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Tuesday, September 12th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, the guys start their weekly talk with Panthers defensive back Captain Munnerlyn. 


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But Garcia. Our numbers story it's a long celebrated crank the volume up. Start done that she's murder and listen to Tuesdays with captain. That's thank Tuesday's attempt to Motorola and he joins us now on the tech jobs just log panthers' one and oh and had a big hand in that this past Sunday. Out in Santa Clara as the pairs of tobacco gets set for the home opener this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills Jeff tomorrow powers are congratulations on the win. I appreciate them being born then boom. We are doing well we're doing well or bust nets are quite a loved it it's on this week so forth talking about the game and envoy took to win it and you know I'm the defense really clamped down that drive I think a couple of drives there and really just set the tone for that football game. Obama get them afterward we did a great job all is well and that there were rescued a game plan co chairs and a very good time for us. And diplomat that we executed plays little. You know GAAP sudden change defense is something that's really difficult to go out there and you know how do you have success. You know doing I thought that that was one of the big keys in yesterday's aren't Sunday's game excuse me was a sudden change defense. Oh yeah most definitely we pride ourselves on that on the medal this situation is. We fumbled the ball and they got the ball down and our resolve or Petrova Travolta takeaways that's what we true. So we just try to go out there district or we'll play if there's anything where that's scored. I have found it very difficult it is 00 Q are there won't dominate. And why don't try to authority didn't. That gap is that something guys talk about on the defense aside do you knowing that the defense of meeting room is that say listen we want and not just be a good defense you wanna be great defense we wanna be the best in the NFL. Well yeah most definitely that's what we trample on vessel quote learn the beginning of the year I sure won't believe that you've. And continue to you how important that if you compare and contrast that's their fiscal and not make plays and get some part of effect on each and every day apart. I kept what was the game plan going into Sunday against a team with a new head coach and a new quarterback committed to head coach that you seem before obviously in Atlanta Colin plays but. No good would endorse on the outside ourselves around for long time as you guys watch the film. And prepared for the at all since no specifically they're in the secondary what was the game plan how to do one attacks discussed. We didn't have this very very blue controlled. If increasingly they're preserved at the age old Border Patrol. Control I don't discredit Putin handled the game plan you couldn't see the fat guy move very particular type of defense. We know what size is that more physical careful. We did try to have known mortal battle Egypt played incredible that it you have. And then did a pretty good journal sentenced. You know cap I don't know if it's a different than McDermott's defense as far as dramatically speaking no more you know going out there being more aggressive but it seemed like Wilks and core pressure situations. Wanted to get after the quarterback and make him make a quick decision is that something that. You know I'm accurate when soars as something that just seem like because guys going out there make implies was a more prevalent. That you are period over defense that is you know I'm a former employees. We can't put all possible and those different there's no place fashionable first game of the year. So our local support there district. At least part of chatter the communications affecting him. And I did that sort elusive civilian occurred per game always have a particular you know on the national poll we did differently in. This is definitely there is mentioned you did on the north country the way you know how that change can we can't. And how much honestly do you as a defense did you care about that sort of thing to talk about that sort did you get close to the game because. Look to Europe twice 33 games in hand guerrillas at that point you're gonna win it but how much does that a shut out so to speak at least keep the team out of the end zone means you guys and how much do you want to put that into. It's a lot of people. In the I was more reasonable result and even that we should do their welfare. You try to keep you do this all came to do it before efficient. They were told that the Italian poll now it's or entire. This entire menu where certain people he's not an illness or deformed candidate. You know cap another thing I noticed on the defense aside is that there was a lot of missed tackles guys made plays when they're presented in you know they weren't in the right position a lot you know through that game. It seems like the team speed overall has picked up on the defense aside that was a beneficial. To be in the right position to make those place. Oh yeah most definitely most that the minute you put yourself in our positions are to make those plays you know had to work very hard. Some quote if I. On my progress on news. For the September situation. More rapidly put it this deal with the ability to defend them all right they have more time and legislative or easy. Daughter captain marlin Panthers defensive back joining us on the tech become just like. If you could headed up the game ball Purcell who was your given to on the defensive side. Are they getting together the there are good people there are certain sort of remembered that a fair bit but it didn't gamble for the very looked for and I were targeted a group that became news. The fact and I think every bit of an awful. And I didn't think he'd get information. And not ancient Latin American. You're performing artist did your guys will fundamentally different that occurred just a mile so all these Turkey. Backhand. Yeah and and speaking of a couple of those guys are saw a couple of saw a frames it were slowed down I mean it just looked like. You have the best you know how's it look like KK in store just flat out dominant on Sunday. Yeah most definitely most definitely memorable bad people come together and the other or they came into the thing they want to do that well I think. Almost eighteen I'm glad that that's old pedal felt pretend to be enacting what they can't do that yes. You know Tampa seems like that it's game on Sunday was a coach's dream scenario right ti win the game you play well. Do you do some great things but there's still some things you can make adjustments on anytime you win a game you still go find one or two things you can cracked when illusion tried several things. No fortunately you were able to win the game 23 to three as you mentioned the defense played great but what's one thing and then the morphology guys need to shore up. How do anything. I'm sure all through attrition you're getting all mad and I didn't think it'll preferred seeing more meet personally. Elected after they moved the same time visibility in terms. I've got to get didn't they get more involved in the game and then there's the look at long. Yeah and UK just your. In some ways a smaller version of the guy you you face him practice every day he's a guy who wants to throw well but he can talk inertia with a state. How does a defense prepare for dialect especially coming on the heels of planet telling Brian Hoyer who makes his living in the pocket. Elmo and all after world war test for all we know that all the future he can move around you that you can. We'll give Arafat a popular portals all in the same trap he can't virtually treat so I'll just go to. Know that there is indeed fortunate to edit people's prayers and troops stay in people we don't get and just try to overlook the fact the rules are all very do there are different sort of different little bit of traffic it's only trying to look look so far. You know cap a lot of people make him a deal about the EO weather out there and say are the Cisco over the weekend ninety degrees young traditionally warm. You know for this time of year especially in San Francisco words you know usually feels like a little bit more like it might in Minnesota. But how does that factor into the game. I've kind of benefiting all the things fair. Movie everything that moved through the game and can decide failure just as it is very windy afternoon games. I think that it's very in America believe that this so. A jab was was camel little rusty the first half. You know he hadn't told football hall. Appreciate even more often to control. Yeah at this. People and that's all the definition is all about on the news out of all been through. There are so this is almost there are so. It is a little bit very difficult to win a patent in order to give America it is an anomaly here. And and warm there little news. Don't have what does it sometimes you know you play you whether it's quarterback and you get that rhythm you get that groove you know sometimes you play golf you get that where the media that grew we play quarterback in your. Distribute Intel in the football ruthless war what does that one thing that may be solved. We're cam in the light when Johnny realize you don't want my shoulder feels good. We're we're playing pretty well I trust the guys around. Oh yeah I think you're talking often if at all I think you're. Not refer to all they're all written down their groove since. I have been home I won't make you won't often. All all Java all can they have all all in the capitol building and began moments truthful. All to be particularly definitely appreciate that it. Overall improvement overall if you didn't know I think also. All right Jeff tomorrow and quarterback of Carolina Panthers could follow him on Twitter at captain underscore 41 we appreciate the subliminal don't get a stop gap. Or or own I wasn't it captain marlin joining us on the technique come just saw a surprise inasmuch as gamecocks. Does that earlier. What are your shirt your shoulder. I like there that are relevant to join last Braden dole about the gamecocks or it's alternatives that's what this hour for a little is also didn't play. You asked about the game job does your the last question always hopeful unequal we ask him about fifty there you go on dollar journal on the thought about it should I didn't I got Billy did it. Billy most think governor of the Christian joining us leaves the frank act like it's 130 years rolled according to Franken you should viewer reader's mind you know I try to hash exactly exactly see he knows exactly what's happening near you ritual fifty questions you gonna throne and what about the gamecocks but we'll come back I want to react to some things that he talked about there we go against Michigan there's discussion to get into. Dennis up especially if you have any thoughts about the bills had some via secure a lot of pauses I should say some bills fans here in Charlotte it lives and build off this Bill Maher Sudan's hills Welsh yeah. And apparently chip registration be scared of the of the most liberals so we'll talk about that next it's Garcia and they look for. I need. Need. Man laugh. We forgot to play though it may get off my Spotify and this has to admit there's not a Forester. And the ability is a really special garrison boost register instability. Now. Oh I also have told frank before just because I've played on the air does not mean I listen to Billy goes down closes eyes and picks but okay we need better music than this though under this is something that was thought I hit mammoon and the Spotify you kill me and that's that's gonna put us to sleep here. If it knew I was actually switching over computers latest on that as a saved file its ought to not a problem with what we'd like making a big a lot of music on the show itself. You know this by now 70457. Or 96 to end of intent to model enjoyed a ceremonial would you would you make some of those things that insect. You know I think there's. On on main you there's some things that they can improve on a source Edison coaches you know best case scenario to go out there and worked on some things do get better batten. And maybe play a little bit more sense of hers and I thought the played beautiful overall part of the defense of side. If they weren't quite a great defense in San Francisco they're pretty predictable. Are you that they're gonna run the football they have one player on the offense it was a capable of no beating somebody down the film that was gore sought and they used the target him a couple times to. He'll move the chains but that's not gonna be you want guys not going to be each unit in a game where if you have a pretty dominant defense about the defense of wind dominated. About the quarterbacks. Muir played pretty well. I really gave up the underneath stuff you know you heard Corey Miller couple weeks ago talk about. In the new way of playing defense and collagen in the NFL it's gonna be give up the underneath stuff and force team would go out there. And maneuver the ball down the field and you know make him kick field goals. Yeah I thought the transit defense stepped up several times and I especially on fourth down and was able to get off the field in. Dog credited to that defense of front you know you can dominate blasphemous pushing back to not gonna get. His first downs messy question about the all sorts. And and may be and I don't want this to be an overreaction Bigelow that is pretty fun to do. I cam was not especially good on the football the first half this week off a much better in the second half six of six in third and fourth quarters actually on nine of his last not passing attempts against. Pretty good and it as such a bad yeah not too bad I will say though that's you Kelvin Benjamin a believe one catch or six that targeted six or seven hours to. And comparable won just 45 viewers I think greater Phnom signal when they're in the post a slant you know battles that he knows doesn't function is to catches twenty yards if if memory serves. Greg Olsen also quiet do we attribute all of that's the fact that cam was just a little rusty or is that something to what to keep an out. Yeah I mean there regardless of the receivers specifically listen Greg Olsen out of that equation really to the receivers specifically says on the to keep him out. I don't think there is inning that need to forced a ball down the field imitate with the defense gives you move the ball to keep the game manageable don't take risking your uncle Toms you throw the ball down to fill you. Open yourself up to hits unnecessary it sometimes with the quarterback you not in the bottom time. I thought there was an emphasis on you know throwing the ball underneath then now again the ball out quick and I thought Camden are pretty good job of that in the second half in particular. I did they. Use over use Christian McCaffery I think was number one answer question excuse me going into. You know to yesterday's show you a lot of people felt like they they tried to highlight him. As a player are you that might be you know you're going to. You know Pasadena you'd assume you're going to Apollo out told were where you know he's from or put a lot of his college football. You see was some of these rookies are able to do and yeah I think in Kansas try to utilize a guided dad. He does a playmaker. You know I did he have a great performance no video of a bad performance no. It was just so so you know you expect more after we've seen some of these other performances. You know with some of these rookies you know the go out there and make plays you watch what. You know the kid from Kansas City did you watch you know maybe what some of these other quarterbacks were able to or some of these other wide receivers or running backs. You expect Krista McCaffrey to go out there in India that mean bottom line is when in the game and you know again they they didn't they didn't put him as a bigger part of the game plan and I thought they would you go about nineteen touches. You know and I think that was you know a little bit more than I expected I thought maybe anywhere between ten and fifteen. You know so they they get the gutter ball four or five more times when you're winning game. You know your when he comfortably you know your defense is dominating there's not really much of a threat of San Francisco scoring. Yeah you can give the ball into the ball a bit more times and but some you're better employers take a little bit of. They off yet and look I I'd. I know Mac for instance is extremely enthusiastic about this kid and then he has a lot of talent like an Andy doesn't he's justified in being very enthusiastic about him and you guys disagree this morning on. Max belief. They have a McCaffrey's already done you know store and he's not a immigrant I got to start hasn't done anything to deserve that star ranking that's right now I grew join the settlement now and look I think three point six charge for carry on Sunday. But to me that that comes onto a first down but I'm in this wells at three point six yards per carry. John distort his and exactly did you used to live on for less Jerry's was the only one that was really struck by how will still register and bonds on their. Amiss there is this offense did what they need to do to go out there earning it we we get caught up in the yards per carry them. That's the biggest misnomer out army you can be running the football for second and short. And go get regarding needs secular Warner's third one you get the first down that's all you really try and design. You know you designed to keep on pace on course with the running game is not designing what they're like what we see in college football and have 56 yards a carry. It was a lot of times those stats are misleading when you see these running backs going out there and having these big gaudy numbers. Within yards per carry a lot of times is Judith third and long in their hand and a drop playoffs and the given up 810 yards and they're allowing these guys to go get those. Those you know those those sure yards or there isn't it a little more yards and in making these teams punt so. Yeah it's more about it's you know the timing of when you run the football. How well you're on the football short yardage to keep on course to set up other things and I thought the transit did that very well and in the game against San Fran. In a tale I think you know they can utilized that play action. I think that was coming open on that play out sort Campbell the ball when he was under center. You know I think to tell him Benjamin was coming wide open on a very similar route that slant me and that's another target for him. You know and you know there may be he is his numbers don't look as bad as maybe. You know as what you UC yet the end of the day you know Greg Olsen I'd like to see them utilize similar to mourn the play action you know game. You know but the type around so he's gonna run is general are clear out Rouse is going to be a lot of emphasis placed on. Stopping Greg Olsen and that's why those underneath routes with Christian or you know jays do or you're a guy like Curtis Samuel when he comes. You know ready to play that they're going to be a bit more and Axl. Would would stats do you put the most value of its not to do what George archer what what would stats do you think till the biggest part distorts. Running the ball stopping the run the amount of times that you do it you know controlling the clock turnovers on talk borrowers is a huge speak Doug you know as one of the biggest stats that you look at. On the plus minus turnover differential to plus two you're usually go in the game. About 85% of the time you know if conversely your modesty to lose a game in 85% of the times that's number one statue wins that usually wins a game. You drive start average is a big stat the coaches look at deceit you know where your act because it dictates how you called the game. Third down percentage is something that keeps drives alive you control the clock you know those those are things that you look at. I'm completion percentage for quarterbacks you know so so not relief the number one stat you don't what you wanna see efficiency at that that's a deposition. Dealers or something that you might look at offensively. You'll but the number one thing you know is running the football on how many times you do it you know when you look at teams run the ball thirty times plus. You're gonna look at that team went in about 85% of the time. You know for the Carolina Kansas and might be a little little bit higher you're throwing the ball you know for cam. You know anywhere between that range of warning and 125 times a game is really kind of more magic number for cam I think you want. I believe it's like 85% of the games he's played what he is not what his numbers are you know in that range because that means were controlling the clock that means are running the football means an average throw the ball down. You know down the filled in you know try to utilize our wide receivers you have those are things that you look at. You know when you start would do that where the successes for this team goes the numbers stand out. If you look at the receiving categories in the box score from Sunday an ambitious stood out to be something disinterested. You talked about Christian McCaffery I'm most kind of forced three indicated times he he led. That the papers and it was five receptions for 38 yards. I know the Panthers receiver and more than two catchers Russell Shepard DeVon fudge is Greg Olsen. Our Mulligan coming Montgomery little possessions they had as well how many plays Aaron Kyle Wright because. You know it was again about controlling the clock is it's about moving of the chains and about the finishing in capitalizing. In the red zone and scoring touchdowns you know there do their red zone efficiency of from a couple years ago was best in the NFL. You know where they finished off plays and they they didn't they ended with touchdowns. You know the second half I believe they only have four possessions just stood closeness if you take out the victory formation Hillary and 63 plays on Sunday published yeah I mean that's you know that's not a lot of plays in today's NFL. I mean used to be anywhere between 65 and seven he plays a lot of placed you know now it's you know as average you're earning 75 to 85 plays. You know on a good offense and hides a high RPO you don't titles you know system you know you give up to line of scrimmage. That's not always the best way you know you keep you heard your captain talk about I've talked to TD talked to lute. Remember an analyst olds that's saves a legs and gets them fresh. And when they get on the field they're going to be out. After they're wanting to you know go out there and that's where good defense has played. The best defense is played on the knob on the field not to believe or not that's that's your best defense that your best recipe for success deepest they're a sideline robins don't fill it doesn't look really damn good. Are 70457096. And any reaction to that what did you see on Sunday. Other gives you hope to gives you optimism or maybe give you some must some skepticism and what sort of things that needs to carry over or we need to improve on heading into week two against the bill that we do we genuine joy your thoughts on this would love to hear from his 70457. Or 96 to an all cancers are and our numbers resource in Baylor. I think just journal of us now tonight guys discuss. This is terrible. We got singularly or shake it like a salt shaker last hour an hour didn't Dave Ramsey's theme song. They ran a little salt amounts of financial wealth and homeless and. But that's the ability Gettelfinger appeared your normal bill you know he's fearless this. Can just figure you're DJ skills as well just targeted Tony Spotify and so you have dwindled to altered dead over Dave Ramsey's anthem by 7045709. DC extend it. An example what what about Sunday's win over. The 49ers did you the most optimism or maybe the most skepticism whenever it is it is up 70457. Or 9610. And let's go to Todd Reynolds the baton to the starter this afternoon sun every year. It's it and I'm a child a two part question you guys. All of those deep to get go on sale would like no other really good quarterback they're playing with yet. Announced that they endemic don't recommend like you're no longer than that Baghdad. You know every talkative what do we have to do everything you know they're street so we did did so Garcia be curious to know the pool player. How much of the concern you that deep blue it may look McDermott. Knowledge RT. We appreciate the thought for sure the phone call and you know when you start Internet. You know the Carolina Panthers in the knowledge of McDermott knowing the personnel with the Carolina Panthers. You know he's not one out there make any tackles he's not he's he's not gonna make any block she's not gonna make any. You know passes were or is not gonna cast the ball so. The I I think that there is. Their knowledge that every coach has when you know ruled that the opponent you know when you clam and where there's the Atlanta Falcons and oral Hussein's of the Tampa Bay about the next day attempted at Tampa Bay Buccaneers their familiar. You know with the personnel and feel the plays of the Carolina panther Ross I don't know if they give the bills and he. You know significant advantage you know coming into here Bank of America on Sunday. Yeah well. There's always questions like that right people wanna know how hellish familiarity is there and how much is that gonna impact this game. And while I think to some degree can help police you don't you guys and be in the right positions it still comes on execution does no one is stopping her two completely different things run there to know what I'm gonna do night at the stop it you know and when I have a guy that six foot 5240 pounds. Missive against your guide as 511195. And hole and he's trying to make a tackle who's gonna win that match up. Right so you know those are the things that you know the Panthers have advantage with is there sighs you know there's speed in the strike thing and and in other bills are good defense the not a great time they played the that the New York Jets were abysmal all the terrible. Nine and you know I don't know what you really Lauren from the bills on that game and you know so coming here to Bank of America it's always been a hard fought battle it's always brand you know who runs the ball better who stops the run more. You know I end you know slowing down Tyrod Taylor you would talk to Jeff and about. You know what that's like you know the good news is that they can practice against a guy because they see a guy like not necessarily camera more like Joseph Webb can improvise and make plays you know with his legs in practice always give a looked. You know who's gonna be that guy this year I mean that this team is well aware what the scramble droll. I wanna quarterback breaks contain then you'll stay with their guy you don't pass it off you know defense of players but that's where big plays are made you know you can too when you look at the CLC arts. Nor Russell Wilson goes and scrambles around and makes plays you know down the field is typically with a broken play you sort of cover for that long so. You know that's where comes on your front four get after guys and I think the teams Beasley Carolina Panthers has increased especially when you look at the way they're getting to the quarterback. Are you Thomas Davis and as they get what's his blue T Glenn Jose get blitzes insect Thompson coming from the outside. You know just a corner office coordinator you know kind of miss you know of the threats with it a little we protect what we blocked because of blitzes. Not designed to go out there and hit have a freer it's designed for match ups a big guy small guy we have three linebackers out there on the field you're always gonna have that advantage vs a running back yeah. And one thing that I'm gonna look for on Sunday to is is Howell Sean McDermott and Dole's OC job mug studio Rick Dennison I believe about how they attack. Especially the edges of of this Carolina Panthers defense because here's a thing about Tyrod Taylor he can be a little bit on Cole looked you know he was. Among the NFL's best last year and and and and doctor Bernard people don't he throws a nice people so. If they're able to stretch the field give him time to throw maybe go to work there's a there'll were earlier somebody like that to know I wanna see how they attacked at how the papers defense response. Well in on that's what you're gonna look at the film watching received zero worldly you know being really aggressive Brad Bird we will really aggressive and you're gonna noticing you know if you watch when he gets beat it's on the double moves because he is overly aggressive. And you know there's something to be said about that if you have a safety that you trust to get over the top. You know in certain coverages that you're going to be able to take to edit that debt chance and be more aggressive and I think that. He only talked to captain about communication that's one of the things that cornerbacks and safeties are always joined. And that second half they're looking to see a keyword you have what do you see you know those type things whether to hand gestures. But communication is key to any good football team. You know going out there annexing Judea and I think that's where you know you look at Adams you look at a guy like Kurt Coleman. In other kind of the generals out there and they're going to be able to do direct traffic and you know put guys in the right positions and see what in certain personnel group means when he got trip she got doubles or you know you have a single tied and you have a full house back for whatever might be. You know that you're going to be able to dictate this is what your responsibilities are you can communicate those for defense a lot harder at home to communicate those things. Biden did you don't vote burqa. Verbalize in that. You know compared on the road because at the road you're you know you're the offices in deepest and you don't you verbally communicate a lot of different things at home. It's a lot harder to do that because that's when your crowd's going to be allowed a so hand signals those types of things. Are gonna be little things and I'm sure captain was talking about the they're gonna be on the p.s and use. Yeah and one of the things I'm also very interest and to find out this weekend about buffalo specifically and how Carolina reactor it is takes advantage of this offensively. Is that if your cold Rex Ryan took over buffalo a couple of years ago. The Euro believe before he took over statistically speaking anyway the bills are the best defense in the league. And Rex Ryan took over in the assumption was always this defensive guru is gonna take the already best defense in the league and it's gonna elevate to a to a little you just can't fathom and they're gonna won a Super Bowl that way ground and pound blob blob law or there they progressively got worse as Rex Ryan was there. All of those faces are gone now. But to show on the Dervis a defensive guy I I don't know what to make of the buffalo defense coming off a win over the jets. Our does not exactly a high powered total prolific offense so I don't know what the bills have exactly defensively I'm going to be interested to find out a what they've got. And and B how much better than the Panthers can get from week one to week two because as your every coach in the known universe tell you the biggest improvement you'll make is from week one to week to correct. Yeah and that's we're gonna see some of these guys you know you have you find out you have a little bit more on your roster are new incur no out utilize him a little bit better. You know but when you look at their their their defense is man and move from a three for a 43 and I think McDermott true to prefers that Marcel Darius a good player you know Williams up front in pretty good player. Hughes' you know an older player but you know still not bad. Their linebackers aren't as fast as maybe what you've seen other teams in the south don't show. Where there's the falcons of the blocks I think or the Panthers the speed at which they play is not going to be the same. You know it in the secondary when you start looking at you know whether it's Alexander strong side linebacker quarterback of white. Micah Hyde is named young I think we're all familiar with a strong safety. You don't have marquee names but that doesn't mean you can't be good defense lawyer out there and executing so. The 43 defense is some group fantasy typically do a lot. It's going to be something where they can office wind can communicate. I think he offered to be more efficient at home that they were on the road a lot less to do with that. No virtualization as we talked about you know of going out there meal to communicate with the quarterback wide receivers in May be going to be able to see some more chances downfield. Did I doubt about it in addition names over their dozen more still there is so evident though that were there and done a deal that thought Carol Williams and other big name the people are familiar with ready for the tackle. Yeah have Syrian Jews so there are some names over there there there there are some names over there and again I wanna see what Carolina stuff for the defense in week two. Because I do believe in this might just be the optimistic you know brand new fan in me but I just watched that Carolina Panthers offense on Sunday and like I told you yesterday frank. I saw a lot of near misses I saw a lot of things that so we're we're nearly there in Obama because Kim was a bit rusty some timing things here and there that. If they clean those things up they've got a chance to be really prolific. That's why you watch the film the cost of film to go make adjustments you see what you may be your coordinator quarterback coaches step is is CN. We have a chance to maybe regurgitate that absorb. You know some of the plays and what they ran and how they were planned that and but the bills decide to play a certain way on you know then then you're gonna see that that's where experience you know pays dividends. You know for these quarterbacks in the end these coordinators is that they can be on the same page. Because they know how the bills defense is not like you have you know we're talking about the advantages that. The the bills might have over the Panthers and you know knowing our personnel and in order to. Or what advantages do we have over the bill. Good question let's talk about that next because again I do think that it's going to be another stiff test of the panthers' offense and why we Shaq Lawson a Marcel Darius and Kyle Williams could. You know what we're we're to the Panthers have a noted advantage this weekend against the Buffalo Bills will dive into some of the nexus Garcia Baylor. Now this is very hit man. Busy man as he gets. I don't get a little energy as they've really delicate so I just want to know. Dave Ramsey's advice the last two did you play those like you put this week though let's get ready for some financial wellness. Notice this someone Newsom did in this is that man right here all the way through. Welcome back Dorsey and really where the Carolina Panthers have a noted advantage over the bills coming up this week Jimmer to tell you right now. And Dodson is now Lomas brown will join the show every Tuesday at 1 o'clock you'll join us we'll talk to the man who is on TV on radio all over Detroit with the Detroit Lions who say they wanna game is Sunday. I'm pretty dramatic fashion Celeste and minutes from now. But where do the Panthers have an advantage and it's one place that I do believes the Carolina Panthers have an advantage should this weakens in the matchup. Between the the linebackers. And Tyrod Taylor quite frankly. Where I Tyrod Taylor is able to get Lucinda and her teams would his legs a lot. On Sundays frank I think the domination of Luke can equally and and Thomas Davis are going to be able to keep Tyrod pretty well in check coming at the Sunday afternoon Walsh. Record is going to be something that they're gonna have to be concerned about another run it is elusive in this and then using Tyrod Taylor into the back that up. If you see a lot of the play action maybe the role outside you know that backdoor cut where you look at. Knew what they fullback. You like DiMarco and in your thorough and record back there you know it's not a potent offense what is an office yet to be concerned about stopping the run. The airline anytime we have a mobile quarterback like Tyrod detecting to pump the ball down the field. You know you you get those guys in the precincts using Guzman and maybe more singled up coverage. I like the fact that tell you know Bradbury is playing really well and you look too worldly and employing coming off of it his first you are you is you know first game this year anyways. I know not getting beat really you could really not being thrown at quite for quite honestly. You know you get a get tell us a little bit maybe with Jones or Matthews. You know this this this game with the bills but. Always elegant the defense aside. Are you if you could stop the run those play actions go you know we're really kind of vote by the wayside because you're really not respecting. Know that that run threat so your front four are gonna have to dominate. You slow down a run like they did against. You know these San Cisco for you guys are thinking and see similar game plan and you basically play the same team twice you know with what the bills do vs what the niners do. Yep a little more mobile quarterbacks I've but I mean you look at most insular right now front of the plays a the president might have a com a mighty sick clear advantage is a matchup between the receivers and the secondary because Jordan Matthews he's a Jones the galaxy Jones a ton as a player who's a rookie. And you know Jordan Matthews if Matthews isn't exactly a a game changing type a receiver so they're good players are great players and and you like Don Brad Varian and morally and those guys in the secondary to be able to win a match. Yeah no doubt about it and that's you know I point to is that you know they're not really scaring you did the deep ball down there down the field and you know you look at a guy again like earlier I don't think his top end speed but he's a big physical guys these guys that are on the ball on the engine die you know maybe bounce I mean that's where the core is going to do he's gonna use his speed and quickness to get to the legend. You know if you have a good dude it's defense no outside backer or. In defense Reza said they had you never gonna get out there but if you're gonna play cover two which brands like to do traditionally. You're going to be able to use those quarters this tackler Zend you they're gonna have a big impact in this game. Text to rights and frank do you think can she utilized the pump fake her shoulder fake with the emphasis on Christian McCaffery coverage. A may rolled his way in other guys like fudge is burden send you would be able to eat more what do you think. Yeah I mean that's always something that you use you you hope your quarterbacks able to do is look the defense often. And manipulate the defense to where they wanted to go according to what your offenses. You're looking for that match up guy and I just don't know if cams you know really been that type of guy with a pump fake. You know or looking off your receivers I think that's one of the things he needs to work on to get better at. You know if you look kids you know some of the offense and what don't we played against the niners again near that net that route that comes to media tomorrow with Greg Olsen. Running neck crossing route after you run kind of reverts and he runs right behind there's almost like clear out CIA and if he's looking to the right. And as aware of what the defense is doing he's gonna understand that Olson's gonna come wide open because that rely America's got more one on one coverage. In on it's that's what the process get knocked off for camp so. You know you can defense is off is something that you know you use you really the great quarterbacks are able to do and do it successfully and what you expect NFL quarterback. You know to be able to do in the something cams because you know maybe can improve on all of this game she. Yours is one of the largest point spreads of the weekend. Guess. Nine 77 yes seven and this it'll be nine by the end of the week you excel tip their producer by seven I mean really honestly Kyle when you look at his defense or this office for the drills and what scares. You know I mean and nothing I would Tyrod Taylor see the difference makers expected he would he initiated the cornerback Joseph but that's formidable legitimate courses there's nobody no lawyers we play the week the Panthers play you know what running backs like shady McCoy a lot as your record is not the same type of impact full players he wasn't any rate now. No I think that's the absolute truth. I don't know what else is it still about the game this weekend. Is that Vegas is not expecting a high scoring just hear the over under in this game's only 42 bath. Well again I mean if you look at game one are no answers niners. You can almost take that same blueprint to game two and you know expect the same type of uniform. You know run the football stop the run to protect the quarterback. You know hit the dumb boss control the clock and you and you gonna come away with a 127 to attend tie the game Tony fortitude and tie the game and I think anybody if you signed up right now today and said the pair that won 44 tennis to be very similar always August efforts as the 49ers. Who's not raise their hand to sign up this double digit victory. Fourteen point you cover the spread everywhere you go are you still under knowing everything and in everybody's happy but who doesn't sign of that right now but I think everybody won a new look Sunday was an especially exciting but it wins away and you know you want to see two women do better personally don't think that ever that yeah I really don't Wear the Panthers to me in a lose this game. Is this they don't show up I mean but when you look at the talent the Panthers have position by position. You know. Excluding may be running back is that might give the heads to McCoy you know because of what he's done in this league. I think he's probably the most explosive player for the bills. End now not that close you Jordan Matthews you know he's a little speedster but. You know he's not gonna scare anybody to get your hands on them yeah I'm not worried about that matchup when Brad Barry does have the route running ability to go our son does so he's a little bit more. Predictable when it comes to you know his routes I think that. You know if you slowdown McCoy you wanna get him. You know Tyrod Taylor might make some imprints is you know in prob plays with his legs. On the ball down the film but those are plays and impeach you know they're there aren't talk doesn't throw the balls are quite frankly on the also it's right now the secret phone call bring matches to get his thoughts on the bills in the upcoming game this week in a forward step aside manner were you. I guess com. Yet I was just gonna bring that up of the book builds run game you can stop that thanks C a pretty good shape is not a I'm not really. Any afraid of anybody they have you know beaten us with the passing game but you guys. Worry much about the coaching aspect in the familiarity that the bills don't have the with a bet they're. Well what boy that we do anything different maybe. Why diplomat let me ask you this maternal image on the question back on you if you're worried about that why shouldn't they be worried about what we know about them. As we know just as much about them is they know about us so wars advantage. Native part of it but this same question did you know players that come look at build calm on the JV team of the batter's. There's. Yeah I mean that you look at some of the familiarity with players look at the coaching staff then and you're the general manager in the type of players he's gonna get tinian some of their retreads that that we've shipped off to the Buffalo Bills. But you know about you know the Panthers moment as well as it is McDermott knows the Panthers. So why would sort of be afraid. Straight. You know on the world war very familiar with is that if this gains. Certainly think that help us end. You know that could be an advantage with four all been so I'm hoping camps start up a little quicker this this week. Yeah have you heard a lot of cargo management and doughnuts onto him as under have traffic you pass a little longer do it without the janitor you know there but what was certainly a fresh enough. You know what I mean what what Weis approach it that way where were going to be afraid of the bills. Because they're gonna know a little bit more about our personnel and how we run our offense and he knows Cam Newton. Well we know John McDermott. We always play against him he's very honest tame we've you know the panthers' offense is gone against and so really what it comes down to Matt or you don't callers or listeners is that it's. Or what personal do you like better. What players do you like better and he's an easy answer it's an easy answer and recent you know it's a really easy actually a better players and they do. So if everybody else is equal in the although there's this teams are equal. Portuguese better that's what it comes down to a better players who excuse more you know efficiently and that's what most teams around the NFL look at it's about. It's not about the x.s and Leo's right or keeps an eye exams and is it about an illicit about it it's about Jimmy and Joseph Mo got it. There dealt. Our forward we'll discuss some desperate moments brown opened up next. Longtime Detroit lime one of the great offensive tackles that I have ever won exploit. And Detroit Lions analyst on television up there with those fox sports we'll talk to him next as we will every single Tuesday right here on Garcia and they were.