Garcia & Bailey: Chip Patterson, and We Make Fun of Kyle's Country Roots.

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Friday, September 29th

We talk to Chip Patterson, and play the mating song of every hillbilly, including Kyle.


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But Garcia. We're all this Friday morning child Bailey's right Garcia Osborne those doing studio I'm here in Blacksburg didn't separate college game day tomorrow morning to. Cannot wait for that big weekend of college football ahead and we're getting into a thought of it including Miami duke tonight which could end up bring it. One of the best games of the weekend we'll get there and just a couple of minutes but that's always have a sub 7045709. BC extent. We are taking phone calls I do have the tech slide open to feel free to hit us up. And of course follow us on to erect tile Braly WS frenzy at a frank Garcia 65 at Osborne W weapons the as it well it sounds like go Matt has been holding for a while he wants to talk about the road trip this week desire understated so what's right demand that our use more. Don't dig out there you go well. Tony's got a couple of decent lies that come alive persuasion sort of under this week in a certain. No never met these guys but I sort of friends and have a traumatic vulnerable expert gets people to do. Yeah yeah. If they do have friends that are planned home on the you know Hamas didn't but I think there may be going nonetheless. Supplies could be they may not allow youth they combined use your debit card. It takes six takes and that's what you can maybe you go on the road to economic don't have our drug comes utopia have a good time. I don't make somebody something about the Panthers not. Not a big believers superstitious from big believer in momentum and take about that game last week we got blown out but. We were down by eight points you know third quarter coming in that first drug delegates are they certain. Don't look past them for. My own kind of wrapped up about two or three yard gain. Let him go the got the first down up ability cute play in the game they stop on the air you a chance to score get closer even. Things can go from one way to the other real quick big bully remember also. Frank thinks about that for the mentally strong teams overcome that they take a lot of mental strength to overcome something like that you're on fuel bill to give your basically. Libya's violent group Greece and you know what they could without stopping again and and they want. You know you're actually right man appreciate the phone call and you know it's a the first off I appreciate deride it as well if if things do go sideways you know down down in Blacksburg so yeah I question that's right now I'm going to bring gas and gem I'm gonna go to the bank number two. How much is it Hooper Costa Blacksburg. Well it really just burns Wright does and how crowded it is and and how busy their orbit so I don't know I'm I might have to look into that I don't know if I wanted to drive and loosely wrapped up I don't mind going up sorely Gephardt to whatever hours away and be stuck there but. I don't in the US is sorely he had some Hoover legs Charlotte numbers are very. As far as momentum goes for Matt I think it's a huge thing. In any sport you know what is baseball doing parties fill in the blank a momentum is huge. You know golf. Quarterback play and it's you know how to get how do you get that momentum. You get to do positive things and sometimes you get negative momentum to negative things and no matter you're absolutely right you know sometimes you have to be mentally tough to overcome. Those bad shots those missed tackles those sacks even then there are created in you know just stick with it and some teams are some teams aren't. Mean what do you bird what a captain Marlon has said about you know this team in particular. It's soft it's it's a front runner it's in those type of things and you know because that is something that they're gonna have to overcome. You miss a tackle here you miss a tackle there yet you let a big play a touchdown. You know I think creates that join them up here we go again you're allowed trouble. If it's like OK no problem we're pretty dame good. You know then word is that that's kind of the feeling that obviously wanna have but in order to have that feeling to have confidence and trust. In the guy next you. In the offense in the special teams and the coaching staff. And I think that's what the biggest problem is right now with this team the conundrum that they learned is that the defense has played pretty well. I'm not sure if they trust the offense so. They have to either really have some great leaderships among unbelievable plays that creates that momentum. Or you know there's always gonna be no matter what we do is there's just never going to be good enough. All right there ago. And Emmerich come back the papers talk a ton of that to get to a Tony softly and others. But I wanna hear from off from duke fans in my everything is really quickly frank this is a game though that you are both a little bit fascinated by though I think we have a slightly different opinion on how it could go. I don't necessarily disagree route to take that Miami could run away with this game. But based on what I've seen for Miami or do grow the past couple weeks. I I I think they're gonna try to run the line up and run the football and if they do that effectively man I think they can win this game and if they do they're gonna send a message to the rest of the ACC. Miami we don't know much about them you know Kyle and you know sometimes you need to have those wraps you just heard us talking with the elegiac. And you're gonna learn one thing from watching your gonna learn some things from doing. You know Miami is not that young that would team you know they're not that super experienced either but. You know when you don't know where they are that's where you gotta believe you know in coaching in the got a couple weeks you know to you know get ready for this -- die young duke is. You know going to be a less talented team to be very well coached team but they're not gonna have nearly the talent that they hurricanes do. And I think ultimately at the end of the day Kyle when hype hype and heart wears off. The more athletic better team takes over and I think that's where you're gonna look at this game you know for Miami duke and you know just terrified their ass off I don't think it's going to be a blowout. You know but I do you think Miami has more talented they are better that I don't could own say they're battered coast but there. I have a lot of confidence in Rex you know maybe more than other people do. You know from some of the conversations I've had with some of his former players and this sort of the message he brings. He was able to get it done at Georgia you know to the ultimate degree but he was pretty successful in the SEC so. You know he's planning has a great coach they're gonna have a great game plan and got cliff. You know they may have the best quarterback in the ACC. But I do I do believe when the hydrant heart wears out. Miami's defensive front is gonna get after Duke's chief offensive front and their and that's the difference in the game. Well I think there's I think David Jones is the best returning quarterback in the ACC and I still think he's a good fit for that offense and most of his lot of reasonably optimistic about it amateur is the best current quarterback in the ACC based on what we've seen through the first couple weeks but that's debatable he might be I don't know when. Eleven let me just preface that number and others to do a lot of purity you're urinating Garcia is that better than Jackson is that there in the Clemson quarterback Greg a Jeb talked about at the next level when I say the best quarterback in the ACC he has the most upside is an NFL player that's what that's from a furniture cigarettes are totally gotten I don't know I get better and it's. The preferences I should say that NFL coaches and GM's that in terms of the prototypical quarterback buck right. Guy he's the entire package in that sense through so you're you're you're logic file I totally get it and I do think you're absolutely right right there at the end at the end of the day. If you have two teams that come to play tonight between Miami and duke yeah I expect Miami will win out because about what a schism in depth of the gets a pretty fair perspective right and that's I get the sense that tell you feel right up. Okay and I get that I just and I think honestly I'm inclined to believe you're right that it's gonna go that way below what if what if duke is a team that's gonna come out of nowhere what if duke is a team say out of nowhere understanding that they've they've been there a couple of times are on the cusp a couple of times over the past couple years. Problem we have any expectations for this team coming into the season and here they are 40 and the biggest game of the season for them thus far they can really vault themselves ahead with a win tonight. No question you know this misstatement game you know for the Duke Blue Devils and you know they've had opportunities in years past I mean I don't know when the last time if ever they've been for no maybe it's in a sense. I think a Spurrier is back their I can't remember them in the in the recent past been for knowing. And maybe you know I in my memory mistakes me but you know this is an opportunity for them to make a statement no doubt. Like I say they're going to be fired up and I want be surprise of the jumped out to an early lead in this game but. You know over time through four quarters the better team you know eventually wears on you and athletes start taking over and bigger faster stronger is what applies so. You know Rick's not gonna be an out coached. He he. You know he might have some things there yesterday just two but. You know those things Joomla get in this game and you're right you know proud if if I'm wrong. Were there to talk about duke on Monday as you don't lauer noticed talking about duke. Yeah we write about that that the one thing I would say is and I think your right to put lot of faith in more effort by the way because. Looking at his former players elsewhere by guys like Thomas Davis and Charles Johnson special up. But and he's he's not typically what it's going to be out coach but if you if you were to be out coached it would be by Gallic there's a couple of so. We're gonna weigh conceal that I know Robin the du film wants to get any we've got her from Robin in a little while so it's really good to hear from you get Robin how are you doing today. Hey doing good well it didn't doubt he does gear did you and hey is this is even though greater day. What do money Blue Devils lake decal on adults to live here like a lady allegedly cheated. All of a duck so Dave great day in the Carolinas be a blue devil tremendously as surely it but that day like. Don't underestimate. The body Blue Devils they say you don't doll wires. Graham being. You know club goes back to that budge. I'd say a lot. Yeah they make give up a big play here or there like he did against. Care on last week. But that I agree way he'd it does about one thing if he is able to run the ball. Or they could open up that patsy if that would we're they do raving. Certainly. They Miami in my have the a handful had days suburb male civil happened either. But I am we will not build this like big deal that chick golf like that. It or not. With a well I hit the outskirts appreciate Australia bridge Robert did your did your brother and now thanks our thanks to god I hope everything goes well okay. Thank you so publicly about the prayers go out. Wait a lot to me really does. Yes sir anytime glad to duke led just don't call us and we appreciate your divorce here's what we're gonna do we're gonna come back we'll get chip Patterson's perspective on this game tonight. And the entire we did had a college football it's Garcia Bailey W weapons that. Kind of music is this possible. Good job cleaning eighties bill what does this. I well as a full disclosure here I got a lot of crap going on. And I forgot to pick a song on you know whatever it's called so I just type or brand of science is stupid Genesis song. I'm so I'll eat my son because my Shane closet right now should you absolutely sure this is horrendous these people. People love this show for the tone some united dial last force a little dungy theater once in awhile you get the Genesis and well. Stay on CC at least in the closet logic NASA did you read about this yeah threats yeah you can NASA. Well I wish I was there to get some JJ is red dots but the JJ is right not the sponsor of our crude remarks hit us up back Kyle really W weapons the Patrick Dorsey 65 or not at Osborne W offends a lock. And here we hit men came and and started like salivating over the hot dogs. But the Cincinnati the five warm Cincinnati was to finally sits and I were Cincinnati dog but. I tell you what it really got weird what he saw the sausage in there. And just. So some just the way that he savored that in his mouth goes just. Thought it was the best sausage ever. You grossing me out right now and a we're we're we're gonna go a little higher reporter a lift the level of discourse on the show right now little more highbrow with chip Patterson a CBS sports dot com. It covers college football with several how are you. I've stumbled upon them central radio catch. That's what frank Garcia does man it's always good that. A chip that I did their back their sorrow and I'm I'm near Blacksburg and separate the weekend's festivities a microbial studio meta bit nostalgic talk to view my old studio. If it's a little weird but they do what we are we're we're talking about the game tonight first and foremost duke and Miami this that I I think could and a big debut of the best games of the week it. Pollard no doubt Tom you know here's the thing that really been out me from Miami can't get Toledo what language you know a for everything that happens. Last weekend I do you think that might need a leader in that way more important. That it had significant of that big event in terms of if our game the Miami back he would knock off the proper vehicle learned. A lot about the hurricane the only other game they've played the only other data point that we have. Wouldn't input there and cook man in the opening weekend. Coming here at the very good Maxine. Really probably like cut top forty year top fifty teams and all college football Logan would not be good quarterback and he explodes. A huge Miami weakness and I think it's going to be really really big for you tonight but I need secondary Miami linebackers are among the bat in the ACC. They're deep on the deep and sublime. But they are inexperienced that secondary and they got picked on against Toledo and that's wrapping Daniel adjourned and a real opportunity. Especially as he can extend the play within the leg you know get a little roll out get the attention of the safety. And it may be hit a couple of big plays because the other thing we learned about Miami is that more thought is. Perhaps an NBA put enough. A buck twenty every single time they hit the field even got injured in the middle of that game that most of the second third quarter and they'll finish whatever 200 rushing yards. So the Duke's defense which. Still it typically. Is ranking amongst some of the best in the country against the run. Need to be able to show that that's just not a reflection of the schedule playing against teams that haven't been able to move the ball very well you could delighted that we look improve. And the way that they played but this is going to be one of the toughest challenger but they're gonna have all year so the key for me I Daniel and been able to pick on that Miami secondary which I think they can't be at. And they didn't. Defensively. Being able to show that they are very stout run defense that they look like on paper right now they're always. You know Jim my arguing B can't tackle which can't catch and I'm not sure you know is. Stood out as those linebackers may be against teams that are running north and south of we're gonna go east and west as fast as Miami would that would be. Obviously you won't you know the one of the keys in the game to see how fast this defense is for duke. I have pressure I mean business. But they've got a two running back rotation. Fort Walton a little bit more shifty and then they're back up every a bit more like a one cut between the tackle got. And air did come behind their really really I'm bit noted that the gonna be a lot of fun because I factor and you know everything. From the eight lateral and years ago. We let them in my area at Miami came in that game it was the first game after they got rid of Al Golden to put the top 25 team depending coastal division champ. And after that. After that ridiculous play duke law that the next 45 games like that even get panic caved and that felt like a huge swing low that. Produce gluten that people are doubled and then here in 2017 and even more coming in we're like all right duke. Are you. Are you get 78 win team that you look like you could be auto a year and year out basis. Are you for an eight that you are in 2016 this whole season has been packed with a lot of meaning. Coming into the years yes debated oddsmakers at their over under wins so what I've been happier. Frame you bowl pain they come out when they're hurt or game. All the funnier like you know OK if you could be able to show up and get the Kumble when on Friday night where and a off some. Little demon helmet that I think we're gonna he gave all the sudden be beat dat. That thorn in the side of a of a murky tech or Miami a couple of vision wrecked. In our Jim Palmer to set the scene for you Saturday morning about 9 o'clock am had not to Blacksburg Virginia have never been there before so 77 to what 84 wherever the road you are at 81 got the maker right down there and about two and a half hours. There's a lot of jello shots there's a lot of beer kegs and there's a lot of fraternity boys with handshakes what should I expect divisive banjo amount because I know I'll have been set up Kyle Bailey is invited me to my first game in Blacksburg for the Clemson Virginia Tech game and I if I see a banjo amount and just let them know. But but but but I mean you know you gotta be able to debate aired live her all the good brown liquor they get passed around out there the very friendly bunch. They're more than happy Q to share in Q and did take many big debate mini mini skirt. Throughout the day and into the evening good. I mean I I can't even get up on a big inning with a pregame show. Yeah ditto they've dubbed due to this afternoon I'm gonna be all over the place Franken are doing Carl pregame show tomorrow from two to three so it's going to be awhile. The thick and yeah now I'm under I'd give BP already ranked at your paper a lot of brown record. That's a. Let's talk about a day for a second because there are others that I wanna get through but you know look at it but by all biometrics. Clemson should win this game. Frank these clubs in the best team in the country I am I'm inclined to agree with him there just actor it. There are lots and lots of reasons especially on the defensive side of vision when this game tomorrow night and ultimately I do think that they will. But the last time they faced a defense like the one you'll see you tomorrow night against Auburn they only scored fourteen points. So there are some spots for Clemson is a little bit vulnerable how do you see this thing going tomorrow night. I I think it chess match between Justin Fuente and the Virginia Tech topic does that. And Brent venables and a constant beat bands will be fascinating. Because you know I'd leave it leave it remember. Clarkson just pounding. Hard data to the ground in the semifinals and then knocking off Alabama. And I think that impact on our memory of those you gain. Has sort of washed away the fact at Virginia Tech and the ball near midfield. With four minutes left to play. Driving for a game tying touchdown in the ATP championship game. And that it filled rod Evans president pick inside the red down with one minute left. I did for the game where Virginia Tech absolutely hung in there and win it blow for blow with the eventual national champions a lot that I think is. The wave that that topic is staff I would rod Evans and now I think I've they'll be able to do it again and got active. Kind of team at the crime then defensive line out of it you know they grow a lot at you lot of multiple formation but probably use all three of their running backs. Don't ship them around the prime played the perimeter a little bit they're gonna try to make life. A little bit difficult but as big boy aren't that a written back. And just let him you know just. Did the they would submit on it before he would absolutely can end up on the ground. Underneath the larger Christian welcome so it chess match the different ways that Virginia Tech we'll show Clinton something Clinton going to adjust. Yeah I think it's going to be one of the more well coached games that we might see in the ATP all these and wish you could could win this game. And I don't know like probably by a touchdown or about four point three point. I would say that the wrinkle here. Did that will be the first time that our new recently promoted kicker. After Greg Hugo the three year starter Garrett down a bit ACL injury. Content going to be call an awning guy who would walk on a local boy we've now got a scholarship but he's there up into a big spot. Taken in lane stadium under pressure and then you know at 8 o'clock primetime games so. I I think it up give Clinton the better team they'll find a way to win this game. But I'd nicotine. The back and forth this is going to be one of the more entertaining game to be all beat it but how to game that I'm probably gonna go back and watch. Two or three times to learn a lot about both dean could I think they're both top ten top fifteen team and I think we'll probably see them play again in the ATP championship. Georgia Tech lost their clothes worn to start the season offers is ten Tennessee but. I I do I talk to us all my games are making money only for those purposes so. The reason why I'm asking is because I love this spread with Georgia Tech vs North Carolina spreads nine. And a half. Gupta is gone down to nine some people started to put money on. North Carolina but I still sit in on north Torres stop the run well. Georgia Tech runs laws make it to the ball a little bit offensively as well good for high scoring game I think ultimately Georgia Tech controls the ball has too much for in a North Carolina with a young quarterback. The imperial line for Georgia Tech playing really well right now. You know they did they caught a guard box that guard guard center guard. I get a guards pull around the block and down they're able to life. Did a good three yard push when they're gonna quarterback follow but to be back which is you know that like to be back and got it right there due to age gap I. Like I can't think bit. The wave that Georgia Tech opted to calming as good as they are on the interior of their offensive line and how important that is going to urge expected. It's. I would I would not advise picking against Georgia Tech just period did they covered against Pittsburgh is a tie game halftime they came out the second half and shot about. One I think candidate winning by like eighteen point. They're an eight point favorite there and he had Allan how would not be. I would not be picking against Georgia Tech against some of these teams that are near the bottom of the eighties because so that they've got a chance. To get I mean just take all the life out of out of the game and that's an 88 demanded that North Carolina op then they need to run on rhythm. I shout outs out drag gonna get in rhythm where he has won three and out on it in the ball again turn of the thirty minute it's. I'm I'm with you I think dirt act of play there. Did I I agree devoted your whole heartedly and we're we're short on time so go quickly here the other team in Georgia the university of also as a big game and other going through docks full through rocky top tomorrow a game you could hear right here on W weapons the off from Westwood One right after Franken I go off the year at 3 o'clock. A Georgia Tennessee chip and look at Georgia sure looks like there early defensively elective the class of the SEC east here but. It's something tells me Tennessee's going to be up for this David I don't know what that ultimately means booked it'll be worth watching epic. No that's only worth watching because it's on PBS and everyone knows. You can all this screaming out in yet or back out and it yet mobile app but after being a good company man. I've looked so heated that did a great cat because we've been watching Georgia. Good Georgia seems. Have those who wondered few games where they get all the other late NA and good as Georgia look against Mississippi State Notre Dame. EU were really impressed not only what they're doing defensively but op than his opponent. I mean they've got young players coming out and the lives but they're like 6532330. Pound. Freshmen and Red Shirts off court they're playing at an elite level you know that the credit to Jim Chaney and commitment. Higher is that if you remember. They weren't Arkansas would deal a buffer got there and they had that Jonathan Williams College in order gonna bang the ball just ground pound. That it would Georgia's running right now the opposite line of comment it yet beautiful to watch that whole group and action. Take Ron Burgundy and have to do that much fuel only thrown the ball like. 1213. Fourteen times per game so far. So between job Michelle. Beyond great slip a freshman running back a lot loved Jordan good order really really really. Really good but. It got dark for a minute and every game here that can it be game on Saturday. Cocktail party game against Florida these spots where Georgia teams in the past. Who are more talented and potentially SEC championship down at tripped up along the way. They they need to step up in the spot and this is certainly one you think and it feels that there tension. Don't forget senate he has won the last two games in that theory including last year I just got hail Mary I think dirt got plenty of again not overlooking kind of feed all its good that they thought. Jim I know were up against it so if you can make this he abbreviated version I'd appreciate it because that way forced undefeated Florida State's winless. What you would you like in this one because as you know a lot of people still fail like myself for states not a bad football team just played pretty two pretty good ones. They rhythm. I think I've I think that's part we will win that game but I think you'll Wake Forest did tech. Executing at a much paralleled in color stay color stated more talented but there are steps below they were out of position they were confused. I put some of that on the coaching up what some of that from the players. But debt they get heated to very good football in your right foot in our Q Pete is that we have of evidence for the port state team. This national championship contender I have looked a little bit out of sorts. I am very curious to see how things go purported stake because very quickly it's starting to look like a lot these. Fifteen seconds to Washington State probably did a a reality check tonight. I mean nothing in my do you see you don't have their left tackle their right tackle. Yes. Yeah not I don't know and how are now they get weird. If I don't I don't have a nervous that everyone gone you know. It when everyone is staying dip into in Europe because of York city does not have a bye week they do not have a bye week. Until the week before the actual championship game that they keep playing with fire like they had been they will lose. They don't chip Patterson CBS sports nut job joining us on that account just like had a great week your brother we'll talk to so. Hey don't enjoy blackbird can be held without. We'll drive event and Iron Man yeah. Palace Reuters deliver stuff that's original. That is the original price I love it. But I will come back out more college football on what Osborne's take on some of these games and always chomping at the bit if your legs are about Nebraska Illinois. No I'm not actually can lay this time. Kind of the way the rest of the season you already moved on to Nebraska ball to Williams and how much of what an event that'll be. You have Edgar Garcia Billy W weapons that. Ladies. Join me child really Tucson they had noted the American burger company at 15100 west morehead for our WS Lindsay pregame show. And stay and watch the game on American murder company's 120. Two big screen TV enjoy two dollar divesting bottles for pastoral way game's only not for home games. Along with a number of other well drink specials American burger company will have all the other games on TVs throughout the restaurant. And when the cats wind listen up when the cats when the next day in America and her company you will receive the margin of victory in a discount. Minimum 10% off with a pair to about fifteen or 225. But you get fifteen or 225%. Off whatever the margin of victory is so. Don't miss any of the action Sunday. 12 o'clock at American murder company 15100 west morehead. With me child really would love to see how they're great food great fun great televisions is an awesome place to be. So come on out and serious all right Osborne frank what is your I haven't of Florida Friday endow or do you take on a couple more these games here because. Cattle like last week you guys there are a bunch of games in terms of top 45 matchups on paper. But a handful of games I think shape up to be very very excited at bright guy could not agree with you more about Georgia Tech North Carolina taken over don't always agree with each other on everything but Georgia Tech North Carolina. Game I think you're exactly right Georgia Tech specializes. In chewing up clock and keeping opposing offenses over out of rhythm. Yeah and that's going to be interest in the C you know which has strive to you know at an office in these rhythm you know you go over three and use is replaced four plays five plays caught. You know there really doesn't you know do anything because your defense going to be make it back out there have Georgia Tech is wearing on yet. And keep that offense off the field and finishing with touchdowns they're going to be a tough team to beaten you know we look at the interior that offensive line. It's kind of that prototypical U offensive line that we may be had been expecting for the last couple years and Michael shoulder myself we've had. You'll hides a praises for Georgia Tech you know just because the do you think so differently I don't think they're capable when in national championship. On you because of the style of offense that they run in the style game that they play but they're they're actually capable of beating teams that are pours in stopping the run and now I just don't I when I look at North Carolina play you know Kyle and I watched their their defense of backs and linebackers. When you watch this game. There's never anybody on the offensive side when defense when North Carolina hit some on the defensive side that goes backwards always finish moving forward so. Is offensive player we call that finishing your run. Every offense I've seen it go up against North Carolina has finished their run and those are one yard hits it's the other contact turn two or three yard gains. And eventually they'll start wearing on you in the fourth quarter so. I think consumers same things can apply here you Georgia Tech has too much firepower offensively running the football. And our north Carolina's greatest governor runs so match up is not great for North Carolina. Archer thought. Yeah I think I think there's a kind of thing that's going on with his gained it may be a lot of people are talking about this and that's that's North Carolina injury situation. They are a mash unit right now the defense is it's really struggled this year. And it's something it I think Franken probably talked a little bit more than knee but I've watched a lot option thought all my life based on the team I cheer for. Everybody's so geared up ready to play the option that first series tell you that's right the defense is flying around their polished fundamentally sound all manner for that third or fourth or fifth or sixth drive. When that when that beat back a Betty backs coming around the side and hit him in the mouth and they've got to have gap responsibility they don't know when the fullbacks come in they don't know when there's a pass and I have to pick themselves up again and again -- and shot again cut you. I have just seen as so many times I think this is a game Dick Georgia Tech is going to win and and I think fit I think it's we're gonna look at this. Season for North Carolina and we're just going to. I don't wanna say it's a loss easy to the expectations were that great coming in but it's. I mean your your packet an earlier he had just this one this one is one where I think you play chess or until his arm falls off and you just slid in. You just let him figured out for years to come and. Well I'm I'm with you on that and one of the things that there are other by products apply met often to break can definitely speak to this too is that it's not just about the beating that you take it's not just about. The overtime possession that they chew up but mentally they get into the did heads of opposing offenses and quarterbacks and and skill players because you get so few possessions and now games oftentimes you feel rushed to you feel a sense of urgency. Earlier in games that you typically what you might try to force Bulger might try to make plays because you're not sure when you're gonna get the ball back with a young team and especially on the offensive side like North Carolina. That part of it can be disastrous as well. Yeah absolutely I mean I think that there is say. I think there's a psychological. I think there's a psychological aspect to I think these guys like you said they press and I think I think for the defense. This is just going to be one of those things where you have to be so. Sound. You I mean every single play you have to know your responsibility you have to read the pitch mania after reading got a quarterback I've read all that crap. And if you if you if you miss one timed it 75 yards to the house because they did the edge in their goal. Well the public buildings that are taxed like if I didn't know what I would have never guessed that Osbourne went to North Carolina did he hated there are so epidemic satellite through the ordeal about what not I mean I hate your guts out or not you know there were right. Yeah I don't necessarily to school I don't really have to get big feign allegiance to that today school. That's no but I must be the reason why Zorn Nebraska shirt today chase it's its expect decrepit. I at 7045709. B six dead. We'll come back a little more college football talk to wrap up the hour 12 o'clock rolled back to the pad there's a back to the NFL. With Tony softly log doctor a lot of papers in St. Louis Rams exact now with 950 KJ or Sports Radio out in Seattle it's Garcia Billy W weapons it. You get real the that's Obama and reverend there and I'm student at William. And well I am rigged. And that's really going on in the background there at Virginia Tech right now yeah yeah I doubt they did they know we are on. This I mean as he speaks. Out. College game day set up right now that is tolerant definite hillside where. Kurt Kurt pretty got a real spurt of about thirty and act. I have to Wear Gemma philosophy then until executive overalls with few in my delivered one of those tourists. Not well thought if you just look at you you're going to be five all right you're gonna you don't. Hundreds of homeless by itself on its look may have but I don't think this is hilarious and thought it was not. I try to do good sport about it. What you bid jerks our relationship yeah. That's okay. Oh go back to Garcia and Bailey at least until I quit. With a where they're about half this thing and at least you were children did you ever feel. Glad you're having funded by substance that you guys are and they a big big beautiful studio. JJ is right not so Jill I don't trust and newness. Test test sites you've heard but assets at no but I am a candidate if you dot com and an empty building right now right. I came back to my roots must small market routes you guys are as big fancy building with helicopters and towers and everything else I'm pretty sure the only person in this building right now. Our guest in live from a tree stand out of Blacksburg Virginia at Powell clearly Garcia and mentally that I heard in the year in a Christian I just thought yeah. That's left. Oh. Well what's a lot out there is that famous did look good the blog god Osborne every day should be Saturday. And there's that that that famous line as as spirits are always talking about various stadiums. Throughout the country and he talks about lane stadium big simply got a game for owns and it's packed with hunting gear clad in peninsula and in Turkey legs and I. Yeah. That's the breaks or gives you more and I say can't play an ideal world. We can't wait for better we debts we're gonna have a whole lot of thought we got two hours left of us who Tony softly KJR 950 yards Seattle long time NFL executive enjoy the show. We're gonna get it's always thought the pictures patriots next and whether or not the cure a lot of papers to win this game on Sunday I am of the mind set that they can. And I was tried to to hype up the masses their drew much through for the money but I got some. Yeah I got I got the buzz kills them again for I'd say you know no way we thought this last week though the the worst even though if defense in the league came in last week to look what happened in. Our office all the put up 45 points through three games. As the NFL bad things can change. Yeah no actually care and and and it's it just predicated on match up you know aren't and we saw last week you know a couple of teams. That little bit more motivated than I've never understood that you know Kyle. You know but still the same as for example alone two are you come here to Bank of America. You know we think that they care on dances on offense in particular should be motivated to go out there and scored do you sump a little bit more. And it just doesn't happen in the saints look like you know there. You know lead the mad world champs are reincarnated you know back in the you know late two thousands and you know when you start looking at what they're able to do what they were able to do dispensers team defensively. And then offensively. You know with. The exposing some where players are concerned because. You look at a similar team. You know with skim similar skill sets you know and the defense is not very good and explosive offense you know in in going to their house so what's the reason for for optimism. On the fact that you expect the cancers too little pissed off after the way they played last week and I hope that's the case you know Kyle. You the same syndrome blowing out and I in a bullet in a last second play to the Texans but. You don't play your facts for I think Tom Brady's like a 10120. You know something like that is his record their home. If I'm not mistaken so I mean he has a tremendous record it's a tough place to play I played there several times. You get drawn. Northerners are throwing whiskey bottles that you everywhere. And you know you got chowder you know the jet to get through and all the crab legs a G afternoon you know flounder through but. It's a miserable Dahl but they they play well there. Yeah well we're gonna find out more on Sunday and delegates vote result was opinion on this. Coming up next as we kick off our number three. To a 45 David Hale of ESPN's good joyous kind of a surprise thing he'll pop and we'll get his thoughts on the college football happenings around the world and I just parts so we'll join me in studio. For the final hour of the show is we get frank off to his weekend early so big show ahead keeper right here Garcia Bailey W weapons it.