Garcia & Bailey: Does Cam Newton Owe Fans and the Media Interviews?

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Friday, October 20th

We dive deep into what we think Panthers players and specifically Cam Newton owes the media and fans.


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But Garcia. Our numbers to dial Israeli strike Garcia and Osborne's fathers on the JJ's restaurants Twitter and box. I child really WS Lindsay at frank Garcia 65 at Osborne WS Lindsay big shout out to JJ's restaurants. Look at this up again once today's launch of its a careless on Fridays and it will take your view. As well JJ is read us the best dog in the queen city are talking about Cam Newton and declining to speak to the media yesterday the NFL's reportedly looking into this. As if it's some sort of investigation but it sounds to most of us like he just didn't want to talk and he's willing to pay the money not to talk so. That's his prerogative and we talked about that their dirge that judgment and a lot of folks won't talk about it's who sort of take some phone calls. And off the top here we will go and get the mouse to work too well Matt Matt good morning Howard. Could go oh lol. I I don't think. At least some pub then more competitors the last 22 years I guess how I can't. Imagine continue to play there's been more on clearly Chris that but by the same token how are tipping another player that. Did things to create an environment where that could have continued. So I think that part of this is if he does you don't it's gonna criticize certain grain you. But it doesn't run just consult their bodies could suck it up a good thing to note that he also has not ruled out of his way to do and so the median. It's not that that's your fight a losing battle whether or news media is always there. I can't be just you know a true professional like you two guys who are out there. A couple of them that could finally come out come about media. Bad to better appreciate the uncle says it would you said printer in the breaker did you talk of meteorite as we agreed. We don't care to talks will need him to talk and we understand that so I know. You can do your job about talking to the media. But if you wanna be the most talked about the most popular the most powerful brand the most powerful organization on burst. Well the media always is are the folks who talk about you and promote you and and that's just the symbiotic relationship that exists. I can't educate you needed to you know if you're going to only one at one and it's good and can't be coddled. Army going in if you're you know that's. I think unfortunately for cam I think he's been coddled his. You know a lot of his you know his career and I think the Panthers are still coddling him you know with the way that. A bomb in these situations are handled or. They're not asking him to speak you know he is a representative of this organization I think that's where somebody in their organization has been able sit him down and explain to him. You know those types of things on. And I'm usually typically that has been Jerry Richardson I don't know how in touch Jerry Richardson is with what's going on. We're Jerry rich and cares. You know what if it doesn't bother him and cam you want to pay the fine then nor barking up the tree that Doug doesn't have a squirrel and you know so. You know that may be the case I don't know. But I don't believe that Jerry Richardson is income concerned about the image of this organization. And the leader in the franchise player of this organization which is Cam Newton. I let's go to one they next eight hours more about it. I'm doing good I'm doing good. Maniac and I agree with determine just just broad it is. Didn't seem like Kurt can continue to break coming in the media's and I felt when their Jesse came out all right and I mean. And they're saying about his father. On the same net you know low road was the you know the reporter I mean. You military guys that I mean if if you're the big man down you know we wish we can give of course you know this is football this and that you know. Soldier and then B your free in you know in the media headed out to do our bit we do that god. Nate let me ask you this do you think he does things to perpetuate that. I mean of course I mean of course you do it but it. Other people in the Lee do that is a little way it is you know I'm lying in bed that you guys. I know a quarterback that doesn't speak to the media. No record of Baghdad doesn't speak to the media that's correct that they got rid refuses to speak to the media. Which by the way I Wii wheel will think we're kingmaker draw that report was bigger try to sell off but it is NFL mandated Sony what what their quarterback does that. You know I don't I don't really know Obama not matter you know. The answers are I'll be out the answer zero. So I mean when you're when you're gonna go out there and you're gonna take a stance different than everybody else that plays a position that has been held to the highest standard. I'm you know because of leadership and because of you know that's gonna be the franchise player. That cornerbacks make those decisions and if you're gonna make the decisions that cam Newton's making. The guess what Nate you're gonna be criticized. That's all if you're willing to criticize your willing to accept the responsibility. That goes with not speaking. Then OK so be it bomb if I if it doesn't bother you. You're not talking and then you know really what does this conversation that we're having now mean to cam Nelson. That's OK okay and could care less yeah. You know maybe he does it make me gets sold since I don't know I'm not Cam Newton. And the fact that he's not speaking tile. Leads us to these types of conversations where we speculate. And that's what Sports Radio has always been about. That's a conversation is about was Summers not willing to talk what do you do you speculate what's what's going on. And why does it look different and everybody else period doesn't mean I'm but hurt doesn't mean Kyle Butler. It doesn't mean the media's butt hurt it means we're asking questions to try to come up with solutions. For you as listeners. Right and if you don't care. And then we're just kind of bark and out of all your goal is outsourced and I don't know Hossa as much time you do. You don't care that's why you pay to go into the locker room that's why you want to know what these guys say about the games that's what is important with the relationship. Between the players and the fans this Campbell to the end. Does Camelot to the media. Yeah that's a nice play. Just my question. Is it final sand Saddam buying continued its Jersey in on Saddam bind he has sells an. And I want I'm really does what I think is want they want access. They want to know these guys wanna feel like hey you know I can relate to that guy if he does it come out and he doesn't give me that access idyllic I have been hurt as a sand because I'm not getting what I need. Just as a fanatic. From his ducks were the question I had is frank you've been in that locker room you've been in those situations as a leader as a franchise quarterback does he owe it to us. I don't know if you know me and then there has been out there. Don't know enough yet I always say oh is a strong word I think that's an important word you know if you're gonna have this is what gives this conversation substance. Owes a strong word. I don't think anybody owes me anything right I hope my children. The opportunity to succeed. To put him in the net but those are the only people I know what to. You know my wife were told to be faithful to do those tied to things 02 you know people make promises to to back up and validate our promises. Cam Newton I don't know by signing the check did you make a promise. That's a question. Right and if you sign the check knowing that this was going to be part of it any kind of made a promise. You have a responsibility. Always a strong word though that's worked kind of you know I think that it's kind of mixed up I think he. As a responsibility. As I don't think he posed it right and maybe they're maybe they go hand in hand. An out so I still bad for him because I don't think can't I think cam has a reason to be upset. I think camp feels like he's been irked at certain times but deal saying don't pick your fights with an energy drink in barrels. And if he's going out there and he's gonna try to keep these guys c.s is gonna stand a mop what are they do or write about. It's one of those things what you resist you create it you resisted this you're gonna create a bigger far struck come out there. It's the questions do justice to questions campus can't respond to I don't care. Finish what you start. And you know as I know this you know as an ex player in our played on a team. That was good times and some teams that weren't very good and we weren't very good we got criticized. And I made every I retired and made a commitment. You know to this station in several years ago to you don't do a our show with mark packer. Until I was Pacman you know several years and offensive line gave up like sixty cents a year. On there was a lot of different reasons for and as a young kid I got upset you know with Franzen said that you know we don't owe you anything we owe it to our teammates we're tour coaches know wrong. You know I. What I would but what I didn't do as I didn't shy away from it. You know I I am you know maybe that's just a lesson you know that I was taught differently in or maybe it was the lesson I learned. Number them get everybody's different and I so I felt like. I owed it to the people that I said I was going to do it too odd dollars a bushel up and be responsible for and the people that went in that seat stadium. And paid money to watch. That's why salt noted too because I made a commitment. In my commitment was to come and do this show for an hour every day on his show and you know we I got criticized I got yelled that I got told we saw it or not those things and I learned that it really doesn't matter what I say it's just. You know this is you're gonna have your opinions so I'm just gonna tell you what I think now. Truth what hears it into almost episode gets more star tickets to giveaway but. Yeah as a murderous there was that neither 1 of us I am I can't stress this enough Franken I do not care about this very much just more talk to pay the fines fine. Whatever but we don't give him a sex as a came anyway because he doesn't more divot and I and I I would I don't make a living based on what you know. So other people do however we haven't and I can understand why they're a little bit more upset because that is there is part of the elephant and forty billiards are derivatives two point nightmare that was my next point because they're the guys look you you pick up the Charlotte Observer to read stories about this team and part of that. Agreement you know what we saw your credentialed media organizations and the Panthers or the hornets or whoever else is that there's a certain level of access Andrea media availability and interviews that should be there as part of a quid pro quo relationship and that's not happening and it's why don't you have dollars and require these players to talk to the media for no reason. It's that the NFL understands. The mutually beneficial relationships that they're there they're obviously beneficial relationship that exists so you look Kim decided he wanted to be a football player. A superstar quarterback when he made the decision to be superstar quarterback and that's what I wanted to pursue. Just like all of them they knew this was part of the deal the media coverage the interviews sometimes they are sometimes unfair and this isn't a new thing 12017. Just because we have Twitter and social media and all of us so it's exacerbated but it's existed for a while now it's just part of the relationship. Yeah I'll I'll end on this before we go to break you know Kyle I don't know you know with all of the both sides of that. Know what athletes can say anymore not be criticized. So you know I've also are also thought that if you're an athlete why not just toe the company line. I'm just irreplaceable. You we had a good day today whatever it is you're gonna get criticized either way but Lisa I'm not gonna get in trouble. Rightly so I'm not gonna say something to step in that I'm just gonna toe the company line and you're gonna think I'm a dummy head wrestling dead anyways. I just think that because you don't know me but that's the perception that we get and that's all you care about. You're about to go make plays on Sunday in that we entertain the. We go to. And it's absolutely right let's do this. We've got two tickets to giveaway to the hornets home opener tonight against the Atlanta hawks' second caller did some 70457. Or 96 and second caller gets those tickets a pair to see the hornets and hawks tonight we'll take some more phone calls when we come back it's Garcia and they looked. JJ is Red Sox never seen a prove people monogram. Tax. Come after somebody's so much that these three adults. And a laugh about it but as always say a there's this they've lost all respect. Class humanity god do. Everyday though I didn't do any thing. I did nothing and by the way. I've been tribes are trying to be classy and respectful throughout this entire deal and you get mad at frank did you get mad and Osborne and try to drag me into it. And it's just not right because I've gone out of my way for. Breaks the guy like the body they got right good thanks so it's a bunny that. What does bodies it was one candidates seemed a little the other fan and I both said in a room together right now watching the game he's got no dog in the fight. But he's got to do some real boom public debt yet he is basically putting those. Dim all the other guys sit right there in the room of the white Hampshire. Like so stopped. I earn an Ernie your opinion is going down I'm not feel good about the game at a Grand Slam him on on me as a fan. And you run an added you don't like this can't did you blues tonight and neither side. Everton in the NASA celebrate colonel. Usually. I don't you see I didn't Diana's phone until. I don't this is a semblance. We definitely the talk about things together that's obamacare look mama don't showman and another guy's face writer credits like. But when you dog goes that the bathroom in the house right did you must you smear his nose and it. And it's ultimate message that's gonna bring out the closet are my a lot of kind of amazing that millions yeah Montessori. I guess that's it that's insurgency and Nortel Isabel Gonzalez and doesn't. And there isn't a drug turns out it's terrible when it is dogs and not a time enough regular. Almost folded like a vessel just don't run it and they're well connected to so I had every right. Good I'm an emotional wreck watching the game right there are some pissed off when it's better to collect thirty conceded. That earlier went way up some. And hammer don't triggers dual what does it seemed reality is never is pissed off as a failure conceded he's still mad as a fan. You don't have me attachment with emotion when you're done. You're hapless that Frankie just come back Italy did what's what's funny about this is I mean he's here in Georgia sort of the show he leaves he comes back he's here in the search and our families and about 1 o'clock and clips and you. The incident but here's what I'm gonna say. You have one hour and 35 minutes to decide. Whether or not you wanna deal with option a the logo shaped in the back to your head or option BP co across the board Chicago man until January 1 or otherwise I wouldn't get the minutes issue I tried last night I gave you say to stop talking call me Richard Cranium. Call me Richard Cranium today and I said there's no crime you just can't help yourself but isn't about you just. Can't help yourself on Twitter on zags you just can't help yourself is it. Stop Tweety is doing whatever. For three hours is Bob Dylan so it gave me a little modes and with us with a handkerchief. And you say you're such as your Richard Cranium. Given that given ninety minutes to make up your mind on this ninety minutes to decide it. Look at and and the the sex lies being brutal to you this morning you know this right you're where you are you people on Twitter Alaska aid to Cuba I was looking but nobody else you don't care about our people are saying I'll know I'll bring my own decisions copies I'll be able. One lead in a baby back. Bleak. Just all the I wish I had a bad soft. Dough south cookie dough baby did you say it out and yeah the that goes yeah he's right song in excess cookie dough so I'll ask cookie dough blue bunny ice stream. A fellow that I love the show that's the most that's. Us and it does not mean Tony this is what people say this is the people it's like your dad you didn't do your dad is made it where it really but it's not me. I'm misery in the text hello listened to answer is that what that's pennies and a where I caught a songs that you guys are. I didn't if you order if you order where candidates are usually what size are you where what what kind of pennies would you Wear. It's on. To slip and show the man's respect. Put some respect on his name listen if we're in public. If people actually listen and I'll disguise my guy. I've tried to industrial. Just like you fight I don't know if you throw me in front of the bus as it worked at demand his cubs went. That is its own on Illinois you gently yet immediately I didn't I don't think so I know 100%. Commitment his cubs win the World Series. He wouldn't he would cut me off with a head at 41 man and you find out I would pull your back. Yes I say even that bus and others restaurants and home is one the axis of stick yeah that's that's the Alec. All right we ran a little the first us so critical right back suggesting DO California still Jim Russ still I gospel calls all the top when we come back actually not affecting the double check that Mitchell is right no that's wrong how I won't because next also hang tight we'll take some model and we'll take your phone calls we wanna get those phone calls it'll drop all sort of a ditzy we appreciate your hanging on producer mr. almost finished. Now it's like this little bridges. All you gotta do is. Look all the necessity is the simple bare necessities. And forget about show would move is that goes back. I mean. Necessity. The majors recipes that brings better news Sunday. Wherever I won't. Well it's so much about controlling just Morgan that's an actress and. You'll forearm shiver broke but just place. The only hit man in the bear saying the cubs fan had a rough morning and spend over talk to a former bear right now Tom waddle joining us on the second job just like Panthers and bears this week to double the windy city Tom cowardly about it. How are you telling your having fun and somebody six. That is precisely what is that this man has a lifelong cubs fan I think he would throw his only child in front of the bus and his cubs to win. Well they got their winless years so they should feel fortunate three straight trips you know yes you know where every year. No you're right about that what it doesn't help that so I'm I'm a lifelong dodger fan and so we've been pretty release. Small. Box. That's Obama red over red and so I got road dogs and. So are its twelfth. All right so it's all -- alias Jim 1000 former Chicago bear let's talk about this game a little bit somber and though Panthers are four and two and it's a pretty good place to be in the NFC right now especially with Aaron Rodgers out for the season or I'll furlongs on the lease with Green Bay and the Eagles look good in the euros and some teams in the NFC south the saints looked like they're on the come up a little bit but other printers have a lot of reasonably optimistic and this feels like one of those games Tom with the bears were they're just going to be kind of ugly dog fights for a while the Panthers look like the better team and those should win eventually but it could be close games. Yeah I agree nick what you've seen that it can't seem here with a pretty Beers has been as long as you take care of the football you don't lose the turnover battle they're gonna make some teams let they're very competitive game. Not very explosive on offense but very good on defense when they don't make knucklehead plays on special teams they've got and got to make some plays there all comes down to discipline and taking care of the football and and it's stuff to do when you have very little to work without on the edge to wide receiver position and you're asking a rookie quarterback. Who doesn't have a ton of experience even go back to the collegiate days. In its top kill to climb but. I think it is this will be a competitive game ultimately I don't think there's any doubt we could July Panthers are more complete team and a better choice. In the margin for error that the bears have to work with is a lot more limited in what the Panthers do because. You have a rookie quarterback you know back there Mitchell to Biscayne where I think the longest pass and he has this year is 1520 yards something like that the longest pass for the bears this season is by the potter and his 38 yarder so. No that's I mean I watched that game and I don't listen that they're gonna put too risky innate. In a position to succeed they're gonna roll him out they're gonna do you know take away a third of the field or perhaps the field and and a lot of you know little short passes but that's the way that they've won games. Yeah I had you know attention I think there's a lot of Chicago bear fans that here are excited about Mitchell and for good reason he looks like he could be a good one per extended period of time. They want to see more fireworks offensively and I just don't know what they're expecting to see on we can in week out basis senate. The younger cop. Are accomplished group wide receivers who don't when one on one battles. I'd veteran defense does have. You know gotten why is really quick to what the very sort of do what moving the pocket and get Mitchell on the edge so. You're really limited to a couple of things stalling the ball from the pocket China hope that your receivers and cut income went up. 0101 battle or stay very committed to the running game which is what they did last week that they ran a better than fifty times in Baltimore so. But it there or maybe look for a trick play whether it was say cute you know like to mention. They're ponder threw a to a touchdown pass on fourth down and in Rico on the rookie running back also on tap back option task. Threw a touchdown last week dialogue in the days it the other two coordinators is going to be challenged tried to find ways to score points. So morally Austrian 1000 former Chicago bear join us on the tech become just life the did you talk about the young kind of send group wide receivers how much better with Kevin White camera mirrors and may distinct. I think it would may do better I think there was some people and I was one of them they're still concerned that that Kevin White just wasn't going to be any more than just a guy as we say in the business Soledad it is they can go out there and give you fifty apps and maybe give you forty catches a year but it. It is significant difference maker I think they were very excited as was I about America. Wasn't expecting whenever. To morph into Julio Jones but a guy that was very early in his career as a wide receiver came out it was quarterback and we saw some really good things from him last year and then he goes down. Against Tennessee and appreciate and there really took the air out of everybody's alone here in town. But it wasn't in I don't believe anybody expected this receiving corps to be. And upper you know it doesn't a top end receiving courses are gonna be limitations even if guys it's there. Delegates Zach Miller is a tie it and you know as an option for commercial Drabinsky is going to be something new if you're gonna run the football attendance you revealed that more. Are important in. You know his involvement in the passing game is that something that the plant is gonna have to slow down and in fact you know you could tell you the other cancers with certain middle why America potentially out of the game. And Lou keep it clear is that something an advantage that maybe the bears to looking lean towards. Whether it's something they'll look to our no doubt does like Miller is arguably their best receiving option regardless of position. A mild teammate Ron Rivera doesn't need need need to tell them what to do any defense so my guess is that they're gonna stack the line of scrimmage they're gonna try to take away the run they're gonna play bump and run out on the edge and there of course those receivers and tight ends to make plays and try to create separation and but again it's this challenge for this offensive crew. I go back to what I said earlier they're gonna be in the going to be very basic they're gonna run the football and they take care that goes on they don't turn it over. They've got a chance that there are really they're very few options should this group in terms of trying to come up with a creative plan. That's on the Panthers have had a insignificant running game to say at least you know they are trying to you know you've utilized a guy that. You know is it may be very capable right as of today of running between the tackles and run between the tackles they take a guy that is a little bit bigger and has better success rate between the tackles and put them out on the edge are they can be are they trying to out think themselves instead of just lining up and do what they do well. The captors yeah yeah yeah I I think so I think convince some lately you know there's there's just some limitation. You know I know they're they're going to be a hand centric offense and for good reason but. Yeah I can think there are some time that a lot of respect for what Mike Shula the gun bringing. Can't do it along over the course of the last several years and I'm a big believer Mike Mike was actually a misstep in Chicago went. Well I was playing back in the day. But there are times I think yeah when you try to beat you trying to create a spark maybe you over banks and things and I think that's one of the things the bears addressed a couple of weeks ago when they say look we got George Howard here got a camera between the tackles. We've got three Cohen was a change of pace back but glad. Let's let Jordan Howard do what he does well and let's take advantage of what to recall windows well not tried to mix and match. What we're asking them to do is to god they did it. It could challenge at time especially when you sputtering in certain areas try to come up with a creative entrance and then Jeff thank you so. Odds on a couple quick things away to go here and as far as the Carolina Panthers defense goes has been one of the more productive units. In the league they're they're a little bit long in the tooth and I think if there's a criticism to debate of this defense right now is that they do have a little bit of an issue getting to the quarterback especially -- as outside of Julius Peppers sues you know 37 years old and you can only play guys so much. This is your job socks and a Trojan you know mr. risky what are you looking for on Sunday to attack this defense. I'm Iran's football. I'm not going to try to do things. Like coach Ditka once told me it that it looked you're not fast you don't jump high. We. Do well this team does not fast on the edge and they don't make an explosive plays so well on the football. I think you will even get out on the edge jungle use play action. My guesses with a veteran defense he'll always have somebody whether it's an out of line backer to defense prevent Spain and home to try to. Take away that bootleg. I don't think this is going to be our outs. Out guest scene or out scheming to Carolina Panthers this is just about out excuse me and strata creates turnovers take care of the ball you're gonna see Jordan Howard Jerry it probably thirty times they're trying to take your cheap shots downfield but it. You know this won't be any special game plan that should never seen before. Last thing at least from its domino rescue about the NFL and and sort the health of the league right now because. In Austin next to a guy every day who played for a long time in the National Football League you play near enough so we have a lot of guys in here on a weekly basis who played in the NFL a lot of these guys are saying overwhelmingly want these guys are saying. The products not as good anymore it's tough to watch and for whatever reason and the ratings. Are reflecting that a little bit and saw there the CBS numbers are down 17% year over year end up Nielsen as showed an overall decline of seven and a half percent and total viewership we understand this anthem controversy has played a big part in that the qualities played a part in that the price has played important and that lots of things have contributed to this and I know you guys talk about this is such a big market like Chicago all the top what what do you attributed to can it be fixed and in this country loves its football would you lose a lot of people sometimes it can be difficult to get them back. Yeah I don't know that there's one answer to solve all of those problems I've heard over the course of the last few years I don't have the empirical data to. Most of my point but it just feels like injuries of becoming a more significant issue over the course of the last several years and they've become injuries to two more of your key players on each and every thing the two dimension to the field haven't changed. It's still as long as it ever was as still as wide as it ever was. The players are bigger faster and stronger lending to collisions are becoming more violence and they're coming in in an area where this is not a whole lot of room to get out of the way it's a vicious sport played by big guys who aren't gonna get smaller and are gonna get slower and are gonna get. Let athletic I do agree with what the commissioner has done and did very few ways but certainly what he has done it. Which regards to player safety I think you have to get try to get the helmet helmet contact out of the game as much as possible. I think once she tried to do that and you have some success doing it then maybe you can provide some statistics and so. You know it's certain that the eye test and say hey look I know this is going to be physical sport just never gonna be able to legislate violence out of the sport but but it's not nearly as unsafe as people are trying to tell you I think it's an important component cried out. So. I wish I had the answer to. To solve all of the NFL problems I don't see it is something that truly going to. To take issue just die right away but I think point 530 years from now you may see some of the residuals and I think it'll be more about. The number of people that are getting hurt in the game than anything else. All right Tom waddle ESPN 1000 former Chicago bear kinda got to give us some time on Friday so we always appreciate your mental version Tom good luck. You've got guys do well thank. You do say it. All right 70457. Or 96 in the dark colors holding almost like moral for wanna hear from you'll take some calls and we come back we'll wrap up our number two our number three Jason locked in for CBS four stops by how we're number four Chris it's a low Major League Baseball insider and Steve Merrill pro sports central dot com try to hire 23 and twelfth. Against the spread this year is a true for the money is coming your way in about thirty minutes it's Garcia and Blaylock. Our troops for them. Sixty former. After Merrill before felt as he normally doesn't have a knee. An influence on and off we said Bennett's part of the reason we do with that way yeah right so which 43 and twelve against the spread this year. And trying to improve upon that this week we got through for the money is gonna be a little earlier this week typically at 1230 to Jason lock and four of CBS will join us at 1230 this week's right before that. At 1250 mortar tube for the money takes him to post those on Twitter for a lot of you follow along like those picks. If you should and does he will well do Beckham at a later in the show 1 o'clock Chris due to low Major League Baseball insiders thoughts on the Dodgers went independent last night and tonight yankees astros' final two nominees still but it is just one but possibly final through this course it out tonight on the road today. Or they didn't damn games that if they don't know I know you know I I've I'm inclined to agree with you was Houston's a tough place to play they're all jacked up and mostly. Is there really let me ask you this you know because yours you fall baseball up close and I do you know and I've coached in baseball games I've played a lot of baseball game is they're really home field advantage in baseball. Other than knowing the dimensions of the park and you know the ball gets hit to the outfield how big of an impact because. You don't. Cheers of the crowd when your plane and you're pitching we are hitting. And maybe momentum I got tied it at. How much impact it's home field advantage heaven based on the drug candidate compared you football or basketball where you need to listen in order to communicate. And I think you just toss a lot of why the data does matter because Amanda looks at things like the debate especially used as Merrill what did you we could trigger not if you're unfamiliar with a ballpark knowing how the outfield play or how much space ship himself territory into those things very clearly matter. But it favors your team because your adult according to your park and let's say have a small Sylvia home run hitters and right you're gonna be an offensive team vs a defense of team we have a big part in you're gonna have speed everywhere you know that is that those things I think matter to certain to serve I don't think there's all those things matter yen and you'll for instance you know in the Chicago. A million to 32 count and the crowd rises to his seat and that this is definitely loud that's a distraction you know most that's a I don't know if that's a distraction like you think I think that's more about an opportunity to focus and nobody's listening to this all one noise anyways. You know once the crowd it's like you don't hear any thing it's just a bus so I don't know if this is a distraction as you think it would have been about what I'm saying is though. Don't use your 32 count drug you go throughout the course of the bat without that and then on the on the on the on the tail stretch all of a sudden you got 50000 standing roaring in your your would you have to be able to focus and picked up this gonna fastball toward the fire pits those things and I. Hopes that helps you hone in more as an athlete maybe it's a Buick does the maybe not others it doesn't and I am I. Most athletes would agree with that you know there's there's there's there are hitting they're looking at certain things I think what would matter. Is the adrenaline that it might bring to the pitcher to give a little bit more juice on the ball maybe I would tackle I've I've figured downplaying that little bit much and I think I am I gonna but I again I do so it's it's different in baseball home field advantage is different guys followed up about a but I do think system tactful when you sort talked about all those things too much let's go to Sula to California fill California's children waiting for a while the jumper and we appreciate what until our boat. They want to they'll think critical to our. Hey I've got to go do it on radio little bit yup all Obermeyer outward they have heard you gotta say more so about Cam Newton. Yeah it really fresh when it would've got got to learn. Like I'm a big fan of the show I've ever look out scroll up and watch some enroute to understand ticket can duty doesn't grow up listening. There is little telling do like so all the decisions he may. There's court decisions like and he's he's real self as I mean how telling was that in our season this year when I Ryan will call them now what the video because. Either it's just an individual medal in the military were tall guy like you know. Individuals of all doubt there are no matter and Israel telling today when you say that. Yeah and some sort of sadistic and now this came about where. Jay Cutler was they've. Quarterback they've looked at one of sleep or did you got to try to affect big Ed can't name. And don't ever met and I'm sure they'll stop the brutal form that I have candidates tired of the canyon effect I would rather have. Our quarterback back life. Any talk candidly definitely root for the guy I root for the Panthers all the cab. Yeah yeah Bridget a phone call buddy thanks to listen all out in California I think maybe the wheat is affected your brain. A I can hunt is getting some blessing. The last part I am not buying into that. Give me a guy that wins all day absolute majorities like do what he dresses like him in how we backs off the field he's a winner Jimmie that guy that's why I want to root for. I want guys to go out there now I mean if they're doing things that are legal set up as a completely different story but. Why are we so concerned about its. Our athletes now where I I never have gotten. In other certain guys are root for because they do well there are giving good example Tiger Woods. You know unfortunately didn't steal a lot is staying residual guys. You don't have done but probably shouldn't do wind especially when you make a commitment and just you know I know that's turned off a lot of people with Tiger Woods. I'm memories were athletes for who they are. I rooted for athletes because of what they did. I don't know Michael Jordan what he does and is off the off time I don't know you know what to Mohammad Ali used to do his off time I don't know Lutz. You know Mike Tyson used to do his off time I watch when he performed that I select a damn good I like watching that because he's better than everybody else. And you know I guess everybody's different. So if you feel that way about cam I don't know if he's ever gonna change your mind. You know because a do you think there are some coddling that has taken place I just think there's some in maturities. That still exist. And I don't know what would make him change he's the number one overall pick. He's a pro bowler he's an MVP. He's been to a Super Bowl he has a hundred plus million dollars in the brick in order again contract. What does it seem camp that he feels like he's doing wrong. Not talking to Jordan Rodrigue not listening not talked in does or says okay because if that's all the did as a lot right verses a lot wrong. Yeah no doubt about it and by the way a lot of text reaction to that call as you might imagine Arnold concerts excellent territories it Q do I like even if he sucks to not think that's a real threats in Sulu. Is he suggesting we trade camera something Dallas felt so you read it you liked it sucks root for Tim Tebow. OK Tim Tebow Q what did you ever lost NT is gonna win you football games right. No yeah I mean you would get sick of Tim Tebow very quickly if you lose your quarterback there's no doubt about Ras it's a great analogy you do your immature decision to close and or is that we wanna go because is likable. I God's design and for example much better than Jimmy Claussen our number three is a Mexicans Garcia in Beirut.