Garcia & Bailey: Alabama Fans Take An L, and We Talk NFC South.

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Wednesday, September 13th
What the hell did some bama fan say about their Hiwiaiian QB? Who the hell got nominated for the NFL Hall of Fame? 

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But Garcia. Garcia and daily here on WS frenzy on Wednesday morning we're just out here trying to be better than we were yesterday in their right frank. What have you done today to get better for tomorrow strike united better and worse one thing just take one thing is is that that thing I start off every year with Don James trees into us. What have you done today to get better for tomorrow just one thing pick out one thing improve on that and you're going to be a better person every day Osbourne you don't have an inspirational quote forced to start the show because of so we want. Had you done all summer. It prepares you for the winner a contrast this winter's gone it's so. As well I don't know about an infantry but but yes there's a time when a winner at this and what have you done on the full benefit of that the. Okay you came through you delivered so our congratulations are welcoming Garcia Baylor got a lot of good stuff to get through. Great showing and I do mean a great show ahead as a matter of fact we debts two guests coming in studio. For extended periods of time that were cited about 11 o'clock Josh torso college football country will join us. I his brand new show debuts on tonight on WS Lindsay he's got a one hourlong college football show coming up tonight's tool preview that Campbell talk a lot of tells. As Cam Newton hater and more so that compatriot lover I saw ourselves forward and got the show going at a Texas or not that painter cam bashing Cleland Johnson arsenal. I don't know how to present today. Just just relax you know we're just because it's college full bullets in his wheel house or we're gonna do a lot of that and so while he's here. Also saw today and Walcott of USA today one of the best guys out their cover in the sport so we're excited about that 12 o'clock. A guy who franc zone for a long long time a guy who I've come to light a lot in very short period of time replies go to join us in studio. For all of our number three and a while he's here Corey Millen the pastor fame give us a call. Not sure why you like dribble I've been spotted it cracks me up he's kind of our class clown when we go on trips. You know he's he makes fun of himself. He says outlandish things bunt he gets people laugh fly everywhere he goes said he does that in order Doggett who's also our internal with the saints he was so have you know Greg conversation that's why isn't so much yeah that's why they that's what I try to tell you try to convince you know I was over at the it's tough golf soon I would TD in net loss radian and looting those guys and we're sitting there having a great conversation and here comes walks in Dre' -- You know just happy as can be in all in all you ever wears is like Jordan brand stuff and here at least. Monster by I'm still less intrusive but yeah we knew that he was with the same as when you're just trying to sell us that the saints are going to be better and legit this year though. There are great defense they're young judge justice system and okay address all croak says some slowdown croak says something I get may use you use yesterday I think they're really resonated with me about the safeties who talk about a decline and he said. He's back up well not exactly you know the guy goes to say Tutu moral to becomes a defensive captain yeah you know a guy who's not been there very long and all the becomes a defensive captain what does that say about your defense well. It says that they don't have many leaders you know number one you know they're very established themselves here snuck into the car on the cowboys should be it should be shouldn't be those guys and establish themselves. You know and that culture and it also says a lot today AJ Klein. Number had that happen wants that was and is Williams is a hall of Famer right now so. You know when he came over from the Phoenix cardinals Arizona Cardinals. To St. Louis Rams seat immediately established himself. You know from the you know one of the best players in one of the team leaders on that team but. He was also a ten year starter. For Arizona he wasn't a back up coming to a new team. There was gonna establish that our culture so. You know I I don't know I mean that's kind of your right Kyle that's kind of what it says about the saints are where their act and you're Drew Brees looked. Hugely real human the other night it did in the and you know there was there was parks I'm a big drew respect I on the individual level on a big Drew Brees fan. He's I think he represents the right things and I know the presidency saw the photo papers there's not an island here or might not like hear me say that I don't like his stick okay that's fine on the field on the field that's fine I think he's a good human Dick I DNN Baghdad Ben no no argument right and as so I respect Drew Brees you know as a man and it is kind of sobering to see these guys have been endured for so long finally start to get that slide while he still could he still good right but he's just not as good strong as what he was Jeff. That's exactly right circuit's opinion its just a little bit sobering to see these guys are you've seen illegal and perform at an elite level for so long sought to dip a little bit. Tom Brady. You know you start looking around the league you know Kyle with some his older guys I mean you know Carson Palmer's another does stands out you know we hit the when you when you start going down. You know it goes fast you know and for some that were little bit higher than others on the Cole. Aside and go down as much system and be pretty good but it's. You know for others it's just when you get drug doing when you start that sly dig it happens really fast and I don't know. You know if drew Drew Brees is on the decline he's known no longer on the incline so easy to plateaued or on the way down. The same they were Tom Brady in a Tom Brady's kind of on his way down as well and in I'm not sure what that means as far as you know where he stands and if he's gonna losing more games in those I would think. The other pages are still going to be a good football team that played a terrible division Tom Brady is to build a good quarterback and there's a lot of people it was still love him on his team on your team for three or four years. Yeah absolutely right 7045709. 610 we didn't talk as much about the game yesterday's we could have been honestly. And outside of Galvin coach impressing and if you didn't see the stand a lot of you probably already have been dealt and cook. A broke Adrian Peterson's record for the most yours and vikings debut while Adrian Peterson was only opposite sideline. Did there was I didn't think it pundit talk about except for this except this frank. I think Sam Bradford is pretty quietly become a pretty damn good quarterback and I don't think he's necessarily a top five. But he's actually become a pretty good quarterback and I think that's interesting especially in the face of all this narrative about him because he was the last. That the blast. Draft pick to get that kind of guaranteed money before things kind of started to change I was 55 was 55 or seven million guarantee more than two. And so because of that in the way he played early in his career he was widely considered to be a little bit of a bust but I think he's developed into a pretty good quarterback. I think he's always been who he is sets clear that I consider to I think the expectations were through the roof because of what you said Jennifer Sam Bradford. Now thought sometimes a game slows down and that's absolutely happen with maturity and age but he's worked his ass off. You have to be in the position that he was injury prone when he was within the brands if you remember I can stay healthy aren't. You know they traded him sometimes just need a new look in you know maybe that's what's best for. You know from Bradford but yeah he played well in week one. Against the saints who did have no defense. And you hand the ball off and threw the ball to you know Dublin cook is an accurate passer. He's been he has established himself as a player in this league is a quarterback in this league as a starter in this league and yeah I mean. He looked about what my you know they thought he might be you know the bottom I think the problem is is that a lot of times the narrative that we create yeah. When a guy gets that title money is he's going to be at a franchise changing type of player it's so unfair to these players. You know but that's the expectations when you're getting paid that amount that you're gonna you know be that Cam Newton you're gonna be that Peyton Manning you're going to be that. Tom Brady you're gonna be that Italy guy that changes it's just not the reality. No it's not and you what you think back to bed I was I was trying to think back to. When he was drafted right won the Heisman Trophy you know what was really the prototypical quarterback coming out of Oklahoma there was there was hardly a flaw to be found in San Bradley was coming out of college well this the doomed the knock on him and many other quarterbacks that come from Oklahoma they come from the big twelve is this system. Right and you look into whatever system it is. It's just gonna be one read throw the ball in and get the ball out quick and you know the system is going to make plays for you and it was just not the case you know if you complain you complain if you have the ability every defense and bricks just take some guys longer. To understand that aspect of it. Into you know maybe see the field a little differently. Like NFL player but it's unrealistic for us prefer most of these guys about this at all except like some guys that are capable of you know grasping the concept that go along with him making those plays but for most of these guys coming out they're going to be able to do it just takes a little time some guys do it faster. Some guys have had more practice. But it's you know to create those habits you need that practice and you know sometimes you need those repetitions as seems like it's Sam Bradford has gotten better through the repetitions. He was going to have a pretty good season before he got hurt his final year. When he was with the rams and if there's a lot of people saying this is time for me then he started off but you know I just. Some guys. You know I can't stay healthy. If I hadn't been healthy enough all of the sudden when they become healthy they have little time to sit back they have time to absorb every time to study. And they haven't time to see what successful men learn from that that's what good athletes do well I wasn't really quickly before we step aside here if you're the vikings' first of all I would love your take on how good you think this team actually vikings vikings are just a nasty and if they are nasty on defense and it looks like they've gotten their act together argued offensively Smart well you always wonder slower roll exactly but at times are pretty good last year you know on the offense at times whenever there were never great offensively last year I'm not sure where they -- -- -- -- the Panthers but their defense was legit top -- no doubt about it and I'm also curious and again though it's a big question mark what's gonna happen with Teddy Bridgewater. But if you're that organization and and and that didn't manages to come back grab for Bridgewater Bridgewater they'll be committed to get himself back guilty on the field when you do. Elated it's great is a great problem to have don't get me wrong Bigelow made I don't I don't know is a great problem to have in and I get two guys again play a guess you know you try to see what you get for one. Yes to make a decision dividend again you have two guys that complain as opposed some franchises who have known Jessica bush and most teams don't have two guys that complain that try to get something for the other guy has to be sit on the bench right so that's the problem that they're gonna have there not gonna keep most of them. They won't keep Bridgewater William Bradford and they'll see what they can get for one of those guys you know because that position. You can't pay two guests. You know so. You know your right as far as that noses trading material. I'm not sure that the will be the hub to make a decision where it's Bridgewater or Bradford and you know that's. That's a tough decision to make it really as soon. And what you know something else and a perspective there quickly as we step aside delta and cook all on Monday night's recorded the two top speeds on the field to top in the straightaway speeds on the field record over the weekend. I think almost forty point 45 miles per hour audio was nineteen point 85 I believe. Which is is really funny because you think back to the NFL draft to come by and you don't recall so he was last place and three children all this other stuff there's a whole speech as football's. Is right that you there right on the head right they're Brothers said to some guys play faster on the field than they do when they run drills I don't know what it is may be is there the fear of being hit. You may miss the factor being chased. I'm not sure but there's a lot of guys that played faster than what their numbers accurately detect when it comes to. You know those those stats and you know looking out those analytics when it comes soon you'll see how tall fast Bloomberg might be. A bomb in a lot of guys and Jerry Rice is one of those guys Jerry Rice ran like a 4746. You know when it came to become mining right for your time the war came to fill get filled spree in which I seem reject him. I don't did you. I'd not that I am at all Jerry Rice fields it was last time you saw some attention now may not many times that many though. Knowledge it's hard thing committed are at 7045709. B six don't want George Simon and today. We're had a lot of fun big show ahead Josh torso will join us in studio an eleven day and Walt and US Saturday calling an 1115. Pastor thing Corey Miller will calls at twelve which is good because Dray Bly is going to be in studio for all of our number three sourcing and daily WS sends it. This almost all herself. Always ask how many beyond the razor and whenever you hear this all in all you think about his Dwayne the rock Johnson Boller now. I have not seen that. Inside HBO it's really good. I have not seen that I've heard it's an anomaly it is odd I had a really low expectations for let's show a lot of I was into all my buddies and play this is the most real showed the Olympics. What the NFL's like yes I mean I look you guys did a god you guys live that's that's that's on the B you have to tell me but. As far as the show goes about football. I had a really low expectations it did gloomier what it's really a really good sharks are factors are caught up last night isn't one of those shows you come and halfway through and still be card no that's something like you know where I watch what someone you talk about lawyers come and all games are soft and I could I can do you know well you're a hard task now gotta you gotta sort that and you so on a solution so emotionally get him because that you're not that far behind an early half hour episodes you can catch up really quickly OK so I mean I would recommend it personally I I think they've done a phenomenal job of that show. And Denzel Washington son who plays the wide receivers just phenomenal but I didn't play in the NFL for a while I'm so far so those guys have a realistic view of the you know what it is like and you know due to go out there and I'm sure that they cast it that way and they'd do they edited that way and introduce it that way yup and you know the we see actors they lost the rob core dream of eggs are right bald guy yet your money is Roger if you honestly I'm happy he's a hilarious he is the funniest people a lot of flight deck Galveston TP Muppets well when I watched I ice to watch Robby was on a daily she just absolute best correspondents on The Daily Show and history did you yeah absolutely attacked him in cold air greats via London absolutely yes definitely want to boast. Are really quickly football season's here guys who joined the WS Lindsay crew for pigskin pick. Every week pick the teams you think are going to win and you'll be in to win the weekly gift card to the NFL shop and gear for your favorite team we gonna regret this from us. And be in the running for 500 dollars register now to WS Lindsay does count those rough but there's there's a pigskin pic of WS concede icon to a great stuff earlier in the pros are reducing personal rewards there's congress yeah I'm not gonna be talking. I don't know does that tell you gotta a generator. I've just got to know them ought to be darkened 7045709. The new iPhone was released yesterday and the CI thought X which means ten by the way doesn't Roman numerals. Hum this thing has facial recognition on it. I don't want to follow with facial recognition on it webs about lose weight. Does my gain way gain weight my face the so you know like I do pudgy around the face the chief Gary would like to chip marks swords while with a lot of nuts and there. But it. I stumble on. Come on ma bag yeah you're in a and as soon as I said that realize a dog or third graders over here we go but. That is what it is. W look he gave away your face out I gave away my face and and around my belt you losing your you're facing your hands full just lose you know saw how hard they recognize when you lose weight. I don't know but I like Israel lost hundred pounds. Winfrey joining I can't believe you lost on opposing or watch warning now he's great for him and it's all how if you're that far you recognize that well that's a good point but well I'm I'm look I'm more concerned about it a couple of other things like you know like what if you're asleep. And just lying there and somebody wants to your phone incident just turn on your face and you get in the phone. Like Jimmy what are you hiding count everything the same reason Tom Brady wouldn't artist Colorado I was covering your house and taking your phone will years sleep. And you're putting your phrase only one person I know of your record is girlfriend. So is that who what you are kind of Chanukah not not no breath. Now monitor and I don't know and that's what must I remind you certainly did you did you what you just Alps somewhere some want to get in your phone why would you want to they're also bright Garcia they do the same thing we have some friends though. Listen this real quick listen to us so it's become a thing by the way on Twitter and the people who listen to the show. How ridiculous you were the data though you were trying to argue against me in my conspiracy theory about phones and how people are listening so last night again frank again I'm sitting at the kitchen table I'm talking about girlfriend about its agreement justices which you know we should really start it it's grim account for our dogs can you make a lot of money doing that much action I know people have done that aside a bad idea if you wanna get that gourds I'm shares are Purdue and and that was early in the an hour and a half later. Two dog accounts follow me on hence the ground there need to. Keep trying to tell me this is not a real like you know my dog through her. Oh my god I'm done and I veggies and edition I'm Bob Bob you should be. Then they knows you have a dog Joseph Wilson those things the listeners and we didn't like the salesman this mornings where it is like he what was the tweet. This is a frank Garcia doesn't believe there's technologies fits right at that these people know you know our technology exists. I'm does not tournaments that I technologies this so I'm not I'm just not convinced that they're going to be big in your personal life. It's just me. That's the great high though all really good environment and our focus your cool this facial recognition thing right. A lot of that I was gonna ribs and Tebow is gonna happen is pretty appropriate and getting Tebow is that we're thrilled to death but no seriously. Like to its net chatting stuff and take itself as this storm of the NSA and CIA already why you talk to Jim Moran your ridiculous I'm not ridiculous and police and it ridiculous. Us we love it and mind my comment on did hit I'm getting killed on Twitter. And how much tax over here my personal 60 yeah yeah not yet that's your mouth what this. And for people that does it compare my ultimate judgment when I was fat. Frank bill exerts Exxon's I have friends at video right gloves nuts and says oh yeah Wisconsin a city sitters are out there really sort of tell us how you like to say gains weight and visit us. Other analysts doubt that now that they held a war plays a game way but do so I'm unemployed elephantiasis and we are. You remember those bridges are your plans aren't why are you health minutes. I remember pictures my goodness you would be Dubya I'm the little guys notice the they show autumn there was like you know it was your blood to your health books. We remember those things. What does this mean can you remember that now. I don't we we don't it's a hernia that takes place in your intestines killing your you know what. It's true yeah. It will help a lot of weight that could put your hair is bad had to carry him around lord have mercy to a baby. Freddie DelHomme can't duplicate debut but a little busy these guys gadgets yeah he's got a great. Yeah. Live. They'll consider attacks KB this is so true son that was talking about why not going to best by the look at TV's in the next thirty minutes I've three emails about best buy sales promotions it's definitely realistic panther cliff thank you print a cliff. What did the overwhelming mountain of evidence that fright just will not acknowledge is in your I tell you what if I get a text from planters. You know there are no this is true perhaps. Thirty minutes just Parcells and join us studio Jim Walcott USA today at 1150 a lot of college football and our number two it's horse in there with. He's big. Then I'll blow oh don't have to do. The case. They're do better in this existing home. Take a toll mounts. Yeah all I redneck friends. Get drunk and I can't say anymore my definitely not to say I'm getting drunk anymore really what I dream. When I would drink and be legally drink but Mike we your social justice I strikes. Just you know redneck it up a little visitors have doesn't it spat that's a good. So children can just a half dozen Beers it's always have them yet met mr. Osborne don't worry about it I we've got to be taken care of spigot of Alabama. Speaking of Alabama this made by African morning. I what are listeners subject everything and Joan it was a just Joan on Twitter we got off to a rocky start our relationship the we're we're we're on solid footing now. There was a 247 sports message board of an Alabama message boards. And I got a region this mean it doesn't anybody in this business peak memo sent all right. This is a message board post about their freshman quarterback from Hawaii was it doesn't touch on the follow up right. Did you watch employee. The last game. Not much not a news much OK he was he was okay he wasn't overly impressive look there freshman Coca yet but this listen to this message board poster. On their website this is treat mental friend quote. I haven't heard it mentioned so I thought I would address the elephant in the room. He seems like a Smart kid so I'm wondering how was transition to the states has been as far as communication dose. Are we doing anything differently special play books or relying on signal is always in the game I thought I saw him. So receivers a couple of times and defense is my judge so that these ported to do is totally throw the ball to the only time I've been out of the country is with how this ship to numb. And I suppose confuses yet you learn to square and it's in the quote. This mammoth man babysit him because he's from Hawaii that he doesn't speak English and there's a language barrier between him and his wide receiver or other is slightly. We were heard talk oh sure sure no I don't know I Hilton I noticed a dialect we didn't always play and dial is a dialect didn't thought no doubt about it multiple tale ball yet they're okay there's there's like the native Todd I did that I was out. But the hope is SEC's listen a couple. I was just saying hello around him during the Britain. No candidate like it it's no more dialects the difference and like to know if your iron over my feeling would have to deal Boston. But you didn't miss this guy thinks that song about little kids talked to his receivers and running backs because he's from Hawaii. And there's a language very tough but that's peak bam a fan right there I'm sort of an elephant in the room yeah I think until. Disco dresses have been in the room how you talk into his Stevens out there at this point of the guys it is gonna throw two hours how does that does not gonna work. That's the only one that's just not gonna work. I loved him senseless as this provide endless endless amounts of content. For every should put America the funding is probably legitimately concerned oh loss yeah. You must that was a suspicious flight 600 government gonna play a good place. It was you don't just a little misguided obviously I'd 7045709. B sixty and Josh Parcells gonna join us in studio eleven. A day and woke he's gonna join us in studio at 1115. And really quickly. Frank you saw this. A lot of people were off reacting it a big way yesterday because. You know Steve Smith who's who's nominated for the whole thing and I saw the. When you tweeted that as like what you gotta be kidding me you know that there has to be a mistake but. You know what what's going on here somewhere between doubt that does Steve Smith had been nominated. You know for his first year of existence in the hall of fame and I don't know how you can make that mistake. Well I'm not USC's Steve Smith the New York Giants these men right. I think you trusty Smith not the Carolina panther and the Baltimore Ravens. Who you know food and water to relevant years in the lead for the most part of McDougall good football player to be wrong and the other Steve Smith is still the other Steve Smith like relative to these Steve Smith. Did a little bit underwhelming so this Steve Smith has been on a league since 2012. And his career totals like 2600. Yards tall touchdown tones. Very much not a whole Famer now. So what do they say to Rick to correct that oaks my mad more or less just the whole thing you know you know is responsible for that right. Darren can't. That's his that's his committee's wanna Wear the jacket around him as a whole time Boehner dammit dammit I mean that I don't even. We ask you and that's gets production let's give normal the other his guy we got a big dent on the line to the CN studio gross and I hope so we have an explosion as he wears a jacket around tracks stage fright. I don't know that yet it is Thursday and we didn't get a wide and we did have some sort of explanation is Mormon guy it was more misguided the Alabama fan or Dan debt they are getting out. And that's saying something yeah I'd say insult it's been a transport entries you know so well. Bush Steve Smith does this Steve Smith not panthers' Steve Smith the other one he made he didn't make a Pro Bowl. Many wanna Super Bowl. And oh by the way he led the the NFC in receptions in 2000. OK got to know that solo career is on sank solid career there couple Goodyear's does not even close to whole framework Mel and you know we all saw this is it will hold up wait a minute. Steve Smith just retired last year yeah I was as possible. But turns out it's not possible. Right so that's it's it's a real it's a silly mistake debate but you know try to pile on anyone because we all make mistakes but like that's kind of a bad mistake to make isn't it. He added there's no mistaken that. Now grace sure the same name but you have any type of the resume when start when they're those numbers how to some daggers say what they were second here what's going on who were talking about there up. Well and there's an updated restored by the way because apparently any person can nominate eligible players to the pro football hall of fame and according to the whole thing website wouldn't admit and which might explain the what happened but in the quote unquote fan vote for the semifinalists selection of a picture of the real Steve Smith is being used even though he's not eligible to listen this is a massive screw up here but a pretty significant screw up. And I'm just surprised the Pro Football Hall of Fame made this caliber mistake and everybody makes in the gym but I just kind of surprised by this but again for anybody out there wondering anyone who was shocked yesterday. It's not that Steve Smith now Steve Smith senior. He's got a few more years to get the idea I should get this right NFL analyst Steve Smith. And violence these news you know you in her idea absolutely and he wants to us and coming in where he works his tail off. You know we had DO foundation now that we was speaking at the other night and he went a long way to go say that he's worked really wasn't known as an analyst because he puts his time man and he wants to go to that so no surprise there Steve Smith has been. Successful a lot of things he's done and he just wants to be this mostly the next thing on as. Are as restless aren't really quickly and go to the buildings that are tax law because it's my third place on earth. Outside to go through stacks and he says when the CEO of FaceBook Mark Zuckerberg or. Something tapes his microphone and webcam don't tell me Big Brother doesn't listen also there are there any information you pump into a public domain anybody can seek out music. FaceBook does this for their advertisements I'm with you JB though to be fair. I feel sorry for guys hacking into web camps might come across a guy like Oz naked in his computer chair. The pay better be worth it's the tape he better be worth its own site a sound game or. I guess I bring up my asked. Did those dozens of those dark years dark years. Just throwing us yet he got thrown though in your betterment for Brent died on the other side instead just can't. They want pretty I'll be okay. Mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Normal things day. Try to snap judgment brought to you by bill even sire and auto sooner minutes from uptown belly insider. Don's job snap judgment about waffled back and forth a little bit as these guys can attest to I was like yeah. A positive and Leno funny story don't wanna go a little bit heavier. No we're too ready just so Mario is headed. I cannot figure out for the life of me. When John skipper and ESPN our joint I don't know what their policies are about politics and and and how they intersect with sports. And not that I really even Carol that much to be honest with you idols and it's on Monday thinking about the aesthetics and but what did catch my attention as did many others. Is that it's sports that are six as possible physical and C six 'cause I just told them were shown on on the USPS and gets off the sports that are six's Tara. That's my personal thing you can you can differ that's why I don't care about that but it's a generally speaking I like to Melville seemed like an isolated. But she did something. That she thought was appropriate that's I don't necessarily agree with and it's not because of politics I just thought it was important east. And in arguing with some some fans and listeners and viewers on Twitter she decided that she would call president Donald Trump white supremacist. And it's Jamal build very outspoken lady. Believes with conviction what she says I thoroughly believe that. But it's you know said something that I do think was out of bounds for you know someone in her position that's not to say that I don't think she's entitled to around political opinion is allowed to express that I do. I just thought that was import taste personally. And a little bit uncalled for. And she was effectively slapped on the wrist by ESPN. And it's in the best of my knowledge looks to this point in time she's not been suspended and will not be suspended. Which is fine whatever that's going to be ESPN's policy cool. You didn't can't suspend sports center anchor Linda Cohn who's been around for forever. Who openly talked about and lightly criticized. UESPN's. Talking about politics and how much they do it. You can't suspend the veteran anchor who people love and not suspend Gmail hill for calling the president of the United States a white supremacist. A debt though those two things can't happen at the same time fracture. Who have lived and look at that as a model. The Anna felt. Must be right to the NFL can do it why can't wait you know there's no rules the there's no morals anymore I mean to do whatever you want. The guy who could you answer to that's the thing I'm not as I'm not a stick to sports Jack you'll notice I hadn't sports and politics for for better or worse they intersect. And they always will and I I'm not afraid that neither is frank. I don't wanna make any show that we do. More about politics and sports because we're on the wrong format for that but I don't like stick to sports guy and exiting to just you bury your head in the sand when you shouldn't. That said when you make a statement like that like to Mel hell did you better be ready for the consequences the problem here is there are no consequences. But there were for Linda Cohn who who openly criticize the network for why they involved in too much politics why the question frightful Dresser. I'm asking you pitchers that just always thought ma doesn't show I didn't realize this belongs to go to I think we're on the line. Why did tell me. You tell me. I think there is obviously is others. What we all see what's what's what's taking place as it it's you know you can't be one search of more sort of race and say certain things vs the other it's. Discriminatory right there it really does look hot irons I've heard people say we'll Curt Schilling got fired. Curt Schilling's a dumb ass and commentary straight curt Schilling's a dumb yes. I'm sore but I like Curt Schilling is a baseball analyst who love watching him pitch. But when you're told no more than they don't know no fewer than two dozen times to stop posting this stuff to stop saying these things you continually do it just fires start on I don't have any sympathy for. Personally don't mess I'm not gonna back off that states. But as Linda tone deserves to be suspended two mill hill certainly don't ask don't disagree that whatsoever you know beep beep. It wears a standard tidbits keep it consistent. He can be one for one way and another for another way down if you're gonna say we're against talking politics. And suspend both 100% I just iTunes consistency and that's all any of us asked for yeah. You might not like the policy but be consistent and a force of the favorites like baseball right Carol baton umpires alone he's consistently bad on both sides of the ball above with that. But that's not what you've got your you've got ESPN suspending the skull what it is a black female host for expressing a very polarizing opinions. But I did not suspending your fork stressing that opinion about the president of the United States. I had no problems there not just spending the wanna know what that's all right just consistency police. That's all anybody asks for the president when you're not consistent in that way where's the line at you you're you're sending the wrong source align your security is getting right now. And your door VMware's warning. You know I don't know yeah that's right it's. We shifting its all over the place isn't big gray area in the hole and death just parcel budgets and on real quick. Josh is gonna joy was gonna join us at eleven but there's Josh used to work at ESPN and Josh I know is not gonna trash is former implore because he's not the kind of guy doesn't burn bridges. But it's I've got I've got to know what you what you think about Elvis. I think you are right on the head for the most part I think that ESPN has a problem. As a whole and letting the the narrative on social media control the network made them come on on both sides of the equation really I mean you've seen them release statements. For herb people like Curt Schilling say steal old Randal hill I mean that they they overreact when there's a negative backlash until Robert Lee I mean anything that does happen they are I think very sensitive to what the conversation is. On Twitter. I think they've been like after awhile I don't honestly think that it goes back all the way to the days of dad's been back in. When he turns 111 really starting you see an asterisk in and in the cross hairs I think they overreacted to the narrative on the Internet. About what was wrong with the company. On what the reality 20% of all Americans are on social media or on Twitter. And 80% of them are not yet exactly and I have met I can't tell you how many people know it's obviously a small sample size that I can't tell you how many people I've met and at a bar herb. Out to dinner whatever. Who are on Twitter are on social media again majority of people are not. And they tell me I can't believe I don't watch sports center anymore I don't watch ESPN during the day because. I just wanna hear about football artist wanna hear about bass won't hear about the games down there is an element like you said of being able to. Intersect politics and sports and there is a time and place for that but I think ESPN has. I do think ESPN has shifted towards a left to near him a lot of it shows now is there's not a lot of fox sports one does it till death this is I mean and there are some spots personalities who take aim at ESPN this is something that fox is not an assist and as well. But on but I do think that ESPN has overreacted to. What the conversation is on Twitter which is an overwhelmingly left wing. So I sort composition nota and I think that they overreact to Josh. Herman on the techs are brings a great point really you know and is it the fact that in this case between these two individuals is that one individual is criticizing a individual president trump the other one is criticizing the company. There there is some that some validity to that the only reason that I have a problem with Janelle is that. Pursuing that now. Eventually Curt Schilling went way overboard in his industry never sit on a Saddam not defending what he did in the end and also this is they repeated pattern of behavior. They did not fire pursuing a first but. The first thing that car really dead. Back in 4015 was when he compared Muslims to not to Nazis right and that was like oh my god Mike wildly inappropriate. EST I removed him from the Little League World Series immediately they're removed him from the air dip. It seems to reason that ESPN should do this with Janelle hill as well but yet she was on the air. The same day on sports center yesterday didn't even addressed it whatsoever right so. You can say what you want about how well she was because that is what I've heard most people say about what Jamal said as well she was right. Well sure that your opinion that there maybe I agree maybe I don't outing or agenda that they admit maybe I think she was right maybe I think she was wrong. But it's a subjective opinion no matter what and it's a very very. Strong insensitive one to have that obviously upset a lot of people down and it. If you're going to punish Curt Schilling for doing something very similar on the opposite side and had to remove him from the air why are you not doing that with rebel held up that's. That's the right at the only like your Scully forced is consistency you know and in delivering a message and has never been consistent over whether it's poetic our politics or they've never been consistent in their discipline whether it's taken Bill Simmons off the air for criticizing Goodell for. Three weeks or suspending or or job. Ever so many other people our Macs brought those was gone for three months for using a chink in the armor which was completely harmless and a complete accident. The biggest they're so inconsistent with how they suspend people and Richard died choose a guy who I've I've had my problems with that in the past is it SI Sports Illustrated media. Columnist covering sports media he put that out last night is that is the biggest problem. Is that they're just inconsistent and how they hand out this death if they were just consistent I think people would have far less problem but there there's no. Well they're just so terrified of backlash want to go to the rubber little the Robert Lee still friends and we got to step aside here but what do so the second it was 1% of all Americans are on Twitter right. And so ESP and made it may have made a re are due to reaction to that so that the placement of Robert Leon I dame. And one of the things he talked about was we want to subject him to abuse on Twitter and elsewhere on the unit with means and jokes for God's sakes. I mean truly Sergio dimple on the air the other night exact. But I have Sergio did call me an estimate in his second language to deliver sideline report on Monday Night Football so anyway Howard overtures coming up next is going to be a lot about college football obviously just torso was here. We've got a big announcement to make after the break it's Garcia and they were.