Garcia & Bailey: Break Out the Popcorn Cause this NCAA Scandal Gon' Get Interesting!

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Thursday, September 28th

We're talking everything NCAA. How do they fix College Basketball?


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This this season for a third in the web site. Third tonight NFL football in green bay Packers and the Chicago Bears right here on WFNC Texans rookie quarterback John Watson of clubs and donates his first out of the game check you three women who worked in the stadium cafeteria that we're greatly affected by flooding from hurricane Arby's. Louisville places basketball coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom dirge on administrative leave. After the program has been linked to an FBI investigation into the new recruiting fraud and corruption scandal. Meanwhile the president of the University of Miami and acknowledge that his men's basketball program is also subject to be ongoing investigation as they join Auburn Arizona Oklahoma State USC at Louisville the next group. I'm Jim Nokia maps the clash. Flash deserves a mini can have. Coke zero sugar seven and a half ounces and no calories. Deep discount I get my perked back up. This week's get my first highlights include deals on a three hour jump session at sky high sports a thirty day range membership but shooters express and a fifteen minute hey we'll therapy session at lake Norman salt spot yeah like perks that come. Sean WL NG 8080 deeply shocked it's no surprise seeks to tell you after NBC. A lot has changed in the last 25 years. The Panthers Iran. Make him American mu yeah I made the NASCAR hall of Famer. We know what hasn't changed the number one Sports Radio when Charlotte 1025610. WNBA season. Virginia Tech. Opens ACC play Saturday at lane stadium. ACC champ. Our coverage really. 1025610. WSJ MC. But Garcia. He's more. Welcome Len tee Osborne a daily show. For a little while anyway. Frank Garcia as did his teeth drilled on and it's gonna come talk to this sort of as a foot. But every name in the show until he gets here. I think frank is probably critiquing the drill at this moment even so I know Frankie sees it is all sorts of things are going on with that drill. He's gonna diagram is dam break it Danny's gonna critique to have. That's the method with which they scrape Vista available scraper and our own error. It's it's a Freddy Garcia will join us. There are a couple of minutes because he taught me a disappointment in nine. And people think it is going to be here attend have you ever been to the Dennis there's no way he's in and out under ever happened never ever happen so Frankel be here when it ended here. And though we're looking for medevac at 7045709. 610. A lot to do it's we've got a jam packed show to dismiss that I told Doug Mack all about it Pete do you tech college football news will join us reach for grades CBS sports dot job to go to CBS for stock jumped. The front page of their college basketball on page or section Marist. A rhetorical about the corruption in college basketball we're gonna break all went down get his thoughts on the investigation because it continues. And does things are starting to roll downhill Alabama's a surge or an operations guy resigns boy his resume his whole areas having worked for the NCAA comply against it rules. And all that fun stuff. He he resides Miami under investigation as David may by the university president last night. Arizona conducting its own initiating its own internal investigation into what its own assistant coaches so many programs across the country right now trying to figure out exactly what the hell's going on we told you yesterday as were going off to you or Nike's EYBL grassroots organization has been subpoenaed by the FBI we've got a ton to get into with that. Also later in the show chuck our fox 46 we'll talk characters and patriots as we will. At 1215. Was God's elect patriots quarterback go we actually just wrapped up that conversation about fifteen minutes ago Lucas got. Is not only patriots quarterback he's the co host of select inverse trend up or not you point five the sports on our sister station. And flagship station of the New England Patriots so good conversation coming your way he had some great insight into this weekend's game and his thoughts on the printers and where they are right now. 1230 John halprin. A willow was such a fantasy lineups are roto wire. Fantasy football expert welcome such a lot of it's 1 o'clock Chris until a Major League Baseball insider Roy today early with him. And we'll get his thoughts on Major League Baseball as we are cruising toward. The post season but off the top. AA various. Triggers is here. No McCain frank are so no looking for a hopeless tunnels down ranked I hope it's also refined and a second. I wanna give first and foremost a rest in peace to shoot messner. Because so if Roy got the news late last night. But as you have nerves passed away a natural causes at the age of 91. And without being too sophomoric and childish. I would point out that that men lived the act children. He did that man lived in the actual dream. And to dive a natural causes and 91 years old in the Playboy Mansion. Is the actual trade there's a not that's that that's that's living the dream. For a lot of them us absolutely. I I I let me Jason. I'm not somebody. Who would look at those types of things are of course not of course not I I I will say this when I was like fourteen years on I found my dad's my dad's Playboy. And I always appreciated the worst ten college football team rankings that they hadn't. Those were you and you go back in your reading these are from like 1984. I think that that's an editor at Rice University is the worst team in college football. But there was yet there's always I mean. What do you say about the duties an American legend. Back in the day Playboy's all American. You used to go into the into mansion. And as a college kid being that was one of the biggest honors that you could have and everybody strived. In college to be over Dell Vietnam. You know and I was so jealous of some of the guys there our team there were able to go and I always wanted to do it I'm forcing you I didn't make that top of the list that's like the top. You know offensive tackles tough defense it's at top of every position we can Kennedy was one of my college teammates was able to go. And you should've seen how we mobbed him what was it like what happened what took place what's going on ID everybody thinks it would be. And you know was pretty it was pretty employ to what you'd expect in a with the party and things like that there you know from the ground ruin an underneath. Some I never was a big Playboy guy yeah this is you know mine either but that's not a bribe friends that work. Now I don't. Ever similar right now I'm an oil that's an outage ever conceded the inside of I've seen some that I probably shouldn't have seen enough. You know there's some images that stand out to me I mean and obviously the centerfold came from baton everything we're door have a guy dockets guy radio right so there's nothing wrong with this. You know if you have kids in the car there is turning down a little bit lower you know you're Muslim right this is guy radio. But. One of the most fascinating things I've ever seen on on on the centerfold. Burn in Playboy. And I didn't know what to think of it because it was so different but was it this is gonna congress if you're probably we're different what China. Remember China the wrestler to wrestler. 'cause she was so massive and so bridge terrified and terrified terror plot in also terrifying everybody. And why that stands out why that's the first person but you know that the that is one of the things it because it wasn't I mean I don't know I don't know what to think of it. Not in my first fascination by my first real old. Fascinated by by the way I was I don't I just I didn't know. How to handle it a bit but in the way did you get fascinated with something. That is that titillating and I. And another service runs they're right or does it for nominal or that might get awarded today titillating yeah that's that's that's what it is and that's what I was a kid of the. I'd like to present a preteen boy you know sort of sprout some some armpit hair you know you're looking at it and you think it's just the gold mine. You know usually it's the first one of the first things maybe that Iran and soon. And you're like whoa this is adult stuff. And I think I can do away with this I'm not I'm not suggesting it's a digital listen to this don't put this Sunday I'm just saying this is real life we're talking about there and so. Isn't Cindy Crawford and Jenny McCarthy. And I I would back have found some you know so it really is a sports right oh I don't later just what I moral America no no one is recommending that you go up by pornography you do your talking about a piece. Of American culture correct that was built by Hugh Hefner. And was known for much more. To a lot of people as you just said. Beyond just. The images that we're not suitable for children obviously. But a lot of the consummate people joke. Why just look different when bush tonight for the article title I just looked to look at to really does a great artist it that's my boys are some great interest and great pros some great journalism that maggot. He's ever guide magazine now today. I don't want to open get Playboy you know but this is Maxim Magazine blew it big Hollywood what else did on yup it's a soft version of what Playboy wise Maxim Magazine. And you'll Playboy you're right is more of those things that's a American iconic figure for young man in this country yeah. And again if you're listening to this don't get your butt heard about it nobody's telling you run out by pornography order show your kids but this is a piece of American culture that. He built but is also got have been changed to literally be the same and it's okay to exchange time marches on whatever but you have to passes away. And man what an icon this guy is no just as appropriate as it gets his burial plot is right next to Marilyn Monroe favorite addition. Ever edition employable all of the data favorite bishop in law that much but. Said that it I know they when they used to do the you know as a younger man they're now but does he ran the college Playboy edition. Right for example a hole. Now though I didn't think about that those were interest in great. The other conference additions to the sort of doing ACC SEC big twelve day ago enough I come aboard the Big Ten and one from the Gaza. That's a joke it's a good looking women in Nebraska. It's OK okay yeah. I put a. A ACC SEC pac twelve all that those are the most additions right 70457. And extending that still is that still like a bucket list things for most guys. To go to the Playboy Mansion. I don't know if it is anymore. An idol I don't know if it is because it's addicting doesn't mean you're you're right it was a huge piece of American culture that we do right there was how great would be go to the Playboy Mansion. But the way that place that the publication is change I don't think it is anymore I really don't. So if a guy you know fer younger younger men they got to know what what Playboy is about I think a lot of them know. Natalie Davis an appreciation for idol idol doesn't say got invited to the grotto is like gagging on that pass. I don't know what that. I just I I kinda look at his big deal what would you explain to them I didn't want to don't know what you explain to them they're getting into if they don't they're all raising their hands and signing up that for the most orbit I just don't think it's as big a deal anymore but I 70457. Or 96 to really come back this up try to get fired and over to talk about. Talking to Molly I don't know things items doesn't dare you you got diplomatic Girardeau a giant radio got radio Kamal discuss frank is out of control I'm sure WS Lindsay doesn't promote results I don't know. Don't listen to something else jackass. And I love I'm so glad Frank's back but I order comebacks bullets under didn't zero. If you haven't heard what Shawn Watson there's gimme a break if you haven't heard what Shawn Watson did yesterday you got here this is Garcia and clearly. 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And see if they can put a big number on that bears defense all right Tony it's the 190 took meaning of the bears and the Packers and it's coming up. On Thursday night football. Remembered solutions and Westwood one's coverage of the have a Pro Bowl season. Right here I'm 1025610. To move. Charlotte's pull. Even. Now I don't know. Getting the best usually cost a pretty penny when it comes to getting one of the best motor royals your pennies don't have to be pretty at all. Biggest stumbling full synthetic motor oil was only 515 on the porch. So we'll open up that piggy bank can treat yourself the best we've bubbling full synthetic now just 550 none of course that's not the know. I know how just. It's such as it was like. It's bars and under seventeen. I'm not much of a dancer. Never have been. Not a wedding it's not a concerts. Not even when my favorite song is on a radio but there's something about seeing exactly what I ordered arrive in my facilities toward the day after I ordered it. 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Until midnight deadline isn't until they didn't close the half I was kind of influence. Welcome back to rescind village that's not die radio. X.'s and o.'s bored to death radio no we're having fun and we'll continue to have fun. Do you believe how sensitive you know sort of people are some people are in this world today and this is ridiculous. They're really as some would get a have a little fun. We're talking about what it's for a lot of young men was a rite of passage into that next there it was told good time and again. You don't like you know what you bet that message. I'm not saying that you know we're gonna promote it you don't on a daily basis. Can give me a break seriously. Seriously. Couldn't agree more couldn't agree more. Onto another story. Shawn Watson. Awesome Clemson quarterback who frank predicted before the season would win the rookie of the year and I had no qualms that pick whatsoever. Did something that's not only warmup or posed he did something that made it I what I thought was impossible for me to be rooting for this kid even more at this point. Are you haven't seen this story. It was dumb is pretty incredible under Shawn Watson donated. His game check. 23 cafeteria employees three cafeteria women. The work in the an orgy stadium cafeteria and who were specially affected by the flooding from hurricane orbited apparently lost everything you do is very first a little game check. And and split up for the thrill of. I'm glad you brought the story up and is one of the top stories you know that. You know we're gonna sit here and talk about you know at least for just five minutes or so and no child we talked so it's negative stuff you know with sports and athletes and now some of the things that they do wrong and I thought it was important Bravo couldn't are gonna go to New Yorkers I couldn't agree more with you. We don't talk about these types of stores enough with these type of guys I'm not saying he's not gonna go UMB perfect have a great life and you do everything exactly right it's a mistake just like we all do. But it to promote a story like this I think you know is this spot on and odds it's it's a great story because you know here's a guy that really hasn't had. You know the opera trade aren't as much as some of these guys up that has him but he understands how that has impacted a lot of people and you know. You hope that comes back to him tenfold you've got to believe will because. You know when you still affected like that you have the opportunity to make him earn all that type of cash and income. And you're talking about what I believe 32000 dollar something like that was close to jettison our 2000 dollars right around there was this project. And to donate that to the cafeteria workers are probably. You know picking up you know everything that they do afterwards it clean the place to make sure there Fred they've you know they've they've they probably greet him every morning. And are just the life fools you know a locker room and and you know make sure that you have what you need. To deal would give them back here probably means more to them than anything you can imagine and it good for the Shawn Watson you know good for Da'Sean wants and you know I root for this guy because I think he's a good dude. I think he plays his ass off I think is tremendous leader and I think you know he's going to be one of those quarterbacks that ultimately. You know goes out there and can change this Texas franchise. Yeah MM I'm religious. It was just nice to did. That kind of news last I did that kind of story like this in the face of all the bats there was like a sigh of us but a breath of fresh share was where there was that and lastly I never got a chance to finish Adam Kramer story over its Bleacher Report about the the Iowa Children's Hospital last week I knew the story had seen the videos but never got a chance to read. The second after the store two point there's so much we have to read on a daily basis and I've seen the video so Beckett finished at less than between that Shawn Watson. I jeez why I went to sleep last night to a pretty good about humanity last night it's on at a pretty good though this morning because of after the show once in a recorded video for those women and it was on the I think the Houston Texans website. And said Doug corporal you do for us or for what you'll do for us every day and never complain I really appreciate you also wanted to do in my first inject a yelled help you on some type of way if you guys going to quote there was a couple of envelopes wrapped in ribbons and it's and hopefully that's good anti tobacco industry and anything else Joni I'm always here to help so again just there there's a nice story for you this morning in the face of all the negative stuff that we're talking about. Because we are about to talk about an NCAA investigation we have always been talking about. The the divide this country that is so taken place on Sundays during NFL games and so there's some good stuff for you right. So auto 45709. 610. But this NCAA investigation and this FBI and United States attorney's office staying that that's resulted in where we are right now. It's just getting started right. Saw some news late last night's. Alabama's. And Alabama staffer resigns. Right there's a statement that was made he resigns so you know clearly because he was implicated in the in some part of this. A Miami school president releasing a statement saying that although Miami was not implicated in that. Initial wave of of documents. But they are now being investigated and that's they believe a staffer of theirs. Maybe in a similar situation. You know it's who else Arizona releasing a statement the University of Arizona saying they conduct they've initiated their own investigation because Italy one of their own. Is involved in this so. It's just gonna keep getting bigger. You know I know the FBI's involved that's now a federal crime you know if you if you've been and if you've going to be you know found guilty of these things. You know but. I think there's been a lot of talk you know Kyle last couple days when the story broke of you know first off kind of figuring out what's going on know who's involved how deep does this you've heard things from ninety birds and things from. You know different other organizations how we had a guy here Charlotte that was implemented is well used to live in Atlanta and sold suits but. You know when when you start looking that it's. What do you do to help change because. I heard the Mac attack this morning talk a little bit about you know the kind of what your word your credit is discuss a little bit you know with this story is that what do you do to change. You know some people are shocked you know DTV shock too this is going on in. You know yesterday we had Tim brand gone. You know he seemed to be kind of the torch holders for the you know for for college. Warts and you know was a little disappointed that's not why I got the business that thing was you know I'm paraphrasing his quote there hump you know but it's. These guys have got to believe that this stuff takes place you have to understand they don't want to believe it. But they had they can't be that naive to think that there's not these things taken on odds and you talked about this. A little bit as well and you had you had the one and guns as the blame I think it's deeper than that. I think these guys and kids are affected way before the one and guns in the one and guns. Are getting a bad wrap for this and you know I know that that was kind of Brando sentiment is that one and guns are growing and you know the the college basketball Brandon etc. and people start to see even to that and are you know it's becoming disruptive and I think it happens way before that I think it happens in the AAU level. You don't Wear these hate Iran or see these British that they realize that guys have potential mental thing they followed these kinds of the court and they they get the hang or honors and that's where it starts. They're only in college for the one year because they just can't go to the MBA with a rule run you know what these guys are well in place way before the one Dunn's. And I don't know still one don's at the this should be getting the blame for this I think it happens more to the gay youth level. Well here's your reports at. I understand why everybody's point of the woman done our candidate admitted so I heard somebody say this point it's created this this black market not I think I think it's exacerbated by 100 didn't wanna Dunn has exacerbated neutron problem that's already been around us 4530 years. That's the way I see it. And to your for a second ago. Yeah I wanna guns have made it worse. But the big time prospects the blue shippers a five star kids this was already happening is just happening more frequently now. And while it's happening more frequently Kyle or are we more aware of what's happened no I think it is happening a bit more frequently now because of just did indeed the number of guys. I think the number of guys who were good enough to be won the underdog but I think the number of guys who are thought to maybe be that good and so therefore being pursued with this kind of money. Has grown and. The money the money can continue to grow so will leave the amount of people that are gonna try to. Take advantage of that money is gonna gross wells I agree with that in the end this sediment you know that I've heard for the most part is if these kids and everything takes care of himself and collagen. You know make them just you know just like there is the case. Because if you're talking about these brands where there's ninety indeed is under armour Reebok U fill in the blank. If they're if they're getting paid what is gonna get them to use their brand could be more money. Yeah it's not gonna be so if I'd say don't you won't hear me give you 151000 you come here now. What if that's the going rate for every athlete because they're gonna play me trade anyway and everybody's making fifteen what's that top guy LeBron James tournament. He's got command forty you don't want forty because that's good everybody's Auburn fifty days of Nike's offer of fifteen Reebok's opera should. And everybody's give you one to get a didn't know what it's gonna make him more attractive what's gonna make you need is more attractive what's gonna make nineteen more. It's giving more money so. That lets you use sort exacerbate that's all that's gonna do if you pay these guys when it comes to these branding deals a system a disaster written exams are made it. I I I fully believe this something to my dad is Tony and I said I understand. They'll do is exacerbate an average complex problem there's a simple answer and it's always wrong yeah so we just looked at one in dine and say what we gotta get one and done up. Because this is what I was talking with Mac about is I said this is an aspect of this I think it's a big aspect I think it's the most prominent aspect that's just my opinion mean that we have to get out of the game this stuff. Six no that's not a case of we just solve warning done not always be issues I think there are a multitude of things we have to do with god given their own likeness. Quite Georgia we got to give them their own damn likeness and we don't know what I honestly I don't care they signed shoe deals because I will say this I will say this. Kroger Pritchard Yasser yesterday Kroger said disease Shockey. And I said I'm sitting in my car and I'm saying not a shock or snuff and then I started thinking to myself does it even disappoint me. No and that's the question I even had and that's when I realized how jaded I am today just I just expected it to stop it happens all the time. I think what we don't even disappoint right now we know I think about this were to tell us what here's the other part of this to retain any time something it is outlawed. Or or prohibited. There there there comes a black market to fill that void. You know it in the economy right so that's why we see drug cartels that's why we did commit its airplanes were illegal there would be airplane cartels you know where would you make something illegal. No they're convinced that something has to fill that voyage right and so. I here we are. In a situation where everyone's all up in arms about corruption and bribery and so on and so forth all of you just give these kids around him like this is back which he incidentally never should vote to begin with this issue goes away. I don't believe that colleges personally have a responsibility to cut these kids paychecks that's making the employees while also believes that they should not have their likenesses in the value said likeness is taken away and owned by somebody else that's not right to me never has amino. The onus falls on if you want to pay these kids in the become bus which a it's a fact that most of Lamar. You know these kids are great college players. Are not gonna make it at the next level for a long period of time and you're gonna have your hands full but if you're gonna pay these guys these French guys you wanna get these guys. That's a person that wants to pay him. And eventually they're gonna realize I can't take that restaurant. Because. The reward is gonna be if I pay this guy if I'm an agent I wanna go. You give this guy car for wanted to go by his mom a house and it turns out to be a blasts. Then what is the owners saw you the agent yes and yes the agent is taking the risk it all assuming all the risk any keeps hitting plus and there's. That slows that wrist down because they're not gonna go to throw money at stuff that's not gonna stick. Better business decisions at a business dozens were talking about 7045709. DC extent who loves them some feedback on this how do you how do you feel about tennis. Right are are are you disappointed. Are you even surprised or are you end up with this which of if you're a student athlete right and and we'll understand why or why things or the way they are because a select few the brass. At these universities that the NCAA. Try to control money they want to control the revenue there wanna control worked osu would goes to. And if you faced with a situation sister Natalie let's say something changes. And you're forced between the I heard somebody put yesterday between you are being compensated for electricity and what is it you do was an athlete. You know at at the expense of maybe top notch facilities but some of these schools were a lot of this money goes instead of employers for the scholarship or something like that. What is the scholarship. If you're going to be compensated for your likeness. You know we're not gonna give the scholarship now. I don't know the answer is well I wanna hear from some people 7045709. To six him come back to this and we return to skirt it's Dorsey and very little bulletins it. 25 years instilled a number one sports talk station in town. 102. WFANC. PS tell stories sports glass. Louisville plays basketball coach Rick Pitino athletic director Tom jury tell administrative leave after the program was linked to the FBI investigation into recruiting fraud and corruption meanwhile be president of the University of Miami now acknowledging that his basketball program. Also subject same investigation which also includes Auburn Arizona Oklahoma State and southern cal so far. Panther movie at the New England Patriots can get Sunday on WBZ's safety Mike Adams I'm pleased to meet patriots receivers. Closeness and they had a cooks. I've played against him just be my first time planning its code just watching more film. Hope is a good player. Same thing going to grow and he's deeply. Green Bay Packers host the Chicago Bears Thursday on man FL football hero WS frenzied Texans are rookie quarterback John Watson Clemson. Donated his first down until game check of about 27000 dollars to three women who worked in the stadium cafeteria were really affected by the flooding from hurricane harbor. I'm Jim's Nokia maps of flash. Hi this is may mix in with the Carolina panther inviting you to join the whole gang in the for a week or in the NFL and a pivotal. It'll road game and New England our coverage begins at 10 AM with the award winning stadium Joseph Cordero. For panther football news 11109893. WP team. This Richard got 1800 new cast her home with Richard knock off one of our customers and I want to hear the mortgage insurance we refinances Al's got rid of mortars insurance and he saved 295 dollars a month it's of 35 minute phone call 1800 vcast or log on to home with Richard dot com hi I'm Patrick because it from -- be electric and we're happy to announce at WH house plumbing has joined the ruby families -- PH house -- has been in business in the Charlotte area since 1920s. 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This strong live without. The W that's been the capital. The whole radio thing. Need your pocket that was an easy feat a lot of people work here and their families their pets of their tiny. Download day. App Store. Garcia and bailing. Listen I'm going to be fast you're ugly I can lose weight. Next I just came into the comeback I don't want you because only 500 people lose respect for his totally blown up a little you feel like you won now. Two Garcia and Baylor. Back Dorsey and really what are you playing right fellas this. There are dishonest is Peter Gabriel good and you know I know the good to solve what is usually you have a tie like the moral ethics and all these guys think their big top. Spousal with the stretch just. I don't I don't I did my business and. It was fun and you might feel is an excellent. Who somebody tells a joke and everybody gladly sit for you you know. It. Whatever that's ahead let's try it let's go signal goes go to Freddy rendered assaults on no we're talking about the NCAA. It's a mess right now Freddie were it was a bullet. A year or so yeah. More or restore our personal and ask your question every irritable forty million dollars slaves. Not Delano. Well we're eroding bid is a very good read it essentially knew where he talks about. The conveyor belt right. They always thought nobody is basically just our whole system that's been set up for high school at least it has basically you know. He's got to come in Danish based based start kicking into mostly as soon bases so potential noted start separate and more agents saying yeah. So our show favoritism to these children are and they basically keep the belt so they can do some more now like Sid you know some kids are good enough for. Don't make it to the next level playing NFL but most of it and go to the begun encouraging. It always first extra minute or so. Yet there is pressure you know to not waste letting that sank some cut electric gamble because you. Just wouldn't products and the ability gonna hit eventually you know so this is something that's been in place there aren't a part of believe it these people don't notice they didn't sit well. That's an excellent Fauria and and I appreciate the book recommendation I would I would recommend one right back to you would so George Dorman so player or play darts out. If you are employed are so much George Dorman longtime Sports Illustrated columnist and journalist he's now with the athletic. Same sort of thing where you actually spent so I believe seven or eight years of the big time they organization in Southern California and it was an organization that produce guys like Tyson Chandler. And and following better and and watching the same sorts of things and seeing the other than the in the buzzards Cummins surrounding these organizations the shoe companies the agents the handlers and it's a very similar store so I'll recommend that when it was an incredible rate. Okay are there any end in another thing is a lot of collateral that the blame. Did did they get this directive should really be go to some of these posters are so many Israelis who absolutely. But I take up to air missile which you have guy. We appreciate that you know I it could speak it boosters and stuff yeah that's it for summaries and it seems like the word boosters and bad men are often just associated with college football. Under the same thing is is he says I'm obviously every college basketball culture abolish it in a dispute right now and the one thing that I think might save college football from a similar situation is that. We seeing the rise of seven on seven football over the course of the past five to eight years. Really start to kind of take shape in the weighted AU basketball dude it's not close to being there yet but they might be able to cut that altered forever Mr. Big is bad. Because we've seen a lot of seven on simple ball situations is an especially on the East Coast where some of these top skill players are are taken opened on the East Coast to showcase camps and they're showing off from the college coaches you often wonder well who's paying for this. You know we're where's the funding coming from a you know how was this happening and and so much going on behind the scenes and nobody quite seems to understand it doesn't wanna shined the light on it. Why why do you think that the impression impression is that this doesn't happen in baseball. 'cause I think guys I have my theory at least you know where there were just thrown out questions right now we're kind of Clinton sure you know as we're move in here. And its unit has come open in the box up a little bit right. Why is that under the impression that that doesn't happen in baseball with high school athletes going to North Carolina. Is that because lack of scholarships or do you feel like it's because of the AAA system the does the minor league system. But these companies of all those things I think it's. And these were you just mentioned I think it's the fact that baseball had become so unpopular places like the inner cities or their Lotta great athletes for such a long time Major League Baseball just ignored it and the last ten years is just now made an effort to get back in I think there's the factor for being honest there is a a point of access to a lot of people for the sport baseball but it that is to hire a true point economically speaking the company's other sports where is your play basketball. And you don't know a lot of money we just got to park and find a bullet you shoot around where you wanna play baseball. Are you gotta buy equipment you've got a thought it's credible organization and paper camps and and and true. Wasn't as they have those and there and then there's a meeting place in Florida where they go with the you Dre' Bly has a team Sheryl Mack has a team guys like everybody goes out there so why why I was like that are allowing kids who would know that otherwise ordinarily be able to do it to get in. But noted it's much more difficult to do one year old Muslim side and so I think because of bad I'm baseball guy Mondays on if you see a guy out there one of those tournaments what do they call it doesn't have super regional but. You know where they go down there you have tournaments and stuff like I don't know I'm stories now and and I'm talking baseball talking about these the place where everybody goes. There's there's a name for the tournament I'll come up with a here in the second but. You know it's a Dara Florida. And everybody goes and plays in this from California. To. You know from from Arizona it's into Texas and they're all there you know and for the scouts are playing these tournaments. And it's the best of the best from around the country. And they play in these you'll probably twice a year. And it's a showcase term and they go down there and and may be the one in Georgia as well I think there might be another one there but I'm thinking of but the loss armor yet there's lots of them so why don't these anger honors these. Vultures as your point out go to those places to do the same thing because you're gonna see the kid. The 65. You know that's a lefty pitcher throws 95 at seventeen years old or sixteen years old music that cute as a potential he's gonna make a lot of money let me go out there and offer him if something's so he can represent me just like we're asking here. In basketball with with with these schools I think that it's the there are a lot of pressures that we are doesn't have to build the a lot of their lot of reasons Ford but the biggest recent. Is that that kid you're talking about if he takes a 50000 dollar gift from a booster. Well that's all well and don't you might be more inclined to go to LSU or Oklahoma today and of the three weeks later. In the first round draft pick and go straight from high school. To the minor leagues. We are three or four million dollar signing bonus and be there for five or you differ try and so that money is completely ways he doesn't have to attend a job so why doesn't the MBA. Or college basketball. Adopts that rolled 'cause I feel like this is Marie score that would have done in football. You know what somebody we're gonna do and basketball that sued the NCAA. For you know not allowing them to turn trying to lower the NFL. You don't go to the NFL but if they did and basketball just think that there would win this one dumb role right now oh. Do you think that if there was somebody to challenge that I have to go to school for one year why not just go to the MBA. You don't have to have to go overseas do you think that they would win. I don't know if you try to sue your way into a private organization right is what your effectively tried to do and I don't know the answer to that. I don't know the answer to that court on is adding I think we're a different climate right now so the the circumstances surrounding it there are certainly different and it might be a different outcome. But I don't know it's a good question and I'm not really sure. And what I do know is. And I I thought timber and had a big report about this yesterday the NBA is not the friend of the NCAA. People point the finger at the NCAA all the time and and and justifiably so and a lot of instances. But the NBA. And its eligibility rules are really what's at fault here really what's to blame for this and so. Armed and unless the NBA is suddenly inclined to change its rules. I don't know because the NBA had a lot of concern over other Sebastian Telfair is in the world it would be drafted right at a high school. And it's the other they were too many guys who were making that leaves thinking they were ready didn't wanna go to school and wanna go to class. And they just simply weren't ready for the NBA game now we're seeing. The NBA is really at its its development league it's geely now release or to take shape these two way contracts. That's going to impact some things were also the guys who want to be college athletes can go be college athletes. And the others may be riveted to go ahead this are getting paid for basketball I think that's where we're headed. We're not there and and so. It's always been problematic and ulcers or to go to break but it's always been problematic and I think we can agree with this that the thirteenth player on Duke's bench. Is essentially receiving the same compensation ostensibly. A scholarship room aboard. As the five star. Superstar. That's always been a problem and a capitalistic society and what I've always found adjusting these two guys who loves capitalism champion capitalism so much and so often. Or the same guys who do not want to see these players compensated in any way shape perform and that's always been a a level of hypocrisy. A dichotomy to have never quite understood when we come back snap judgment. I guys' talent frank here from Garcia and Daley make sure to tune in every Monday morning for the good the bad the ugly proxy by preferred sleeps loosens the Carolinas stopping the snoring and helping the Carolinas sleep better. I just distraught. 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We're talking to Jane it's forty minutes on now now it's easy owns the series. The only one how wonderful our national carrier find out in twenty minutes outfielder you if you go to today right rare guys. All we know you. So you think you will loan up to order though you say you don't need to go to notre played a down I know I noted guy he's got to get through. Charges of what is the truth. Tell that your. And whenever the hard work and you schoolyard. A hundred points. I went through everything. Great beer beer drinkers will catch primetime with a Chris Kluwe over Howard by ortho Carolina weekdays from two. Six. Tonight on 1025610. WFAN season. Tonight on the bandits W opens the overtime at 6 PM call by first tonight we'll follow the Chicago Bears at the Green Bay Packers begin today's. Garcia and bailing. Typically at least two years you'll Mark James tape bashing. That's still less usually we go back. That's all would be exhausting doesn't begin to describe him because I've been told worse it's an arguable he's the best player ever to play this game. It's in or do you bowl that's right. You've been drinking. But I just have to do you assess. Welcome back to Garcia and bail. Yeah it was pretty I don't. I mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things I. This is gonna be brief because of its not I'll probably get myself in trouble. I'm so tired Ray Lewis. I'm so tired of Ray Lewis. It's just inserts himself and every possible controversy. Conversation. And that's fine it's at who you are this are you wanna be that's funded. That the guys that I talked to around the league and around that the media I'm not the only one that have grown so fatigued. By Ray Lewis is act. And and and this holier than bell over compensating it. Look at me accept that this guy engages in and every conceivable. Possible situation. Is so tiresome. And I I heard his response to Shannon short the other day that's all well and good cop which shares short could have been more spot on. About a guy who comes on and preaches Lulu the hellfire and brimstone you know what you'll never do. Couldn't do and then does. And then as an excuse for it to an explanation. And this guy applaud anybody who wants to get involved and to impact their community a positive way. But I I know I'm not the only one I just was Ray Lewis would shut up and go away for a little while unless someone else stepped into that void. And via voice of reason. You know voice of positive that he. There's just an agenda there and they're always has been an if you really want me to elaborate on that. Feel free to reach out you can text America do anymore tear them to get in trouble but I'm so tired Ray Lewis is back. Yeah I know that a lot of times when guys go out there and commit crimes. You know the you were who were hard to forgive us sometime. And you know when that looks like an agenda. And every opportunity you have to go out there and make a stance. In your forcing that down people's throats is gonna come across this phone. And for a lot of people Ray Lewis I'm sure appears phony. A lot of people as a sellout and oh yeah I can't emphasize that enough a lot of deep. You know and then when your own colleagues are calling out for it you know that's what it's looking like so. I don't know I don't know Ray Lewis is as a person. You know there's a lot of people that think they still murdered two people. On the our people on the other side the film like you go and do you read don't worry about what everybody else is gonna say so yeah if you don't like Ray Lewis I can understand why you think he's a phone. The haute what does this say misery to yell about things and feel strongly about memo even yelling to him just so tired and and so we do but I know we're so tired of it. And would love to know the skies over compensating for. So laughed believe that. Welcome back did you take eligible to join us and I got to say that that that organization we're talked about that in Florida there or forget or forgive or forget OK okay and that death Jim Rogers does a great job Coverdale and there's also an Atlanta as well thank you did a great job covered College Baseball I'm a comeback if you take eligible voters will join us it's Garcia in the village. Pain again you know we're against the clock here it's 841 he said no more phone call that's a foregone. Tebow just yeah. The bulls just got done I got a bonus when nobody is saying yeah yeah and neither is your job some Mac attack tomorrow morning had to stay. 10256. Can't WSB and C. Where you can see here. Yes no source sports glass. Can't display at New England coming up Sunday on WBT defensive end Wes Horton on facing the defending Super Bowl champion Terry. That is you know as it was a big challenge dressed but we're we're ready for I think could be huge win for us about their win and it could be used to amid. For us going into. You know under the stretching season going out there you know when like that would. Thursday night NFL football big green bay Packers and the Chicago Bears right here on WS frenzy Texans rookie quarterback to Shawn Watson of Clemson. Donates his first out of a game check of three women who work in the stadium cafeteria that were really affected by flooding from hurricane harbor. Louisville places basketball coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom dirt on administrative leave. After the program has been linked to an FBI investigation into the recruiting fraud and corruption scandal. Meanwhile the president of the University of Miami. Acknowledge that his men's basketball program is also subject to the ongoing investigation as they join Auburn Arizona Oklahoma State USC at Louisville the next group. I'm Jim Nokia maps the flash. It's most Imad boat jangled for a limited time get more free tickets to boat jangled pole night with the purchase of any age twelve or twenty beats box boat jingles it's borrowed time. Check out W opens the winner is to grant FaceBook today. Social. Butterfly you. A fan to fan marketplace to buy and sell painter PS cells visit PSL source die. Come today fall is the season to fall in love.