Garcia & Bailey: Bailey Eats the Hell Out of Some Chicken, and We Talk Panthers.

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Thursday, September 14th
Kyle and Frank feud over a naturistic video of Kyle eating chicken like a wild beast. We talk panthers, and we do Snap Judgment.

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But Garcia. He's more. Welcome and its Garcia and Bailey here on a Thursday morning I'm child brilliance frank Garcia to see a fellow co hosts and that's all I have found that and what does that stand for you try to screw everything up. Do not depend I don't know man I'm just going on the fly your Australia does. You can't crystal ball to their employees football league yellow gonna get into that that's what's your Lucio filled coast season but I Osborne's and here is well. I actually happy about that. He sounded. An ally and am happy about dubbed a matter for right now about a frank. You know that's my fault I wake is not. OK let's just talk this out though you'd give your side Kyle okay I'm I'm I'm I'm rush to eat breakfast this morning. All right I'm in the newsroom and got two computers open. I'm trying to get our show rundown ready trying to make sure franks got everything he's in there he needs in the run they'll make sure everything's right in the read book picture of what is now the door. Are to where we need to be. And franks sitting on the opposite side of the newsroom this morning gaggle with his phone out jiggling like an idiot. And he is recording me while I should breakfast in my mouth this. And he's like commentator on the planet earth video. Watch your marriage it's natural habitat. Or it doesn't help that I am not our barrel chested guy with beards that I need a haircut. So I kind of look like they're a little bit queasy queasy generating this thing. And a look at who realize that he's committed he's recording. He's a child with assault. Your child that's been given the technology SSA knows how to use her. OK pretty close the damn thing on its agreed to shut. Business and Twitter this business. I put her thoughts after this is this same guy who's who got a month ago. Was looking on my answer Graham and decided he's gonna reach out and sort double tapping liking photos of people. Not even talk to regularly. From months ago. Making it look like come creeping us all feel the pro plus. And since this is malaria. Season with 44 year old man that's not just he's 44 year old Amanda. So hey I got it back but he adds a grim stuff plus or double click to pick on him two dollars or even on that what. But I can promise you aren't they by the U. This week or early next week. There will be a video on its drama frank put his finger six inches up his nose big rally OK okay now public events will be uptick or knows an embarrassing and incriminating video Franco on on the Internet at some point this week or next it's on Minnesota your promise that digests guarantee. And I guarantee you news check this out to Syria Latvia video dot Ali AO JS file the mayor. I understand I'm Sarah Madoff chicken bone. Trying to lie on the Haley green means yes and yes that is my breakfast cereal so I don't want your judgment about that. I was eating rotisserie chicken and reduce for breakfast I don't hear which is a big bowl of it in a no he didn't offer me any either. Why is what what is it what is it about you do you think I should be offering you this call and I lost it that's a matter. Do you guys called manners absolutely. My dad my family taught me if you have something and there's other people around you always offer yeah has got to share it for the most part that's true but I'm not packing your lunch in my lunch box everything we ask you do that assists and one I just wanted to offer a Martin Zeno. I don't want necessarily your rotisserie chicken in your green being given stuff running your phrase. But you know a nice offer would you like a bite. Would you like to taste. Would be nice that you were friends especially recently for chicken and green beans before that just not the point if you are fairly I I I would've changed it was fun. You never shared Fam you never share with your brother he comes over to your house and saved. Hey bro would you like to buy I'll prepare for that I don't get enough food for everyone because it's an event. But I'm packing mileage work I'm not bringing you food I'm not asking you to guess you'll I was wanna taste or at least in the offer and they don't I don't you want your food. I was wanna be offered a job manner okay. Okay CPU gonna take videos ridiculing me for a try to eat my breakfast in a hurry but you're hurt because I didn't share what the wild kingdom in there there was there really was. I felt like it was the guys today. For the guy here's an air date narrate wild kingdom kingdom had a nice deep voice and he talked so subtly about. In the habitat. David Attenborough yeah okay MSM has David Attenborough job. If you do not know that I can tell is David add if you've ever seen wild kingdom. Go at the bit used to come on all the time click play nurses and sort of same sort of thing that's what Kyle reminded me of this morning it was amazing. To see him terror into. That carcass. And destroy that chicken bone is exhausted. And good thing is that bears and I don't know Baird today grains. They Mary's they were there on the boards affect. There they Mary's an early bear doesn't work around or you're incurring conceal more healthy than normal bear yeah well you know when you gain 25 pounds of your Nacchio I have now his CYP. All now you have witnessed what I see every day. To wonder why this man complains every single day about lose you know and it's about doing cross bit about all this exercise these guys. And then he eats up display that type to someone who was a professional athlete you should know better as a matter fact 1 right this morning was extraordinarily healthy or just the whole portable what I'm doing a spirit like twelve hours a day for a year and a half tied to a decks are a little chubby and try to get back into shape along chubby but yes is a three on the ground that didn't I love this that frank wants to go to meals I am to any way your legs aren't too rating that is typical major lower half maybe I don't think size and pretty guys who -- hypocritical. If if if there's some truth to text or is it your dental from the appalachians galaxy committees and it's on its. Former president and everybody takes from cormorant yeah now here's the thing is if you're trying to go small mills keyword being small. This is a trough I chicken leg and green being this is a trough of food. You have to chicken like I won there was only one chicken lady in the thing graduate Dibona on the other one eight the eight destroyed the evidence. Our children Dexter writes in a Phillips frank doesn't offer his launch knowing doesn't I don't he launched here. Because how would just destroy it because he's he's raising a sumo wrestler he goes home he's 37000 pieces of sushi and goes a sleek. That's how you train cars and that's like 493 tasks are right in his own somebody else take a rights and is the video on the WS Lindsay Twitter race firstly it's on Frank's personal mr. Graham does mr. Graham and also. Frank Garcia 65 degrees. Let's bow visor and the same as our Twitter accounts attack Kyle really WS transient that frank Garcia 65 if you wanna see an embarrassing photo and video me trying to do you know and held my breakfast because and try to get everybody in line addictive story can show on the road. You are a hell and anyway this is what's happening today in Ottawa voice and an entire ten minutes of people's time this morning talking about what a jerk your. Just in twenty minutes from now Brian Billick former raider raven says George Super Bowl shift. He's gonna join us we'll talk about the papers one on Sunday. Over the 49 Ers and though we'll talk about so the upcoming game with the bills the new home opener on Sunday. If you tech college football news will join us eleven to equally the Charlotte hornets at 1130. Other talk about that uniform revealed because of juries are sweet. Yes that word to your absolute literal. Love bug but the only problem I have with Pete today. Is that he's a he claims that he's a bills fan as well. Really yeah his so he's thrown for voice from that there Rochester so low. You know that's been a tough time. I'm sure Osama fixed and did not know who tried to fix him what he's he's he's climbed to meet just like John Tower claims to be proud of the Panthers but does their allegiances to the bill broadly chuck. And notably chuck you don't live he still feels there is nearly a billion as a down. I think deep down he still doubling we will when you're up there and there's nothing else going monster either of them the sabres and the sabres have sucked out allowed them at least the bills are good in the ninety's. I'm glad you know that I have no audio good quarterback and a Syverson and hopeful that's the pretty you're not you're no glue failure to buffalo had arm I was a Jordan let's just get a charge our news right after the negro he's gonna stop and 1145. And a 1230 right to study fantasy folks are agencies as freaks we are going to help you set your line up for the weekend games again tonight and us throughout the weekend so John how open will pop video take your fantasy questions. As he did it. Last week 704 or 5709. No more tackling in the CFO we got to get to this is Garcia and Bailey W orphans are. And I'm. It's inexperienced mom trusted like this. It's like it's nothing I just aren't Easter eggs sausage like his heart is like. This is like his car so welcome back Garcia and Bailey and don't do people. Ordered people follow us on its grip you'll want to once upon with that it's at frank Garcia 65 and I child really WS Lindsay. Similar to order counts again at Francona says 65 and I Garcia tell but I frank Garcia WS Wednesday. It's just an accident always believed that looks exactly like some little while Jindal told just a I want to line up I was getting after his non on the bone and everything got to get that protein they don't feel like honey badger oh guided their pro Syrian ministers or get a bit 7045709. B sixty and frank Marty hurting with the work yesterday and goes obviously various Gunter and they're gonna try to revive him a little bit to another wave here are some bunker. And I haven't checked the latest so this is changed amateur but don't open it clears waivers and possibly circle back row of the practice yeah they live there like mark are locked. His sleeve they had two kickers for a reason I don't think anybody expected them or at least most rational people didn't expect them that carry two kickers the entire season. Although it's not the first time this franchise has done that let's kick off specialist in the guy's gonna go in it totals that's not the first time or another team has done that to several teams. You know in in the last forty years and I can think of that have caught Terry to kick a guy is gonna take it through the end zone. Or hit the long field goals and our guys can be either accurate guy who's gonna knock them down indicted on the time move in crunch time he's gonna make those kicks so. You know this is something the Panthers I felt like ads have you had planned the entire time. They're gonna see you what trends left on the tires you know of the young quarterback the of the quarterback not young but. Com number brings a little doubt send you not don't don't be surprised I'm bill last move though there's going to be other guys can be revolving door. Use a lot of things within the ECB day you know that you know help keep people from he'll go on other teams you can kind of go back and forth and you know have a guy for a couple weeks if you need be if there's an injury here or there or she needs some depth of your point it's no different type of team is gonna run the ball you know at one another odd defensive tackle. No there's going to be some Mo more of these moves you know throughout the years so this is not the first this is one of many. What is this to me that the luxurious dodger portion of this what does this signal to you was that something you think they saw on Sunday so we we might need some more helper was a so that was sort of something that was coming. On the -- for a while now you don't Kyle Lotta times you know we don't think about this but you know like even reps in practice you don't what you starters out there you know given the the looked team reps you know and things like that because it puts pressure on your legs and you know it wears you out towards in the season so you know for example they've on the offensive line typically you're gonna have you know eight guys. Which means you know there's only five guys that take all the stars' raps with those other three are gonna take usually that second team reps or the gonna give the defense a look. But what do you do those other two spots because you need ten. You know in order due to stress these efficiently so a lot of times a put tackles a guard positions open guards and center positions and they'll try to rotate those things that way but. If you rather have ten guys now and everybody can carry ten because of some of the other major might have so. You know same thing applies at the quarterback you don't want your starter Brad very early going out there and given the team perhaps. You know for for those types of players. You know are in on on on the scout team so you bring in other guys for depths. You know as it comes to look for practice you have you have guys on practice squad but. You know sometimes you know just because of where the numbers stack up and you'll what you're looking for special teams you might be depleted at that as other possessions. So you go out there you bring guys in through the year is you know you need to clear waivers and you know go out there and help your team. As far as Gunter is concerned as a player I mean this is a guy who look at packers' secondary wasn't great that bad bets are released him by the way if your not quite sure are released by the Packers defense has claimed off waivers but. Arms deal he led the Packers last year and a great again he led a soap or secondary but take it for what it's worth. Let that secondary and snaps played in and passes defended. And he was. You know and it part of holding go to Beckham junior to four catches and 28 yards in that wild card game and I did get lit up by Dez Bryant Julio Jones sought after that there's a shaken that mean you're talking about a the only wide receivers in this league in a league that. There were the rules skew toward the officers saw the Pope also dares got a complaint and Jim potentially open state. If you're in the NFL you comply as exactly right mum. You know sometime this system. Dictated sometimes it's scheme. In oriented. And sometimes his coach based ice you know what to do with your run of 34 vs a 43 of those Clinton things. It all to apply sometimes is just you know culture change you know you think all the guys blogger. But if they're allowing this guy to walk out the door. There what does that tell you about the guy either they're really good and they have great talent. For this guy just not may be what we thought he was going to be in for one game when played great so. You you just made the play you know with the Packers. They weren't very good in the secondary. And they just let a guy that they've dot may have played their best for one game go sort is that what they think of the bat what they say to them. So I don't think much of them won't make you think he's gonna help us that much more could we have pretty good talent. You know we don't have great depth what we are pretty good talent and our our and our quarterback position if either one of those guys read there were earlier gone. They're against hooked up tomorrow at any team the plan for anybody in this league so this kid is a guy that is coming in here and they're trying to do is such a shot at it yet. Absolutely right 70457. Owed IDC extend. Some pretty good story lines coming up when we two of the NFL we'll talk about those and whether or not they can now revive a pretty lackluster week one. In the National Football League source imperialist W offends it. And Bailey here on this Thursday and our long national nightmare is over football's back because it's Thursday so while we will talk about the games coming up we got a lot to do it soon. I'll we'll go to the college game 11 o'clock repeat if you check of college football news. The swelling executive vice president Charlotte hornets will join us at 1130. Big uniform revealed by the horns we'll talk about that where you get your hands on one chuck Howard fox 461145. And John how open. Wrote a wire fantasy football expert will join us at 1230 will help is such a line ups. For the coming weekend but so now we're talking to a guy was pretty good setting real lineups in the National Football League among other things Brian Billick. Is joining us on the tech they come just like coach it's good to have you back nor is more. Well you know obviously here in Charlotte it's on been all about the Panthers starting one no this weekend and admitting the 49ers on Sunday out there in Santa Clara and look I'm not sure how good or how bad census who's going to be listings also and Don coach and there are a lot of things we did until he knows who Cam Newton slow start didn't Christian character with a bunch of touches but I'll start to defense for a second because. Against the 49ers offense is not exactly explosive right now but I saw Caroline Tampa's defense that has a chance to be dominant maybe. Absolutely I think you give the team as a whole you could you hope that they're gonna revert back to the 2015. Feet road sixteenth. As we talked about they can't but feel a part of proof finger on exactly why there was a lack of productivity. Last year but that defense or group an agreement stay true to the fundamentals when you can start in the middle with. Charlie delay and and can you want short that you got Blythe backing level I think defect there is going to be better. That notwithstanding I know the real 49ers Jewish questions about how good they're going to be but you know what. It's every week stuff the NFL and that's who was on the schedule but she's struggling. Now they held the three points coach and that's hard to do in the NFL and you're really those fourth down situations change of possession situations is really where they were standing now. And they limited them to upon sword or turnovers are down so that to me that was the most impressive thing of the panthers' defense on on Sunday. Yet you keep the team to 211. True true eleven on third down you're you're gonna do pretty good and then come you know converter on your own better than 50% so. Yeah there's sometimes the numbers and a lot of people go you only 287 yards in total offense send and and but you know sometimes that's all you need to do I mean that's that you could only goes so far. In terms of where you get the ball and ends so that's the kind of sure could prove very very pleased with the way his total team played. In conjunction with blood the F camp today you know we'll we'll see how he gets back into game shape sort of speaker obviously have a little bit better day. But love the combination of Stewart and McCaffrey the fact particularly when they're there together that's going to be a dynamic combination. No coach would talk about formulas for success all the time and it's not satin several meeting rooms where you know Dom Capers talked about another thirty rush is and you know he's look at the turnover differential in the drive start average the most significant. And stats for you when it comes to winning football games. Well that's all important that I know at decode true power of love you know he had a well if you run the ball we rather get on the ball point five times we had 80% of the time so. All right I'll go ahead run the ball 25 straight time and go all right because I thought that it does just that we're not exactly yeah those are all really important in today's NFL if you talk to most. Defensive coaches. And I think course sponsor offensively as well a lot of things are important but at the end of the day you don't third down conversion. An efficiency in the red zone along with a big big difference would have been for a long time. Turn over the big play eliminate turnovers you've got to be explosive in the Daytona itself it's hard to win in this league. To think you're just gonna go on 101213. Play drives at Deutsche tend to bleed to death slowly so to speak if you don't have a certain amount of explosiveness. It's important to be efficient. But we just saw with Kansas City that's the thing that makes them so dangerous now they don't know very good on defense very efficient. Alex Smith was 2224. In passes to ten yards left what was the difference for Kansas City just doing the patriots the big plays downfield. So you can play great defense she could run the ball that's important 38 rushes for a 160 yards is excellent. For the Panthers ago you don't want that that kind of ratio every time. The key issue gotta have those explosive plays down the field. Don't network analyst and Super Bowl champion Brian Billick join us on the technique on just line is if you can't talk about cam for a second because. A rough start the first half eight of nineteen miss some some wide open throws didn't look like he was single field particularly well at times. Other than a hit on nine of his last 96 or six in the second half and it looked like he kind of got back into rhythm mobile what do you generally see from Jim maybe they should give these fans some optimism. Look just that and you got to realize how little we thought came into the pre season and that is a factor I mean it. Hours used to say if if we did need to practice we would. Because every time you put a player on the field in any capacity you you're at risk for injury and a number of things. But at some point there does it does take that there's a muscle memory part of Jewish repetitions and sometimes that takes a lot of the fact that he. Finished a strong as it did I think bode well. And getting used to the different style of kind of what they're doing with the Caprio the back field obviously having both Benjamin functions on the outside and and Greg Olsen. This is going to be a new combination. I'm sure there's any number of route combinations of the working there might be a little bit different than they have before he's gonna have it used to it well. There because you can probably take that added up but to the Canadian Football League if you don't need to practice you wouldn't because an anthrax in much right now. I thought that it I'm live at the forefront outlook we we do too much can't beat up the players but. And obviously as the season goes on it's different but to eliminate the pats altogether talking to a lot of coaches right now which is. Obviously the limitation is that they have even during training camp depreciation. And now into the regular season. The other street types of conditioning this cardiovascular conditioning amid today's game everybody's great shape. There's football shape which is basically giving your different muscle groups used to. Those actions that you perform on a football field and then there's hitting shape. And you'll be careful you can do too much I'm not sure that we haven't backed off to the point that we're not leaving our players a little more horrible from not sure there and hitting shaped. Welcome you can you can speak to this I want you both to for a second because I'm not you know intimately familiar with the CF fellow I'll admit that a front don't want to Thomas CFL football but I was I was seeing some guys I respect in the industry last night talk a lot about health legendary Seattle coach Don Matthews was kind of way before his time doing this sort of thing can you speak on that at all. Well and we've gone through you go back to Bill Walsh and his original designs that somebody people following now and I didn't Baltimore. The way they're practicing now in the NFL we were doing that. You know fifty years go to Baltimore Ravens are there words every fiscal in terms of go back to back padded practices in the way you try to keep players fresh. But there is a point where where it's true little is not enough. And I think some of the injuries that we have. Early in the season and we were lucky on bond Sunday for the last week and could open we have a lot of big injuries but fumbled that. And coaches that I don't have any way to quantify this but there are a lot of coaches who feel like because we've had to back off they getting. So much that we may be leaving our leader our players just a little vulnerable about as the season progresses Jack you gotta do what from what about. But initially hid the body doesn't need to get in this election. They're coast before we talked about some of the marquee matchups in week two lots been made about us John McDermott returning back to your home to the Carolinas and taking on the Carolina Panthers and people are concerned that. He knows us better than we know him. How much of that is real and how much of that is just you know just know fans and media creating a narrative for the game. Well I I'll what I don't understand is how it. How is that the Sean McDermott knows more about Carolina. That Ron and Mike Shula know about Sean McDermott when he likes to do things you have may be about the personality. And maybe Sean. Defensively or maybe you can go to his offensive coaches who say look this is why I think we're gonna do defensively. But you gotta be careful that it turns a draw how bad Abbott & Costello routine of law I know that they know that I noticed a. But I told us so yeah you know you can drive yourself but with stats are I don't know that is competitive advantage or not. Coach is just doing what you do well but rather what the other team was does well making adjustments during the game business is that simple. Well ahead and have my Bible or my broadcast partner last year and I was doing got a game gave first for the network. Michael Robinson are just devastating that I love that this is the game of jimmies and Joes not x.s and hopes. And at the end of the day through those jimmies and Joes but it is a different would you wanna lose. You just made him so happy George that's his favorite saying on the face of the planet. Good. Doctor Brian Billick genital network analyst former head George Super Bowl champ with the Baltimore Ravens. A coach quickly before let's ago Bob buffalo is coming to town and and its Tyrod Taylor shady McCoy in the backfield but. On the the weapons on the outside to do with all due respect to dilate doesn't Zeta-Jones amended assists. It's on the strikes fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators I wouldn't think it again I mean that with all due respect. I'm I'm not really sure what buffalo has because they beat I think what we all assume is you know a sub par jets team on Sunday how do you see these two teams matching appearance oral. Yeah what about bush first off Shane McCord as it's it's replicating what the one thing I gotta stop what you gotta make sure you can appreciate it court because this guy this guy can do a lot of damage. And in doing so they do have enough that says on the outside the Tyrod Taylor practically can make plays outside the pocket. They they can have a certain amount of explosives and they've not done it on a regular basis. But job one if you could not let. But Shawn McCoy gets started because he does he control the clock it's he could do some things that are sort of they're gonna kill you obviously are defensively. Again they've. Did that they've they've there a transition. For what they did before or wreck trying to what they're doing now so there's if you look things that have to be worked out I think they're very solid on defense. But yeah I would draw anything from the buffalo win over the jets anymore well I would Carolina with a win over the 49ers. You know coach there's a lot of different things that we saw weak one you know for example I mean there's no moral victories Cleveland right now isn't feeling better about themselves because they lost to the seal is they wanted to beat the Steelers but. They played better they play hard you can see improvement with that team and they're in particular on the talent side of by the defense side of that of the of the football for. You'll for the browns everybody talks about Tom Brady may be. Though this might be a father times undefeated is this it for Tom Brady didn't look great. But you can still win some football games of the page it's still pretty just. He had amazing and it does does that thirst they have the opener that day and I do all my radio shows on Thursday or Friday. All the talk is Goldberger there is going on here sixty you know has Brady gonna play at least fifty. And then the next day it's my gut when they're gonna put drop below it. And they got they don't think changed. You know so where were a league of over reaction the patriots are going to be fine. Yeah I mean they're raised some questions there I'm not going to be the wanna say Tom Brady is done a world order needs to launch that will happen when it happens. The loss from Julian element if substantial. And you could see that little bit with the lack of ability to put balled up although they did put point seven points Oakland and Kansas city Kansas City should. So overwhelming that was the bigger crimes should concern the meat. What the defense in New England the way Kansas City was opened up the field in the passing and so so we'll find out clearly Kansas City. So the marker of they're going to be achieved I have to be in the AFC. It is going into New England. In the opener can be property that's that's substantial so everything instead it was doing a reverse of the field I don't know if that's the case now will face you know could have weak one it's you know we got to wait a week to week three to see exactly what. What is real what is not as opposed to one week. I think the patriot jab of course we're gonna bounce back are they that dominant team in the NFL I don't know we'll have to see which means both the AFC and the NFC appears to be wide open. Yes a lot of military and had a guy like Eric Berry to slowdown bronco they're probably a pretty good matchup against the New England pages on the offense or defense aside as well unfortunately there's only one they're very and he is out for the season. Yell what are unfortunately lost. To have him go down in Kansas City because that take such a big part of that defense and and that's sort of affect him going forward. Our George show us seek geek is one of the proud sponsors of our show and I know that you have a great partnership with them tells a little more about what you're doing with seagate. Yeah I just got to try to get torn up people need go to C geek dot com get the Alfred here in this thing in the market for ticket whether it's home away particularly true on the road you will follow your team. Or going to the theater it's everything it's one stop shop and you get to see ski cap its social what's available to push the price what did you good price sure. You're overpaying. Showed should view basketball every transaction on its feet he dot com is a 100% guaranteed. And it toppled off about that some promo code you've put did probable co Coach Billick again get twenty dollars off your first transaction. That's pretty awesome Brian Billick genital network analyst Super Bowl gym for the Baltimore Ravens joining us on the technique come guest on really really enjoy to dress got an excellent art. All right they're does prime go looking more time Jonas on the ticket job just on when we come back now about the x.s and the old youth. That means that you did or heard of a third suspect is or snap judgment we come back. They want pretty I'll be okay. I mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things that I. I've maybe you've heard by now maybe you have a if you haven't. Buckle up the Canadian Football League. And Canadian Football League players association. And agreed to no longer allows full contact padded practices during the season. According to Dave Naylor Tia sent this band which is effective immediately by the way. Maybe as pro football talk dot com suggests have ripple effects beyond the CO felt. Now the CFL rules previously allowed for full contact practices during training camp plus an additional seventeen days during the season. The new rules. Only prohibits full contact padded practices in season with hitting still permitted during training camp. This is safety rule which the intimacy of Dole's expected to announce. Actually announce it officially leave late yesterday. I came from several meetings between the CFL GA and the new CFL commissioner it's Randy Ambrose you over the summer. Frank Garcia. You. Full blooded American lifelong football guy from him how do you feel about you know cup full contact practices during the season in the CFL and may this ever blow effects elsewhere. In my staff reports excels. Well you heard bill talk about it you know you a ditto what Bill Walsh is doing several years ago with the niners you know not having padded practices in back to back days and you know people around the league we're jealous of that you know he wanted to play for the niners because you could launch last a little longer your legs are going to be a little bit fresher. You know but the niners played a style football or they weren't paid for predominantly run based offense. In order to run the football your practice run the football and I don't know how you do that if you're not going to practice that for the CFL however they don't run the football. You know they get three downs in the pond. You know they throw the ball 9% of the time they had to get twenty yards for a first down so. You know they're not running the ball very often so that type of padded practice it you need in order to go out there and run the football you're not gonna need Lucie FL. But to think that that's gonna come over to the NFL or the college football. Got him as a good question. Because I hear you sing you're right about run the football but we also have seen a shift on the offensive side to a new teams airing it out for the most pored over the and I hardly stellar coach. That has his personnel based around running a running team like the Dallas Cowboys for example. You know guys were no longer going to be able to practice in pads because you know assist us safety rule you know and we don't we run the ball coach that's what we do we need to have those reps. Of getting down low rooting guys out using my legs in my pads to drive guys out of the hole. He'll what do you say to those teams in the title on Sunday delta good on a Sunday I mean and the other thing that you that you think about when it comes to the NFL. You know again console burst through Canadian football league's great that's seven on sevens glorified seven on seven. You know but the speed destroying the size of these guys sometimes you need netware and terror in order to toughen your body mean imagine going to a boxer. And say you know what it was our training we're just gonna hit the speed bag. You're not gonna get those blows you up to the guy you're not gonna get the body blows in we're not to work on your core in order to go out there and you know have this fight decision at the summit what's gonna happen. Yeah break down your annual over and you're gonna fall over because you just got to blow the stomach did not used to so. In this game in the NFL college football American football. The running game is still big factor in it and I think you need pads and in the those practices in dad's in order to stay healthy and to protect yourself. There it is snap judgment brought you Bob Dole even tire and auto sooner minutes from uptown Belle haven sire. Got jumbled thoughts of college football the other side if you take college football news will join us it's Garcia and Bailey W orphans it.