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Friday, January 12th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Josh Parcel and Frank Garcia talk with ESPN's Chris Spatola. 


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But Garcia. Welcome back to Garcia and Bailey Josh Parcells filling in for cal Millie today is down in Florida for baseball tournament and I'm joined by frank Garcia is always in that tear in my right hand. We're gonna come back to the hornets straight talk here just a little bit because the tax line. Is all fired up after I started going. Gold praises my I'll give one of kemba trade idea I had like three more you know and fans are already there. The split is becoming more 5050 early on there on my side now fans they started this or seen the trailer right in front of them and they're afraid likened ago. But is that a tough bill to sell or people agree with you that's the thing. I mean. I think it's borrowed probably 60407030. You know for trade noon it it seemed like that it seemed like added I did find some people attacks on his article on the crazies or safe policy what happens but we'll come back to that right now we've got Chris patrol on the line ESPN college basketball analysts also host on Sirius XM radio Chris aria. Chris is there I don't know okay William voice change there for a second. And those weird but I don't but I'd I typically get it out don't go about it. I'll man I may have wail of us up right into it out right now we're obviously out of Charlotte here we'll talk North Carolina Tar Heels in this north you're on the team the other night. Scores ninety some points wins by thirty against. Boston College. Is that the North Carolina team we're gonna see the rest of the year we are seeded team that lost two in the row on the road to forcing Virginia. Yeah you know I. If it's more the latter or not. The former I guess I say to keep that we saw the other night you know they're ridiculous to study Nicole watt per game and you know going into that game I actually what was the firm believer that they were one of the that being out there I just you know what their experience. Poppy seed Petr realized you years you've got to you've got DNA let go or a bad. Well on that team. An indictment vacate it. He is too keen daddy and all what they are not but it's still a team that it's finding its identity. In particular on all went to bed. It's so when they're heat vent but until the play. Particularly on the perimeter. Because that witty very why he spent that way you know those young big critic it would support protection but it may well go consistency is all market Europe and so that will go in and out. Opportunity don't street got a particular page there's. Williams hit it very two depended a high level every night in. If they don't do that we can all bet that has been inconsistent at times that went North Carolina struggle I think ultimately. Are they are the team that we saw the other night I still think there 10. You know the bat and feet and a country. But really can't dug up front and which is always a big part of you know that that a lot of solid big part of what Carolina does and what their identity is. Alba that that it's being used it to get better you can't you can't recreate that experience enact backcourt so I don't think they're they're going to be one of the and that's Eads. I and you talk to the front court which is why I wanted to ask about next in the last. Game against Boston College Roy finally went to that smaller lineup to start Horry played Kim Johnson at the four and basically said look we're gonna play a little bit smaller plays Luke made the five. That that is very much anti what Roy Williams normally dies that's a team that normally is basically just last season of course they won the national title by being the best rebounding team in the country Mel there's still a great rebounding team but not the dominant team on the glass that they have been in years past Luke may on the inside. He's a guy who's played really really well against teams are weaker front courts and against the teams of the metaphor of course in my opinion from what I've seen he has struggled. Do you do you see that it and what kind of player do you expect to see Alou made in the next two months as we get into the heart of ACC play. Yeah it does a lot there I think you know or get that out walk game was was different jobs first date back to earn a game that. It it out he gives that the ability to go with that small lineup right. And I think may have a five did they a better patch up former North Carolina. Because you know it's admitted that guy yeah it is that the ball for about 25 I think he's a little. He's still a bit Geneva or work early he understands people understated limitation so your point about. Bigger stronger more athletic but all right well we hate it when it in terms that you are under development at. In terms of what he has physically but nobody understands the game better I'm not so. Deep ties to watch more tape you watch him play lie. They are there any does all the work early understand not play he he. If a shot in there. You know technically the passage is so act at five if you keep becomes much more effective tactic all aspects of weight. They become a much tougher line up now what that thing that they have all whipped on a goal back I doubt broken into this. Or rapper is that it would then productive you know they buried all that are rebounding back quite a lot of what they have on what that they're very great. Or rapper has been predicated upon Idaho had a big guy. But I do bank which we rocked her makeup the way it is. Ultimate leader but in most experience more important right out it is what they do go small with with Cameron Johnson at or in and pay it. You know Chris and it seems like they've taken over the identity of duke blue. Blue Devils you know with the outside shots and you know maybe this smaller lineup and Doug duke has taken over the identity of what to Tar Heels. You have been in you'll get the ball inside to their bigs they're athletic guys and you know winning the games on you know with that unfortunately M play defense you know at times. No well this year but that's where coach case challenge is going to be get these guys to grow. Grow and adjust and onion and you just need more than and that philosophy of you last week when basketball yet. Hey guys it's funny the world and flipped upside down BK they'll avoid don'ts all the it you know it's it's it teachers being into your point about how to cap identity. You know outlook a couple of things with dubious that we've talked about the B bank and I I get a you know ultimately I think it's about a two routine that struggle eat at eagle really bigger and and you know what the east peace is an account that they have I think ultimately he. By handled it and don't get a seat but that ain't a doubt that you certainly did and I I could imagine estate trajectory. You guys are the issues. You know it much bigger score it and as much as we talked about how they are being one of the most of this topic is in the country I don't bank. Doubt that time there are all that doesn't help their defense. And he did you know there are Times Square it up what are those big guys Carter Bakley made bad guys are so what do you base so so week. But I like our order book got up to the book wherever I'd been elected you're at all an act they were injured that what they're. There aren't where I don't perimeter guy. Cut of all you're open early and late in the game if you help. Side where you look I did it take your shot there Cheney shoot which are shot and there's times where I can't Europa for. Great talent need to start playing better and I mean you know what's amazing to ATP clay he'd make certain pre. You thought what they aren't. That break around 082 or three bit about that he eat what it is striking back and eight I think both guard. Need to understand. There are they all Wear those two big guy. And it's been a while but how good they ought Carter Bakley but I'd be a focal point in the great finale to be what we thought he would be. So I beat back the cup around you know what caught let's take to be stuck with with court that only long stretches like he still believes is deeply BA very demand demand in. They help the heat it there's still still trying to figure out there right beyond matter. Yeah I were talking to Chris it's all areas gen college basketball analyst and Sirius XM host and another team that looks like it might be the best in the ACC at. At this point today is the Virginia Cavaliers rank third overall in Virginia had a big win against North Carolina they're undefeated and ACC play. We've seen this story before from Virginia we know the formula that Tony Bennett runs they're gonna played pat blind they're gonna play blocker mover they're gonna delegate lead we know what they deal this team looks a little bit more athletic at this point in some of the teams we've seen in the past are you buying into Virginia as a team that can actually wriggle past the only day which they've never done under Tony Bennett. You know I'm not there yet. Not so much respect for. Well what he does that and aunt I'd take it outside the leak it to what Bob Huggins does because I think those two guys more than any coach. They they get more out of what they they use that these events. 20 really try to make became chaotic. You know there were packed whining but you know what I'm saying it like they kind of mock up the game with. With what he says that the clean and that being all the wire for lobsters that aren't necessarily the most talent it. You know about the problem I have quit with Virginia. And it popped it they're gonna ultimately went a lot of gains made it wouldn't eat cheat sheet. That I have a project is ultimately what good teams big big big you're out. How to play against that it affects people what Virginia like ultimately could be chart good cheap over. It'd create terminate and create a lot of all parents all thought that the effort to take you to be able production so completely. You're always gonna have a game that got a comp close down distract. Problem opportunity to go back city believe it when you walked Eric you'd see it. Weight gains state get haven't had the talent to act too cute Syracuse start pressing no debate turned the ball over. Like that. Are ready to put its group. Relative to their talent into the final four yet. But that people it is so heart repair or so hard hit simulated practiced. And don't score what it really well I know how guys are older girls are secure. And the hornets they broke our core of magnetic bed around eight carpet black eye like that I don't know they're quite uncle or yet. There Chris. Like I learn a lot about you maybe one of these teams last night when what did you learn the most about NC state and Clemson because. I thought the NC state to be pretty good you know they had the seven foot or your 7 NEWS you know I capable of knocking it down. I I wasn't sure about Clemson learned it's a little bit more about them what did you learn more about last night NC state or Clemson. I a little tip well I'm not pretty by saying at a guy I think I get. Speak on the on the ride back on the copy yet our jobs and back at the gates it's going to be really really good could have been. You know it's a taping the break because it keeps you do the numbers after beating duke teams that that be to connect to you know follow on gain it it never looks good. So I I get picked up but I thought they played really well I'd be and I beat it Geena I would or copy it starting to figure out. Who they are under 78. But I've really liked it quite seen it and cannot tell you what a particular partner struggle. The last couple years is an act patent happy billion to finish any. And I think about that one. To rock block and gave it a couple great that it undertook a year or productive. Ones. Paid yet. Do you see a human capital out did you buy it brought out there aren't. Well now say that he's he's and and you tell it like we've got to wait to rot lot to gain. I think you've got the picture it awhile well or ballot they they have experienced Goer. There won't run they're going to be really really solid he accurately an aunt. You know like it despite their record in big round validate very good coach art are a lot about that I thought I thought last night said that a lot about. As well so I. You know I am going forward they can be attained that could be really good part is they had a lower down the stretch how to compete in games. Well talk about SEC you did pull off an upset last night 7877. They're out to into in the ACC. They've lost two games both on the road in conference which as we all know is I mean that that's nothing good to be ashamed of losing on the road in the ACC they lost badly on the road didn't conversely at home. Not only did they beat Clemson but then they obviously beat duke at home this team I know I mean. Did you think he's first year you're trying to wouldn't develop a culture you're trying to do get your new players to buy into your system. I don't think anybody expected NC state to be answered turning it seemed they did beat Arizona although that was and a much different Arizona team two months ago than it is now all is this season eighteen I mean. I could somehow sneak into the tournament if they keep holding serve at home the way they're playing right now. Yet let GAAP there's no question about it but hey a odd coming in it's you know. Think about trying to out there or pulpit you get a crack government backpack or what you're you're used to you're handing yeah there are some of those any potential out. Are at least he's been terrific return of senate added a special talent and I don't say it is our cap that died. Just different who's who's on usual that you need and he could be got a guy who went. I frequent around but a lot of need to cal basketball. You know pretty good and it goes to guide it. Really gonna round opponent is still certainly a guy who's giving the teams are a real actual problem. I can't repeat step a great job. You know again any kind of worked on at our style that he played well yeah because that you don't have quite personnel right there. Or a aren't into it yet but all of you know argue that it really Cilic so. A cute were I don't fight and it hit the adequately follow on over to where it is ever good at the too much luck maturity I thought come back you. And play the way they did last I didn't like it early to crimes. They hit it dead and I don't believe the bill I think he was a freshman he came in the same classes and Julius Hodge right. Yeah goodness gracious I think I got in there forever. It didn't ask him when I lost a game. There'll classic classic 87 anyway I had. They saw Chris for joining us there we'll talk to you since. Our guys. I it will we'll go to break right now thank you again to Chris the solar ESPN icons Basil analyst Sirius XM host is a former duke assistant with a lot of great insight on the ACC coming back after this we'll get back in the cancer situation talk more about the NFL playoffs and maybe talk about some of these crazy trades are texting and on the on the tax on that right now we'll go to commercial this is Garcia and daily. You Garcia and Bailey just Marcel filling in for Kyle Bailey today. House down in Florida occasional baseball term I think is cushion against his brother could see that right on the tweet then huh. Out there there's about eight or ten teams his brother to write down there has come a couple other coaches and I guess they picked teams after they go through like skill drills and challenged had a flight data were held the kids are the third young. Are you eighteen or younger daughter yeah. Dot album fuel Bailey. Well daily average daily in the championship I get that he had told that I told comics or gets the pitcher's first half an hour. They'll be higher commodity in Oscar thanks a tilted kilt you know there they've. Brought lunch for us today as they've done every single Friday eight offer last couple months and they just a great place to go it's right over there off of Terrell Owens boulevard and charm and they got so all sorts of great specials are beautiful waitress there on the on the air and the person that brings us food Brooke is here to talk a little about that. So they had a lot Ghana seek and we have all the games showing for the playoffs sustains the patriots all of them. We got save fifty domestic assets at let cords like milling in laying. They 1960 Al weekends and you know it SAT TVs beautiful girls can't our own. On down there to the tilted kilt off into has boulevard south Tryon Salem your before during and after the game place to watch all the games come to be down there Sunday. At 1 o'clock for the patriots vs the jag wires. And I'm I'm pretty others stumped as are jaguar yet jaguars vs Steelers at 1 o'clock yet jaguars where's there's a lot of our gentlemen. That's OK FC championship then that'll that'll happen against the titans absolutely I agree with you unfortunately have to say that but no the Steelers it's very Jesus do his jaguars are around two. I don't expect the Steelers to have the five turnovers this time in you know probably a little bit of more of the celebratory. I'm in a game and anything else but time will be over there 1 o'clock commission come on and say hello and if you start by any day of the week you don't check out some of these great specials asked for Brooke she'll actually take care of the tilted kilt Michigan checked him out. That's when I was and sent back to what you guys do you have you know on this rattling around but they're also very. You're free you're not new trade lines are relied heavily on the trade machine right guys here. I'm trying to figure out again Kemba Walker a threat top three draft pick again so anyway thank you go check out the tilt it tilt this weekend you'll see the Steelers and jaguars that they employed. Is there anyway Frankel some of the playoffs are for a couple minutes is there anyway. That either Jacksonville or Tennessee. Are playing in the AC gossip game yeah I'll I'll. Jack wires have the ability ugly about that play do the best defense in your left in the AFC in my opinions. And as we've talked about when you going to wrote in the playoffs you know there's one of the things that you back to defense and special teams and along with your running game and they have all those things you know going for them I think they need some help. And you know but it's a one game series. I assume if they play similar to this the Steelers I am yes I'm saying right now if they play similar to what they did. You know in weeks five weeks six win the jaguars went to you know up there to be dumb. From gas and think it applies to some certain teams to give other teams match up problems. And our you have Susie tell you about them that it's not just doesn't match maybe there's style. I'm not saying that the Steelers aren't are are soft football team cause I don't think they are. But if bit big man known as one of those games where you know they've thrown the ball 405060. Times a game. Which we've seen him be really good and we seen him you know kind of you know have some of those games or just almost seems like he's disinterested even though he's not. Yeah I think the jaguars have a chance of speed DS me of any of the teams. Join the AFC between them or the Tynes I think that's the TO honestly I just. I don't think the patriots lose because they just don't they win these types of games yeah of course I'll Marcus marionette to be a difference maker but he's gonna they gonna have to open it up. Is they can't just. In Orlando said Eddie Cantor I take a way to tie in the running game or if they're gonna win Morgenstern is gonna have to do something. In ordinary and I feel like it's kinda limited him you know anyone they want last week. You know if not men may be for a tip pass to himself free cash as it takes in who knows what take right place but. Com I think he's capable of throwing the ball down the field they've got to take chances in the engine and taking chances and just good enough to get executed a couple of those that do make some big plays. And you know put does put some pressure on the patriots are so I think at the end of the day Tom Brady. Has been there too many times he's been in those situations. And even this you know they kind of don't play their a game. A you know ultimately Tom Brady you know won't stink. Up to the find a way to win it I I think a lot of times we send over complicate how old the playoffs are gonna unfold does about every year. 90% of the times the team with the best quarterback wins in the playoffs period. And right now you've got a situation where in the AFC it's it's as big of a mismatch as you're ever gonna find in a divisional round between Roethlisberger and portals and integrated mercenary -- And then in the conversely the NFC like what Trey it was say general we entry window on and he said. You know look at did that they're combined playoff starts between these quarterbacks neon Matt Ryan verses. I keyed on and I'm sorry I'm Matt Ryan verses. Oh yeah Bubba gum morals. Oh goodness gracious yet the vikings vs saints and Brees vs Kenny at the falcons Jersey eagle drivers holes there we go. Buddy Guy he adds experience on one side of the volume guy guys with. Not just playoff experience but championship experience all the Matt Ryan has been to a Super Bowl Drew Brees has won a Super Bowl Roethlisberger and Brady won multiple. That matters so much in these games win when the margins become slimmer and slimmer between. You know advancing NI. You need to have an elite quarterback to to to win and most of the time whoever has the best quarterback when I was a look back at last season and playoffs it happened every game whoever the best quarter look at last. Wait you don't get last week anyone and as a trial and see you know there was a lot of Contra conversation you know heading into that week is it would we rather play the rams or would rather play the saints blew both going to be on the road for the Carolina Panthers and I say give me the rams all day absolutely because they have an experienced quarterback in an experienced team and I think ultimately. You know that's what came to fruition you know over four quarters seem. You know vs a team that he'd shut completely shut their running game down in New Orleans. You Drew Brees still had the ability to Biggio was at home so that that you know obviously helped but you're gonna play either team at home so. I'm if you are shut down the Los Angeles rams passing it I didn't think they had the passing game because the quarterback you know a lot of times and the and the young you know an experience of their head coach as well. And just hadn't been there enough now next year in the year after you know they've experienced that. And that's gonna pay dividends for them down the road but joints your first time in some things sometimes things a little bit bigger a little bit brighter then you know maybe what you're used as far as. The Steelers in the jag wires so does the jaguars. But the Steelers start off a seven half that winds come down maybe because that key number that half point and you know it's back to seven right now. Hum I I do you think the Steelers win you know by ten points. Yeah I I still like the Steelers in that game. You're the tent the titans in New England game. You know thirteen and a half to big number but you know I just. I do what gives you confidence that Tennessee can score. You couldn't make that line high enough for me to take Tennessee in nine games honestly I mean new England's I think gonna that's a that has 45 to ten written all over it it really does. We take a break right now Franco coming back on the other side. Following up on that quarterback conversation out what you and I sit here and rank date quarterbacks remaining in the play also want to a's who would come up way. I will do that on the other side of this break this is just myself filling in for Kyle on Garcia and Bailey. Stage. Garcia and Bailey got myself billions for Kyle Bailey today were here until 2 o'clock before primetime with Chris Krueger will take over for us. But after Garcia are alongside me. And frankly I don't think it shows so far we had done tilted kilt brought in some good food Brooke just last we also had. And trade Wayne go ahead. Eleven we had Chris it's all at noon if you miss it is good set amount on line some good interviews and some big news today Norv Turner officially hired as the offensive coordinator for the Panthers at those news we expected for awhile there was a little bit of a period this morning where we thought maybe maybe not seem like they're better than a snag in the deal that didn't happen Norv Turner is officially the authors of quarter for the Panthers. Does the aids thing bother you with the norm and that's been one of the biggest complaints now one of the listeners shooters they called then is that he's too old you say can you want I guess he's washed up you know the funny thing is as they wanna drew Syrians and loose variances. You know kind of coincidentally 65 as well guys that's so I mean they're the same age well. I think frank I nearer to us right now yea I know they Tony hates it when we do that. I read a book recently. Meant during their eyes are so. My life yeah I knocked the book talked about being the most productive years for men are typically between the ages of forty fives and 65 new. And I think when we talk about the age. I think he's the age in its people you know I think it is I think it speaks the idea that norv Turner's play calls are old his philosophies. Our old his way to Wii's gonna run this offense weakened trees players is old it's not you it's not. But I think that there's a lot of value in that sometimes. I think interrogated something yesterday I thought those were the greatest analogies. In dear guess from my fair guys in this race stationed he said would you rather have a dog who knows where the bone is buried. Or would you rather have a dog did digs a hole you are looking for. Guinea pigs Guinea pig guy who's been their before who has experience and maybe is gonna treat players in a way. It will Foster growth. You know and we'll see the results on a field. Every Sunday that's I think when. Yeah no I'm that's pretty good analogy I am proud that age I mean there's plenty in the NFL especially aids doesn't really bother me I think in college sometimes you run the risk of coaches not being able to connect with the kids and when it's 1819 million. On the ground crew in daylight that you have been in the NFL I want the guys who've been around the block to understand who've proven to have success I don't wanna have I don't wanna hire retreads. Like you know. Aaron I don't know got some I had the guys who did that there have been so many instances it had coaches being hired. After a failed stents and other franchises where they had a in my Malarkey was the one who is finally made the playoffs is Tennessee the life struggle does that coach for a long time. Was tired yet like those tires don't really inspire me like give another guy a shot but as far as a coordinator Norv Turner has had success has been and a quarter was with Dallas here in Washington for awhile Minnesota was doing well mean. He's he's fine it did did perfectly fine again that the problem for the Panthers. And this is from a done wanna say outside of an end of silly not an insider for the Panthers and just took from what I've seen it's. Is more personnel than anything I mean you if you've got would you having camp like tree window say to towards an in my mouth you have Lee Abbott camp if you can put the players around him. I've put a little bit better talent at receiver. I think they'll be fine. I don't think it matters what it was calling the plays I don't think there's a coordinator out there who's gonna be on a tap into some. Secret sauce it's gonna make Cam Newton any better than we've seen him play at his highest level so far. So we know and here's the other perception is that because women are on our friends and that's where there are Gamal a good news flash from most people happen. I mean that's all I felt as soon as you know or a lot of world yeah. A bigger scale I mean Republican. You know I knew a little example of that but yeah I mean it's not what you know it's who you know and you know is the same thing exists in the NFL only with these guys it's who we trust right now and I think that's going to be the same thing that Ron trusts. Are you Norv Turner none I think ultimately that's you know and when it comes to you know. Go out there and executing the offense Sierras what do you have to do as far as getting the players in line and finding better talent. Bomb that's going to be interest in the C you know fort cam is that you know what type of guys are we looking for because. You know here's the thing is that Greg cosell who talked about this on the Mac tech couple days ago and I could agree with more. When you start looking and often just a look at players I mean it doesn't matter who we have running the place of eyes are wide opening cams not seen them or he's choosing to take different options. Right every you don't play designs has a couple of different off and just check down here breeds. And you know if your reads are taking it is certain places and maybe that's where nor can relief in kind of focus in with cam is that you get him to understand. Knowing this is not there let's take the easy play let's make the Smart play let's do those types of things and go put their place pieces in place so that when those other plays aren't there that guy can make something happen for you. And you know that's where Chris McCaffery comes and I think that's where you really utilized him this year as those other things weren't there that was kind of does his security wanted to check down a Christian McCaffrey and we see you know how that worked out I think we Kristen McCaffrey's number was called to go out there and win. You know we saw what could take place as we saw against the saints in that little Texas route or eat in a split the middle of the defense we sought against. You know a couple weeks ago. You know when you leave it wasn't the playoff game but. Don't care Chris McCaffrey was involved with the often seven of nine plays you know to go down their against the Minnesota Vikings to score that first touchdown so. I think there's there's some value with Christa McCaffery now Kim's gonna be able to use them I think you need to get some more speed out there and will be interest in the sea where they wanna do that through free agency or through the draft because Damir bird is a guy that has that upside that you look at that with that potential has the speed network maybe it's you know gonna take the top us same thing with Curtis saying you'll see you have some pieces. That you can work whereas now just you know bringing create competition so if they get hurt. The generic gonna go to. You know maybe the slower guys or the possession receivers that you've had to go to in the past. Yeah there's a lot of questions that need to be answered and I don't think it starts necessarily add. In the coaching room must I think. Like I said I think it's more about personal on the field mile upgrade that around him knew mostly but we're also by frank so I teased it before the break now wanna talk about a year for the final few minutes of the segment. What's great quarterbacks in there in the playoffs that that we have remaining eight guys left and one through eight months or sort of the top. Tom Brady doesn't Owen does. Hey how are we talking about currently where they stand today with age or. Now just as you want dude who you wonder if I had my feelings are about if I had to choose my team. I invited she's my quarterback number one number ones Tom Brady correct number tease Ben Roethlisberger number threes Drew Brees can force Matt Ryan. Number five now we start getting to the point where you know we're gonna have a conversation lose 5678 I'm we'd have a conversation on top for a few. I mean if you wanna go to a sorcery and for you alternates are some fine without your alternate two and three I'm fine with that hasn't been addressed to be holding conviction well yeah I know I mean. Drew Brees or Ben Roethlisberger tomorrow for one game that's a real question. Ben Roethlisberger has had some huge drives had some big gas in in the biggest game there was a time in his career. Where he might have been the most clutch player next Tom Braden. And because of that experience. You know and because his team you know and memory to them on the team that they're on no I mean I'm not met mismatch you know are okay. I you know I'm not taken Drew Brees and the months you know Leo I'm yes put on this Tuesday is that's a different argument obviously. If we're just saying on the current team is where they stand I love the Steelers offense matter now like to patent the the saints offense and because of that line. And I'm taken bad. We'll tell you with your crusade we can mismatch and you know just today I anyway just you know you have players out now if you have a conversation you know who is being aware that when I'm talking about. You don't wish that bush knew where they stand. Yeah I think I would agree with you in the playoffs. In the elements of one Ben Roethlisberger for playing and Delmon. We're playing a lot of good football probably one Drew Brees but but I tell you what if if the game is on the line with four minutes ago and Anita got to make a drive. I would ordinarily say Ben Roethlisberger here's one thing. That happened about four weeks ago there really. Concerned me about Ben we've had the obviously. It's been a weird season for Benny and the retirement concern they took the thing you brought up about maybe wanting to retire which was. I think it was blowing hot air to the media but it just seems like he's been aware of state of mind obviously a ton of adversity distillers have gone through the season very tumultuous year for Pittsburgh. Other un Pittsburgh like I mean good dating all back to the Antonio Brown faced the video has been a weird year for Pittsburgh. It's. I. Was the play that happened two plays later were Roethlisberger makes in inconceivable. Decision to fake despite can throw. I don't even know what you call as some sort of prayer into double coverage that got battered up in the air and intercepted him over the plate into the game that is a play that A championship quarterback of the mayor and I know Ben Roethlisberger is a championship quarterback. But that was a very well and Roethlisberger on championship quarterback might play. And we saw the five interception game earlier this year against Jacksonville who happens to be playing again next week earned by this week. He's not gonna throw five picks this weekend but. To me it's not the same Roethlisberger is not quite the same Crist. Tough green too great decision maker in the clutch. Roethlisberger that we've seen for the first ten to twelve years of his career I would actually got. As ever as successor is it because they haven't. You guys do and take the same chance because if he makes that play and that guy goes and makes that put you knew that they catch. You know we're talking about what a great play in or. James the James catch yet but budgets. Arsenal won that game RI a pitcher's interest versatile and that's an event touch on the forget that the fact that it wasn't a touchdown and then two plays later with the game's on the line. In very good chance to win the game if you're Pittsburgh Roethlisberger makes a play that look what morals would make a play like that at the end of the game you know what I mean so I just I unlike. What makes one guy great and the other guys a failure right execution that you making that play in pain. He'll Brett Favre you can make an argument with him you know that several times and what made him great was effectively do this several times and exceeded and what made him. You know so bad bad at times and so volatile was the fact being made that play any didn't and so. The difference between that plays in obviously success or not but the fact that you're willing to take that risk shows me you know where he sat yeah dad does talk. Quarterback's next as well we have several callers on the line I want to talk about Norv Turner and the impact he could have on the panthers' offense as the new offensive coordinator announced earlier this morning but we'll take a break right now tiger right here this is Garcia and Bailey. Garcia Dan Bailey just ourselves filling in for Kyle we get this over one more hour ago an excellent Friday. And like I said I think I am the spark plug for any news that comes out of the Panthers organization because. I still there and earlier this summer her room and this is summer due back in the summer. I wish it was summer my goodness all of feels. Felt great for the last few days and all over the place are now but this felt great food in the last few days here feels almost like summer a walk in a T shirt today and in about the way Jack Adams whose great they'd like us here this summer they're dated dame gentleman gets fired. As the Panthers gym that literally filled the whole week of phone lines it was amazing. Area had some great callers and now today. Norv Turner announces the offensive coordinator officially. For the tenth is going forward he replaces Mike Shula who is let go just a few days ago we got several callers on the line trickle its upright until we got about six or seven minutes in this segment let's get these guys online first we had Kenny on the line Kenny wants to talk about Norv Turner Kenny what's up man. It was always our ugly Richard totally do what they're saying all along is not a cold feet. Problem you know we even additional blow what are your off a coordinated you give it. You don't need based on a quarterback has the basics dental. Cam doesn't have that we all know Jeremy. Everybody says he can do things that other quarterbacks can't do. But the problem is he doesn't do the newspaper every other quarterback. Every tornado. Additional equipment our speed people on. Oh quarterback can redeploy our group passes there it could have well what they're and I have never seen a quarterback really did until the year he. Yeah did not gonna happen so and what they're gonna wanna be very I just heard about cheap corn ball expect ARAMARK. And out everybody and Georgia's especially Tony talked about integrated didn't do that you probably will be set territory or are we. We've picked up right that there. Blue shirt there. I don't want their mom well coming up watch 42 way out probably more crap than you thought so our tech response to report. Tony pretty old. Profession should have been. Study space to work. Art total so. Thinner but I'll ominous all they did I did not say if you don't understand did you trip I'm sorry all understand net. But don't. This year the solid goaltending we've got. We've got to thank you can't. McCain knows me it was Tony. What she said was you know that old guy I'm not that old I've never seen 42 minutes contrasts but. I've seen enough to know something when it's not like lot of logical statement. And I don't remember exactly what I said but it wasn't logical. And enjoy it is a drastic on Bartlett relentless. Evidence is clear things up just real quick here this is not yet ready to go low. Letter of the law based off what you said if I took word for word what she said yes you did not say that however it's what do you inspired. It's what you mean when you say things and just it drives me insane because I hear is crap all the time I did say that. No passwords Sherlock donated say it's what you infer. Burton. Dude a Cheney was not done yet it was still Good Friday there got I was screaming and I'm not Iran not get ready Ozzie and Kenny Michelle why here's the thing I mean you know I know Kenny doesn't like cam or he doesn't think that he's a very good quarterback and I'm just I'm just gonna disagree with that I think Tim is in a different than everybody else. And he's capable of doing a lot of little things on what everybody else to do does he have great footwork consistently no. Is he accurate or inaccurate too often yes you know but he when he's on is as good as any quarterback who would have thought that last game that he played against is the saints. He played deposition as well as anybody can't help the fact that guys are dropping passes. For one point in the top one touchdown in the end zone on the ball him right now hands. You know couple to Dixon right now on the same balls and run Nancy alligator armed the other one and you know I thought he ran. Accordingly I thought he played a great game you play well enough to win that game TV played in my opinion you don't as equals not better than Drew Brees need just didn't have the guys making those types of throws of those plays. In the Drew Brees does. Update at Cannes Gus came as a Super Bowl caliber quarterback there's no question is just accident that you guys just right it's this that there are guys in this league who perform at a more consistent level then cam that that's an arguable. Emmy as it is levels of his gap is so high. Two solo right IRS the could give me he could look like Brees only can you take a look like mortal the next that's that's the difference between Hammond and what separates the truly. Championship level quarterfinal to what we saw it. Don't you think about guys like that you know Josh you think about it goes back to guys like Brett Favre Brett Favre could go out there and beat any team on any given Sunday because. No of the decisions he makes and some of the risks he takes and when their well on the news when he's doing alone is on. He's gonna make throws a no real direct yes and when he's not enforcing and make some mistakes that nobody else would make can be allowed. But you'd kill you you you you there's a give and take. You know you take the good with the bad right eye and you know obviously there's been a lot of good and there's a lot more good with Campbell there is yeah. Right and it's uncertain right. Norv Turner to maybe try and figure out how to get more than good out and then the bad we've got Dave on the line Dave wants to talk about the Norv Turner hired Dave you're on the Lima taught. You have days. A couple of bishops are well well your articulate or if it's not gonna pick it back a debt aren't up and he hit the ball in the flat screen right protectorate be not accurate there he over it or not open at all may end up our parent that's. We aren't yet nor any don't know if they are pretty well at a critical period. A better player he. Elevate every identity ever come to you dictate and what your current property were committed go to my. It's etiquette doubled added I doubt most likely. Riddle that is good to better about it though is great he is. Better attic yet but they're in the red don't and that's what that's unique they need to get better the red Obey it. And our. It tried out about the middle or I think he's got to get that out of the at a at a place called it's great to. He got a big it can't you know the paper in the corner or the spread all over the don't get it up by. There where you're not to have it try to but the up the middle picket the people little you know you are Ron ED art art. What our own and do it if it's hot it's pat. He's not going to be that big impact in the pocket I think. Well if you're equipped. Crop being. How well it. Yeah done well out how late it is don't think that it bought an air it and it pat there and that bad and a big get a better player. It may add thank you for the cooperation and Damon Allen got Steven on the line Stephen will take you before we go to break here's Steve what are your thoughts on non attorney Jim Newton. He got X are Y Arafat that light is totally crazy out they're. Just draft report back to her favorite tool brought it back it is. God does drought in court about to turn him into a run on gas. Gas. You can't be serious hunt and of course and no serious. Off regular better and that is unknown guy you know I. Am serious nor turner is going to come and he's an attorney timid around and that is gonna turn Christian McCaffery into a defensive end will play DeVon bunch of sick kicker. What is good shape things that's what they need that's that's according singing a shake up the Panthers needed shakeup. I didn't and running back. Is that there really yeah they get really serious. I had. Oh I'll give him credit he at least admitted it was crazy. I mean come on here edges and Ed said it with a completely dead and I'll give them the a little benefit of the doubt maybe maybe he was just trying to do these trying to be the next skip Bayless you. That's not take it out yet get his name called on the radio but oh boy yeah it was what is in this the other thing is what's funny is we all think we know ignores the do. Because what he's done in other places the reality of it is we have no idea what he's gonna do you know why you never had camps where exactly it's a different it's different situation and they knew whoever is you know he's had in the past so we'll seek would it take a break right.