Garcia & Bailey: College Football and Hornets.

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Thursday, October 19th

We talk college football with Pete Fiutak and continue our Hornets gripes.


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But Garcia. And. God tell. College football coming your way here in just a couple of minutes or style or how long it's going to be TT tech every pics of the promo talk to a we got a great show ahead against eligible coming up in just the second and and actual story published Jones for a moment while we would encourage you to. Because it's become. You know sports. To make fun most Jones over the past several months that's fun sometimes sometimes it's not sometimes just kind of sit back and all the don't men were so that many millions of dollars drawing one of the largest football programs in the country says some of the things that he says. And there's also a threat to a leadership ramps five star hearts and champions of life is all that. League's added yet another one through the off to the Reza. And you know. In a press conference talking to the media bush show and so did it this program Tennessee is taken monumental steps forward this season. Now that in and of itself as a lawman then you look at the context of the quote worrisome is monumental steps in terms of the character of the players and the academics. Does that sound familiar at all. A guy who is sounds like any other coach is very gets fired up a guy who is blaming the last guy for the massive character and academics that he was left to clean up. Nevermind that so you don't work couple years and this thing intimacy is no closer really to winning an SEC championship then they worry when he started so that's where we are now. Yeah I mean that's that's great that that pro am you know two guys but you know I know that there's a lot of other great things that took place in college football as well I mean. This is many seems long top ranked teams that lost you last week. I don't really hurt anybody. You know yeah I mean it's a street about yeah. Let's ask you about that we are much obsessed last week and Mehmet. I don't know its automotive mostly seem to really any worse for the Wear one is also not. There's no buffer love slow her anybody Australian whose team velocity that type in the keywords. You know if you're like Oklahoma for example can you beat Ohio State the big game that you could have that offer a lot we can used to in Iowa State did and that's it. For those those teams again you probably can't lose the rest of the way out so. It it's fine if your Clemson that because they're good enough for you to the table. It it's fine if you're in Washington because you're scheduled to be easy except for that game against Stanford third. It's not factor Washington State and you look at what's next in this is no way that the cougars do to get through that. And speed so is obviously not instead got blown deal if you lose one game blood. That's pretty much did in terms of you know hopeful. Missing and everything else because it did the chip on display in the middle receive you know Bill Russell and defeated. That's always pretty harsh. Tim Brando was on the station yesterday and said he thinks the pac twelve is pretty much Ortiz finished in terms of the college football play also good for our person of the people say that I just want your opinion on. And it depends it. Two key parts system is that. There is to continue to do that Washington at Stanford didn't get to Washington to not get it. Don't we told you so they're the weird the Washington Arizona State game. Did I. A it's always feed you guys maybe didn't really didn't feel like watching. To skating. They have bit the problem they're into the state played it good that's good defense in the dead could and we did nothing clicked for Washington. So that was just stayed. Again we're just do the frustrating game we could tell Washington the better team and it should be did didn't come together everything they tried didn't work. I think they're going to be just fine so. The Washington gimmick it's different agenda is going to be what the big keys in USC this week against Notre Dame. That's kind of the other one because if you if he loses the Notre Dame that we might be yet. Because stiffer he has two losses. Did you would see if the wind this I don't think loses the rest of the way. Certainly could total tackles championship game so. Boot too big keys to tackle to stay alive. The ten GX factors in this whole thing are gonna be Notre Dame because I don't think they're gonna this scheduled to talk to go to the rest of it unscathed but. They get a chance to catch us grew up everywhere else would college football playoff chances the US CD in my ME. DNC states. And then the other factory years of George go undefeated you know if Alabama and Georgia are in the field and they played good SEC championship. I think both Olympia. You know paid to you know it's all probably weight two you had to I. Ahead of where would you put the cart in front of the horse. You know when it comes to predicting who's going to be the final four but when Michigan beats Penn State this year this week in a what are we going to be talking about because now everybody's back in the mix because. You know we can really go with Wisconsin because they're gonna lose again they're gonna lose and you know Tito how stayed orchard Penn Stater intimacy and on the other side so you know everything's kind of back up in the air when Michigan beats Penn State this weekend. Well let's take Michigan to the B Penn State this weekend Wheldon and stayed there has to go Palestinian I think that there. And then then goes they'll benefit you know whatever it's hit me in eagle Michigan at Ohio State Michigan State's. They got a win two of those three and one of those have to be against Ohio State if they do that's. Then they're gonna probably run to these duplicate into the Big Ten championship undefeated. Absolutely but if Michigan wins this week and it's like in the college football player out to his group what's next. Would Kutcher when they didn't dare probably get to get to the Big Ten championship game undefeated if they're not defeated the male war lost to Michigan. Would emissions from the camp Randall and that they receive no love them more on that even with this schedule. If they win the Big Ten championship patrol born there to begin the college football playoff there are scheduled to isn't that bad. Is so there are a lot of X factors out various solar things that happened but in the Big Ten day it's your turn it's your question do you think a lot of states the best despite his. Yeah I noted that I'm playing the best teams right now. But they're crushing everyone that title we want to see is that the machine is revved up. It's working it's all coming up in this new kind of reminiscent of 2014. Where they lost early got angry. Got our role to just ripped through everything gets passable and social championship. You know Pete what is Clinton's loss mean for the ACC because I need I know they lose Kelly Brian it. They got man handled pretty much you know by Syracuse I mean the Syracuse jumped out there and control the game and Clinton's defense of all things always thought might have been the best in the country couldn't stop Syracuse when they needed to. Oh another weird during the although Al would not necessary game air travel aren't going to be strange rewards here goes stay with the late night. You know kind of quirky thing capital limited impact hole after dark sort of thing and told the Washington State didn't possible play and try to example a little bit off. But watching it very confident defense say they can open I think she won't put like seven fax or so they can say they were giving into the back field. I just couldn't open that one big play needed. The defense overall was okay the offense just didn't quite click Kelly Bryant. Again did I wouldn't put too much in the wool load throughout the pit last year and Cabral to address the slate. If you look what Clinton has ahead. You'll certainly DNC state gives going to be here showdown but that's. It could be TPC is a whole literally take you on the chin because or Aristide just two very good. The other struggling they're very they're grinding gives you this rule holders is not good at all total Mark Jackson. Indeed and in the coastal it's Miami the Miami looks like it's about to get pegged at some point didn't do the last two games by the skin of its teeth does so it's tough so but he and are you gonna do the rubber goes twelve to war and then win it's conference championship in the par five it's good to get it was to the college football player. Yes sir looks that way and NC state hopes that its it's going to be one of those teams that would be magical dream type campaign for the emergency state could could could make that work especially coming off a season opening loss to South Carolina but you know a couple of weeks ago I am I know I'm guilty of this when you know state fans are just a week and a half ago there saying well you know Clemson game looks like it could be really good on the demise of bolts NC State's good football team that. And I couldn't beat Clemson nobody in the Strickland and and Syracuse does it's all the sudden this thing has got a wide open to work NC state should have some optimism that they could Doug can get this done and on the other side you know you can you do have a couple teams in the coastal Miami Virginia Tech that. Are optimistic they can do this thing done so does he say specifically could talk about the team and what she's sick. They're very very good that was my off season take two at least you know did you apply any ornament. Part of the problem for the wolfpack again attitude about the schedule they still do have to play Clemson. And they guessed the play Notre Dame again Notre Dame is gonna be an X-Factor there a problem. Converted just screw read yet everyone else up. And he's stage awfully good but there's a whole lot of stock being put into a win over a bad move opium and I know I went Kyra Phillips and I think people really didn't overload removal this year. Merely because Israel what it did last year merely because Lamar Jackson. But that he cannot stop the run and it doesn't have much of the defense. Outside of you know Lamar fielder I'd do an age thing offensively so. You diet that was a good way and I Bono Lester at saying wow let's split the temple wasn't gonna propellant ceased being the bigger and better things. It's still got to kind of true culture of type two that's South Carolina loss it's still a killer. They get and noble fir you guys were on the table dressed the way they didn't cut from public from bud. At least that the very soon they're looking like they're good enough we're on the right did they can beat anybody so. I don't think the way he sees sealed the deal where in the way but they dared to know for. You need to look at Dick hunting game go together that results show that you would listeners. Let's talk about the other ACC team that nobody talks about because not in the ACC but really they are and that's Notre Dame. I mean Notre Dame you know I mean their schedule is gonna be. You're good enough at the end of the season if they can run the table to make an argument that they are going to be one of those teams and you look at Jesse looked NC state held Miami still on their -- Stanford and let's not forget you know maybe Jews you know sneaky good can beat anybody born and wait for. Actually I mean they have they have a gauntlet of a schedule this deserving of a national championship even with that lost to a damn good Georgia team even albeit at home. Notre Dame never talked about them they run the table therein. I don't tell that I don't care why there is that low for her game I don't care what I think. Would treat consumers and we've we've we've we've done everything in terms so so ratings and they rating based on the polls. And that's what we've seen is that these pink coaches polls now they don't matter and they'll count of the college football player commits a daring to ease during the wandered to the side. You know who's really really over overrated underrated. But you're right in terms of the VP coaches' polls. I don't tended to do to plague that you can see right dead Georgia game. Would mean Georgia is fantastic dirt killed and everyone else that twenty to nineteen loss could have gone either way no earnings wouldn't do that stuff too but. It was a good game against two great teams. The decision that went down to the wire. And again that to a loss continue to make you chief George is at the very least the number two team in the country if it's not rewarding based resonates. I ended June insurgent could have done to the wire so for some reason this just isn't any respect given to their team now. They can carry it you'd take it back communities that all the teams you mentioned if he or didn't go below the one they're absolutely in the college football playoff but. This more looks a little bit more like a few years ago. Two years going to remain solid capital last year and that disastrous fall off while. A life is private choice solid job well its because they'd beaten Stanford didn't get that final game of tiger are you competed didn't get that blocked the kick. They're the best theoretical argument that person should there in the college football playoff over Oklahoma. You know that the because you know the detection of Texas to Oklahoma merry go. Disuse they think if they get there at 111 they're in the but I kind of think that Stanford game at the end. And a looms larger don't want to keep them knocked out the putt. It's at this stage deep USC this week stiff they beat Miami. Defense feast days and days in the loved to come really fast. The quick single turn you looser and want to throw Mahmud Gaza moan because we always talk about these teams in college football the migrants. Don't fall by the wayside a little bit but we all generally agree that when they're good it's better for the sport college football so maybe it's a Tennessee in the form Washington was back we talk about. Washington that same day in and Miami what about Nebraska. Because I realize it is some might say oh they're bad fit for the conference that they're rare and audio geographically speaking it makes it tough and so on and so forth that doesn't mean that no one can win there and it looks like they're gonna move on from Mike Riley at some point here in the in the not too distant future who is a good fit for Nebraska who makes sense for Nebraska to revive a program. Yes old guys like judge yes they did but like it would we're about it is that college football who die and don't you don't need the breast integrates again this could did you say to you to play touch football team USC to be good because nobody cares about the pac twelve and national scale unless it's USC it's just hard to generate. It is it's different just doesn't move the national needle. You know so it's just you've got to be good we think Michigan got a pretty good it's because of its prominence since. You know again and it helps if you have a great Ohio State keyboard Greifeld have these blue blood have to be great. I don't know Nebraska really conflict isn't content sort of teach in Nebraska is placed in that role of being the super power from that part of the country. So bright yes if Nebraska who can get deep really need to think obviously. They would love to have a guy like Scott process. Probably go to keyboard I don't know because they wouldn't dissenters no recruiting based. It's hard to win there now because there's expectations are rejected and ultimately to win nine games or more every day every year he was very and it wasn't enough. End you know recruiting base was cut since the start that division you can't do this thing now that Nebraska did to be the big red machine before. So you're looking Scott frost but I would probably think fits. Did just that little will want to know what smiles if you look a little more that's. If someone who would be willing to take it to two between those dollars euros in the forest five that it had received the ball for an. Heat Crown Royal honey splashing water takes care of the remedy brother take care if Heidi Todd all right a hard time you have to make sure we get one of those. I've really done that do it. That's with us to talk to let people get wolf a little sand paper and only selling your local be a little bit. And we appreciate him coming on but does it is a great recipe and. This is real quick because that they're the comment that he made about noted inducted in any respect to Seoul. For urgent fascinating to me. And while I agree with you both about the ressam an about the fact I think 111 there and there's I think it's very simple reason why they're not getting the respect it's the disdain for Brian Kelly. And it's the perceived pomposity in that university. I just that's what it is and telling you ask people around the country right now I get different you come from when you played Notre Dame was still there. No no no no and I think there's a and I. How do I do agree with partly what's so I'm shaking my head because I think there's another key factor in what is what you Wasilla. This consistency you know the build up close the Alabama game couple years ago where they played with. You know much who's the guy with a fake girlfriend. Our helmets and Atlanta delta in Alabama runs over the course grown man right rarer so that still sticks and a lot of people's mind of let's build these guys up for what because they're not Alabama. They're not Georgia they're not Clemson so when they get to the big stage against the big boys they run right over 'cause that was a good football team that Notre Dame had. You're going into that so I think that's part of it as well I think there's a lot of these this stain for Brian Kelly you know and the woods where do you come possibly. Yes is it a toss exhibited I would possibly but here's the thing but I learned to use that words don't police siren but what I would say is also that I think there are other teams that we look at and say well to get blown on the big stage rocket takes seriously I think is probably element of -- two of them but I honestly believe that Notre Dame is looked at by by a lot of people now's as being because of that pomposity because of the disdain people have for Brian Kelly on off and just using the same where he's been together its office of us were like come up with what are fresh tomorrow. Let's ask this is Romo moments of our order come. We go to break shall we just go to Brett had a lot of social wanna get into articles about the horrors of the total. A lot of traders later frank was affixed Max and Osborne's and Tebow is theory offers Oz have pretty so stop yelling pomposity and try to get us to break its Garcia Billick. Was suspended. I mean it's a little yeah I Celine Dion is seen out loud music and it's an eighteen mountain music and I didn't request numbness I feel like and I felt like this is Mel Gibson. Type of music at the very beginning in the movie. Very hard yeah. What they call that you only Irish. That's called a certain. Skin flute. This can't pay and salute my man. Does that environmental. That's on the floor. Imad. Guys it is veterans like hustling your ability to Celine Dion song but the opening to a silly I don't remember a younger child may. Telling me. Mountain music I don't mean this is about music now it's not that it's not black them out these actions are. Mountains and eighty's around race plays a little Himalayan snows yeah totaling Georgia being Smart does not Rajon earth. Can you tell me. Does it. Don't ask me they. Malarkey. Yes activists are. That's Irish. Drinking music or something like Jonas is a scene from Braveheart it's something it's something good to be goods and photographers. Yeah. I don't know it. Sure. Memory without typing we could put old together with the new movies yeah so I'm I assure you they just talking I didn't know our analyst dental and I don't. So. Now completely different artists who got a pretty massive tent there's a day red mouth. Actually a really significant printers update. That organized did you we come back the delay was we were treated sacked by mid am wondering now what they are going on and on loses it or not do as we look for. No we are pitchers don't agree that short break and come back and we just got back but who along the teachers are here to do this we're gonna do this comeback nerve pretty big chances are they coming next horse in there. And I. Their voices there was. There was a very large and that was you I've heard much lower from. Leon and I just it was kind of on notice I was ready for that no you're not ready to get down the wasn't prepared for that guy in the Celtic music I think you believe is what we are referring to its last attempt at mountain music. News. Who's a Celtic. But that was really describing you know you don't like their mother in gaelic people Celtic fecal occult Harris poll calls and that's. Iris told the music. And it as you will Celtics but they say cult it doesn't mean that Kyle okay a lot of did you know gaelic eat only European language it does not have a Latin derivative. I cannot get your facts I can literally hear people knock your yeah. I can hear don't think they care more about that sees it she went into bright eyes and it's just that we gonna get to that right soul looking Italy's got a helmet to practice. The Carolina Panthers officials who are out just waited here comes Lou. Her to do actually know ultimately I think you're going to do the Luke that was awful. But didn't do. News Chia that that won the Jesus gave us. How to you know I can. Again it yeah. The dividend. Who can't fool me. About it there's another go. Seriously do we know whether or not he did or did not have a concussion officially. Yes. In the answer is yes to that I don't know I mean that's the biggest mystery. Of what this protocol you know is right now you know there's really not a great understand and remember your own way and Joseph person came on. And we're talking about this person can you describe. You know to me what's the protocol means you as well continue being the protocol internal collier says there right next to me as we're sitting have a conversation said. Does that mean that he has a concussion or doesn't have a concussion because can you be in the protocol by questions directly was trumped can be in the protocol not have a concussion and he. Directly said. My understanding of this is that if you're going to be in the protocol that means you have a concussion I. I really listen to the interview on so on Friday when I'm over Tom I was driving out of town to go to trial and error I remembered that correctly he did this exactly what he sent and that's the Joseph personally was wrong owes his understanding anyway it was explained to him. Think that most of us had that understanding. Or at least we thought we did you know of if you're in the protocol that means you have a concussion and you're going through it means you're gonna take the test you're gonna do the on the baseline and etc. etc. and then eventually you know when you pass you're going to be able to be out of protocol. Well obviously that's not the case you know whiz what protocol stands for. Protocol like you I think a lot of other things and ask you may be had a difference is asking the question is that you can be Internet. And still being getting tested even though you don't have a concussion because they think you might there's no way to know. You know by these doctors because it's all destinations. You know with what. A concussion looks like unless there's a baseline test that's given and you fail that baseline tests to say okay what that means you have a concussion and what you're not that ass out there and that's the only way you're gonna know Q I got probably hasn't it -- visibly shaken and standup somewhere you have some signs of what concussion symptoms look like then those are the only ways to really diagnose that because you're not gonna tell me going back and forth between guys in and see if they're dilated if they're not is you're going to be able to determine if you're have the slightest concussion or zero at all what the differences and yet. We're gonna take the precaution and puts you in the protocol. That's to me what took place here with a hit I didn't see blue cheek we stumble I saw him very aware and you know I didn't think get for 12. After that he had a concussion but I knew was that because of the free concussions and the symptoms and all the way that you know the media center Trey disk that they are gonna try to be more of are cautious with him you know in this protocol when it came out as they're okay well. Maybe he has something that we you know we don't know maybe there is being precautions because nothing on that hit the looked like it was to the head. Bomb it looked like it was completely to the shoulder and it looked like she was fidgeting with the shoulder not mess and what they had but. They diagnosed and so that's the the route the players are forced to take. Well I re watched it looked like he took more direct shot too bad that I initially realize with the arm and identity that that. That's not that doesn't really tell concussion that 90% of the rabbit and that sort of doesn't say that doesn't necessarily tell us anything in rikers or some of the most vicious shots you season might take that look like they would absolutely 100% result of the concussion though it was a concussion so it's a really difficult thing to marry this start a series of tweets from Joseph personal little while ago was discovered practice today the first week looked weekly walk in there with a helmet. Next week. The next step for Luke weeklies assuming he has already added strength training would be non contact football drills. That and that's what he's sad about it so fast the protocol that's the pro or no but the thing is nobody knows what the protocol list. Nobody seems to have a firm understanding of what the protocol actually use that if you had gotten his idol that's the process. That's the process of. What you get back into playing. You know when you're in the concussion protocol. Right is that's gonna be the the steps. What. You know is what I like it it in if they put you in that I think that. You know that doesn't mean that necessarily you have a concussion obviously. I because that's what this beat reporter now correct this could look deeply didn't have a concussion. The ESPN reported that on Sunday at the Panthers Stephen Drummond from the directors immediately refuted that saying no that's not accurate he's still the protocol nothing has been actually determine. So Jennifer thanks. Allison there's nothing has been determined I say OK so now he said nothing had been determine garden and you're dressed so. We don't know whether or did or didn't still residents still don't know whether or not you can going knows that he was placing protocol so what's the mormons and saying it Norman asking what's or to some recently and wonders what does gamesmanship know what would have a drug deal forcing us Chicago after game planned for her situation without logically wolf that's not really an insurer you know guys. I must say this. Teams don't game plan based on individuals in the last may be it's a quarterback and there's a different style. They're gonna prepare for a 43 cover two defense. And whether Luke weekly is in that defense is gonna make them better. And the guys doubting him might prepare a little differently for his style of running around blocks are running through blocks. But really systematically speaking it's not gonna change preparation for the bears whatsoever when they're looking at the Chicago are really looking at the Carolina Panthers in getting ready for the game on Sunday so nothing's gonna change you know it's just the player that performs the abilities has more ability than the guy that's out there. So you know. And again competitors and Luke weekly reserve the right to tell us. Nothing or everything about you know today is his situation but I guess what I'm what I'm saying is because we do get information about players typically speaking when they have concussions or when their clearance of concussions and out of the protocol. Not knowing anything at this point is a strange thing to me the fact that we know nothing they've not been inclined to say anything to bother you know. Clearly there's some people that it bothers that they don't have. All the information that teams took some with you it doesn't bother me. What I don't I don't really. I should say don't care because I I do care that they wanna tell us some going to be interest in but I'm not upset that I don't know right I think some people get upset. But they don't have the exact information go Obama and demands. That the coaches lie. Com. And they manipulate. Better work. Are they manipulate situations. For the reasons you just said. Because here's what happens when we tell you so you directly then you hold them accountable for exactly what they say each one really might not be the case because. You listen injuries are such an exact science. You know and treating injuries are such an exact science there's things did you do. But there's not I mean you're gonna react differently than I react you're gonna handle it differently than nine analysts they're gonna heal differently than ICL you're gonna do a lot of things differently so if we give this. Blanket we don't know what your in this protocol then you know we kind of just go away. But we want to know exactly what it is and he has because we think there's a fix. Well that and keep it that genuinely care about Lou I don't know. Yeah yeah this is nothing to do just not being concerned for his well being numbers they're people they're just wanna know because a term outlook and wanted to be okay there are people who wanna know the class of well look at that I ask Luke and good luck I walk up to look at us now is it still have to let that settle guys entice somebody else celebrate. It is and whether or not it's true but. The terra Semitic I'm mad. About Tutsis as one reason is because you don't understand is that yeah that was it that was Taylor has let them zero village AG's that are red odds Turin box thanks for the strokes for a really good Panthers news after the break even though we just took a break deal how creepy. McCready a holding your column is that creepy. Really. Yes got it done the Japan isn't blog at elementary treatment in new yeah. That down the state missed the eastern accurate you're a little creepy about. But if I were to come back and wrap of the hour for good moral blow hot look to weekly news and pass it along. Let's talk a Christian McCaffery yeah. So man. A good song choice Texas is dried up blood suck Howard's Alley you know because he's old. Text jurors in the wires that no expert you can call to get as definitive explanation. On the protocol as your phone provider PR contact for an explanation. This is why we bring in chuck our yeah. For these types of answers he's our expert Molson is our expert on all things. Also the right all things in life especially golf's on the sixth hole TJ wisdom and women beer all the judge our. Blackberry now more acts. Could see is safe. Well Betty I actually daycare story about my golf course Xperia play in big big Blackberry. And I am. Political. Ups are it was a pretty improved results to our dollars and. They've got good guys don't go out today just a beautiful day down here another white CD 803. Working on our rebuilding my back deck but it says we all know whenever we. You know I'm not real indium trying to get better edit. So so there were about to board let's find out what the book potions are rotten so now got to dig all that course exactly so project bit. You know I was gonna take good two hours today and have to get out there but. You know I think a log into today that means I can cracked beer. Back at some point what I must do they like excel. Suck up some advice of my dad gave may be good at what you do seared sea you can pay people to be good. The best absolutely it's just every child in Duluth train here it in my opinion. And I actually saw what happen to look. Air and would get hit it goes I don't need. I think gluten got stunned. Would that hit through the good old boy who hit him I think the first thought worst OK I just took a pretty good lick. I don't think I don't know what single ever explain to us during training camp the power he wears. Yeah Andy just kind of sit yet just gonna say no other option here or whatever we never got the full details and shame unleashing a mushroom and you never investigating it further. I would assume I'd just put this out there they get that thing went off. Ultra Marty maybe eccentric he forces up but I don't dislike somebody might think this great to look at the sideline I watched him in this neck. Talking to Oprah million in the guide and it should. Well let's go let's go to school in Sidon you're taken baseline test or whatever. My opinion. We'll never dare to gush I think but let's remember how much crack this organization. Are a couple of years go actually trapped they don't mean good step by Joseph de L and they wrestler guy to investigate when KM. Got a couple years ago. In Utah collected ahead. Didn't go to the protocol. Ronnie is extremely defensive now I don't blame him when asked about people and concussion protocol because I think Ron feels like she got burned. When he wears. Honestly folks. It's black and white answer a lot of glory. Yeah hello good finish for another I don't feel he. And so this is where I am not we just didn't pay a picture of the capitol organization. You know they took a lot of crap so I especially would work at a high profile player. Our age from potentially keep getting his third concussion sector Nouri go to an ancient mystery years. They're gonna go through everything possible so they can shape. Because people like Luke could come back to practiced Monday we all know. Obviously it shows the other debase say the president of violating a bit below where they're rolling OK great so my car chase. Look what it can cost but would do it a rich history. Let's go to the vote for the Pope protocol. What I'm not sure they do it straight to make good or bad but just taken a stopper spoke about proper steps and so that's just my two cents. No and you know and I think that's. Possibly very plausible explanation pearl display just like I asked frank. Hum I don't what is the whole army and in saying what you know right to know because we we still don't know anything and I don't know the were entitled to know one of the guys are so and also the hardly. What's a Harmon is saying what you know they can fluent English who might just hold it but nobody what does it is if Luke weekly does not have a concussion. What is the what why would you not release that information that's where mask because there's a lot of very area and that there. The address it there's gray area jumper by alcohol reach Alaska again if you know he doesn't have a concussion that's a good thing why not say that. Well you know they get back to attempt possible CIA in the old there are immediate care immediate tactic communications PR tactics. Just start you know if they say he didn't have a concussion and does that help condemned the people's sake are we hiding it so much he did have a concussion why did you put me in the protocol if they get simply say he's going to concussion protocol but then the dictators you know I came to cleanup at the end of ballot screen go to. Wood to the proper procedures and then that way. We appreciate you did have a concussion then the concussion towners come out say who that was Luke's third extended beautiful Arkansas this way we don't know. I. I think it's a guy you are not I want you got a distrust I think it's I think it's all just semantics. Because you know like you said. Stephen Drummond never said he didn't have a concussion basically said he would they can gush protocol. And I believe you have to have a concussion to be a concussion protocol it's simply. Let's check because checked out make sure you know. You know chucked I know that they have helmets with devices and home you know and they use them in colleges and I know North Carolina uses some you know to measure the G force in the amount. Impact the deeds helmet takes in that measures and they do they go check on the east players you know once they've you don't register on the the meter scale of those this whatever this scheme you system that they use. Why don't they use that in the NFL you know because you talked about a multibillion dollar league. You know that you all you need to do is detach attach a device to a helmet that measures the force of a hit or they can at least check you out to see you know what's taken place when that take a lot of this. Are the grey area out of it. Well sort of that would have been to the guy who retires to a concussion they've got data. All the Domenici forces I went through and I wouldn't told that could happen to me I'm just to help you. I think I think you're right that Libby collection data. Did have a live weakened Sega dot. No I'm right there which it before we let you go chalk and the last democracy McCaffery the a lot of bug talk about how he's been used how good he's been whether or not he's justified the its overall pick up this and at times asking this question just a little bit like a broken record but that I also feel that dumb and look I'll be up front about this I was guy would like to have seen them dressed in this incident that was what my preference was and I was aspect in April but I I would I like the much effort pick that was filed with the exhibit very good player and it just seems treated after six games or some overreaction this tip. They are. Our big threat condition at all. The different than a little or you'll humor. So. And yet here's you know when I watch McCaffrey should it thinks there and we got serious. It's like to. Boy this is this is the type this the time he postures up. In Europe with this same time. You know Jonathan Stewart hasn't had a lot of lane see it there I think. But we're gonna show I just thinking he actually did there needs to be debt or they internally that we discussed anywhere between the tackles. Maybe we're finding out BD OD he's got beat up old stable level proclaim its stay inter. But if this young man doesn't end up being between tackled guys. I don't think I'm with what your first round quickly in the league air rookies didn't reception. Is that there probably there are always looking edit is seen as perhaps our number one or number two tailback Guinea's. What you got for rushing yards 200 yet. Yeah he's a mean right around their W toy agent. Yeah so you know I I don't think we've got to give this serious sometimes you happen to have right colonial comes back because. I do think you know he's doing he's not going to be the guy who's gonna grind out three yarder time didn't get a beer guy who's gonna busting up the thirty yard run. The twelve yard run in the seven yard run and then end up with a good stat begged so I think we may just have to get used to it and appreciate. What did the tail arch this kid brings down the law. And you know it did I know I just think deter I think which way too early to push the panic button and we shouldn't.