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Tuesday, June 12th

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Stunted its Tom Sorensen our next guests legendary car owners are open observer never mind what was just said Tom our area. They adapting you got it yesterday and nicknames with so where have I mean. Our parents thank you. So cryptic dictator. Did you did you come up with a nickname. Now I took so left out because. The one that you've coming to meet Dick Trickle with our permanent. But the last what you came up with with brewer and I never hurt that let's solicit and John. I. A fan out gras. Did you just as bad as we are on the you just as bad as we are right they really quickly out of your thought on this were just there it's up through to reduce the most insufferable fan base is NTELOS shall fully javelin. Got. You're yet they don't there's a big everybody's list until moving element so we're trying to trek doesn't audio right now we have no idea what was so we just know that it was being talked about a minute ago of running ES PNC Jalen Rose and company were just making the case for LeBron James to short sighted you know that was that's the best destination for LeBron James in free agency. Can you wrap your head around that. It would be different cause I'm not looked at it out there they don't a lot of bad but LeBron James Barnett money. Their closer Logitech tried Matta gets a contract come on back but you get LeBron James any thank you beat Korda. Imagine him being here playing for Michael playing with kimbo. And to just to look. The future is of this team right now and have been senator over over well I pretty much each to grant. Because they pitched so much money they own niche don't just ever splitters are are there. And abroad comes then I think on the hornets are good at Cleveland and monuc bra and and you talk abroad and seen mad it would be to meet. It be so cool I mean outlook Pia Yates circuit except an elected to. To have him in this town in the age even if it's possibility even if they make a run at and it would be like. One of the coolest things ever. How desperate is LA right now you know because you Tommy look at the players that some of the mentioned LeBron obviously be in the number one. Chris Paul's a free agent and inquire Leonard how desperate is a way to go out there and break the bank and spend whatever they need to be to be relevant again. At their hats do I mean. The ball experiment eat you can't sit still got to one year to good old school point guard can't cheap march. But he makes good path to be seen at the Spaniard put up with that over and over a war. But they think are and and they need camera and neither like (%expletive) now and you expect more than just to be east they expect victories but it beat. You expect it to cool change its specs are court you expect. Just to be expected to be funny expecting to be a West Coast urgent bought out the bought and doing its part but at LA or it's more. Are talking to Tom sources Charlotte Observer joined us on the technique job just slide. I think I gotta go back to LeBron Jordan for second or just because I am talking about through the Charlotte possibility and I don't do this thing it's a possibility it was a talking point of television show in June and we don't even know I was surgeon but. I I just have a hard time envisioning. Michael Jordan. During the man who. Who is facilitating and supporting LeBron James quest to surpass him and build a greater legacy like they're gonna have fun talking point dangerous Charlotte but I don't know the Michael Jordan is that gracious. Here but my goal looked like a urine now. And as our manager and owner. It's very. I mean. This this franchise. Has failed and you know his work what watching it be made almost a horse in general. Annie Kim Michael just hasn't had a good. Post career where not and he can turn that around and he soaked seats. Cheek and drive up here raiding he you know you really can be relevant and I think for that I think you paid a price should be there. There's some I know we've had some debates you know back and -- switch and in the NFL you know with Cam Newton and now do you think there's five in a potentially six quarterbacks that are better than him but I do you think he's. You know right in that mix me comes 125 of the players. No top 100 lists in. I think that's a that's a fair place and I think he to have been a little bit better for you him if he was 1516. I would be mad if he has a 31 be upset but I think that's a fair number for him. But does this year for camp and moving forward for Helm. He's just he's he's got to start winning some games and maybe bin is more chips it is going to be in the conversation. And so you now watch him run under the you know the dates that first crack. Making and he was just show it yet each clapper Japan has swept the field to crank up that music are not met our. Any this one and out there and just see how happy to be on the field. And here it's Cochran so much trash we complete the pass when it bailout news. The defense just soccer so much trashed the he would sit. A round and everybody were baldor but he reacted there. And around. Nice passes to get more rookie. And you know. We reached puberty can do unease gate he doesn't get hurt. To run as much as he does not get hurt at corp bank that seat tickets went Nikki standard be static and the pocket. Ten natural born Yemeni you know that's probably the weight and get her. It's just cool to watch and move it Ku withstood a big arm and it. And he's got all the talent obviously but he had I think you have to eat you know it took the Super Bowl arms project a lot. And I hate it it's can't turn it every Specter by market city morning and then it. It's time to look at that up I'll watch it in there about are. Why can't they be good why can't they compete I mean Atlanta in the spirit I war can be real good. But why can't that. Who has most to lose this year for this team you know Tom when you start looking at these players DeVon funds is Curtis Samuel or Christian McCaffery because. There's going to be a lot of expectations you know with McCaffery now that JC's Don. You know even though they go out get Anderson there's still going to be that thought that he might run between the tackles and if he can't there. And there's a lot of people against ours and well geez we just wasted an ice pick for a slot receiver. How to cure I don't think Capra watched ammo that day you know whether respite there are out. He's running on a sealed by himself just try and getting year you know trying to find some rhythm and got a clue. But they're not regular collateral and you can join the other where. But I really captors archived. We don't know how good a year certainly a potential particularly at a top receiver this year. I don't know. Capturing. Type in you know I think react in this warrant. He was good last season. But there's some players to just step that quick twitch action a step and guard and I don't think he had that. At least I didn't see it last week very right there aren't really that route. But. I went comics most of what you've. No absolutely not I think that you the way you described as perfect as he's he's a consistent guy. He's keys going to be in the right position he's going to be everything has. But he's not shaken somebody down in space and you know get past them. Right I I agree I mean you know chart up. I know senate negotiators now only are no our eye opening stat good and what he had yet. But he doesn't have as much as we shot other. Yeah I mean if you put him to a point guard and he doesn't have that Campbell while walker get by you that Allen Iverson blow past Jia you know there's certain guys that do. And then there's other guys have to do it differently. I mean he's more like a staff curry you know he's gonna. He's going to be able or maybe break it down straight this do that and then eventually get pastor but he ages lining up and get Maya. Now we haven't seen that and and I don't think who will but it's your point about running side. He can do it that way you are not just can't produce the conference I'm new to match. Are it's almost thinking about it earlier just the pieces around cam we're talking about this earlier as well and our Christian McCaffrey's a first round draft pick DJ Moore is a first round draft pick Greg Olsen is a first round draft pick Devin staunchest Curtis Samuel second round draft pick Torrey Smith's second round draft pick. There is no question that there is loading grouper dies in all around this quarterback now here and Charlotte and the defense on the other side presuming health and everything else. Should be just fine. So is this a cynical oil first rounder and Brian Coyle second rounder. Trade turner and what second or third round and Sony's so I at the end of the day. Is it's Super Bowl or bust me you can Donald think there's. Any excuse that can be made for anything short of Super Bowl are not saying that there are extenuating circumstances or reasons but idol to be great to make any excuses in a presuming health for anything other than Super Bowl or bust. Accenture and interest entity and a seat pitch so much out the match the power lies you look at green pay what they're rocking back and trip for hiding or have to load I think Atlanta. Is bloated and out of the capital boat and not like they're one of the many. I don't know there are leak but they're not really why aren't there. I'm being elected to receive world those guys flat fees and no excuse not from special about. Look at Nancy and I'm mad at that critical Cooper. I mean and cam has the option. And operate appliance. Ought to be good now and you get Greg Orton back Coke is a great thing to have. And I don't know I can say he's just got to Europe it'll make its too well on the other hand. These just sit here right now why can't I mean why why can't it why can't they went everything why can't I at age it's they have that app urging. Why I mean that's that's the million dollar question isn't it you know Tom for the last when he plus years week why hasn't this team had back to back winning seasons of this team can't do it. I'm not sure if it's you know one of those those golf gods of the curses or you know head football gods or you know whatever you can blame it on but does this is a team poised to attempt to have back to back winning seasons. I'll absolutely and even amateur hour act etc. while a review thank what you want. They have talent to bring can't eleventh twelfth you know that you're in just tops and you know he's out there the markets that I'm at lower. I mean in Egyptian terms this year potential. In the terms. When you watch their huddle break not break our top you're looking at that are rated talent at record Matt. Why not and and one out at a summit plus rule costs. Summer Olympic candor friend. I'll watch and it's you have an industry some event like a go to college World Series of lobbying. But it ran it just doesn't move at at at this practiced that there are packed soccer they were so pumped up and I am not. And up part of this conversation the World Cup. Where our secure attack written but it and it immediate. No. We have seen and you have group baseball football basketball romp from hockey. And end this sports haekkerup watch and plan out our are still not favored sport but at same time. This should something cruel the World Cup out of Mexico. Were a couple years ago and it was so neat. Much I'm at a bunch of French Ecuadoran and how watched when Ecuador on Friday and a first Doria outlook the watch a game that it. The match with them about it it was it was it was but I don't watch it we're watching it laugh. Not a did you rebellious side Tom Sorensen joining us on the tell me John just like Tom is always wonders though we're appreciative. Thanks man I'll try just Gabbert trying to come up with the original sports being. You got to listen only Melancon you have to consumers equally statistic snow yeah. Benches on everything it.