Garcia & Bailey: David Glenn Talks ACC Hoops and Phily's Super Bowl Run,

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Monday, January 22nd

Damione and Kyle talk ACC hoops with David Glenn of the David Glenn Show. We talk AFC and NFC Championship games as well.


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But Garcia. Our number it's a child Braly. Damien Lewis became a young man from Texas sitting there for frank Garcia this morning he's got the day off. We're have a good side coming up just a bit we'll talk to Charles Davis of the NFL on fox his thoughts on yesterday's championship games and of course Super Bowl 52 it's set patriots and Eagles rematch of Super Bowl 39. And the Philadelphia Eagles the largest Super Bowl underdogs since 2009. We'll talk about that their it's a really cool gambling stuff. But I wanna talk about and I know I know not blogging are that not only gamble out there I'm just talking about in terms of of Vegas is success in the Super Bowl here over the years is incredible matter of fact. Since soluble nugget here since 1991. When the Nevada gaming commission sort of track and the other Super Bowl but in Vegas is only lost twice. And it was. Did the patriots giants Super Bowl and a wait and it was in 95 Super Bowl would receive for Cisco San Diego was the only two Super Bowls in which Vegas actually lost money they made a 176. Point three million dollars. On every other Super Bowl since 1991. Pretty incredible we're. Militant that's drug a drug that's not a build all the big shot affairs and. How is that most it's all right there we go to your go to guy lose minutes absolutely. Well out there know no doubt about it now a couple of so let's keep this conversation rolling we judge David Glenz of the David Glenn's show wanted to know and you know him well as greater voice doesn't he's joining us on the ticket John just want to talk a little Super Bowls and college basketball as well David Howard brother we're treasury agent. I don't better than usual guys because of the total. Grew up route or aren't we have another cheered the win the Super Bowl so. I'm still focused on the AP they have always but I'll blob at the end up open stretch it and not. That's right I forgot you are silly guy Amanda and look I was still under him in a little while ago I was in Philly the weekend that went sky or actually less that's Sunday morning to fly back to Charlotte and I was. I was only does and I got back what does Phillies fans are so Jack don't they love Carson Wesley did is so excited they can snowstorm bowl and in a heartbreak kid and I was just like a lot of people David I chatted about but I mean you have to credit Doug Peterson who I think is the coach of the year in the inner self unused credit ownership and enjoy studying the culture. And there is bridges so impressive. Yeah it is and it reminds me a lot of out of a third strike it well you know if you're bill only around the corner back up like that happen trip big trouble spot. If you have one of Tibet the Tibet and you know now you have a power running game bill wicket. If you haven't nick poll we did have one really good bead didn't enable your more about their starter or Chip Kelly. When you have a chance even land your MVP candidate goes down though. I'm lap died wicket that I've been in Billy what they celebrate there oh World Series title for the ability to open help. And I thought that law comport with what corporate bill. Cook with it. On the the dog and they carry you know traffic light and another opening in Vietnam now but wait a great beat Billy bet don't want those poll on how they did it. But I mean how creepy they are furlong dot. Looking at a silly totally do it. How'd they get their team rather derailed if found a way to be the New England Patriots. I think you know the underdog mentality from the path of a bit spelling out you know Abbott dot dot com. And sorted it is buying into that of course it's part. You know it the Eagles earned their way of being hit for your record beat eagle tapped what the top five he is the bell. What did you IE it would air a lot they have a dangerous running game. And then have a dog in the past these games against mostly. I think you look at what it gag order did it all all balled up to a victory and you try to learn from. Look at nick ultimately is good at wake portal jaguars had a ten point lead in the fourth quarter cutting your blueprint. It's not a dominating patriot defense. I mean at the needle and even I admit it part of that again telecheck in great need but Jack and built on the road. But the script out there pretty equal to try to learn barometer of the bolt and they ought. I like it that bit about it and I'd like like portal at the bit that I've appealed and it can appeal rather it been doing what. Our David let's talk a little lazy seamless Dawson college basketball for a second enough. Well I'll start on the recruiting front and an admittedly I'm I'm not a recruit that guy nuts I'm not into the world of college basketball recruiting like a lot of guys are but you know it is impossible not to notice when duke has signed to the top three players in the class of 2018. The ultimate desire Williamson on Saturday it's it's. Honestly it is incredible chemistry is doing right now considering if you know it is advanced age all the negative recruiting New Hampshire takes place against duke with it suggesting that he's not going to be around much longer and he is fully embrace this one does strategy. Yeah I think you're right Andy final lap. They wouldn't rate they bought back pinpoint their knee you want an NC double like I don't whip ordered on the little local or wanted done that went well ordered done. I just don't there's three of the key players. It's trying to do it again as we speak indeed he had been a generation signed up is well. I've never seen that being proud basketball program behind the number one notebook to another record into the country I don't remember it happening. It BP. But what's really weird attitude that all three of those not only in Indian the most read it there about it what happened. So don't need it might he says he. There's not expect any attention on the beat Clinton wanted to be worried about pot you know not only what you can only what. Having two guys that are at least the similar white siding and then clapped her next year so. He put it appointed a lot of bump in Spain and a lot of South Carolina and bump body mind and that Kentucky or UN but he. You can never went on my you can eat and one woman reminded out and read it here is that. Even though. In the old days if you got a seventy year old basketball coach at air and prospects away a bit. You know they wanna do envision someone who would beat it further call three or 45 years. Now outdated equipment guy pat and only one year on their equipment and its coach K eight. I have to be your call it just matters that does that creep out of Olympic gold medal. And and national champion in they've only he can help them get the next four. And I told somebody evidently just envision coach K sitting back in a darkroom with a what's the doctor surrounded and plasma treatment and and bought and you have a ten year old or just just to stay youthful and fresh because this certainly looks that way but look I'll ask your question on the on to follow up on that has an it was a topic you guys have talked about a we all talked about you know it is impressive it is it's got that while factor you know the top three players the nation Osama duke. That those type of guys who won and done guys is it hurting the sport is it hurting the game. I don't think it and I can't help in an ideal world that I enjoy when you get to know guys broker or your four years. You know Michael Jordan previously stated that what Carol editorial in the early eighties for three years he'd just hit that shot against Stewart I don't. And then head of the NBA ought not only you you know that that nick university perhaps people that he can make legitimate brought what sport it really. That it detonated in the old days of the bat when he went in even the young man happy most of the time there were up to the rule. India ideal world. You'd still have that. What in the real world you know that a multi billion dollar industry these young man I've ever right to make their life and career that they can put themselves. Rather than playing mostly for free further Cowell is. No they're there one particular away from it pumped patent and the millions of dollars but the top of the first round so. I don't understand why it happening. I'm just glad that unlike staple on dangers of the world where we never got even an account uniform and he's been to the current format and bit one year. Need an over the NBA Temecula. And on the record to try to weed beans did it need to. At some point in the future we're gonna be viewed at 8 o'clock that it Pallet wrap it all for at least we hear your speech. So how do you say scoring is that if you received only cause you know what these guys that means one and done seasons. Are you still have the pitfalls of agents you know freshly ground. Browsers soon current tracks how do you keep the integrity of the game the way it's being in and you know in in its path. Ask in key down on trek without all this leak and they're like what we have with the dealers or right now. Charlie are it's really it's dark here pop actually because even. A lot of spoke or mentioned you know the N double A credit card yet he double what went on the often don't. The first thing we all remind everybody that those are NBA rule not and you double barrel billions he double play and lobbied the NBA lobby Adam silver bullet. If the players association in the NBA owners who make those rules. And the longer they say you need to be one year removed from your high school graduating class before your eligible there's not a whole lot being he doubled it in dual well. I'll when it comes to the Keating. Well always. It's only a matter of degree. You know we get in to you where the FBI investigation and not beat those. We either go to hell lot that the ugly underbelly of our sport is even worse than we thought. Or don't want that you know I think syndicate for a long it all on the panel right. When you may fool some people than we did not like others are gonna cut corner. And maybe it that the investigation to get the only eighteen day at all I opened on the fifteenth is the revenue Beatty denied. So I'm not sure it automatically got a lot work some but it got a little bit better when it comes to corruption I remember there was a conference. No doubt what counterparts asks if they did in part because they all kept turning each other and thirteen. David that they added that many school that the proper kind of been quote. I don't pick it that bad but nowadays. But as long as there's more if they don't want to their winning at stake there are going to be people who break the rules. David Letterman David Glen so joining us here on the technique come just slide under it before Alicia go to rest ask about North Carolina there in Blacksburg tonight they've won four straight in the league and what in a lot of folks earlier in the season trying to figure out what this team was and always is kind of the was oral North Carolina understand why in a lot of ways the way we used to watch duke and North Carolina and the script this kind of conflict and visited a different kind of teams now than what we become accustomed to but tonight for North Carolina go into a place to play a team Virginia tech's struggling a little bit did a little bit thin but the got some veteran guys they can certainly win the game and added I look to tonight as you know a decent test for North Carolina to continue to build this team in a way to not sure some folks thought they could about three or four weeks ago. I agree with you and sort of regret for continued pack it in desperation mode banter if he'd been thinking that they were and you double what part of the cal Berkeley. And they have not lived up that. And yet they have and he said the veteran perimeter not his kids. We have net clear all they have a guy in the middle Perry black here these are how it Bap. It all pointers. And I've been up in black bird he'd be environments for when a duke or North Carolina I'm the panel. Oh god Williams on the hook equal the absolutely jacked up tonight or if the car deal it is aimed. Odd that winning streak that you mention I did Carolina right now you know you'd be a break he spent the quick trying to figure out a pop. You'd be great I spent the weight and trying to figure out at you spent. Carolina might be the most balance the NBA eat you right now they even have figured out a way to get the victory of her. Can and cannot been more input to rotate him hitting three pointers. A when he came back from hip injury that Pardo took a step back for a couple weeks now feel like. Daylight there about five they like Roy Williams catered nine man Berkeley in their plan they're back back it all in at least a month or so. We'll be if they cannot pull it off against Virginia Tech on the road but wait remember the guilt the party lost UA EU road games they won by only a point in order to aid. No and the idea of quality opponent in opera like or not eaten there that there's a legitimate that would argue that not. Marquis news about the University of Miami. Okay Panetta Senator Kerry Brandon are does one know we're right moment cause we were good but we then took they can then mixed up to be a great world we and you see us being one of those tournament teams. I'd definitely there are created its I think the top three or whatever order do you BA and yet they put the next group includes the Miami hurricane and actually talk to Jim Larranaga a little bit later today they edit I wouldn't and state. What they're doing in basketball it's happened to a lot of people because for generations we've been due to the hurricane signing that pop. Football props bet are we are not and you do it. But they have very little bought the ball to bring an even if people appropriate firewall. But they have a true freshman named Lonnie walker who wanted to block newcomer in the fiery speech that he settled by what the guy named are quite. But all of the more exciting newcomers rookies that BA beat it. And then they have Ali VP caliber veteran like the ball now is on the NBA draft radar so I think Andy is in net pop. Definitely and yet eight or more did idiocy double. And I absolutely believe that the Miami where we are on that most. And I agree Miller Jim Jim Larranaga continues to be one of the most under appreciated her coaches in college basketball suggest me but who David awesome stuff is always exactly what we expect him and we appreciate you have a great show talks on. Thank Kyle data critical to what you got. Absolutely David Letterman David Blitzer joining us here on no Garcia Bailey we appreciate you stopped by 70457. Or 96 to another comeback wolf will will will take a little bit of that out low impact some of that but I wanted to back to us some of the senate Saunders talked about the championship games talk about the Super Bowl and of course I wanted to Damon's thoughts on the other Carolina Panthers offseason at some point as well a we got a lot more and its Charles Davis and a fellow fox stores at 1245. Matt Moore talking India talking porn specifically at 1 o'clock what do brutal. Brutal loss that was on Saturday won't get their little bit later resources and they look. Today no I don't wanna know why we're I'm on the defend my teammates and I'll see on film and on TV the one we're M until it came ahead bush didn't. Right after the whistle was blown right front and I'm disaster high level let them do sales let us play this list of the most trying to investigate stone from a man they have let my man like come home. Anyway I love sports we almost force. I'm bluster coming here every single day it's all exports for dog a great city and they'll we we do a lot of fun things on the show we were just talking about youth sports men and and it's gotten out of control maybe you think you're. They don't meet the roads into drug run these roads all hours today's question is it to volleyball tournaments a basketball tournaments man you know it's an investment teaches it was. And more there we believe any bit early Saturday for dream more than three want to big gala Saturday are even have to leave early because you have to be a Bafana are gonna mourn and to drum up to a pilot mountain you also Obama tournament you go to girls played six or seven games. They want determine you know world enrolled at 6 o'clock didn't bag. Men it in this every week you know every other weekend and visit our volleyball for me in his baseball must always does does not stop. It's crazy Matt Howard I told jealous wants not HBO real sports piece on you on your sports a couple of weeks ago and you know it's it's actually become there's a there's a financial access point the that a lot of families now can't reach and it's becoming there you've you've got to invest it seems you know there are 810151000. Dollars a year for your kids are shorter travel club and go play and he started sooner did these days people don't wanna get their kids athletic scholars and if you don't have the kind of funding to to do your kids in the mean much slower travel and a new equipment it it's insane amount of money that I. Here is rarely spent you know it was twenty dollars the play baseball player arguably best. Well Reynolds plays soccer as a kid growing. And you know those would increase fortunately new normal. Until we don't have juggle football let's start but you know old dole sort of sports and are still you bought it on Sunday. But I do these didn't really a colony is now to give kids an opportunity get a scholarship but for volleyball a lot of terms these girls they are really college looks distinctly Oklahoma tomorrow but it is Australia won it. High school sports in general Brodeur becoming obsolete hello we are in this release that men and over and also a tangent here but there's just talk and you'll buck and I've been thinking about amendment when I have kids especially get. It's the risk exists in this problem and it's. You're -- I mean it scares the hell automated but so anyway come back breaker second ago you heard jaguars safety Hearst is our quarterback AJ was it is I was he's bush isn't Bhutto Zardari is cool ya ya always I was screwed it up but they're talking about the officiating in yesterday's game and look into this the officiating in the NFL games has been a hot topic of conversation for a long time now right there and I and I defy the kind of amusing because. While I understand the criticism and these these officials are paid well to do a job I think is an extremely difficult job that paid well to do it's gonna be sympathy for them but G football players have never been bigger faster and stronger so no there was so many of these bang bang plays in close calls it it's nearly impossible with the human ought to get some of these calls right here you know as they're happening and you go back to the miles Jack play yesterday restrict Dion Lewis and got up and try to return it back the other way that was absolutely strip and a fumble editorial work. And he's very welcome to go back giveaway for a touchdown but for the official blog that played dead are realize Jacksonville fans were were ticked off about double knocked it to get mad at Pomona thing deadlocked. Scrooge on almost on a two to the idea because I don't know what a stroke I don't know would you let the play play out and you figured out what you bring you back your arms and you do not. Hold that title wade did because it's too close to call you Raton eligible to whistle into it then you have to to suggest they turn over Ed Balls sold out. I disagree with it yet there was in game change in play but that candidate is not the in the world. No it's dive and I agree with you look at you right about that in an ideal world you looked up Plato you know but I'm not gonna get mad at a guy and a for trying to mr. Reich told by minute situation are w.s does a flight across the field but the officiating in general I mean you know two more NFL games. A more criticism of the officiating especially how would seem to benefit the patriots now and I'll I'll I'll say this before I did and what happened at Foxboro the vikings and Eagles combined for just Six Flags yesterday so the officials in both tapes. We're trying to look he's just what you are noted there was not a total laundry and act him but there was just one of penalty called against the patriots they were flagged for a ten yard holding penalty on the kickoff from the second quarter. That's it. There hasn't been an AFC title game where a team was called for just one penalty since 2011. Issa the team wants the treasury to New England Patriots would be to Baltimore Ravens to punch their ticket to go to the suitable for her thumb so. That there's that. And Jacksonville was flagged six times for 98 yards just to you when I got into this earlier but a quarterback to the first second. Jacksonville was one of the least penalized defenses in the NFL this year they averaged just 2.3 defensive penalties per game in the regular season. They were flagged for three yesterday. Three defensive penalties that is Jacksonville was called for defensive pass interference just nine times all year and on the seven of those works up to right that was the least in the leak. Twice yesterday. And one of them I thought it was a bad call and I thought to what I'm Gloria it was it was a bad call I thought Toby was physical there's lot of contact no doubt about it but I thought it was physical a thought it was the covers I thought the ball was untouchable as much as anything else. Armed with New England was also. Well what the least penalized teams in the league this year. Us so I think that also factors in but here's the thing and and Damian and I talked about this earlier. Jacksonville shot itself in the foot more than anything. Yeah three of those six penalties were called on Jackson or procedural penalties on the offense pre snap penalties a false start on Jim Robinson and illegal shift on Kyle their noise that critical delay of game penalty on Blake portals at the end of the first half just before the New England touchdown those are self inflicted and they have to be called otherwise we're sitting here ripping he's officially in order. For missing the easiest stuff to call and then there's a call on Barry church for the helmet to helmet on gronkowski that was obviously the right call so for Jacksonville six penalties were unquestionably correct now he goes as far as to say five because you and I agree Jalen Ramsey. And indeed don't passengers in the fourth quarter was absolutely Dresser where there are so so what you don't really five of those six calls were absolutely right now the issue though. Is that the patriots reflect one time yes for a lot of people they got away with stuff yesterday. And especially on not only did is they had some opportunities totals impressive first calls and they let go. Feel like you know that may have been slighted but the difference CEOs. The ones at the jaguars commit or so blatant. Then you know you just can't not Holland you can't not called Taylor Ramsey for passengers you could let the boy Diego. Bled Jalen rams in the fourth quarter that's passenger on me it doesn't get. You can't not blow the whistle whistle start there you kit that. You cannot blow the whistle on a blatant illegal shift you can't you know and Wembley portal doesn't get the snap off when the clock hit zero you have to blow the whistle or relax on the. New York a way to pages you cannot beat yourself for Knowles a self inflicted gunshot wounded did not have to happen. Get the snap all get the play off and they are first sales that you missed the first airplanes because you get your half a second then gets set. You know we know you don't wanna do we know you don't want to play you go to be challenged but. You did say it gets at this go. Yeah look I mean the video again here's the deal knowingly got away with stuff no doubt about it Stephon Gilmore could have easily been flag late in the fourth quarter when he was defending the pass so against it Westbrook is sure looked to me like Danny Amendola head butted they shot just after employer. The water and that's that's what it looked like he sort of dropped. Yeah he didn't block the drug yet that's exactly right similarly New England is going to get the benefit of the whistles and Foxboro that's just reality it happens all over the Minnesota every team that plays at home is the benefit of the whistle and you meet Jeff don't. We just off the OB JR I just hate blaming officials are. I can't stand itself now. Honestly outside of and actually did you know I really didn't have any complaints. Or not only entirely new way to call I think he did a great job karma for bargain. Arm but dead one play you don't know it was a stroke. You just don't know is too close to call let it play out see what happens now that very well could have today today Knowles but. They didn't but they still call eternal over in you don't. I just I look at you take away the procedural stuff and the Gracia it. And and it's even. The save energy and neither game they are both those games none of those officials were clock approached like they were gonna let those guys play which if you ask me I prefer it that way I like it that way to a lot of oil drillers Oreo has argued about her our agreement on a percent also a quick phone call Maurice wants to talk about the patriots is bring the memories was about a. They have goals so. Diluted adequately when hit vehicle that is what the field but there it is it'll go away from their own jet reveal what truck and Blake. All the rules out there that it may go but getting at all. Strip out those that would not. You know failed probably it was cool breeze. Tom Brady in the in the course they don't well. And where those depth most world though Greg ray can't go out to get this far. Hey chip go put it away. So desperate that they were the rhetoric below. But. I didn't figure or an issue of course is not only gave up what they. All the little too good job of pepper spray. Boys played it should be up first thing. But there is a big JK. I have and it is you know have a great. Thank you very subpar series and just talking about the job organ Royce Freeman big powerful running back window look I know a lot of fans want that mean it's it's hard and I know you're a big fan of of power running football and winning games like that and your big learn from that trend and we also why you know especially the back half of the season and Freeman looks like he's one of those guys are certainly did it and it's a boy you have to dress chased his replacement anyway this year you didn't do it last year you took Joseph the it took McCaffrey and not again I told sunset earlier probably a couple of tournaments and it. You got a guy McCaffrey who's dependable. The guy knows he also is dedicated and very obviously trusts a diamond like judges this year and this is a deep drawing back dressed issuer sees the chance in the second third fourth round to go get a guy like that and to start to groom just his replacement. Absolutely and that guy has to be your starter you don't nemesis Karla what is whichever is going to be our great addition what you do when you can design game plans around but he's an hour. Only you treat their Brett and there's no way no way out so you gotta go from a guy who's going to be the bruising keep James movement you don't turn short you don't gains for Favre your pick ups. Well first there and you got to from a guy took part of stole in your role and to be honest with you makes you question can Jason who used to doing what they want they keep him here to see he's still got a bit left and say. What is for sure knows her up we got a lot of that's due to answer throughout the course of the show Damian and I work together for the first time where we're having a blast and I want to get his thoughts on all things bad there's of course religion talking about the Super Bowl and we got some more itself to get into debate is as I said earlier just sitting there in the arena Saturday night first of all of the love that though we're shown Kemba Walker. At the start that game was just incredible to be there for with the end of that game. A means. Five poisoned seven seconds of the tomb. It how do you reconcile that performance would those horrible turn over slate did that the call against Dwight Howard. We got some time to do with 1245 Charles Davis NFL on fox will join us. And 1 o'clock Matt Moore. I NBA right it was CBS sports will get his thoughts on the hornets as well we'll take your phone calls and we come back Damien Lewis sitting in for fright nor Syria it's Garcia Billick. It's Garcia and Bailey you know we spent that entire break just a ranting about the Charlotte north slope and there are coming up and and our number three but does that answer seem to be. Like the final nail in the coffin today and already happened and a lot of viewer would say the majority had but that was absolutely brutal it it was I should note I should note. They're going to go to the arena league in my house over the remote formal start of batteries dead son and the new battery battle with delta so I get a started. I get to the area. And I looked over I got a flat tire. The net and this is just an awful source it was an omen from the beginning right side Irish journal which by the way shout outs through what's and they junior and those guys over tarmac to take care yesterday but there was some breaks all sorts of stuff and last minute notice our. They took care so I appreciate those as the no I mean it was just a bad nights and we'll talk about a coming up just a bit we got some must have some Panthers fans and some of the football fans wanna talk to a sort of take some phone calls. And we will go to it's a Carlos off the doctor Carlos was a month. Eric. I'm a quick of the open golf. What then of what their debt but hey bad that they are really like decade. The debt that they would are growing up we do we have a quarterback epic is that we batter but what the point to get a power back I don't wanna be what Aetna beat out. I think that we are when you got up and that suspect. Thanks Carlos I appreciate I don't think also in our dog you floors that are just Norv Turner were told to expect came under center a little more so and I've been digging. Big game for Cameron assume that. Yeah. Oz I mean since what last year on the about this this is a guy who needs to be taken it lease it or fifteen twice that on Saturday. Cost he's proven he can run a play actions are pledged better. He diablo two rivals often at which gives an opportunity another audio run pass option these. Want it he can pass it it helps Jonathan Stewart won the ball down he'll. NB it helps to often to run attack the audio calls or cover from reports they are never understood. Why you would want to run the football Johnson's run to put stand is disrespectful to a decent learn to do that you made it our refueled Scott. And about Obama and import status in the game. Is this is the actual cause you lower your ridiculous that's think it is they open up the game or around classmate didn't open. Gave his New Orleans eleven yours what was care. Under center. Yeah they ran a damn camera cam you know are all tackle Jonathan Stewart advocates for eleven yards you know and they said they ran a break. Get a bit of practice and we'll go to the mall a contract that was more north Tarlow OUS and you'll see it we will see a power. Towels that are running game you have to look what would you think about it. Caviar to have been. Kim whom you are great thing about having him is that that you can do you can go into this this brain cell Austria's. But don't grow the beyond is saying that he can run and all transfer under center in when you wanna put the game. Able scales back you want to would change up late third or fourth quarter okay that's put even gone as well honestly you don't hold he's running he's going to ask. Give him what he really likes to do but early on in the game to take control at all for it to work it found him asleep you need to do this 1% of because it helps all principal it actually helps your running backs hit their holes is hardly a hole you get the ball from a standstill or you're not even get into the -- play well he's on his own zone read. I've never liked zone read for that reason it does not give the wanna make an opportunity to get there and healing give it to the floor to play in it didn't have the office of mine at all. I understand the appeal to the cause of Kim's ability to run the football but you know as your says he's proven that he can he can be a guy under center in no group can. Drop back from the he says he can do it but I guess it was or getting a series of god has that capability and into 2015 was a great example that so we don't want to do it more often I totally get that lets Seles go to Rodney next introduced us like he wants to talk pats and jags also brought in our youth. So tomorrow I don't bet you. It so we're. Our panel and uncle are not that there are spent and what and she. You don't Cheshire we're looking at our pitchers should Britain go out where where we're at a bit gave. And shook like a botched a putrid game not all your Kindle but it can't read these all throughout the pigeon beat. All game long and our girl who don't watch and not you know what I don't know if it how to how to attack it gay game in game. Tommy is the pictures you're seeing it put 151618. Years that the page's dorm there. Am I believe it or are an acute oblivious that a away. I drumming up for shooting an answer that question because I think answered it Indy I was gonna say yes and don't edit a disease institute. Yeah it is Armenian region runner cross restaurant is our own coverage in you can flood once out of the field with an all day in the last thing you wanna do those kids are at her way to kid to a million. And he was Rajon what is your main commercial Utah to disguise and in your mail looks in his own defense gives yours your your defense of our chance Ross uniform guys you don't actually doesn't coverage library discovered him. Little to feel I mean is easy easy transition but what they do always that they'll flow of the lives out of the field other flow of the rights out of field which in terms or its own. Own leaders that's all it is. Well yeah and on top of that and again that's I think sometimes you make football way more complicated than it has to be of course when you protect the best quarterback to ever do it is gonna Garcia this the year you you said earlier given time he doesn't miss at a news so we know that on top of the fact that did you get those matchups that you're talking about it's it's actually pretty simple equation. I 70457. Or 96 standards are gonna come back or get more your thoughts on no on the printers offseason Norv Turner and such and Doug and we'll take your phone calls a lot of awards talk to get into an hour number three I know a lot of you just completely. Just checked out on the is on the sword is right now and arbitrary budget discipline Twitter second Dodi said. The hornets are just bad results once you embrace at least on that yeah I appreciate I appreciate does. Us. I don't thank you for different devices and Dunn's I appreciated that will wrap it up we come back our number two resources in Blaylock. The single supply. Great receivers. Yeah. The Super Bowl. Two weeks from yesterday and then what Vegas is pretty good Vegas had the the patriots as the favorite to win the Super Bowl pre season at six to one they are bare the Eagles actually were were 421 on so you know not really expected to be there must there's David got a shot at redemption for that loss in 2005 the patriots in Super Bowl 39 a Georgia got some good Vegas stuff that I found last night didn't the patriots are anywhere right now from the slot and have to a six and a half point favorite depending upon which book you look at that. And the betting favorite has won 33. Of the 51 Super Bowls in history so it's not overwhelming you know it's a little better than 5050 but the betting favorite has won 33 of the 51 Super Bowls. But what this is the port spree Jeff. That's that's what I cannot understand my truck actually how do they can. The so it right every local to me and beat these guys out media these doesn't say at least these oddsmakers aren't our there's incredible there. There have been so they really are you if you if you stop and think about it their ability to to handicap these games is just incredible and also mr. like I said this earlier today and in. Since the Nevada gaming commission began tracking Super Bowl wager back in 1991. Vegas has come out ahead. Meaning the casinos made more money than they lost. In every singles every single Super Bowl since 1991 except for two. Other 2008 Super Bowl and the giants beat the patriots in the 1995 soup bowl between San Cisco wants India uses outside of those two since 1991 they've won the money on every single Super Bowl. In what throws me about it is the acceptance. Or you know that the bigger size and dollar terms so charming and and owls play in you know before fantasy football you know this was right taboo and talk about the sky and social and I'm just seems like everybody to a man knows what to force refusal ball game now we have a team going to Vegas this is no I. I didn't score arming and is just right totaled 360 in the last seven years there's only. Like it in the league has been really forced. To embrace that we're not even embrace but puts us to stop protect access to a different set to to stop pretending that it doesn't exist and and that's what's you know Chris Christie's former governor of New Jersey was saying enough innocent Delhi HBO real sports while back you said you know. First of all that the rule government since the lawn German descent it was completely arbitrary and only much buildings gotten. And in the dirt and the sand in Las Vegas cut -- -- -- to gamble on sports nobody else does and you know sell the NBA and Major League Baseball to talk about the sanctity of the game and integrity of the game six and we all knew was cramped for a long long time we are now you put -- got to professional sporting franchises invention got the golden -- in the NHL now and the raiders are on the -- so at this point that a basketball for example -- are probably not and so you can no longer continue you know pretending this stuff doesn't -- is a billion dollar industry multibillion dollar industry since it right so you just imagine melanoma when it is changes over the course -- we can't all just an Australian alone it's absolutely nuts and so you know we we -- it's not the Super Bowl that I thought would happen I'll be honest with -- it wasn't that I was -- against the -- so much that I -- object -- -- to be really cool for a -- much the vikings. To have a chance to win a Super Bowl in front of their home growth in the had happened yet no it hasn't happened and there's not a massive little. I've heard there's not gonna happen this year so if I was I would like to have seen that. And I know we get I know what unifil wanna thank you doctor commencement of the NFL wanna New England in Minnesota yes the idea that. Another reason better ratings this story lines of being able to win it at home and a chance to meet the most hated dynasty in sports and Russian joint. Ads in how. Or it would be unit to get a Super Bowl to get as it did make it a they did make it. Minneapolis we'll be right Jay walking tickets are like there's no way. If you're anywhere Minneapolis you'll do anything you could get together as a Super Bowl cigarettes are already a ratio imagine trying to get one to Minnesota with the budgets like you couldn't get into a bar you don't think about yeah there's not a boy. Bar in the city you'll be beginning to. Barcelona charge and 150 bucks and it's easy just didn't go so amid a city. Yet again that's to me I think it's a shame we don't have to suitable for Eagles fans you don't care about that not totally I totally get why does our yellow and dirty I wouldn't care. And I don't just said last not on Twitter us at earlier in the show you had much formal apology Eagles fans at a discount if you ever since the day tours and Wentz got hurt. I was wrong most of us were wrong that's going to end up. Respect reality discourage one more. As Romero every single time. Gave it a bit. Rolling we'll see two weeks from yesterday but I don't promise of Norv Turner Camden and talked and overdue that we come back we just ran out of time so we come back toward his thoughts and a promise to do with this time Norv Turner I was gonna impact this Carolina offense what it's gonna look like for Camden and what's Panthers fans should expect in 2008 seats Damione Lewis sitting in for frank Garcia here on Monday as Garcia and Baylor.