ha yeah. Are you lost a good for your dog I don't I don't judge tonight ordered. Yeah I'll get our farmers only dotcom bubble world says. Yeah he did grove village and that makes us happy this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my into Ireland no it's not let's go next to a smoking the pot shots I can't imagine anyone government unable to the smoky that pot that smoky what's up. We will benefit if you don't do good. A lot of promising for just everybody Donald I don't want to Ripken by. Marijuana before some engineers to grant FaceBook got a good. How would soften up but I gaming amp marijuana growing farming farming in growing marijuana games. Jeff. How that happened. They're watching you that's how they're watching you they have a camera they see the look I'm no I'm not paranoid. It's about the other hundreds of investors bet smoky back spots this is it to you might be a little bit paranoid death right to frank refuses to admit this thing has rubbed some the guys did a billion that you're not a resource and a girlfriend offer you this weekend. It's gonna be overwhelmed under his conspiracy theories for every thing out there there is no way in the world. That I can say and analysts had been looking for like the last ten minutes nothing in nothing that I out of the normal nothing is gonna pop up no I'd go global some verify search something with the my search Jeff over here they know what you might find something right frank get it close to your phone say hey series. A series. Jesse that OK we're about it might series that's connected to my phone. Right that that software that runs on your phone but I'm saying it would with that kind of ease. If you can take those words and problems like that what else do you think that device can do look I just work here trying to guide series process. Is how barely out of his mind we're going to break. We're gonna step us are gonna come back and does I'll bail out of his mind Siri look if you don't you call frank and keep telling him why he's wrong I'll welcome those phone call 70457. Or 96 cents. He does not believe this but. You know we're we're gonna have to convince him he's a boy you know and find my friend's list that's Wazir told me aside calculus. Garcia Taylor W lessons that. Welcome back live will follow them agonized PGA championship it says were Snowden and Julian Assange. You're sitting in for Kyle Bailey and upright citizens and a half cup if you haven't applied zero out of your relationship that's what my but yeah. Oh there are renowned radio it'll look good won't face that are are still. Olajuwon are lied he allowed to try to get lighting up and we got a hold Logitech Joseph the brick buildings that are taxed like frank does not believe. That are that these Smartphones and apps like FaceBook and it's the Gramm have access to our microphones in our cameras and our listen again and watching us and then using those things to target that I might not jail but it's not about throwing a jealous won't tell you. The that you your your your information your consumer habits are so valuable to companies. That this data this metadata gets sold and sold and sold all the way around for a look at it puts you in jail but after doing weird stuff in your bedroom they wanna sell had the a pattern that's they wanna celebrate the cellular information to other corporation. And these people on the sex and are trying to tell you this like we just got a text. From a a software engineer I'm I'm I'm gonna yeah works that works in this company that sells this this I don't know I don't know this guy that we got to Texas has on the software engineer the deals with AI artificial intelligence he says and the algorithmic search indices. And I can guarantee that the microphone GPS location is used on your phone. By both Google and FaceBook and who owns mr. Graham. FaceBook poses to grant so let's let's keep that in mind and how to get some of these calls him some sure this is going to be fun and over to go to Charlie first of all Charlie Howard use more. It could determine what it is for you rally this morning I do I I want to tell you that happened in May this morning what happened at a new pictures oh. I have to bail out of the ordinary in that stretch out. While and I'm okay I'm bringing money martyred. And I had to have a neighbor come and pick me up bump blow or because I have knee replacement. And so I've met an hour later. I finally got in that chair and had to sit there and I. And I thought oh my phone pops and and it it's Carl since those supply chain. And it did she took care of the year and then you can take care of her within us. The first anomalies fully automatic all the tensions mark watch T. And there's enough and then I'm told an app that lets let it happen that can't. How silent it's pretty funny and does it. That didn't happen this morning. I don't count me in didn't hear me bring them comfortable in doubt that that's exactly right so what are are you okay all right are you okay. No I sit around and I certainly didn't have and heart Sam walked and well I'm really sorry to hear that out to get better various last night thank you for sharing that. There isn't just bad that bad happens and I laser CNN it's me you've. It's it really isn't as it's a little bit and PH a liar helped bring down that. I'm sure I am not calling you a liar whatsoever on this call on coincidental thank you for the that'll show appreciate that nothing about that's what's been OK my neck. My back. On the road. My neck getting my back out right into my phone every time he holds I just didn't yells my neck to my back my neck my back I'm getting back surgery in three days four days. Whatever it is on Tuesday night let's see how many ads pop up. I'm dating back surgery in Florida OK but here hold on let me delivered us here's an excellent point YouTube video you remember that emails us your emails but you back surgery. Yes there's sex about a back surgery yes it doesn't matter underwater judges thought this wants it. You know that is your flapping the clever I'll stop hi how does go back and tell us all right Gerri is up next Gerri what what are your thoughts on this. They know they do and pledged to make remarks column. And then near mount a carton and nobody up front Matt Kemp got a candidate I wouldn't I wouldn't do that's where you go ahead cart. Damn loud. Not email which is are everyday or every other guys. I'm down much if this ineptitude on it and 46 in our own people that I've used my credit card for. Car and I have to delete because. I'm your friend like you were then I used Margaret garner store there aren't any or all of a sudden start getting emails from. Opt. Could undo or try to do more serious about it there they purely not our urge all talking about this before. Earlier in the in the top recession but it. I throw some people's pharmacy and I am a true believer. If you ever had a the best digging due in part you'll have this. General chocolate milk shake your collectors especially peaking at. OK that sounds like it sounds like bill that sounds a list is terrified nuts so why Iraq and am trying to sell. There are presented to file manager version of road. I was sick one more that guy in this of the chocolate milk shakes out Bell's job jostled out of an office stopped by brides up next our Brian what what your view what what you have for us. With a guy loves. Thanks. My I'm not actually. I would talk about a product wasn't searching anything's ended up. Actually kind of scary me in my life where we're gonna plug my RU 19 nothing you can. But the next day or the next or whoever woke up and how about Facebook's. Actually had a divorce lawyer. Boxes stuff about it's a city yeah seen in very poor a year like no danger beaded of course you know we. We made a body into the night but the next morning there the divorce lawyers sponsorship Obama based. So you don't. That that's definitely a bit Geoffrey Giles trying to bet you didn't say how you made up of again did it do that you know the strain of I don't know and I got out of yeah a little bit like and we need top receiver is tough. Guys trying to learn from what you know. What a talent who endorses the dumbest thing I've ever end okay and did you know you know let's just hope the old. If they didn't doesn't hurt to be intensive and Rubin and here's thing here's the worst part for me feeling a lot of people call they're saying they're they're microphone picked up on this stuff. But the last let me wasn't even the microphone if it had to have been the camera books you even talk about how. You're talking about the product I just had to read it carefully to influence what and so Matt arguably more than I was because you're nervous vision you're wrong about Martin guys who writes it you'll have killer Friday conversations last week fronts are confronted as we conspiracy theories a forgot about the golf -- trip. We got to step aside I got to sort of a photo would've tried maybe read some of his stick out here goes one but hey frank Gore's Downey registry Egypt right now it has Mike's there's my posted those unemployed that's what's profitable my feet have been let's have doubts jordin emails and text and stuff about it so while we're talking about the actual spying does stuff that's happening here path ahead yet but a good story 70457. Node ID six it will come back -- -- Bauer to. I. Welcome back Garcia daily lives from the PGA championship here well hollow it's. We report update coming your way in just a few minutes and dodges security get a looking for the coverage. Don't forget begins at 1 o'clock today on Nazi entity and in this weekend rounds three and for the third and final rounds can be found on CBS. Coverage beginning both those days. At 2 PM and we've been having a lot of fun with this conspiracy theory technology. Come on one of us as well you would laugh and a whole lot of us up to like Jim have a glass of us. Like him believe I mean I get blue moon Robert Obama stuff like that watches popping up on my stuff. Nothing about my neck in my back. Nothing southern about marijuana didn't have for me immediately either I'll have some process okay all of say it is she needed you to stay woke as our. She says he's for skin care stuff yeah profit I mean. And I've that you the last thirty minutes we've got 200 text on this at least if not more. And yeah yeah I love these jobs don't come out fourth grade but. Look W frank drawn on this would be if you justice I'd 70 you know 57096. Here certifiable I'm not so I'm not. Really quickly is so that we're gonna dive into more dollar number three right but. It looks like Zeke Gilead. There's gonna be suspended for six days and we recorded two routes well accordion rapid network and that's exactly how it compared to go watch the Dodgers Florida yeah. Joseph Gibbs and disappointed in me too I've heard that as well yeah that was a deliberate about sex Franken disappointed used instilling Mel Gibson but anyway back to top an event. Fuzzy Kelly it's going to be suspended for. For six games it looks like according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL network and that's. That's a tweak the six six is the benchmark number now for domestic violence incidents and done that's. That's what some people out there are expecting Jane Slater for instance who also covers the NFL she said she's also hearing. That it will be a suspension close to were at six games procedurally how it or has it been charged with. Nothing. And good enough in the in the actual judicial system. Nothing. So now the NFL has taken a law into its own hands. That would sound like to view a gallery do this passage again from CBS for stock Jonny Reid scored Elliott has not been charged. Would any crimes by the Columbus city attorney in connection with the domestic violence alleged by former girlfriend. But the investigating attorney did state last year. That he felt there was a series of incidents involving violence between Elliott and the accuser according to USA today the league has been conducting its own investigation. Outside the formal legal system and the NFL world has been waiting with bated breath for ruling. So here's here's my problem with this right and it's I think the message runs a serious thing right and I think that we have absolute big problem in this country. The problem has is that with the allegations right. Anybody can make allegations anybody can make allegations on anyone person I can go out there and say you did does this or you did that. And all of a sudden now because I say it that you're gonna be punished or put on. On probation or suspended or whatever might be for. You know the minimum of six games it's absolutely ridiculous. And again there's that that the judicial system should have some Phil or say in this. That the NFL now has become the judge the jury in the execution they can do whatever they want whenever they want. And if using Kelly right now you have no say. So what you've done as you've been powered these women to go out there and make these accusations vs these guys because they know how they can damage their career. I don't think it's right at whatsoever I think the law should be involved in the needs to be some evidence to support these accusations before you go out there and make this this. Punishment giving you set up papers absolutely fair and give us out of that so is that as you well know. The NFL's a very powerful entity and the NFL and its security division has. A lot of former FB ICI AD EA former sheriff's office are sure our sheriff's department deputies and stuff working for them. They have the wherewithal to conduct investigations outside the normal channels of of the judicial system. And that's what they do in this case the NFL saying look. We did our own investigation. We found what we think is more than enough evidence to suspend this guy posting real about this it doesn't remove the NFL this Lindsay jelly at. It's not a good thing for the NFL to suspend the offensive rookie of the year. Today it's not a good thing and miss out. Dallas cowboy and a less frankly you know this. The perceptions always been a league loves the Dallas Cowboys and watched Jerry company to be good because it's good to believe so I only did the league benefits in any way by spending he deleted it. There are certain people out there that are very vindictive right and you're not going to be able to stop that are controlled that. Show me the action only show me the punish show me the the evidence that supports what they're saying that's all I want. And that's what this society that's what our country is about is that sure why should the NFL be any different than that it is until proven guilty go to every now what we're saying that you're guilty to vote until proven innocent. In every situation I don't care where there was Greg Hardy I don't care if it's you know the guy from San Francisco the defense about the outside climb back golden Smith. I don't care physique Elliott. Show me the evidence and then we can go out there and talk about the punishment I guess what in this case though in auto and what I guess are what I wanna say is they may show used guilt if the unifil comes out tomorrow is as we're going to spends each Gillick for six games and here's why. This is what our investigation and it resulted and then then won't have to Imus just don't have a discussion. But right now to assume that he's gonna be guilty and there's nothing there that showing that he's gonna do this for the he's done this thing. You know these have the evidence against you know the running back out of Oklahoma. You know they got drafted you have that evidence is on video right you have every right Jay had armor Russia had that evidence right we can look there and see that. Okay what these ladies are saying is absolutely true. The problem has is that there's a lot of vindictive people out there because they break up with you don't wanna be would you anymore in New York this other girls that are looking she's smarter she's more intelligent more attracted to or whatever might be hurt your feelings you can go out there and say you don't want to beat me when you consider over and over day to post a social media right to put on answer Gramm you can sit there go to the police officer file report you can say whatever you want. As a citizen and now that I have to prove my innocence. Who I guess I would ask you have to prove me guilty and not the other way around I agree with that out of symbol what what about the Greg party and stars situation prisons where he was convicted and don't feel it was overturned and the witness at that point and decided not cooperate she went away the NFL still. You know what level dubbed punishment against Greg Hardy what I guess they came up with punishment well but that's that's perception on this doomed from day came up with punishment you know if you're going by the letter of the law Greg Hardy was ever convicted of that. What he was that it was overturned on appeal so many soldiers at a loss says that he was innocent I got was exonerated got everything is wiped away he's not guilty of that cup of that crime right you know whether it be loopholes are you storm the winds that are there are there that's the decision she made. That's a decision he made you know the NFL is also no overriding everything and I think it's absolutely wrong. I'm gonna put this out there do you defense 70457096. Stennis. Collison tell us how you feel about the other way I'm not so it's. I'm not defending our driving our cars a bad dog I don't use odds wanna make sure that's clear so I don't come across and you know a guy this defending a bad dude are you and I'm not conversation before you've you've made that clear you're not a supporter or a defender Greg Hardy. I think a lot of support domestic borrow more domestic violence and all day and I and I do hear your point I guess what I'm saying just. If the NFL. Has conducted this investigation is done so the early. And they're going to suspend siege daily they obviously feel as if they have more than enough reason and evidence to do so. And when and if that suspension is announced via today tomorrow or next week. You would expect the NFL would have to do have to. Released the results of that investigation or at least give you a glimpse into that at that investigation. To justify why they consistent and based on their own investigation but at the judicial system did not seats at the Georgia but it. No they don't. There's a code in the RC DA called conduct detrimental. Right you don't have to be accused of it you ought to be found guilty that's the problem that I have with the you know the union negotiations sort of you know the deal that the NFL and the players can come to agreement that mean now I think this is becoming more prevalent and people are understanding that what they can do to affect people's careers there's determine our contracts called conduct detrimental right and that all that means is that your name can pop up in a paper does something detrimental to the team. Hard to image that you put it presents you know can be detrimental and they can suspend you or find you right. I don't know if they can suspend I think they can find you may be it's a suspension may be that putting your program I don't know the exact rules of that you know force that was never involved with those type of thing so. You know I know other people were and if you're in a fight for example and you and I were at a bar in your name popped up even really had nothing to do with the fight that's conduct detrimental. Because your name's gonna be in the paper. I can't control that. Right but in addition they're being more involved with the research or just you know the the instigation that's done to say that you don't want. Guys I enjoy thing I was just there have a good time you know and they haven't did or whatever might be in my name popped up because I'm. How badly. Death but look I think again you're saying a lot of reasonable things here but I think what I'm also saying is that why you're right to conduct detrimental to their ways that they're protected. There's also the aspect of this that we all now know it. That that the judicial system that law enforcement did not find a reason enough to charge of the NFL may suspend him anyway and in that instance. Where are could be potentially disastrous New York something that doesn't make sense to people on the outside it's not the vehicle is required by the CBA or by law to do it it's that I think it would behoove them to do that and before we step aside we'll take these phone calls on the other side I just have to look over and I am pretty sure agent 89 Steve Smith. Agrees with me. Does he not he does say president that doesn't make you right now because he had I don't know that's why you give ordinarily want to put a pretty sure Steve Smith just Texas you was that he agrees with me that's why he does not dissolve what's that technology because he knows the brothers' final and that's why don't have echo for Amazon they are they're always listening to frank they're all way to listen Steve Smith just text that he would do what I stated to see Smith he's just as crazy as you are no less thought well I'd actually know what else they gotta compliment that I like that categories okay well you might but that this is a different categories yet but this is a pragmatic kind of brilliant that's what this -- -- thank you and Steve Smith I appreciate object now you're right because he's with agree with -- I just like Steve Smith Bible comeback or number three we got some calls to get to show on Michael if he also top. How do you feel about this Achilles suspension should come down because it's being reported. By the likes of Ian Rapoport and Jane Slater Betsy Kelly it will face at least does some suspension or possibly up to 60 here's what happens with this whole situation I know we got to go to break keep a few pills he plays this season and maybe next year he gets suspended or wins the appeal put up we'll see what happens with 770457. Or 96 still want your thoughts at Garcia unveiling.