Garcia & Bailey: College Football Time with Jim Grobe and Justin Fuente.

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Wednesday, October 18th

We talk college football with Jim Grobe and VT head coach Justin Fuente.


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But Garcia. The command our numbers soon child Israeli strike Garcia and Osborne here on W. The US and see a lot of college football talk over the way this hour don't forget forty minutes from now Justin's once a head football coach of Virginia Tech will join us this guy Carolina this weekend and double talk about them the fourteenth ranked team in the country coming off a bye week so apply for an ACC title and if they can get by Carolina and duke in the next two weeks issue showdown with Miami looms large here on November the fourth so we'll talk about some of that and I NC state a whole lot more with our next guest. Jim grow grew low playing quail hollow yesterday. And Georgia got to be honest with demand we I was pretty I'm jealous your -- well hullabaloo so wage jobs that are probably got to come ultimate and you might not have much time to play in connection you're sort of phone calls. And don't come I want failed totally yours until we lose this. The other big question as well are you even are you answering those phone calls would you entertain those phone calls. Well I really gonna slip book I was I got to tell you bet but it I guess I got kind of we're less strenuously group right now my plan certainly kept every game in particular order and. Let's go check and understand why missing 'cause it's a great game and right now college football's doing it better and everybody else I think the NFL's on watchable not only do I think there's parity but I think his mediocrity. At least in the in college football we have some upsets. We have some really good teams and yeah you get to watch an enjoyable sport to people have passion for. Yeah I agree yeah I think to prepare and about college football this every week every bridge got a chance to go. If there's little guys are truly nobody without some channel you know some have more than others but I. Every Saturday you gotta play the game got to go out is clear that thanks. Who went saying that's still supported their own church disappointed a lot of opinions this kind of became more toward your politics I don't want cheap politics I don't want. If single room of football that's when I turn it on so I mentioned college football aren't there baker really she just because we left political movement. Every week or change corruption that makes most of us. They're coach talk about upsets Syracuse last week upset clubs and I still think is one of the top five teams in the country are still think that. You know it wits with Kelly Martin they're the number two team in the country and they'll potentially to make the argument that might be the number one team in the country when their quarterback is healthy but we see how important that position is to that organization or any other team out there but they lost to Syracuse they manhandled up front they got they got beat they get the ball run down their throat they couldn't stop Syracuse so there's no excuses for them losing that game other than Syracuse. He wanted to more than they did. Well there's a great lesson there you gotta be ready to clean every week. And one of the things that you saw there are actually not quite ready to oil. I'm in the end I don't think the super coach in America than their social media and state just as good as she gets. But the kids have to be ready to claim they have to see them going physically ready to go. And that's a friend I think he noticed more than anything else course quarterback gets hurt. Didn't help because they're so just go to Poland the rest of Pope altering the Christian so concerned about debt after quarterback being hurt but actually clinch. It happens so little test session between Turks physically ready to but here it's. If you're not that's what happens when you take and take your team for granted ask her what they announcers let there at the week before McCain. Was talking about whether or not terms backward players should just let this matter is Clinton Clinton Clinton played quarterback. They'd they'd be Turkey's wouldn't quit for certain. Burger we're seeing quarterback obviously that's not genetics. Just talking to Jim grow former Wake Forest said toast joining us on the -- become just like coach what does this say about the conference when you look at they may be 89 team in your conference can go out there even albeit not have your quarterback. You know step up and beat a team like Clemson in any I think that speaks volumes for the depths of this conference. I don't think there's any question about it. I use all of Boston College did this past weekend a little girl I don't think you are adequate to train back to the bench and Louisville in the moment now. We moved so you get a Heisman Trophy winner quarterback. At Boston College just. Physically got there from our data to a question about 240 to sixty emerged which it and know that you just over drew some attention and of course will let. I think it's great for college football great for French and where the understandable that toppled like I will want to guess it's there are a lot of hassle for the culprits are unsure whether you got to be excited he's got a shot. Negotiate with when the season opened up I like to NC state a lot I thought they were going to be South Carolina and that's a belt pick also over your Bank of America and I thought they were gonna have a good season and admit I didn't know exactly what that would. What looked like no good season but I thought that was gonna happen. Others say they lose the opener to South Carolina we all just assume that NC state is over hyped as they've done many times in the past and that's going to be that. Of they bounced back him anyway and all of a sudden they look like they are real contenders in the Atlantic Division what makes this team so good and I know defensive fronts a big part of that as is the quarterback but as you watched this team what impresses you the most about NC state. Well I don't really think they've got a week that you noticed or look at Adam. They play really hard and Wall Street and this offense defense and special changed. And they've had a couple great moral and who actually get that score more cheap bit there's there's big oil and turn your belt. If you get a chance everywhere I got talked to David Doran moon and just play our tournament this past summer. Whom. You know I just have a good debate Yugoslav. Relation to score it is Kevin Nolan Clarence where you know the gaps don't really really good about these incumbent. And I don't that this thing I just didn't know a little bit. That it crashed they had Russell of close to a three Terrence itself harder kids play it looks like they're really elements aren't in your plan which there's grand about generational. If a coach a lot of times I missed tackles can be due to Lou lack of effort or our lack of atlantis' some you know for North Carolina which one is it because. I don't think that they're not given after I just don't know if they have the horses are trucked to compete against other teams and I miss it a ton of tackles because of it losing games. We know what record I was surprised didn't really look forward to the portrait desperate to reserve I listed it in the trees preached cold. There it was losing power and actually care murders without pulling one player and a opinion truth. I don't know anybody concern about I mean we have definitely slipped through there are quite forced us sanctions play great football or talent and I think we're worst this kid can go look at capable beat anybody right now. And exploited children walkers and one of the withdrawal pretty much local play against torture this great so illiquid Carolina looked at goats that you know which machine relationship actually our assistant wobbly port Charlie you're always distorted view your best clips on the football. The other senator that I think everybody wished keep good marriage sort of those hysterical 'cause guy you're trying to attack street is. Mean there's no doubt about that coach couple of days we'll turn you loose end. I was do we talk about the coastal division for a second. And I started the season so I gotta get a two horse race Miami Virginia Tech now at the moment. You know according to the rankings that looks pretty prophetic at the same time I look at us you abroad criminals go to Virginia. And they they've still got to beat some teams having some neutral team's forty bodies absolutely over the moon but what Broncos dawn after a two when you're last year to now be five and one was largely the same group of guys a lot of a lot of those kids were not deal highly recruited types. The whenever there's a very crush on whether or not bronco could coach Wright was about whether or not you get the talent to Virginia and whether or not a good start to change that cultural but it. Absolutely ineffective one so bad. Bronco Mendenhall I know and I'll go to where do these task out intelligent defense you guys believe in playing great defense. They're tricky little embarrassed to Virginia pass and keep growing a tough guy mentality that we're bolting. And the first tour their new schools in hopes this is just kicking games don't. But I you can expect just to not play your best football but I strike last year. You know it really didn't play very well several things shook each Kurdish culture it's original brought commendable approach and this year. It's just exactly surprising to everybody who leaked that they may. Let you know I think if there's a more physical football team up there right now the Chilean copper channel and do with day. No you're absolutely right about the edited you don't have 35 star kids or at least Richard bigtime playmaker and all three levels that defense and Michael Kaiser Andrew brown and Quinn blended so it was a pretty decent place to start. You know but the other two teams that I wanted to talk about Virginia Tech and Miami Miami Jones survives Georgia Tech big time when for them without five starters over the weekend Virginia Tech its North Carolina the Swiss do the fourteenth ranked team in the country we're gonna talk to just influence they hear about thirty minutes. And I look to strike her Lerner said. A Virginia Tech right now sitting at fourteen with a 41 record the put a freshman quarterback in five freshman wide receiver so that's a pretty. Big thing to have to overcome and I think when that matchup against Miami happens on November 4 you're gonna have to you know keep an eye on that could it go by and large those were two of the biggest that we're actually my three the biggest hires in the conference. Two off seasons ago when you talk about Justin Fuente Mark Richt. Yes no question of course march got a great reputation as an ultra cheap coaching course just got pretty good defense coordinate his. They're good effort so. You know I don't think virtual tour continues to do even though they've got to really young which fortunately they continue to play the great state and it's great special teams shall we can't compete and he got a chance to war. Or a great job marker urged them depressed couple wage you know I thought it was genius. The end of the source Google literally everybody just assume there are certain trust you only through the deep ball and over in order that were in the game and then. To get a chance Sean weren't they there may have been so receiver rootkit they play against Georgia Tech can win them linger. I think they're the real skills challenge I think that's it really get a you know their firm turned to watch right now. They tear down the stretch out how to hokey to order change. Play down the stretch it it could be really firm. In a Cogent you know the offense vs defense and you look at today's college football and you see these frisbee catching dogs everywhere in these five starts to athletes and some of these big heart and offensive linemen and you know you wonder you with the spread you know how how that's gonna translate if you don't have those guys you know aren't being very successful unless you make it up on the defensive side defense can be about attitude to be about effort to be about getting to the football to me about scheme you can scheme defense is may be a little bit more efficiently than you can offices because it's of you know getting to the football on rally did closet white forced. I think has taken that philosophy to the Max and has done a great job on the defensive side of scheming and getting his players to believe what they're joined as a reason why the gap has closed from them in the top teams. I don't think there's any question of course are effective starter chuck for a when you get I guess like dude can't just weren't actually. Whatever it is actually tackles so just hitting good better worse or urged us. Or its purchase of stroke but I think what day it's been able to do I got a couple. Aren't sold on bunkers and hear that on the fact or under eight they're very talented back group got its more until it's played football. And I think you know we get away from my own diminished so much we. We tend to look at all the spread church and vote count two receivers and polished and other financial and eat them on our defense shouldn't look at of course straight usually that's that's what everybody Sunnis but it at all spiritual brother and I think that's what we're forced leader great job outright Heather whereabouts are. Coach retirement Suu Kyi well I will admit that but also say this college footballs in a really good place right now but can always use more guys like you shook your racing gets those phone calls I hope you consider. I. Appreciate it guys don't actually with the. I asked George enjoy the rest your way there we appreciate it's a joke we are very Jim grow towards him grow from which forced had coached joining us on the second John just like guys and all that's why I always had about all you don't want any help restore my third person and it's your kids you know going to college if your parent you listen to him speak. He's the type of guy you want your parent your kids going to be did you know that. You know what he tells you is not going to be important. Only bag of goods right it's going to be it's going to be the real deal he's gonna give beyond 10%. Our 10% of the time and I had success wait force no doubt. Always go to my service men load Jim grow we always do he's always your gracious with his time comes in the show we appreciate it comebacks a lot more good show to talk about so other happenings in college football and whether or not my cleats right near real candidate at Nebraska and Nebraska. Our Oscar earlier lost as much as his heart skip to be when I send it fluttered a little bit so we'll talk about that a whole lot more and the the Tennessee situation is a damn this thing ever since they're already shopping for a new coach when no decision's been made on the current coaches crazy guy that I absolutely love cultural gulf Garcia and really. Aaron the tire. And that's oh welcome to the group yeah. Yeah like their babbitt's sudden realization yesterday half a pound in two coffees and an energy drink. Earlier the more I F a but guys are pretty good amount Floyd but do the energy drink stuff this is all too much. Gala on Maine I used to drink tea red bulls and maybe a five hour energy everything I got a got a slowdown I I tend to come to Jesus moment yesterday were and it's a mid afternoon I'm gonna raging headache and I can't do anything else there's like. I'm isn't bad decision set up SOS between that and having to you have to have ended the boy's room every single break. Probably gonna need you to to to regulate my intake a little boost in the month. I'm telling you manly here in this business it's go go go go go you never get a break gimme am up at 440. Ian and yet every morning. I came asleep in anymore. That's a thing like on the weekends how frustrating is that it's from my host frustrated that could you lay down. And it's like I know so o'clock on a Friday night and he's saying to yourself OK I'm gonna lay here and ominously told tent and and gonna wake up everything's gonna be great since they're ten K so seven. Pretty good this is all crap if this. Is still is five my body is betrayed me multiple times especially my hairline. Actually ridiculous I'm sorry and I apologize. You say about Mike Leach earlier here. And I always take on this road has my Michael is despite the other under the ass whipping they took to cal over the weekend. This has done a very nice job at Washington State tell ya. Boy hired and they were largely an afterthought. And tells again that lost notwithstanding these series turn them into a competitive pretty good football team to no one's shock. Now the Washington state athletic director recently left Washington State to take the job in Nebraska. After I don't events in Nebraska fired the walking cardboard box it was your previous city. And it just so speculation now was that Mike Leach may follow him to Nebraska would you as a Nebraska fair and well. Mike Leach. To link him. I'd welcome a leech in a cesspool pint at this point. Yes I'd welcome Mike Leach Mike Leach is a proven winner he's a hell of a coach. I don't care if he's quirky I don't care if DCE. As rarely on topic he can straight coach football okay let's think about just her second. What was Texas Tech before Mike Leach went there. Also Jack what is eighteen cents they're ranked this year but they'd been mediocre at best a friend of vast majority of the time he's been gone. What was Washington State before Mike Leach went to. Awful. Okay it did about it until a hearing out this is this is a problem. With football programs to forget a press I don't want to run a rescue too much this is a problem with football programs in general and and Tennessee is not in this group. When you go to places that house one and there's these really lofty expectations and you deliver an eight and foresees a sometimes that's not good enough so when you see a guy like Mike Leach and this is why I don't think he'll go to Nebraska when you see a guy like Mike Leach he takes over programs are doormat and turns them into winners. Straight up every single time he goes some place he's gonna win. I don't know what he's a great fit at Nebraska. Because I think. As we know so many times. Fan bases have these people these predetermined. Coaches they want when I welcome him you bet your ass I will. And I doing a sec now wouldn't think twice about 'cause he's a winner. I think he fan base is something you've got to take into account here. And doing their little bits through. And I I think server news or no no I don't think that's it I think they have done I think they have a predetermined. Coach in mind. Really yeah I mean you noticed Scott frost yet. You noticed their money as it by the way where's free Garcia that's an excellent question because I get a status because free yesterday I was I was going to jam. And frankly find you for being fat. On the radio and stuffing your face in the hallways with health hazard. But look at Clinton when I look when he outweighs me by approximately seven to try to bounce in our applicants are stuck here embargoes like. Okay. So I wanted to add plus I brought his it is sat behind some stake today to any candy brother to show for the segment yes I know. I do I think that's an interesting perspective on that because again it's extra run like Jillian such cities as I'd like to see leads UT with balls. I don't think that's going to happen I don't think that's what they're looking for. You know what you since he's had a second ago that that Mike Leach has. We're by injury is by these fixed doormat it's wildly Nebraska as a doormat type club I think they're dormant the. What feathered their clothes meant you army a lot of these a lot of these colleges they have identity crisis and they try to be something they're not you know and and. I think when you look at it when you look at a team. You have to say okay. Who's your base. What what to Hulu do you have at your disposal in your backyard it is gonna be you're your your pipeline are. And and if you try to run the West Coast offense and in the middle America's school it's a thousand miles away from our 500 miles away from anything really important. On your ass content with a lot of other programs to contend it's USC gets detained at UCLA UCLA got Josh Rosen. Okay just trust is California kid he would UCLA before he went to any other program okay he enemies with skin as far as our guy gonna be a top ten pick in the NFL draft. I intend to take its schools on the toasty warm weather schools you're never going to be able to do what Nebraska is trying to do right. No I think I your right to Scott frost thing is the obvious thing but I've told you farmer Nebraska I would go after two in the amount Lola I had made it. Okay because it takes you back to your Nebraska roots it is a specific unique system to which you can recruit and it sets you apart from your competitors in a run navy. Is a top 25 program almost for a nearly. If he can do it at navy he can do it Nebraska and about Nebraska I did discuss frost infatuation is one year old right but. I think in the muscle I don't navy is a perfect fit and Nebraska and I think fissionable Carter at that may be they arm I don't know he has no interest I don't know he turned on BYU maybe he has no interest in Nebraska I don't know. But I sure is a look there. I you know I think it's an existing name and we look at the landscape of college football we can see he's coaches in and where they might fit. I don't know if he would fit their it would be I I think she would win there. And it is is not like you know a cultural thing in any way shape or form that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is is that. If you. When you have as many resources as schools like Tennessee as schools like Nebraska as schools like. I mean not even getting into the Alabama Clint is you know those those census but when you have sources that Nebraska. And Tennessee have. Main. It would satisfy the group and this is the problem. Is this a problem that a lot of people at Tennessee Nebraska have. Is when you tell local after the big name coach is and you don't get those guys it'll come man four or five million dollars a year and they come in and they suck it up. Athletic director central. Yeah and and bear in mind series as you said a sacred as we step aside bush shown is about the sixth choice at Tennessee right path and so I. Eight satisfying the fan base is a part of it because those boosters pay for a lot of leading to winning does satisfy the standing winning is the ultimate ultimate satisfaction from. Lest that desirable comeback got to stay on track just appointed head coach of Virginia it's extra join us in about twelve minutes it's Garcia and they'll. Garcia and really this is going to be a quick when we ran along with Jim drove her. Earlier in the hour so we want to make sure religion liaison for Joseph Forte a football coach of Virginia Tech he's gonna join us coming up after the break Corey Miller will also join us coming up an hour of three a lot of painter's talked to get into Jonathan Jones. Sort of interesting article over SI dot com. Calling Lou can include the poster child for the genitals concussion problem we'll talk about a vast and how the printers and I jumped the bears this week and a lot of that to get into us was stick with us we'll come back to on the other side. Just in Ford's able Jordan some Virginia Tech. Oh okay that thank you cause I appreciate the heads a little into and on and on your item of business principle comeback which bus and what they have a book Georgia Virginia Tech court Miller later in the show lots of bad distorted into his wells or simulate. What song is as. You heard it but I did not as much drama I'm tees not as much as you probably should have. I think it was like cannons and fire. Or before the day out while the other Blassie's differ quite a bit Manila decision showed up but Diana and I would not say that a just and Clinton were on the line which is not right now looks. It is an adult woman it's a desk are still waiting you're gonna get it's excuses are calling now so they just reached just a minute we should have judge doesn't point out here to sort of talk today is your Doris son bill we'll have a good time with this conversation 704579. This extent there was or shooting insects jolt since malaria stuff in his and by the way. I think he's done an amazing job and up to this point right night cal other than him or Bronco Mendenhall. I think you talked about potentially and I think it's a Rick in there as well sir to coaches of the year candidates Stuart. Well yeah I knew how you're right I you have slid right Dave toward going to be thrown in that conversation. You know as well but to I think there was expectations for NC state I'm not sure. You know I've those expectations were the same for refer Virginia and I think that's where you know you look at coach of the year candidates guys I think there's so three or four from other very capable and deserving right now no doubt about it was brilliant writing ACC coach of the year just informative fourteenth ranked Georgia tech Hokies back in action this week and taking on North Carolina coach always a pleasure sir our. I'm dude are you. Oh well it's my men are split and examine the background right now so I'm not doing pretty well. How Zimbabwe then they got a group doesn't get rested up. I've pitched good we can I gave never done that quite like this Interpublic Group got a unique team every year's different we have. A grove of select group of players or players over to reps over the last couple years. Can sort of question to guys out there shall we get older guys. Does your plan to read every dollar and now almost such little ball and and special teams gave their mission very often. Just I just think young guys and then brought everybody else back worked on some some scheme specifically saying he's older development of young people one. And turned their attention to North Carolina. Well I'm glad you brought up some about a second ago because. This is a really young offense in a lot of places and diet correct me if I'm wrong coach but I'm pretty sure you the last out in the uber playing obviously a freshman quarterback but it one point five freshman run wide receivers got in the game is that right. Yeah we play last week we took pictures freshmen. Com on offense and spend it and where church freshman quarterback so I. I have that leads to some losers sometimes true true very good coach but. Dude dude they're out there competing and no we got a little mix of older doesn't air. We can melt enough then you know things didn't work were were pretty veteran unit on the defense shove the ball but. We have played a bunch of young guys and spend some time mom don't different giving Josh. His sister richer freshman you know he's a buck put immature little man. And sometimes I'd just get ahead of myself contradictory hoosiers freshman there. It could Tony say to your team when you know -- better than the team that your plan and you don't wanna say they were just better than these guys and maybe you do maybe this year your your your method I'm not sure but you know you're better than North Carolina this weekend they're struggling they have a lot of injuries and other not playing very well how do you go out there and handle a game like this coming possible by. Well it's North Carolina. Primary and that this is a team finished in the top of criticized the division term fertilizers. So we're user's interest. Still true are essentially you're so we used to and know they've done a fantastic athlete on the reduction in Hershey but. There don't we read corporation and do we darn sure better do we are not good enough. To any position mellowed any spot to. Do anything no food and didn't play our best we can start afforded to condemn margin of error candidates. Taught guitar players realized that I do you know I have to do little socialization. There when there weren't we are on point and playing good disciplined. Fundamental role. Do you know oriented kept although we had a chance and we don't we will not very good and I think our players understand then they never saw that this week of practice. Sort of just before it's a head football coach at Virginia Tech joining us on the technique come just slide you can hear Virginia Tech and North Carolina this Saturday right here on though your home for Virginia tech's football queen city 1025 W -- -- -- and coach I brought Franco for the clinching game a couple of weeks back and I know that's a game that you wish had gone a different direction but in terms of building a program you being there and you're too and they know you talked about a lot of these young guys and and really building that foundation even though you didn't win the game I realize that was a big time recruiting weekend for you big time atmosphere how you are laid at sort of weekend into the kind of success that you look for. Well I think some person all our our community you know. Our our school district of unbelievable job representing themselves you know multi mission was fantastic energy elements and the energy in the stadium was easy to see our message is this is just the beginning you know this Olympics and James for most. To try and I don't the national stage one time I mean we've. We played them very few championship game last year and our first year here and and they can win down the wire and we don't like this very very you. And Angel playing a regular plane tickets adjudicated by. Cut Troy is just a handful of years ago I go to recruit to return our kids and they can understand and recognize is that and is there. Supporters every step away. You know coach a lot of times you play young players got to believe that does there's going to be some inconsistencies severing their reason why they're 1819 year old kids are still learning how to play with that consistency that you talked about being pretty good so you have to develop a standard. You know but when you look at tell you as you're those young players to talk about how how important is it it's the two year program that you develop these young kids so that you know 34 games into the no longer young kids. Certainly we talked about does a better group you know we all grew frustrated if you assume you know while we all know that. Where can you should be addressed to get bigger and stronger and ultimately be more productive players. The only region will reach more we cannot do reduced this group can do is make no real time mistake. And by and large I think those guys have done a pretty darn good job of just I think we will try our program to succeed. We have to continue doing the things that we do have direction most of all power players from the hole Jamal is a little lives. And there's certainly an academic and social spiritual soul paternal sort of athletic development and I just think. Through attrition plan to overdo story rude how little program we just did that does anybody else and I think it's gonna. Shone through in the next two or three years removed essential works. You know coach you talked about those young guys mistakes you elaborate on that because it does I mean I know there's only certain things athletes you can control he can't control big you are. How fast you are maybe to some degree you know your strength than those types of things but these things you absolutely control are your work ethic your attitude and you know who blocked and you know what you're Simon is so mean are those what you're considering or you're talking about young guy mistakes. Very happy to do you think for young people should take out of physical attribute to just getting bigger and stronger just put into. They just sent as an execution context that dogs that were young players struggled most of his game play and changes are we can't. And to digesting. No look I sit they're gonna see from the other side of the ball understanding. Adjustments so what can happen. When there are different than they were a week ago I always go back to the first game of the year we played West Virginia with a much younger I used to but we had three weeks to get ready for the game. Now the games come every senator and every seven days and we know we error our offensive staff particularly has done a really good job of paring things down. So that those young guys have an opportunity to digest. The changes. From week so we can mean if you just inundated and what do much like you Rhode Kim Phillips can't soaps is portal but just before he can. Do almost anything you ask him to do on the ball about raping and worst challenge of course is true freshman and they're both played huge roles for us but. Because Sean has played as many lips handling we're digesting that volume of stuff changes we've got to be mindful of his coaches and our players a burger great job. And doing what it is we do get government. A coach I'm Ralitsa dole on this on the budget brought -- Sean -- for a second that young man had a career night against Boston college and later that night sound out of his brother big shot and killed I was home Washington DC and I've seen an outpouring of support for him from the sand base and others and then your industry there but it as a as a coach but also a leader of young men you know how do you handle that sort of situation and it was a jarring moment it's a very you know you come to reality type moment for everybody involved but so you know as a coach as a leader of the program how do you handle that sort of situation. Well I can still person can show his stuff it's our opportunity to prove that we know we there we go to our protested each. Choose to live up to being a morning handyman can hear about these young men about more than. Judge in traditional dresses are playing ball carriers to truly being mentioned him in a time of need it's our opportunity and I don't know how important are our wide receiver coach and and I have met which aren't talked to understand Korean here are pushed toward grimly. Knows and feels very good that we do love until back into this just do everything possible to. Don't let him know that he's here in the east you know we've talked about it and and you know whose tragedy either urge comes a lot of a lot of low. You know I think show on those powers more people. After the eleven to care about and then we have to do before pinch those units. As low as can be expected he's expected he's taken that. One step at a time then and enjoying the company of his teammates his coaches as you just attitude toward time. All right coach should Dawson points they had George Virginia Tech football joining us on the technique comes just slimy guy North Carolina this Saturday here in the game right here in Charlotte on sixteen and moto Q five WS and see your role for Virginia Tech football queen city toast we appreciate it is always a little. She's so good luck to you are absolutely just imports once again join mr. Garcia and alien that was. That's what those things that we. We we talked about we talk about football all the time in football is you know obviously a big part of what we do with it when I turned what I flipped open Twitter that night and found out and do a freshman just had a career night. A Boston College. Came back to Islam the locker room to a cellphone the finder he's missed some calls like this is how went down inside look at his brother had been shot and killed in DC. You know that's that's when these guys become less coaches and you don't care takers and leaders of men and as part of the job. You know it's easy to talk the talk. You know walk the walk is the challenge and you'll please coaches and for us as men. Now sometimes you Arnold is something from his interviews and I learn something from that interview and that what you're talking about right now. You know as a dad to two children we always worry about their grades in the you know how well they're doing in school and it's a socially get along but we don't ever stop and asked a question r.s that are are you okay. No slowdown and and and take a step back to you know may be deep dive deep into. You know how are you doing. You know I ask you always say we say it every day in the hallways is with past Mike hey what's up I was gone well Tony didn't know how well are we doing in most most times you know the guy his response. Do you say what you mean and does the other guy I mean what you assess right when he says I'm doing great. Are you really deliberately set and take a little time to sit and talk with you. When we sit or understand. You know maybe you know a second or two of what you need you know what I'm going helped. I'm here for you. And that's where you know coaches the good ones. Have the ability. To communicate that with their players because not only are they there is through the good times in the touchdowns in the celebrations. They're gonna be there through the tragedies of life and how that hits us in the face and know that you can lean on somebody and I think one day. You know it just caught us all they gave us all reminder may be not taught us a lesson to take a step back to each and every day to do that because as a dominant practice today you know with with my guys because you don't wish that they don't yell or scream and we coach and we want to let you know produce. But we forget sometimes there's other things going on in their lives that might be taken place so you know Greta interview. I'm body was able to come on and just you know little Lutz quick second or else you'll put on the pedestal lawyers and her son. Since then absolutely. A lot of tell us a ball this hour wanna talk Panthers coming up the next hour we'll kick that conversation all about Lucci cleats are court millers gonna join us coming up to about twenty minutes it's Wilson's team we'll get his thoughts on some of that I want to talk about the bears matchup this weekend and of course later in the show. To some of these techsters yes we are talking hornets the opener is tonight and they have the pistons in motor city so we are obviously going to talk about the principle Pittston died as we will lot throughout the course of the regular season so still some very cells to get into its Garcia and it.