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Thursday, August 16th

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Let's get some thoughts from. Former Florida Gator wide receiver spent some time in the NFL now with ESPN and the SEC network Chris Doran has joined us on the technical on gas line and Chris what did you think of bunkers Peterson's comments there. Yeah. I think that like there were so thought about meaningful post season games. I think it makes a lot of and but like again it would about being left out the outlook is. Which well maybe in the tech world being abated last year from the well and this year what do you think that could be the same. Situation as well so I think it would be more exciting. But into the five chip at the top five conferences then well it's real indeed is probably good number that we've been so opposed to what. Billick got in the book that the thought. Well. But that there's no change in the near future so it's gonna live from being. There and Chris some argue one of those guys that wouldn't necessarily like it mean. When you start looking that you know adding another game for these players that think that would be you know something that have to be considered in. You know maybe taken away from the regular season because I like the fact you have the heavyweight match ups week one week two that matter. I certainly agree yeah I think. The one thing about. College football of the vote most now a national sports is just how meaningful. Pivotal twelve regular season games on the play of the if you'd. You lose lawyer did very well that could lead yet on the outside of you know things Saddam could be diluted you open up. Yeah the number of teams in the thought well well but at same time. The argument that in other games in what that the dispute aptly I don't affiliate I'm not in which are saying but I think there's a lot of people at that point. You know what that would do in terms of the this schedule an academic effect around other. Sports whether or talk about that for the traveling. Is during midweek game missed some school on Friday as well Tuesday when days you're talking about. It'd be litigated to the NCAA tournament and mrs. don't want to pay for teams that may run into the final four. That it would buy it now the this is that it got exported the violence or adding another game. Certainly does open it up for that's for injuries in teams and players in more downforce into the season. Our Chris let's selves shortly SEC east here for a second because. Georgia it is the presumed champion and representative of the east in the in the SEC title game I think we understand why did they they earned it last year fell just short but you know it seems like the the death star as some point put it is is up and running in Athens but. You know South Carolina is intriguing and and and the floor dinners are really intriguing as well I think Dan Moline. Is George doing a tremendous job there is track record and it shows us that but it's a matter of how long it takes right. I think it would be east and I think it's Georgia and then everybody would agree with Leo you talk about fourteen but I think he can make a strong argument for. Making it up as you mentioned South Carolina open nine win season. That they had to navigate with a bullet to injury but the line that the labor well. You rotate open you know a lot of these years I'm excited about this but it go to their side of the couple weeks ago but it will Muster at the now recruited. To a level as you look around where they have the type of bodies that the elite program and yet he he but he did develop depth and competitiveness whatever position and I think that only in. You'll benefit from from what they've been agreed there about a lot of guys that played as far more now. That are up apartment an I think there would make a step forward. Thank you what you want as you mentioned ought to be excited about wood in court and over nine years of experience. In the southeastern cup that the data that the coast of Florida and consistently in the 12 national title under. Urban Meyer knows that area code expectation that the the program though the recruiting. Throughout the state. I just might hear about is that they would they do to improve the optical line and off the politely gave up the exact flashier. Their quarterback position that really has been average that over the last year and Tim Tebow left. It is taking a look at these benefits about of the brewery. To come back for the year after record setting. See that last year on Mort that they'll that he's and anybody ill in the history of the opera. Then doubt that I doubt that for dot apple crop to their development but I think would be interesting to see how it played out. The other team that I am really excited about it Kentucky and you look at what they return. In terms of experience from both sides of the a lot of talk about the quarterback position the battle between it would open in Denver Hoch. I really believe that it need they need to have a quarterback that can manage the opposite double what a bad situation. Developing my talent opposite that we have what they have now they have been dealt from the back of Europe. But thirteen hundred rushing seasons they get AD account that is one of the best in. But the the country. And then receive life began its talent including the orient paper compact in this inspire he's due to injury last year so. A lot of excited about with those were the type you'd think it's the dispute that the field much. They came without doubt the company towards Wednesday and he loses job on this show quarterback. If there's that would make them accountable that this year. Chris worst Tennessee struggled so much mean you were sitting here tart and into the east and know how may be wide open it's banned in. There are no mention of Tennessee I mean are they ever gonna get back to it seems like you don't got a lot of teams in the east have been cyclical weather is Florida you know that a couple of down years and they go up toward Georgia. Know your right now and then you'll Tennessee would just never seem to be talking about them anymore. I think it's inevitable that they'll be back and I think they're desired so we will. Is that strong. Continue to deal with and my. The struggle but in the with a last year's. I believe that the they felt all right guy you're Pruitt now on May have been their first is that even. Six source that the the bring accountability. He's bringing some discipline which were much needed inept program believe. And the fact that matter and we remember. Tennessee appear more of the power in the copper and one out in the country but for younger. Of the that you know that that 98 national championship game they'll remember. What. Tennessee used to be a book about we increase in the tire and selling that. Two these recruits that are common side who and it's gonna take a little they've built contraction. Two that show that that that your Pruitt is able to make some headway these. We're talking to Chris Dorn SEC network joining us on the technique on guests Lon let's let's talk to the west for a second and I think they're probably some people out there that that Purdue had been that Auburn is the reigning SEC west champ but. You know there there are some great teams in that division we know that and we understand that. You know that this is going to be. A meat grinder yet again and when you look at the teams in the west. We all just kind of assumed that Alabama is is this force that cannot be reckoned with Auburn stealth and I think Mississippi State maybe going to be surprisingly tough not not a great team I don't think the there're some teams in this division now certainly with the addition of some of these new coaches like Joseph Moore had shed more is that. It's going to be even better even more interest. Yeah I think Alabama has earned the right for a not doubt the ability to re load after but the law is an insurance Avant again. That the veil in in the would be in to look at it defense they include. There a couple of big player upon. The raw pain and dishonor and they lose to calm him maybe at best player on that tired defense. From last year make with a fractured and in that second period completely depleted with six guys that had them. Some meaningful place. Well move on and so they've they've got fearful the bill but we've come to expect Nick Saban to be able to do that. That happened and now there will be no peace summit at a well this year but. I think they continue to get more competitive in the in the west with Auburn. Come off a strong Europe Wednesday that that division is if you have a game. I think the schedule a little bit and then this year were they they went. They got a tip afterwards and they look so that the plane this year they have to and make that that trip on the road for both the rivalry games. And they have watching in the book he's about they built haven't handed. And Yahoo! ultimately is playing in check out the ball well whether there or whether one of the game being knocked out but they'll and re. Big time game nationally at Mississippi State issue mention. I am a big fan and I'm looking at what they return on both sides of the ball from the remote experience in the entire opera. That limits in the fact that this defense. Expected to be really really do that he'd that the line break in the other day if the network of the top of the line. In the entire opera says it's because Muppets went back together and let the opposite back last year you have to Jeffery Simmons what he'd done in the battle that he. Respected he demands from opposing defense is. But the line they got double the evidently. Opportunities for Puerto like let it. Gary Greene who moved down to it he that they've been in the news for pre in about cheap imports. You know Chris it's its interest in hard times you know when you look at you know the game and you know where it's going and everybody's talking about the bad quarterback play everybody's gonna. No point to the spread quarterbacks in you know how it's hurting the NFL and you know what it's doing a college football with these high temple offenses but they they forget about the wide receivers and you're one of the biggest complaints I've. You know dot from you know maybe GM's indeed that I've talked to is that. If there rout tree that just nobody is developing these guys in their only run in two or three routes in college in. Operative problem is that you know going to the next level how long it take to adjust because we get a young one here DJ Moore that might be pretty good and how long it's gonna take for him to maybe acclimate to the NFL. Yeah you're exactly right epic. Played wide receiver. Coming out of formula with coats so well I've I've by receiver coach and by coach Spurrier. That we were taught you know all of these intricacies it would take to be a great writers here that apple recount they've competed forward complete you know so for. Prettier but out there. In. Being good players account they came out but it had no clue. About how to play the position that you live there BP. One of them the college level now and not to get but as you know. In a ballot there but he knew that they have that the the when you're open it's it's maybe only. Step on somebody's using your body creates space. A lot of guys they're human it's in Pretoria and Andrew Luck in Baghdad it decided to come back because he didn't feel like he was prepared. To talk knowledgeably about. Pop it the talk note about it don't be that this because of what does apple system. Required at that they were very few read the receiver ran to oppose ago oracle. And very dissimilar to what he had of felt that he got this book I completely agree with you on the little by become the receiver. Stop but. That you'd think that this simplification. But the college carpet for the general that we have damage on the next level. Offense that we in the throwing game. I Chris a real quick what we're gonna come to loosen the second but I want to take on the opening game LSU Miami and we're talking about this last week that there there's going to be over reaction that I didn't matter who wins a you know from from either side but. OL issue especially you know we will with coach a whole lot of people that big portion of that fan base as you know. Has zero confidence that he is going to be the guy to lead this team back to look to prominence on how good do you think Della issue can be are we under selling your. Or are not giving coach Joseph enough credit what what you think about it. I think that's the team with the highest. In the potential with feeling in terms of a swing you know if the that about six win. Early in the off season Vegas has them and about 77 we have. If you put it altogether and they have been like presumably so the. Oh. You know without the wide receiver I think their defense is one of the best at seven is among the best in the entire opera so. Bravery of that opportunity at the deep it's according to do more this year than he's been able to do during his time at that Baton Rouge. But I can also say things not coming together and them really haven't struggled that put them may be what they were able to last year. After Detroit it's a while righted the ship battle for the essential problem drop the coordinator Matt Canada. It was a little bit of that but so what we have weeknight game last it was a pretty amazing. But to show that they were able to all our. The eye opener really believe that. You have the chance who witnessed in the women's game rapper easily. I'm not a believer in the hurricane yet I thought they looked more like that though in the final three games of the year with a law. Football game. Political. What you mean when he protects Opel well. That he does well they take advantage of the opposing offenses in the states in which are of the book over the it is they'll in the two to have a much production so. It is going to come out but in that policies he'd been making him uncomfortable and take advantage of some mom some opportunities the set of they'll potential new situation. You know Chris obviously you're very knowledgeable college football and you've he studied the position not in a wide receiver you to these quarterbacks to your. You're probably saying gosh it be nice to have some of these guys may be have thrown it to me but will Greer I mean I guess Charlotte local guy here. You went to Florida and transferred out West Virginia. I'm talk about him and what are his prospects marked it may be the best college quarterback in the nation. Yeah I like Welker for it's can't see it early in his career when he was that the University of Florida. I. Debating in the road he'd been on in terms of if production here early for. An undefeated story impact points for seasoning Gainesville. And then tested positive for performance and answers and they get suspended in the loop and all of it's say it's a great example perseverance in and continuing. To fight and stop on really big and it is excited about. Well West Virginia can do this job I believe that they have in the big twelve and I think that. That's saying a lot it would Oklahoma and able to do that conference put down. He I think the biggest thing is he's a competitor and you know you'd look at the fire which he plays. Clearly has the arms and that that the talent to distribute the football without the receivers but opera here before you know it they'll for the gators and the longer in this in yet he's the I'm certain teacher form but I can bet Tennessee. Towed out of that that it ought to remember what he did on more than sixteen. Back in the swap a couple of years ago that the level format that'll. Chris last thing got about 4560 seconds here and take the time you need that either you played college football big time program you played the NFL for about a decade in. You know you have fans of both products going back and forth and on which one's better which one they like more really boils down to what you like it's personal preference are. You know I I love college football always have an. I think it's a fantastic product right now what how how would you sort of summarize the difference between college football in the NFL and you know which one has the better of product from entertainment value right now. I probably thoughtful guy you know growing up in the south of think we tend to migrate more accounts were the national sport about having played both level. The thing I think that I kind of wrote me a bit of follow applicable business it becomes that you lose a little bit of that aspect that the player. Would that being said Alec is kind of migrated that direction as well though. If you had become a big businesses we talk about all the money involved in those people that are getting paid outside of the players themselves. I didn't. Support you ought to you know go by I mean it's still that the best possible the best portable. Our Chris door SEC network joining us on the technique job just like out awesome stuff they're glad to back super. They don't.