Garcia & Bailey: Damione Lewis and Kyle Talk AFC & NFC Championship Games

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Monday, January 22nd

Damione and Kyle talk AFC and NFC Championship Games.


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But Garcia. Okay it's Garcia and Bailey but. No Garcia this is a first for me man I'm excited like everybody does Billy's done a worker Damian Lewis movement this is so. Excited man I'm glad to be your day after the Super Bowl a young man from Texas. The Cain is an house what's up it's Ellen man you gonna they gonna do while tired I'm tired one of those bouts of insomnia last night it's always been about 4 o'clock this mortal blow good live also about a man I was I was kind of on the news to you I'd like a far more snow is an ingestion and I was up watching sports that are reading and they'll look at what people were saying about this game and are both those games I should say and does a lot of interest in so to come out yesterday now is a compile. How much money notably Molly ball and I. Had a game almost all I got in a show there were some stories that are watching and you know whatever it was cameras allowed Ray Liotta who was Wendell to play in yet another big day yesterday. S there was an absolutely was no we got a really good show planned for you here today David Glenn a David Lynch shows gonna join us at 11 o'clock wrote talk a little bit a college basketball's on Super Bowls well assembled. Some college basketball some great games over the weekend so on this week but. As of Saturday with Zion Williamson commitment duke now has the numbers 12 and three players in the country. Pretoria eighteen committed to the yes the top three players in the country all committed to duke. Everybody wants the guys coach K I did a maybe a goalie Brad if you go pro out of high school you played for coach K I mean the guy is just. Amazing get developing Gaza and Gaza on you all to the next level there's no better and in in college basketball in the post videos. Absolutely not by the way John the Bittermann just text me to say child. Just a day after the Super Bowl but soldier a statement to let us know your answer those today a good we are under right guys. Look I'm screwed up so yeah it is what it is remembered that we're gonna talk to a David Glenn 11 o'clock 1245 Charles Davis NFL on fox style Bible talk about yesterday's gains in Super Bowl 420 and at 1 o'clock we'll talk some NBA with Matt Moore CBS force dot com because obviously the hornets lost in the one of one of the most are brutal and excruciating ways to lose a basketball game that I've seen in a long long time on Saturday so we'll get into some of that but the first and foremost there was the AFC in the NFC championship games this weekend the status in all. The note. Captivated a minority year old watching football look at you don't have that much left quite frankly we have one game left in the season and that first one absolutely deliver an auto for a lot of you out there who made the patriots didn't quite deliver because you wanted to see them go down and it was icing on the cake if they can lose in front of their home crowd I get all that but the game was great. Yup that's also gave. Also doubles only just CC norms and and bridges and watch the game and I mean it was just from law. Moral just really got disappointed with Jackson video the last fifteen minutes of game lasted only Israel. You don't what you needed to build to beat in the lead in unison on your hands now. They don't win out they'll play about the rules not just the last fifteen minutes either Damien because I. I saw similar tweet us not forget who was so my dog who wish to credit them they miss it looked. Look or Jacksonville do in the final minute of the first half the two conditions you really had to go to battle but for look at what. And a total of Philly did in the final four seconds of the first half they drove down the field and out points the and they were playing to win where it looked like jaguars on this planet hang ought. Yes they were an army has just started just unfortunate calls. You you were the better football team yesterday in Jacksonville you know you had every opportunity to get it dawn Wednesday. But you know. Coaches and it's just as important. Two women as training goes and you know you show that that's out of softens as a coach Vinny got a leaks down to the players and taken and he wanted to ask sound as exactly what you did you gotta go gotta go for the jugular. Read all those you go to. They're the Phillies make a play here and you'll reigning U gonna. Astaro seventeenth in old and fourteen whatever was a bit firmer give yourself an opportunity to win the football game at every so that don't just sit on the hands and Neill Boller to have time. I mean not come out and finished jobs in sick you have and his ridiculous rant does the bad coaching job but offensive coordinator. I'd like to thumb I. I got it looked that I thought about a civil actually you know that's that's what's in it seems to know their best that's what teams that are playing again just hang on not to win doing like six got a chance to potentially go up seventeen points now where it was Brady in Foxboro no lead is pretty much ever save their joy as much cushion as you can get a actually you know and and and that's visual it meant. Got a second half I think a lot of us and this is where we are Tom Brady at this point. Love Graham. You just expect that he's gonna get it done and they does. And there's only so many guys in sports you can say that about the like clockwork you expect that he's gonna get it done and then it goes and gets it done Tiger Woods was one of those guys Michael Jordan was one of those guys there there's select fuel. That we've ever seen do the job like that when you give him are really you and a break like that going down just four halftime as opposed to maybe seven or ten. You reap what you sow the situation and you do. Arguably more credits who met pitchers in the defense. That I do to Tom Brady because what they did is. When a game are crucial again it was our freedom they were able to stall Jackson reels drug. Us now feel like Jacksonville help them in their play calling but they were able to get drawn shut down when he needed most if they would get three and out and get the ball turn over it as it -- the field position started to change in the gave you live morning gives celebrated a football it's out of their own forty you know we're really looking you know anywhere from fifty to sixty yours quarters there this this is not enough cushion normally drop in the field but that defense did outstanding player in Knowles are in almost tight situations going on in the start of the right before half time aborted sort of third fourth quarter as did a great job field position. But I couldn't agree more and look we've already got the sex coming in damion we just got one of the buildings that are text on a so let's not act like that delayed game big delay of game right before the half wasn't one of the biggest deciding factors in a game. That showed absolutely no lots but it goes back to a Damian and I were just talking about perform well on air here number to talk more about it right because what was one of the things coming out of a game it was all officials by the were terribly officiating was awful it was it was pro New England though we and we we typically get that you know when the wind Palin the patriots played home and fox broke there there's just a certain reality that you understand is probably gonna take place. But it's not only their you don't happen in Pittsburg it'll happen area and other places. But you write to me that was a huge Jewish claim that that some Blake portals and goes to a couple of the penalties that we were talking about before the show in Jacksonville got like six times for 98 yards and our Jacksonville's defense is one of the least penalized groups and in an elite. Six penalties for ninety yards and patriots. Relief flag one time an entire gave its first thing right exactly the holy ought to tick off right so you might look at that and say oh my god look at the discrepancy how bad is that. The patriots absolutely got away with stuff Stephon Gilmore could have been flagged for pass interference late night came on Danny Amendola sure looked like to head butted Tayshaun dips and immediately got away what he did and there were things that it big they could've been flagged for all be longer but keep in mind two things if if you -- officials soccer people today. In the NFC championship game. They only through six total flexed all right so Bo both sets of officials were inclined to let those dues play yesterday was. Like her personally I like that are the new look at Jacksonville's penalties in the game yesterday six for 98 where you could take three off the board right away in terms of conspiracy theory stuff took us three were pre step procedural penalties there you had a an illegal shift yet a full starting your public morals delay of game congress saw that happen before the snap the ball was ever snapped and are those two were killed. Yes absolutely right. Just reminded that the delay of game there was a back breaker but that you know ratios on the I didn't sit in a Boston that was a first round to go to first they'll play. You know would you do if you just hold a quick second you make good use later and I mean those are huge I don't change things they have those those families took nortel's board no doubt about it but yeah it does so those three or priest that totaled as you're throwing brought into the hit from Barry church there obviously helmets and that was materials are mean to me that would. Woes he won the dirty play it just happens beyond that because you literally. We lower the shoulder caught a minutes this is emigres and number it happened but that's just one of all things that you don't consider and say that he did I don't purposely just. Absolutely right so that's four right there for the six that had to be called otherwise were sitting here ripping these officials even work today for missing that things are never supposed to miss so that's four. Juvenile ramseys pass interference in the fourth quarter was absolutely passengers aboard Greg joked about Jesse did to me to do. So that's five of the six that were stone cold lock the correct call right yes that's an effort at least you're even at 11 I didn't think KGB always done Tony was necessarily pass interference there was a lot of contact but I thought the ball was untouchable that we can debate to the calcium Omar really care about that but then NCAA uses the phrase of the day. Right right exactly you know the Ramsey is. Totally unnecessary passengers and you joked a guy out in that turns into what I thirty from your totally that is a huge nor does it put the score put the score absolutely right so I just can't get behind the officiating narrative today do patriots get away with stuff obviously they did yesterday you'll do the patriots. On the note goad you into penalties and as an opposing offense or defense yes they obviously do crystal ball. But what olive means that you gotta go be to share price you doubting you and it's your backyard. You have the ball with two minutes in thirty plus seconds left. And you make a big pass play to put to all of this out of received your work in you don't finish that has nothing to do would officiate now dead straight up culture and strategy not get it done and here's a team whose prided themselves. Only once they make those big plays big orderly it's something that nobody got nothing out of last job beautiful enough. Or approvals for the president for second wanna come back and talk more about that but also wanna talk about not just robberies forcible public board spoke executive and a lot of respect from me and a lot of other people yesterday I know I know there were some things in the second half he'd obviously like to have back to where what you were told me. The Blake portals was gonna throw it was 12336. For two guys 30 score. I think jaguars went ahead personally that you told that before the game based on what he'd done previously and as close as I would've thought the jaguars are gonna win this game but we'll talk about that we come back Damione Lewis sitting in for frank Garcia it's Garcia and clearly. That was not Tony Romo screaming LA summer just doesn't like the patriots radio network most of Mercer and deserves elected Bertrand middays on the 98 point five the sports subtle they're all oil also the color commentator for the patriots radio network he was having a blast patriots fans celebrating the last thing they. It's why that's Damione Lewis sitting here for frank Garcia is more similar Jazeera is your brain. And these are streets Philly is directly after the game I love this tweet to be so don't just there was elect doesn't he just trolls like hell and everybody but he he sent this tweet number defined it. He said. Or is by the way up pats got by the patriots patches and she stakes in Philly has got to -- she knows overrated so silly let's go until I got to loves guys though like middle I don't talk trash to people but I'm also there's also know there's a superb 52 is set officially folks in the you know look at the rematch of Super Bowl 39 and 2005 when the pats beat the judge Donovan McNabb Eagles -- for 21 this is new England's. Tenth Super Bowl appearance. It all time record you know self absolute they've won five is a franchise they win one this year at least six that'll be tied for the most with Pittsburgh. And it will all occurred on the Brady Belichick and Bob Kraft. Just pretty amazing in less than twenty years. This is seventeen year body of work. In Super Bowls in seventeen years pretty incredible that is on this is something was also man it really doesn't just. Only thing you don't like about it is doing and wages. In his Belichick and Brady series yet with me and I'll Margo. They're very easy to hate and I can get a that's changed Hitler got more than a half dozen teams you know since the AFL NFL merger back in 1970. And haven't even sniffed a Super Bowl and these guys have been attendant seventeen years in one. They -- yesterday threatened to beat the rain kind of beat them go to the show the dam on the ropes it couldn't finish the job immediately looks at least through the first I'd say 25 minutes of that game like a replay of the 2000 in 2012 Super Bowls and its own problems and implement boxes you know did do is doctor evil claiming and watching these guys do exactly what those guys did a with the giants but. Looks like you said they left that bet that window open and left that door cracked and anytime you do bed birdies coming through yeah I'm. I mean it was a surprise to me what I thought what happened was that common into the second half. The jaguars defense of trial would just overwhelmed the page's office I think they have a good match up there I felt like. You don't look at at all paper is these historic to have destroyed the bridges also Angela yet but they played outs out of their mind yesterday they kept the puck clean most of the day. Brady was a bit more new what do pocket didn't have. A lot of pressure open his face all day most of pressure comes from it positions the dark to lords in the senate did a phenomenal job they play eat a maze. Amazing toolbar yes on YouTube. No doubt about it and you're now we're talking about this again before the show lament most of what they did effectively came very early and I came out because if you go back and watch the replay the broadcast. It's it's. You can hear it because Jim Nantz and Tony Romo or our our. Are actively commenting on the fact that -- Brady's got hands in his face he's being pressured his average dropped balls and personally because covered just so good and then all of a sudden I commentary simply go away you know you look up like you said the Treasury's offensive line and made the necessary adjustments and they're keeping those their keep in the pocket cleaner to the those guys off Tom Brady and again when you do that. Did. He just doesn't get. Yeah and what they did I mean they they literally you don't just talk in football terms there's shorten it sets you know they stop the use kick back you know stuff of with a total wash don't feel flow they really short ownership costs are shorten their sits. As Diogu are considering what they would stay only those guys inside in that just really dwell all the gains injection reels and old Aurora like the TJ you know juggle the field in a rail they stop already. It in it really was a problem for Jacksonville and they couldn't they couldn't just haven't found to adjust to be able to combat that that's Alamo pass block and they were getting and is normally would breaker agreed to as threats bodily. No no no doubt about a model we have some folks correcting me council tonight I said ten and seventeen years Brady and Belichick contractual been to eight in seventeen years will be the tenth appearance is a franchise but it would tent appearances a franchise is an all time record so want to clarify that some folks you don't want to make sure they told me I was wrong on that so that's still averages one they really year. It's that it's insane I mean seventeen years eight appearances. What fab winds. Five what did you. Delays this would be six look I'm not there with a show was not going to to turn into a Tom Brady patriots love fest note to our by any stretch of the imagination but I won't allow it to you. Yet they then there was absolutely will not allow it and and I don't have the energy from that but I mean look at the reality is not as much as you may pay them we we're watching something I look at it. Where we're actually kind of fortunate to be allowed to see this because. It's history to me again they might be the death star that might be Darth Vader company but this is history and were alive to see it and I I try to appreciate those things more often than I used to. Yes and I mean the very first one. I happen to be you know on the team that played him in the Super Bowl back in 2000 warned and you saw this skew sonus common cause he stepped in. Our what's our cameras starting quarterback of somebody got hurt. Putting our majors so your Drew Bledsoe got hurt and did he did this thing started and then you know all of a sudden you know all their way in Oakland in AFC championship in the talk rule. Also about a nowhere yeah. Shouldn't we played in the Super Bowl and this is after wheat grass tumor early read here will mean we beat the breaks album in new England and now we're Brennaman New Orleans and did after that game you know only be doesn't have the big game next thing you notified of the five yard rule comes of it because they did a great job be no receipt was Obama made that really did and arm you know gotten got our head coach out of his game play it. If you weren't team who learns martial tone it down to game. If he ends up getting like twelve carries they get a Sony really took about our game plan so I seen the nit picking in the you don't to skip this dramatic. Chess match that Belichick plays a gets his opponent if he's the best that it not only does it play against is appalled that he plays an honest players. If they wish weren't in a way that no other coast we didn't play as it was worth two in every charm. What are those guys leave out of his organization in the coming vehicles they try to use that Belichick's bellicose and it doesn't work full. He's a genius or it means a flat out things in the way he manipulates and worked his players and finds a way to get the best out of everybody in the building numbers don't believe. There's no doubt about it and look I would say. Look when they won five last year. Even their most harsh even the harshest critics Europe came around to say OK somebody who may be very easy birdies gristle tough. Ellison it's probably the greatest of all time when we we get that I think that conversation can should be put to bed but a lot of folks out there that still wanna argue that that's file we talk about that if you want to but you know again that usually see a a culture. A consistency. And and and the winning attitude that we again take for granted sometimes because the great teams have it and it was great teams don't come along that often don't you know it is what it is and they're gonna go play a silly team that's. Look Philly fans out there this is to the Philadelphia Eagles this is nick foals and restored our affiliate who listens to us everywhere for all time you have my sincere apology. For saying last week and truly believe and you ought to have a snowballs chance in hell when make him I thought Minnesota was going to control like game from start to finish and not only was that not a case. Knicks holes was credible if he was its phenomenally wasn't a game manager yesterday he was dominant. And nearly a perfect quarterback rating 26 of 33 for nearly 400 yards three touchdowns no picks. Nichols was fantastic connecting this was caught the ball all over your absolutely no doubt and I would get your thoughts on the quarterback play and general yesterday when we come back and wanna talk bubbly portals too because. Again back to impress me ally showed a lot of guts and oh in the second half via either some plays he wanted background public portals did enough to win that game yesterday for a little talk about that we come back it's Garcia Billy. You tell me the best and he's he's the toughest guy I've ever met. Physically mentally. And if there's anything that that happens to Tom I know I know he can handle it and he's in. You know this is unfortunate to see. You know and indeed injured mid week I know mentally probably stress about a bit and physically I know. It's it's hard to to pro football assist stations in your thumb. One. Two. Sale are. Always go forward to news there's no doubt about that man and been here all about a glass eighteen hours or so just about how great Tom Brady is enough we'll we'll save that for a little bit later because they were great yesterday especially the second half but I do wanna talk about some of these other quarterbacks for a moment because. Again even a losing effort Damian and then there were again plays this kid wants back and and ways you can certainly get better I had zero faith. Them illegals gonna go to Foxboro. And play as well as he did and and especially in the first half he was making all the right plays make it all the right decisions. A great balance throw on the football run the football loved the play calling yesterday it was great balance Tony Romo was talking a lot about it but I run run play action it is no way you have been the Nixon the torpedoes and things like data they used him to perfection they're in the first task. And then as the patriots did the patriots still image adjustments in the second happened I just want you to take on morals except that the kid earned a lot of respect and authority to big step forward yesterday. They did in you know they did they had a perfect game playing Gloria in the first half and they executed. And would you just as the preachers made they got out of which I don't understand that. You know I feel like if you stay with the game plan you know one run pay. You know all things that you don't up to this point to got you guys our streak in the first place you took this guy and put him in a position where he can easily. Manager's roles managed you know when they ran the ball. It's it was a MacArthur don't forward. And that's what they did they found out what he does what he did wail and they executed offense stops on the make him be something that he wasn't. He's been working his mechanics drawing and you could tell even yesterday he's still not where he's going to be in those mechanics you conceive falls in the way he's got to place the ball like a list of what the Libyans say it he. Did an excellent job of men's and a game especially defers that yesterday. And when you put the kind of cast around and that they half when you're given alert for that you know when you when you give him weapons like did he was broken those guys on the outside would you put him with a defense that they've got you know he's an a great situation UCL a I think he's gonna continue to get better and I did I was impressed yesterday I got a tip my hat I kid because it's a thought he played a pretty social. It felt like the press who was not gonna get to the cause of what he's been through an army is regarded even always gonna start to week Warren. Indiana even the end you know blew the first full farm which are the season we all Kimberly causey was terrible this is Carla what do laws we are new Jacksonville quarterback away from being a good football team a really good football teams but. He took it as a challenge and he got better so I knew yesterday when you're around him one bit because what he's already been through throughout the season. For two years she's been listening to people like me like you. I can tell a tell everybody that he's he's a bust noted that he hasn't developed that'd be good it's time to move on public morals any initial lot of people look yesterday I thought I'd throw the course of his post season this season and I do think that's gonna continue to left deceit. In the other game. Again nick foale's was phenomenal indeed they committee yesterday the the Eagles. Didn't just beat the best defense in the NFL because it's just to clear Minnesota Vikings are the best defense in the NFL they lit them up is the Minnesota allowed I think 275 yards a game and ended the regular season. Philly Pollock for 56. And not just to force 56 and how devastatingly efficient polls was. They had four plays of 35 yards or more two plays of fifty yards more they weren't explosive offense yesterday hustle and I and I don't know that anybody could reasonably predicted that based on what we saw against Atlanta last week and knowing them and only what you serve for offenses is is absolutely spot. But that defense absolutely some other you know some other grimace or they are keen on his heels for about that first of all. It was all freely all day from that portal and do you our most surprised at what the box or reads because if you if you just watch that game without having seen the box where you were thought Philly probably racked up 45 sacks and things don't go. And ten tackles for loss and all I mean they were great media daily and one sack in the game there but they hit chased him eight times they roughed him up they never allowed the running game to Detroit and they were they were just. Awesome nearly took. The game and you know just just renamed to affect the quarterback with that pressure. Is Jess is important as a sex from Charles in I think we're relevant more and any thing is case can harm oppressor makes a bad throw. It it turns into a pick six you go to our sickened to obligate. That changed a whole facet of the game into the school fortunately out of a hole in his defense is already you know a little bit. Not given up more than fourteen boards at all because they haven't all year in I mean they turn up and they turn out in a showdown against that off Minnesota Greg is also. Spoke no doubt about that and look that you could look at all the guys and she Tuesday's yesterday not just nick told Al Shawn Jeffrey an enormous game five catches 85 yards and two touchdowns act hurts caught eight balls for 93 yards yesterday on stage I ran for 73 yards on sixteen carries he was effective you talk about the Philly defense doing phenomenally yesterday LB does with its from a cut of all over the map right now with the Eagles put. A few days ago. The associated press and the pro football writers association named Sean invaded the NFL coach of the year. I wish they hold off on on and on do I got these awards Chris not that Sean McVeigh is deserving but if you can get my vote it's Doug Peterson. It feels but the reason you take Sharma Ghraib because he's the youngest coach to ever do it and he has a team that did not make the playoffs last year I get in and day. Had no hopes of doing anything this year any turn as a programmer rail. But outside of that the runner up should definitely be Doug Peterson. But my issue some of those awards though is that because of what you just described there are often not a lot of these coaches who take teams that worked great the year before and then have Goodyear's the following year it seems like that's become the most important criteria for who's going to be your quote the coach of the year we sort talking to me about Doug Peterson losing Carson west who was going to be the MVP. It was going to be the MVP of the national football jedi Knight got her release it appeared that way and it and you you hand them a backup you know what what was the second or third week of December. Yes I. We've been why don't crash. We go to break in and out of control now we're in order to go to amateur that's another old saying you gotta knowledge of the relatives of boating absolutely do enemy's ship that they don't control. I never a million years. Thoughts back to Philadelphia Eagles would be years matter I was instilling the weekend that Carson when Scott hurt I was up their studio for the for the other the army navy game right now I'm Michelle says yeah I I know. So I don't live bullets go where I was talking to Philly fans they were so excited to get a low winds of their their biggest Super Bowl Super Bowls and they get hurt my dog has such a Philly Fed took its over now right now into its ad notes how. It's no net. He's got to get out of look we all we all believe the patriots you know are are are gonna blow we know there heavy favorites of the biggest Super Bowl favorite girl and put it this way Eagles are the biggest Super Bowl underdogs. Since 2000 not. A couple books and opening up this five and a half point underdogs some books had the size six and a half to open this thing up so they are heavy underdogs in this game but given the way the holes played yesterday as anybody believe they can't win this game. On the go drink some are born again it's nearly every single time in the play else animal keeper the last goes on the I think we'll tell you tell us. I love America I absolutely love it and look of that of course home field advantage helped a lot amid a day they they got it on the regular season they they did what had to be done to make sure they got that home field advantage all the way through and it paid off right and that's. That that's that's why a lot of these coaches preach how important that is and if you if you can get that it may mean so what should matter so much in Philly exemplified that again this weekend but Minnesota had a great year yes they did a bad day. All right and when well when I was talking about this game last week Franco said. I just think that they might be too balanced Buchanan's been too good volume Marie McKenna in the back Joseph Rudolph and sealant and Stephon digs in and they they just they were so balanced offense and they just had a really bad debut got to credit philly's defense as you said for making a bad joke. They had a bad day for a reason not to tell you right now and as Richard Koch and company. In the you know the arrest Archie and the whole game in those freebies are all important jumping balls and you don't they made it extremely competitive from the get anything done. It to be honest with you we saw this coming. The second half put a New Orleans games say what you want. You know you take out do you do you take a miracle catch out we're playing in his the vikings and Philadelphia playing in this game I mean Islam is our New Orleans and Philadelphia. Let in his game but you know they got lucky. And is calling what is the outlook Guinea fairway to be in this game if you think OK they got momentum or. Their plan at all if they make it to the Super Bowl was really what you're normally you don't age as well out. Out in the execute it form the second series only executed residents someday am absolutely certain. No doubt about a Super Bowl 52 was set two weeks from yesterday is going to be US bank does stadium opened Minneapolis. On NBC and done this this is going to be fun to talk about over the next two weeks of course we're going to be broadcasting live from radio row at the Super Bowl starting next well. Visual bigs look good for that well. But it made sure I. David Coleman this expense everything's on offense and says it was swimming and expense paperwork dredged up. You know the assets that car that you won't have a coverage on back doesn't that doesn't for this Garcia Billick. Loss of five. You know look. Tom Brady won his fifth drained last year. And that's the most of all time record and like I told you earlier even his harshest critics. Kind of came around he admitted as probably the greatest ever do it I know probably could assess the idle idle for so we are but the fact I I still saw people arguing about this last night out I thought we got to put that Tibetans and this is like we sort this is not gonna turn into a Tom birdie love fest patriots love just with but don't. Hello my eight investor disappointment yeah. We love this organization no no I and I had an idol. I have a need. Invest I don't have a vested interest in the best to do an and I've been Tom Brady but put the reality is he's the best buy every conceivable measure some before Panthers fans or anybody else that before you spend yourself into a blind ratings are great clarinet or are soft just give me a minute that I try to convince you of anything here are really don't care you like the guy or not. I'm asking for your help on actually asking for your arguments here. So frank Garcia I agree on one thing and Damione Lewis agrees on the stool based on our our conversation a few minutes ago that numbers should strength then and supplement your arguments when it comes to sports you know you can do what you want but I still think stats should be the entire ordeal. Stats don't tell the whole story. Tom Brady's numbers might be the lone exception of that rule in football right now because look he's about to make his age three or Super Bowl start most all time. Five rings most all time for quarterback eleven game winning drive in the post season most all tot he throws 63 post season touchdown passes and Joseph Montana is a distant second with 45. Killing their. And I'd be close to 101000 post season yards after the Super Bowl and Peyton Manning's 7000 is a distant second. And by the way Brett favre's five or 6000 is also wouldn't even more distant third is a pivotal had a cameo as a whole career a whole career they have the whole career and so radio every meaningful post season record in his position and he's near the top three in those same regular season categories are statistically speaking there's no legitimate case that Brady is not the greatest quarterback of all time. He's being called a system quarterback. Aren't people pointed at Matt Cassel you're there 1115 but didn't make the playoffs is proof of that but it's it's absolute nonsense. And buyer of government and Steve Bunnell pushes ever Cisco 49ers and a lot of the teams a journeyman third string quarterback there he played for George Seifert who. In answer for Cisco took over for Bill Walsh Bill Walsh was the godfather of the West Coast offense the epitome of a public quote on quote system office there. In 1991 Joseph Montana was out for the year. Ron Amadon got hurt midway through the season encourage Steve Bono comes in and there was five and one and finishes with a fourth best passer rating in the league behind Ron Amadon Mark Richt and Jim Kelly. All right so does that mean that Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon are both also overrated system quarterbacks because I'm not I'm not really sure how that all works here every quarterback plays in the system. Yeah they all do tractors fans have been clamoring for for Mike Shula to be fired for years now because they want a system that better fits Cam Newton. Okay all quarterbacks assistant quarterbacks to distill it to run that system make the throws identified defense is all those things. And as far as the cheating stuff is concerned Walt looked Tom Brady and the pacers are gonna have to Wear that's Karl letter for a usually are they they they got caught breaking the rules you break the rules or suffer the consequences that's just real world as the saying goes you ain't seen you a Dresser Tiki Barber once told me we're talking about this a couple of years ago and asked to Cuba and this is sort of life and and he said Deborah. It's kind of still and everybody was doing this league's ruthlessly cut through everybody's close and as the differences those guys just got caught. I know right. Price Garcia and others say like Damian who absolutely don't despise the patriots are pretty much also the same thing through Tom birdie does things nobody's ever done before deflate gate wasn't really a scandal so much as it was a pissing match between you and Roger Goodell for about your hat there you know two weeks after that game against the colts with properly inflated footballs and I think we're guarded by the Secret Service Brady went out carved up the legion emblem the important one of the best defensive back Jones I've ever seen there. So I don't really care whether or not the patriots win the Super Bowl the better stories probably Philadelphia beating the most hated dynasty in sports. To win their first ever Super Bowls franchise. Again I'm not telling you don't like Tom Brady I don't expect to did you call or text me and tell me got a bright I'm just asking for somebody out there to call any time in the second hour. And and lay something out from it Faxon they'd give me an argument that I haven't heard it got to check your feelings at the door latest stuff out for me if you're willing to try a medalist at. But I've not read or her an argument at the begins to make any sense Tom Brady's greatest quarterback to ever touch football I think it's pretty cool that role Odyssey. One out of that you can organ nobody can I mean we consider we can hate us will you call eight million hey don't celebrate how we want to board. He it is literally the best to ever do. So when you saw the gala last night and not with would you look at that when you look at the early life for the Super Bowl debut did you see you to do the Eagles are about a six point underdog. Deprives your calls that were about I thought it would be. Yeah I'll actually I'll try to be more around seven demand but on a C a six tornadoes brought me one bit what would you. What would you put you know I have patriots as a favor what is football game I mean. They're proven they've done it each and everywhere you can't they've come back from huge deficits these failed leads they've blown people out. They've had to make a last second drop they warned every single what do you do drink go so why not have them as a favors and they are the most experienced in the situation. Which you know what. These did that these Philadelphia Eagles the scrappy. They relish the underdog role -- does not there's not a whole Zacks really all that scrappy about the defense that's a great group you know that secondary got healthy bouts you know midway through the door the regular season a little later than that well that's secondary to our rights they really rounded into form so there's this secondary is is impressed to Europe and you know against Philly has as talent on the offensive side there's no doubt about that. Unbeatable a lot of folks myself included completely discount this team because of nick told I was wrong to do that. I think they can win this game I'm just not confident that they will. And reason are you know are covered is because they do have neutral I mean yeah let's call it what it is. There's an X-Factor in X-Factor is how will the patriots confuse controls and this football game. How will the patriots stopped on in his football you can they stop the wrong. Or against. The Philadelphia Eagles is they way they did against jaguars Dole's own questions Kim met Patricia do we need. Can he bring his defense all in May have some adjustments is shut down ultra skinny dual digging it that's what is good morning or two because we know. Don't hideous. Always those always those always were illegal videos so are you going to be able to shut down. This all scripts. Or not that's what it comes down to. Four DR drew the pictures are they going to be underground in stopped. The Philadelphia Eagles from going out and run the ball into what they been doing the last few weeks or martian sun tomorrow as simple as that. You played on the 2001 team that David to play the patriots in the Super Bowl the greatest show on her team francoeur C into a company or these two weeks between the championship game the Super Bowl didn't feel like three months. Now she winning did that winning did that our luxury to have two weeks because of 9/11 that's right you did you know we just threw right over there we turn to right over went into the armed. We're right into new module right to be our practices. And media day on itself for me it was literally like on the next week. That's right actually. That's right I forgot debated it cut that announcement you you've talked to a lot of guys who've been through adamant that this two weeks between these games has to feel like two months you have those are mean and do you try to keep you guys away and just try to keep it quiet this week because you got to get ready you know this is this is your week. Indian you know next week is walled drool and you know just for our and to owning keeping guys in shape and you know keeping keeping your timing and all that stuff and try to manage emotions. And that's where the preachers have the nod coming out because everybody on that roster for the most part has been do what is in anybody has somewhat. Riding on his roster has been due to some symbols arms sold mural. They have this donor aren't gonna check whereas what's really this the first time maybe into the show in a long. Old dumb there's not a player I believe on his roster that played with dog with the Philadelphia Eagles the last on the plea to bridge and so what was that about these Fata thanks. Thirteen years ago yes all right there's not a clear on this Ross is sorely got a complete journal when nobody that they draft that has this type experience on the football team so you don't they have a whole different animal in you know managing your emotions in. Now again can't open your and you don't hype around Super Bowl throughout the course of the week you know also they got a tall task. Outside of just compare the game plan to be to preacher. No doubt about it are at 70457. Or ninety sic stand for to take your your phone calls in the second hour I asked him to thirty any holdouts out their assault last night. You know who just can't come around the track. You're watching the greatest quarterback to ever doing a basket for your arguments on your -- I wanna hear a love compelling argument if you got one break of the damion I just we we can't figure out so we'll take those calls but first when we come back we're gonna talk to David Glenn of David Glenn's show little Super Bowl talks in college basketball as well Duke's recruiting right now is just. Stupid it is is just absurd the top three players in the country. All committed to the Blue Devils after Zion Williamson's commitment on Saturday we'll talk about that as well source Ian Bailey Damione Lewis sitting in here on Monday.