Garcia & Bailey: An Apology Over Nothing, and What did We Think of Monday Night?

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Tuesday, September 12th
What did Baker Mayfield aplogize about? What did we thing on MNF? What's the best fast food french fry? Click the button and find out.

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But Garcia. Royal committed Garcia and Bailey here on Tuesday morning thrilled to be with him and we can't wait to defend this we got a ton of good stuff for you coming up throughout the course of this show. Just about an hour from now we'll talk to Andrew Carter of the Charlotte Observer recovers the Tar Heels and last night he outpost on a piece. And was talking about how one north Carolina's play the kind of defense a new coach is fired and is so we'll talk about that is the heels are oh into. 1130 Brady go 1025 game on national also Athlon sports he covers. College football for Athlon will talk to him about the other big picture in the world a college football. Later in the show about noon we'll talk to a captain Marlins Panthers defensive back 1 o'clock Lomas brown Detroit Lions great longtime NFL offensive tackle should be an all time. And that at some point we don't put Thomas Davis will join the show as well 7045709610. Calls there were text is there on the building surtax like you can follow us on Twitter -- child really WS Lindsay. At frank Garcia 65 and Osbourne WS Lindsay was on. The story of the day however. Is coming out of McDonald's. McDonald's the McDonald's I don't know if you read this or not column it's very disturbing news. Apparently there employee telling their employees to clinch the bottom of the cartons of the Fries. To chance on the Fries they've had several employees say that this is a practice that they've employed and a couple of them said you know what we will not do that. And yes absolutely we will not do that we will not chance on the Fries exes or some internal memo coming down from McDonald's sell its employees today. Rooster to cheat people lot of Fries yeah. Pinched the bottom yet but it looks like are overflowing owners are disturbing news is there some kind of potato famine and I don't know I don't know but those are the best trial I think. Real the other morning and memorably currently. You know we we may decide to clear the agenda for the rest of the show to me that's I'm sure we'll take your calls on Russia I don't hole. Oz what do you make of this amended is there some sort of potato fan we don't know about. Not that I'm aware of I've been checking my sources tell over the world and potato markets the raw potato markets have been doing some investigating there yeah I know no potato famine indicated directly yes I will say this McDonald's second best French Fries. Yeah it is arrogant met yeah I listened second best I gotta agree that. Due to collect. I'll add to factory ass. All because older waffle Fries yeah yeah seek implode jingles so poorly the newly angles right just nailed at the front generals on their crispy and they have just enough thought Suzanne are easing on the bridge in Selma Al fright to snail that six ways for us is just out of this world I don't hold box of those yes. Like a a three largest yes I know down. Other protest eyes McDonald's I got out of protest if you warm of McDonald's person please get everything but the French Fries from McDonald's negotiable item by the French Fries Alice and the message to the corporate bigwigs at McDonald's that is great news we will tolerate being cheated OK we'll designers yet this is there more consumers need to speak. You know argued that he'd insured with Mortimer. They get more than half you know about the potato famine Ruegamer who were more millionaires over my guy all right tournament. And I enjoyed her place is never my dad and I gentlemen please use Lotus I I know believe me I know I got a call too late it's been a rough morning I told you about a leave me alone. Are you gonna go boom and minutes after. Ethical discriminate against a little bit slower than usual got a sense I guess at that let's just be aware of the cal may have to step by the studio oil abruptly are we get some votes coming in by the way let's not this zipping it's gonna take off. We are mostly for Arby's curly for us. Now all eyes seasoned Fries hot buys and are bad known for the other similar at that I've almost meat because we're here in both gentle country. I almost feel like there's a little bit of a knock off there I don't know who was first. Top riser or or both dangles them. But it seems like almost kind of a little bit of a slight knock off don't you yeah I think so too I love this sex by the way McDonald's the patriots of the fast food world's. How happy and save yourself some credit. I think he considered cheaters this or nothing worse in the world. When you're going you order a large try and go at it establishment. And they come back Milliken and really that's a that's the large with some sort of small look oh I could've got the medium or the small. And pay glass and that's what you're doing what are you feeding us as you know look at. Well like a hummingbird with a small newly including the home video completely fake he put that so. No I know exactly what you're talking about aren't your job and the French products a lot of your 704570. And I just sits there and it really tough storefront drug about that. You watch any of the other one that football's a wanderlust I was doing and you're off to a I want to know I was over ST some. That's foundation over a top golfer was phenomenal. Got to meet a lot of the new guys and hang out with them a little bit to you know he does a great thing could -- a lot of great things in the community you know he's been get a little grief. In over his pick of the 49ers and it I try to slow him noses Steve sometimes just got to go with that your gut in the end people are gonna you know make their. Opinions based on whatever they want you not to be able chains that are fact Jesse do you buddy and if you took that to heart by Dario great event last at a top golf. You know got to hang out with a lot of those guys TV was there camp marlin you get to KK sure it was there. You know as we all know basically a lot of the Panthers and does some of the old players was sought to Kevin Donnelly Ricky Proehl had a great conversation with him Mike Rucker as well but. Yeah how is we're watching the game a little bit didn't have the sound on but. They're not the best of games you know for Monday Night Football games in my opinion. The only thing first of all the I stayed up for bit of the chargers Broncos game. Towards the on the field Plato struck person and actually look better than I thought it would my dad and have high expectations that I did he he made some throws last night he really did. Umpires and NFL quarterback Brian Griese ease when it came out of nowhere that nobody thought I was gonna have a professional future and you know he's sort of there either quarterback by default right the draft Paxson lunch. And Arad and Memphis and he's this big prototypical NFL looking guy big arm the whole deal. And he's just disappointed to this point in his career so far so Trevor simian if they'll kind of got that job by default but they were especially the reds a Masai you made some throws and impressed element. Yeah and on now and that's why I say you know his NFL quarterback he's able to step out there and make some plays and I know he's got a little more comfort comfort ability with the offense and you know that's where you started it and he's going out there make implies making good decisions says throw the ball run the ball sometimes Thorne at mile when he gets in the hands on what they're capitalizing on. You know when they get down there and that's what you look for you know you look at the scored just does not kick field goals and they can do one more field goal then you know than the team that they're part of her morning and yeah. Absolutely so why it wasn't just a play on the field though and they aborted talks about the saints in the vikings because. Sean Payton is lucky to be a lot of us haven't. And we'll talk about Dauman took in a second but that late game last night. Okay history was made best moments on the call first female play by play announcer an NFL Monday Night Football game. I thought that was cool. They pair up with with Rex Ryan guy with a big big personality who everyone thought was just going to seamlessly slide into the Booth and just picked it up like that. It was awful wasn't always that well make you think using the great. The personality these so laughable you know you just he can talk and talk and talk and talk and hum. This bat sort did you like about. I didn't see I didn't see much of the late game at all like I said that I watch a little bit of it wasn't the the volume wasn't on. I'm siding get to hear the sound bites or word accommodative did you. Urged listeners that Amanda and I try to be a jerk like I'll read you made this this is a tweet from Darren can't good and I laughed hysterically when I saw this because it pretty well sums of port rush shrubs don't last night during into the quote. Rex Ryan was apparently tasked with solving our nation's authentic frontier gibberish shortage you can quote I'm the best kept secret what is amid a tackle is suppose. So entertaining otherwise in front of the cameras and George was not good it's overdue in the second chance right I mean it was his first appearance let's see if you can get better. The man that was bad not only that there. I wanna hear from some people when did you guys really enjoy enjoy Beth moans last night assault ought to be pretty salty about that that you had listened to a woman goal football games if that was the end of the world. Of a divot did you did did you enjoy did you hate it because I got some pretty mixed opinions on this and I'd like to hear from December 04570. 96 dead and we are also. Also. Talking about sub. Suspect also so developers for this morning and I'm not really sure lob or there. And we got a ton of text coming and we had some phone calls dominant as well 7045709. 610. We're gonna come back to wanna take this phone calls to take those thoughts again we also wanna talk about saints vikings last night because Adrian Peterson sure looked pretty ticked off on the sideline and he shot saw Sean Payton a couple looks and and shouted a couple of comments that looked like you might got pretty competition there for a little while. So well let's talk about that we come back it's Garcia daily WS transit. Welcome back Dorsey unveiling here on a Tuesday morning guys let me say one more quick word about saw a series razor Jeremy talking about a third during the break put. Just say it died a new partnership between myself and mirrors and a pretty excited about it because. I'm not much on shaving to begin with and I don't much care for spending a lot of money on racers mirrors is worth it so Hillary's dot com slash Kyle. Is where you'll find is also free offer you depreciating kitten when you get it what you try you're probably not commission would anything else. I'm my girlfriend loved it she stole it from a try to get more because she stole my appreciate it six look distinctive so check it out theories dot com slash Kyle. You can get appreciate did promise it's gonna be worth it parred 7045709610. A talking about last night's Monday Night Football game and you history being made Beth Malloy as well first ever woman to call game on Monday Night Football she did so alongside Rex Ryan. Who kind of fell flat on his face last night he was pretty bad that oral. And I just ask the question. Because I saw a lot of split reaction it was all pretty polarizing reaction to. Are you felt about those modes and how she did calling nine game as some did though she did a fine job in a book vision wasn't there were colada college football before some of you. Hated well that's that's kind of the the other group the perception that you're getting at least on run tax line that I'm giving anyways is that. Had nothing with Serbian and doing they had nothing to do with her being a woman had everything to do with her. Just not sounding good another one comes and sand. They are just caddie too much of a college five for me you know when when I'm watching Sunday football so or Monday football. Unless that's another you know I guess not gone you know maybe something that you prefer I mean I like big voices I like John Madden. I as much as I can't stand John gruden. And I think he's a little bit entertaining and you know you get used to those no longer Yugoslav you know I'm not agree Infrant okay you into an it has nothing to do. I just the other chunky persona the other way that it's it's you know that. Why do banana you know whatever he wants to call it a million sold after awhile and I you know I just don't know I mean I'm just not a big big fan of this year. And that's vita get out of it look if you didn't enjoy about -- last I don't think anyone you know I'm gonna call you sexist and that's ridiculous to even like treated like her you're allowed to have an opinion about that a lot of you did we got some positive force feedback as well a lot of thought she did a great job. And I thought first of all. And for that there's always split opinion about these commentators and about his play by play does a lot of you. You know you you you can't stay in the 5050 split but I get on guys like Chris Collins worth. You know is not much different than what I'm hearing this morning about the smallest is a slightly different topic for different reason because she's a woman. But but broadcasters. In our loved and hated all over or sports and that's not really anything different and we agree on that. Yeah I know iWeb here's here's my question do you does that again I didn't have is the volume January you were otherwise engaged or what what was Rex Ryan so bad that because he was an apparently was obnoxious. It was just it was it was a lot of stream of consciousness and the things it did just gibberish really is that his timing was bad deal and again that's sort of thinking come with practicing with wraps. You know just his ability to to know when to step into the conversation to provide something valuable when he did it just it was a really rough. Rough broadcasts from where I said that I didn't stay up for taught it a host its reaction to missiles to Iran Suze article first or Russ our you this morning what you think about smaller lossless. Pay out to go on DelHomme is his call. Yeah I just felt like she if she. I know what she's sounds like if you like she lowered her board blow didn't she was Jewish he yelling at me. It got to be really not just after awhile. Okay thanks Ross presents fogleman. I'd I've heard that I've. Honestly the reason I'm willing to Deborah second sensors because I thought she had to carry Rex Ryan's big ass all night we Sears. This year to carry him and yet which is Sergio did on the sideline. I don't know what that was about. I appreciate the fact and I thought as I saw some retreat this last that he didn't see it cause we have a Sergio dip audio if we don't I'm sure I'll read my name once I did you gravitate degrading easiest to deport this kid you know these English as a second language. And he came on Florio a precise model for a Monday Night Football. First of all for those who make fun of him last night he actually did a better job with that and his second language the most if you could your first leg which lets not make fun of the kids for what he did last night although it was really really awkward OK it was awkward it was oddly phrased it was choppy amid get a kick out of it. A humble but I thought that most of the jury pretty much everybody on our crew last night. And you know she's with a group of guys to maybe make her life a little bit easier maybe she gets better I don't know. Yeah I and I ask you what what's happened to the tradition and history in north Monday Night Football and that that left little doubt that let me let you don't under don't get two games. Neither one of them very great good. Means you didn't have much interest to watch Sunday Night Football has overtaken Monday Night Football on this item on us that yes Dallas the giants was the marquee game of the weekend and you know when you say would you want about the game maybe not many as entertaining as we delight but. The other Dallas Cowboys dominated the New York Giants Eli Manning looked like he didn't you know he's like he's lost a step they did look dobbs the giants would likely have many weapons. You know but the Monday Night Football used to be something that everybody used to watch then. You know when it came to the voices yet to be understood and he recognizing it familiarity. And you watched as much for the game as he did to hear these guys talk about it. You know I think that that's got to jump the shark a little bit with as many games as there have now on Monday nights and now trying to do new things. You know with all the different things they're trying to do and in the Booth giving did that start when they sort of corporate doesn't Tony Kornheiser and Dennis Miller a new Dennis Miller was all he was horrendous shot and I would've hoped that they don't want their lust and you know from that and obviously they haven't Kornheiser in the same kind of thing remain. If they can give is at the eyes analytic take end you know maybe his journalistic views right you know but somebody to break down the film and have a little personality and I guess. To me if I if you ask me between Miller and gruden or some of those guys or do you Kornheiser and gruden a degree and all day because. At least he understands the game right I can't do what I I don't like the way you teased constantly is suck up to every player out there on the field. You like to hear an honest opinion about some of these guys at least I would end. And I think that's one of the things a little less desirable for me and let's take some phone calls or demoted to shed and off the top there got a feeling and 07 stake on this and show what somebody you know or if. Hopefully prevent all of the course gold who are still pretty good at first it felt so mad because. But look into life. After the situation political climate we live really get it checked ourselves and then the industry dominate the mayor put all these years felt like I don't like her that culture haven't. Why because you didn't conditioned to believe did boys should go like many. That's a great thing to do right about that absolutely yes. I checked myself but I thought about why that would want that's okay. Because the mail all of life. They simply don't know that we can do little to get to I don't know the white. All of which are built on the all saw you actually have created jobs are quick question for cal. When he could figure what you want to do well like in terms the ball looked up again got a good LA they're at all the commentator. I didn't try to root out and goal. Won't push. What are the emotions you reboot. Boy oh uploaded to watch. Ali shortly about an awful. Thanks Jim appreciate your body I was I'll just say this really great tournament to view a floor on that other source Beth mosier was calling the game like mechanically sugary joblessness from what I listened to. You email like the bush mallet style is funded in terms of mechanically calling that game which one of the most important Portugal and it. Are calling the action affirmative. A budgeting your time the score. And dumb down distance you know if you can do those things consistently you can do them to know an articulate what your site you pretty much doing the job at least average right so I thought you did a pretty good job with those things. And then having to carry Rex Ryan the entire time cause disillusion that much more differ didn't think it was harder and more difficult for her because Rex Ryan just giving index is on a percent to put her alongside Phil sends she's sounds even better last I supporters on this for a long tough but you Eumig imported a Monday Night Football and now it's kind of jumped the shark we're gonna say about it. I agree with 700 and you not notice as a former player and you know you some of the players that I used to play with him as they were prepared for Monday Night Football. You know this is the only story truth is that he would be in the mirror practicing his looks in as little Chucky looks is is faces that he gives on television or on the sideline he'd go in the mayor look at himself and practiced those things you know before we're out there. Are you into the game you know and you know you can you can take you for what it is yet but yeah that looked exactly right. And I get value we don't we all know what it is you know has followed through slips the other person justly and and I you'd go in there and practicing you know that. Elect has scowl you on the sideline and you know he'd bring that into. You know the spider two wide banana which is what we hear all the single if you members of all time is on the are on there. Yeah absolutely are honest this is Sergio did last night by the way and Sergio dip. A look guys anybody resume a consumer it's far this kid has more got to check yourself because it. I guess earlier he did a better job less than a second leg was the most he would your first but I did get a kick out of this as it was just all from Clinton played a sideline reporter must not. You guys. Coach Van Jones. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in his background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado. Vacuum the end of the. Yeah. I love the enthusiasm and I love the enthusiasm yeah you know if you're watching a soccer game. We're football game via volume there might be a little bit more flair with that but. You know sometimes. Culturally speaking that style doesn't fit into what we're used to on Monday nights and because of that. You know it's going to you'll probably come a crosses. You know. A little boring or little dried I don't know somebody as ADHD I thought that was great. Let's go back to the phone lines will lumbering and Jeff Jeff good morning mayor what do you think of. Say good morning and I I've Apollo line get a pretty good job force first the parents and Obama. What Jermaine bad. Yes it. I don't mind your own college football. Appreciated they'll cultural ball up the court course is that it's Monday Night Football. Goes to bring out the top notch people I think you viewers and all the McCain she doesn't do that for many. As far as what to push them to rule Monday Night Football you wanna you know now dirt just bring Syria on you know the better job. Thanks Jeff Brescia that did it it was a joke but I mean. We're talking about bring out the best of the best what goals Rex Ryan do out there because that's he's obviously got his first I've heard this more agreed last nights in the wreck trying to look pretty good job. If you've ever tell you that's fine okay that was just my take on but I mean the overwhelming opinion is that he was awful last that's that's the first offer some buddies think he generally nice job speaking of announces its extra rights and Tony Romo. Killed on Sunday that it Tony Romo was fantastic. And and if he wasn't fantastic and awaited he's going to be ten years from now when he's really really good at it. He was just a natural he was calling plays before they removed before they happened. Of your he was identify things that we're about to happen and and explaining it seamlessly he was doing so it's writers like a cornerback until it was playing quarterback on television that's already Romo was spent task. That's great doses to me an excuse me personally. In or wants is somebody you know talk about a game I think that's why I like Kate and I don't a lot of people don't against the best I love a good idea I alignments I love him in big games on Thursdays. Or he's your Thanksgiving when Yemen but in people. To have their opinion on bugs a lot of people don't like him I happen to like him I think he brings a voice that is recognizable that I love. I think it's calls acclaimed game and I think eight men really complements him don't even though they've come down the Panthers at times and they look like. There always against the Panthers you know that's going to be I'm sure the way a lot of people feel you know one commentator. You know doesn't like your team or doesn't think your team's very good. I think he does a good job of calling the game and I think that tandem it is my favorite. Yeah I love when a cornerback corps guys able to sit there watch it. And tell you what it's like I don't know if you watch the Panthers game or the commentary team but our linebackers Norman Chris Tillman was doing the game for them the upper hand there's Iran there's. And it's you know rooms Foster you know he he went down kind of twisted his ankle. And he said if it's you know it was a lower body than you know you don't you you have to cut a deal with that you worked on it and you make sure you're healthy because if you can't run you can't play. Right if it's everybody or something like that you go out there you just go play right I mean he was honest. You know you talk to you about you know what the players don't look at that injury lie can end. I'm gonna give you great perspective and insight when it talked about breaking down the plays you know some of the things that they were looking at the coverage is how they were. You know diagnosed or broke down you some of the office supply means to me that's what it's you know a a Monday Night Football guy should bring in yet again I didn't hear Rex Ryan last night. If he didn't provide that then you know he can obviously get better attic because he knows it. But that's something that I'm sure that they're gonna you know be critical of him with him as a one back in now watching that tape. Yeah like that Reggie by the way has us on Twitter he's a former ESPN producer he played small Penn State uses the best games are on Monday anymore because it's cable the NFL wants to maximize its audience in cable doesn't do that so that's a pretty good perspective from a guy who used to do that for ESPN. And now we appreciate John and at 7045709. B sixty and keep those thoughts Rolen and we got a ton of stuff still to get into its Garcia Emily W offends it. Sergio did just listen to this on repeat this morning. And be somebody someday it. What a broadcast last night what are broadcast 7045709. And at Tuesday's rough graduate opened. Still under close to more football. Or are Tedisco triple what his reaction start not like November. And it's their release candidate does not our guy so I'm not the only seats I'm not the only wanna be started from action margins are lower college football game between like Toledo in the Manila. You get a seat up fighting frank Solis is up there and he's an idea result. And the over under flight 93 it yeah it was the best games man break shaking his head as you don't enjoy match on Tuesday nights I have never watched you never want some action game it is and I watched. Oh what's wrong with you. Oh man and I'm busy it's sure your plan. Our rexrodt about a salesman tweets and Rex Ryan was garbage I thought that's a great considering the team she was working with that's on to order. Half price and on Twitter I'd be totally final with a woman president don't want to call him a football basketball games. That's evaporates into six sort Dolores a response a reaction about that this morning. Frankel of the last night I know that so you were out with Steve Smith and Thomas Davis Saluki clean those guys that Steve Smith's foundation event. So you didn't get a chance to really sit and watch couple these games Oz I don't know how much she wants to saints vikings lessons you see any event like that F. What did Sean Payton getting at look from AP last night. Four carries in the first half minute there are a lot of pictures which jokes on Twitter last night. Yeah he he got a glared them download stare him down a little bit. In and yeah I'd I don't know for making too big of deal about it I don't know what was said. Nobody the guy's a competitive guy wants to win and when ya get the ball you don't feel like you're contributing. They're talking to guys Jews to get the ball 25 times a game and you know he kind of gets better with the Jerry's says that the B gets more carries he gets a little bit better and I don't know what he expected going to New Orleans Saints is that you know Drew Brees also NeuStar hand the ball over in and handing it off. You know that's not the way to winning game of you know for a for the saints defensively. You know I thought that they're better offensively. You know they were there and there was there were one of the worst running teams in the NFL last year I think there are bottom half. You know maybe bottom third they might have been you know bottom five. You know when it comes down to it. Because of where they were ranked as far as running the football and you know you thought that may be Adrian Peterson was amenable to that you have a two headed monster. You know but it's. You know sometimes you know as we've seen with coaches. You know they just just feel like what gives them the best chance to one has put the ball in the than their playmakers hands at their quarterback Drew Brees is going into his seventeen season. And you know can still throw sling it around it and have the weapons that he. That he had once had you know he's got Ted again and that's about it right I mean and that's not really a weapon is just a guy they can. They can run fast so you know what do you the ball too I mean that's where you expected doesn't make sense with what they did in the off season. Adding some running backs no one really your passing offense. Right in Europe the first humbling but mom asked him yeah bottom estimate came in none I think I'm looking right now it's a pro football reference dot com 62 league last year in Russian yeah. So I mean when you're sort of ball game plan from behind you're not gonna rush the ball very. They're very much to begin with but. You know because you're always playing catch up the mess were the same snow to typically found themselves last year and you know they throw the ball in gimmick got Drew Brees and you know they had in some really good players one Obama and in double even in these plans for the patriots now. You replace him would tell again and you know you lose your guys Jimmy Graham and you know he really don't replace that type of talent with the mother died and slash wide receiver. And you're expected to go out there and make plays is just not gonna happen in this league. Yes so I mean we're I saw saints team last night quite honestly. Of that guy Canaveral future. Lost weight so you and as far as AP go sourced in that we seeing in the NFC south death no. That an end as far as AP's concern and OJ is like enforce it a dust on Twitter last night decent. Ordered I think. About his role in this offensively the first indication should have been his contract and the fact that he had very few suitors like he wasn't gonna walk into the saints indeed of the JP is seven years ago. You know and who Deco focal for the are being Mecca focal for the offense and so this weekend helped is maybe so no one of the greatest guys ever total football. It's just you know his role you shouldn't be surprised anyone on the state. Well might be surprised agent Peterson more sure and you know your estimate got a new rational about you know his ability hands. You know one urine when your plan at that level you think you've got to believe you the best you gotta believe that you're gonna go out there and and you still have what she once had. And you know when you stop believing that is when you start to retire or you feel like you're you're still in. In our major Peterson feels like did you still help out you know Williams what he did in Minnesota. You know I get a unique the thing that they were allowed him do in an if you notice. You know we wash Minnesota games from when Adrian Peterson what is it was in his prime vs most teams. Most teams line up their running backs about 605. C charged in the backfield or their. No way with the quarterback armor standing right next the quarterback now based agent Peterson was about eight. So yeah that running start and you know kind of gave him the ability at the whole full speed in you have a little bit more vision but. You know that's more important what you eat what he preferred to you know what he was with the saints now I don't know if everybody is don't agree with that philosophy. Of putting him eight yards back because it changes the timing of the running game so. To create some consistency. You know you got it you know maybe go out there and implement knows that same type of style where he's going to be five or six. You know compare today and I'm not sure of that played a factor into his his role last night of you know running the ball or being that you know not as efficient as maybe. He normally has been or just the office won business does what was in Minnesota running the football tirelessly columnists and see what Tony's got to think Tony which they get a deal us. Could you follow demanded that it didn't go ten to twelve quarterbacks seldom looked up or even you know all about balance phone moved away because he can't get to borrow the spectre of and that's what do mormons or are there running backs are not understand why they were not in doubt because they know. That's not his Forte in and went to Prague Vienna in a couple of weeks. No Tomas so he's doing all along that same god I hope we are they going to do. Bought a summer there was this great phone call Tony appreciated not only that other guy using but the fact that. Jimmy did you can't look that guy's upset team chemistry like that I mean he's one of the all time Grayson Georgia football we all understand it. But you know it is if you're not gonna use in more than four times and a half an NF as Tony put to secondary as a relief to choose well maybe hoped he would there's a reason to keep him around so. And I don't think there's some but also consider. 70457. Or 96 demos Brigham did she wrote quickly built a big Q our news more. One of the bank guys thanks predicament thought hey real quick yeah I don't I didn't have any problem in Albers and I think that I'd like I had a little bit maybe I do much to be let us before the board yeah I'd. You don't see she hit it throws a little bit and that maybe you know I Edward and his first I thought it alive but today was Tony you've heard. Might you know as far as the state at all I you know I think they're going to be can't get here there is no other apps appear and a couple weeks when they're. You know and seven or eight and pray that might come as a building birdie did you current garden. They didn't trade or Brad Biggs didn't I don't think being on the bag out of anger even come back in you don't go to HP is deciding you're the one years old good for the Panthers I don't think they have and I'll read blinding compete with the that you can live and let it be album they're going to be in the autumn have. Bill. Hopefully he agreed to injured to gauge the tenders are VW self access. Nice to appreciate about it are at 70457. Or 96 to and I think we figured out what Rex Ryan was so bad last night. He was distracted because he wanted to run best moments feats of medical center of course brought death I can't believe he's that terrible joke why because that's all it's not old so all eyes of time I'm ever use Rex Ryan's foot joke on the argue that one that doesn't mean this naral I just want. Aston might be my only woman I don't want those guys are music also submitted a hillside try to censor trying to help you don't just. But I will come back it's time for snap judgment. They want free yeah. I mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things that I. A couple of things sooner but but one that I just kick it off off and I know we touched on this the ante in yesterday's show to continue to try to bother me a little bit so go I'm going back to the well for second if I met. And I made because my name's Alicia. I'd hate the fact frank. That they made maker may feel apologize. For what he did I agree with you I hate the fact the baker may feel at a given our podium. It's sort of a bunch of reporters and say simply that he so clearly did not mean he's not sorry for what he did he felt that that when it was the right thing to do you disagree with him that's viable he believed it. And he felt offended at Ohio State came to their house and beat them last year and saying they're all moderate the corner of a lot of Oklahoma's end zone and disrespect in Oklahoma in their house and so he got a chance to go back and do the same thing in the war shoo in Columbus the following year. He did it and I've added I don't like the fact it forces you to apologize. Isn't that what makes rivals isn't that what makes sports a little bit better death is just you know I mean do we have gotten so so. Sensitive in this country that you can't even. You know go out there and offend somebody wins. You know you and you're you're gonna offend somebody you know with putting a flag on their fielding I did it you know why can't I don't wanna get. Tops problem. That's part of sports. That's part of what this game you know has DO you. I don't know the the feeling that you get at as a competitor. Where even your revenue in my face okay that's fine that's great but get ready for because I'm not gonna stand for that and I don't I don't understand that I don't. I'm with you Ottawa Senators think if you Lincoln Riley. Or if you're Lincoln Riley's boss who who who is videophone just Jokester Leo is that is that I think does have bright pretty sure if you're those guys you'll like what baker mayfield did. OK tell him. Don't do it again. Crunch some extra stairs what I want I want you want even the part is simple but I made a mess that you should Donald stricter should've saved the day if you feel they feel that strongly about that do that okay. But don't publicly parade this dude out for some cameras and important to show face for the for the university athletic department is he didn't mean it. OK if it was in the spirit of competition. I did not only that it around Ohio a signal to all are not natural rivals to not the same conference and don't face each other all that ultimately the home and home last year and this year. And I don't go throw it to the schedules moving forward I'll say no idea. But it creates a rivalry. You know they did create some passion in some tension and and a little bit of bad blood and I that's what makes college football so great to exports. Absolutely no doubt about a little bit better no doubt. Yeah I mean I don't understand I mean there's really nothing else I mean he won't he walked around and he'd he'd carry the flag out he went in the locker room and got it. And paraded around to his fans after one and a big get him. Any planet right in the middle as the whole sandals with the all his teammates are sitting there you around and around. I was would you think about I thought it was absolute bull crap they made him apologize I've done is that simple crack. This is it I don't know who initiated this if it was just a point of like Kurt Spain ends. Say something in Ohio State fans if you're hurt by that. Your team did this same damn thing. You did it UN is saying your fight song in the corner there of Oklahoma stadium rubbed it in almost as I didn't hear anything about it. I didn't hear you Oklahoma fans got chastised you would tell you all the stops and make your team dual public apology urban mired in dual public apology that I am aware of that. Why did they could make it. Are great moment but I was also it's it's okay first thoughts great optics because it's just it's this is really cool thing where he's gonna play that flat. And age it's what makes sports so great is that we can have moments like this. I doubt it's ridiculous I think we'll wait to say. It is especially on Twitter with the Twitter overreaction to this kind of stuff they snore vomit. Yeah no I I'm I'm with you and the other thing that I've got a burning on this morning it is so so they're gonna get into Brady goal coming up in about 35 minutes from the joins us shelf. I think you might be time for quarterback change in Ohio State. Another sounds crazy that they did but but there are a lot of people think about what Barton Simmons my as a matter of fact from much of foursome of sports and CBS enjoys the show quite often. A wrote the same thing this morning he he thinks. Was JT marriage record and us State Street duty. It's pretty good lure in people clamoring for last year when they try to put a different quarterback than JT Barrett then. JT bear. They put JT bear and ousted took off his I have a great year so for them a lot of talent. You know they got to get back to run on the football stopping Iran and that you know playing Ohio State football. You know and that's one of the things I'm not ready to make that change yet. Well I'll say this anyone who watched the Ohio State's spring games sought to quarterbacks out perform him and and and really really outperformed their so that was the first kind of hints from Ohio State fans they they might have some better option behind them. And you know a guy like Dwyane Haskins might be better tell us a better option for them at this point and again frank I know you're right it's it sounds crazy to say it out loud. Because of the of the numbers is guys put up at times throughout his career but admittedly he was surrounded by better talent than. And there's a reason that drop the course of his career they have repeatedly try to take that job away from them because they've never I don't think truly believed in the depth. It may not have but to look at his record in anyone's football games and be Borger and say well maybe is because the talent around him MI me but he wins football games he managed. He manages you know teams. You know it's a victories they've gone out there they lost what one game last year to. Do two games you know with with the images starting quarterback. He scored 49 points in the first game more than the team did behind him against Indiana. Nearly scored sixteen not enough against Oklahoma Oklahoma for good on defense. You know I think that the judge is give them a little bit more timeless Judy does. Nuggets army pursuing does against you know be in if there's still some sluggish. You know performances out there than maybe start inserting that number two guy behind them but to sit there and say that he needs to be Benson does not apply anymore I mean. Yeah and you're given up on a kid and I don't know if he's done anything deserved to be given up on. Aren't used to this so we'll come back and recorder Charlotte Observer will join the show. Between did something yesterday an article about how bad north Carolina's defense has been through two weeks and he said. The Tar Heels are playing the kind of defense they did coaches fired bluster what that means coming up next a source in Bailey.